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  • Happy 2020!

    Metru-Nui is under threat from the League of Six Kingdoms and the brave Toa Mangia have been imprisoned after their betrayal alongside Lhikan. Turaga Dume searches for new Toa, offering to award the power of Toa to those lucky six who can retrieve the legendary Great Discs from each Metru. While the race for power begins across Metru-Nui, a war of intrigue and diplomacy brews as the great Barraki warlords gather their forces for a final assault after years of proxy wars with the last bastion of Matoran civilization. The Dark Hunters mercenary group led by the Shadowed One pit brother against sister for profit. The Great Spirit remains distant and uncommunicative save with their servants in the little known Order of Mata-Nui.

    TLDR: Fight for or against the armies of the six barraki warlords, assassinate POIs as member of the Dark Hunters with weekly posted bounties, search for the hidden great discs to gain toa powers, and try to uncover what dark secrets exist in the political web of Metru-Nui.

    Please note that during the first week this initial post might update frequently as I realize areas I've missed that would be helpful in telling our shared story.

    How To Play:

    Like many "Play By Post" RPG games on BZPower, we use a system of Out Of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC) for notifying readers when our writing is as ourselves or from our characters' perspectives. Please be patient between posts, allowing everyone else involved in the scene a chance to reply before continuing. The main focus of this game is a compelling narrative written together. This places more power in the hands of the players: you may describe the environments as you see fit, as long as pre-established in-game descriptions by other players, the GM, or Bionicle canon is not broken. By contributing our individual ideas we create a beautiful living world together. 

    If you have an idea for plot, write it because I believe in you. If you get greedy I'll step in and bring things back into perspective.

    The Reliable Narrator:

    When interacting with the world of Six Kingdoms: Escapement (SKE), you may find your character is responded to by the Reliable Narrator. This is the game master describing the actions of your character and the responses to them by the rest of the world. Examples of the Reliable Narrator include descriptions of new locations your characters enter, rising tension, or sudden commentaries on events to shed new light on the story.

    Playable Locations In A Single IC Topic:

    • Metru-Nui: all six metrus in their golden age, chute system and all, now stricken by the hardships of a prolonged war effort against the league of six kingdoms to the South. Somewhere in each metru is a legendary disc. Find it, and you can be rewarded with toa powers by Turaga Dume!
    • Silver Sea: the protodermis ocean dotted with nameless islands is the theater of conflict between Metru-Nui's forces and the League's combined armies. Outstations on these islands are in constant flux between the League of Six and Metru-Nui.


    ... And so with all the fiddly bits out of the way, let's play!

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  • OOC: 

    The league of six kingdoms has formed! Six members from the Order of Mata Nui ceded from the Great Spirit’s light and have announced their plans of domination and subjugation. Matoran civilization has fallen across the silver sea, and now only Metru-Nui is left. You live in a world at war! With the battle lines drawn, which side do you fall on? As war rages abroad, so too does a different conflict begin in the matoran homeland...


    IC: The colosseum, Metru-Nui

    Turaga Dume’s neck cracked as he raged in his office. The vahki in attendance stood on standby.

    “What do you mean he won’t talk about it?” He bellowed at the assembled matoran. They shuffled with insecurity. An onu-matoran with soft purple robes raised a hand in an attempt to interject. 

    “What Nuparu? Why can’t you build something that makes him talk? First the useless Kralhi and now these!” Turaga Dume threw an iStone data tablet at one of the vahki enforcers. It bounced against the head without drawing motion. “Just as useless in protecting this city. I’m beginning to think your useless creations have a useless source.”

    “They’re not designed to torture.” Nuparu whispered.

    “What was that? Speak up.”

    “I won’t build torturers.” Nuparu defied.

    Turaga Dume stomped forward, grabbed Nuparu by his robes, and said, “get out. You’re stripped of your post. If you can’t build what this city needs to keep the peace, you can be replaced.”

    If Nuparu felt anything he tried not to show it. A rorzakh escorted the discarded inventor from the office. The other matoran waited in fear for Turaga Dume’s next outburst. Instead, he stepped out onto the open balcony overlooking the colosseum floor from his office atop the tallest structure in Metru-Nui. Screens flickered to life, portraying his likeness across island.

    “My people,” Turaga Dume started his speech, “your turaga brings good news. The criminal Lhikan and his traitorous companions have been found. The vahki will no longer need to sweep our streets and request access to our homes. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a time of war. And in the war against those who no longer walk in the light we must be ever vigilant.” He raised his hands in a grand display.

    “I bring also a test of courage and district pride. I have confirmed with the archivists that their records show the great discs are no legend. They are merely… Lost. Find them and Mata Nui will reward you with the powers of toa to save and spread his light. Remember the virtues. Be United. Do your Duty. Fulfill your Destiny. You are safe in the light.”

    The screens across Metru-Nui returned to their normal broadcasts as he stepped away from the balcony. Back in his office the council had begun discussing the news of the great discs.

    “Turaga, why did you not say one has already been found?” Asked a matoran scholar from Ga-Koro. Her arms were crossed and she eyed the last traditional leader of matoran society with the concern of a teacher. 

    “Because we are putting it back,” Turaga Dume said as he sat down at his desk. “This meeting is over. Find Metru-Nui a new chief inventor. We can talk about the front lines tomorrow.”

    Corpses burned on the sandy beach of a small nameless island in the silver sea. The matoran and toa who gave their lives to win back this worthless hunk of rock were loaded into containment spheres for transport back to Metru-Nui. Three teams of vahki mopped up what enemies clung to life. The ones not crushed in gravity wells, absorbed by the earth, or burned by elemental flames. 

    A giant of a man in gold and blue armor stood where the water met the shore. His mask was covered in the sprays of battle. A soldier of Metru-Nui approached him, holding out a data tablet.

    “Sir, coordinates for the next stage.”

    The giant stirred. “Thank you. Any news of home?”

    “Apparently Turaga Dume has found the great discs. He’s rewarding citizens with toa powers for finding them.”

    “You mean bribing. It makes no difference in the end. Did we capture our target?”

    “No, the barraki escaped through a portal. We couldn’t follow.”

    A frown. “A portal?”

    “Yes sir.”

    He turned back to look at the ruined tower on the island’s small hill. An hour ago he was up there slaughtering vortixx to shut down the hau-powered shield array. Now, without his sword, he felt out of his element. 

    “That’s unfortunate. Let’s get the wounded tended to tonight and push to the next island tomorrow morning. We’ll get him eventually.”

    “Barraki Ehlek is slippery sir, but if you say so I can believe Mata-Nui wills it so.”

    “He does. We are in the light.”

    The toa nodded and made his way back up the beach towards the tents blossoming at the tower’s base.

    On the docks of a nearby island in the silver sea a group of mercenaries had been assembled. They were as varied as the many cultures within the League of Six’s ever-growing borders. Carapar liked that. Before speaking he enjoyed the orange and purple sunset reflected in the silver waters lapping beneath the docks. It reminded him of the sandy shores of his homeland far to the south.

    “I am told there is lost nynrah tech at the coordinates near where we tracked the recent wreck,” Carapar said slowly. While his mind moved quickly -- quicker than Takadox could ever know -- he still stumbled getting the words out. “Something apparently went wrong with the navigation systems in the nynrah vessel before it crashed. You are to find what is at these coordinates. If it is useful, bring it back for the war effort. If it is not, burn it.”

    A retrofitted merchant airship docked near the assembled mercenaries would be theirs for the voyage. Carapar had desired giving them an actual warship with updated arms and supporting scout vessels. Unfortunately, it was not up to Carapar. He wasn’t even supposed to be here. He straightened himself and continued speaking.

    “It is my hope you reach your destination quickly. For the League,” he said and walked off toward the cavern serving as the island’s base to let the mercenaries begin their adventure.


    The assassination contract reached the secretive operatives of the Dark Hunters stationed within Metru-Nui. It was simple: eliminate the matoran Nuparu.



    Welcome to week 1 of Six Kingdoms! Your faction quests are as follows:

    • Metru-Nui: seek the great discs hidden somewhere in the regional metrus for toa power.
    • Metru-Nui: explore the recently conquered island and plan the next assault.
    • League of Six: Recover from the recent attack on your island base.
    • League of Six: Take the merchant vessel to recover the lost tech.
    • Dark Hunters: Assassinate Nuparu.

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  • OOC: suppose it wouldn't hurt to get the ball rolling, and the profiles thread is at 13 replies and as we all know...that's a very lucky number

    IC: Jutori - Onu-Metru

    The image of Turaga Dume, grandiose as ever, faded from my iStone. I looked up from the tablet's screen to observe my fellow Matoran murmur about his announcement. The Mangai were going to be jailed, and now Metru-Nui would need new Toa to replace them. Immediately I began to conjure images in my mind's eye of myself, standing on top of a pile of defeated and disgraced Dark Hunters and Six Kingdoms servants, twin sunlight glinting off my shiny new Toa armor. I had to find one of those disks. I was going to.

    I briefly acknowledged a pair of Rorzakh patrolling nearby, bringing me out of my daydream, and brought my head down, pretending to fiddle with my tablet. I considered where a Great Disk would be hidden in this Metru, and I felt a shiver at the realization it must be hidden in the Archives. I pocketed my iStone and headed in that direction, pushing past any Matoran who got in my way with little regard.

    OOC: jutori open for interaction

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  • OOC: okay, I’ll bite, let’s get started

    IC: Atamai- Onu-Metru, just outside of the Archives

    I was outside when Turaga Dume made his announcement. I had been planning on doing some routine checks on some of the upper-level exhibits. But this now had my attention

    ...which was quickly drawn to a Ba-Matoran quickly heading my way.

    Normally I would avoid calling out to people in public unless I knew them, but I didn’t want this guy pushing people over and getting the Vakhi involved. When the Vakhi are around public attendance usually drops. Can’t have that now, can we?

    ”Excuse me! Hey! Are you trying to get somewhere?” I call out to the Matoran.

    OOC: Okay King of Kings, that’d be you


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  • OOC: hi hi

    IC: Jutori - Onu-Metru, Archives exterior

    I paused. I was being addressed by a Fe-Matoran outside the Archives. Did he work here?

    "Ah, uhm..." I fumbled my words, then took a breath. If I answered honestly, then this fellow might just get in the way of me finding the Disk. "I'd like...a tour."

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  • Tallea- Onu-Metru

    IC: An eyebrow on her dark blue Mahiki raised as the HUD window closed. Turaga Dume was an...interesting fellow. The chances of him being up to the task of facing the Barakki was slim. What he said about the Great Disks though...that caught her attention. Becoming a Toa would certainly be nice but the things she could do with a Great Disk would be mind boggling. Likely even more impressive than anything she'd be able to do as a Toa.

    She wasn't the only one excited by the prospect it seemed. Another Matoran had taken off running almost as soon as the transmission had finished. One of the Archive staff members from the nearby entrance was stepping forward to stop the mad dash. Tallea supposed she should help him, being something of a guest in the city and all.

    And maybe the running man had a clue to the location of a Disk? Why take off in a sprint like that otherwise.

    Servos hummed ever so faintly as she stepped next to the Archivist and raised a hand toward the oncoming Matoran in a very obvious 'STOP' gesture.

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  • IC, Atamai 

    A tour? It’s not uncommon for people to ask for tours of the Archives, but to make a run for the entrance... nobody ever is that excited about the Archives. Does he think there’s a Disk in there? I mean that’s a logical assumption...

    “A tour? Yeah, I can give you a tour. Note that I’m not allowed to take you any lower than level five.”

    I glanced at the Matoran in the power armor who stepped up to stop the running Matoran as well. 

    Wait. Power armor? Huh. I’ll have to ask her about it in a sec. 

    “I suppose you'll want a tour too?” 

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  • IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru -

    Vashni bit her lip as the broadcast of Turaga Dume's speech ended on the many large screens all over the Metru. Vashni knew of Lhikan only by his fame and reputation, but she'd never heard him called a traitor or criminal before. Something seemed very, very wrong about the whole thing, it made her wonder if coming to Metru-Nui had been a mistake. What if this Turaga Dume was some sort of control freak that locked up any Toa that didn't do whatever he wanted!?

    Vashni shook her head, she was letting her imagination run wild again and jumping to conclusions. No, she needed to just lay low and figure out what was going on before assuming anything.


    Vashni lightly kicked her hover bike, which was parked beside her. She was very bored. She hadn't been in Metru-Nui very long, but she thought that at least something would have caught her interest by now...

    Vashni just so happened to notice a group of matoran chatting heavily about finding the great disks, she sighed. She knew from experience being a Toa wasn't quite as glamorous as they assumed it was, there was a lot of annoying work involved! But what really caught her interest was the mention of a tour.

    Hmmm, I could actually use a tour, I wonder if they'd mind a Toa tagging along? 

    Without much thought she starts to casually walk toward their direction. But not too casually, she didn't want to come across as some ditzy spaz of a Toa. Her reputation was important! 

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  • IC: Jutori - Onu-Metru, Archives exterior

    I looked at the power armor-wearing Matoran who held her hand up to stop me. I was prepared to say something expressing indignation, when the Fe-Matoran answered me. Surely something as valuable as one of the Great Disks would be tucked away on a much deeper level, and I considered bribing my would-be guide to take me further.

    "That's fine," I lied, and waited on the one in power armor to answer.

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  • Tallea- Onu-Metru

    IC: She couldn't help a sidelong glance at the Archivist as he spoke. Surely the man didn't believe this other Matoran simply wanted a tour? Not after the timing of his actions. On the other hand maybe helping the caretakers of the massive museum look for a wayward tourist would give her an excuse to look for the disk herself. And maybe take a few peaks at whatever they held in the lower levels. That would be a sight worth the attempt all on it's own.

    "If you have no objections. The great Archives have been something I've been meaning to see ever since coming here."

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  • IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru

    “Okay, a tour it is then! Before we get started is there any- oh wait, hold on,” I cut myself off when I noticed a Toa approaching our group. “Looks like we might have one more tour group member.”

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  • IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru -

    Ah, they noticed me. Play it cool Vashni.

    "H-Hey there...did I hear something about a tour?" 

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  • IC: Skorm, Silver Sea

    Sometimes, Skorm gave thanks to Mata Nui that he had not been gifted a kanohi that enhanced sight. The Twi-Toa opened his eyes, and beheld the Silver Sea in front of him. He didn't see the world the same way most, if not all, of his comrades did. Looking out onto the reflective protodermis, he could see how the light of the setting suns were distorted, bent, deflected. Not that the dark was any less full of information, but when Skorm closed his eyes, his own personal darkness enveloped his sight, and he could remain at peace.

    Skorm sighed. Tonight was not a night for peace, though.

    He glanced again at the shore, this time glimpsing his reflection. That's me? It was the usual reaction. He kicked at the reflection, scattering it before turning away. The toa shrugged off the hood of his tabard as he strode towards the group of warriors. He tested the mechanisms on his wristblades; his right blade stuck slightly on retraction, and Skorm twisted one of the gears built into his gauntlets.

    "Is it just me," he said, "Or does something strike me as fishy about a Nynrah ship going down?"

    OOC: Skorm up for interaction with Leaguers.

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  • IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru

    ”Yes, I just agreed to lead these two on a tour of the Archives. You can join us, if you’re interested.”

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  • IC: Jutori - Onu-Metru, Archives exterior

    This was exactly three people too many.

    I looked the Toa up and down. If I were to hazard a guess at element, I chose lightning. Maybe with this many companions, it would be easy to slip away and explore the Archives alone. I thought for a moment.

    I was definitely going to bribe the guide.

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  • IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru -

    “I’m pretty new to the city so that would be great! It’s a lot bigger than I expected...” 

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  • IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru

    ”Alright, then if all of you wouldn’t mind following me, please, we’ll head to official entrance.”

    I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye on the Ba-Matoran. The way he was acting was pretty odd, so if he’s really after one of the Great Disks, I’ll have to be there to make sure he doesn’t wander off on his own. 

    “Oh, by the way, what are all of your names? I’m going to need to keep a record of this- for legal reasons.”

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru, Streets.

    Perched in a rooftop alcove overlooking the streets of Onu-Metru was an almost comically diminutive figure, a being who was eagerly contemplating the task before him. He had spent so long hiding in the shadows of this city, and now, the time had finally come to strike.

    The target was Nuparu. An Onu-Matoran, and inventor of some repute.

    Finding a local celebrity would hopefully not prove too difficult. Getting him alone, on the other hand... was irrelevant. With the Toa gone, Vyarik was certain there was no being on this island who could pose a challenge for him. It was, in truth, a little disappointing. 

    The Dark Hunter clambered cautiously back through the window he'd climbed out of, easing off the power of his Pehkui until he was the height of a Matoran, before donning a ruffled grey cloak and turning up the hood to better conceal his features. It wasn't a disguise that would stand up to close scrutiny, but it had proven sufficient in allowing him to navigate this city thus far. Pausing to make sure the cloak properly hid the blades sheathed on his back, Vyarik made his way downstairs, and set off into the street in search of his quarry.  

    OOC: On the hunt, and open for interaction

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  • IC: Thom - Onu Metru (Rooftop)

    Munch, munch, munch.

    Not too far away from Vyarik's position was a cloaked assassin, right hand holding a firearm steady and left hand holding a green and red fruit, the flesh of which had a few sizable chunks missing from it. 

    Amidst the rather loud crunching and swallowing, Thom's focus was admittedly not broken one bit. His uncovered eye flashed as he zeroed in on his fellow Dark Hunter, smirking as he observed his growth. Pehkui users were very, very funny.

    Unfortunately, what the Ko-Skakdi could not see was any glimpse of his target. But, Nuparu was not exactly unknown as a figure, so finding him was likely just a matter of biding time.

    Biding time was, luckily, something Thom was rather good at.


    OOC: Thom is on the lookout for Nuparu, and keeping an eye on Vyarik

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  • IC: Varxii - Silver Sea Island

    For the League... yeah, sure.

    For not the first time since she'd got here Varxii contemplated, as Carapar turned his back, what she was actually doing here. On one hand, the answer was simple enough: surviving. Any of the Barraki would cut her down without hesitation if she tried to run, and even for her supreme confidence in her abilities, the young Vo-Toa was under no illusions how that would turn out. The six weren't powerful warlords for no reason, even the slowest-seeming - which would be Carapar here, from her observations - was an exceptionally skilled fighter... and though she could probably hold her own against any of them for a while, the moment they called in their armies too...


    She'd been on the receiving end of that once before. It had taken her the better part of a month to recover, and the thought of taking another such beating... She wouldn't say that it scared her, but it also wasn't something she wanted to go looking for.

    So on the one hand, she was biding her time. While on the other...

    Varxii didn't know. Planning ahead wasn't exactly her strong suit.

    Such thoughts abandoned her as someone else spoke nearby; turning, the lightning elemental found to her surprise that the assembled group included another Toa besides her. This guy was shorter than her, and bulkier too - if only because her own frame was verged on the slender side - and had a face that was clearly very good at looking dour. Whatever his power was, his armour colour wasn't a precise match for any that she knew of; but Varxii mentally shrugged that fact away. Wasn't any of her business, right?

    His question, however, might as well have been.

    "Why do you say that?"

    She shrugged lightly. Not saying that the fellow Toa didn't have a point; but if he did, she couldn't see it. "Nynrah Matoran can make mistakes just as well as anyone else, right?"


    (OOC: Varxii is responding to Skorm.)

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  • IC: Karista - Ga-Metru

    The war had many on edge in Ga-Metru, but none more than an apparent Ga-Toa wading her way through the tide of water Matoran running to and from their various labs. Any of them could be a spy... any of them could see her slip up... and then... She cast a sidelong glance at some Bordakh patrolling the street.

    She nearly broke her focus when Turaga Dume's voice burst into the street, and Matoran looked down at devices or the big screen above to hear his news. Whatever it was, it wasn't meant for her. She took her chance to dive into a back alley to catch her breath.

    Maybe this tall form was a mistake... the small ones were so much more plentiful, and you could hardly tell one from another in this city. But if things got bad, she needed the water this body controlled to get out...


    OOC: Karista open to interaction.

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  • OOC@Dane and @Nato the Traveler

    IC: Various, Onu-Metru

    The chute system leading into Onu-Metru was particularly crowded today with matoran leaving work early on account of a cough, or a twisted ankle, or a sticky gear, or their friend’s naming day ceremony. Even with vahki working full swing to bring the public back to some semblance of order during the working hours, Nuparu chose a private and slower ride home from the colosseum. He needed time to be alone with his thoughts. The floating rickshaw pulled by an ussal smelled of yesterday’s incense to the Great Spirit and leather polish.

    He could never forget his morning visit with Toa Lhikan. No, it was just Lhikan now. And he was in chains. Nuparu’s world of innocent engineering shattered with orders to build that thing. As if he would disgrace his holy engineering workshop by modifying a vahki into a tool of war and torture. The vahki already pushed the limits of his morals. After a while Nuparu realized his fingers were sore from digging into the arm rest.

    “I’d be better off doing this for work,” he grumbled to himself, “at least I could sleep easy maybe.”

    The beads in the front of the rickshaw rustled and the matoran driver peered inside. “Did you need something?”

    “Just thinking.” Nuparu smiled. “That’s all.”

    “Okay. Well please help yourself to the coconut milk or water in the small cooler if you need a refreshment. It’s my pleasure to drive the chief engineer.”

    Nuparu couldn’t correct his driver about the loss in title. Part of him didn’t believe today had happened. He’d wake up in a few minutes, incense died out above the forge in his workshop, having fallen asleep at his drawing desk. Any minute now…

    “This is your stop, yes?” The driver called from outside the beaded curtain. Nuparu blinked, rubbed his eyes, and looked out.


    He paid the driver and thanked him in a daze. As the rickshaw disappeared down the street Nuparu looked at his weathered hands. Then his vision focused on the elaborate purple and black sleeve hem of his once official station. The soft linen would need to be returned to the colosseum. He’d send someone tomorrow to deliver it. Going back might never be an option for him. There had been too much conflict today. He had chosen a side in that, but was he right? Turaga Dume’s arguments were justified in wartime, but Lhikan was right as well: the price would be too high.

    Finally, much later than he expected, Nuparu the inventor returned to his workshop home.

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  • IC: Skorm, Silver Sea

    "Mistakes, yes, but I don't expect them to make errors." Skorm sighed. "Something else is at play, I think. But it is our duty to investigate the wreck, and so we shall."

    The Twi-Toa finished tinkering with his gauntlet and looked the Vo-Toa up and down. "... Varxii, am I correct?" Skorm's duties required keeping tabs on any toa in the armies of the League. He recalled that the Vo-Toa had initially resisted the League of Six, but had proven herself loyal. An impressive fighter, at the very least. Useful to have on their side if his suspicions about the wreck held true.

    "My name is Skorm. I am sworn to Lord Takadox, but I serve the League as a whole."

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  • IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru Surface

    Knichou was glad when the broadcast from Dume was over - it is extremely annoying to get an official island-wide broadcast when one is trying to dock an airship. Once the ship was over the platform, the Fe-Matoran cut the engine power and started to slowly lower the ship's altitude. When he was close enough to the ground, Knichou pulled a lever to drop the anchor to the dock workers below, who quickly latched it to the platform. After pulling another lever to open the loading bay, Knichou locked the controls and exited the bridge, sliding down a ladder to reach the storage deck, which was filled with pallets of Ga-Metru delicacies.

    Knichou kicked a rope ladder over the side of the storage deck, which descended to the platform below where a few impatient dock workers were waiting to climb up. Once they got aboard and Knichou signed some paperwork, they began unloading the cargo onto carts below using the airship's internal crane. Knichou didn't need to help, he simply walked over to an elevator and began his descent.

    The Fe-Matoran parked his airship on one of the many towers above Onu-Metru's surface, but to get to the real heart of the metru, he needed to ride down from the airship docks to the streets below. The former Nynrah Ghost had bigger business on his mind than a literal milk run - Knichou was by no means satisfied with the life of a trucker, and he finally found the address of the man he'd been wanting to meet with ever since he came to the city.

    Knichou was an engineer at heart, a master protodermis smith. Even if he was no longer a member of the Matoran Universe's most renowned yet mysterious guild, that he was once in the guild still carries weight in his circles. In fact, not being in the guild had a few advantages, like getting to have a face to face meeting with Metru Nui's chief engineer. Knichou was ready to get back in the manufacturing business, and that business boomed like no other during wartime.

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  • IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Base]

    A curse escaped from under her Kanohi, a foreign word which the other soldiers occupying the tent serving as a makeshift armory probably wouldn't have understood even if she wasn't doing her best to keep it under her breath. Infernal machines.

    Before her was the split open thorax of a grey-armored Vahki, its armored shell hinged apart to reveal the complex mechanics inside. Half of which had been fused together by a blast from some League mercenary's energy weapon. It was a mess, and there honestly wasn't much she would be able to do here out in the field to get the robotic enforcer back into service. Still, most of the systems were still intact, she might be able to salvage the clockwork mechanisms and armor for other units.

    The Vahki half stood on locked joints, half suspended from the truss system above like some nightmarish marionette. Its insectile eyes were dull, lacking the cool intelligent glow of its brethren which stood at attention nearby, their weapons locked upright in a safe position. Their sheer motionlessness was unnerving, even for her.

    "This one's completely shot," Iona started, heavy accent adding emphasis to her speech as she spoke to the Po-Matoran tech nearby, "We're gonna 'ave to scrap it for parts. Skull casing's still intact and all but... eh I reckon we might be able to recover most of the clockwork logic centers."

    The Ba-Toa wiped the machine oil off on her shoulder armor, annoyingly leaving another streak on the piece of plate metal. She really needed to stop that habit.

    "That was the last of them, the rest of 'em should be up for fightin' without any issue. Make note of that will ya?"

    The Po-Matoran tapped some keys on the pad he was holding, nodding as if lost in thought.

    "And remind me to check on the squad lead's balance gyros next time, I swear it's more temperamental than a- ah... nevermind."

    More keypresses.

    OOC: Iona open for interaction. 

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  • 5 hours ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

    Finally, much later than he expected, Nuparu the inventor returned to his workshop home.

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Approaching target)

    "Heh. Gotcha."

    The Skakdi took a final bite into his fruit, even swallowing the seeds inside, and licked his fingers before popping the stock back into his weapon and blanketing the revolver in his cloak, concealing it from view.

    Thom kept an idle eye on his likely converging Dark Hunter friend, climbing his way down from the rooftop rather steadily.

    As he hopped down into the streets of Onu-Metru, he looked at his watch.

    2 minutes or so before Pehkui buddy's right behind me.

    A hood pull, and Thom began to make his approach for the workshop, right hand feathering the gun inside the cloak, left scratching his nose.

    OOC: On the approach to the workshop, somewhat open for interaction.

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  • IC: Nuparu, Onu-Metru

    There was a booming sound as someone pounded on the workshop door. Nuparu looked up from his desk. He had just sharpened his tracing pencils and a steaming beverage perched precariously near the edge.

    “Come in, it’s open,” Nuparu called as he rose from his seat. His workshop was a high ceiling room with a loft for his drawing supplies and boards. While many of the modern engineers worked with newer technology for their blueprints, Nuparu still found a certain peace and tranquility in sketching them first by hand. He clambered down the metal ladder from the loft and made his way to greet his guest. 

    A white and grey matoran with purple accents stepped through the door onto the workshop floor. A large solid case was worn on their back. Odd, but Nuparu couldn’t find fault in the matoran’s choice of gear, given then he’d opted to simply slip a greasy apron over his official robes. Nuparu tried his best to smile after today’s previous events. “Welcome to my workshop. May I help you?”


    IC: Brutaka, Silver Sea

    “Ah, thought I’d find you here.” A deep voice pulled Iona from her vahki inspection. The blue and gold titan stepped into the tent. He looked tired. “How is your squad, Iona?”

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  • Tallea- Onu-Metru

    IC: A Toa huh? Her coloration looked almost like a sister of electricity. It wasn't however. Similar but distinct enough to those who knew what they were looking at. This particular women was likely a Toa of psionics. Certainly something that would make any potential lawbreaking a tricky business, assuming the somewhat nervous looking woman was paying any attention to the minds of those around her. Tallea's experience with the elemental race was too limited to make much in the way of educated guesses on the subject.

    "Tallea." the word came out with a slight synthetic burr. "Sorry about clunking everywhere. Recently did some work on my armor here and needed to take it for a test run to make sure everything still worked properly." She scanned the group once more before speaking up once more. "Interesting news just now, wouldn't you say? Metru Nui's Toa team in prison and a hunt on for the Great Disks. Even the promise of becoming a Toa for those who find them...Any of you planning on joining the search?"

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  • IC: Knichou, Nuparu's Workshop, Onu-Metru

    Knichou closed the door behind him and stepped further inside the workshop. The workshop was as organized as a mahi pen - the sign of craftsmatoran at work. Based on a quick glance at the many blueprints strewn across the room, Knichou could tell there was at least a dozen separate projects in various states of development - everything from upgrades to older Vahki knee joints to the next iStone.

    "Actually, I was hoping that I could help you," Knichou responded, straightening his posture. "You see, I'm a former Nynrah Ghost - you may not have heard of me, but you might be familiar with some of my previous work."

    Knichou reached behind him to pull out an iStone Tablet from his strange looking backpack. As soon as it was removed the metallic backpack shifted to a smaller size. On the tablet computer was a slideshow of some of the Ghost's inventions that the Fe-Matoran swiped through. "While this adaptive armor is the project I've contributed the most to, I've worked on many other projects of my guild." He put the tablet back in his armor's backpack, which shifted slightly to accommodate the extra luggage.

    "Normally we don't talk to outsiders, but I'm not in the guild anymore..." Knichou tapped the purple "X" above his heartlight. "... and these are far from normal times. The world is at war - even I only barely escaped before the League's ships started a blockade around Artakha. Quite frankly I'm worried about the pace of the league's expansion, and I want to help the war effort in the best way I can: designing machines. Since you're Turaga Dume's chief engineer, I was hoping you'd know where I could begin"

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  • IC: Jutori - Onu-Metru, Archives exterior

    "No ma'am, not at all. Too dangerous," I said waving my hand dismissively. "Only a fool would go after those things. Let someone else take the Mangai's place, I say."

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  • Tallea - Onu-Metru

    IC: You're a terrible liar.

    "It's a time for fools then. The city needs new Toa if it wants to hold off the League for any length of time."

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  • IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Hmm?)

    The Skakdi's one visible eye widened as he'd managed to completely, fatally miss that someone was already visiting his Onu-Matoran mark.

    He swore, which to any listeners would sound more like someone having a mild stroke than actual words coming out of someone's mouth. Skakdi slang was like that.

    From the brief glimpse he could get, the individual didn't fit any descriptions or appearances he was familiar with in the Dark Hunters, so the visitor was likely just that - a visitor.

    He'd have to either wait around for this unknown to either karz off or he'd have to live with a little collateral.

    That idea wasn't such a bad one in his head, but he had just an inkling that perhaps the Shadowed One wouldn't be happy with that.

    Thom grunted. 

    The Ko-Skakdi hovered close to the door for now, scanning the crowd for the other pursuer.


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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu Metru (near Nuparu's workshop)

    A quick inquiry with a passer-by proved sufficient to glean the location of where the Metru's most famous inventor resided, though by the time he neared the building, Vyarik could see that his hopes for a quiet, private kill had been dashed. One of his fellow Hunters was already lurking outside, and given the muffled sound of conversation issuing from within the building, it was safe to surmise Nuparu had guests.

    Vyarik stayed to the opposite side of the street, and made a furtive gesture with his hand, beckoning for Thom to join him. Hopefully the skakdi had the good sense to realise loitering on the target's doorstep was bound to attract attention before too long. 

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    IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru -

    “Vashni." She introduced herself as. The Toa did somewhat passively get a quick sense of the assembled matoran's mental states, not an actual mind read, but she got a basic feel for their emotional states, mostly she just felt excitement and perhaps anxiety from them. It made sense with what was going on.

    "Well, being a Toa already, finding the great disks wouldn't benefit me all that much. Not that I couldn't be of assistance in finding them if needed!"

    Not like I have anything better to do anyway...


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  • 1 hour ago, Nato the Traveler said:

    IC: Vyarik - Onu Metru (near Nuparu's workshop)

    Vyarik stayed to the opposite side of the street, and made a furtive gesture with his hand, beckoning for Thom to join him. Hopefully the skakdi had the good sense to realise loitering on the target's doorstep was bound to attract attention before too long. 

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Outside Nuparu's gaff)

    The Skakdi frowned as Vyarik finally caught up with him.

    Then, Vyarik beckoned him over. He scratched his head, unsure of what to do in this undoubtedly awkward moment.

    After about 15 seconds, much of which was Thom glancing frantically, the Skakdi grunted yet again, making his way over to his fellow Hunter.


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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru (near Nuparu's workshop)

    "Do you require assistance?" Vyarik asked, once Thom was near. 

    Eager though he was to claim the kill for himself, the Dark Hunters had taught Vyarik the importance of cooperation. That was why operatives were usually dispatched in pairs. That was why multiple Dark Hunters had been sent to Metru Nui now. 

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  • IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Contemplating an alliance)

    The spiny assassin felt an urge to snort at this suggestion. Perhaps it was his Skakdi antisocial tendencies, or his greed that precipitated this itch, but Thom, unusually, decided not to indulge the reaction.

    He looked the Hunter up and down, reaching a finger underneath his eyepatch to rub his eye. Vyarik certainly looked a lot better than Thom would be in a fist fight, he admitted that much.

    "...Wot, and split tha pay?" He asked, eye glimmering.

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  • IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru (near Nuparu's workshop)

    "I don't do this for the money," he replied, stopping short of elaborating further on his reasons for joining the Dark Hunters. "One meaningless Matoran isn't worth us fighting over. We both serve the same cause." 

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  • 3 minutes ago, Nato the Traveler said:

    IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru (near Nuparu's workshop)

    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Near Nuparu's place)

    This time, he did snort. Not in it for the money?

    Thom fingered his weapon, idly feeling the revolving chamber. 

    "Well, don't much like gettin' into a fight with ya in general. 'Ow do ya wanna handle this, then, munchkin."