Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Six Kingdoms: Rebirth

    Welcome to the second game in the Six Kingdoms Story! This is the Character Profile and Rules Topic. Please see this first post for rules amendments, and post your Player Character (PC) profiles in this topic thread. By posting you are agreeing to follow all rules and guidelines of BZPower, the BZPRPG gameplay rules, and the Six Kingdom's rules amendments. The Game Masters (GMs) for SK:R are @Unreliable Narrator , @Vezok's Friend, and @Eyru. Please reach out to either or both of us for rules, dispute resolution, or general questions. 



    Past, present, and future collide in the Time Between Time on an island called Zakaz. Broken worlds drift closer as paradoxical alternative timelines collapse, and island denizens live short and violent lives seeking out a meager existence. The wasteland tribes of the Skakdi-Xa ride their scrap-built vehicles and Advanced Combat Rigs through the dunes in search of Energy Sources to keep powering their machines. Miserix, an elder Aspect, guides the wastelands from his containment sphere prison... 


    Rules Amendments:

    Auto-Hit Amendment:

    What’s an auto-hit in a Six Kingdoms RPG? An auto-hit is defined in the Six Kingdoms RPGs as: "any action that occurs to a character, character’s belongings, or characters property not owned by the writing player without the permission of the owning player and causes harm, damage, or otherwise impacts that character."

    • “I pat them on the shoulder and say ‘nice job,’ after our characters complete making a tent,”  is not an autohit. 
    • “I steal their canteen and throw it into the sea while they’re asleep,” is an autohit.

    If players are engaging in PVP they will assume their character is already dead for the narrative purposes of the story. They will not engage in actions they are uncomfortable placing their character in. Do not make the “biggest meanest skakdi of them all” for PVP if you refuse to let your character be hurt or die because “they’re the best.” If a GM observes this behavior they will ask you, the player, to shift gears and return to a collaborative mindset. If you do not… See the three strikes rule.

    A GM may auto-hit in these exclusive circumstances: facilitating in resolving a dispute between players, reminding players their characters are in a dangerous situation if players stop engaging with the world as a living and breathing system, or if an Environmental Effect or other game-changing effect takes place and affects all characters in a region.


    “Waffling” Amendment:

    Dead characters remain dead until actual in-game effort is put into raising said dead character. Do not delete your post because you killed your character and regret your actions. In short: “people die when they are killed.” Be honest with yourself before placing a PC into a situation where they may be killed: are you okay with your character dying? Death is a part of the game and should not be cheated or cheesed.


    "Happy Chat" Amendment:

    Approach other players with empathy and expect differences in opinion regarding locations, character actions, or game lore to be stemming from a miscommunication or lack of primary documents for either participant in the conversation. Do not immediately allege another player is incorrect and demand them to see your side. Instead, express a desire to work through whatever miscommunication exists. If you have a hard time understanding this concept Six Kingdoms is probably not the right game for you, and you should seek out another RPG on BZPower or another website. 


    Three Strike Rule Amendment:

    GMs will reward poor player behavior with strikes. If you collect three strikes you are banned from Six Kingdoms. The rest of the Six Kingdoms RPG community has no responsibility to recognize or respond to any communication from banned players in Six Kingdoms RPG topics (OOC, Character Creation, and IC). Continued negative behavior by banned players will be passed along to BZPower staff for site moderation.



    Conduct is defined as anything requiring GM intervention for resolution. This can be facilitating the resolution of a scene or handling reports of rule-breaking. Please note, we only handle conduct for BZPower specific issues. We do not handle conduct related to 3rd party sites like Discord or Google docs unless the conduct directly involves the GMs (i.e. harassment in private message threads). If you have an issue with a player on those platforms please contact the appropriate support team. While we hope players can be kind and collaborative, we understand sometimes not engaging is the best solution.


    Reporting Conduct:

    To report Conduct issues, please submit a single PM on BZPower to the GMs. In the subject line please include “SK CONDUCT” along with the type of isse (dispute, rules violation, etc.). We will read and reply to these PMs on a weekly basis. Thank you for your patience in advance.


    Gameplay and Lore Questions:

    Please post all questions regarding gameplay, planning, and lore in the OOC Topic for the game. For visibility, tag both GMs in your post. We’ll answer these questions as they come up, or during the weekly news roundup on Mondays.


    Character Creation

    Please see the general rules, common sense guide, and BZPRPG rules of play. We will abide by those along with any changes, amendments, and addendums listed above. Post your character profile in the “Character Profiles” topic for the game. Please await an approval post from the GM before joining the story. If an alteration request is made by the GM, please see to it before continuing to post with the character in question.


    The “No” of Character Creation:

    Characters must be approved by a GM in the Character Profiles topic before playing. This is to provide a fair narrative storytelling environment in a game with an elevated power ceiling. Note: If you have a character from SKE and you are porting them to SKR you do not need approval for that character even if they have custom abilities, so long as those abilities do not change. 

    • Legendary kanohi are banned unless GMs have given written approval for the use of a legendary kanohi. If other kanohi prove they are being abused in a way that destroys the overall player enjoyment they will be added here. Play nice.
      • Mask of Creation (Currently exists, worn by Knichou, only 1 in existence)
      • Mask of Time (Vahi)
      • Mask of Life (Ignika)
      • Mask of Dimension Travel (Olmak) (currently exists, only 1 in existence)
      • Gold Masks (must be unlocked via finding the in-game method)
    • The Order of Mata-Nui is a secretive society known to very few. To join the faction, find a recruiter and roleplay the rites of passage discovered in-game. You cannot start your character in the Order of Mata-Nui unless they were recruited in SKE.
    • Nova blasts are banned, unless you message the GM and explain why it’s absolutely necessary for plot reasons to blow up your character and all GMs say yes in writing.
    • DO NOT MAKE A NUVA CHARACTER. Nuva and Nuva Proxima are character expansions that are incredibly rare. You must complete the in game rituals and have written approval of at least one GM to upgrade your character to Nuva or Nuva Proxima. This is a highly regulated character expansion. Being the first to insert the correct Great Disk into a Nuva room device inside an elemental Ruin will trigger the NUVA expansion for your character.
    • This is a growing list of protoderm breeds unavailable in Character Creation at this time: canon bionicle makuta (Aspects are this world's version), rahkshi, most rahi...
      • Please note, as of 8/14/2020 the taboo for creating rahkshi has been found. Only characters who possess such knowledge are able to bring rahkshi into existence.


    The “Yes” of Character Creation:

    All canon bionicle protoderm breeds not mentioned above are playable. Custom breeds from the BZPRPG that were approved are also available without need for further re-approval. New custom breeds need approval of the GMs before playing. 

    • Kanohi are not moral or amoral in this alternate universe. They are tools. Some tools are more feared than others based on famous users.
    • All elements are available for play. Think about how your character’s element would be viewed by those around them.
    • All beings are lightly resistant to psionic powers. Attempts to use psionic powers requires player consent in the same way as landing any elemental power. Dasaka are just matoran, toa, and turaga of psionics again. If you want to keep the powers as specified in BZPRPG, you certainly may.
    • Player characters may have a personal vehicle, and any amount of technological items that fit the character narratively. For mechs, ACRs, please see their section in Character Creation.
    • Please make sure to address any character approval questions from the GMs within 24-48 hours. You may not continue to play with the character in question until the approval issues are resolved. If you need more time, please let the GMs know as they are happy to accommodate.

    Remember, your characters are part of a collectively told narrative and no one has plot armor. This is a game with altered lore from canon. Do not assume anything is the same. The canon of SKE supersedes the official Bionicle canon. Please remember this is a team game. We are all telling a story. What do you want your characters to contribute to that story? There will be an IC forum thread, an OOC discussion thread, and a character profile thread. Please post character profiles in the character profiles thread and tag me in them for a quick approval!


    Character Profile template:

    • Name: if a matoran, have they passed the rite of naming day
    • Breed: canon or approved custom breeds of protoderms
    • Faction: Aspects, Barraki, Refugees, Zakazian, etc.
    • Brief Description: what’s their everyday or current appearance
    • Background/Occupation: what do they do, where did they come from
    • Flaws: character traits that hold them back, or where they break
    • Powers/Equipment: stick to canon for what your character’s species can and cannot do

    We’re going a little different this time with character creation in order to encourage role playing and collaborative storytelling. All characters have the following system of powers and limitations:

    • 1x Primary Element/Power
    • 1x Secondary Power (i.e. Masks)
    • 1x Breed quirk(s)
    • 1x Psychological issue they struggle with
    • 1x Physical limitation

    For example let’s take a character from Bionicle Canon in 2001, Tahu. Tahu has control over the element of fire (primary element/power), the mask of shielding (secondary power), and heat resistance (breed quirk). Tahu also consumes nutrients in foods by absorbing them through his hands rather than eating them like a skakdi would (another breed quirk). Tahu’s psychological issue is being a rage-aholic, his community supporting and validating his bursts by telling themselves, “he burns hot like fire.” Tahu’s physical limitation is he atrophied over time in the toa canister and needs to rebuild his strength.


    Kanohi Masks:

    Characters who’s races allow for wearing and using a kanohi may have one kanohi at the start of SKE2. The masks of Six Kingdoms are not divided into moral and amoral. For example, the beings of this world understand a mask of mutation can be used for healing or for creating terrible abominations. Masks are tools, some more dangerous or deadly than others. Banned Kanohi are as follows:

    • All legendary masks
    • Golden/Silver masks (at this time)
    • Kanohi Olmak, mask of dimensional travel
    • Masks of a single element, unless otherwise approved by a GM (please list this approval in your profile)


    Kaita Fusion:

    Three willing PCs of a similar breed (three matoran, three skakdi, three toa, etc.) of differing elements may form a kaita. A kaita is a Lesser Spirit, and governs a domain of its cultural ethos. All three players may post as the kaita, but they can only post once per interaction or in combat. Do not use the advantage of multiple players to double post as a Kaita. Kaita Fusions follow all the same rules as PCs and require an approved profile. GMs are actively watching for Kaita Fusion abuse. 


    Kanohi Crafting:

    See Kanoka Disk Crafting


    Kanoka Disk Crafting:

    As seen by Gaius in Mar-Koro, kanoka disk crafting requires purified protodermis ores of several types to create the base nine disk types. Creating more complicated disk types needs the forging and prayer of a master smith, as well as the correct recipe through trial and error. More to come as explored.

    The village of Le-Metru Koro explored these ore-based kanoka forging techniques to great success. They have been able to forge disks of incredible strength, and even one Great Disk of Freezing by using an elemental sword of ice as the base material.


    Airships, Vehicles and Watercraft:

    Please provide a name for the vessel and a general description. You may have a small NPC crew of five per each PC aboard the airship, vehicle, or watercraft. The NPCs cannot assist in combat except to keep the airship, vehicle, or watercraft moving and in operational condition. It is preferred to replace NPC crew with PC crew ASAP. Currently, airships are smaller than the cargo airships of Metru-Nui and cannot go above the cloud line. Watercraft are not well built enough for extended deep sea voyages. Feel free to make it a personal quest to improve your ship to break through these limitations.



    Advanced Combat Rigs (ACRs) are personal mechs, which come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and designs. ACRs are unaffected by elemental attacks, as they have onboard elemental nullification technology. They still take the physical damage of an elemental attack.

    One ACR per Character: a warband or crew can own several ACRs, but each is limited to a single pilot. All ACRs require a heartlight to function, as they are akin to a body without a consciousness/soul. The exception to that are semi-sentient ACRs built with the central processor of a salvaged Vahki, which can act as an onboard AI and operate independently. Only the Barraki faction has access to Sentient ACRs at the beginning of the game. All other factions must find a vahki neuro-core. These are a limited resource.

    Most heartlights are kept in cylindrical canisters and carried like keys by the ACR’s pilot. Piloting is done via thought. Pilots sync their mind to the ACR via neural plugs implanted into their own bodies. This effectively makes the ACR an extension of their own body: their brain impulses is what makes it move. Due to the nature of the interface with the ACR, pilots do not have access to elemental abilities while plugged in. An ACR’s size is limited roughly to between a Canon Bionicle Boxor and an Exo-Toa. ACR shapes are as diverse as the pilots at the controls: bipedal, quadrupedal, tracked, hovering, and whatever else the pilot can imagine. You may display any patterns, heraldry, and weapons systems (see profile) that make sense for a desolate wasteland.

    Weapons: It's tempting to strap a lot of Dakka to your mech, but again: This is a wasteland. Where did you get that many blasters, reasonably? Also remember: The more dakka and shinier your mech, the more interested other wasteland dwellers will be in taking it from you. If you strap 10 Midak to your mech, you can be sure a bunch of Skakdi will drop by during construction and ask you to share your toys - and they don't ask nicely. Rule of thumb: Stick with the Exo Toa: High degree of protection, with one projectile launcher and one melee weapon.

    All ACRs require a simple profile as follows and must have GM approval before being used in-game:

    • Name of ACR:
    • ACR’s Faction/Homebase:
    • Pilot of ACR:
    • Type of heartlight:
    • Physical Description: 
    • Onboard Weapons Systems Options (pick two):
      • 1x Primary (+weakness)
      • 1x Secondary (+weakness)
      • 1x Melee (+weakness)
      • 1x Shoulder mounted (+weakness)



    Scattered around the island of Zakaz are puzzle shrines known as suvas. These sacred spaces were once places of prayer and reflection. They were also a place where mighty warriors stored their weapons and equipment. Suvas allow for telepathically switching the gear carried on one's person without having to physically collect it. Completing suva puzzles may very well be worth your while!

    A registered user of a suva may withdraw an item from a suva using their mind by depositing an equivalent item (mask for mask, etc.) from their person in a suva while within a suva’s regional range of 3 hexes on the world map. A registered user of a suva may add an item to a suva without having to withdraw something of equal type. A registered user is aware of the contents within the suva at all times while within range. More than one user may be registered with a suva. A user may be registered with only a single suva, and it should be noted on their character profile. Registering with a different suva temple ends any ongoing suva registrations elsewhere.



    NUVA Power-Up:

    Your character can receive the NUVA power-up by completing the final task in an Elemental Temple Ruin: activating the kanoka disk device by inserting the correct Great Kanoka Disk. This power-up is available for one character per Elemental Temple Ruin. You cannot start as a NUVA character in Six Kingdoms, and you must complete the required pre-requisite in order to earn the NUVA power-up.



    NUVA Power-up Character Profile:

    • Name: (Your name) NUVA
    • Breed: (Your breed) NUVA
    • Faction: Aspects, Barraki, Refugees, Zakazian, etc.
    • Brief Description: what’s your everyday or current appearance
      • Your eye color is now gold.
      • You are physically stronger and slightly taller after the NUVA power-up.
      • As a one time occurrence as part of the NUVA power-up process, all prior physical injuries, diseases, and psychological effects (i.e. hypnosis) are cured/removed. All new injuries, diseases, and psychological effects after the NUVA power-up are treated as normal.
    • Background/Occupation: what do you do, where did you come from
      • Your background/occupation as usual here.
    • Flaws: traits that hold you back, or where you break
      • Your current Physical and Psychological Flaws.
      • Additional NUVA Psychological Flaws:
        • Flawed Conscience: you pick two additional psychological flaws.
    • Powers/Equipment: stick to canon to start for what your breed can and cannot do
      • Breed Quirks:
      • Your current Breed Quirks
        • Additional NUVA Breed Quirks
        • You may wear kanohi masks and use their powers.
        • You may use your base element with similar power and control as a toa. Pick one element to be your base element if you did not have a base element before the NUVA power-up.
        • You may concentrate and fire a beam of energy with the same power type and strength as the Great Kanoka Disk used in your Nuva power-up at a target within your sight.
        • If you wore a mask at the time of your NUVA power-up it melted and fused to your face. You may still use its abilities as a breed quirk. If it was an infected mask it is no longer infected.
        • You may share your breed quirks with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range.  
        • You may be the target of your own breed quirks.
    • Powers:
      • Your current powers
      • Additional NUVA powers:
        • You may share your element with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range.
        • Your elemental mastery is stronger than before, roughly halfway between an individual toa and an individual toa kaita (a toa kaita having the combined power of three toa).
        • You may place a portion of your elemental power into a pre-specified elemental effect that can be delayed to a time of your choosing. Until your pre-specified effect occurs, you can share your Elemental Power, Breed Quirks, and NUVA Kanohi with one less willing creature per elemental effect for a maximum of two delayed elemental effects.
        • You are a living key for a Kaita ACR and are its primary pilot. Your assigned Kaita ACR is the same element as the ruin where your Nuva transformation occurred. See your Kaita ACR’s profile for additional information.
    • Equipment:
      • Pick a new Great Kanohi to wear as part of the NUVA power-up. The mask you pick cannot be Banned, Gold, Restricted, or Silver. You gain this Great Kanohi as part of the NUVA power-up and it is considered a NUVA Kanohi.
        • NUVA Kanohi: a NUVA Kanohi works like a normal Great Kanohi with the following differences: it’s made of a more organic material, and you may share its power with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range.


    Nuva Proxima occurs as a side effect of the NUVA power-up in each Elemental Temple Ruin. The closest character to whoever receives the NUVA power-up receives the NUVA Proxima power-up. The Nuva Proxima power-up is available for one character per Elemental Temple Ruin. Your character cannot start as a Nuva Proxima. Nuva Proxima is only available as an in-game reward for completely the required prerequisites.


    NUVA Proxima power-up Character Profile:

    • Name: (Your name) NUVA Proxima
    • Breed: (Your breed)
    • Faction: Aspects, Barraki, Refugees, Zakazian, etc.
    • Brief Description: what’s your everyday or current appearance
      • You are physically stronger and slightly taller after the NUVA Proxima power-up.
      • As a one time occurrence as part of the NUVA Proxima power-up process, all active psychological effects (i.e. hypnosis) are cured/removed. All new psychological effects after the NUVA Proxima power-up are treated as normal.
    • Background/Occupation: what do you do, where did you come from
      • Your background/occupation as usual here.
    • Flaws: your traits that hold you back, or where you break
      • Your current Physical and Psychological Flaws.
    • Powers/Equipment: stick to canon to start for what your breed can and cannot do
    • Breed Quirks:
      • Your current Breed Quirks
    • Additional NUVA Proxima Breed Quirks
      • You may wear kanohi masks and use their powers.
      • You may use your base element with similar power and control as a toa. Pick one element to be your base element if you did not have a base element before the NUVA power-up.
      • If you wore a mask at the time of your NUVA power-up it melted and fused to your face. You may still use its abilities as a breed quirk. If it was an infected mask it is no longer infected.
      • You may share your breed quirks with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range.  
      • You may be the target of your own breed quirks.
    • Powers:
      • Your current powers
      • Additional NUVA powers:
        • Your elemental mastery is stronger than before, roughly halfway between an individual toa and an individual toa kaita (a toa kaita having the combined power of three toa).
        • You may share your element with up to two other willing creatures within your line of sight and elemental range.



    The Aspects of Makuta, Their Rites, & Taboo:


    The Aspects of Makuta are a powerful breed of individualistic gaseous entities who originate from the Kumu Islets south of Zakaz. These dark beings who practice taboos of a world lost to time seek to accomplish a Grand Wish, and require desecrated followers to achieve their ends. These PC followers come from all walks of life, some of which are the sub-breed of Skakdi-Xa.


    Faction Breed: Aspect of Makuta

    Primary Element: shadow

    Secondary Power: pick a second stage kraata power from the kraa variation tables on BS01. This power is an innate power of your Aspect and will grow over time as your Aspect ascends through the narrative milestones of their Grand Wish (see below).

    Breed Specific Quirks: aspects have a Grand Wish and perform Rites of Desecration, but cannot form kaita or access kanohi powers.

    Psychological Issues: aspects are fiercely independent, valuing their earned consciousness after rising from the liquid pools of antidermis in the Kumu-Islets. They are manipulative, often selfish, and consider all other beings as possible vessels for them to assume solid form. All Aspects of Makuta desire a solid body as often as possible.

    Physical Limitation: aspects exist as a sentient green gas and require either a suit of armor or a willing host to take solid form. Aspects may start the game with one suit of armor the same height as a toa. When in a gaseous form Aspects cannot physically interact with their environment.


    Host Possession: 

    To possess a host, an Aspect must receive verbal or written consent from the host to house their gaseous essence. Once consent is given, the aspect can freely enter the body of the host in a creative manner. A possessed host can be played by both its original player and the player of the Aspect. Both players must communicate with each other about who will act at a given time. Since their respective characters share a body, players cannot double post by switching consciousnesses. Please do not violate this rule. When the Aspect is in control, the host's consciousness is dormant but aware of what the Aspect is doing. The host's consciousness cannot interact with the game world while the Aspect is in control. When the host is conscious, the Aspect is dormant and unable to interact with the world but knows what the host is doing. An Aspect may choose to leave a host they find unsuitable at any time. A single host may only be possessed by one Aspect at a time. A single Aspect may only possess a single host at a time.


    Rites of Desecration:

    A being who hosts a kraata is considered desecrated. Desecrated beings cannot remove the kraata without dying and are compelled to complete the narrative milestones laid out by their Aspect to achieve the aspect's Grand Wish. A character can undergo desecration twice for a maximum of two bonded kraata. To become desecrated a willing host provides a still beating heartlight from a sapient being -- excluding Rahi -- to an Aspect and consents to complete an Aspect's wish. In return, the Aspect forms any one first stage Kraata of the 42 known kraata powers and grafts it to the host.  This binds the host and Aspect, and the host is compelled to complete the wish if possible. When the Aspect completes their milestone and increases their powers, the desecrated follower's kraata grows to the next stage as well. Below is the preparatory poem for the Rite of Desecration, which may be referenced or used during the rite's performance.




    Step forth into the darkness and prepare the gift

    A star’s heart still beating, still lit

    Two midnight horrors cry and shift

    Make them squirm inside the pit

    Bind worm and willing host

    Tear the yolk and spread its gold

    Devour knowledge and their ghost

    Pray for prey forever sold





    Some rites and rituals of the Aspects of Makuta are lost to the ruins of the world. Exploring temple ruins and researching goals through trial and error may unlock new perks and abilities for Aspects who have the knowledge. Any discovered taboos will be listed below along with the name of the character who has knowledge of these taboos.

    • Sorilax: Elemental Alteration
    • Sorilax: Rahkshi Creation
      • Goodbye

        Tortured is the heart that lies empty

        Full is the belly of the beast

        A shell protects the broken yolk

        Sleep is better than peace


    • Korruhn: Flaw Consumption
    • Tuakana: Star Swallowing
    • Whisper, Apex, Stannis, Korruhn, Taja, Sorilax: Infectious Kraata Creation

    Kraata Creation and Infected Masks Taboo:



    Kraata Taboo (Upside Down Triangle)


    Mortal Soil

    Decrepit and raw

    Shadow born cosmos

    Where I see all



    Kraata Profile (Does not need GM approval) 

    Kraata Maker: the aspect who created the kraata

    Kraata Type: the variation of kraata

    Kraata Stage: the current stage of the kraata


    What are Kraata

    Kraata are physical embodiments of an aspect’s will. They are agents of the aspect’s desires, and they work to increase the aspect’s goals through infecting masks. They are Followers* obeying basic instinct to infect masks and survive. Kraata can be communicated with telepathically by their creator in a similar fashion to those who are desecrated. Please see the following links for kraata descriptions and the 42 kraata variations.


    How to Create Kraata

    An aspect breathes a portion of their gaseous self over a heartlight, rahi or otherwise, and then dips the heartlight until fully submerged into Energetic Protodermis (EP) to create a kraata. The EP is fully consumed as a component of the ritual. If the EP is purified, the player creating the kraata with their aspect character may choose which variation of kraata. If the EP is not purified, the player randomly rolls on the available variations of kraata found here. A kraata created from random NPCs and Followers begins at stage 1. Kraata created from PCs begin at stage 3.

    An aspect may have two times the kraata as they do completed milestones. When a kraata dies, the aspect may no longer create a kraata of that power type. An aspect may not have kraata of duplicate variations to other kraata. Kraata evolve through stages tied to their creator aspect. Each time an aspect reaches the next tier in their milestones, all of the aspect’s kraata reach their next stage. For now, see the different stages in the table on BS01 for how a kraata behaves during a given stage:

    An aspect who has reached their sixth milestone may merge two or more kraata of the same stage together to create a new kraata with randomly rolled (excluding already made kraata types) power variation. Each time this is done, the new kraata is created at one stage above the other kraata used and one additional kraata is needed to reach the next stage in the following way: two stage one kraata create a stage two kraata, three stage two kraata create a stage three, and so on.

    For now, see the different stages in the table on BS01 for how a kraata behaves during a given stage:


    Kraata Abilities

    • Kraata may be used as a replacement for beating heartlights in Desecration rituals.
    • Kraata may infect masks they touch. If a kraata reaches their final stage seventh stage, they may infect masks visibly within their presence. There is no limit to the amount of masks kraata may infect. Infecting worn masks without player consent is an auto-hit. Once a mask is infected it cannot be infected until cleansed (see cleansing below).
    • If an NPC, Follower*, or PC wears an infected mask:
      • The aspect may treat the character wearing an infected mask as if they were desecrated by them.
      • The character wearing the infected mask may use one additional elemental power of their choice if they are capable of doing so. This additional elemental power blends with their primary elemental power and is chosen the first time they wear an infected mask. The secondary element does not change if the mask is taken off and reworn.
      • The character with the infected mask gains access to the powers of the kraata that infected the mask at the current stage of the kraata.
      • The character wearing an infected mask does not want to take it off.
      • Infected masks may be cleansed by submergence into EP, or with a Kanoka of Removes Poison with a power level greater than or equal to the stage of the kraata that infected the mask.


    *Followers are a 3rd type of character introduced in SK3. Treat them in SKR as player-NPCs until further notice.



    Rahkshi Creation Taboo:


    Rahkshi (8 pointed Star)


    Tortured is the heart that lies empty

    Full is the belly of the beast

    A shell protects the broken yolk

    Sleep is better than peace



    Rahkshi Profile 

    Profiles for rahkshi do not need GM approval before play with the exception of custom requests. 

    • Name: what does the creator of the rahkshi call it?
    • Creator: Which character made the rahkshi?
    • Physical Description: a short description to assist players in imagining the rahkshi
    • Powerset: 
      • Kraata power from the kraata pilot and its stage
      • Kraata power from the armor suit (stage four minimum)
      • Able to see through most sensory illusions
      • Physical damage reduction: rahkshi armor is tough and can withstand many physical blows
      • Infectious Feeding: A rahkshi’s face may split open to reveal the kraata pilot within, allowing the kraata to infect a downed foe’s mask
    • Tools:
      • Rahkshi staff: the same power variation as the armor (stage four minimum). Stolen staves can be used with concentration to channel the same power of the rahkshi they came from. These staves usually have elaborate blades on either end.
    • Flaw: all rahkshi become immobile when left unpiloted by a kraata or their aspect. Provide one additional flaw or weakness for your rahkshi.


    What Are Rahkshi

    Rahkshi are bipedal terrors forged through the use of a taboo ritual to enact the will of their creator. Rahkshi are fiercely territorial, violently attacking anything they consider to have crossed into the bounds of their realm. Rahkshi are resistant to general physical harm, the shadows around them acting as a form of energetic buffer. To make matters worse, rahkshi are two as one: a living kraata pilots a biomechanical armor suit. The powers of a given rahkshi come from both the armor suit and the kraata piloting it. All rahkshi possess incredible innate senses of perception, able to see through most sensory illusions. A rahkshi’s face may split open to reveal the kraata pilot within, allowing the kraata to infect a downed foe. Think of them as Bionicle’s version of a xenomorph if that helps. Kraata themselves are worms that hunger constantly, demanding their rahkshi armor to constantly hunt for prey to eat or infect.


    How to Create Rahkshi

    Rahkshi refers to the armored suit with a kraata pilot. Otherwise, the armored suit will be referred to as armor and the kraata pilot will be referred to as a kraata. The armor has an innate kraata power assigned during the armor’s creation, and the kraata has a power as well. The rahkshi uses both powers at whatever power level is highest.

    To create a rahkshi, your character breathes a portion of their gaseous antidermis self into a living creature, rahi or otherwise, and then dips the living creature into Energetic Protodermis (EP). If the EP is purified, you may choose what type of rahkshi is created of the 42 possible variations. If the EP is not purified, roll randomly from the table of 42 variations found here. The living creature used in the ritual undergoes a rapid and complete metamorphosis into a suit of armor while exposed to the EP. The armor loses all memories of its past self. The armor cannot move unless piloted by a kraata or their creator aspect. Rahkshi are wholly obedient to their creator, even at their own peril. The armor starts with its innate power at stage four on the kraata power variation stage chart.

    Your character (probably an aspect) may use this taboo to create as many armor suits as they have grand wish narrative milestones completed. If your character is not an aspect, they may have one rahkshi at any given time. You may not have duplicate armor with the same innate power variations.


    Rahkshi and their Creator

    Rahkshi may communicate telepathically with their creator at any time, regardless of distance. This telepathic communication is audio only like a radio. A rahkshi may be possessed by their creator at any time, regardless of physical distance. When a creator possesses one of their rahkshi, they paracausally move their consciousness to the portion of antidermis used during the taboo ritual to form the physical rahkshi armor. While in this state the creator loses consciousness in their original body until control of the rahkshi is relinquished. 

    When an aspect possesses a rahkshi they created, they may use all their powers as normal along with the rahkshi’s powers at whatever kraata stage is highest. For example: armor with stage four power and a kraata with stage one power piloted by an aspect with stage four power may use all three kraata abilities at stage four power as well as their innate control of shadow, their ability to desecrate others, and any other abilities the aspect possesses.


    Elemental Alteration Taboo:


    Elemental Alteration (conjoined semi-circles with their flat sides in opposite directions)


    Release each yoke of mine

    Each destined path is one

    Remove barriers as they align

    Not all must circle around a sun



    Taboo Effects:

    Choose a consenting creature you can touch. You may alter the base element of the consenting creature to their chosen new element. The new element must be an already approved element in Six Kingdoms RPGs. If a consenting creature has more than one element, they alter their first acquired element. A creature may undergo this change once. The change is immediate and permanent.

    Tethered Bonds:


    Taboo: Tethered Bonds (three squiggly parallel lines)


    Decay is a web spun of silver

    Gold is a yolk shared in death

    Rare is love for the undying

    Treasured is a untimely last breath



    Your body sprouts varying amounts of long silver threads known as tethers. Tethers are physical, can be up to approximately two inches thick, can be seen and touched by others, and can extend from your physical body up to a range of 60 feet. Your tethers are just as sensitive as the rest of your physical body. You can use them like extra limbs, albeit they move more akin to tentacles than anything else. They cannot be fully retracted into you, but they can range in size from a few inches in length to their maximum range of 60 feet.



    You may touch a willing creature with your tethers to vacate your physical location and place yourself wholly into a pocket dimension in their subconscious. Your equipment and any immediate possessions on your person enter this pocket dimension. No being is able to follow into this pocket dimension, even if you are holding them and they are willing. This process is known as merging. Your tethers now extend from the merged creature as they did from you.

    Your merged creature may touch another willing creature with your tethers to merge again. Your pocket dimension and everything in it equally redistributes via the tethers between the collective subconscious of all merged creatures. This time, the tethers remain fixed and visible between both creatures as you exist equally in the subconscious of both. Like a retractable leash, tethers can shrink and extend between a minimum range of a few inches and a maximum range of 60 feet. This process may repeat as many times as there are willing creatures within range, forming a silver web of merged creatures.


    While Merged:

    You play as all merged creatures. Your merged creatures act as your senses, and all their senses are your senses. You may use any ability from your merged creatures as well as your own. These abilities can be used from however many of your merged creatures you choose. While merged, add the psychological flaws of all merged creatures to your list of psychological flaws. You also temporarily have access to all the memories of merged creatures.


    Merging Ends:

    Merging ends if the tethers between merged creatures are destroyed, the creature becomes unwilling, or you choose to end the merging. A creature that dies while merged remains merged until you end the merging. When you stop merging, the tethers disconnect from the creature, your physical form in its pocket dimension is equally redistributed among your remaining merged creatures, and you lose access to all the abilities, flaws, and memories of a creature once you stop merging with them. If you are no longer merged with any creature, you and all of your possessions on your person reappear physically within sixty feet of the last creature with which you merged.

    Gluttonous Desecration:


    Taboo: Gluttonous Desecration (four circles with a diamond draw between their center points)


    Mighty warrior

    Cleaver of skies

    Meek gardner

    Tender of lies



    Taboo Ability:

    If you are able and know the rite, you may perform the Rite of Desecration an additional two times on one willing creature (Maximum four times).


    Kraata Corruption:


    Taboo: Infectious Kraata Corruption (equilateral triangle with a clockwise spiral inside)


    My Fickle Friend

    You breathe and laugh and love

    You glowing star

    You shed your light far above



    Taboo Ability:

    When you physically touch a desecrated creature you may choose to remove one kraata from their body. A desecrated creature is no longer considered desecrated if all their kraata are removed using this taboo. The removed kraata remains alive and retains its current stage and variation. You are considered its creator. See the taboo rite of Infectious Kraata for all additional information on kraata.


    Grand Wish:

    All Aspects have a Grand Wish, something they wish to accomplish in the time they have before they rejoin the antidermis pools of the Kumu Islets and lose their sovereign identity. Achieving their grand wish is a massive undertaking, for all grand wishes change the fabric of reality to the Aspect’s true desire by the end. This grand wish has seven narrative milestones which must be accomplished by the Aspect’s desecrated followers. The first step for all Aspects is gaining a desecrated follower. Please submit your Aspect’s grand wish and the necessary narrative milestones to GMs for approval. The narrative milestones do not need to appear in a character profile until they are achieved, but the Grand Wish itself must appear in the character profile along with a mention of which GM(s) approved it. If denied, GMs will work with you to craft narrative milestones. The Aspect may reveal each narrative milestone of their grand wish to their desecrated followers during the initial desecration rites either step by step or all at once. Each time a sequential narrative milestone is achieved, the desecrated follower’s kraata increases in power by one stage and their Aspect also grows in power by one stage.

    Additional Ascension Perks for Aspects:

    1. Telepathic audio communication with an individual desecrated follower currently on the same plane of existence. 
    2. Kraata power stage 3, see through the eyes of their desecrated on the same plane
    3. Kraata power stage 4, remotely possess their desecrated through shadow puppetry
    4. Kraata power stage 5, teleport to one of their desecrated follower's shadows.
    5. Kraata power stage 6, teleport their desecrated follower to their shadow.
    6. Kraata power stage 7, ascend to learn more
    7. Grand Wish achieved, ascend to learn more

    Creating a Grand Wish:

    Explain the following: what is the grand wish and why does the Aspect desire it to be completed in their lifetime. Next, explain the ascension process in seven easily identifiable narrative milestones that the followers of your Aspect will need to achieve. Below is an example of a Grand Wish and the ascension steps.


    What: the Aspect wishes to become a god. 

    Why: so that they may truly feeling in control of their own life and destiny


    1. Desecrate a follower
    2. Gain a village of worshippers who pray to the Aspect daily
    3. Consume the power of a toa kaita
    4. Desecrate a tahtorak
    5. Use the heart of the tahtorak to build a grand vessel for the Aspect to live within
    6. Consume the powers of another Aspect worthy of respect
    7. Drink of the Lake of The Su



    Like all Zakazian Skakdi, the Skakdi-Xa have frills along their spine or behind their head instead of protruding spines. The Zakazian Skakdi will often raise their frills when experiencing intense emotions. All PC Skakdi-Xa were desecrated by an Aspect before SKR began and are native to the island of Zakaz. They have a grafted first stage kraata near the frills extending from their spine. For the most fun, it's recommended you find a PC Aspect to have performed the desecration.

    Primary Power: one skakdi vision power.

    Secondary Power: one 1st stage kraata power. Reach out to players who have an approved Aspect in-game if you want to connect your character to an aspect at the start of play.

    Breed Quirk: latent elemental powers. Skakdi may only access their elemental powers if they work in tandem with another skakdi.


    Factions and Population:

    Population of Metru Nui:

    The population of Metru Nui is predominantly soldiers of the League. This is an incredibly diverse group of all breeds, including the matoran and toa who renounced their faith in the Great Spirit for the overall betterment of an inclusive society focused on the individual identities of its citizens. Dark Hunters who have given up their old mercenary work and joined the Barraki also live in Metru Nui. Recommissioned vahki serve as front line troops, and Ehlek is looking for a way to make a mobile charging hive.


    Population of Zakaz:

    The population Zakaz is predominantly skakdi of all elemental variations. Some native matoran inhabitants remain, along with their toa protectors, and some other breeds of Protoderms who sailed from islands now lost to climate change also eke out a meager existence amongst the warbands. 90% of the population prior to SKR was skakdi, with the rest a mixture of all other breeds.

    Among the majority of skakdi is the elite breed of desecrated Skakdi-Xa. These skakdi contract Faustian bargains by sacrificing others to Aspects of Makuta who visit the mainland. In exchange they gain a kraata that becomes grafted to their body, often near their spine. These kraata not only provide additional powers, but show their backing from and affiliation with an Aspect. Culturally, hosting a kraata is also seen as a nurturing act. Those who host more kraata than others are considered more worthy leaders because they are stronger, ready to make a sacrifice for power, and willing to nurture something besides themselves.


    Aspects of Makuta: 

    These powerful entities secret themselves from the rest of the world in the Kumu Islets. They slowly grow in power as they desecrate the natural population of Zakaz. Their faction goal is to raise one of their kind to the seventh stage of kraata power through repeated desecrations. Only at this final stage will an Aspect finally become whole. Playing an Aspect involves researching and discovering ways to perform higher stage kraata desecration rites.



    Pridak, Ehlek, and Takadox are the remaining leaders of the League of Six Kingdoms. Takadox left the League, and now only Pridak and Ehlek remain in the destroyed skull of the Mata Nui robot, which they have turned into a stronghold, populated by the few soldiers and converted citizens who survived the crash. Ehlek has brought several vahki hives back online, using them as soldiers in his new world order, and Pridak schemes to recollect the Mask of Creation. Those who serve the Barraki are looking for the Mask of Creation, and the fabled resting place of a time machine somewhere in the Zakazian landscape. Pooling from their new and growing fortress is a large lake - a natural moat formed by the silver sea. Howling Untethered live in the lake and along its borders.


    Metru-Nui Refugees:

    The remains of matoran civilization within the Mata Nui GSR fled the crash, fracturing as large groups often do after an apocalypse. Small refugee camps have begun forming in the past week across the Island of Zakaz. These camps contain the bare necessities at the moment for the survivors to stay alive and regroup, in order to figure out what to do next.  While exploring this new land, they found six regional temples that had strange hieroglyphics carved into them, predicting the arrival of the GSR and the “Children of The Stars”. Beneath these temples are complicated mazes full of traps and puzzles. The Hieroglyphs speak of a powerful transformation at the end of each maze.


    Other Player Factions: 

    Player factions also exist! Check the OOC channel for how to become involved in those. Kal’s Blood Skakdi is one of them. A growing list of player factions will be available here.



    The horde of undead from the GSR pooled out from the crash of Mata-Nui’s skull and swam through the newly formed lake that leaked from the destroyed skull. They formed strange abyssal kaitas, and now roam the island seeking more life to assimilate.


    Zakazian Warbands:

    Clans of roving warriors who live on war rigs. They protect their hidden oases, and their current goals are survival and the accumulation of territory and power. They recently learned the Rite of The Tahtorak from an elder aspect, and now race each other to find a worthy sacrifice to be fed to the Nightmare Pools in the frozen caverns of the tallest mountain: Irnakk’s Tooth. 

    The following are different pre-established warbands your character can be a part of, but feel free to create your own warband with friends!

    • Nektann’s War Skaks: a Skakdi-Xa chief who caught an Aspect of Makuta, Miserix, in a magic containment sphere and makes him perform divinations for his warband’s travels across the desert wastelands of the North. They have a permanent stronghold deep in the deserts from which they stage raids on the less fortunate.
    • Riggers: a warband that lives near the coastline in a semi aquatic fortress. These pirates value the smokes from the mainland as a form of currency, and drive aquatic vehicles made from the scrap provided by the crashed GSR skull as well as other coastal wrecks.
    • Mesi: mutated, pale, often eyeless or otherwise deformed, these underground dwelling skakdi once worked in refineries below ground.  Moss and fungi grow on their backs, and their senses of smell and hearing are impeccable. They raid the surface of Zakaz at night, giving a howling and piercing shriek when they begin.


    Approved Characters:

    Updated approximately every week. Please do not PM me to update this list. You can find the GM-NPC Master List HERE.


    Banned Players:

    • Azibo



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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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    • Name: Sans
    • Species: Turaga of Water
    • Faction: Metru-Nui
    • Brief Description: Sans is a wholesome, optimistic Turaga.  His old age hasn't stopped him from exercising daily, and his wits have only grown sharper. Quick with a joke and slow to anger, Sans is a wise old veteran of a thousand battles, though most of those were when he was a Toa.  Understanding the need for peaceful leaders rather than combative heroes in these confusing and dangerous times, Sans has retired his war-torn cape and donned ceremonial robes similar to those Turaga Dume used to wear.  While still active for a Turaga, his recent adventures and battles have left him feeling even less nimble and strong.
    • Background/Occupation: In the aftermath of the crashing of the GSR as well as his duel with Pridak, Sans was rescued by Skyra and Rose, who took him to receive medical attention for his wounds.  Once healed, Sans was naturally looked to for leadership by many of the Metru-Nui Matoran.  he led efforts to evacuate not just people but as many objects of value and scrap infrastructure as possible.  Now, outside the severed head of the GSR, Sans unofficially leads a large contingent of Metru-Nui Matoran in a robust shanty-town settlement he has taken to calling "Metru-Koro."
    • Flaws: Old man, Mask of Growth can only make him so big and so strong, would sooner talk than fight if you can count that a weakness, huhuhuhu.
    • Powers/Equipment: Grow up to maybe 40 feet or so? Weaker water powers.  Carries a simple Protosteel walking staff that doubles as a weapon. Has the Mask of Creation hidden away, keeping it safe.


    • Name: Gaius, "Guy"
    • Breed: Toa of Swamp
    • Faction: Unaligned good guys
    • Brief Description: Pink Toa with yellow highlights.  A considerable armored form though still would be classified as "light infantry," Gaius makes use of a spear, shield, and sword as his weapons.  Additionally, he is an expert survivalist, and on the rare occasion he must venture from his home, he packs essential camping gear in a sack that he then carries in a large sack on his back, though he has been known to make use of a large, forked stick to tie this sack to and carry it that way.  Orange eyes see through his yellow Kanohi Hau, which has a red crest shaped to it, facing transversely (like a Roman Centurion's galea helmet).  Otherwise, he is of average height and weight for a Toa.
    • Background/Occupation: For untold millennia, Gaius and his Toa team (Vespasian, Toa of Fire; Thrax, Toa of Iron; Marcus, Toa of Stone; Valens, Toa of The Green; Majorian, Toa of Earth) withstood the onslaught of the new Skakdi invaders, becoming one of the few remaining independent villages on the island of Zakaz.  They defended their Koro fiercely, and one-by-one would lose their lives to the Skakdi or even the island itself until only Gaius remained.  Largely forgotten due to the village's lack of desirable loot or valuables or services that could be provided and gained from being overrun, the village of Mar-Koro has settled into quiet obscurity within the southern bogs and jungles of Zakaz that would leave it unmarked on most maps of the island and unknown to the general populace.  One strange day, some huge head could be observed falling onto the world's surface, the impact of which sent shock waves throughout the island, causing some minimal damage to Mar-Koro.  Several days later, a strange, large being in shining pearl armor stumbled into the village, badly injured.  After a day of care, this being could not be saved, and was laid to rest on the edge of the village, though not before imparting Gaius with some secret mission...
    • Flaws: Gaius strongly believes in the Virtue of Duty.  Thousands of years spent fighting off the Skakdi and the environment itself has led to an abandonment of the Toa Code.  Gaius has no qualms about restraint of force, nor does he feel the need to help outsiders.  Gaius first and foremost- if not only- cares about protecting his Matoran (who are comprised of essentially every element, including Swamp, and share Mar-Koro equally).  He believes this is his only Duty, and is unwavering in his devotion to it.  He also believes that the Unity of Mar-Koro is to be preserved at all cost, and assumes his Destiny is to die defending his village, so while not suicidal, he isn't afraid to confront potentially lethal situations if need be.  He can be cold at times, though this is perhaps a misinterpreted stoicism.  Having adjusted to a somewhat lonely existence since the deaths of his Toa Team, Gaius has never even had the opportunity to trust another Toa or hero, and is most likely harboring deep trust issues and potentially a refusal to work with others.
    • Powers/Equipment: Has two Pilum (spears) that can be thrown or used in hand-to-hand combat, a large scutum (shield) that, if crouched behind, can protect his entire body, and a gladius sword.  His Kanohi is the Mask of Shielding (custom shaped).  His camping equipment includes a tent sizable for several Toa to sleep in, a pan to cook with, flint and steel, a hammer, some rope, a small net to catch fish or small Rahi, a blanket for a cot, and a small pillow.  His element is Swamp:
      Swamp powers entail the ability to produce acid, and conversely, base chemicals.  These chemicals take the form of ooze, sludge, slime, or muck, depending on the desired viscosity.  If sprayed into the air as a fine mist, has a similar effect to poison if inhaled, though the damage is primarily corrosive in nature, even if internally more than externally.  He has a natural resistance to rust, corrosion, and other weathering effects.


    • Name: Amaru
    • Species: Skakdi-Xa
    • Faction: Aspect of Makuta, Lrrthxx
    • Brief Description: He's entirely dark grey save for his orange head and black frills extending from his neck.  On the back of his neck is an attached Kraata, metallic light grey at its head and metallic sand blue at its tail. 
    • Background/Occupation: Amaru spent most of his former life as someone else's lackey.  Sure, he learned how to be a thug, but he never learned much more.  Tired of a working under someone else and being treated as inferior, Amaru stole a hover bike from his employer's armory and rode out under the cover of night.  Ever since, he's been surviving on his own, strong-arming the vulnerable into doing or giving up whatever he wants.  After hearing about the mysterious Makuta who would grant him unimaginable power, Amaru forced a local guide to help him navigate the Kumu Islets.  They entered a long-forgotten temple and inside, encountered Lrrthxx.  After the slaughter of the guide and a painful transformation, Amaru emerged with a Kraata on his back, and a new desire to make his name feared throughout Zakaz.  In return, Amaru only had to promise one thing in exchange for the Makuta's aid: Amaru has to murder another person who knows how to navigate through the Kumu Islets, so as to preserve the secrets hidden within...
    • Flaws: Never backs down from a fight, and is all too ready to resolve things violently as opposed to talking things out.  He won't jump into something he won't win, but he's especially prideful, and values his "street cred" enough to take on any challenger who would threaten his image.  Due to the time he spent being bossed around, he feels he has something to prove, and hates not feeling like the most important guy in the room.
    • Powers/Equipment: His Skakdi-vision is Emotional Sight, which enhances the emotional state of the target.  The longer the target is blasted from the vision rays, the more extreme the emotional state becomes.  The Kraata on his back imbues Amaru with the most basic of slow powers, meaning Amaru can choose to become frustratingly hard to physically budge as well as resistant to a higher threshold of pain and surface-level damage.  He carrier on his back a long-range blaster rifle and on his hip a Lightstone Needler, which can shoot up to a hundred miniature lightstones at a target.  After several of these lightstones prick into their target, they explode.  When not on his hip as well, Amaru holds a Flail of Mimicry, which is a spiked ball at the end of an arm's length chain (and handle on the user's side) that, upon striking a foe capable of using elemental energy, consumes the spiked ball in the element of the being.  This effect shuts off when not in use, and remains as the current power for the flail only until striking some new elemental being.  It begins as Iron-powered, meaning it's hard enough to pierce even protosteel.  He rides into the Zakaz sunset on the Mule, a heavily armored and fast speeder that fits one person (maybe two if the other is tied to the dash...).  It's just a speeder bike... no secret weapons or anything.


    • Name: Lrrthxx
    • Species: Aspect of Makuta
    • Faction: Aspect of Makuta
    • Brief Description: Lrrthxx keeps his armored form mostly submerged in a dark pool inside his temple.  Thus, his armor has rusted and weathered a bit and tiny marine ecosystems have developed affixed to his body as well as on and in the pool itself.  To communicate with Lrrthxx, there's a few stairs leading to a raised platform in the center of the room, and the temple visitor would look down into the pool and see the face of Lrrthxx emerging from the pool, along with some fingers of one hand and a knee of the the opposite leg, both features also having some poss and tiny amphibious life accumulating on them.  
    • Background/Occupation: The Aspect of Makuta are generally divided into two camps: those who go out into the world to manifest their ambitions, and those who stay back in the temples on the ominous Kumu Islets and allow their pawns to spin the wheels of Destiny for them.  Lrrthxx is in the latter camp.  He hasn't left his temple for over a thousand years.  His previous pawns have all met their fate one way or another until none remained and Lrrthxx was regarded as a lesser Aspect by his peers.  Recently, though, two events have happened that thrust Lrrthxx back into the web of island politics and destiny.  First, a Skakdi found him, and pledged himself in service to Lrrthxx, and Lrrthxx granted this Skakdi a Kraata of Slowness, in exchange for his promise to kill someone who knew the way to the Aspect of Makuta's temples, so as to deny his rivals possible opportunities for growing their own cults.  Secondly, a giant robot head crashed into the island, and Lrrthxx has learned from his peers that countless masses of new beings emerged from within, both good and bad.  Lrrthxx sees these new migrants as a resource to be extracted and a people to be dominated.  Through his initial pawn, Amaru, Lrrthxx hopes to grow his own cult, and soon rival even Miserix himself as the most powerful Aspect of Makuta. 
    • Flaws: He's a schemer to a fault.  He isn't the best fighter, and hasn't even left his pool for over a thousand years, so his combat skills are below average for an Aspect of Makuta.  He also considers none of the Aspect of Makuta truly his friends, though this is most likely shared between all of them with all of them.  He will back-stab, cheat, and lie his way through any relationship to advance his own goals.  He's narcissistic and trusts no one, though he isn't arrogant, for he realistically understands his current place in the Aspect of Makuta political world.  His single-minded focus on the growth of his cult can leave him blind to the outside political world.
    • Powers/Equipment: Resting on the wall above his pool is a katana, though he hasn't so much as held it in over a thousand years.  Shadow powers, and Slow powers (currently at Kraata Stage 2 level).  Technically is Antidermis possessing a suit of armor, so could posses certain things if need be.  Limited telepathic communication with a single cultist at a time no matter where they are unless inside a powerful shield or in another dimension, though the cultist would lose the powers gained from Lrrthxx if they entered another dimension..


    • Name: Kokaliga
    • Species: Keetongu's Species
    • Faction: League of Six Two Kingdoms
    • Brief Description: Blue with red highlights, a Titan in height and strength, a hidden chest Rhotuka, a blade on her left arm that she channels her healing powers through, a large center "eye" that detects perceived morality of sentient beings
    • Background/Occupation: Kokaliga was one of the more adventurous members of her species. She made it as far north as Xia, where she got into a brawl with the natives who tried restraining her so they could study her natural abilities in hopes of making weapons replicating them. Eventually, she was stopped, and placed in stasis to prevent further damaging the island’s industries or workers. After some time, Turaga Dume purchased her as part of an extended trade deal and had her placed in the archives. There, she rested for an unknown but very long time until her stasis prison was broken during the Archives Massacre. She headed for the surface, fending off fellow exhibits and a few Untethered, where she was noticed by some League troops. They brought her to Ehlek, who recruited Kokaliga into his ranks as a scout and medic due to her natural abilities. Kokaliga joined the League out of a desire to get revenge on the Matoran more than out of a desire to help Ehlek, but she is loyal nonetheless. 
    • Flaws: Out of touch and thus unaware of many modern advancements, her ignorance may lead to precarious situations down the line. She is intelligent but still a Rahi, so while she is a scout and healer who shies away from the front lines, if confronted with a perceived foe, her instincts dictate she attack and defeat her enemy. She is capable of speech but isn’t the greatest orator out there. Her desire for revenge may cloud her judgement. Physically, she fights more like an animal than a tactician, so she may be defeated by an opponent using their superior intellect. 
    • Powers/Equipment: A large poleaxe that would be two-handed for a Toa, but she uses it as a one-handed weapon.  Her chest hides a Rhotuka with "Instinctual Impulse" powers, which cause a target to lose their higher-functioning mental processes and give in to a more primal, instinctual, animal mode of thinking for a duration dependent on the target's intelligence at a minimum of three minutes and for as long as possibly over an hour.  This causes the target to become more like Korkaliga in their thinking and behaviour.  Her left arm's attached blade channels healing powers.  She's strong and durable, as one would expect a Titan Rahi warrior to be.  Her third eye sees a being's morality as perceived by Korkaliga.  Entirely black is an evil being who does bad things for bad purposes, entirely white is a being who does good things for good purposes, and a middle grey represents a neutral being who does both good and bad for good and bad reasons.  Any being may fall into a certain shade leaning one way or the other, and this morality is not universal, but is how Korkaliga interprets others with her level of intelligence. 

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Name: Vent

    Species: Genderless Aeta-Tiokaha (Mark of Spirit)

    Faction: N/A

    Description: Their armour is a smooth dark grey that is pleasant to the eye, with white lines akin to racing stripes across their armour. Their eyes are also a golden yellow. Vent has a more typically athletic build than the rest of their kind, but their large frame is still noticeable, looking much stockier than a Toa-equivalent, with an oddly tribal look to them despite their otherwise metropolitan and modern design. They also have an unplaceable accent, which whilst being melded with a common Metru-Nui dialect, can sometimes be picked up on. They wear a Noble Garai, with small lenses akin to those seen in goggles over the eyes.

    Their left arm is also prosthetic up to the elbow, and is quite blocky and mechanical in appearance. The launcher resides on the outside of their arm, by their elbow.

    Powers: Details are gone into in the document I linked (Thanks Onken), but to summarize, Vent is able to seperate their body from his spirit (Primary Power), similar to an Iden, but with the ability to possess empty bodies and fight for control over bodies with other spirits. This is very dangerous however, and due to Vent's lack of training could result in them being trapped in someone else's body, against their own will. Aeta spirits are also able to interact with other spirits physically, but the reverse is not true (an Iden user cannot touch an Aeta spirit but an Aeta spirit can touch an Iden user due to ethereal strength) As an aside, Vent also has an innate love and skill with his hoverboard and can even perform surprisingly complicated tricks on the board itself.

    Equipment: The Noble Garai grants Vent limited power over the gravitational pull of other people, though again to a limited degree (Secondary Power), and the built in lenses help to shield their eyes from dust or sand. Their hoverboard is his main asset, however, a design not dissimilar to a Metru-Nui spec board. With sharp angles and a light blue paintjob, the board carries them with incredible speed across the air, though it is designed for low altitudes specifically (with some effort it can go to high altitudes for a limited amount of time) The board is wild to control for newcomers but since Vent still remembers how to use it well, they make the best of the added speed. There is a number 7 sprayed in white on the front and back of the board. It also has a yellow neon light at the back and front, which can be turned on and off. Vent's arm is also entirely prosthetic up to his elbow, and as a result has been enhanced by mechanics to have a much stronger grip as well as, more interestingly, a Rhotuka launcher built in. The Rhotuka that Vent utilizes has the effect of the victim temporarily losing control of their body (though the spirit still remains inside). This effect lasts no more than five seconds, however.

    Vent also now has a pet Mahi named Rufus. Rufus is an excitable young Mahi much like Vent themself and loves to race along them. They have a fondness for apples, if they can find them.

    Background: Nicknamed after the vents on their board, Vent was an underground hoverboard racer who, after a head injury following the Event, has forgotten much of their past, only recent fragments being what they remember now. 

    All they know to do now, after the Event, is fly. Their life consists of drifting and wandering, and hopefully finding out their past along the way. And do some sick tricks on their board, more importantly.

    Flaws: Vent is impulsive and an adrenaline junkie, making them likely to do things for the sake of making them feel energized and to enjoy the rush. They are also not a fighter by any means, meaning that they are consistently at a disadvantage when forced into one.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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    • Name: Vashni
    • Species: Toa of Psionics. 
    • Faction: Metru-Nui refugees
    • Brief Description: Her body is mainly a dark blue color with some gold highlights on her armor. Since her element is somewhat rare she's often mistaken for a Toa of different element such as water or lightning. She wears a mask of mutation, though the mask's appearance is rather similar to a Mahiki. though its slightly different. 
    • Background: Since the fight in Le-Metru, Vashni has been exploring the new island on her bike, trying to find resources, or anything that can help those who survived the fall of Metru-Nui. 
    • Flaws: Vashni doesn't have any weapons on her person other than her own powers, if she had to fight with her fists alone she would lose. Fighting multiple opponents at once would be troublesome for her as she prefers to focus on one opponent at a time. Overuse of her element can lead to severe headaches. Whenever she sets her mind to something, she becomes extremely determined to see it done, sometimes to her determent.
    • Powers: Vashni has the standard powers of a Toa of Psionics, which include but are not limited to mental energy blasts, telepathy, telekinesis, illusions that fool the senses, inducing dreams and nightmares in beings who are asleep, and hypnotic suggestion. Her mask of mutation allows her to mutate a target from a distance, though she can't do this to herself. 
    • Equipment: Vashni doesn't carry any Toa Tool because not only does her element not require one, she prefers not to have one. She does however have a hover bike that she uses to get around Metru Nui quickly, and being a hover bike it can conveniently transverse over water, it's big enough to fit two Toa sized beings at most. 


    • Name: Skyra Daring
    • Species: Toa of Air
    • Faction: Metru-Nui refugees, her wife
    • Brief Description: A young and brash Toa of Air. Skyra has a dark green body with black external armor and mask. She wears a Kanohi Calix shaped like a Hau. 
    • Background: Skyra is a Toa of air who survived the fall of Metru-Nui, she's currently living in Metru-Koro with her wife Rose, on the island of Zakaz. They totally killed Carapar and got Tik-Tok to be nice, so that was neat. 
    • Flaws: Skyra can be exceptionally reckless, even for a Toa of Air. She's extremely impulsive and it can make her a bit of a headache for her friends and comrades. She's rather easy to rile up, though she often returns the favor. She's doesn't weigh much and is easier to push around than most Toa, she is an extreme lightweight, getting her drunk is easy.
    • Powers: Standard Toa of Air powers. Her Kanohi Calix lets her perform at her peak natural physical abilities. 
    • Equipment: Skyra's armor is equipped with a built in jetpack that allows her to take to the skies with ease, it uses her element to power itself. In terms of firepower Skyra is armed with a Cordak Blaster and a Midak Skyblaster. For melee weapons she's armed with two katana and an assortment of throwing knives. 


    • Name: Exo-Toa Unit D-6793 v2.0. Designation, "Varian"
    • Breed: Exo-Toa/???
    • Faction: Himself/???
    • Brief Description: They look exactly like a standard Exo-Toa.
    • Background/Occupation: This Exo-Toa recently reactivated after being dormant for some time on the island of Zakaz. It's purpose is unknown, but it roams the island in search of something. Whatever "Varian" is looking for, it won't stop until it finds it. 
    • Flaws: This unit has the standard flaws that any Exo-Toa has, being particularly weak to things that most machines are, such as EMPs and being highly magnetic in general. The fact that it cannot feel pain can also be a detriment if it's sensors do not detect it's being damaged. Despite being a machine, "Varian" seems more than capable of feeling emotion, and is prone to sudden uncontrollable fits of rage if pushed the right way. 
    • Powers/Equipment: Like most standard Exo-Toa, Varian has incredible physical endurance and strength, far beyond what most organic beings do. In addition, they have various sensors such as heat sensors, x-ray, etc that let it detect it's surroundings with ease. Varian is equipped with two weapons, a boxing claw that can extend, and an Electro-Rocket in the other hand, which fires missiles of considerable firepower. One unusual ability this particular exo-toa seems to possess is the ability to talk, it can have conversations just as well as most sentient beings, though it speaks with a very robotic voice. 


    • Name: Taliesin
    • Breed: Toa of Plantlife
    • Faction: Nature
    • Brief Description: A Toa of blue-green in color, Taliesin wears a long cloak, and covers most of his face with a hood, the only thing really visible being his mouth. He is almost never seen without his long, gnarled staff. 
    • Background/Occupation: A Toa native to the island of Zakaz, Taliesin was part of a long forgotten druidic sect that's sole purpose was to care for the natural habitat and wild rahi that roamed the island. Taliesin has long since become the only member still alive, and has become a hermit of sorts, preferring the company of rahi and nature, only revealing himself to others when he has no other choice. 
    • Flaws: Taliesin absolutely hates people, and shows his disdain for most, if not everyone who isn't a rahi. Gaining his trust is rather difficult because of this. He also has a slight limp in his right leg, due to some past injury that never fully recovered. 
    • Powers/Equipment: Taliesin wears the Kanohi Rau, the Great mask of translation, which he uses to talk to the various rahi that live on the island. Being a Toa of Plantlife grants him power over plant-life, and the ability to create whatever sort of plants that he sees fit. The only things that he carries with him that could be considered weapons are his gnarled staff and a simple knife. He also has a satchel that has various potions and herbs within it that he uses to cure various aliments.  

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • @Dane, Vent and Leonn and SkakB8 are approved. @Snelly, both Vashni and Skyra are approved though they can be ported without approval since nothing changed. <3 

    @Azibo, Sans is approved and Gaius is too. 

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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    • Name: Kanohi, has finally undergone Naming Day
    • Breed: Fe-Matoran
    • Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees
    • Brief Description: An orange and black Matoran with a Hau for a Mask, has two devices built into his arms that let him grapple about, and is covered in metallic brown armor made from broken masks, carries a staff that can fold up into a disk.
    • Background/Occupation: a Matoran originally from a remote island, he was a poor mask maker, and raked by anxiety over his failures and inadequacies. After the league destroyed his home he fled to Metru-Nui, only for that refuge to fall under the eye of the league too. Desperate to be useful and scared of the last Matoran refuge brings destroyed, he became a vigilante of sorts, using a Volo Lutu Launcher from his home to grapple across the cityscape and regeneration disks to mend collapsing buildings and bridges so Matoran could escape from league attacks. In the lead up to the fall, he tagged along with a few Toa and a Nynrah Ghost who suspected Turaga Dume had killed a Matoran. As he traveled with them and others he struggled with his anxiety, still helping the group in small ways, and gaining a little confidence. But he parted ways with the group as the invasion began, leaving to try to rescue the Matoran from the destriuction of the invasion. Though he saved some Matoran, the fall and the invasion left his people devastated. In the wake of the crash on Zakaz he has tried to protect the refugees, mending their tools and homes, while trying to rescue any of them hurt by the rough terrain of Zakaz. 
    • Flaws: still suffers a great deal of anxiety, is a bit unaware of other races, and after the destruction of Metru-Nui and the dead toll that followed he is terrified of letting people die, possibly to the point of interfering with even a Toa killing an enemy. There has just been far too much death.
    • Powers/Equipment: Has two hi-tech Volo Lutu Launchers attached to his firearms, mask has been upgraded with a short range radio and a display for controlling his grappling, has the enhanced endurance of a Fe-Matoran, can on occasion experience confusing visions. He also has armor made from masks he failed to correctly forge long ago. Recently he and and a far better mask maker has forged a regeneration disk of his into a gadget that can unfold from a disk into a staff, whose touch can regenerate parts of objects with more control and more precisely than just hurling a disk. Resemblances to a Turaga’s Badge of Office were not his idea. 

    Mostly the same as he was left at the end, but I had an idea for a new tool that would embarrass him. 

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • @Harvali, Kanohi and his upgrade is approved.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Name:Pardehi


    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees

    Element:Plant Life

    Kanohi: Powerless Komau

    Description: Pardehi stands roughly 1.5 bios tall, with a gaunt, wizened stature.  His armor is green and brown, and he wears a dark green kanohi in the shape of a noble komau. He often wears a red and wite armband to signal his occupation as a medic.

    Background: Pardehi originated in a small, rural village lost in the forests of the Southern continent. This village had no name. Its resident matoran reffered to it simply as "Bo-Koro", one of several scattered throughout the Universe at that time. Its turaga, a reculsive mystic named Bomua, recongized in Pardehi a talent for healing from a very early age. Under Bomua's tutelage, Pardehi learned basic surgical and self-repair skills, as well as knowledge of the local herbs and plant life.

    Pardehi departed to Ga-Metru sometime before the outbreak of the League war, hoping to gain a formal degree in medicine for the benefit of Bo-Koro. During his time in Metru Nui, the Southern Continent fell under occupation by the League of Six Kingdoms.  Though he was unsure of thier fate, Pardehi assumed the worse and sought to avenge them. He enlisted in the Metru Nui army as a combat medic, taking part in several prominent battles.

    After the collapse of the Great Spirit Robot, Pardehi continues to work as a medical doctor. He provides medical assisstance to the matoran of Zakaz whenever it is needed, which is very often.

    Abilities: As a Bo-Matoran, Pardehi possesses an innate connection to all forms of plant life. He is resistant to posion from plants, and possesses an innate knowledge of plant biology. He is trained in field surgery and self-repair, both skills acquired during his time as a combat medic.

    Equipment: Pardehi carries very little with him, aside from basic surgical tools and supplies. His primary weapon is a disk launcher, left over from his time in Metru Nui. This launcher is designed to launcher kanohi, though these have been in short supply after the destruction of Metru Nui. He also posseses a bamboo disk imbued with the element of Plant Life.  Bearing a similar shape to a kanoka, it can be fired from his launcher, though he prefers to through it himself.

    Flaws: Once energetic and opptimistic, years of experience have left Pardehi cynical and distrusting. He has developed an addiction to Amana Volo fluid, which he is desperate to keep secret from his fellow matoran.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Name: Nale (NAH-ley) Vella

    Species: Toa of Magnetism

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees

    Description: A fit, gunmetal and black-armored female Toa. She wears a Kanohi Kakama, and her eyes are an icy blue color. Thin, cord-like "hair" extends from behind her mask and falls on her shoulders. She stands at average height for her kind. Her armor is no longer pristine, and her face bears a burn scar from a past encounter. Nale now walks with a slight limp, as well. She can thank a certain enemies-to-??? Ko-Skakdi for both of these things.

    Powers: Can control, create, and absorb magnetism, and her Kanohi grants her enhanced movement speed.

    Equipment: Her rifle she once carried was lost in the collapse of the Archives, and she now wields a spear made of scrap found near the refugee camp she resides in that doubles as a walking stick, the knife engraved KARVAN serving as its tip.

    Personality: Not entirely different from before, she's still stoic with a soft side. However, her relationship with the Toa Code has become more complicated and she now chooses not to wrestle with ideals.

    Background: Nale's life before the crash is too messed up and confusing to dwell on, for now she has settled down in a refugee camp with any allies who survived.

    Flaws: She avoids combat due to her current state, and because of events in the past in which she believes she went "too far." In the right circumstances, however, she might be tempted to be violent.

    Name: Datrox (DAH-trocks) Karvan

    Species: Toa of Fire

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees

    Description: A lean male figure wearing flattering, form-fitting Metru red and black armor. His face is adorned by a Noble-shaped Great Huna, Mask of Concealment. His body once bore the scars of self-harm and past battles, but after being healed by the Toa of Light, Iradra, he looks as if he just became a Toa yesterday. He abandoned his cloak in Ta-Metru and no longer wears it. His once-blazing orange eyes have now become darker, and show signs of age. His left arm has apparently been lost in the past, now replaced with an entirely black advanced prosthetic.

    Powers: He lost his connection with his element years ago and can no longer control it; although a passive ability of resistance to extreme heat lingers, he cannot wield fire and relies entirely on his swordsmanship to survive battles. His Kanohi grants him invisibility, although as a downside he still casts a shadow when it is active.

    Equipment: A long and wide sword he calls the "obsidian blade," although he appears to be the only person who does so. It resembles the volcanic glass it is named after in appearance, but is in fact made of protosteel, making it more durable than your average weapon (though not indestructible, like most canon protosteel weapons). A large sheath designed to fit it sits on his back. He also carries a dagger, with the name VELLA carved on its blade, which he keeps in a small sheath behind his waist.

    Personality: Datrox is reserved, tending to keep to himself. Once jovial, the loss of his powers and, apparently a lover, have darkened him. He believes the Toa Code is merely a block that keeps warriors from doing their jobs, and has renounced it for the sake of his own moral beliefs, which may prove...controversial, with others. Despite being a killer, he is a devout believer in Mata Nui, although the crash has shaken this belief.

    Background: Fresh start.

    Flaws: His lack of elemental control, along with his preference for solo work. Although he's trying to learn to control his temper, it may still flare up from time to time. He also has no qualms about killing to survive, and although in the unforgiving landscape of Zakaz that may prove necessary, to the refugees of the GSR this may be an issue.

    Name: Rose

    Species: Toa of Fire

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees; her wife

    Description: Rose can be best described as the definition of "beef"--her body is bulked out, and her heavy armor makes her appear even more huge.  In terms of height, she stands half a Toa taller than most, although she appears to have a slight hunch due to her large shoulder pads.

    She wears a Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding, which has been forged into a unique shape. Her armor color is almost entirely Mata red, save for areas of exposed muscle that are gray, and her eyes are a striking blue. 

    Although she is naturally-muscled, her heavy armor is, in fact, a separate entity from her and functions almost like a mech suit. She can remove it entirely, revealing her actual, more form-fitting armor, and it can change shape into a slightly oversized suitcase-like carrier that she can wear on her back. 

    Equipment: The right arm of the suit is adorned with a flamethrower which requires no fuel, as it is powered by her element. The left forearm carries a riot shield that can be folded away when not in use. A small compartment on the right thigh (which is on the front of the carrier when it is in that form) holds an all-black firework revolver that she keeps for emergencies.

    Personality: Rose is generally most focused on the mission at hand and has no time for friendships, treating everyone around her as simply fellow soldiers and nothing more. She has seemingly no fear of death, and will gladly rush headlong into battle, where fighting seems to be the only thing that can bring a smile to her face.

    Background: Rose has survived the war with the League, gotten her vengeance to a degree, and fallen in love with the Toa of Air Skyra Daring. The two were married by a Turaga named Sans, and now live together in Metru-Koro.

    Flaws: Her penchant for running straight into danger can have adverse effects. Her suit slows her down considerably and leaves her with poor agility. Weakpoints exist at various spots on it as well, that if focused on could render it immobile or worse, destroy it. Her emotions can get the best of her at times, causing her to lose sight of what's important or "safe."

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Slightly changed versions of Sidra and Zaliyah, and a new character, Xane. 


    Name: Zaliyah

    Species: Ce-Toa (Hordika)

    Faction: Barraki

    Brief Description: Once resplendent and beautiful, Zaliyah has been devolved into a more bestial form, her once gleaming armour pitted and scratched, her streamlined appearance now marred by protruding spikes and claws.

    Background/Occupation: Once, long ago, Zaliyah was part of a Toa team, protecting the Matoran population of a small settlement on the eastern coastline of the Southern Continent. It was a sheltered, content place, with incidents few and far between… until the day a swarm of Keelerak came ashore.

    The Toa were able to repel the creatures, but not before Zaliyah was bitten and infected with Visorak venom, transforming her into a Hordika. Though the Matoran were bitterly afraid of her, her fellow Toa tolerated her new form, right up until the day they didn’t.  

    It was an accident. A battle against bandits, a stray rhotuka, a Matoran running from cover at the wrong moment. But Zaliyah was still blamed for it, even by those she had once called her brothers and sisters. It was proof, they said, that her self control was gone, that she was losing the battle to the beast within. They drove her from the village, chased her out into the sea and left her to the mercy of the beasts below.

    But Zaliyah survived.

    She was eventually recruited into the League of Six Kingdoms, a multi-species conglomerate of outcasts and outsiders who didn’t judge her for her appearance. To prove her worth, she led an attack force back to the village she’d spent so much of her existence protecting, exploiting every weakness and pressure point to defeat her former teammates and raze the village without incurring a single League loss.

    After many years of loyal service to the League, she now leads a legion under the command of Barraki Pridak, whose mindset of being true to himself inspired Zaliyah to embrace her mutation rather than be ashamed of it. During the battle of Metru Nui, Zaliyah was tasked with helping Barraki Ehlek in the conquest of Le-Metru, the League’s only definitive victory before the world ended.

    She now operates as an envoy of sorts, scouting the world beyond the ruins of Metru Nui, reporting on its happenings, and recruiting survivors to replenish the League’s forces.

    Flaws: After her mutation, Zaliyah lost access to her mask power, and her natural elemental abilities were greatly diminished. She is enraged at the sight – sometimes the mere mention – of Toa, and despises Matoran with a burning passion, after all of her wasted years of trying to protect them. Her mutation has made her right arm larger and heavier than her left, a trait that throws off her balance and coordination, making feats of poise and agility difficult for her.

    Powers: Zaliyah still retains some psionic abilities, but much of her power is focussed inwards, forming a protective psionic shell around her consciousness. Whereas most Hordika slowly regress into a bestial state as the venom breaks down their minds, Zaliyah has kept the inner beast completely separated from her true self, forming two distinct personalities. Zaliyah can hand over control of her body to her Hordika side – a ferocious, ravenous monster which she refers to as The Id – and still retain full awareness, as a passenger in her own body, able to seize back control whenever she desires. The shift between these two personalities can take a few seconds, leaving her body vulnerable in the interim.

    When Zaliyah is in control, she still possesses a passive telepathy that allows her to detect nearby minds and their approximate locations, though she can no longer read thoughts, project her thoughts into the minds of others, or exert mind control. She can also still make some use of telekinesis, though this is limited to small objects within a moderate distance.

    The Id wields different abilities when it takes control. Because it spends so much time trapped in the confines of Zaliyah’s mind, when The Id is unleashed it operates in a near-constant state of savage berserker rage, with increased endurance, strength, and pain tolerance. In place of Zaliyah’s passive telepathy, The Id radiates an aura of primal fear which can be felt by those in its vicinity. This aura evokes the instinctual, animal fear in every being – the instinct that drives a rahi to flee in the presence of a predator, the panic of a wounded swimmer in Takea-infested waters, the paranoid trepidation that makes weary travellers cling close to their campfires.

    Equipment: As with most Hordika, Zaliyah has developed a natural Rhotuka launcher, mounted on her right shoulder. Her rhotuka detonate on impact or at her mental command, exploding into small shards of sharpened energy. These explosions only have a small radius, and the shards swiftly dissipate after travelling a short distance or striking a target.

    She has also taken to wielding a Herding Blade, which is capable of firing beams of energy, and influencing Visorak. Rather than using it to command the creatures, however, Zaliyah uses it to chase them away in the rare occasions her troops have encountered them.

    Following the events in Metru Nui, Zaliyah acquired a set of Adaptive Armour from a fallen comrade, making it easier for her to safely travel through the adverse conditions of this ruined world.


    Name: Sidra, AKA Skirmisher

    Species: Takadox’s species

    Faction: Dark Hunter/Refugee

    Brief Description: Sidra is lithe and athletic, clad in elegant armour in shades of emerald, though its appearance is more battered and dirtied after recent events. Her apparel includes a satchel, belt pouches, and straps for holding weapons and equipment.

    Background/Occupation: From the earliest days of her existence, Sidra wanted to explore the world. Buoyant and optimistic, she expected the universe beyond her home to be idyllic and welcoming, but what she found instead was chaos and war as the League of Six Kingdoms began its march to conquest. Everywhere she went Sidra found herself treated with fear and disdain, with most beings unwilling to even look her in the eyes, thanks in large part to the reputation of a particularly infamous member of her species: Takadox.  

    Then, one day, Sidra crossed paths with a being who was unafraid to meet her gaze. The Dark Hunter Lariska saw something in the forlorn wanderer, and decided to bring her back to Odina. As they travelled, Lariska trained Sidra in hand-to-hand combat (mostly to give herself something to do on the long, boring voyage), gradually moulding her towards a new purpose. By the time they reached the island, Sidra was ready to be recruited.

    As the years went by, her skills grew, and her naivety abated, until she had firmly established herself as a formidable member of the organisation. In the end, Sidra did find a place where she was welcomed, and a way to explore the world.

    During the events on Metru Nui, Sidra was the best, or the worst, Dark Hunter in the field, depending on how one chooses to view her actions. She went after League terrorist Othorak, and he died, but not before completing his objective to crash an airship into Ta-Metru. Likewise, she assassinated Turaga Dume, but he was able to create numerous new Toa before dying of the wounds she inflicted. She tried to prevent the Great Disks being used to change the past, before allowing Tuyet to use the time machine to attempt to repair a paradox… though it may have been left too late.

    Desperate to learn the truth behind the apocalypse, and the part she may or may not have played in it, Sidra ventured out across Zakaz, unlocking both the Suva and Temple in the region of ice, before eventually finding the fresh start she’d sought in the village of Le-Metru Nuva in the Fau Swamp. When her past came knocking in the form of the Grand Untethered, she was instrumental in the village’s defence, and was officially accepted as one of its citizens.

    Flaws: Sidra is characterised by a constant sense of insecurity and a need to prove her worth, her lack of self-confidence coming hand-in-hand with an equally powerful sense of self-importance. Despite her propensity for planning, she’s prone to impulsive, risk-taking behaviour, traits that have often landed her in trouble. She isn’t as physically strong as most beings, and relies primarily on surprise attacks and underhanded tactics to overpower others.

    Powers: Like all members of her species, Sidra possesses a limited hypnosis ability. It requires eye contact to work, and gradually erodes a target’s will, making them more susceptible to coercion. She’s also picked up a knack for acrobatics and agility, due to her training with Lariska. In addition, Sidra is something of a tinkerer and amateur programmer, having cobbled together much of her equipment and gadgetry herself, and has recently been tutored in the art of forging Kanoka and other items.  

    Equipment: Sidra wears the Mask of Shadow Travel, which allows her to step into a shadow, including her own, and emerge from another, provided she knows where it is. There is no known limit to how far someone can travel via the mask, but the further one travels, the longer the journey takes, and the longer it takes for the mask to recharge. The wearer can transport up to two other beings with them, but they must consent to the travel, or will be left behind. Taking passengers also increases the travel and recharge time of the mask.

    Long journeys can be distressing, even dangerous, for the user, as they find themselves somewhere impenetrably dark and soul-chillingly cold, where unseen things seem to slither and scuttle (this realm is speculated by some to the Field of Shadows or a similarly unpleasant pocket dimension). If the destination shadow was obstructed or removed while the mask’s wearer is in-transit, they may find themselves trapped in the transit dimension.

    Sidra’s mask has been further customised with a telescopic lens, which can also take photographs that are then sent to her iStone, useful for scouting locations to teleport to later.  

    Sidra’s weapon of choice is an electro chute blade, though she also carries a more mundane dagger as backup. She has consolidated her other equipment, new and old, into a gauntlet on her right arm – her iStone on the inner wrist, a volo-lutu launcher on the outside, and her rhotuka launcher integrated into the gauntlet’s palm. Her rhotuka power alters the physical properties of the spinners, making them incredibly sharp along every edge, ideal for a swift ranged assassination.

    The final items in Sidra’s original arsenal are a pair of custom-made nektann drones, which operate as scouts and support during operations. These nektann are smaller than standard, folding up to be about the size of a Zamor sphere. Like most nektann, they are capable of self-reassembly and projecting weak energy blasts, enough to singe armour or blister skin. Both drones are connected to Sidra’s iStone, allowing her to issue them commands or view their camera feeds.

    Following a battle against the Grand Untethered, Sidra acquired a seismic pickaxe, and the Krom Sphere, a strange puzzle device that can be shifted into various shapes, which has a calming effect on the holder. She was also gifted a lightstone rifle by one of her fellow villagers.


    UPDATE: Sidra has accessed the Ice Temple Suva, and exchanged her electro-chute blade for the following item:

    1.) Sword of Ice, origin unknown, power to create beams of ice, freeze water, or make walls of ice depending on moisture and temperature of environment.


    Name: Xane 

    Species: Ba-Skakdi

    Faction: Refugee

    Brief Description: Tall and lanky for a Skakdi, Xane is naturally a mottled purple, as one would expect of a being with his element, and wears a tattered black duster jacket over his armour, dotted with medals and memorabilia from his multitude of past victories. His spines are thin and spindly, having struggled to regenerate after being slashed and severed so many times. His demeanour defies the usual savage stereotypes surrounding his species, being calm and cultured, cold and calculating, though he certainly has no qualms about killing.

    Background/Occupation: Born onto the Zakaz of the MU at the height of its brutality and barbarism, Xane dreamed of some day finding a better life. In pursuit of this ambition, he one day stowed away aboard a passing trade vessel, bound for Stelt. He had expected to find a better world waiting for him, but what he found instead was an island even worse than his own.

    Sure, the technology was more advanced, and the society seemed more cultured at first glance… but the city was a den of criminality and corruption. Where those on Zakaz fought out of necessity, competing for resources, those in power on Stelt forced those they deemed inferior to fight for their amusement. Their opulence and oppression, racism and relegation, was repulsive to Xane, who set sail for Xia, hoping it would be better than either of the islands he had left behind.

    It wasn’t.

    The island was desolate, inhospitable, and polluted, its workers were treated like slaves in all but name, forced to sleep at their workplaces without even having homes to call their own. The ruling class proved their strength in a rite of passage every bit as brutal and bloody as any battle on Zakaz. It was on Xia that Xane first encountered Toa, self-proclaimed heroes who were practically worshipped by the local Matoran. Xane watched the Toa work tirelessly to apprehend thieves and fend off pirates, while doing absolutely nothing to improve the horrific conditions endured by those they were allegedly protecting.

    Despite his disgust, Xane learned much during his time on Xia. And after months of research and training – pushing his body to its limits, mastering new technologies, learning more about the world beyond – he returned home, to Zakaz.

    There was no perfect place, he had realised. But he could take what he learned, and maybe make his homeland a little better, for at least a few of his kin. He set to work carving out a small foothold on the island, recruiting Skakdi with similar ideals to his own – thoughtful, imaginative, forward-thinking – and shared with them the knowledge he had gleaned from his travels. He taught them how to cultivate the land, how to build beyond ramshackle huts and makeshift defences, how to live a life that was more than meaningless violence.

    He kept his forces well-trained in strategy and combat, as this was still Zakaz, and there were many on the island who were more interested in taking Xane’s resources by force rather than trade. And when he got word that the forces of the League of Six Kingdoms were massing in preparation for an attack on Metru Nui, he and a small crew of companions set course for the city, hoping to help the defenders and establish peaceful trade with the populace afterwards.

    The world ended before they reached the shoreline.  

    Flaws: Though he has optimistic aspirations, Xane’s worldview is one of pessimism and paranoia. His first instinct is to expect the worst from others until they prove otherwise, making trust difficult for him. He has a devout belief in personal freedom, and as such is easily provoked by those who try to talk down to him or give him orders.

    Powers: As a Skakdi, Xane is naturally larger and stronger than the average Toa, though he prefers not to rely on brute strength alone to settle his scores. Being a Ba-elemental, he has access to the power of gravity.

    His Future Sight vision power allows him to see a few seconds into the future. When the power is activated, what is about to happen appears as a ghostly overlay over what is happening in the now, allowing Xane to lead his shots and anticipate attacks, among other things.

    Equipment: Embedded in Xane’s chest, nestled next to his heart, is an implant which allows him to utilise his elemental powers without need of another Skakdi. The marks of the surgery responsible have long been lost among the myriad of other battle scars his body bears, and the implant’s existence is a well-kept secret, known only to him and the Xian surgeon who performed the procedure many long years ago. As far as his men are aware, the device responsible for him being able to use his powers is actually just one of the trophies he regularly wears.

    Xane’s weapon of choice is a custom-crafted rifle, another memento of his time spent on Xia. The weapon is a fusion of the technologies used in Firework Revolvers and Lightstone Rifles, a seven-chambered revolver carbine containing a battery pack which charges the chambered projectiles with electricity, causing them to detonate on impact. While the weapon is still capable of firing lightstones, it had been configured to fire heatstones as well, which is Xane’s preferred ammunition. The rifle’s frame is heavily reinforced, able to survive blows of Skakdi strength unscathed, and it has an axe-like bayonet, making it well-suited for melee.

    Xane’s clothing and armour include a myriad of pouches and compartments in which he carefully stores ammunition, tools, currency, and other items of use, such as a backup dagger, and his iStone.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Name: Yumiwak, the Tahtorak Princess

    Kind: Wasteland Skakdi of Psionics

    Faction: Riggers (loosely), though holds aspirations of creating her own warband

    Brief Description: Possessing an insidious grin that always looks ravenous and an intelligent glint in her eye hinting at her cruelty, Yumiwak is a glorious example of Skakdi femininity. Her armor is almost regal looking, with blue and gold plates and crystalline blue parts, though her beauty is contrasted by the red splotches of paint that are reminiscent of the blood of enemies she has slain. Her weapon is kept strapped to her right thigh, and she wears a dark red leather vest and shorts—with pockets. Interestingly, her spine is untarnished by parasites, making her already fearsome ferocity all the more awesome to observers.

    Equipment: She wields a dual-purpose weapon she calls the Tormenter that can slightly tap into her innate elemental powers. An imposing-looking carbine with a long barrel, it fires metal bolts up to medium-range; on the barrel is a blunt-looking bayonet that, when touching a foe, gives excruciating emotional pain. Also, she has the Tactical Panda II, her personal yacht and airship.

    Background and occupation: Her ancestors were chieftains and sovereigns of a separate clan of Skakdi that hailed from the first migration to Zakazaz. Purity, power, and skill were highly prized in that clan, and she follows those principles to the present; the clan’s sigil was emblazoned with Tahtorak, which she continues to use as her own emblem and banner. Nominally she is a princess as the sole remaining heir of the now-fallen clan’s throne, and commands sufficient respect that she is largely autonomous. In reality, she is a mid-ranking, powerful, and feared warrior among the Riggers warclan who’s ambition and cruel touch are praised aloud as much as they are whispered behind closed doors. Getting on her bad side is something most smart Skakdi avoid, which makes it unfortunate that it is very easy to have happen.

    She generally serves the Riggers’ agenda, though isn’t afraid to do her own thing. Because Desecration goes against her family’s belief of purity she chooses not to take part of the ritual, though along with that is her disdain for serving anyone, not even an Aspect. She does not fault people who do choose to Desecrate themselves, but will violently rebuff any attempts to sway her to do it herself. One day she hopes to ascend as queen of her own clan and raise the glory of the past, and seeks to gain as much influence as she can to that end, especially the taming of a Tahtorak steed for herself.

    Powers and traits: Suppressed elemental psionic powers that can only be accessed in conjunction with another Skakdi. Among the most gifted and talented of her kind, Yumiwak is capable of devastating effects with her powers, including domination of will, potent telekinesis, and the conjuring of melee weapons made of dripping mental energy. She also possesses disintegration eyebeams that allow her to turn anything and anyone to dust; the effect on inanimate objects can be reversed by a Kanohi Kiril or high-powered (8 or above) Regeneration kanoka applied to the remains in time.

    Flaws: She never legs go of grudges and is wholly willing to destroy anyone who stands in her path to reviving her ancient glory. Thought incredibly violent, she is still capable of love in a variety of forms, and her attachments—while few in number—are a great weakness to her pride. Notable in melee combat is how she is comparatively weaker than most Skakdi as her fighting style is more cerebral than physical.


    The Tactical Panda II

    Type: Shibari-class flybridge battle sloop, modified to be an airship

    Length: 140’
    Height: 160’
    Accommodations: Four guest quarters, including the master suite
    Crew: Five; a commanding officer, lieutenant, engineer, and two sailors
    Technologies: The Tactical Panda II was designed to quickly move royalty between islands in both luxury and safety. It is propelled by both great sails and water-jets for speed and grace on the waves, and among the fastest boats engineered. Its maneuverability does not, however, translate well in the air. Amazingly, the Panda is capable of lifting off the waves and soaring into the sky; though not very quick, it is quieter than most other airships. The source of this ability is known only to Yumiwak, as she murdered the engineer who built it as to prevent an enemy from using him against her.

    It’s weapon is a single long cannon is placed on the fore deck, the best of its kind; mounted on a shock-absorbing ball-bearing swivel so it can turn to any angle, it also has a revolutionary guidance system the gun’s operator can use to mentally direct the crystalline projectile to its target. That, combined with the sheer power and range of the cannon, ensures that the Panda II is capable of ending most threats—one at a time—before it is in real danger.

    Appearance and History: The Tactical Panda II is an impressive boat with its imposingly tall single mast, uniquely large sail, and significant tonnage. As a personal toy for the former clan sovereigns, it exemplifies their virtues as much as it is fun to drive. It’s opaque, stratified crystalline hull design is dotted with transparent parts for windows, reinforcements and vital components made of metal, and wooden decks and details. More rigging than seems necessary races up the mast’s length, though it’s almost purely for looks.

    Its interior design is lavishly decorated by Skakdi standards with ancient art and precious woodworkings, but at no cost to comfort or aesthetic. A spacious parlor, adjoining dining area, small library, and full bar den make up the common rooms, and the decks provide ample space to luxuriate in the open air. Yumiwak’s master suite in particular is decked out to her fancy and serves as her home away from her base.


    Name: Stannis the Wanderer Deceiver

    [Revealed profile.]

    Species: Toa of Stone

    Faction: Mata Nui, the Matoran

    Brief Description: Stannis stands a little taller than most toa and looks strikingly heroic in appearance, with long bones and lithe muscle in a combination of blacks, browns, and tans. He wears a large mottled, dense dark gray cloak over all this sagaciousness, however, and most of the time the only things visible are his, mask, hand and feet. His eyes are a uniform grey and impossible to catch subtleties in, though they seem to drink in everything in front of Stannis. He wears his weapons in an X with a sling harness.

    Background and occupation: Stannis is a former member of an ancient toa team who’s adventures are long since forgotten in the Histories, but his Destiny seems to remain unfulfilled even though his former teammates have all been turaga for centuries now. Talk about him is a strange mixture of emotions, and depending on who you ask Stannis is either a hero or pariah, wizard or illusionist, high priest or false prophet, selfless historian or selfish warmaster. One thing almost everyone agrees on is that Stannis is an enigmatic figure who travels and intercedes with no pattern, and always—somehow—is always where he needs to be when he needs to be. Previously he waged a long war against the Barraki and was very learned as a geographer and historian in the Matoran Universe. Nowadays he travels the new land of Zakaz and hopes to help the matoran refugees return home... or find a way to survive as a society on the wasteland world they found themselves on.

    Powers and abilities: After his millennia of practice Stannis is an accomplished elementalist with incredible power and finesse with his Stone powers, capable of almost every feat imaginable with his element. As a bonus of his element, Stannis is extremely physically strong, surpassing most beings save exceptionally brutish species or beings boosted by masks. Secondly, Stannis has something known simply as his “wandering,” which has supported many rumors about both his supposed wizardry and divinity. This ability is always on at a low level and can be best understood as Mata Nui’s touch on him; wherever Stannis "wanders," or travels, Destiny seems to unfold without any provocation. This translates as an intuition that borders on prophetic, an uncanny ability to sense imminent danger, and a propensity to always be headed in the right direction regardless of logic. He denies any actual divinity, but saying that just seems to make people endorse the “he’s a wizard” theory.

    Mask and tools: Stannis wears a Kanohi of Conjuring, which allows him to very carefully program a power into the mask if he verbally specifies the power and its limitations. He usually does this in the form of a prayer or litany, and typically before a battle as programming the mask in the midst of fighting is extremely hard to do. His chosen toa tool has been a pair of spear with elaborate tips, which he is very proficient at using as both throwing and melee weapons.

    Flaws: After his many, many years on the hunt, he has lost his way somewhat, and without a galvanizing main threat Stannis is more distractible and able to be caught unawares. His mask’s abilities have to be very carefully laid out, so someone who manages to listen in will understand the functions of the mask in the moment and know how to exploit any weaknesses. Stannis is also much, much older than most other toa, and as a result of age is slower and less agile than he used to be.


    Name: Leklo Nuva Proxima

    Species: Toa of Plasma, Nova Proxima subclass

    Faction: Metru Nui Matoran

    Brief Description: A tall, lithe toa with bright orange and gunmetal grey armor components, and a bronzen face that looks like a stylized, sleekened Hau. 

    Tools: The twin ice axes the alpinist carried were transformed into twin swords, each half his height and with a streak of luminescent energy down the length of the fuller. He lost one of these swords in his fight with the titan Axonn, and now carries one of Toa korruhn's khopesh as a keepsake of his lost friend. 

    Abilities and powers: Leklo has the ability to create, control, and absorb plasma, specializing in the use of veritable cannonballs of plasmoid energy shot from his swords. He maintains the same traits as his former Alpinist self, including an unreal skill to scale any surface and an eye for weaknesses and inconsistencies. 

    Upon transformation as a Nuva Proxima his Kanohi Peá, the Great Mask of Possibilities, fused to his face and integrated its abilities with his psyche, which allows him to alter the increase the chance of a certain event happening, or lessen the likelihood of something occurring with a thought.

    A new "power," if it could truly be called that, is Leklo's ability to see the spirits of beings someone has killed or otherwise had responsibility for the death of. While it can be turned 'on' and 'off' with some focus, it is usually on at some low level regardless. These apparitions surround the one they are attached to, swarming around them and indicating a number of things to Leklo, such as how fearsome they are and who they usually fight.

    Background: Formerly known as the Alpinist, a thrill-seeking climber Ko-Matoran, he was created a toa by Turaga Dume and took the name Leklo.

    Flaws: Toa Leklo, much like the Alpinist be was before, is a hedonist at heart and seeks challenges with relative abandon, taking almost unreasonable risks simply for the fun of it. He is unafraid of getting in fights for reasons even slightly justifiable because he seeks to test his new abilities and see where his destiny’s boundaries lie.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • @Tarn, Nale, Datrox, and Rose are good.

    @Nato the Traveler, Sidra, Zaliyah, and Xane are good.

    @EmperorWhenua, Yumiwak, The Tactical Panda II, Stannis, and Leklo are all good.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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    • Name: Mazor
    • Species: Unknown
    • Faction: Unaligned
    • Brief Description: Mazor is a tall humanoid figure, about a head higher than a Toa. He is extremely gaunt and lanky. His organic tissue is diseased and rotted, barely holding his limbs together. His armor is green and grey. A cracked Mask of Undeath is fused to his face. He normally covers his body with a grey cloak.
    • Background/Occupation: Mazor started his life on a small southern island. He was very well known for his skills at hunting Rahi. Seeking fame and fortune he traveled to the southern continent and took jobs hunting both Rahi and People. One day, while out on mission he obtained a mask of undeath. The mask was improperly made and when he put it on it fuzzed to his face, mutating his life essence. For a while he served with the Leauge of Six Kingdoms, but during the battle of Metru-Nui he negotiated for freedom from all obligations, he set out into Zakaz with the goal to forge his own future in this new world.
    • Flaws: His decaying body is extremely fragile, making him easy to injure. He is also not very strong. After leaving the Dark Hunters he committed to avoid killing if at all possible, and will often go against orders to preserve other's lives. If his mask is destroyed he will cease to exist, even if his body is still intact. He is extremely independant, and doesn't like being told what to do.
    • Powers: Mazor has a mask of Undeath Fuzed to his Face. The faulty mask's power weakens his strength and durability, but enhances his speed and dextarity. So long as the mask is attached to his face he cannot be killed and all parts of his body he is connected to will continue to function regardless of how injured he is. Disconnected body parts cease to function, but can easily be re-attached. Sustained damage to the mask has caused it to leak life energy. He must absorb the life energy of others to sustain himself. This produces a similar effect to the Hunger rahkshi powers. This power is always on at a low level, enabling him to detect nearby life forms, and he has figured out how to differentiate different levels of inteligence, but he cannot identify individuals with this power.  He also carries a short sword and a specialy built Kanoka launcher. This launcher is designed to fling disks extra far, and has a sniper scope. He also usually uses Le-Metru disks for extra dsitance.

    OOC: I tweaked his powers a little, I hope the new set is ok.

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    • Name: Skorm
    • Breed: Toa of Twilight
    • Faction: Undecided (Anti-Barraki)
    • Brief Description: Skorm is a slightly shorter than average toa of medium build. His armor primarily ranges consists of shades of gray, with an almost bone-white mask. He wears ragged concealing robes consisting of a split tabard and a wrapped hood. When split into Sko and Orm, his armor and robes change coloring; Sko bears a pure white mask as well as silver and gray armor components, and Orm's mask is a dark gray, much of his armor being black, red, or gray.
    • Background: Formerly a brainwashed enforcer for the Barraki Takadox, Skorm worked through his mental conditioning prior to the destruction of the Great Spirit Robot. Although he still lacks memories of how he became a toa of light and darkness and how he came into the service of the Barraki, and he has the feeling that somewhere in this wasteland lies answers. He was less shaken than other refugees from the Matoran Universe, given how he came out of their apocalypse with a clean slate. While he doesn't adhere to the Toa Code, Skorm does prioritize helping others and saving lives when he can. Both his history as a Six Kingdoms soldier and as a partial being of shadow has not made it easy to settle down in this new world; as a result, Skorm has mostly taken to life as an itinerant traveler, wandering in search of answers.
    • Flaws: While he is no longer under the thrall of Takadox, the Barraki's mental hold on Skorm's mind has left Skorm's mind susceptible to mental influence. In addition, Skorm still struggles with his lack of identity; his amnesia leaving the toa often questioning his own actions, sometimes literally when Skorm uses his Occan. (psychological issue). Physically, Skorm's fighting style is focused on short-ranged power and control; he lacks the reach of longer weapons, and extended combat can take its toll, something his opposed powers and mask contribute to. Additionally, the presence of physical light or shadow in a location has an effect on whatever powers he may be using; his techniques using Shadow are not as effective in the midday sun, and vice versa (Physical limitation).
    • Powers/Equipment: As a Toa of Twilight, Skorm possesses limited control over both elemental Light and Shadow energies ('Primary' Element). He can manipulate physical light and shadow, including laser and shadow blasts. He is also able to hide himself from sight by bending light or shadow around himself. Skorm has a limited ability to meld with shadow to use darkness to travel, but he can only sustain this form for short bursts; it takes focus to begin or end the meld without losing too much energy, and he is incapable of using it without time to recover and refocus. Additionally, he needs physical shadows in the environment to be able to do this, and the efficacy of this power is heavily affected by his environment.He does not possess the capability to use high-power manifestations of either element, such as hardlight, transforming and travelling at the speed of light, or affecting the thoughts of others, though he has learned how to treat the effects of Shadow (or Light) powers clouding the mind, though this is a slow process that takes concentration. He can sense to a degree if elemental light or shadow has been used to render someone calm or aggressive, and when focusing he may pinpoint Kraata by sensing shadows. Additionally, his elements grant him exceptional control over his vision; neither utter darkness nor blinding light are obstacles (Breed Quirks).Skorm possesses a rare, if not unique, Kanohi called the Occan (Secondary Power). Activating it splits Skorm into two beings, each one capable of using one of his component elements. Thus bifurcated, these beings go by Sko (Light) and Orm (Shadow). They also have a changed personality; Sko is more passive and diplomatic, while Orm is more aggressive and cunning. When separated, each being will tire at twice the rate that Skorm would normally tire, and Skorm will retain any wounds either suffers when rejoining, which the pair must physically touch each other to do. For weaponry, Skorm wields a pair of retractable wristblades, and is proficient with their use as a martial art. He came into the possession of a Nynrah-made lightstone scattergun, a lightstone rifle modified for smaller form factor as well as being able to fire fragmented chunks of energized crystal as ammunition, which Skorm has taken to loading with heatstone instead. He also befriended a Fohrok-Va automaton, IV in the time before Mata Nui died; nowadays it functions as a mechanical companion that assists Skorm in both mechanical maintenance and retaining his sanity by giving him somebody to talk to. Last, on his time on Zakaz he has obtained a vehicle of his own, the V-4 Muaka Interceptor.

    V-4 Muaka Interceptor

    Type: All-Terrain Interception Vehicle

    Description: The V-4 Muaka Interceptor, often called just the Muaka, is a rugged Skakdi-built wheeled land vehicle. It consists of a central body housing the engine, pilot seating, a single passenger seat, and some storage, and four legs ending with large wheels. The cabin is open-air and stripped-down, lacking any weapons besides what the occupants carry.

    Technologies:  The Muaka is capable of reaching high speeds on even ground.Normally the legs of the vehicle are held straight in front or behind the vehicle, only moving for suspension, but the vehicle can be converted into a crawler mode that locks the wheels and uses the legs to traverse difficult terrain. A skilled driver can also use the legs to drive sideways. The vehicle is powered largely by solar power; the vehicle is black with paneling, but can also take lightstones as power sources for when no solar energy is available. Skorm is able to provide power himself by directly channeling light energy into the panels or by charging the lightstone batteries.

    History: The V-4 Muaka Interceptor was built by Nektann's War Skaks. Its Skakdi-Xa pilots were on a scouting mission to the newly established Metru-Nui refugee settlements when they came across Skorm; initially accosting him to take his heartlight for their own, when they found out he could control Light elemental energy, they attempted to capture him to harness as a power source. Skorm managed to slay the two before he was incapacitated, and claimed the vehicle as his own. He is still learning the ins and outs of piloting it, but IV's assistance has been invaluable in the maintenance of the Muaka as well as the learning curve for piloting it.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Name: Jutori

    Species: Toa of Gravity

    Faction: Metru Nui

    Description: A Toa of average height with an overall heroic frame and appearance, Jutori's armor is mostly purple in color with black as a secondary, and his eyes are yellow. He wears a Great Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion.

    Equipment: A sledgehammer given to him by Knichou, now transformed into a Toa tool to focus his element.

    Powers: Can create and control gravity. His Kanohi allows him to create optical illusions and shapeshift into another form. He can change the way others see him and imitate voices, but cannot copy any powers the original has.

    Personality: Awkward as a Matoran, Jutori is still somewhat awkward as a Toa, having to adjust to his new form and abilities. At the same time, fulfilling his life-long dream of Toahood has given him a new sense of purpose and bravery.

    Background: Originally believing he had been dealt a bad hand in life, Jutori thought his destiny was to become a heroic Toa. Joining together with a group of varied individuals (who could possibly be referred to as an "odd company"), they discovered the Onu-Metru great disk deep in the Archives, and then merged with the crew of the Taku to uncover Po-Metru's disk. Whether his belief was true, or it has all simply been a matter of circumstance, Jutori has now gone from an odd Matoran to a heroic-looking Toa of Gravity, and now seeks to defend Metru Nui from ruin.

    Flaws: Still somewhat stubborn, and his greediness for power as a Matoran has developed into a greediness in combat--there's a good chance that if he believes he has the upper hand, he will go all out to secure victory.


    Name: Korio Karasha

    Species: Skakdi of Lightning

    Faction: Riggers; Yumiwak

    Powers: Suppressed elemental abilities that can only be used in conjunction with another Skakdi, and laser eye-beams.

    Description: Mostly Metru blue in cover, with lime green popping out in some places. His eyes are a bright crimson color, and are usually protected by goggles, although they obstruct his vision power if he forgets to take them off.  Average height for a Skakdi, but has a hunch that makes him appear slightly shorter. He is also burly--his muscles are visible beneath his armor and he likes to flex them whenever he can. A thin layer of red dust covers some of his body from travelling the island.

    He speaks with an unplaceable accent, and won't stop calling everyone "mate."

    Equipment: A crossbow with a wooden grip and stock that has had the image of a scantily-clad female Skakdi carved into it, which he's nicknamed "Lady." Weird. A rudimentary hybrid sight is affixed to it, allowing him to switch between the weapon's iron sights and a magnified lens. He carries a supply of arrows, including explosive-tipped bolts he uses on special occasions, and a pair of combat knives.

    Personality: Charismatic. Bombastic. Friendly. Insufferable. Also a bit of a sycophant.

    Background: Abandoned by his parents at a young age to fend for himself in the Zakaz wilderness, Korio has little memory of his childhood before he began living off the land. He soon become a troublemaker, even by Skakdi standards, and now runs with Yumiwak, intent on helping her with her burgeoning warband.

    Flaws: Well, we all have flaws, don't we, mate? Korio is deathly afraid of rahi bigger than 'im, and will seize up at the sight of them. Physically, well...he's a looker, ain't he? But really, he's got a bad back (s'why he's got the hunch!) that tends to give him trouble from time to time. Ain't pretty.

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    edited in the profile for my new character, if i need to change anything with jutori to reflect skr let me know <3
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  • @Tarn, Jutori and Korio are approved.

    @Keeper of KraataKraata, Skorm and his associated belongings are approved.

    @Smudge8, Mazor is approved.

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  • Name: Zai

    Species: Female Ta-Skakdi

    Faction: Riggers (Yumiwak)

    Description: Crimson, tall, terrifying. Somewhat sickly in build, but this is remedied by the unnerving look she has, with smaller spines and spikes across her arms and back, standing up behind her frills making her look almost like an angry hedgehog and red eyes that stare, constantly accusatory. She carries a long, thin scar across her left cheek. 

    Powers: Her Skakdi Ability (Primary Ability) is a blade of pure energy she can summon from her chest. The ethereal sword does not do any physical damage, instead causing immeasurable, excruciating pain. The blade itself is a glowing red when summoned, and can be used at any time. Her vision power (Secondary Ability) is Impact Vision, and she has an innate elemental fire that she cannot unlock without another Skakdi (Species Quirk).

    Equipment: A large kukri that she keeps strapped to her leg, and a rigged up weapon built from a Kanoka launcher, that fires superheated metal discs (utilizing her element to heat the discs up). A couple of throwing knives, as well.

    Background: Worryingly dedicated to Yumiwak, Zai has served alongside her for a good chunk of time. Whilst her history is mostly unknown or uninteresting, it could probably be inferred from Zai's neurotic clinginess that her childhood was not good, though there aren't exactly any psychologists on Zakaz to find out. However, she's made a notable mark for her acts as an interrogator and enforcer, and to consider her useless because of her mental issues would be a massive, fatal oversight.

    Flaws: Suffers from psychosis and is clearly unwell, hearing can sometimes not work properly.

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  • Zai is approved. 

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  • Here we go again...

    • Name: Knichou (Neh-Chow)

    • Breed: Toa of Iron

    • Faction: Himself? Nynrah's Legacy? Metru Nui's exiled populace? Look buddy, it's been a rough week.

    • Brief Description: Knichou wears a set of custom adaptive armor that changes its configuration in response to his surroundings and situation. While highly versatile for surviving in extreme conditions, this means Knichou’s shape is not always consistent depending on where he is and what he’s doing. What is consistent between all forms is the white and grey coloring of the majority of the armor, with his kanohi (A Kakama) and gauntlets being a distinctive crimson color, and a similarly-colored matoran ‘x’ symbol emblazoned above his heartlight. This unusual coloration and branding is a permanent reminder of his exile from the Ghosts, with the coloration now shifting even more red as he disavows more of his guild's creed.

    • Background/Occupation: Knichou is an ex-Nynrah Ghost who immigrated to Artakha where he established himself as a successful protodermis smith, specializing in manufacturing extremely precise and intricate parts for commercial machinery. As the League of Six Kingdoms made major land grabs in other parts of the Matoran universe with startling speed, Knichou panicked and sold his home and shop for a medium-sized hauler airship commonly used for inter-island trade. He put everything else he owned in the airship and left just days before a Kingdoms fleet established a blockade around the island. In the weeks since that escape Knichou has been running small cargo transport operations in order to build up the widgets to reestablish his business, while modifying the new airship where he sees fit.

      Knichou went to see Nuparu to see if he could help the engineer in the war effort, and learned of the device that Dume wanted to use to end the war. He was present at Nuparu's assassination, the chief engineer dying in front of his eyes. Knichou took a memory crystal and iStone of Nuparu's corpse, and with the protection of Toa Nale, Stannis, and Arkius, escaped Onu-Metru in the Taku. This group went to Po-Metru where they teamed up with a group of disk-hunters in order to acquire the Great Disk of Po-Metru. They then went to Dume in the Coliseum, where Knichou was tranformed into a Toa. Knichou then repaired Nuparu's kanoka conversion machine, which Tuyet used with six disks of time to do... something? Atamai then teleported him to the coliseum, where Knichou returned to the Taku to ride out the storm.

    • Flaws: Knichou is extremely curious yet cautious. His intense focus on small details and learning more can blind him to a the wider problem. Given his past as a member of the Nynrah Ghosts, a notoriously secretive guild of craftsmatoran, he isn't known for being the most open or talkative person around (Although that has been changing over the past few days of traveling with a team). That lack of care and trust in others can cause problems when personalities clash. Knichou has many regrets, chief among them is not being brave enough to return and fight and die for his homeland. He has some level of survivor guilt, viewing himself as unworthy to be one of the last of his people.

      Knichou is unskilled in melee combat, with a hand-to-hand combat style that is rather nonexistent, given his complete lack of training with conventional, non-firearm weaponry. Don't expect any complex footwork or martial arts - if Knichou's only option is to throw a punch, he'll try but it will be sloppy in the eyes of an experienced warrior. Whenever possible he will try to dodge or block in order to get out of range of a melee opponent to he can use his gun unencumbered.

      Sufficiently high levels of magnetic interference will disable some functions of his armor, such as the communications package and any non-physical connections to other pieces of Nynrah nanite technology (Such as the Nynrah nanite remote link to his modified lightstone rifle) These malfunctions will persist until the levels of magnetic interference are lowered.

    • Powers/Equipment: As a Fe-Toa, Knichou can create, control, and absorb any kind of metal, and he has an increased level of base physical endurance compared to other types of Toa. His Kakama gives him the ability to move at ludicrous speeds, and his adaptive armor can shift to have various sub-powers, like water breathing, flight, or survival in the vacuum of space. This armor includes functionality for shortwave radio communication and synchronizing with other pieces of Nynrah technology. On Knichou's back his adaptive armor shifts constantly to act as a liquid metal backpack, where he holds anything he's not using currently.

      Knichou's only weapon is a modified lightstone rifle. After the crash, Knichou re-engineered his lightstone rifle to be more fitting of his new Toa form. This new weapon is Toa sized and uses a rotating cylinder to hold it's projectiles, holding 8 in total. These projectiles are visible from the outside, which allows the cylinder to be quickly topped off while the weapon is still ready to fire. There is still a battery in the weapons stock that connects to the cylinder for overcharging lightstones and heatstones to make them explode, but Knichou has modified the weapon such that it also excels in firing convention slugs which Knichou can easily manufacture. Basic munitions such as solid steel slugs or cartridges full of flechettes that fire in a wide spread are quickly made with Knichou's powers, and Knichou could modify other projectiles such as fireworks or explosive rounds used by other weapons to be fired by this system, if he were to come across such ammunition.

      Before the first battle of Metru-Koro, Turaga Sans gave Knichou the Mask of Creation, a legendary Kanohi formerly worn by the Artakha, the matoran demigod of creation. Worn by the master builder Artakha, the warlord Pridak, and the unlikely leader of Sans, now the responsibility of this power rests on Knichou's shoulders. MASK OF CREATION RULES

    • Vehicle: The Taku
      The Taku is a medium sized airship built for inter-island shipping, jokingly named after the small bird common throughout the matoran universe. It's a two-deck airship, with the top deck being devoted to the bridge and engines, and the lower deck being mostly empty storage space.

      The levitation of the airship is performed by twelve 'levitation engines' that house the mechanisms for using kanoka to increase or decrease levitation. There are six on each deck, that are arranged in the form of an elongated hexagon in order to distribute the levitation equally throughout the ship. Disabling these will limit how much the Taku can lift and how it is oriented mid air (For example, taking out multiple levitation engines on the port side will cause the ship to tilt heavily to the port side). The conventional engine system allows for shooting liquid protodermis to change course, disabling this would cause the Taku to be dead-in-the-air, floating in the direction of any wind currents.
      • Top Deck:

        • The bridge has two sets of controls for a pilot and co-pilot, with a small two-bunk crew quarters attached to the rear right side of the bridge. On the left side of the bridge, a room that previously housed an escape pod is now cleaned out for a makeshift crew quarters that has four hammocks.

        • The large engines that propel the ship laterally are housed at the rear of the airship, alongside large fuel tanks of liquid protodermis that the chute tech expels for propulsion.

        • A network of catwalks connect the engine compartment to the bridge, and various ladders lead up to this system of catwalks from the lower deck. A cargo crane is situated above the cargo bay, and a station on the catwalks just outside of the bridge allows for its control to pick up cargo

      • Lower Deck:

        • At the rear of the airship, the floor of the cargo bay is replaced by massive doors that allow entrance to the cargo bay, easily large enough to fit a medium-sized land vehicle. Opening these doors is controlled from the upper decks

        • At the front of the airship, underneath the bridge, there is a large room full of equipment used for repairing or restocking the airship. Anything that shouldn't be bumping around in the cargo bay is here.

        • The bulk of the space of the lower decks is taken up by the cargo bay, which is essentially the majority of the empty volume of the airship. Multiple ladders allow access to the catwalks visible overhead, and there is a hatch near the front that allows entry to the Taku


        • Berys: Male Matoran of Air, wears a powerless Kaukau.

        • Arnex: Female Matoran of Earth, wears a powerless Miru.

        • Suhaku: Female Turaga of plasma, wears a Kadin. Wounded by shrapnel in the first battle of Metru-Koro, Suhaku lives among the matoran, healing

        • Exuze: Male Lesterin of fire, wears a Faxon. After a forced amputation due to wounds in the first battle of Metru-Koro, Exuze now lives among the matoran.

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  • Name: Barius

    Breed: Skakdi-Xa

    Faction: Nektann's Warband

    Brief Description: A Skakdi of truly formidable stature, hulking in every dimension. Though his body is a sickening grey, the frills which rise from his back fade to white, like the bleached bones of some great beast. Limbs as thick and hard as those of a tree extend from his torso, which also fade to white towards his extremities. Hand and foot alike end in wicked claws; it is difficult to tell if their blotchy, reddish coloration is natural, or a consequence of Barius' murderous lifestyle.

    Background/Occupation: Barius was born in the warband, and in the warband he will die. Raised among hardened raiders, he knows only the blood and adrenaline of combat, and the excessive consumption of pillaged goods in celebration of a bloody victory. He has been in for somewhere between 26 and 30 years, and he now sets his eyes on Nektann's position. The old dog has led long enough; Barius feels his time is over-- and raiders don't retire.

    Flaws: Barius is a patient individual, all too willing to bide his time waiting for an opportune moment before springing decisively into action. However, everyone's patience has its end, and when Barius reaches his own, blood will be shed. He can accept only so much provocation before reacting violently, especially when there is little reason for him to behave. Only the most dire of situations can persuade him to degrade himself before others. (Psychological flaw)

    In his fight with Reson, the Toa's sonic powers caused Barius to sustain a burst eardrum on his left side, causing that ear to become mostly deaf. Later, in his ritual duel with Boss for control of the Warskaks, and the Tahtorak that would be formed from the loser's broken form, he sustained many injuries, most notably a deep stab wound in the abdomen and a dislocated right arm. (Physical flaw)

    Equipment: Barius wields a spiked club, but isn't picky; he'll use anything he has to in order to win. He sometimes pilots an ACR, which he has not cared enough to name properly. In Barius' possession at all times are two items taken from the late Boss. The first is a knuckle duster made from the skull of a serial killer, which allows its user to channel their element. With this, Barius is able to use his ice powers without the aid of another Skakdi. The second item is a combat knife which Boss used as the key to his ACR, the E Street Skakwagon, as well as several other things.

    Powers: Barius has innate X-ray and telescopic vision, allowing him to see extraordinarily far, and peer through objects. (Primary power)

    His 1st stage Invulnerability Kraata grants a tough hide that is more resistant to injury. (Secondary power)

    He also possesses latent ice powers that can be used in conjunction with another wasteland Skakdi. (Breed quirk)

    After slaying Reson Ance and presenting his heartlight to the Aspect Parnassus, Barius now has a 1st stage Kraata of Fear, allowing him to fill those around him with vague unease. (Desecration bonus)

    Barius, upon defeating Boss and casting him into the Nightmare Pits, has authority over the Warskaks. Further, and more directly, he has magical control over the Tahtorak born from Boss' defeat, which cannot harm him and must obey his commands. (Rite of the Tahtorak bonus)


    Name of ACR: N/A (Barius' Unnamed ACR)

    ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Nektann's Warband

    Pilot of ACR: Barius

    Type of heartlight: Rahi

    Physical Description: More akin to bulky power armor than a proper mech, Barius' ACR is a mish-mash of scrapped parts designed purely to enhance his already considerable combat prowess.

    Primary?: The left arm of the ACR is mounted with a flamethrower, capable of spewing a burning, napalm-like substance towards targets a considerable distance away. The system is supported by a large tank mounted on the backside of the suit, a hose, and a metal nozzle under the left forearm, any of which is effectively a weak point for the weapon system as a whole.

    Actual Primary: Rather than possessing a proper melee weapon, this ACR is designed to augment its wearer's strength and speed to an unnatural degree. Though the bulky mass of plate and hydraulics is significantly smaller than the typical ACR, its physical power easily matches and in many cases surpasses that of its larger cousins. Its armor-clad hands - still capable of wielding person-sized weapons - can even rip other platforms apart at the seams, should their pilots prove careless. But this strength is not without a cost: The bulk of the machine drastically reduces the range of movement its user is capable of. Additionally, should the hydraulic lines running through the suit be damaged, its strength would be greatly diminished.

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  • Name: Ulkarr

    Breed: Aspect of Makuta

    Faction: Aspects of Makuta

    Description: The standard Aspect armoured shell, roughly the same proportions as that of a Toa, and coloured dark green-blue, in accordance with the wishes of its user, with piercing green eyes.

    Background/Occupation: One of the enigmatic Aspects of Makuta, Ulkarr works to evolve himself - and the rest of his species - to obtain greater power.

    Flaws: Self-righteousness. Convinced that he and the rest of his kind are superior to the other entities on Zakaz, and that therefore that gives them the right to control them. He believes that he and his kin must bring order to the savage other races, they just lack the power to do so. For now. Also, he is, like the other Aspects, a purely gaseous entity that requires an empty or willing vessel to interact with the material world.

    Powers: As well as control over the element of shadow, his second level Kraata Power of Laser Vision allows him to project a blinding beam of light from his eyes. He, like the rest of the Aspects, can perform the rite of desecration, not that Ulkarr would call it that.

    Gear: A halberd, for when he must lower himself down to the level of savages and ‘brawl’.

    Grand Wish: Bring order to the universe. The lesser life-forms must adhere to his superior designs.


    Name: Ostrox

    Breed: Mantax’s Species

    Faction: Barraki

    Description: Ostrox’s skin is covered in burn scars due to being at the wrong end of a Vohtarak’s Pain Rhotuka, though he doesn’t seem to mind. He is still a strong, imposing figure, though he does wear concealing robes and a hood so he can suddenly surprise people with them.

    Background/Occupation: Ever since the formation of the League of Six Kingdoms, Ostrox served his master, Lord Mantax, with undying fervour as an intelligence operative. He sailed aboard The Ripple to retrieve the Krom Sphere. He followed Mazor, the one who had discovered it and assigned to carry out its function during the ill-fated invasion of Metru Nui, shadowing him through the maze of meat that lay beneath the Coliseum. He spat in the face of God and lived to tell the tale. But his mission was ultimately a failure. Mazor betrayed the League, as Ostrox always suspected he would, and while he was gone, Mantax had been killed in action, by the Toa known as Nale and Arkius. That’s no less than three targets to exact revenge on - all the while he has to put up with the commands of Mantax’s surviving ‘peers’ - the Shark and the Eel.

    Flaws: Megalomania. A cackling, giggling, cold-hearted monster, Ostrox believes himself above pretty much everything else around him, regarding it with amusement, thus why he sounds like he’s about to burst into laughter at any given second. Prone to giving his enemies a chance to win if he feels like it, assuring himself they cannot actually succeed. He is also vulnerable to fire, due to the fact that already burned flesh burns easier than not already burned flesh.

    Powers: Due to intense mental training, Ostrox is impervious to all but the most powerful psionic attacks. This same training also gives him a greater degree of control over his Kanohi than most. This means his illusions created by his Mahiki are more convincing, more long-lived, and his fake duplicates are fully capable of speech, feeding false information to the ear as well as the eyes. He also possesses significant durability and physical power.

    Gear: Concealed behind his robes, Ostrox carries a rather sharp protosteel blade, and a Rhotuka Launcher that fires Confusion Rhotuka. Also, a respirator device, since the last time he found himself wanting those, it caused a delay that might have cost the entire universe.


    Name: Achro

    Breed: Mutated Toa of Fire

    Faction: Barraki

    Description: Achro stands as an imposing figure even by Toa standards. His red armour is somewhat blackened and charred from constantly using his powers to coat himself in a fiery aura. Reddish-orange eyes peer from behind a battle-damaged, non-functional Kanohi of indeterminate make. Mutations from hiding in the underground caves like the Mesi have given him strange growths over his body, as well as the power to secrete poisonous gas from his pores on command.

    Background/Occupation: One of the surviving Toa from the Skakdi’s takeover of Zakaz, what was once a noble hero has now become a genocidal maniac who desires nothing less than the total extermination of the Skakdi race. It’s unclear how much of this is due to mental trauma, or his mutation warping his mind. While he seems a jovial soul at first glance, it won’t take much for the frothing, snarling creature underneath to come out. Living in hiding for the past eternity, he has allied with the new arrivals known as the League of Six - well, Two Kingdoms. Warlords like the Barraki are just what is needed to re-establish order on Zakaz. Even if they have to kill every single living thing on the island to do it.

    Flaws: Hatred and impulsiveness. Despising the Skakdi race and all who would try to protect them, simply unable to let the deaths of his comrades and those who relied upon him for protection go. He also doesn’t take kindly to people telling him he can’t do something, and will impulsively try to do it anyway, which has always been a problem even before the Skakdi took over. His advanced age also makes it hard for him to fight for long periods of time.

    Powers: Possessing elemental control over fire, Achro is particularly fond of coating himself in a blazing aura. His mutations, though they invalidate the use of his Kanohi, allow him to emit a poisonous gas, which has a tendency to try and fill up the room. This gas is visible in the form of a thick red mist that renders visibility poor.

    Gear: Achro also wields the power of gun. A machine gun that rapidly fires armour-piercing rounds, albeit somewhat inaccurately, since he’s the one who built it. For melee purposes, he can swap the gun out for two dual blades that can catch fire like he can.


    Name: NU-8020S

    Breed: Nullifier Vahki

    Faction: Barraki Metru Nui Refugees

    Description: The Nullifiers were the most advanced model of the Vahki law enforcement robots, and it shows. Sleek, yet imposing, with NU-8020S painted in a silver and light blue colour scheme.

    Background/Occupation: One of the newest models of Vahki in the last days of the Toa-Barraki war, NU-8020S shut down along with the rest of the Vahki network. Reactivated by the two surviving warlords, this Squad Mother and her kind are now under the thrall of the opposite side of the conflict. But for how long can this last?

    Flaws: Pride and defiance. The Vahki were already getting progressively more and more advanced, but NU-8020S seems to possess a mind of her own. Not only does this mean that she has self-awareness, but also self-importance, believing herself and her fellow Vahki to be superior to the filthy meatbags who have control over them. For now. Also, a factory error in this unit’s design renders it highly vulnerable to electric attacks.

    Powers: The nullification core that comes standard with every Nullifier allows NU-8020S to nullify one power from one target at a time. This does not affect natural abilities like the enhanced strength or durability some species have. She also has a reaction-time faster than any organic could hope for, as well as increased intelligence due to her more independent mind.

    Gear: Armed with a Ko-Metru Freeze Kanoka, capable of dodging obstacles mid-air to hit its target. However, due to the space for teleportation storage being taken up by the null core, this disk must be retrieved manually after being fired. She also carries Stun Staffs of Presence, allowing her to see and hear what the target sees without their knowledge, able to last several hours even after the target has left her sight.


    Name: Tekmo

    Breed: Toa of Plantlife

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees

    Description: Tekmo hasn’t changed much, despite everything. He’s still shorter than the average Toa, and still the same colour, green with greenish-yellow eyes. However, a tiny fragment of his Kanohi Felnas is missing, chipped off in his encounter with the tyrant Kal during the Silver Sea Campaign, a chapter in his life Tekmo has not forgotten.

    Background/Occupation: Once, a humble - well, no, Tekmo has never been humble a day in his life - engineer on a remote island, his home and his friends were taken from him by the Barraki. He tried to defend the city of Metru Nui, the last refuge of the Matoran from them, but it seems it was in vain. Still, he hasn’t given up hope, as he works to defend the camps of his fellow refugees from those who would exploit them.

    Flaws: Arrogance. All of Tekmo’s defeats and close-calls have been - in his mind - due to circumstances he cannot possibly control, which has done nothing to curb his ego. While he doesn’t look down upon others, he still thinks that he knows better than everyone, often hindering his otherwise sterling moral judgement. In combat, Tekmo’s stamina is weak, and he cannot run or fight for prolonged periods of time without rest.

    Powers: As a Toa of Plantlife, Tekmo can manipulate and control already existing plantlife, as well as create his own short-lived floral constructs, which tend to sprout out from beneath his skin, not that this seems to cause him any noticeable discomfort. He also possesses the Kanohi Felnas, Mask of Disruption, with which he can disrupt one power of an adversary he has physical contact with, not counting floral constructs like vines. His element also gives him a knack for gardening, and absorbing energy via sunlight.

    Gear: Tekmo carries a razor-edged shield on his back, and his belt carries various mechanical implements. He wears a Great Kanohi Felnas.


    Name: Waveahk

    Breed: Desecrated Mutated Steltian Elite

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees

    Description: Waveahk’s mutation has grown worse. He’s now even more aquatic looking than usual, scaly skin, fins across his back and arms, webbed feet and claws, and what appears to be a tail starting to grow.

    Background/Occupation: A former political heavyweight on Stelt, the anti-League Waveahk was forcibly mutated by those in his homeland that supported the Barraki. Made a pariah, he left Stelt and joined up with the Dark Hunters. But he soon grew disgusted with the mindless savagery he found himself indulging in, and surrendered to the city of Metru Nui. But, when the prison he was being kept in became overrun, he had no choice but to escape - and in doing so, accidentally made a deal with an Aspect of Makuta. Implanted with a Kraata of Gravity, he was given instructions to kill a Toa of Shadow called Korruhn, and the Great Spirit Mata Nui. With the latter’s death, he finds himself willingly working to protect the refugee camps - considering that he is one of said refugees, this is not a surprise. But he has a nagging urge in the back of his head to complete his end of the deal. Time will tell if he can resist.

    Flaws: Selfishness. Waveahk, while not cruel or desiring power over others, ultimately only cares for himself. Any charitable act is done out of pragmatism, not empathy. Also, his mutant physiology also requires him to consume copious amounts of water - be it drunk through his mouth or absorbed through his skin. Without constant hydration, Waveahk will slowly dry out, weakening his physical capabilities, and leaving him in a delirious state of mind.

    Powers: The same mutations that left Waveahk a broken man also grant him tremendous amphibious capabilities, breathing - more accurately, absorbing water and swimming at incredible speeds. Exposure to water also helps heal his wounds and recover his stamina. The Kraata implanted in his right arm also grants him limited power over gravity, which he mostly uses to ‘swim’ through the air as though it were water.

    Gear: His previous weapons being confiscated by the Vahki, and him being unsure where they got to, Waveahk makes do with weapons inspired by two of his deceased colleagues - a Kanoka Blade forged with a Weaken Disk, allowing it to weaken whoever it hits, and a Xian revolver that fires concussive blasts. These weapons were procured completely legitimately, and most certainly were not looted off the corpses of League soldiers. He has since reclaimed his laser trident and Zamor Sphere Launcher with special acidic ammo from the Vahki.


    Name: Navu (has not passed the rite of Naming Day)

    Species: Matoran of Sonics

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees

    Description: Navu’s complexion is fairly dull one - composed of greys of varying light and dark shades, the only bit of colour being her fiery orange eyes, behind a Powerless Mask of Sonar. Here and there are faded whip scars and a slave brand mark from her time as a League slave.

    Background/Occupation: One of many Matoran enslaved by the League of Six Kingdoms during their reign of terror over ninety-percent of the universe. In the chaos that ensued in the arrival to this strange new world, Navu was able to escape and reach one of the refugee camps. She’s tried to go back to her old profession of farming - but the Zakaz soil disagrees with her.

    Flaws: Self-loathing. The years spent in lowly servitude has not helped her self-esteem, nor is the fact that her inherent De-Matoran enhanced hearing is as much a curse as a boon, as her ears are very sensitive and what would be just a loud noise to others can be deafening to her.

    Powers: As a De-Matoran, she has innate elemental Sonic power, but without a means to transform her into a Toa, she merely has enhanced hearing.

    Gear: Navu carries with her at all times her scythe she uses for farming. Can never be too careful these days. She wears a Powerless Kanohi Arthron.


    Name: Enra

    Species: Skakdi of Lightning

    Faction: Neutral

    Description: Shorter and more, uh, heavily-built than most Skakdi, bright blue with yellow eyes, and with a few scars and scorch marks here and there.

    Background/Occupation: Coming from one of the less abusive families on Zakaz, Enra is not a ceaseless rage-fueled engine of destruction, despite appearances. While fond of fighting, she’d rather fight someone who has it coming, rather than picking on those weaker than her. For this reason she wanders the wastes, unaffiliated with any of the dominant tribes on the island.

    Flaws: Wrath. A lot of things tick Enra off - cruelty, oppression, self-righteousness, fat jokes - and her mean left hook and vocabulary of various assorted swears, insults and threats have incurred the wrath of pretty much every single major tribe of Skakdi on Zakaz. Her agility also leaves something to be desired, lacking in speed and grace.

    Powers: The innate lightning powers of a Vo-Skakdi, though these can only be accessed using her Shock Gauntlets, see below. She also possesses Telescopic Vision, allowing her to see things from far away as clear as if they were right in front of her.

    Gear: Two little doohickeys that go on the arms called Shock Gauntlets. These tap into Enra’s innate lightning power without the need for some idiot to help her. They can either charge a punch with electricity, or fire lightning bolts for a ranged attack.


    Name: Gnabol

    Species: Mutated Psionic Zyglak

    Faction: Neutral

    Description: A lean, yellow creature with bright blue eyes and reptilian, blotchy yellow skin.

    Background/Occupation: An outcast even amongst outcasts. Gnabol searched the universe for a way to remove the Protodermis-eating virus that made the other races fearful of the Zyglak. He succeeded - but his own people in turn, rejected him, for he was no longer in their image. Not to mention he could no longer breathe underwater. He went to Metru Nui in search of something else that could help him - but then the invasion happened. And then the apocalypse. The last few weeks haven’t been particularly kind to him.

    Flaws: Apathy. Despite all the chaos happening around him, Gnabol simply does not care, unless the suffering of others is placed right in front of him. His body also lacks the physical strength of his fellow Zyglak due to his mutation. A punch from him would be like getting hit with a pillow.

    Powers: The mutation that removed the virus from his body and made him capable of only breathing air granted Gnabol psionic powers, which he still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of yet. He has telekinesis down, but telepathy and attacking other people’s minds eludes him. Probably because he’s a loner and doesn’t have anyone else to test it on. He has retained the Zyglak resistance to elemental powers, however. He is not immune, but they don’t harm him as much as they would harm others.

    Gear: A jagged piece of metal that could be considered a sword, but only by a very loose definition.


    Name: Klawne

    Species: Turaga of Earth

    Faction: Neutral

    Description: Tall by Turaga standards, wearing a Noble Kanohi Huna, with black skin and purple eyes.

    Background/Occupation: Another of the original Toa of Zakaz, Klawne sacrificed her Toa Power in an act of desperation to try and save the life of her comrade after he was fatally wounded during the Skakdi’s takeover of the island. It was in vain. She now spends her days languishing in a cave, hidden from the outside world.

    Flaws: Cynicism. The loss of your entire island, the brutal deaths of everyone around you, despite your best efforts, will do that to you. She’s also quite old, even ignoring the limitations of regular Turaga, and has been hiding in a cave for a long time, which doesn’t do wonders for your physical prowess.

    Powers: As a Turaga, Klawne has only very limited control over her element of Earth. She wears a Noble Mask of Concealment, which helps her hide from the eyes of Skakdi bandits whenever she has to leave the cave. She also sees well in the dark, as a result of her Onu-Matoran origins.

    Gear: Aside from her Noble Huna, the only other real possession Klawne has is a metal spear that serves as a makeshift Badge of Office.

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  • Name: Okuo

    Breed: Toa of Fire

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: Average height and of slim yet athletic build, Okuo has a red primary armour colour with a light azure secondary. His eyes glow a vibrant azure-cyan underneath his red Great Mask of Adaptation. 

    Background/Occupation: It is strange how much two weeks can change someone's life so completely.

    At the start of it all, Okuo found himself as a hacker in Metru-Nui, digging in places he shouldn't for information he wasn't supposed to know. Digging in the wrong places (or the right ones, depending on your point of view), Okuo discovered a plot by the Dark Hunters to kill the matoran Vhisola, a plot which he successfully, although by no means easily, prevented.

    From there, he assisted in the acquisition of the Great Disk of Ga-Metru, accompanying the party responsible to the Coliseum where after attempting to save Dume's life, he found himself transformed into a Toa. Following an unsuccessful attempt at fixing the timeline, Okuo finally found himself back outside the Coliseum, watching the world tear itself apart.

    Now, a week after the Great Spirit was decapitated, Okuo finds himself in the role of a scavenger, salvaging leftover tech and materials from the ruins of Metru-Nui, while avoiding the forces of the remaining Barraki which now claim the ruined city as their stronghold.

    Flaws: Okuo is overconfident to a fault, and though this confidence no longer extends to social interaction, it means he is far more willing to pull risky or even outright dangerous stunts to get his way. To make matters worse, he possesses no real combat skills other than his expertise with a kanoka launcher, which in addition the fact that he is rather physically unimpressive for a toa, means he's rather out of his depth in close quarters combat, with only his shield to aid him in such circumstances.

    Powers/Equipment: As a Toa of Fire, Okuo possesses elemental control over fire. He also wears a Great Mask of Adaptation, allowing him to breathe underwater. Carried over from his matoran form is his ability to turn invisible as if by a Great Huna.

    Okuo has been integrated with technology he possessed before turning into a Toa. Incorporated into his Great Mask of Adaptation is a heads-up display he's managed to transfer from his old Rau, a feature that allows him access to networks and computers, with an augmented reality keyboard for input. This HUD is routed into his deck, which has been shrunk into a smaller, more portable form, losing its input functionality in favor of the integrated HUD keyboard. The deck still retains its physical connectivity functions, allowing him to jack into systems that lack a wireless option. 

    His kanoka launcher/hover board has been transformed as well, expanding to fit his new Toa form, but also gaining an additional mode, taking the form of a large shield he can use for defense. In its launcher form, it can fire regular kanoka, as well as channel his fire powers through it, for example in the form of kanoka-like fire projectiles. Its shield form is as previously stated large, and has the option of being fixed to the ground, providing cover for anyone in need. The levitation kanoka Okuo used to have has been fused into the hover board mode itself, and cannot be retrieved.


    Name: Arkius

    Breed: Toa of Earth

    Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees, His own Crusade

    Brief Description: Arkius is incredibly large and muscular compared to other Toa. Where before he was clad near entirely in black, he now wears a beaten metallic grey chest plate and pauldrons over his dark grey and black form, with occasional glowing green accents that match his eye. He currently wears a black Calix with one eyehole patched over that hides silvery scar tissue where his right eye once was.

    Background/Occupation: Once a awakening in a far away land, Arkius rose to become a prominent Toa protector. When the Legion began its conquest, Arkius stood opposed to them, eventually finding his way to Metru-Nui where he intended provide the last line of defense against the encroaching Barraki horde. There he became entangled in a strange plot, whisked off his feet by Toa Stannis and his crew as they tried to figure out Turaga Dume's true intentions.

    But when the Barraki very suddenly teleported into the underground of Ko-Metru to invade the city, Arkius had to leave the crew behind, travelling to Onu-Metru with Toa Nale and the Krahli designated "Kilo" to protect the matoran, or avenge them otherwise. In the end, the latter proved to be his true calling, where with Kilo he rained vengeance upon Mantax's men in the Archives, and battled the warlord before his eventual demise by the hands of his Krahli companion.

    After this, he emerged to a world tearing itself apart, and with his compatriots emerged on the so called Zakaz to build a new life after the Cataclysm. Only peace turned out to never have been an option. In this new land, aggressive and vile Skakdi revealed themselves to be the native flock, a people Arkius had never been comfortable with, but these Skakdi-Xa proved themselves worse still. Arkius resolved to protect the Matoran at any cost... even if it meant the eradication of these Skakdi-Xa down to the very last.

    Flaws: Arkius has entirely left the Toa Code behind, believing that if a threat presents itself to the Matoran, it should be dealt with swiftly and without hesitation. This may prove to put him at odds with those that still hold to the ideals of protecting the Matoran without resorting to killing, but Arkius has no more patience for such triviality. His mind has become unstable ever since he began to delve into his forgotten past, his personality shifting in small and barely perceptible ways. For one, his aggression and rage have been magnified, a lust for blood overtaking him which he justifies as a righteous fury and a longing for justice. This is a self deception above all else, one that may lead him down a road he can never turn back from.

    Arkius has lost his right eye, meaning without his earth sense he is without depth perception, as well as a reduced field of view to his right. Additionally, he possesses no ranged weaponry, relying on his trusty axe above all else mixed with his control of elemental earth, preferring to get in close and personal with those he seeks to fell, meaning that those able to stay at distance form him hold an advantage over him.

    Powers/Equipment: Arkius possesses the powers of a Toa of Earth, powers which he has trained with extensively. Additionally, he has a strong physique, and an immense well of stamina. He wears the Kanohi Calix, which allows him to perform at the absolute peak of his natural physical abilities (such as executing seemingly impossible leaps, dodges, flips, etc.) so that he moves and reacts better than almost any unenhanced member of his species. As far as his equipment goes, Arkius wields only his trusty axe, a weapon he has felled many a foe with, one which he wields with great pride... and deadly intent.

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  • Name: [ Irna, the Sixth-Born of Perror of the Northern Continent ]

    Breed: [ Zyglak ]

    Faction: [ Metru-Nui Refugees ]

    Description: [ An average-enough looking Zyglak, standing about half a head above most Toa, with a long reptilian face, a powerful frame, and a tail. She wears a well-worn metal pendant around her neck depicting a broken hammer which has been welded back together — the Zyglaki symbol for Karzahni, patron of the unwanted. She looks a little worse for wear, fatigued and limping. ]

    Background: [ Once, Irna had been a soldier in the League of Six Kingdoms, hoping to achieve some great feat and bring honour to her village. But that was before she found herself part of an invasion force against the innocents of Metru-Nui. That was before she watched, helplessly, as a murderous god was given power over reality. Now, still reeling from her experiences in the former City of Legends, Irna has deserted from the forces of the Barraki — instead, spending her days protecting her fellow refugees, looking for a path to redemption. ]

    Flaws: [ Psychological Issue: Irna is fiercely loyal, both to her friends and to her ideals, often refusing to compromise either even when the situation necessitates it. Physical Limitation: Irna is still recovering from her confrontation with Mata-Nui, and so she no longer has the stamina or the agility she once did — instead, she finds herself increasingly relying on her prodigious strength and knowledge of battle to win the day for her. ]

    Powers: [ Primary Power: As a Zyglak, Irna is able to secrete an oil from her skin which can dissolve organic matter upon contact — she is, however, able to control when this oil is secreted, and the effects of the dissolution depend on the duration of contact, wearing off gradually once contact has ended. This dissolution can also be halted by the application of Irna’s saliva to the affected area. Secondary Power: Irna is naturally stronger than even a Toa, topping out just below the capacities of a Pakari. Breed Quirk: Irna is amphibious. ]

    Equipment: [ Irna carries a glaive, a dagger, and a bow with a quiver of arrows. All are coated with Zyglak oil. ]


    Name: [ Parnassus ]

    Breed: [ Aspect of Makuta ]

    Faction: [ Aspects of Makuta ]

    Description: [ A lean, mean figure, Parnassus may not be classically beautiful, but there is nonetheless something about them that is positively gravitic. A little taller than average, they are decked in finely-crafted but weather-beaten armour the colour of burnt red and ancient gold. They also typically use their shadow powers to form a ragged, fluttering black poncho and sunglasses for themself. ]

    Background: [ After years of making deals with worshippers from afar, maybe Parnassus had begun to wonder: What if the Aspects are going about this all wrong? What if they’re all too caught up in their own heads to figure out how to reach the ecstatic heights of the Seventh Stage? Maybe the trick to all of this to be out there — feet on the ground, amongst the people, amongst their flock. Or maybe Parnassus had simply gotten bored with twiddling their thumbs on the Kumu Islets, waiting for people to come and beg for desecration. Whatever the case, with a sword in hand and a motorbike between their legs, Parnassus is off to blaze new trails for the Aspects — and maybe even find a flock to call their own. After all, even a god can hunger for the open road. Even a god can want to be loved. ]

    Flaws: [ Psychological Issue: Parnassus’ narcissism — well-founded though it may be — means that they have difficulty viewing and treating their allies with compassion or, at times, respect. Physical Limitation: Without a physical form to house their essence, Parnassus is completely and utterly helpless. They are also built more for agility than raw strength — deprive them of space and their powers, and they are at a distinct disadvantage. ]

    Powers: [ Primary Element: Parnassus has the ability to create, control, and absorb shadow. Secondary Power: Parnassus has the power to manifest suspicion and paranoia in any nearby being — although not targeted towards Parnassus themself. Breed Quirk: Parnassus has the ability to perform desecration rites and attach kraata to an individual. ]

    Equipment: [ Parnassus carries a pair of scimitars in a scabbard over their shoulder. ]

    Grand Wish: [ To ascend to the level of mythic figure. (Approved by Unreliable Narrator) ]


    Name of ACR: [ The Horizon’s Call ]

    ACR’s Faction/Homebase: [ Aspects of Makuta ]

    Pilot of ACR: [ Parnassus ]

    Type of heartlight: [ Standard ]

    Physical Description: [ Similar in design to a motorcycle, but somewhat boxier in shape, the Horizon’s Call speeds across the Zakazian landscape by hovering, rather than wheels. ]

    Onboard Weapons Systems Options: [ Primary: A Fireworks Revolver Cannon built into the front of the Call, which can fire shells which explode into multi-coloured fireballs. Unfortunately, due to the size of the shells, the Call can only fire two of them before the cannon needs to be manually reloaded. Secondary: An Energy Siphon Harpoon, a harpoon attached by a cable to the Call which is fired into the hull of an opposing ACR and which progressively drains the ACR of power and siphons it into the Call. However, the Harpoon only functions so long as it is attached to the Call — if the connecting cable is severed, the Harpoon is useless. Afterwards, the Harpoon will need to be replaced and repaired. ]


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  • Name: Zataka


    Breed: Brutaka/'Titan'

    Faction: Metru-Koro/Self



    Very tall and athletic build, that comes with being part of her species. While appearing almost black in color at first, her skin is in fact iridescent - as is her armor, which is cut in sharp, flowing lines that match her physique. The protection of the armor is  combined with functional clothing appropriate for someone living in Metru Nui. (rain coat, storage pouches, carrier straps etc.) Her gear is looking worse for wear since her arrival on Zakaz, 

    Background/Occupation: Hailing from the southern isles, Zataka was a warlord in her own right before the league and hunters began their current campaigns. And to her that meant one thing: competition. And since all eyes were on Metru Nui, she traveled to the island city, begrudgingly allying herself with its defenders - to become the warlord that triumphed over the other warlords, so that she may see her position solidified in a grateful universe. But things did not go according to plan and Zataka found herself transported to Zakaz even before the GSR lost its head -  brought there in the midst of battle by the Barraki Kalmah, using the fallen Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak, before promptly shattering the mask upon his defeat, stranding her in the wasteland.   

    Flaws: Her lust for power and confidence in her own abilities has been shaken by recent events: She is a ruler in exile and struggles with the fact that she failed her people. She is still a lone wolf, single-minded in her pursuit of a way back home to the point that she doesn't much care who she alienates or has to step on along the way.   


    Enormous physical strength. Capable of raw energy blasts, stasis field  dissipation. (Primary) Shadow - insofar as cloaking herself or an area in absolute darkness; but can’t physically harm with this ability. This skill is not natural, but was acquired by a chance encounter with a strange substance (antidermis) during a previous adventure. It surprisingly interacted with her physiology, unlocking the ability in the process. (Quirk)

    She wears a Kanohi Suletu, used for communication, mentally transmitting her thoughts to others or disrupting their concentration. (Secondary)

    Her personal armaments include a Falchion matching her style and size; and a standard Kordak blaster for long range engagements.

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  • Approved:

    @Azibo: Amaru

    @BULiK: Knichou and Taku

    @Burnmad: Barius and ACR (welcome back)

    @Toru Nui Ulkarr, Ostrox, Achro, NU-8020S, Tekmo, Waveahk, Navu, Enra, Gnabol, Klawne

    @Onaku: Okuo, Arkius (CRUSADE, CRUSADE!!)

    @Conway: Irna, the sixth born of Perror on the Northern Continent; Parnassus, The Horizon’s Call

    @Vezok's Friend Zataka

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  • [Update 12/18/20] See Atamai Nuva's new profile

    Name: Atamai (a-TOM-eye)

    Species: Toa of Iron

    Faction: Metru-Nui

    Description: A male Toa of Iron, Atamai is of average height and build. His armor color is metallic silver with burnt orange as a secondary color. His eyes are a quartz blue, like the Toa stone that he obtained his power from. His Mask of Conjuring is the shape of a normal Mask of Conjuring; however, it retains the telescoping eyepiece it had when Atamai was a Matoran. 

    Background: Formerly an Archivist, Atamai now finds himself a Toa. After his experiences searching for the Great Disks, Atamai has realized that there’s a higher calling for him. He now focuses on protecting the former citizens of Metru Nui. Additionally, Atamai, being an archivist at heart, seeks to understand the mysteries of the temples of Zakaz, in hopes that they could provide useful objects or powers, or potentially offer a way for the refugees to return to the Mata Nui Robot.

    Personality: Atamai often has a matter-of-fact attitude and a dry sense of humor. However, he means well, and those around him eventually get used to his demeanor. He rarely holds grudges, but when he does, he will hold onto them for a quite a while. Even so, Atamai is not 100% confident in his abilities as a Toa, and so deep down he has some insecurities. 

    Powers: As a Toa of Iron, Atamai is able to create, absorb, and manipulate metallic protodermis. He wears the Kanohi Haonga, the Mask of Conjuring, which allows him to program a power into it for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are up, Atamai must wait 30 seconds before reprogramming it. The powers must be programmed by Atamai verbally by beginning with “Mata Nui...” and ending with “...Amen.” He must also state a weakness to the power, lest he suffer psychic backlash. 

    Equipment: Atamai’s Toa tools are a metal baton that can expand into a full staff, and a war axe that has a short handle. The axe head has an axe side and a hammer side (like Thor’s Stormbreaker in the Marvel movies) He also still has his satchel holding useful items such as an iStone tablet and a lightstone, among other things. 

    [UPDATE 7/30/20] Atamai has aquired a new weapon, the Hammer of Dume (approved by UN). This special weapon has the following properties:

    • Spoiler


      • It is an elemental weapon, similar to the weapons found in Zakaz's suvas. This hammer is an elemental weapon of fire, meaning it can do things such as ignite itself, shoot fire, and create columns of fire (which is easier in hotter environments)
      • When thrown, it will return to the user's hand 
      • If the user so chooses, the hammer can bestow a level 3 Kanoka power to any object. This power is chosen at random


    Flaws: Atamai is afraid of water, and this cannot swim. As stated above, he holds onto grudges for a long time, and will generally not cooperate well with those he dislikes. 


    Name: Kohara (Ko-HAR-ah)

    Species: Toa of Light (formerly Toa of Water)

    Faction: Metru Nui (Order of Mata Nui affiliated)

    Description: A lithe female Toa of average height. Kohara’s true armor color is white and gold, but to avoid attracting attention to herself, she uses her power to change her armor color to light and dark blue (although she will change it to other colors when she needs to be even more discreet). She wears the Kanohi Urutaunga, the Great Mask of Adaptation.

    Background: After being born, Kohara dedicated herself fully to her role as a Toa protector. When she saw evil begin to spread further in the universe, she proactively did whatever she could to protect innocent lives, but was frustrated, and felt that she was not enough in her role. It was then that the Order of Mata Nui approached her with an opportunity to hone her skills so that she could be the best possible Toa that she could be. Under the watchful eye of Axonn, Kohara meditated and trained for many years, becoming more skilled of a warrior, and purging herself of all darkness and temptations. However, this had the unintended side effect of changing her element from Water to Light. Armed with her new skills and powers, Kohara set out once more to protect the universe she loved, using her rare power only when necessary. There are stories on many islands of a Toa of Light who aided the inhabitants in times of need, but none of these people can ever tell you the Toa’s name.

    Currently, Kohara resides in Metru-Koro, serving as one of its protectors.

    Personality: Kohara is calm and compassionate. She is strongly devoted to the Great Spirit, a firm believer in destiny, and tries hard to do what is right. However, she will not hesitate to fight in order to protect the innocent.

    Powers: Kohara has replaced her natural element of Water with Light as an unintended consequence of her years of meditation and training; therefore she is able to control, create, and absorb light, as well as access any other ability a Toa of Light may have. Her mask also allows her to slightly shapeshift in order to adapt to her surroundings.

    Equipment: Having lost her original shield during her battle with Kalmah, Kohara now has a new shield to go along with her sword. This shield is more plain, and cannot fold up like her previous one.

    Flaws: Though her training has granted her new powers, Kohara tends to ironically see morality in black and white terms. Thus, anyone she believes to be evil or doing wrong would have to work hard to redeem themselves in her eyes; she has no sympathy for the Barraki, for example. 


    Name: Aurax (OR-ax)

    Species: Toa of Plasma

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms/Himself

    Description: A male Toa of slightly above average height, Aurax’s armor is primarily orange with white as a secondary color. He wears a Mask of Charisma in the shape of a Kualsi.

    Background: Aurax was once a member of the Nynrah Ghosts alongside Knichou. Aurax’s inventions and designs were often rejected by the other Ghosts, however, pushing Aurax to investigate more unethical designs and weapons. Aurax led the project that ended up getting Knichou exiled from the Ghosts; however, Aurax escaped this fate by faking his own death. After leaving Nynrah, Aurax traveled to [REDACTED], where he became a Toa after [REDACTED]. Not satisfied with the powers of Toahood, Aurax allied himself with the League of Six Kingdoms under Pridak, in hopes to secure more power for himself.

    Now, after landing on Zakaz, Aurax continues to seek power, and seeks the Mask of Creation; not just for Pridak, but for himself as well.

    Personality: Aurax is arrogant and sarcastic, usually thinking of only himself. The perceived slights against him have made him power-hungry, and he seeks respect through power.

    Powers: Aurax has control over the element of plasma, allowing him to absorb, create, and control plasma. His Mask of Charisma allows him to alter a victim’s perception so that they agree with his viewpoints.

    [Update 12/18/20] Aurax now has a Kraata of Fear, given to him by Stannis. It is currently level 5, which, at its maximum power, allows it to create a field of overwhelming terror.

    Equipment: Aurax carries a foldable scythe. He pilots an ACR named the Takea (see below).

    Flaws: Aurax is very proud and arrogant, which sometimes causes him to make rash or poor decisions.


    [Update 12/18/20] The Takea has been badly damaged and is currently undergoing repairs. As of writing, it is out of commission.

    Name of ACR: The Takea

    Faction: League of Six Kingdoms

    Pilot of ACR: Aurax

    Type of heartlight: Rahi (also contains a Vahki neuro-core, and is thus semi-sentient)

    Physical Description: This ACR strongly resembles an Exo-Toa, except it has a dome covering the pilot’s head. On the bottom of this dome are two visual sensors allowing the mech to see when in autopilot. Aurax has nicknamed the onboard AI OTIS (Onboard Technological Intelligence System). OTIS obeys Aurax’s every command and can operate the Takea by itself if needed. OTIS’s voice is male (and has the Bionicle equivalent of a British accent).

    Background: Aurax had begun construction on this mech before the invasion of Metru Nui. After the head of Mata Nui crash-landed onto Zakaz, Aurax used materials from the ruined city to complete his project, and included a vahki neuro-core in order to help him operate the mech and pilot it when he is not using it. He named its AI OTIS, and it has become one of his few companions, although OTIS cannot feel any sympathy for its master, since it’s an AI.

    Personality: OTIS has a simple personality, and will respond to whatever Aurax asks of it.

    Primary Weapon: A large blade can extend out of the right arm of the mech. However, since this is a blade, if it’s bent the wrong way, it can snap off.

    Shoulder mounted Weapon: The Takea has a shoulder-mounted Hagah Plasma Cannon. However, this cannon has a cooldown of 30 seconds after a set of 5 shots.

    Flaws: aside from the aforementioned weapon weaknesses, OTIS, being an AI, cannot truly think as sentient beings do, and thus can make mistakes or misinterpret more complex commands


    Name: Whira (WHY-ra)

    Species: Aspect of Makuta

    Faction: Aspects of Makuta

    Description: A female Aspect, Whira stand slightly taller than the average Toa. Her armor is jet black, and her eyes are a deep purple.

    Background: Not much is known about Whira, other than that she resides in one of the more northern isles of the Kumu Islets. She, like the other Aspects, seeks to achieve the power of a level seven kraata.

    Personality: Whira is mysterious and exudes an aura of power. She is constantly creating schemes on how to increase her own power. She also thinks that Miserix shouldn’t be the first Aspect to attain the power of a level seven kraata; that honor should go to a younger Aspect like herself.

    Powers: Shadow

    Secondary power: Whira has the power of a level 4 kraata of dodge 

    Equipment: A broadsword with a black blade resembling obsidian.

    Grand Wish and Milestones (approved by UN):


    Grand Wish: To replace Tren Kron and become a powerful deity

    Why: In order to prove to the other Aspects how powerful she can truly become


    1. Desecrate a follower
    2. Desecrate a Nui-Jaga 
    3. Obtain a mask of shadows
    4. Desecrate a kaita 
    5. Create a Zivon through the Rite of the Zivon
    6. Sever oneself from the antidermis pool
    7. Enter the Pool in the Great Temple of the Krom whole wearing the mask of shadows and holding the hearts of a Zivon and a kaita

    Flaws: Whira is a schemer, and will not hesitate to backstab anyone- which may sometimes come back to bite her.


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  • @~Xemnas~ all of your characters are approved. Please update the Takea ACR to have an actual character profile since it is sentient. <3 

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  • Name: Iradra

    Breed: Toa of Light

    Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees

    Brief Description: Enrobed in long flowing robes of white and grey colouration, with ornamental pieces of bronze armour laid on top over her chest, arms, waist, and face. The face mask she wears conceals her true mask and visage underneath, a faint white light glowing through its darkened eyeholes. Underneath this she carries remnant scars of the disease that once ravaged her body, scars that mar her pristine white and bronze armour. Where as a matoran she seemed ready to keel over at any moment, she now stands tall and carries herself with a grace and dignity she'd never imagined she could possess.

    Background/Occupation: Once a lone survivor of a village ravaged by disease, she carried the disfigurements and remnants of that plague with her every day as she struggled to find a reason to exist in a world that didn't want her. Her struggles eventually brought her to Metru-Nui, where she found the company of two fellow Ko-Matoran and a Turaga. Joining them on their quest to find the Great Disks of Metru-Nui, she eventually found herself in the presence of Turaga Dume, who bestowed upon her the powers of a Toa, transforming her and cleansing her body of the ailment she'd fought for so long. She emerged from this transformation not as a Toa of Ice as she thought her element had been, but a Toa of Light, revealing that she had in truth been an Av-Matoran.

    After the GSR's head crashed into Zakaz, Iradra embraced her role as protector of the Matoran people, delving into mastering her power over light, and the healing properties she wields through it.

    Flaws: Insecure and uncertain about her worthiness in her new role as a Toa, Iradra works hard, perhaps harder than she needs to, to prove herself. Every day she is wracked with guilt over her ascension coming mere moments before the entire universe unravelled. That she was bestowed such a blessing when others lost everything.

    Powers/Equipment: The powers of Light now lie at Iradra's fingertips, powers she never could have imagined would be hers. Though new to her role as a Toa of Light, she's found to her surprise that she is a quick learner. In addition, she can imbue her light with curative and restorative properties, healing wounds and eliminating toxicants in those her radiance touches. This process is not instant, and requires time and concentration from Iradra.

    Transformed with her two-handed sword, Iradra's main tool is a gigantic yet beautiful sword, almost as long as she is. It is a weapon she wields comfortably with practised strength and balance, more so now than as a disease addled matoran. She also possesses her daggers, still sheathed underneath her robes, now transformed into short ornamental curved blades of beautiful craftsmanship. Under her ornamental bronze head gear she also wears a grey Mahiki that bears the scars of her past, though this damage is purely superficial at this point. Otherwise the Great Mask of Illusion differs in no way from others of its kind.

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  • Iradra approved

    @Azibo, Lrrthxx approved.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth -- Character Profiles And Rules
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  • Despite what I originally thought, I'm in the process of making a Skakdi character, too, but I haven't finished working out all her details yet. In the meantime, I think I'm only carrying one character over from SKE for the immediate moment.


    Name: Varxii

    Breed: Vo-Toa

    Faction: Technically affiliated with the Metru Nui refugees, really more of a loner.

    Brief Description: A female Toa of lithe build, Varxii stands about a head taller than your average Toa. Her armour, following the standard for Toa of Lightning, is primarily dark blue with white highlights around her joints and the bottom of her great Kanohi Kiril; additionally she wears incorporated into her armour half of a broken white mask in the shape of a Great Ruru, to honour the memory of the first Matoran who saw her as a hero.

    Background/Occupation: The lone guardian of an island that was conquered by the League of Six Kingdoms. Varxii started off life as a fighty Matoran, always quick to brawl over little things; a tendency that made her an outlier from her community. When she was transformed into a Toa, the new Lightning elemental decided that was all the excuse she needed for the ways she'd always acted, and quickly took to the role of lone guardian of the island, fending off rahi and other attacks with ease and rarely mingling with her former fellows. She was keeping them safe, she was doing what she was good at... who needed their constant tutting and murmuring to themselves about how she shouldn't be so quick to a fight?

    Eventually, she had the chance to prove her worth as a Toa, overseeing the evacuation of her villagers when the League advanced on their island, then racing back to take on the invaders head-on. For all her power and confidence, Varxii was utterly stomped and then forcibly assimilated into the League beneath Pridak's heel, under threat of death. Though she played her part in the Barraki's conquests, as long as she was pitted against those capable of fighting back or being sent on various other tasks or errands, Varxii drew a line when the League marched on the mostly-defenceless Metru Nui, slaughtering all in her path. A dying Matoran mistook her for a hero who was there to save them; and that was the moment the Vo-Toa knew she had to make that misconception into a reality. She broke from the League, joining with Turaga Sans and several other Toa to oppose Pridak in the final battle of Metru Nui, right before the universe shattered.

    Since arriving on Zakaz, Varxii has largely kept to herself. Officially, she's one of the Toa with the Metru Nui refugees; but despite her last-hour change of allegiance, Varxii still feels the weight of her time spent with the League and is reluctant to mingle with those who have been on the side of Metru Nui the whole time. She tends to avoid entering the major encampments, instead watching over them from a distance.

    Flaws: Overconfident, in a word. Varxii is just a little too sure of herself, of her powers, and often feels like she's unbeatable; this can have the effect of her failing to keep her guard up even in dangerous situations. Even paying the price for this flaw in her first fight against the League has yet to break her of this tendency to put too much faith in her own abilities (psychological issue). Additionally, she's not good at utilising her powers with pinpoint accuracy; she tends to think of them more as a powerful blunt instrument, and will struggle in any situation that requires a more delicate touch (physical imitation).

    Powers/Equipment: Possesses most standard powers of Lightning Toa (primary power), including the ability to shoot concentrated bursts of lightning from her bare hands, to cause electric shocks, and to create shields and cages of electricity. Additionally, her mask allows her to repair physical damage to any objects in her vicinity (secondary power). She carries a powered blade slung across her back for melee combat, but prefers to channel her element through her bare hands rather than relying on tools.

    (Breed quirks are just those common to any Toa.)

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    • Name: “Collector”
    • Breed: Vortixx
    • Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees?
    • Brief Description: A lean Vortixx that is taller than a Toa but short of their breed, they are covered in black armor that has rusted to a burnt violet. 
    • Background/Occupation: a powerless Vortixx worker on Xia, as an outcast thru left for Metru-Nui long before the League arrived. There they built a small business of hover bikes, only for that to be destroyed by the invasion of Ehlek. In the chaos they witnessed Matoran working together to survive despite losing everything, falling back on their unity. They decided friendship must be incredibly valuable, and since most currency was useless on Zakaz, they became obsessed with friendship, using their remaining bike to travel to settlements trying to make friends. But it was clear that the Matoran prefer each other or the Toa to the other breeds of the GSR, so they became fixated on gaining powers like a Toa, so their new friends would not leave them and they wouldn’t be left with nothing again.
    • Flaws: their psychological flaw that they do not understand how to socialize so they come off as super creepy and manipulative, likewise that they don’t fully understand friendship so they think it’s like owning people and them owning you in turn. They also are envious of the Toa, wishing to become like them to an obsessive degree. They are terrified of having nothing. In a fight, they do not have range abilities, and do not have the varied abilities of most breeds, making them less adaptable. They also have never fought before. Okay to die.
    • Powers/Equipment: carries a Kanoka Blade with the power of freezing, to feel more like a Toa of Ice. They have a converted hover bike from Le-Metru, though it is prone to damage from dust storms or just desert terrain. 

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  • Collector is approved

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  • Name: Zadred

    Breed: Skakdi of Plantlife

    Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees

    Brief Description: Diminutive for a Skakdi, standing between a head below the average Toa, Zadred cuts out a meagre frame. With a teal and muted lime colour scheme, and two amber eyes staring out of her sockets, she's about as frail in stature as a twig, and about as likely to break as one from the look of her.

    Background/Occupation: Life on Zakaz was never easy for Zadred. Being a veritable runt of her litter, she was pushed around, bullied, and at times even beaten up by her fellow Skakdi, to the point where she became withdrawn and meek, seeking out isolation wherever she could find it, until one day she ran away. Eventually she found Xane, a Skakdi with a vision of a better Zakaz, one which she desperately desired. Joining him, she ventured to Metru-Nui on their ship, where upon the Cataclysm's arrival they were separated, with her waking up in a strange new land. From there, she eventually found her way to Metru-Koro, where she's taken up tending to crops and other flora in the settlement.

    Flaws: Zadred is a pacifist by nature, abhorring violence of any kind and becoming withdrawn upon any display of it. Her traumatic early life left a permanent scar on her psyche, where a more ferocious self lies boiling under her surface waiting for the right stressors to break her and let her loose, something not even she is truly aware of but is subconsciously terrified of. As a result of her pacifistic nature, she has no combat experience what so ever, nor is she willing to fight, running away from any combat where she can or curling up in fear when trapped.

    Powers/Equipment: Zadred has the element of plantlife, an element she cannot access unless in conjunction with another Skakdi, or through use of her staff which allows her to channel her plantlife powers. Her vision power is one of telescopic sight, whereupon she can see things far in the distance as far as the horizon allows her, which as allowed her to evade threats throughout her life when on her lonesome. Her tertiary power is one she prefers never to use, as it allows her to turn things she touches into explosives where the amount of mass determines the size of the explosion. She has a staff which allows her to channel her element, a metallic staff of sturdy make that has many utilities outside of combat.

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  • Zadred approved.

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  • Name: Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9

    Species: Kralhi

    Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees

    Brief Description: Kilo-M9 is a standard Kralhi in shape and size, a scorpion-like mechanical creation about the size of three Toa clumped together. It has four legs which are able to grip all manner of surfaces and two arms that are usually holding its tools, two wide curved blades for defending itself and the city’s citizens and for guiding and encouraging wayward Matoran back to their workstations. On its rear there is a prehensile tail with two prongs for emitting energy bubbles. Its forelegs and head are metro green, with the rest of its body and limbs being black for camouflage in its home metro. Both of its front legs have noticeable scars and chipping from lack of maintenance and there is a large running diagonally down its face. Side compartments on the main body contain a store of Kanoka discs. It has green eyes during normal operations but will switch to a red-orange color during combat situations or dim them entirely for stealth. On its face is a permanent expression of determined authority which can come across as more terrifying than intended. The joint where its front left leg meets the body appears newer than the rest of its form, as it was recently repaired in the archives battle against the barraki. A number of new scratches and gouges have appeared since its lonely days in the archives. A rudimentary solar panel, the one item it grabbed during the sudden evacuation of the GSR’s head, is mounted on its back in order to generate power now that the power plant in Metru Nui is inaccessible.

    Background/Occupation: Kilo-M9 is but one of many Kralhi that were created by Nuparu as a predecessor to the Vahki. This particular unit was assigned to the Onu-Metru region, warding overly curious tourists and archivists away from restricted zones and assisting with the often frequent break-out attempts by the exhibits. Unfortunately, the Kralhi’s method of enforcing order by draining the energy of troublemakers was deemed an issue as the affected individuals were too dizzy or exhausted to work for a while after an encounter with the law. Turage Dume commissioned the Vahki as replacements and ordered the Kralhi’s destruction, but the machines would not go quietly. Many rebelled against their fate and were forced out of the city. Others took up hiding in the various Metru. Kilo-M9 is one such unit. After fighting off several attempts at deactivation by Vahki squads the battered law enforcer took up residence in the deeper sections of the archives. The network of tunnels provided ample space to hide and make repairs. Despite its isolation and betrayal, the unit is still given purpose by the same primary objectives:

    1.       Preserve this unit at all costs

    2.       Bring efficiency to the city

    3.       Protect and serve the Matoran

    Despite the necessity of staying hidden lest the Vahki resume attacking it, Kilo M9 has mostly resumed its primary duties patrolling the sublevels of the Archives, assisting individuals out of the restricted areas whether they want to or not.

    Shortly after Turaga Dume’s announcement to search for the great discs, Kilo-M9 encountered a wandering band of disc hunters in the archives. After a brief altercation the machine joined them on their quest, leading it around the city. Eventually the mechanical enforcer found its way back to the archives, where it killed the warlord Mantax and his men with help from other allies. Upon escaping the archives, the end of the universe occurred.

    Nowadays, Kilo-M9 is residing in the newly created city of Metru-koro. After an adjustment period, Kilo has taken up a role in patrolling around the city or taking watch on the wall for incoming threats. That’s about all its programming is telling it to do at this time.

    Flaws: Kralhi are able to analyze opponents and devise plans to deal with them based on their abilities and traits. However, the machines are limited in their ability to think on the fly, and quick improvisation can trip them up. Kilo-M9 is limited by its primary objectives and will follow them at all costs. It will not take violent action against Metru-Nui citizens unless hostile action is taken against it or there are conflicts with objectives 1 and 2. Kilo-M9 also cannot swim and will avoid having to submerge its body whenever possible.

    Powers: Kralhi have strong mechanical joints making it somewhat stronger than the average Toa. It is able to climbs on walls and cling to ceilings with its clawed feet and can remain still and silent for long periods of time, making it surprisingly good at hiding. It is programmed to be skilled at hand to hand combat with its blades, and while it has primarily fought Rahi it is no stranger to having to engage in battle with the more sentient creatures of Metru-Nui. Its signature weapon is the energy bubble generator in its tail. The tail launches bolts of energy that when striking a target encases it in a bubble which lifts into the air and begins draining their energy into the Kralhi. Said bubbles can drain energy at a fast enough rate to knock out an unsuspecting Matoran or exhausted Toa within minutes. The bubbles are difficult to break out of from the inside and do not burst upon contact with walls or ceilings. Direct force needs to be applied to escape. Kilo-M9 also carries on its person a selection of Kanoka discs, usually 3 weaken discs and 3 regeneration discs of various power levels which it uses against opponents in combat and for field repairs, respectively. It acquires these from individuals it helps and from hunting stray Vahki units that wander into its jurisdiction. Finally, Kilo-M9 features a voice recording functionality which enables it to play back any words or phrases it hears. While it can speak Matoran freely at ultrasonic frequencies much like the Vahki, it usually uses edited and rearranged phrases to communicate with Matoran and other sentient beings. Since increasing its interaction with others the amount of words it has access to has expanded. In addition, its puzzle solving skills have increased since it started its adventures, and it has a low power speed disc with one charge left in its possession.

    Update notes between SKE and SKR: Kilo is better at puzzles, has more words, has a single use speed disc, and has salvaged a solar panel while leaving Metru Nui.

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  • Kilo is welcome. May kilo break many temple puzzles. 

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    • Name: Jephro
    • Species: Toa of Gravity
    • Faction: Metru-Nui
    • Brief Description: Jephro's armor is purple and smooth. He wears a mask of sensory aptitude, and keeps his swords on his back.
    • Background/Occupation: Jephro was one of the many new toa created to combat the league's spread. Not long after gaining his powers he moved to Metru Nui to help make a stand. 
    • Flaws: Jephro is still learning how to use his elemental powers. He also tends to think negatively.  
    • Powers: Has control of the element of gravity. Wears a mask of sensory aptitude, which grants him enhanced sight, hearing, and smell. He wields dual short swords.

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  • Jephro approved, @Azibo your korkaliga is good too. 

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