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A vista of Kini-Nui from the Mata Nui Online Game
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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • Synopsis:

    One week has passed since the events of Six Kingdoms: Escapement.

    Past, present, and future collide in the Time Between Time on an island called Zakaz. Broken worlds drift closer as paradoxical alternative timelines collapse, and island denizens live short and violent lives seeking out a meager existence. Thousands of years ago the skakdi migrated to a new island after utterly destroying their homeland. They drove the local populations of matoran and toa nearly extinct and named their new island Zakaz as homage to their original home. Now, the desecrated wasteland tribes of the Skakdi-Xa ride their scrap-built vehicles and Advanced Combat Rigs through the dunes in search of Energy Sources to keep powering their machines. Miserix, an elder Aspect, guides the wastelands from his containment sphere prison. The Barraki Pridak and Ehlek seek to rebuild their once great empire. The refugees who fled the apocalyptic crash of Mata-Nui’s skull into Zakaz seek a new life and the answers hidden within ancient temples scattered across the island that show predictions of their arrival. The Aspects of Makuta scheme and plot from their cursed homes in the Kumu Islets...


    How To Play:

    Like many "Play By Post" RPG games on BZPower, we use a system of Out Of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC) for notifying readers when our writing is as ourselves or from our characters' perspectives. Please be patient between posts, allowing everyone else involved in the scene a chance to reply before continuing. The main focus of this game is a compelling narrative written together. This places more power in the hands of the players: you may describe the environments as you see fit, as long as pre-established in-game descriptions by other players, the GM, or Bionicle canon is not broken. By contributing our individual ideas we create a beautiful living world together. 

    If you have an idea for a plot, write it because I believe in you. If you get greedy I'll step in and bring things back into perspective.


    The Reliable Narrator:

    When interacting with the world of Six Kingdoms: Rebirth (SKR), you may find your character is responded to by the Reliable Narrator. This is a game master describing the actions of your character and the responses to them by the rest of the world. Examples of the Reliable Narrator include descriptions of new locations your characters enter, rising tension, or sudden commentaries on events to shed new light on the story. The Reliable Narrator is similar to a Game Master (GM) in more standard table-top roleplaying games (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Fate Core). 


    All Playable Locations Are In This Single IC Topic:


    Art by Rube (@art_rube)


    GSR Head/Metru Nui Ruins:

    Split off from its body by asteroid impacts and the wear and tear of millenia adrift in space, the head of Mata-Nui plunged into a rapidly decaying orbit, eventually entering the atmosphere and impacting on the Western half of the island of Zakaz. Metru-Nui, contained in the cranium, already ravaged by the Barraki’s invasion, was devastated by the impact. As the head fell, the entire island was flung forward and the combined force of the outer and inner impact cracked open the skull of the GSR, causing the silver sea to leak out and parts of the island to jut out of the opening.

    • Ta-Metru, already damaged by a terrorist attack and deliberately sabotaged to halt the league’s advance into the city of legends, has been reduced  to slag after the impact. The great forges and refineries exploded or ruptured, spilling molten steel like lava, destroying what was left of the once-great Metru. Whatever wasn’t utterly destroyed has been salvaged or scavenged by the survivors. Consider this Metru dead.
    • Onu-Metru and its great archives had already been a dangerous place that was impossible to monitor properly. After the league invasion and subsequent massacre, this was even more true. Now, after the impact, the area has become an underground maze of collapsed tunnels, rifts, and all manner of Rahi freed from their stasis tubes by the loss of power. Only the brave or foolish venture here to salvage what little is left. Nobody lives here.
    • Po-Metru was devastated alongside Onu-Metru when the massive underground archives collapsed for the most part. Broken statues reflecting broken dreams litter its ruins. Consider this area dead.
    • Ga-Metru was left mostly intact during the invasion, thanks to the non-violent manner of Takadox’ takeover. Most of the damage here occurred during the sudden draining of the silver sea after the impact, causing many structures to collapse, though a number of the scholarly buildings remain. The great temple somehow managed to survive as well, serving as a refuge for a great number of survivors. However, it is now sitting on dry land, at a slant on the massive pillars that held it aloft in the sea. This is where most of the Barraki’s forces have made their new home.
    • Le-Metru and Ko-Metru took the brunt of the impact and are now a massive tilted maze of fallen skyscrapers and broken chutes, jutting out of the ‘wound’ in the GSR skull. Effectively forming the entrance to the remains of the city, the league’s forces have begun fortifying the region and are slowly trying to salvage and rebuild these Metru to be habitable once again. They have managed to activate one chute, connecting the still functional Metru and Coliseum.
    • Coliseum: What used to be the center of Matoran civilization is now largely defunct, but remains one of the only parts of the city that settled level after the impact. In addition, the Barraki managed to reactivate one of the Vahki hives contained within and several of the major functional rooms, including the Cortex are intact. This is where Pridak has set up his throne and is planning his next moves. Pridak's throne room is specifically in Dume's old office on the Private Floor 50 (of the 100 floors above ground). The broken glass floor to ceiling windows have been replaced in the past week, but construction continues on a section of the roof that caved in. Pridak moved the piloting chair from the Cortex into this space, and uses it as his new throne. The throne room sits level with where the pupil would be in the empty eye socket of the GSR skull, allowing Pridak a view of the world beyond.


    Zakaz once represented a beautiful tropical island, but thousands of years of conquest, disregard for the environment, and the crash of the GSR's skull changed things. The Northern half is a desolate wasteland of dunes and rocky plateaus. The deserts of the North are easy to get lost in, and the skakdi who live there in warbands live in fear of giant, burrowing sand worms and other monstrous rahi. The Southern half of the island is scraggly plains, toxic bogs, and putrid marshland. Banyan trees and other plants grow in a massive forest over the marshes. The center of the island is home to an active volcano whose magma runs to the East. A forest of charred trees remains in the cooled magma. The entire Western side of the island's mountain ranges were flattened by the crash of the GSR from space, and now a great moat of toxic liquid from the Silver Sea surrounds the impact zone. Underneath the island are warrens and caverns of rahi and Masi.

    Each region, of which there were once six, has two temples. These are built in the matoran style the Refugees remember from their lives in the GSR. Find and explore them for more details to be posted below. A shortlist of locations on Zakaz are listed here. See below the short list for an expanded description of each region.

    • Refugee Camps: small camps have popped up across Zakaz housing refugees from Metru-Nui. These are places to regroup, survive, and find a new place to call home.
    • Metru Koro: one of the refugee camps, led by Turaga Sans.
    • Ruins of Ice (511): this ziggurat is on the western side of Zakaz.
    • Irnakk’s tooth: Named after the nightmare creature, the tallest mountain towers over the center of the island. Being volcanic in origin, it is honeycombed by cave systems containing all sorts of mysteries. The Nightmare Pits are located within this cave system. (See Ash Barrens)
    • The Rig: Located just off of the eastern coast, accessible by a ramshackle bridge, this assembly of scrap metal is home to one of the major Skakdi factions. Half anchored to the sea floor by foundational pillars and chains and half floating on massive pontoons, the Skakdi use jury rigged wave energy generators, underwater turbines and other scrapper tech to power their habitat. As a recent addition, salvaged forge tech from Ta-Metru now dumps slag and waste into the coastal waters. Beings unfortunate enough to wind up on the Riggers bad side hang from chains or spend the end of their days in cages suspended from outriggers, until they expire. Their remnants are left as warnings.
    • Fort Nektann: The Warskaks desert stronghold in the far North. Built into the natural terrain surrounding the oasis supplying the warband with water, this Skakdi village could be called almost quaint, if it weren’t for the spiked metal walls surrounding it and the fleet of wasteland raiding vehicles they operate. 
    • The Under Hive: deep below the surface of Zakaz are the Mesi’s fungal caverns and villages. These tunnels extend the length of Zakaz, and surface dwellers can be seen caving in entrances regularly to try and shun the Mesi away. Mesi also pose a problem to the Barraki as they can access the underside of the broken GSR’s skull.
    • The Fau Swamps: the Southern half of the island is covered in a toxic bog. Ancient temples and ruined towers extend above the canopies of massive banyan groves.
    • The Kumu Islets: these islands are the home of the Aspects of Makuta. Ruined temples dot the landscape, with labyrinths below. The skakdi dare not venture to these islands, instead performing the rites of desecration when Aspects visit the mainland. Natural hot springs of liquid antidermis exist in the islets.
    • Aqua Sphere: a strange floating glass sphere hangs above the island of Zakaz, high above the cloud line. It can be seen glinting far away on sunny dies. It travels in a mysterious pattern that defines normal weather and provides rain to the island below. The rain, however,  makes anything living younger. A trail of sapling plants and baby rahi is often left behind the rain's path from the Aqua Sphere. Treasures undoubtedly exist in this broken floating sphere for those brave enough to venture into the sky.
    • Kini Nui: the central temple of the Builders, and a site of great history and power. You can access the Far Shore expansion from here.


    The Ash Barrens:

    The desolate region to the East of the Zakaz’s active volcano, nothing grows in this hospitable land. The steam of constantly cooling lava fills the air with noxious vapors, and burned and petrified forests cover the view. No skakdi lives here, not even a very stupid one. Notable locations include:

    • Dead Forest: a once massive forest now petrified and covered in the ash of countless eruptions. The Dead Forest contains many mysteries, and even more corpses.
    • Fire Suva Temple: located in the center of the lava rivers flowing from Irnakk’s Tooth to the eastern coastline and cooling on the seaside.
    • Irnakk’s Tooth: named after the nightmare creature, the tallest volcano towers over the center of the island. It is honeycombed by cave systems containing all sorts of mysteries, including the infamous Nightmare Pits where skakdi perform the Rites Of The Tahtorak.
    • Ruins of Fire: a crumbling ziggurat ruin is located deep within the Dead Forest, and is one of the many ancient structures remaining from a time before the skakdi’s arrival. Untold mysteries are hidden within.
    • Valley of Bones: near the Southern edge of the Dead Forest lies a deep valley where the soldiers of a great conflict were buried in a mass grave. It is here Kal has made his new home and created his Blood Keep.

    Many hazards present themselves to travelers braving the cruel Ash Barrens. Irnakk’s Tooth is prone to frequent eruptions, leading to lava rivers flooding their banks. In the aftermath a poisonous smoke lingers for days, causing severe nausea and dizziness in acute mild exposures and anaphylactic shock and death in chronic and prolonged exposure. Beyond the terrain, mounds of Charcoal Beetles house colonies of fist-sized relatives of the hoto bug who are dangerous, deadly, and extremely territorial. Beyond the physical, the Ash Barrens are rumored to be haunted by dead forest spirits, and it is said they lead travelers to their death with sounds of chimes and childish laughter.


    The Fau Swamps: 

    The Southern end of Zakaz is covered in the bogs, marshes, and toxic waterways making the Fau Swamps. The waters are murky, filthy, and full of garbage. The marshland northern border of this region quickly becomes a blossoming fungal jungle clouded in acid rains, and toxic spores fill the air. Large trees with massive sprawling roots act as the solid base for much of the ecosystem. The rahi in the Fau Swamps are dangerous, mutating with successive generations, and mostly giant insects. Locals know to make as few sounds as possible so as to avoid gathering the attention of an insect swarm. Large conical nui rama hives dotting the Fau Swamps are best avoided. Notable known locations include:

    • Mar-Koro: the secretive village of Gaius and other indigenous matoran villagers living in hiding from the warring skakdi of the rest of Zakaz. By the owning player’s request, Mar-Koro is not a playable location at this time.
    • Sorilax’s Village: an Aspect living in the Fau Swamps has assembled a small village of under fifty refugees from the fallen head of Mata Nui. Sorilax teaches the refugees how to survive in the Fau Swamps, but how long his project will last no one can say.
    • Radiation Zone: after the fight with the gargantuan manas crab, Giruga, the hex (4,6) became full of toxic radiation. Simply passing through this hex will give your characters radiation poisoning. They will need to seek immediate medical attention once exiting the hex.
    • Grand Temple Ruins: Ancient temples and ruined towers extend above the canopies of the Fau Swamps as part of a massive ancient complex of unknown purpose. No one, not even the indigenous population, can remember when these structures were built. A hive of territorial nui rama built their nest inside a portion of the ruin, posing as a threat to visitors. Toa Stannis spent a short period of time looking at the ruins on his own after the Great Impact, and what he deduced from the temple walls greatly disturbed him. Explore these ruins to learn more!
    • Suva Temple: hidden somewhere in the Fau Swamps is the Suva Temple for the region. Explore to find it!
    • Desecration Rock: a spit of dark granite that juts into the sea from the southernmost point of Zakaz and has a  view of the Kumu Islets. The surface of the rock is covered in the carvings of Skakdi prayers and wishes, as well as various religious symbols. It is Zakazian custom for those seeking to form a pact with an Aspect to make the dangerous trek to Desecration Rock and fast there until an Aspect forms a pact with them. Some Aspects will wait until a Zakazian is delirious with thirst and hunger before approaching.

    Very few make a life in the Fau Swamps, and are destined to succumb to a multitude of illnesses from their toxic environment. Two of the most common are Corodi and Brachel Spurs. Corodi is caused by breathing in toxic spores and turns organic tissue to glass over a process of several years. The glass breaks and shatters inside the body, killing those suffering from the inside. Brachel Spurs are painful growths that form on the inorganic matter of a protoderm, most commonly on the soles of the feet. Some healers say the spurs are actually polyps for an infectious worm that lives in the marshy waters. The only known alleviations for Corodi are regular healing sessions using a kanohi kiril or slowing but not stopping the transformation by chewing the root of a plant found in the Fau Swamps. The only known cure for Brachel Spurs is a mask of healing and avoiding the waters of the Fau Swamps.


    ... And so with all the fiddly bits out of the way, let's play!


    Updated Zakazian Map (new coordinates) with environmental effects




    Legacy map (old coordinates) for reference




    Zakaz Hexmap Daily Hex.png


    Expansion: Unlocked November, 2020

    The Far Shore:

    The Far Shore is a location beyond the reality of the multiverse. It’s a realm where the universe verifies the resolution of all possible realities. Buildings fade in and out of focus and time, being both decayed and built simultaneously. Stars and constellations swirl within everything. Colors of objects and locations blend and change, never quite settling on a permanent appearance. What matters most in this realm is your will. Rather than physics, the strength of one’s will can overcome all possibilities.

    There are two solidified timelines within the Far Shore accessible via the portal in Kini-Nui. Speak with Nuju near the portal for more information about his hunt for the Makoki Stones.

    List of Optional Matoran Principles Prompts:


    • Duty 
    • Courage 
    • Strength
    • Unity 
    • Speed
    • Purity
    • Faith 
    • Accuracy
    • Strategy 
    • Creation
    • Destiny
    • Prosperity
    • Stamina
    • Peace
    • Willpower


    Timeline "A" Available Option Prompts:

    • Destiny
    • Prosperity
    • Strength

    Timeline "B" Available Option Prompts:

    • Purity
    • Creation
    • Willpower


    Running Far Shore Adventures:

    Entering the Far Shore changes its reality, meaning each time you visit is different!

    Each short adventure in the Far Shore has a selection of randomly determined prompts. A Game Master determines the timeline, the central conflict, and the twist by using random tables. Players who’ve returned from an adventure in the opposite timeline can provide three optional prompts as well. You and everyone else who entered the Far Shore with you use the combined prompts to construct a short adventure. As long as the core conflict is resolved, there is no minimum adventure length. Game Masters will determine if the story is fairly concluded in cases of obvious system abuse.

    Tag a Game Master in the post where you enter the portal to the Far Shore. There are four parts of each adventure in the Far Shore determined by Game Masters using random tables: 

    • The Timeline: determines A or B
    • The Element: determines the primary element of the region.
    • The Conflict: determines what must be overcome
    • The Twist: determines what complicates the resolution

    Once you’ve been assigned your prompts, it’s up to you and your friends to create the short adventure in the Far Shore!

    Need a suggestion on combining prompts? Feel free to contact a Game Master in the OOC topic if you need assistance.


    The Timeline:

    This fifty-fifty chance places you randomly in timeline A or timeline B. The same timeline can only be run twice in a row before the opposite timeline if chosen. You are only able to interact with other Player Characters that entered at the same time as you and in the same timeline.


    The Element:

    This table determines the primary elemental alignment of the region. You determine how this affects the region of the adventure. You and your fellow players decide the details of your adventure’s setting. Characters with the same element as the one rolled for the adventure gain a temporary boost to their elemental-based abilities during the adventure.


    The Conflict: 

    This table determines what must be overcome. There are a few core conflicts, which can be interpreted as you wish during your adventure, but must be resolved to conclude your adventure. These conflicts are the six forms of conflict in Western literary fiction:

    • Character vs Self
    • Character vs Character
    • Character vs Nature
    • Character vs Supernatural
    • Character vs Technology
    • Character vs Society

    The antagonizing force, or the villain, of your adventure in the Far Shore is based on this central conflict. You may choose how these conflicts are approached, explored, and resolved while keeping the final prompt in mind.


    The Twist:

    This final random prompt determines what complicates the central conflict of your adventure in the Far Shore. This complication changes how you view the conflict, as well as perhaps how to resolve it. Work the twist into how you resolve the central conflict of your adventure in the Far Shore. 

    • Be careful what you wish for
    • The cake is a lie
    • Genuine Imposter
    • The story that never was
    • Yank the dog’s chain
    • Random twist from TV Tropes


    Ending Your Adventure:

    Once the conflict is resolved, your adventure in the Far Shore comes to an end. Your characters travel through a portal back into the Time Between Time at the end of your adventure. They cannot bring anything from the Far Shore back to the Time Between Time except the loot they are rewarded after the adventure. 

    Tag a Game Master in your final post for the adventure. A Game Master will read the adventure to make sure all the required prompts were used. If everything is concluded properly, a Game Master will post in the OOC topic regarding your rewards. You will receive awesome loot equal to the number of Player Characters that participated plus the number of optional player prompts used based on a random loot table.

    At the end of your adventure as a group, pick three matoran principles charms that have been unused (used is indicated by the strikethrough effect) in the opposite timeline you were assigned. Provide the list of three matoran principles to a Game Master so they can properly update the available optional prompts for the correct timeline. If the same timeline is run multiple times in a row, do not choose new charms at the end of the adventure. A certain timeline cannot be run more than twice in a row. If GMs roll the A or B timeline more than twice in a row, they will assign the other less played timeline in order to balance charms across both timelines.

    The next adventuring group may choose to use up to three of the currently available matoran principle charms for their respective timeline (A or B) during their next short adventure. Once all of the optional prompts are used in a given timeline, the next short adventure will be run by a Game Master and will guarantee the Far Shore Makoki Stone as a reward.


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    Far Shore
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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Zakaz - Metru-Koro -

    "Everything had changed a week ago, Skyra's world had going completely uh...sideways, in the most literally way possible too. (I can't believe I lived inside a giant head...) But now, Skyra was exploring a completely new land, with her super hot Toa of fire wife, Rose. They'd been married by a strange, blue Turaga named Sans, who was actually a pretty cool guy. (Thanks Sans) After Skyra saved him (And the Mask of Creation, you're welcome gamers), he'd been pretty talkative, almost as talkative as me...I mean Skyra. Ahem. Anyway, the newly wed couple came to this new island, and are totally going to conquer it, one step at a time!" 

    Skyra turned around to face Rose (And whoever else happened to be around), "So how did I do? Was that a good inner monologue?"

    @Tarn@Azibo@And anyone else who wants to be here?

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC: Vent - Zakaz Refugee Camps ("Rolling Around At The Speed Of Sound")


    Skyra would feel the wind breaking before everyone else did, as a figure blasted through the refugee camp at incredible high speeds.

    The Tiokaha Bullet came to a halt just before crashing into the group of Rose, Skyra and the others, hopping off the board and catching the nose with a free hand, the other wiping their lenses clean with a giant grin on their face. Dust had gathered around them upon their landing.

    "Hey, how's it going?" They smiled. "Like the speech, a little on the long side, though."

    OOC: @Snelly


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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Zakaz - Metru-Koro -

    "Thanks!" Skyra said cheerfully to this...person. "Who are you anyway?"

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro (Introductions)

    "Oh, the name's Vent. Speed demon, wanderer, all that fun stuff. You guys got any food I can bum off you? I'm super hungry, haven't eaten in a few days!"

    They talked very fast, golden eyes wide in a constant adrenaline high.

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC Kanohi - Metru-Nui Refugee camp

    Um, Kanohi, I’m sorry for the trouble, but last night’s dust storm broke windmill a blade. We worry throwing a disk at it might break it. Would you mind, if it’s not much trouble—“ 

    It’s okay, it is no trouble. I will help.” 

    Thank you. For everything.

    Th-thank you. But I am just doing what I can.” What little that was.

    Kanohi did not stand yet, his leg had been a bit damaged by the literal Fall of Metru-Nui, it was mending but his fully strength was not back yet. He reached into his rows of broken masks, and pulled a disk engraved with a Noble Kiril on it. He held it in front of him, and his fingers turned a gear built into its rim. The disk unfolded into four conjoined segments arranged like a long staff with two semi-circles on each end.

    He shoved it against the ground and shakily stood up, before walking across the village. It was small, much of it built by a Toa of Stone who had left to help other villages. Tnpse huts were literally made from the Toa causing flat spikes to grow from the ground, forming crude tents, Kanohi made his way through the village, before spotting the broken windmill at its center . It was a crude thing, made of scrap from Metru-Nui, its blades made from old Vahki staffs, and it hung more than spun now.

    Kanohi eyed the structures of the camp, before walking behind a stone hut. With a aim of his hands he fired a ball of gravity at the hut, vaulting it over it. He flew through the air, streaking past the windmill to get a better view. Finally, satisfied, he hooked the windmill itself and grappled up to it.

    He hung off the structure, before pressing his staff towards the broken blade. With a press of a button built into his handle, the staff glowed, and energy seeped into the windmill’s blade. Slowly the mechanism regenerated, metal growing from the stump like Toa Fehagah’s own power.

    As the windmill began to blow again the building rattled and shook, knocking Kanohi around. Before it could break he released his grip, before hooking another hut. He was whipped around to latch to the hut, before releasing his hold and smacking to the ground.

    Thank you.

    It’s nothing. I … I am just going to lay here for a little bit. And um, if those heroes I told you about arrive…”

    If your companions appear, you will be the first to know.

    Thank you, Kanohi nodded vaguely, though his hands fluttered with unease. They weren’t really his companions, more like mentors. Still he just laid slumped against this hut, formed from three rocks jetting from the barren ground. The Fe-Matoran folded up his staff and just laid propped up there, panting, already tired beyond his years.


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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC: Rose - Metru-Koro

    She simply nodded along as her wife spoke, a smile planted on her Hau.

    "So how did I do? Was that a good inner monologue?"

    "Was great, hun," Rose replied. The Toa of Fire was out of her mechsuit, which currently sat inside their love shack they'd holed up in know. "You have the best inner monologues," she continued, before turning to meet the new arrival. Looked like a Toa, but wasn't a Toa, and was wearing a noble Garai. "Uh, well, I don't have anything on me at the moment..." Rose said, then looking at Skyra, "...but we have stuff back at our place, right Sky? Wouldn't hurt to invite 'em over for a bit, I think."

    The pair were essentially on honeymoon in this new and...odd place. Wasn't quite the vacation Rose would've asked for, but it was certainly something. Having to leave behind what she knew was a bit hard, but this island offered a whole new experience for Rose and her wife, despite its dangers. And how did it go again? For better or for worse..

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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Metru-Koro -

    "Vent huh, interesting name..." Skyra though his name was super weird, she looked at Rose. "..sure why not, I'm hungry anyway. You can come with us to our place and eat something if you want." She offered Vent. 


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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • IC:Pardehi - Metro Koro

    Pardehi rose to his feet, golden sunlight shining on his maskless face. He cursed, looking out the window. It was at least 10 o'clock, probably later. He lifted his komau to his face, securing it tightly over his head with both hands. The surge of strength he felt from the mask was reassuring, though it did little to quell the throbbing pain in the back of his head. He stumbled out of bed, making his way to the small medicine cabinet across the hall. Empty Amana Volo spheres clattered about at his feet. Fumbling with the doors to the cabinet, he unfastened a small glass jar, swallowing dark, ovoid pills. With luck his headache would subside within the next few hours. For now, he had work to do.

    After he had completely cleared the study of empty AV spheres, he sat down at the edge of his workbench, staring vacantly into space. He stared up at the clock. About half past noon. Surely, there would be need for his services in the village. He gathered up his medical equipment, and stepped outwards into the light.




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    Six Kingdoms: Rebirth - Gameplay
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  • OOC: Sans Intro Music

    IC: Sans, Metru-Koro

    "Very good, Onepu, thank you."  Onepu was formerly an Archivist, though now he had assumed the role of chief Ussal Crab Wrangler.  Sans scuttled away on the back of his new personal steed, a brown-and-tan Ussal crab which he named Papy.  The crab seemed to make happy little chirps, "nyeh nyeh heh," while Sans rode him.  For the past day, several members of this impromptu village had realized the usefulness of riding these willing Rahi to and fro, and this one in particular seemed to enjoy giving Sans rides.  Maybe it just liked the feeling of Turaga Sans' new robes.  Whatever the reason, Sans was happy to find joy in this Rahi's existence, and the duo caused many smiling faces as they rode about Metru-Koro, seeing to whatever tasks needed extra attention or organizing.  Sans was pleased to see the Matoran smiling again, after all they had been through.

    Some time after blacking out, Sans awoke with Skyra, Rose, and his new impromptu Toa Team companions standing over him, with a Vahki administering some form of medical aid inside the Colosseum's hospital.  They told him of the situation- the world itself was crumbling, and many of the Matoran amassed at the Colosseum needed leadership.  Sans had slept through some Great Cataclysm, but the City of Legends was now a City of Rubble.  Escaped Archives exhibits ran rampant, the oceans themselves began washing over the land; chaos was everywhere, and Sans would help as many escape as they could.  His cape was so torn he just threw it into a nearby bin, donning instead some spare robes of the deceased Turaga Dume that lay in waiting in the hospital wing.  Sans and the Toa all worked to safely get the Matoran out.  They found themselves on a new land... some strange island.  Sans couldn't stop laughing when he learned they had just walked out of a massive skull.  Apparently, they were all living inside some ginormous robot, which tickled Sans to no end.  

    The first few days were spent exploring the immediate surroundings.  The survivors originally hoped to set up a camp just outside the robot's head, but after fending off several attacks by more of the same undead monsters, they elected to move inland a bit.  So it was, Sans saw the Matoran work together to build a new, large Koro for everyone to live in for the time being.  Streets were beginning to naturally form and a few different districts were developing.  A set of walls composed of sharped wood and the rare massive rock had been erected around the entire village, which Sans dubbed "Metru-Koro."  They had an area outside of the walls where they began to organize and herd several domestic and beneficial Rahi species, a new Archives being dug out of a shallow cave within the village where, instead of exotic exhibits, Matoran were displaying personal monuments to remember their former lives and the loved ones they lost.  Some Onu-Matoran were beginning to call this places the "Archaves," or "Arcaves," though Sans was unsure how well this title would stick, let alone how to spell it.  Down a ways, the Ta-Matoran led an initiative to set up a few makeshift forgeries, again, aided by the powers of the Toa.  In time, these forges would become more efficient, and new tools and Kanoka and Kanohi might be crafted there, but for the time being, the forges acted as a universal repair center, where scraps of random materials and Kanoka and Kanohi salvaged from Metru-Nui could be reshaped to serve new purposes.  This was going to be an invaluable skill, since there was a surplus of scavenged Kanohi and Kanoka for now, but only time would tell how long those stores would last.  Many new materials were still being brought back in shipments thanks to the work of some of the Toa and warriors who aided Metru-Nui during its final hour, though Sans was reluctant to continue allowing these expeditions. 

    Not that Sans could really tell anyone what to do.  He had been a leader in the Great Migration out of Metru-Nui due to necessity.  Maybe it was Dume's robes he wore, or just the fact of him being a Turaga, but the Matoran seemed glad to follow his commands.  He had led a village once before, and wondered what became of those old friends of his.  Now, though, he needed to fulfill a more traditional role in this new society.  He was still sore enough from his previous adventure to keep him from running off anytime soon!

    There had been several scouting parties out into the greater island as well- which most of all, revealed this was indeed an island, though a very large one.  Much larger than Metru-Nui, maybe even rivaling the Southern Continent in size.  Sans wasn't a surveyor nor a cartographer, so he wouldn't try and accurately figure this issue out.  San was satisfied enough to know this island was big and had room for everyone.  Everyone, though, included some natives.  One scouting party was completely wiped out, save for one cigar-smoking Le-Matoran who returned.  This Matoran, Orkham, claimed that he had to trade his cigars (which apparently he had worked so hard to save during the Great Migration) to this traveling band of marauders just to save his own life, with a promise of more (which he obviously lied about).  One of these marauders came to Metru-Koro to collect that payment, but was fought off by the resident Toa.  It appeared that some unknown Skakdi-variant live don this island, and they might be even nastier than the normal kind, if that was even possible.  Sans was just happy that the walls had been constructed by then, else more harm may have come to the already harmed Matoran.  Sans ended the exploratory expeditions after this, though the Toa were free to move as they pleased.

    So now, a week later, Sans was scuttling about on the back of an Ussal, checking in on the Matoran and helping where he could, even if it was just a joking splash of water to an unsuspecting Matoran or Toa's face.  Sans knew that he had to keep the people laughing, else all hope be lost.  As long as they not only survived, but thrived, then the Heart of Mata-Nui was never truly dead.  He had seen many of the now-familiar faces of the Toa throughout the emerging village.  Some, like his friends Korruhn and Leklo, kept disappearing off outside the city walls to go train together.  Others, like Skyra and Rose, had helped construct new buildings.  Those two first helped build a sort of modest temple, spending all day collecting pretty flowers and plants to adorn the walls and windows with.  It was there that they asked Sans to marry them, and hey, why not, Sans figured.  So they had a cute little ceremony, and the two joked about going off on some honey moon, though where they had in mind, Sans had no clue.

    Sans stopped along the main, busy road to check out... a booth?  A Ta-Matoran he recognized as Kapura had set up some kind of shop!  Money was probably useless at this point, but this abnormal Ta-Matoran had set up a small booth selling... seashells? "Kapura's Conches," the sign read. Kapura explained to Sans that he spent all morning collecting interesting shells by the beach and was selling them here as a meme.  Sans approved of the motivation, but warned Kapura to not stray from the village for long, and certainly not during any time within a few hours of nightfall.  They still didn't know what was out there, and the happiness Kapura was bringing would be exponentially overshadowed by the sorrow of his loss.  "I don't want to have to make an Archives exhibit out of one of these shells," Sans warned him, and Kapura slowly nodded, understanding the meaning behind the words. 

    Sans eventually made it back to his hut at the center of Metru-Koro, parking his pet Papy outside in a cozy little fenced-in area he had constructed for the loyal companion.  The hut itself was large enough that Toa wouldn't have to crane their necks once inside, but not so large as to be considered grand.  Sans personally didn't care for an elaborate set up, but he figured that some sort of decoration was needed so as to give a sense of authority to the building.  The Matoran needed structure, and Sans would play the part he needed to help them.  Once inside, he grabbed an empty mug and conjured some water inside it to drink.  He checked a locked chest he had by his bedside to see if its hidden contents remained- which, yes, the Mask of Creation was still there, along with an over-the-shoulder bag for which he could carry it in if needed.  He was thankful Skyra hadn't taken it from him, back in Ko-Metru.  

    Sans sat in the quiet of his hut, and reflected again on the dangers Metru-Koro faced.  They were always improving their defenses, and in time might have a fairly secure settlement here on what the marauder called Zakaz.  Ehlek was still alive, and some even whispered that Pridak, too survived his fight with Sans.  A troubling thought, but until he had some proof, one Barraki warlord was all the threat Sans needed to know they should all be wary of venturing back into the giant robot head.  Not to mention the undead, plaguing the area around and within the ruins of Metru-Nui.  And then there were these natives themselves.  A lot of enemies, and the good guys seemed to be struggling just to survive.  "It'll get easier, in time... hopefully,  huhuhuhuhu," Sans spoke to himself.  There was a long road ahead, maybe even an endless one, or a road leading off a cliff.  Wherever the road may take them, though, Sans was ready to safely lead the Matoran of Metru-Koro on it.  "Unity, Duty, Destiny," Sans reminded himself.  "If that's all we've got, we've got all we need."

    OOC: Sans is open for interaction!

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  • IC: Datrox Karvan - Somewhere in Metru-Koro

    I sat under the shade of tent cover, legs crossed and my hands clasped together, my eyes shut tightly, as if I was in desperate prayer. My armor looked pristine, especially compared to my surroundings, and yet I could still feel the ghosts of old wounds even now.

    It was all so much to take in, even after a week of debating with myself.

    God wasn't dead...God couldn't be dead. He was the Great Spirit, the one who'd given me my second chance...if it hadn't been for Him, I would still be lying in that Ta-Metru street, dead. Unless it was all...circumstances. I sighed deeply. Iradra had saved me, not God. And what was left of God was now a mechanical head resting in the dirt like a gravestone, staring us down in a fashion almost mocking my faith. I had come to the Light for guidance, to assist me in a time I felt most lost, and He had turned out to be nothing more than a giant robot who never even knew my name.

    My convictions would not be affected by this. My morals were my morals, and I would never lapse far enough to be the man I once was. I knew now it was folly to try and erase my identity from history to solve my sins. I was Datrox Karvan of the Toa Rode--I would always be Datrox Karvan of the Toa Rode. My comrades would not be forgotten, not even here in this far-off place of confusion and misery and scattered peoples looking for salvation and answers. I hoped Tanaya and Eroni were resting well after joining the fight to push back the League, the brave souls they were, now gone from this world. I hoped Kavi had survived as I had, and was here on this island somewhere seeking refuge and that we'd meet again and speak of old times. I hoped Nale, the one whose forgiveness I seeked most, had found a life better than what I could have ever offered her. 

    I hoped that, if there was such a place (although I doubted it now), Sevrehn was burning in Karzahni.

    I opened my eyes, and they adjusted to the sunlight after being closed for so long. Orange optics scanned the crowd moving around me. Refugees, all trying to make life here seem...normal, now. Make life here make sense. I got to my feet. Datrox Karvan would still be needed to protect them, whether I had God with me or not.

    OOC: Datrox open for interaction, for anyone in Metru-Koro interested.

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  • IC: Zaliyah - The Coliseum

    The Hordika paced back and forth across the balcony of what had once been Turaga Dume's office. The ruined expanse of the City of Legends was stretched out before her, cold and quiet. She had dreamed of this moment, of looking down upon the shining city, seeing those who had once stood at the top of the world brought to their knees.

    That dream felt hollow now. 

    Everything they'd stood for, everything they'd fought for, was gone, snatched away by unfathomable circumstances. So many of their numbers lost, the universe they'd unified now beyond their reach, the League of Six Kingdoms reduced to barely two. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right. 

    In the first days since arriving in this strange wasteland, Zaliyah had kept to herself, aimlessly wandering the archives, crying and screaming and raging, letting The Id run free among the other beasts roaming below. But when the sorrow and anger were gone, all she was left with was a sense of hollow emptiness, a yearning to reclaim all that had been taken from her. 

    There had to be a way forward.

    There had to be a way back.


    IC: Sidra - Refugee Camp

    Guilt was something that Sidra hadn't had to deal with for a long time. The killing hadn't bothered her when it was for a cause, when she'd been part of something. But now she was utterly alone, considered an enemy by most of those around her, just as she had been before joining the Dark Hunters.

    It hurt, having come so far only to end up right back where she'd started. 

    What hurt more was the question of whether she had somehow caused all of this. If she hadn't interfered, if she had allowed the Toa to use their machine, could this all have been avoided, or would it have led to something even worse? She didn't know, and she had no way of knowing, which made the issue weigh on her all the more. 

    But there was nothing she could do to change the past, and little she could do to contribute around the camps. So she rose the stone on which she sat, dusted herself off, and started to move off into the wasteland, towards the nearest of the temples she had heard about. There had to be something out there, somewhere, that could lead them all home. If she helped find it, perhaps she could earn some measure of redemption? 

    Searching would give her purpose, at the very least, and for now, that was enough. 

    OOC: Both open for interaction. Xane post coming soon. 

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  • IC Stannis | Metru Koro

    Like a dark specter from the past, the shadowy cloaked form of the Wanderer materialized from out of the wasteland and strode through the outskirts of the cobbled-together refugee city with the confidence of someone who planned the layout. He was walking seemingly aimlessly, as though looking for something, though nobody could be quite sure what, or even if he was actively seeking anything in particular. Stannis spoke to nobody, he simply meandered on his mission, though some people undoubtedly recognized the famed Toa Wizard and murmured amongst themselves. 

    Since the sudden revelation and abrupt collapse of the Mata Nui robot head upon the desolate landscape of the planet below Stannis had busied himself with understanding the situation as best he could. Guided by his intuition, he had surveyed the island and observed its denizens from afar, reticent to confront them and by far wishing to simply explore than combat the forces his kind would be up against, and to best check on the status of the extant Barraki kings. That was his nature; rarely did Stannis ever directly fight, instead much preferring to be a supporter and educator to enable Matoran-folk and toa alike to best fight their own battles. Though, as seen on Metru Nui a mere week before, he was perfectly capable of combat if pressed to service. Already a small caravan of Skakdi had discovered just how powerful the old toa was, regrettably. 

    One place he had not yet inspected was the main refugee camp, however. Eager to discuss the future of the matoran refugees now that he had garnered some little intelligence, he finally arrived to Metru Koro. He'd heard some small rumblings that the seasoned Turaga Sans had taken Dume's mantle of leadership, since the warlord Zataka had gone missing since the fight with Kalmah and there was a vacuum of leadership that desperately needed for be filled. Stannis had known of Sans, mostly as a contemporary freedom fighter who had lent his comical wisdom towards the safe passage of a few villages fleeing from the Six Kingdom's crusades, and appreciated his astute observance of the Three Virtues. Of his time as a toa, Stannis could remember some stories of a smart man who's main accomplishments were protecting villages from rampant Rahi, and being a sage like guardian for the underserved. Of course, they had met only briefly in Dume's office, and what small degree of comradeship they shared then assured Stannis that the turaga was at least a good man who cared about the Matoran's well being. Of course, so had Dume, and Lhikan. Plenty of good people had made mistakes. Stannis hoped to help ensure the new elder did not make similar errors for the good of the people. And so, he sought Sans, to provide his counsel... and warnings of the things to come.

    He stopped in front of a hut smaller than most but a further ways apart from the rest, and then, as if guided by some unseen hand, Stannis knocked on the door.


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  • IC: Sans, Metru-Koro Turaga Hut

    "Come in!"  Sans was a little too achy to get up and answer the knock on the door.  He hoped whoever it was wouldn't mind.  He sipped his mug of water and prepared himself to officiate whatever business needed.

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua

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  • IC Kanohi - Po-Koro

    Kanohi rested against the wall of the stone tent, resting. The refugee camp was nicknamed Po-Koro, for the Toa of Stone who had built it. Kanohi had not been here then, he never saw the Toa, but a part of him hoped it had been Toa Stannis who built this shelter. That Toa Stannis was alive. That Toa Stannis would know what they should do.

    He … he was scared to meet him though. Toa Stannis had a faith Kanohi had lost, he believed in Mata-Nui. And Kanohi believed in the Matoran and the three virtues, but he … he didn’t know if he could believe in the Great Spirit anymore. Not after the war. Not after Mata-Nui’s head was tore apart like a leaf.

    He was so tired.

    But he was alive. And he had the Matoran. And the Matoran would have him. The age-Matoran drew his staff and thrust it down, shoving himself upright. He began to walk away, looking over the village.

    As he walked he could see a dust cloud in the distance, a messenger from Metru-Koro then? Kanohi had heard that a surviving Turaga lead the refugees there, using his mask of growth to carve shelters for his people from the island itself, used his element to keep the Matoran cool and to help crops grow. How much of that was true, he didn’t know, it had only been a week. But it was … nice to hear a wise Turaga was left after the universe had ended.

    Good news, Kanohi,” a voice called out. The Fe-Matoran turned to see a familiar Ta-Matoran running towards him, a mask in his hands.

    Yes, Tobduk Vakama?”

    You um, you don’t need to call me that. I’m … you saved me, I didn’t survive. Just a freak.” He mumbled that last part.

    Kanohi turned to him, and said, ”We both are cross-wired freaks, and we both survived. If the title makes you uncomfortable, believe me I understand, I will say it no more. But you are a survivor, you survived the end of the universe. You, all of us are Tobduk now.”

    Vakama blushed, finding the approaching hover bike suddenly much more interesting. Kanohi understood that, and just stood there with him. Finally Vakama said, “um, well, what I wanted to tell you was that disk you gave me, it wasn’t wasted. We have a spare mask now, it’s only a Matoran Kiril, no power, but it could keep one of us awake.

    Thank you, you have given us a lifeline.

    It’s um, just my job.

    Yes, and you did your Duty well. It means we do not have to be perfect, we can make more m-mistakes now, without dooming our people.

    Kanohi’s face beneath his many masks was a burnt crimson. He … he was no good at people skills, but he … he knew stuff like that had helped him, maybe it could help this Ta-Matoran mask maker. He … he hoped any of it helped. He so wished Toa Stannis would come to actually help the Matoran the right way. 

    How … how do you keep going? Without Mata-Nui. You saw his death the same as I? How do you endure?

    I … I try to focus on what I can change, what tasks I can manage to do. I am not a Toa, not a Turaga, but I-I can help my fellow Matoran. That gives me a reason to keep going. I think … Mata-Nui would want us to help one another, even in his absence.

    Vakama was quiet, as was Kanohi, and instead the two of stared off as the hover bike sputtered and shook as it traversed the rocks and sands of this land of Zakaz. It looked like it had suffered some wear and tear. He would mend it for the messenger, it was the least he could do. 



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  • IC: Vashni - Metru-Koro -

    Vashni arrived at the new village of Metru-Koro on her bike, parking it just inside the gates and stepping off. She'd spent a bit of time exploring further into the island, though even on her bike it she could only go so far before it proved too risky to venture further alone, quite a few of the natives she'd encountered were fairly hostile, thankfully her power set proved more than enough to keep them away from her. She seemed to have spooked them pretty bad after making one of them grow a tail...and then used her element to drive fear into their hearts...yeaaaaaaah. 

    At any rate, she was back. "I should see if anyone needs my assistance..." 

    OOC: Open for interaction. 

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  • IC Stannis | Metru Koro

    It didn't go as well the last time he rapped at an abode—he found the right person but they were not in the mood for guests, friends or not. Thankfully, this time was significantly better, and upon hearing that the inhabitant of the hut was at least receptive to guests Stannis opened the door and entered. 

    "Turaga Sans, I presume?" he said, stooping slightly in the confines of the hut. "Ah good, it is you. It is important that we speak."

    OOC @Azibo

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  • IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro

    A familiar face met Vashni at the gates, his sledgehammer hefted over his shoulder as always.

    "Welcome back, Vashni," Jutori said. "How are things out there?'


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  • OOC Music

    IC Yumiwak | The Rig

    You know what I really hate? Well... okay, to be fair, a lot of things. But for the sake of the this moment, let's consider things aside from a giant actual head falling from the heavens like some celestial prank that immediately dumped the living embodiment of herpes across this great land. Let's also discount the vitriol I hold towards matoran and their 'heroes,' all of whom have multiplied exponentially in the last week. You know what I really loathe? What really gets under my skin like sand up my butt crack? What drives me to levels of anger that my blood literally—literally—starts to boil? Being lied to.

    You know what I love? Muffins. The bigger, the juicer, the hotter, the better. Fresh from the oven is the best. Blueberry muffins with a sprinkling of chocolate chips? Oh yeah, that's my jam. I love watching them being made, admiring the careful measuring of ingredients to perfect ratios, the whipping of the batter with the spatula, the folding of fruit to the mix, the gentle rise as those buns grow in the oven. The fatter the fruit the tastier they are, and after being baked they are just begging to explode with sweet gooeyness in my mouth. 

    But when I go to a new baker's shoppe here in the Rig, just set up a few bridges away from my ship, and see they have made a batch of "blueberry chocolate sprinkle muffins," and one is given to me, and I take a bite expecting to savor the sweet taste of my favorite treat... 

    and discover they used food coloring to imitate blueberries with chopped-up apple and used karob chips instead of chocolate, and the whole thing was a bold. faced. lie...

    Well that makes me not happy. Angry Yumi. Ya dig?

    Also: Tortured baker.


    That out of the way, let's go back to the Matoran problem. They came with that head. I remember some old legends about the big robot, but the stories are so ancient it's hard to tell truth from myth anymore and I can't be sure that what they mention is how it really is. If they came, though, they're going to cause trouble. Whether we choose to use them as slaves, grind them into sausages, or just murder them like we've been doing all this time, we'll have to know more about them. 

    Figuring that some warbands probably met them and got to learn what these matoran are made of, maybe it's best I ask around and find out what others have been hearing and seeing. After all, we need to know our enemy. Hopefully there's something useful to learn in the central mall. 

    OOC Yumiwak up for interaction. She won't bite! 

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  • IC: Vashni - Metru-Koro -

    Vashni smiled as she saw a familiar face. “Ah, Jutori!” She gave the newer Toa a hug before looking at him. “I’m afraid things out there are pretty...hostile.”


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  • IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro

    "Yeah, I don't doubt it..." he replied. "Things have been pretty quiet here. I've been keeping watch over the gates to make sure nothing, uh, unwanted gets in. So far it's been clear."


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  • IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro 

    "Sweet!" They ignored the odd looks, giving a thumbs up. "I'll be out of your hair as quick as I can, after. pretty quick, so don't you worry. Or do worry, it's a bit late now though."

    They just kept talking.

    OOC: @Tarn @Snelly

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  • IC: Rose - Metru-Koro

    "Riiight," she said, "come along, kid. We'll get you something to munch on."

    Rose turned and started walking, taking Skyra's hand as she did.


    IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig

    The sycophantic blue Skakdi jogged up to Yumiwak. "Oi, Miss Yumi, you left me behind back there, you 'avin' a bit of internal monologue again, love? I do like me a bit of internal monologuin' from time to time, meself..."

    Like right now! I'm internal monologuing as we live an' breathe! Oi, what do I monologue about? Eh...oh! Yesterday, I had meself a right lovely dinner, a big fat juicy steak and blah blah blah...

    ...for a moment, Korio was staring off into space, grinning.

    "...oh, Miss Yumi, I've been tryin' to catch up with ya. What are we doin'?"


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  • IC: Xane - Approaching Metru Nui

    A wreath of mist hung low over the Silver Sea as the ramshackle schooner sliced a smooth path through the turbulent protodermis.

    Standing at the prow, cloaks and clothes flapping in the sea breeze, Xane and several of his companions watched the approaching lights, trepidation and anticipation filling them in equal measure. A dozen others were below decks, resting or preparing for the mission ahead. The group had seen no sign of the League of Six Kingdoms during their journey through the passage, it appeared that they had beaten the Barraki here.

    Their destination, the fabled City of Legends, lay before them, the first of its glittering lights slowly becoming visible through the veil of fog. 

    No. Those aren't lights. Gasps rang out from those at Xane's side, while his shoulders slumped in disappointment. 

    Metru Nui was engulfed in the flames of war. 

    "This changes nothing," he turned to his companions, "We can still make a difference. We can still do what we set out to do. We can still-"

    The skies shifted.

    The world shook.

    The seas roiled.

    Xane could not know, but the Great Spirit Mata Nui had just stirred for the first and last time in a very long time. 

    In the distance, building collapsed as the tremors grew worse, great sloughs of cliffside cascaded into the Silver Sea, and waves the size of Tahtorak battered the boat, smashing its sides to splinters. Too slow to stop it, Xane watched two of his followers - two of his friends - flung over the sides. They didn't resurface. 

    "Hold onto something!" He roared, seizing the railing before him and clinging on for dear life. He drew upon his powers, orienting local gravity to the deck of the rapidly-disintegrating vessel as the gravity of the world around them abruptly became fundamentally wrong.

    The head of Mata Nui had been snapped loose from the rest of his body, and was spiraling through space.

    Silty protodermis stung at Xane's eyes as the sea, the ship, even the air itself, seemed to be sucked back towards the passage, inexorably pulled by an impossibly powerful vacuum. And then searing heat and screaming flame engulfed the universe, followed by a world-shattering impact as the skull of the Great Spirit made impact with an island that bore the name of Xane's home, but was anything but. 

    Of course, he was battered unconscious by the impact, buried in the wreckage of the old world, and did not see the new one until many hours after. 


    One Week later - near Irnakk's Tooth

    Xane walked alone when he crossed the wasteland.

    He had spent the last few days wandering between encampments of survivors from Metru Nui, and the fortresses of the local skakdi, learning more about recent events and the nature of this new world. At every new stop-off, he hoped to find some news of what had become of his friends, but met without success.

    He had only found a few bodies in the wreckage when he'd awoken. He still hoped he wasn't the only survivor. 

    Even if he was, he had a duty to those who remained on Zakaz - his Zakaz - and he needed to find a way back to them.

    There was clearly some connection between this place and the Zakaz he'd grown up on. The resident species were the same, the society was similar, even the culture and religion seemed akin, given the name of the mighty mountain he was now approaching. 

    Compared to the Mountain on Xia, it wasn't quite the most formidable formation Xane had ever seen, but it was still impressive nonetheless. More importantly, it clearly had some significance in the mythology of the local skakdi, and most myths had some root of truth to them. The colossal severed head of the Great Spirit was a testament to that. If he could learn the truths of this civilisation, figure out how they connected to the Zakaz he knew... then perhaps he could find a way back. 

    And so, he slowly circled the side of Irnakk's Tooth, searching for any signs of life, or an entrance. 

    OOC: Open for interaction.

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  • 55 minutes ago, Tarn said:

    IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig

    The sycophantic blue Skakdi jogged up to Yumiwak. "Oi, Miss Yumi, you left me behind back there, you 'avin' a bit of internal monologue again, love? I do like me a bit of internal monologuin' from time to time, meself..."

    Like right now! I'm internal monologuing as we live an' breathe! Oi, what do I monologue about? Eh...oh! Yesterday, I had meself a right lovely dinner, a big fat juicy steak and blah blah blah...

    ...for a moment, Korio was staring off into space, grinning.

    "...oh, Miss Yumi, I've been tryin' to catch up with ya. What are we doin'?"

    IC Yumiwak | The Rig

    Ah yes, Korio the sycophant. In my time I've seen a great number of kinds of fellow Skakdi, and my followers' motives ran the whole spectrum. Some people gathered behind my coattails because they fear me, or because they feel I can protect them, or because they believe my ambition will lead them to some greatness too, but Korio... just helps. Sure, he probably has other ideas in that brain of his, but I think he finds a some relative sense of purpose in my little warband. When he got into trouble with the other clans, he was somehow sent my way. Perhaps the chieftains thought I would teach him a lesson or make him better, but even though the thought did strike me to dominate his will and make him mine, it turned out I didn't need to. Korio was all too happy to have someplace to call "home," it seemed. A loyal fellow, if rather... ingratiating at times. 

    E.g., now.

    I shot him a terse glance to quiet him, then looked back ahead and kept walking. "I'm going to the central mall," I answered. The aforementioned "mall" was the network of shoppes, booths, and taverns that occupied the largest of what passed for a plaza on The Rig. It was the closest thing to a gathering place, where people mingled, talked, bartered, and occasionally fought over things they had claimed on adventure. It possibly one of the more civil corners of this settlement of seafaring vagrants—myself included, for that matter; I know what I am about. "I need to know more about the matoran who came in that big head, see if there's anything new I should know about."

    Korio, for that matter, was attentive. For all his toady buttkissing, the man was smart. Nobody could get into as much trouble as he had without a good head on his shoulders, and while he may have fooled most other people into thinking he was just a loudmouthed fawner looking to bluff his way out of things, I could tell he was much more than that. I did sometimes wonder, however, if he had somehow managed to fool himself into thinking he was less than he truly was. 

    "You coming?

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  • IC: Zai - The Rig 

    Partially interrupting the brief conversation came Zai, as sleep deprived and suspicious as ever. She glowered at Korio, but bowed at her liege in respect. Zai hated Korio, the man's demeanour infuriated her. She wasn't sure why Yumiwak tolerated him, he rarely provided anything worth a widget other than ceaseless remarks and quips. It wasn't her place to question her leadership decisions, though, of course. Only to follow as ordered, as she had always done.

    "I apologize for interrupting, my lady, but I wondered if I could be of any use to you in any way. My duties otherwise have been concluded, and I would enjoy being of practical purposes in a mission!" The spiky Ta-Skakdi requested, ignoring the buffoon by Yumiwak as best she could.

    OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Tarn

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  • IC: Skorm (Zakaz - Metru-Koro)

    My name is Skorm.

    My world is fire and blood.

    Five days ago, Skorm had awoken in a wasteland, caked in muddy sand. He cleaned, cauterized, and bound his wound before attempting to parse this new reality. In the distance he could see the head of a great robot crashed, lights and structure spilling out of its skull. Closer he did see lights; he decided to walk towards that.

    Once, I was a soldier, a toa in service to a cause I thought righteous.

    Four days ago, as Skorm had been walking, a pair of Skakdi had ridden him down and captured him, lashing the toa to their hood as a trophy. They said they wanted his heartstone at first, but after seeing him use light, they wanted to keep him as a fuel source. Skorm had killed one by slicing open a few arteries, and the other by overpowering their laser vision until it went out the back of their skull.

    As the world fell, each of us, in our own way, was broken.

    Two days ago, Skorm had reached the first settlement he had spied, a refugee camp of Matoran from Metru-Nui. One of the toa defending the camp had recognized him as a former League warrior, and he had been ejected from the village, commanded never to return on pain of death.

    The engine of the Muaka whined as it cycled down. Skorm slowed the vehicle down as it neared the settlement, the third such he had visited. Parking the vehicle, he clambered out and unlashed the body of a mahi from the cargo section. Slinging the goat over his shoulders, he walked into Metru-Koro. One of the sentries approached him; not warily, but as a matter of course.

    "Food?" Skorm asked, indicating the mahi he held. The sentry indicated a makeshift storehouse central to the village, and Skorm nodded. He gave the mahi corpse to the matoran managing the storage. "There's a herd about a day's walk southeast."

    That was done. Skorm made his way back to the Muaka, dusting off the solar paneling. IV stuck its head through the window, chirping inquisitively.

    "No," Skorm replied, "We're staying here for now. Last settlement didn't know them. I made a promise; I need to find Ardoku, Tekmo, and Oreius."

    The fohrak-va beeped and crawled back inside the vehicle.

    "Yeah," Skorm sighed, "It has been a long week."

    OOC: Skorm up for interaction in Metru-Koro.

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  • (deleated, I'm going to write a better vesion)

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  • IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro

    Vent happily followed behind the hulking Ta-Toa and Le-Toa, strapping his board to his back as he walked.

    "So, should I know your names? I'm not gonna be here long or anything, that just might be nice. You guys seem pretty cool."

    OOC: @Tarn @Snelly

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  • OOC: forgot about Kanohi’s disk launcher in his bio, hence the first paragraph. Also, testing out a possible new pc, just toying with the concept so far.

    IC Kanohi - Metru-Nui refugee camp “Po-Koro”

    Who is It?” Called out Dalu from her perch atop a makeshift stone tower. The small deformed Ga-Matoran was armed with Kanohi’s old disk launcher and a Vahki staff of Erasing, she knew how to fight, so it made sense for the one sorta weapon Kanohi had to go to one who would actually know how to use it. 

    Looks like Collector,” Kanohi answered the sentry, before waving as the hover bike drove into the camp. It sputtered to a halt, and a lean Vortixx stepped off, towering over the biggest huts of the village. They wore no mask, but a Kanoka Blade with the power of Freezing hung on their side. 

    Hello, friends,” the Vortixx added the second word hastily, their narrow eyes darting among the group.

    Hello, friend,” Kanohi nodded, “thank you for braving the journey.

    Yes, well, friends do things like that. And you are my friends, my most valuable possessions.” The Vortixx looked among them with a sudden frenzy, staring intently at their faces. Despite Kanohi’s face being hidden.

    Um, okay. Do you need your bike mended?

    Yes please, friend,” Collector nodded frantically, “and do not worry, you will be repaid. In friendship, as friends are so valuable they pay each other in friendship and not useless pieces of scrap like money, that are better melted down for tools.” They laughed like the wheeze of a furnace venting, 

    Kanohi … did not know how to respond. So he just walked over to the bike and began to prod and tap individual parts of it with his Staff, mending it with each poke. His staff was not as powerful as a Noble Kiril, only made from a level six disk, but it still fairly powerful, and should not run out of energy unlike a disk. As he repaired the bike Collector stood about, eyeing him.

    So, alongside the food, for my friends, I have some seeds from Metru-Koro, engineered by a number of Bo-Matoran they should produce fast growing berry bushes, hopefully it can be a backup food source.

    Thank you,” smiled Jovan as he hobbled over. He was a Turaga leading this camp, when the Barraki had clamped down on the Southern Continent, Dalu and him had evacuated their village, fleeing to Metru-Nui. And now that Metru-Nui had fallen, they had come here, protecting the Matoran who had made their way here.

    Collector, have … have you seen any new Toa in Metru-Koro.

    Oh, right,” they looked away, “yeah, plenty are there. Do … do you want one to come next time?

    Why would I want … oh my gosh I am so sorry,” Kanohi bowed deeply and his face blossomed into scarlet, “I did not need to be rude, I am just looking for some Toa, I left them in the invasion, and I do not know what happened to them.

    Oh, okay.” They made a smile like a gash cut into a tree.

    ”…Your bike should be mended now, sorry.” Kanohi’s hands fluttered with guilt, “um, would you like to help me look for a place to plant those seeds, sorry? Um, you are very tall so you can see far, and your blade is good at cracking open the ground.

    Thanks,” Collector nodded, “I would love to help, my friends. We … we still are friends, right?

    Kanohi nodded aggressively like a buoy in a hurricane, and Collector leaned over, letting Kanohi grapple onto their shoulders. The two of them began to walk through the village, searching the ground. 


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  • IC: Rose - Metru-Koro

    "Rose, Rose...Daring, I guess? How's that work again, hun?"


    IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig

    Zai. The closest thing Korio had as a rival when it came to Yumiwak's attention...even he knew he was a bit of a skidplate-kisser, but Zai was worse. Korio rolled his red eyes behind his goggles. 

    "Th' mall, eh? Sounds like a right lovely trip, Miss Yumi. I b'lieve I can be of assistance, then. I'll come right along, love."


    IC: Nale Vella - Refugee Camp ("Po-Koro")

    The world hadn't ended as much as it had crashed into another.

    It had been a week since she watched Metru Nui crumble, Arkius and Kilo by her side, and now they were all living in these camps, far from the fallen head of Mata Nui. Makeshift towns filled with displaced residents of the giant robot they'd all spent many, many years in all trying to eke out a living on an inhospitable island. Nale had been spending most of her time here, trying to gather her thoughts and recover from her injury. Improper treatment and running to escape the collapsing Archives wasn't exactly the best for a bad leg, and now she walked with the aid of a spear she'd crafted. Less a weapon, more a cane.

    The Toa of Magnetism stepped outside of the shack her and Arkius had been staying in. The Toa of Earth was preparing for something, it seemed. Preparing to leave.

    "What are you doing?" she asked, leaning on her spear.


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  • OOC: experimenting with font color 

    IC: Kanohi - “Po-Koro”

    Collector thrust their blade into the ground, and from the cut ice spread out like a spiderweb. It shredded the barren rock, eroding it into something approaching soil. From there Kanohi leaned over and planted a seed, burying it underneath. It was not the richest soil, but it was better than the dry lifeless stone. 

    So,” Collector cleared their throat as Kanohi used his staff to stand back up, “Vakama seems like a good mask maker.

    Yes, he is a skilled crafter. He made me my staff.” Well, Kanohi was involved in a good portion of the creation process, but Vakama had given him the disk he used for the staff, and he did the hardest parts.

    Do … do you think he could make an elemental mask? Like a Garai?

    I … um,” Kanohi shuffled in place, almost tripping as he accidentally strained his bad foot. He caught himself, and  standing back he said, “Well, um, I think a Garai requires a disk charged with a Toa of Gravity’s power. That would be hard to find. Especially now. Or any elemental disk for that matter. But I can pass it along in case he finds one—

    No,” Collector all but snapped, before forcing a smile, “um, that is, it was just an idea. I know resources are tight. I … I should probably head back to Metru-Koro. Maybe I will even see one of the Toa you described there.” 

    Are you sure? I … if I misspoke—

    No, everything is great, don’t worry. And um, thank you for fixing my bike, friend. It was … very nice of you to offer.

    Well if it needs more mending, let me know,” offered Kanohi, his hand waving less to say ‘goodbye’ and more because of the churning feeling that he had said or even done something wrong. Had he taken Collector for granted? Had he been rude? Regardless the Vortixx hooked his Kanoka Blade back to his side, and walked back towards his hover bike.

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  • 4 hours ago, Keeper of Kraata said:

    IC: Skorm (Zakaz - Metru-Koro)

    "Yeah," Skorm sighed, "It has been a long week."

    IC: Irna | Metru-Koro


    She would have recognized him anywhere. That wasn't to say that the two of them had been close -- they had only ever gone on one mission together, even when they had both been on the same side of the war. But it would have been difficult for Irna to forget anyone from those couple of days.

    She had been thinking about them a lot, after all.

    The Zyglak straightened her back, trying not to show how much she was leaning on her glaive for support. She nodded to the sentry who had just spoken to Skorm, and they bowed slightly and gave her some distance, before she turned her attention back to her former comrade.

    "What are you doing here?

    OOC: @Keeper of Kraata


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  • IC: Arkius - Po-Koro

    A week had passed since the fateful day when the world came crashing down upon this strange new world and their lives had changed forever. Arkius had done his duty, protected the matoran as they settled into their new lives, but even here lurked threats to their livelihood. He hadn't been there to protect the Archivists as Mantax and his band of murderers slaughtered them. All he could do then was avenge them. Never again. This time he would take the fight to the enemy. This time they would know fear. He'd make sure of it.

    "What are you doing?" He heard from behind him as he donned his metallic grey armour and prepared supplies for the coming journey. He turned to see Nale standing there behind him, leaning on her spear.

    "I'm going out there after that marauder. I'm going to ask anyone willing to accompany me, and I'm going to make sure what happened in the Archives never repeats itself." Arkius finished his preparations and grabbed his axe, putting it on his back as he turned to Nale, fully adorned in kit. There was an apologetic look on his Calix, his one eye looking at Nale with understanding. These past few days they'd spent together had been invaluable, but always at the periphery of his mind was the threat to the Matoran, now that they were more vulnerable than ever. He couldn't rest.

    "I'm sorry, Nale. But my duty is not yet done."

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  • IC: Mazor-wilderness, trail of the Aqua Sphere

    As he walked across the wildenres Mazor took a deep breath. The ground around him was covered in saplings, several small rahi graized on the plant matter. He had been following this trail for a day now, and it was very refreshing, he could keep himself satiated merely by passive absorbtion. As he walked along his mind reflected on the past week. He had bartered with a god for true freedom, the world had come falling down, then he had set out into this strange new world, looking for somewhere he could make a new destiny, somewhere where he could be in control. And now he was here, following the closest thing to a path. Walking towards the unknown.

    OOC: Mazor is open for interaction, pretty much anyone in the wilderness is ok to run into him, since I didn't specify where he is really.

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  • IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro"

    Her eyes traveled to the ground. Nale gripped her spear a little tighter as she replied, "I understand."

    The Fa-Toa looked back up to meet Arkius' single optic. "I'd say something like 'Great Spirit be with you,' know. Good...good luck, Arkius."

    Nale didn't want them to part, truthfully--after all that had happened, sticking together was what she wanted most. But Arkius was still a Toa, and unlike her he was still in top shape to fight. 

    "I'll miss you."



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  • IC [Zataka - Days earlier]:

    Zataka breathed heavily as she reached the top of another rise, trying to ignore the stinging pain in her side and leaning heavily on her sword that she was using as a makeshift walking stick. She hated treating a fine blade like hers this way, but since she had seen no trees of any kind yet on her journey, there was little choice in light of her injury. In fact, she had yet to see any sign of intelligent life on this island. Unless Kalmah had indeed intended for her to spend the rest of her life aimlessly wandering alone on a desolate island in the middle of an endless ocean. Except her wandering was no longer aimless. 

    Her destination loomed ahead, a half-buried dark silhouette on the horizon: The fallen head of the giant robot, the main part of what she had understood to be her entire universe, up until a few days ago. For the past few days, she had made her way steadily west towards it, using the coastline as navigational reference.

    She had watched it grow steadily closer in the night sky at first. Night after night she watched from her campsites, all the while making rudimentary notes of the constellations of stars that stood out to her on a small iStone she kept in her coat’s many pockets. Until the head of the great spirit was close enough that it was impossible to miss, even in daylight. She knew nothing of astronomy, but she knew there were enough Matoran stargazers that might be able to make sense of it all. If she could find one that had survived the impact. 

    She’d seen the damage to it as it hung there in the sky, slowly rotating about its own axes as it drifted closer and closer in its orbit. She saw the liquid protodermis leaking out of the neck. She knew that what seemed like a fine silver spray from her point of view had to be billions of tons of liquid getting ejected. She could only imagine the damage that had been caused on the inside.

    Sometimes it was an almost comical ritual, waiting for it to rise above the horizon like some misshapen moon, occasionally staring down at the strange, barren land with dead eyes. And just as her laughter about the absurdity of it all poured out of her, Zataka suddenly realized her own continued survival depended entirely upon where it would eventually impact: If it hit the island or the sea nearby, she would either be crushed by the head itself or the resulting tsunami. 

    Either way was fatal and there was nothing she could do to stop that from happening - except review her notes and sketches, keeping track of the relative position of the head and the island and then - based on her observations and some very, very shaky maths - guess if she was in a safe spot, if she had enough time to reach a safe spot - or if her days were numbered. 

    By some miracle, the first scenario had been the case. And so she watched one evening, from the top of a hill, as the gargantuan head hit the western reaches of the island, appearing to strike the surface in slow motion - due to its size. But she knew the speed and forces involved were more than anything anyone in her universe could have ever imagined. And she knew she was the only being from her world that got to see it happen from the outside. Maybe the only being to see it period…

    Where it struck, a cloud of dust was thrown up that reached all the way up into the sky, even higher than the clouds. And it all happened in perfect silence - until the shock wave of the impact reached her. It had knocked her off her feet and then out. When she awoke again, hours later, she was covered in a layer of dirt that had clung to her ever since.

    Zataka sighed, and took a moment to try and wipe some of the grime off of her leg armor, but it was hopeless. The dark iridescence was buried under the caked layer of dust to the point that her lower half now had a gradient ending at her feet in complete reddish brown.

    She had to get back to Metru-Nui, to the forges of Ta-Metru specifically. If any had survived, that is. She cursed herself for having ordered the deliberate flooding of the Metru with molten protodermis from the forges. It had been the right thing to do at the time, in order to halt the league’s forces advancing further into the city. Now it meant she had once again added to her own problems. How could she have known she would be in desperate need of the place just a day later?

    Looking out from her vantage point, the titan could see lights beginning to flicker within the dark shape of the fallen head. She noticed them the past couple of nights before, after the dust of the impact had settled. Initially she thought they were fires that had broken out - but there was no smoke during the day that she could make out and the positions were too regular. There had to be survivors. It was quite possible many of them were part of the league’s forces and who knew what had happened to remaining Barraki - but she was thankful for any glimmer of hope right now - metaphorical or real.

    By her estimate, it would take at least a couple more days to reach her destination. She just hoped her rationed energy canister would last her that long. But first, she would have to find a suitable campsite for the night ahead. It was folly to continue in the dark across the unfamiliar territory. Dying because of falling into a hole just seemed too tragic an end to risk when her destination was this close.

    That night was the first time she heard something that told her she was not alone: A blood curdling shriek...

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  • IC: Arkius - Po-Koro

    "And I you." He responded, placing a hand on her shoulder as he stepped up to her, an expression of regret for what he had to leave behind clear on his features for a brief moment, before he then took her in for a deep embrace. One final show of his new-found and immense endearment for her before they were separated for who knows how long. For a moment he almost didn't want to let her go. He could stay here with her, he could protect her and the people here, surely... But he knew in his soul that it would never work. He had work to do. Hesitantly letting her go, he nodded to her with a sombre expression. With that, their goodbyes had been said, and Arkius walked outside.

    Metru-Koro, some time later

    The town was bustling with activity at this time of day. As Arkius walked down the town's market street, his eyes snapped to the town square. A crude notice board had been built there, with various bits of information displayed there for those interested. Arkius unfurled his parchment and put it up on the board, the large poster detailing his intentions. A quest was to be undertaken to track down the marauder who'd attacked the town chasing down an unfortunate lone survivor of one of their scouting parties. This marauder and whatever group he belonged to were to be ensured never to harass their settlement again. Anyone interested was to meet him by the main gates. Indeed, to emphasise his placement of the poster, Arkius turned and with his deep and booming voice he spoke loudly to the people present.

    "People of Metru-Koro! An attack was made on our home not a week after we arrived in this strange new land! Hostile forces lurk outside our settlement, just waiting for the chance to strike! We cannot give them that chance! I intend to march out there! I intend to track down the skak who dared show his face here and make sure he and his posse never mess with us again! If I must go at it alone, I will! But I'm willing to bet there are others here willing to accompany me! Anyone who wishes to join me can meet me by the main gates!"

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  • IC Kanohi - “Po-Koro”

    Kanohi walked up towards Toa Nale, it looked like she was staring away from the village, leaning on her makeshift spear much like he on his staff. And that staff felt heavy and utterly useless in his hand. What was the point of his new tool’s ability to regenerate if it couldn’t heal the injuries of a noble Toa? 

    He shook his head he … he shouldn’t dwell on that. He was never going to make a big difference, as long as he did what he could, that was enough. And he was doing good, mending the vehicles, weapons, and metal homes of the village. He was helpful he-he had to believe that. Even if he let down Collector, though he wasn’t sure how he had. 

    Um, hello, Toa Nale,” he cleared his throat as he walked up to the one Toa hero who had traveled with him that he knew was still alive, “how is your leg healing? I .. I am sorry I can’t help. But I have some good news, Vakama had forged a new mask, although it is powerless. Um, sorry, I … wasn’t thinking.About how Nale’s old mask was next to useless with her limp.

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  • IC: Ulkarr (The Kumu Islets)

    Beyond the shores of Zakaz, lay the Kumu Islets. Very few Skakdi would dare venture there, and they as a whole rarely heeded warnings. The only other location that shared this dubious 'honour' was Irnakk's Tooth, and that place had been named after their personal boogeyman. The Islets themselves were not what they feared - there was naught there but desecrated temples. It was what lied beneath that gave them pause.

    Ulkarr liked the remoteness of the Islets. How it was disconnected from the mainland and their ceaseless, unending savagery. It served to highlight the disparity between them - the Aspects of Makuta - and everything else.

    "There's no place quite like home. Wouldn't you agree?" He asked no-one in particular.


    IC: Ostrox (The Coliseum, Dume's Office)

    The ding on the elevator heralded a new arrival. It was Ostrox, who's robe-clad form stepped out onto the balcony with Zaliyah, and gazed upon the devastation below.

    "Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked her, before sighing. "A pity it has cost us so much."

    @Nato the Traveler


    IC: Achro (The Coliseum, Arena)

    Sixty stories below Zaliyah and Ostrox, the mutant Toa known as Achro was getting to know his new friends in the League. By beating the stuffing out of them. One had been foolish enough to challenge him in one-on-one combat. To be fair, he had specified without using weapons or elemental powers, but still. Achro wasn't sure if his opponent realized his mistake. In fact, he wasn't sure if he was still breathing.

    "I need a new opponent!" He shouted to no-one in particular, holding the bloodied, beaten body of his adversary by the neck. "This one is dead!"


    IC: NU-8020S (The Coliseum)

    The recharge cycle was complete. All systems were nominal. A new day had begun.

    A new day, and more of the Barraki's idiocy. If these two were the ones smart enough to survive, she would've hated to see what the other four were like. But, as feeble as their meatbag brains were, they were the ones in control, and NU-8020S would carry out their orders. For now.

    "This unit is awaiting orders."

    @Unreliable Narrator


    IC: Tekmo (Metru-Koro)

    It had been seven days, and already Tekmo felt at home in Metru-Koro. He didn't know why, but maybe after running around Metru Nui and its surrounding islands like a headless Dikapi, actually managing to settle down in a single place for more than a single day felt... relaxing. Like he was back home, before the dark times. Before the League. Metru-Koro was certainly closer to his village than the urban cleanliness of Metru Nui.

    He missed them. Every day, he thought of them. He used to be able to recite the names of everyone he knew by heart, back when there was no universe for him to try and fail to save, when there was just the village and the small island it was on. Now, he knew so many people, and so many names he couldn't recount them all. Nixie was alive and safe, he checked on her frequently. Ardoku was missing since their escape from the Temple. Oreius he hadn't seen in a while, but he was sure he was out there, somewhere. Skyra and Rose had gotten married, and he most certainly did not cry at the wedding, such accusations are slanderous. He knew Pardehi. He didn't know anything about him aside from him being the same element as him and also a medic, but he knew him. He - unfortunately - knew of Waveahk, the Dark Hunter he chased back in Ga-Metru that for some reason was hanging around. And then there were all the other Toa, as well as Turaga Sans, that he'd gotten to know a little during the past seven days. And-

    And there was Skorm. His internal reflection was cut short by the sight of his old enemy - they'd only fought once and it was only a week ago, but shush - walking the streets of Metru-Koro. He wasn't trying to massacre them, which was a staunch improvement from last time, and there was only one of him. For now, anyway.

    OK, OK. He needed to be calm. Skorm wasn't starting a fight and thus Tekmo shouldn't either. He was just talking to that woman over there. At least, he assumed it was a woman, he was unfamiliar with Zyglak. But it wasn't like he could just ignore him. Tekmo split his being in half, somehow. Twice. Some closure was needed there. Calm. Calm was needed. Acting natural. Breathing normally, that should make him calm.

    "Greetings, League scu-I mean, er, fancy meeting you here!" Well, that went pear-shaped fast. "Can we, uh, speak somewhere not crowded with innocent bystanders?"

    @Keeper of Kraata@Conway


    IC: Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Sans's Hut)

    "Turaga Sans, I-" Waveahk entered Sans's hut, and immediately froze upon seeing Toa Stannis, the geriatric zealot who tried to bury him alive, standing before him. "I see you're busy. I'll come back later." He then walked as fast as he can back to the door.



    IC: Navu (Metru-Koro)

    "Excuse me, Toa, sir?" A small grey Matoran tried to get Datrox's attention. "Can I interest you in one of these?" She had a box full of fresh vegetables in her hands. "They're free, by the way."



    IC: Enra (Irnakk's Tooth)

    "Oi," came a voice from behind Xane. "What're doing out here?"

    @Nato the Traveler


    IC: Gnabol (Wilderness)

    For Mazor, the unknown he was walking towards constituted as Gnabol.

    "HALT! Who goes there?!" From behind a dead looking tree, a Zyglak-esque creature wielding a jagged piece of metal that barely passed for a sword came forth, pointing it towards Mazor. Mazor was equally as unknown to him as he was to Mazor. And the unknown could always be a threat.



    IC: Klawne (Ruined Temple)

    Being inside these old places reminded Klawne of happier times. The arrival of these new Matoran and Toa warmed her heart. Or at least, some other organ in close proximity to the heart. Perhaps she should get herself checked for heartburn. She was certain that they would not survive here. She hoped she was wrong, but that might be hoping for too much.

    Though the temple was abandoned, Klawne didn't feel alone. In this place, she was surrounded by memories. Memories of an island that knew nothing of Skakdi, of Aspects, of giant heads falling from the sky. Perhaps, she would visit this 'Metru-Koro'. Yes, perhaps she would-

    That train of thought was interrupted by the sound of someone coming. Simply by reflex, she activated her Huna, and disappeared. She saw some sort of strange creature - Sidra - emerge from the entrance.

    @Nato the Traveler

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