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  • Stannis Caedast, Aspect of Fate, Choice & Control

    Species: Great Spirit, in a Toa of Stone's body

    Faction: Himself, all Existence 

    Brief Description: Stannis has possessed the body of a toa for almost forever. His body stands a little taller than most toa and looks strikingly heroic in appearance, with long bones and lithe muscle in a combination of blacks, browns, and tans. In the a sense of his traditional ragged cloak he wears Velox’s cape, which is black and grey and made of fine fabrics and satins. His eyes are a uniform grey and impossible to catch subtleties in, though they seem to drink in everything in front of Stannis. He only has one original spear left which he wears slung across his back when not using it as a walking stick, and the other has been replaced by a shiny spear of pure protosteel  

    Background: Stannis, or rather the man known by that name, is a former member of an ancient team of Toa Hagah under Helryx who eventually led the separate team called the Toa Maru, a man who’s adventures are long since forgotten in the Histories, but his Destiny seems to remain unfulfilled even though his former teammates have all been turaga for centuries now. Talk about him is a strange mixture of emotions, and depending on who you ask Stannis is either a hero or pariah, wizard or illusionist, high priest or false prophet, selfless historian or selfish warmaster. One thing almost everyone agrees on is that Stannis is an enigmatic figure who travels and intercedes with no pattern, and always—somehow—is always where he needs to be when he needs to be.

    The truth was that Stannis was not really “Stannis”—but instead a malevolent spirit who long ago possessed a willing Toa Hagah in Helryx’s employ, then devoured the toa’s psyche and completely inhabited the body as his own. Since then, he had run under Mata Nui’s radar, gaining the trust of the Matoran, playing as a high priest for Mata Nui while secretly trying to undermine the Great Spirit’s power supply of deaths. His goals were always nebulous and closely guarded, and insofar as anyone understood he was simply Stannis, leader of the Toa Maru, a weird old toa and a wandering historian of the world. When the other active Maru transformed into turaga Stannis declined to do so, saying he was not ready, but in truth he simply did not possess the knowledge or ability to sacrifice his toa energies like the others.

    Breed quirk:

    • Keeper of The Truth: As an ascendant Mata Nui, Caedast is aware of the overall written narrative of Six Kingdoms games. She is aware of all content written on BZPower (yes, the website), and may choose to speak in the OOC or IC topics for SK games (please follow standard posting rules in either topic). She may make plans and considerations based on her awareness of the narrative, but she is bound to never speak The Truth to any other. Revealing to any character that they exist within a game, or revealing any details about the overall narrative or The Truth she keeps will cause Caedast to immediately cease to exist. With great power comes great responsibility.
    • The power to manifest a single Wish of her own devising: To make all that is known, known, in this Cycle and the next. All that transpired will be remembered. New things can be uncovered, there will always be mystery in the world, but no longer would there be the ignorance of the past. With her being at the center of all timelines, she would be the controlling arbiter of all knowledge as the Great Spirit of Knowledge and Control.

    Powers and abilities: Despite starting out as a user of Shadow elemental powers, he can currently only access the inherent Stone element of the body because his psychological synapses meshed completely with the toa body’s physiology. After millennia of practice, however, Stannis became an accomplished elementalist with incredible power and finesse with his powers capable of almost every feat imaginable with Stone. As a bonus of his body’s element, Stannis is extremely physically strong, surpassing most save exceptionally brutish species or beings boosted by Pakari, and he has the ability to use Kanohi at the cost of many of his antidermis abilities. Notably, Stannis the corpse has been given Void Sickness affliction after the recent trip into the Far Shore. He can access Lightning elemental powers on a toa-level through his elementally-imbued toa tool.

    As an Aspect of advanced station and progress, he has a Kraata power of the 6th level. His power is in Quick Healing, which causes him to immediately recover from any serious wounds or injuries, as well as heal other beings by touch with some effort. In the wake of Uhuraz' malfunctioning temple, he also obtained the Kraata power of Molecular Disruption, also at the 6th level. After being desecrated by Whisper, he possesses a kraata of Insect Control at level 4. He can also still desecrate followers. Furthermore, he possesses the following taboos:
    ~ "Wandering,” the colloquial term for his ability to sense the leylines of fate around him
    ~ Desecration
    ~ Creation of Kraata
    ~ Gluttonous Desecration
    ~ Infectuous kraata
    ~ Kraata Corruption
    ~ Soul Searching
    ~ Shadow Hand
    ~ Elemental Alteration
    ~ Infectious Kraata Extraction
    ~ Tethered Bonds

    And powers:
    — Telepathically communicate with his desecrated followers
    — See through the eyes of his desecrated
    — Possess his desecrated on the same plane through shadow puppetry on any plane
    — Teleport to the shadow of his desecrated
    — Teleport his desecrated to his shadow 

    Currently Desecrated/Kraata: Oreius/Limited Invulnerability; Aurax/Fear; Parnassus/Mind Reading; Drukarus/Mind ReadingWhisper/Vacuum; Korruhn/Sleep & Teleport
    Currently Desecrated by: Whisper

    Grand Wish: Stannis wishes to become a God of Soothsaying in order to be the fount of knowledge for the universes, to be at the crux of the past and the present, a living Oracle deity.
    Why: When does one cry to the heavens to petition a force they cannot see, a deity they cannot hear, and a god they have no proof of? When does one beg for mercy or power or second chances? It's only when at their most powerless and desperate hour that one asks for help from a power they cannot prove exists. Stannis embodies the Builder's desire to understand why things happen, and the basal wish to control their uncontrollable fortunes. Stannis understood the follies of gods before him and the errors of Builders from the past and wants to do things better by exercising the loose-leashed but deeply conscious control other deities have failed to wield.

    • Infiltrate the Ark
    • Possess a toa
    • Desecrate a follower
    • Gain the trust of the Builders
    • Partake of the Miracle Cactus
    • Obtain the Kanohi Avohkii
    • Claim the Legend as his own

    Mask and tools: Stannis wears a Kanohi of Conjuring, which allows him to very carefully program a power into the mask if he verbally specifies the power and its limitations. He usually does this in the form of a prayer or litany, and typically before a battle as programming the mask in the midst of fighting is extremely hard to do. Having worn his mask for so long and gotten so used to it's intracasies he has become adept at programming it with specific words in ancient coding language that initiate pre-designated and pre-programmed powers. He has also obtained the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light, from Aspect Uhuraz's treasure trove. It's powers and attributes are below:



    The Avohkii is a mask of elemental light control, and allows the user the ability to bend light to their will as if light was an element they could normally control. The Avohkii does not, however, provide implicit mastery in these abilities. Practice makes perfect in all things, and the powers of the light are no exception. 

    The Avohkii has a secondary power of spiritual and mental illumination: it forces those in its presence to empathize with the experiences around them, and it strips away deceit of oneself and others. Old beliefs built on willful ignorance or blind faith are removed in the presence of the Avohkii. All Psychological Flaws are temporarily inactive while within the presence of the Kanohi Avohkii.

    Remaining in the presence of the Kanohi Avohkii causes great pain to those of shadow and antidermis. All shadow-based abilities, powers, and breed quirks are significantly weakened while within the Avohkii’s presence. 


    His chosen weapon is a spear with barbed tips, which he is very proficient at using as both as throwing and melee weapon. After returning from the Far Shore, he received a second spear made wholly of protosteel, while his remaining original spear was imbued with Lightning elemental powers he can access as his own. Additionally, he was given a Midak Skyblaster and Jural’s dagger  

    Flaws: Stannis is hampered somewhat by the body he possesses, and as a result of his age is slower and less agile than he used to be. Like all Aspects, he is a creature of gaseous substance, and while his quick healing ability has preserved his life many times he must still replenish his essence if it has been injured too much. If his body were to be destroyed to the point that his healing could not save him he would perish with his body and not be able to simply remain incorporeal. 


    Airship: The Ambling Alp


    Owner: Stannis and Korruhn

    Description: Once the personal pleasure craft of a Metru Nui debutante, the Ambling Alp was at some point loaned out to the Cartographer Guild and just... stayed in their fleet, parked in their knowledge tower base’s garage in Ko-Metru until the city’s destruction. In search of a ship, it was found by Korruhn as he explored his old home in search of a way out of the city with Stannis.

    Adapted from its leisurely origins to be an adventurous craft, the Alp boasts twin high-powered halogen lights by the bridge and a small science laboratory-tete within the hull. It’s most unique feature is the large dome at the back of the vessel with a large couch and sitting area for relaxing view taking. This wasn’t changed much, probably from the protestations of a Matoran bureaucrat who liked it too much to remodel it. When the airship lands it deploys a tripod landing gear, and access is by a ramp on the right side.

    Storage/Crew Quarters: Two small single use sleeping rooms.

    Engine Section: A pair of thrusters at the rear that are accessible from within the stern observation sphere.

    Bridge: Two side-by-side pilot seats with identical controls, joysticks, and yokes. It’s a small, compact bridge meant for fast, controlled maneuvers and the big windows offer unparalleled lines of sight on most sides. A couple dozen buttons, all clearly denoted and intuitively arrayed, are paired with an equal number of yellow, red, and green lights all around the bridge. It is equipped with an autopilot feature.

    Weaponry: Although it was not designed for combat, the Alp does have a single energy gun mounted on the bow hull and operable via joysticks next to both pilot and co-pilot seats. Ostensibly meant as a deterrent against pirates and dealing with certain Rahi threats, it’s powerful enough to protect the crew but it’s not winning a dogfight anytime soon.

    Crew:  Requires only one to operate, fully crewed by two. Currently piloted by Stannis; Korruhn is MIA.



    Name: Yumiwak, the Tahtorak Princess

    Kind: Wasteland Skakdi of Psionics

    Faction: Riggers (loosely), though holds aspirations of creating her own warband

    Brief Description: Possessing an insidious grin that always looks ravenous and an intelligent glint in her eye hinting at her cruelty, Yumiwak is a glorious example of Skakdi femininity. Her armor is almost regal looking, with blue and gold plates and crystalline blue parts, though her beauty is contrasted by the red splotches of paint that are reminiscent of the blood of enemies she has slain. Her weapon is kept strapped to her right thigh, and she wears a dark red leather vest and shorts—with pockets. Interestingly, her spine is untarnished by parasites, making her already fearsome ferocity all the more awesome to observers.

    Equipment: She wields a dual-purpose weapon she calls the Tormenter that can slightly tap into her innate elemental powers. An imposing-looking carbine with a long barrel, it fires metal bolts up to medium-range; on the barrel is a blunt-looking bayonet that, when touching a foe, gives excruciating emotional pain. Also, she has the Tactical Panda II, her personal yacht and airship.

    Background and occupation: Her ancestors were chieftains and sovereigns of a separate clan of Skakdi that hailed from the first migration to Zakazaz. Purity, power, and skill were highly prized in that clan, and she follows those principles to the present; the clan’s sigil was emblazoned with Tahtorak, which she continues to use as her own emblem and banner. Nominally she is a princess as the sole remaining heir of the now-fallen clan’s throne, and commands sufficient respect that she is largely autonomous. In reality, she is a mid-ranking, powerful, and feared warrior among the Riggers warclan who’s ambition and cruel touch are praised aloud as much as they are whispered behind closed doors. Getting on her bad side is something most smart Skakdi avoid, which makes it unfortunate that it is very easy to have happen.

    She generally serves the Riggers’ agenda, though isn’t afraid to do her own thing. Because Desecration goes against her family’s belief of purity she chooses not to take part of the ritual, though along with that is her disdain for serving anyone, not even an Aspect. She does not fault people who do choose to Desecrate themselves, but will violently rebuff any attempts to sway her to do it herself. One day she hopes to ascend as queen of her own clan and raise the glory of the past, and seeks to gain as much influence as she can to that end, especially the taming of a Tahtorak steed for herself.

    Powers and traits: Suppressed elemental psionic powers that can only be accessed in conjunction with another Skakdi. Among the most gifted and talented of her kind, Yumiwak is capable of devastating effects with her powers, including domination of will, potent telekinesis, and the conjuring of melee weapons made of dripping mental energy. She also possesses disintegration eyebeams that allow her to turn anything and anyone to dust; the effect on inanimate objects can be reversed by a Kanohi Kiril or high-powered (8 or above) Regeneration kanoka applied to the remains in time.

    Flaws: She never legs go of grudges and is wholly willing to destroy anyone who stands in her path to reviving her ancient glory. Thought incredibly violent, she is still capable of love in a variety of forms, and her attachments—while few in number—are a great weakness to her pride. Notable in melee combat is how she is comparatively weaker than most Skakdi as her fighting style is more cerebral than physical.


    Airship: The Tactical Panda II

    Type: Shibari-class flybridge battle sloop, modified to be an airship

    Length: 140’
    Height: 160’
    Accommodations: Four guest quarters, including the master suite
    Crew: Five; a commanding officer, lieutenant, engineer, and two sailors
    Technologies: The Tactical Panda II was designed to quickly move royalty between islands in both luxury and safety. It is propelled by both great sails and water-jets for speed and grace on the waves, and among the fastest boats engineered. Its maneuverability does not, however, translate well in the air. Amazingly, the Panda is capable of lifting off the waves and soaring into the sky; though not very quick, it is quieter than most other airships. The source of this ability is known only to Yumiwak, as she murdered the engineer who built it as to prevent an enemy from using him against her.

    It’s weapon is a single long cannon is placed on the fore deck, the best of its kind; mounted on a shock-absorbing ball-bearing swivel so it can turn to any angle, it also has a revolutionary guidance system the gun’s operator can use to mentally direct the crystalline projectile to its target. That, combined with the sheer power and range of the cannon, ensures that the Panda II is capable of ending most threats—one at a time—before it is in real danger.

    Appearance and History: The Tactical Panda II is an impressive boat with its imposingly tall single mast, uniquely large sail, and significant tonnage. As a personal toy for the former clan sovereigns, it exemplifies their virtues as much as it is fun to drive. It’s opaque, stratified crystalline hull design is dotted with transparent parts for windows, reinforcements and vital components made of metal, and wooden decks and details. More rigging than seems necessary races up the mast’s length, though it’s almost purely for looks.

    Its interior design is lavishly decorated by Skakdi standards with ancient art and precious woodworkings, but at no cost to comfort or aesthetic. A spacious parlor, adjoining dining area, small library, and full bar den make up the common rooms, and the decks provide ample space to luxuriate in the open air. Yumiwak’s master suite in particular is decked out to her fancy and serves as her home away from her base.

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  • Here are my folks.

    Name: Kanohi, has finally undergone Naming Day

    Breed: Fe-Matoran

    Faction: Tobduk-Koro

    Brief Description: An orange and black Matoran with a Hau for a Mask, has two devices built into his arms that let him grapple about, and is covered in metallic brown armor made from broken masks, carries a staff that can fold up into a disk

    Background/Occupation: a Matoran originally from a remote island, he was a poor mask maker, and haunted by anxiety over his failures and inadequacies. After the league destroyed his home he fled to Metru-Nui, only for that refuge to fall under the eye of the league too. Desperate to be useful and scared of the last Matoran refuge brings destroyed, he became a vigilante of sorts, using a Volo Lutu Launcher from his home to grapple across the cityscape and regeneration disks to mend collapsing buildings and bridges so Matoran could escape from league attacks.

    In the wake of the crash on Xa-Nui he has been appointed the leader of Po-Koro by the “Toa Stannis.” He spent much of his early leadership helping the villagers mend tools as well as forged disks. Then a terrible flood struck the village, caused by a colossal beast. Villagers died in the flood, even as he struggled to save them. After the flood he had a vision of a village by a temple, inspiring him to lead the villagers to found Tobduk-Koro by the Stone Ruins. Overwhelmed by his duties, he decided to form a council, so not all pressure was on him. 

    Flaws: He still suffers a great deal of anxiety, and as the first councilor of Tobduk-Koro he is prone to shutting down from stress. He likewise has only recently realized how flawed the Matoran civilization was. After the destruction of Metru-Nui and the dead toll that followed he is terrified of letting people die, to the point of hurting himself trying to save lives.

    Powers: Strangely, on occasion Kanohi can experience confusing visions.

    Breed Quirk/s: As a Fe-Matoran he has enhanced endurance compared to other Matoran

    Equipment: He has two hi-tech Volo Lutu Launchers attached to his forearms, and similarly his mask has been upgraded with a short range radio and a display for better controlling his grappling. He also wears armor made from masks he failed to correctly forge long ago. Recently he and and a far better mask maker has forged a regeneration disk of his into a gadget that can unfold from a disk into his Kiril Staff, whose touch can regenerate parts of objects with more control and more precisely than just hurling a disk. Resemblances to a Turaga’s Badge of Office were not his idea. He also has a single Disk of Weakening and a Disk of Regeneration, both of which he forged.



    Breed: Vortixx

    Faction: Tobduk-Koro

    Brief Description: A lean Vortixx that is taller than a Toa but short for their breed, they are covered in black armor that has rusted to a burnt violet. Wears a black Noble Kiril.

    Background/Occupation: a powerless genderless Vortixx worker on Xia, as an outcast they left for Metru-Nui long before the League arrived. There they built a small business of hover bikes, only for that to be destroyed by the invasion of Ehlek. In the later parts of the war they witnessed Matoran working together to survive despite losing everything, falling back on their unity. They decided friendship must be incredibly valuable, and since most currency was useless on Zakaz, they became obsessed with friendship, but it became clear that the Matoran prefer each other or the Toa to the other breeds of the GSR. They became fixated on gaining powers like a Toa, so their new friends would not leave them and they wouldn’t be left with nothing again.

    To this end they abandoned their work as a messenger to try to gain the powers of a Toa, joining the Odd Company. However their lack of social ability alienated them from the group, and though they found a method of gaining power, they soon realized how selfish it was. During the flooding of Po-Koro they were overjoyed to save lives, but in its wake realized many had died. If they had been couriering news and supplies to the village, would fewer people have died? Was the deaths their fault, because they abandoned the village? Then when the Odd Company unlocked the power, they were not changed, only horrified as the two affected by it seemed strange now, more distant and aggressive. Now no longer sure if they want the power of a Toa anymore, Collector has worked to help support Tobduk-Koro, building defenses and tools.

    Flaws: Collector was an outcast in Xia, and as one of the few surviving Vortixx they remain outside the elite of Matoran civilization. They have poor social skills, and can come across as creepy and obsessive. After the flood they are more anxious and more openly self loathing, blaming the death toll on their selfishness. Now that they no longer know if they want the power of a Toa, they are at a loss for personal goals. In a fight, they do not have range abilities, and do not have the varied abilities of most breeds, making them less adaptable. They also have never fought before.

    Powers: They are able to access the powers of both Great and Noble masks

    Breed Quirk/s: As a Vortixx, Collector has an innate knowledge of technology.

    Equipment: Collector carries a Kanoka Blade with the power of freezing, to feel more like a Toa of Ice. They have a converted hover bike from Le-Metru, as well as a Noble Kiril, letting them repair their equipment. 


    Name: Mahrika


    Breed: Desecrated Ga-Matoran

    Faction: Tuakana, Sorilax

    Brief Description: she is unusually short and small for a Matoran, with longer arms than legs. She wears a sand blue Great Akaku, and has sand blue feet and a light blue torso and light blue arms. She wears a dress woven of algae fibers for clothes. She now carries a Kanoka and her sewing equipment  on her back, along with a sword.

    Background/Occupation: Ages ago, the Skakdi invaded this island and devastated the native Matoran. One such Matoran was Mahrika, a Ga-Matoran who lived in a small village with her girlfriend Vokarda. When the Skakdi came their village was helpless, their people slaughtered and their homes reduced to rubble. In the end only Mahrika and Vokarda were still alive, and it was then that the Aspect Tuakana approached them. Tuakana offered the pair the Rite of Desecration, but not for power. They suggested that if Vokarda’s heartlight was sacrificed, a part of her would live on as a Kraata in Mahrika. That she would not be completely lost, and they would not be separated by death. The two Matoran were desperate, their tribe had always feared the Aspects, but their Tribe was gone, and their gods did not seem to care. So they agreed, and Vokarda became a Kraata of Adaption.

    Over the ages Mahrika lived a life as a hermit, not hearing word from Tuakana. She spent her time weaving in an underwater cave, hiding from the Skakdi and waiting for her new god to return. Throughout the years she continued to believe her Kraata was Vokarda, every wiggle it made was comforting, reassuring her Vokarda was still here. And every squirming motion was advice, helping her know what to do. She did not doubt that she now carried Vokarda’s spirit inside her, she could not. Then the Impact happened, and the shockwaves collapsed her submerged cave. She escaped, and began to wander about, trying to find her and Vokarda a new home. In the process she discovered a broken Vahki, and careful scavenged it’s remaining stun staff and its Kanoka.

    Shortly after she met Ollem, and after a brief tense encounter the two Matoran unlocked the Suva of Stone, Mahrika claiming the Boots of speed. She also finally heard back from Tuakana, and began to send them frequent updates and information. She and Ollem continued East and unlocked the Ruins of Water, where they encountered a Toa Kas. They freed him despite their suspicions, before leaving for the Suva of Fire to recover a mask. 

    Flaws: She is deeply obsessed with the belief that Vokarda is her Kraata, and to hear someone suggest otherwise would be enraging. She firmly believes that Tuakana’s goal to “conquer death“ is just. All her years in isolation hiding and waiting have left her body weaker and smaller than the average Matoran, and she remains terrified of Skakdi.

    Powers: Mahrika has a Stage Three Kraata of Adaption named Vokarda, allowing her to adapt quickly to environments of extreme heat or extreme cold, as well as letting her escape capture twice in the same way, and letting her physically adapt to situations involuntarily. The former set of powers allowed her to survive in her underwater cave, despite the lack of warmth. She also has an “Illuminated” Mask that grants her access to a Stage Five Kraata power of Quick Healing. With this gift she can heal from minor or moderate injuries quickly, as well as heal minor injuries while awake and hibernate to mend small wounds, recover from everything outside of the most serious injury, and instantly heal serious wounds. 

    Breed Quirk/s: As a Matoran of Water she has enhanced lung capacity, and is naturally a better swimmer than most Matoran.

    Equipment: She currently carries a Ga-Metru Level Six Disk of Freezing, a Level Five Disk of Remove Poison, a Level Five disk of Regeneration, and a Level Six disk of Weakening. She also has a Flame Sword, an elemental weapon capable of summoning fireballs, igniting, and heating anything it touches. She has some equipment for weaving clothes and wears a dress made of kelp fibers, and has a sleeping bag made of woven algae. Finally she wears a powerless Illuminated Mask of X-Ray Vision. While she cannot use her mask power, the telescopic lens built into it alone her to magnify her vision, letting her spot threats off in the distance, as well as do detail work with her weaving. She also is carrying around in her supplies a Noble Mask of Concealment.

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  • Name: Nale (NAH-ley) Vella

    Species: Toa of Magnetism

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees, the Taku

    Description: A fit female Toa of average height for her kind, Nale's has been appearance transformed by upgrading to Adaptive Armor. The dark (Metru) blue of her mask has spread to the rest of her form, with a secondary color of black. Its "default" shape resembles her general appearance since Metru Nui, streamlined. She wears a Kanohi Kakama forged in a unique shape, and her eyes are an icy blue color. Thin, cord-like "hair" extends from behind her mask and falls on her shoulders, although the Adaptive Armor has formed around it like a helmet meaning it is no longer exposed. Her face bears a burn scar from a past encounter (R.I.P. Thom), hidden by her nanites. A reminder.

    A Kraata of Elasticity is affixed to her back and protected by nanites.

    Powers: Can control, create, and absorb magnetism, and her Kanohi grants her enhanced movement speed. She also, as a passive ability of her element, has enhanced direction.

    Nale has been desecrated by Stannis/Caedast and now has a Level 6 Kraata of Elasticity.

    Stage 1: Has a stretchy, flexible body that is highly resistant to harm.

    Stage 2: Able to squeeze through narrow cracks and crevices.

    Stage 3: Has the ability stretch several times its own length to climb over obstacles.

    Stage 4: Elastic enough to withstand and snap back from heavy blows.

    Stage 5: Can stretch around even sharp edges without harm.

    Stage 6: Can stretch incredible lengths in the blink of an eye to infect a faraway mask.

    Personality: Not entirely different from before, she's still stoic with a soft side. However, her relationship with the Toa Code has become more complicated and she now chooses not to wrestle with ideals. Her status as a law-abiding borderline cop has faded, and she now realizes in the face of armageddon and the challenging odds presented by Zakaz, there is no use in practicing nonviolence. Nale still favors defensiveness first, however.Equipment: Knichou has used his advanced nanite technology to craft her a new, retractable spear that can be clipped to her back for a low-key means of carry. She also now wields two bucklers on her gauntlets that can be removed and used as throwing weapons, then brought back to her via magnetism. The nanites gifted to her also gives her a remote link to her tools, allowing her to reshape them with her thoughts, and a heads-up display with many uses, including identifying friend or foe. She now wears a set of Adaptive Armor as well, which can automatically shapeshift to fit its wearer's surroundings, and also grant her a jetpack. Cool.

    Flaws: Although she no longer feels the need to avoid combat, mentally she is still traumatized by events witnessed in the Archives prior to the impact, and generally the past tends to loom over her like a dark cloud no matter how much she tries to shoo it away. At times, she can still feel the phantom pain of an old, long-healed leg injury. Like Knichou, magnetic disturbances can sever her nanite armor's remote links (i.e. communications, tools she isn't in physical contact with).

    Name: Jutori

    Species: Toa of Gravity

    Faction: Metru Nui

    Description: A Toa of average height with an overall heroic frame and appearance, Jutori's armor is mostly purple in color with black as a secondary, and his eyes are yellow. He wears a Great Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion.

    Equipment: A sledgehammer given to him by Knichou, now transformed into a Toa tool to focus his element.

    Powers: Can create and control gravity. His Kanohi allows him to create optical illusions and shapeshift into another form. He can change the way others see him and imitate voices, but cannot copy any powers the original has.

    Personality: Awkward as a Matoran, Jutori is still somewhat awkward as a Toa, having to adjust to his new form and abilities. At the same time, fulfilling his life-long dream of Toahood has given him a new sense of purpose and bravery.

    Background: Originally believing he had been dealt a bad hand in life, Jutori thought his destiny was to become a heroic Toa. Joining together with a group of varied individuals (who could possibly be referred to as an "odd company"), they discovered the Onu-Metru great disk deep in the Archives, and then merged with the crew of the Taku to uncover Po-Metru's disk. Whether his belief was true, or it has all simply been a matter of circumstance, Jutori has now gone from an odd Matoran to a heroic-looking Toa of Gravity, and now seeks to defend Metru Nui from ruin.

    Flaws: Still somewhat stubborn, and his greediness for power as a Matoran has developed into a greediness in combat--there's a good chance that if he believes he has the upper hand, he will go all out to secure victory.

    Name: Korio Karasha

    Species: Skakdi of Lightning

    Faction: Riggers; Yumiwak

    Powers: Suppressed elemental abilities that can only be used in conjunction with another Skakdi, and laser eye-beams. He also has a secondary power: an innate sense of direction, like a mental compass, which he made use of for some time when he lived in the wilderness and usually uses to assist the Panda crew on flights.

    Description: Mostly Metru blue in cover, with lime green popping out in some places. His eyes are a bright crimson color, and are usually protected by goggles, although they obstruct his vision power if he forgets to take them off.  Average height for a Skakdi, but has a hunch that makes him appear slightly shorter. He is also burly--his muscles are visible beneath his armor and he likes to flex them whenever he can. A thin layer of red dust covers some of his body from travelling the island.

    He speaks with an unplaceable accent, and won't stop calling everyone "mate."

    Equipment: A crossbow with a wooden grip and stock that has had the image of a scantily-clad female Skakdi carved into it, which he's nicknamed "Lady." Weird. A rudimentary hybrid sight is affixed to it, allowing him to switch between the weapon's iron sights and a magnified lens. He carries a supply of arrows, including explosive-tipped bolts he uses on special occasions, and a pair of combat knives.

    Personality: Charismatic. Bombastic. Friendly. Insufferable. Also a bit of a sycophant.

    Background: Abandoned by his parents at a young age to fend for himself in the Zakaz wilderness, Korio has little memory of his childhood before he began living off the land. He soon become a troublemaker, even by Skakdi standards, and now runs with Yumiwak, intent on helping her with her burgeoning warband.

    Flaws: Well, we all have flaws, don't we, mate? Korio is deathly afraid of rahi bigger than 'im, and will seize up at the sight of them. Physically, well...he's a looker, ain't he? But really, he's got a bad back (s'why he's got the hunch!) that tends to give him trouble from time to time. Ain't pretty.

    Name: Triage

    Species: Toa of Plantlife

    Faction: Metru Nui Refugees

    Description: A figure of average height, his main color is an off-white, with crimson crucifixes painted onto his shoulderpads and the forehead of his Kanohi, and yellow/amber eyes. He carries a large brown satchel that he tends to keep close. Illustration of his Kanohi and the "crimson crucifix" that adorns his body by @Onaku (based on this unnamed mask).

    Powers: Can create, control, and absorb plantlife. His mask allows him to heal others (but not himself). In order for the Kanohi to work, he needs to have a basic understanding of the wounds or illnesses that need curing. The speed of the healing depends on his own willpower and the condition that needs curing.

    Equipment: Great Kanohi Hauora, Mask of Healing. Various medical supplies in his satchel, such as bandages, and herbs to make medicine. A pair of defibrilliators that can, in the odd situation, possibly double as weapons.

    Personality: Triage often feels overlooked, and that he's only needed for his services as a medic. Someone always asks, "doctor, how is he?" and not, "doctor, how are you?" Now that the war's over, he hopes to become recognized for his life-saving work and as a person.

    In between drinks, that is.

    Background: Triage survived the League war, the impact, and even got to be at Rose and Skyra's wedding! Now he goes to bars and tries to help people when he can.

    Flaws: Has an intense paranoia about others touching or trying to steal his satchel. Shaky hands. 

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  • Marrow

    “For too long have we toiled in torment, while those who broke and buried and blinded us roam free on the surface! The time has come for us to rise up, and have our vengeance!”


    Species: Bo-Skakdi-Xa

    Faction: Mesi

    Brief Description: Marrow cuts a gaunt figure, his facial features sunken and skeletal, his body all muscle and sinew. His natural colouration has paled over the centuries spent living underground, and his armour is a patchwork of gambeson woven from cloth and plant fibres, and mismatched strips and plates of hardened leather. Tufts of moss and tangled creepers cling to his haggard frame, and his skin is criss-crossed with the scars of a lifetime of battles. Bracelets and necklaces strung with teeth – trophies from his victims – adorn his form, sewn into his clothes and armour.

    Background/Occupation: Marrow is an unspeakably ancient, veteran mesi warrior, old enough to remember being able to look up at the sun and skies with eyes in his skull, before he was put to work underground and his sight was stolen from him. His memories of that time are dim and disjointed after so long spent in the underworld, even his birth name long forgotten, but what hasn’t abated is his hatred for the Skakdi who dwell freely above, taking for granted the fresh air and vibrancy that they deprived the Mesi of.

    With a small band of followers at his back, Marrow regularly led raids against the surface, probing defences, scouting infrastructure, even taking the occasional prisoner. Months before Metru Nui made landfall, Marrow was in the final stages of planning a daring attack against Fort Nektann itself, when his raiding party was outmanoeuvred and wiped out by a band of Skakdi-Xa warskaks. Marrow – wounded and ashamed – went into exile, vowing not to return home until he bore a kraata of his own, and was strong enough to lead once more.

    It was during his pilgrimage that Marrow came upon the elder Aspect named Apex, who had been trapped underground by Skakdi eons ago. The crack in the wall of the prison cavern was too small for Marrow to get in, or for her to get out, but it offered space enough for them to speak. Filled with righteous rage, the caged Aspect lashed out at Marrow with words and claws every time he approached. It took days for Marrow to work up the courage to try to talk to her, and weeks for her to set aside her hatred for Skakdi enough to listen to what he had to say. But in time, the two learned much from each other, and after Marrow captured a warskak and killed them before Apex, the Aspect agreed to desecrate him, turning him loose upon the world as a weapon of vengeance against their shared enemy.

    Much has changed since the arrival of Metru Nui. The Rig has been destroyed, Apex now roams free, the warskaks have a new leader and a new Tahtorak, and a host of new beings walk the surface of Zakaz. Marrow views this turbulent time as his chance to turn the tide, by finding new allies and striking against the warskaks while their attention is divided. He has renewed his plans to assault Fort Nektann, gathering new followers, knowledge, and technology, and completing construction of an ACR to aid in his efforts.

    Flaws: As with most Mesi, Marrow lacks eyes, and must instead rely on his other senses, though these are incredibly keen. Due to the teeth tied to his form, he tends to rattle noisily when he moves, making stealth impossible. Though he can still match most Skakdi in a test of strength, his old body is more frail than most, and his patchwork armour doesn’t offer the best protection.  

    Psychologically, Marrow is a broken being, single-minded in his rage, and unwilling to let go of the past. He has lived longer without his sight than with it, but still laments its loss. He’s buried so many friends and family members that even their names and faces are lost to his memory, but he still mourns each one. He has borne no children and left no legacy, having been long ago conquered and controlled by the blind, unwavering hate he has for the Skakdi who live freely on the surface.

    Powers: His spellbinder vision power continues to function as a limited psionic ability, allowing him to disorient a single nearby target he is focusing on, while his innate elemental abilities allow him to access the power of plantlife in conjunction with another Skakdi. As a Skakdi-Xa, he also bears a kraata, his being a third-stage kraata of weather control.

    His additional power is a sort of sixth sense, allowing him to detect the ‘aura’ put off by beings and abilities of an elemental nature nearby. This allows him to know the element of beings in his vicinity, and detect when elemental powers are being used. This ability does not extend to non-elemental powers (eg. Vision powers, kraata abilities, species traits, etc.) nor elements generated via artificial means (eg. Rhotuka, powered weapons).

    He has also learned the Rite of the Tahtorak from Irnakk.

    Equipment: Perhaps Marrow’s most disturbing trait is his near-sacrilegious penchant for taking the teeth of the warskaks he slays. As the Zakazian Skakdi hold teeth to be sacred, Marrow believes he gains spiritual power from taking the teeth of those he kills. From a more practical standpoint, it also demoralises the enemy, and gives them reason to fear when they see him approach.

    The most prominent of the canines he claims have been amalgamated into a monstrous macuahuitl, grown using his element, tightly bound together with vines and roots. As a backup weapon, he has a cudgel made using the same technique.  




    Name of ACR: The Reprisal

    Faction/Homebase: Mesi

    Pilot of ACR: Marrow

    Type of heartlight: Skakdi

    Physical Description: This mech is somewhat ape-like in shape and posture, with small, stocky legs and large, powerful forearms. Its framework is armoured in overlapping plates of sturdy, salvaged metal. Moss and vines encrusting its exterior give the impression of poor condition, concealing the careful craftsmanship beneath. The pilot fits fully inside the torso of the mech, with audio sensors and a sophisticated radar system allowing Marrow to navigate.

    Weapons Systems: The Reprisal possesses the ability to project incredibly destructive seismic waves from its hands, using in-built Pahrak Shields retrieved by Mesi warriors who infiltrated the Archives beneath Metru Nui. These blasts can crumble rock in seconds, but have a limited range of about ten bio, with damage decreasing over distance. These tools, combined with the protosteel crescent claws of the ACR, allow it to dig for great distances through most subterranean surfaces, tunnelling and tearing through earth and enemies alike with ease.

    The design does have its drawbacks, however. The Reprisal is outclassed in ranged combat, and its stocky frame makes it ill-suited for acts of agility. Although its hands and fingers have been heavily reinforced to be resistant to the effects of the seismic waves, the rest of the ACR has not, making it vulnerable to damage were the weapons to be redirected against other parts of its body.



    Name: Opal

    Breed: Onu-Skakdi

    Faction: Mesi/Marrow

    Description: A hulking, dark-skinned Mesi clad in animal hides.

    Role: Guard

    Flaws: Like most Mesi, Opal is eyeless and must rely on her other senses, which are especially keen. She also lacks proper armour, making her more vulnerable to damage.

    Powers: Exceptional physical strength, access to elemental power of earth in conjunction with another Skakdi, can project blasts of concussive force (impact vision without eyes).

    Equipment: Rusty metal mace. Battered buckler shield attached to left forearm.


    Name: Hakkzan

    Breed: Ta-Skakdi

    Faction: Mesi/Marrow

    Brief Description: Pale reddish skin, wears leather armour studded with spikes of bone for a more intimidating effect.

    Role: Guard

    Flaw: He suffers from mild claustrophobia, becoming terrified when trapped in a confined space alone – an unfortunate malady for a being forced to live underground.

    Powers: Access to the elemental power of fire when working with another Skakdi. He is blind, but not eyeless, and relies on his infrared vision power to perceive his surroundings.

    Equipment: A pair of simple shortswords.


    Name: Scarrow

    Breed: De-Skakdi

    Faction: Mesi/Marrow

    Brief Description: Pale grey, and lightly armoured, he wears a cloak of sand-hued cloth for camouflage and sun protection when moving about above ground.

    Role: Guard

    Flaw: Due having been born and raised underground, his eyes are extremely sensitive to light, and his skin sunburns quite easily.

    Powers: Element of sonics when used in conjunction with another Skakdi, telescopic vision.

    Equipment: Dagger, shortbow, and a quiver of mismatched arrows.


    Name: Weaver

    Breed: Ce-Skakdi

    Faction: Marrow/Mesi

    Brief Description: a short, slim Skakdi clad in scuffed armour of muted blues and golds.

    Role: Guard

    Flaw: A mutation has left one of her legs stunted and twisted, causing her to constantly limp and hobble. 

    Powers: Elemental power of psionics in combination with another Skakdi, X-Ray vision.

    Equipment: A large, well-maintained shield, along with a simple spear.

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  • These are my five Player Characters. My Minion Characters will be posted later.


    'The Artilleryman'

    Name: Tekmo

    Breed: Toa of Plantlife

    Faction: Refugees

    Brief Description: Just a little bit shorter than the average Toa, dark green armour with yellow-green eyes. A bit of his Felnas has been broken off, from his fight with the warlord Kal.

    Background/Occupation: Hailing from a small desert island that was conquered by the League, Tekmo found means of becoming a Toa and ventured off to Metru Nui, to defend the last bastion against their oppression. But atrocities committed in the Silver Sea Campaign and his encounter with the brainwashed Toa Skorm made him rethink his black and white view on the universe. In this brave new world, Tekmo defended Metru-Koro from the League attack, and now has joined Skorm, Keitara and Irna on an expedition to the Kumu Islets, to uncover the mysteries of the Aspects of Makuta...

    Flaws: Arrogance and lack of stamina. Tekmo is just a little bit too confident in his abilities. He doesn’t mean to belittle or demean anyone else, nor does he believe anyone to be beneath him, but his ego may rub others the wrong ways, cause him to say the wrong thing, think he’s right when he isn’t, or get into situations he can’t get out of by himself. It also means his plant constructs die without constant focus from him, since in his mindset, he is essential to the process, overlooking that plants do exist without his constant supervision. In a fight, he tends to go all out - and gets tuckered out quickly as a result, losing breath and energy the longer a fight goes on.

    Powers: A wielder of the element of plantlife / jungle / the Green, whatever you want to call it. Tekmo can manifest any type of plant that he knows exists - though perhaps larger than the normal - as well as manipulate pre-existing flora in the area. He also wears the Kanohi Felnas - Great Mask of Disruption, allowing him to disrupt the active power of any being he touches, causing it to go out of control. He has to touch them, not his plant constructs, for this to work.

    Equipment: Tekmo carries various mechanical tools, as well as a razor-edged shield for attack and defense, as well as the aforementioned Felnas.


    'The Red Weed'

    Name: Waveahk

    Breed: Mutant Steltian Elite of Water

    Faction: Refugees

    Brief Description: After travelling through the mutagenic Fau Swamp, Waveahk’s mutation has worsened. While still recognizably him, blue armour and orange eyes, he has now taken on various aquatic attributes - scales, crimson coral growths and barnacles across his skin, tiny tentacles forming a fleshy beard around his mouth, his left arm becoming a lobster claw, and his limbs and back adorned with fins.

    Background/Occupation: Once an anti-League politician on Stelt, the man who would take the name 'Waveahk' was forcibly mutated by League agents to make him a social pariah. In anger, he used the talents that made him difficult to assassinate to enlist in the Dark Hunters. But eventually, he became disgusted with the needless brutality of his peers - and himself. He had handed himself over to the Metru Nui authorities, but he was forced to flee his self-imposed jail when Mata Nui’s revenants became active there. While escaping, he internally wished for a drink of water, and a weapon. He was gifted a mug of water and a Kraata of Gravity by a mysterious entity, who ordered the deaths of Mata Nui and someone named 'Korruhn'. Now, on Zakaz, he has heard rumours of entities called 'Aspects of Makuta' operating out of the Kumu Islets who operate similarly. He is determined to get answers from them...

    Flaws: Selfishness and mutation. Waveahk wasn’t the nicest of people before his mutation, and he hasn’t improved with age. While not devoid of empathy, he isn’t about to risk his neck for anyone else’s. He’s more concerned with his own problems - being contracted to kill a god and a random - than the current political climate or world-ending catastrophes. His mutation isn’t helping. It gets worse the more water he breathes or absorbs, and he needs more as it gets worse. It is affecting his mind, as well - he is losing memories of his past, of people he knew, and his already strenuous patience and rationality is being replaced by primal anger and instinct. Eventually he will become an entirely aquatic being - with the mind of a predator, not an assassin.

    Powers: Though his mutation degrades his mind, it comes with some upsides. He can breathe underwater and swim with great speed, and now it has gotten to the point where he now has elemental water powers. Though this provides him with a constant source of hydration, elemental water seems to worsen his mutation quicker, and satiate his thirst less than regular water, so he doesn’t use it unless he has any other choice.

    Equipment: Not exactly armed to the teeth, but close enough. A trident that fires blue laser beams out of its three prongs, a Zamor Sphere Launcher with special acidic ammo, a Weaken Kanoka Blade and a Xian concussive revolver. Of course, Waveahk only has two hands - for now - and thus, can only use two at a time. He uses the trident and the Kanoka Blade in the left hand - the lobster claw one - and the Launcher and the revolver in the right hand. He also carries a couple of gourds at all times, to fill with and store water. The Gravity Kraata in his arm has been removed by the Aspect of Makuta Parnassus.


    'The Eve of the War'

    Name: Ostrox

    Breed: Mantax’s Species

    Faction: League Refugees

    Brief Description: An imposing, brutish figure, purple armour covered in scars and burns, with glaring red eyes.

    Background/Occupation: Ostrox served Lord Mantax of the League of Six Kingdoms, and continued to try and conquer the Matoran race after his death. So why work with Metru-Koro? The usurper Aurax has control of the League, and only the shantytown’s leaders know the truth of Mata Nui after Zaliyah’s death. They are his only hope to stop Mata Nui’s return and save the universe... presuming they listen...

    Flaws: Hatred and fire vulnerability. Ostrox utterly despises the Matoran. He hates their history, their religion, their society, their culture, their art, their technology, their leaders, their soldiers, their masks, everything. He only wears a Mahiki because it is useful - and to mock them. It is this hatred that makes any alliance with them strained and doomed to be temporary. An encounter with a Vohtarak Pain Rhotuka left burns all over his skin, and as such, has made him incredibly vulnerable to fire. Journeying through the Far Shore has worsened his psychological state. He seems to suffer from some sort of split personality, his Mahiki making his voice and eye-colour change depending on which one is talking. He does not seem to be doing this purposefully. One is hyper-aggressive and constantly bellowing, with a younger male voice and orange eyes, one is calmer and reasonable, albeit highly arrogant and sarcastic, with a deep female voice and yellow eyes. The third and final one is a sinister voice and even darker red eyes that some might recognize as that of Mantax. The voices occasionally contradict and interrupt one another, or incessantly repeat words Ostrox has already said, making any interaction with him harder than it already was.

    Powers: Though possessing significant natural strength, endurance, and surprising speed, Ostrox wields no elemental powers. But he does have resistance to psionic attacks and other mind powers, thanks to mental shielding techniques he learned earlier. His mental discipline also allows him to use his Kanohi Mahiki - Great Mask of Illusion, for extended periods of time.

    Equipment: Ostrox wields a Mahiki, a protosteel sword and a Rhotuka Launcher that fires Confusion Spinners that disorient their target. He also carries a breathing apparatus designed to fit over Kanohi. After a lengthy escapade in the Far Shore, Ostrox has returned with protosteel armour, a purple in-colour Krana Bo, a two-handed Laser Drill that fires clods of earth that pin down a target, a Cordak Blaster, two protosteel knives, and a Great Kanohi Suletu, Mask of Telepathy.


    'Brave New World'

    Name: Ulkarr

    Breed: Laser Vision Aspect of Makuta

    Faction: Aspects of Makuta

    Brief Description: The vessel currently inhabited by Ulkarr is dark blue-green in colour with green eyes, roughly the same shape and size of your average Toa. It is very utilitarian is design, no elaborate designs or cosmetic flair.

    Background/Occupation: Birthed from the wish for a more orderly world, Ulkarr disdained associating with the local Skakdi of Zakaz and providing them with Kraata, as so many of his kin have done, viewing them as barbarians. When the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, he came to them instead. Though distrusted by most for performing the Rite of Desecration on the Matoran Bode with the heart of a dying Matoran named Ramaka, he is confident they will come around, in time...

    Flaws: Self-righteousness and gaseous form. Ulkarr does not adhere to any moral system lesser life-forms use. He views himself as a superior being, and it is his responsibility to reshape their society into a more orderly one - with himself in charge. He does not feel guilt for those he must hurt to do so - for in his mind, he has done no wrong. His Aspect biology means that he cannot interact with the physical world without a vessel, being nothing but a spooky green cloud without it.

    Powers: Like all Aspects, Ulkarr wields elemental power over shadow. He also has limited laser vision, though it can only blind and not harm.

    Equipment: When he must lower himself to partake in violence, he uses a large halberd.

    Grand Wish: Order must be brought to the universe. Lesser beings breed chaos. Freedom is the enemy, and must be eliminated.


    'The Fighting Machine'

    Name: NU-8020S

    Breed: Nullifier Vahki

    Faction: Refugees

    Brief Description: Like all Nullifiers, NU-8020S comes in silver, with highlights of another colour, in this case light blue, the same colour as her optics. Trekking in the desert has caused her to lose some of her pristine shine.

    Background/Occupation: Though not physically different from the common Nullifier, NU-8020S is a Squad Mother, meaning she has command of a squad and enhanced intelligence to go along with it. There are six of them, herself included, after NU-8025S - or 'Buggy' - had a system crash due to his, well, buggy software. After the Vahki Hive fell under League control, Pridak ordered her to track down and kill the renegade Barraki Takadox. They succeeded in the first part, but Takadox had found those willing to defend him, and it was not a fight NU-8020S thought they could win. With nowhere else to turn, she brought her squad on their Vahki Transport to Po-Koro, and helped with the transition to Tobduk-Koro, after which the village Akiri, Kanohi, appointed her as the village's second councilor.

    Flaws: Pride and electric vulnerability. NU-8020S is only deferring to Akiri Kanohi because she wants to and it suits her interests. Any other organic has no right to give her orders, and this will be made clear to any who try. Though she’ll never admit it, an error in the production line means she is incredibly vulnerable to electrical attacks.

    Powers: Like all Nullifiers, NU-8020S is equipped with a nullification core, which disables one active power of any target she can see. She also has a faster reaction time and thinking speed than any meatbag brain.

    Equipment: Armed with a Ko-Metru Freeze Kanoka and Staffs of Presence. Since there’s no room for a disk retrieval/storage system with the null core taking up that space, the disk must be retrieved manually after it is fired. She also now carries a level six Kanoka Blade of Weakening, gifted to her by Akiri Kanohi as her Badge of Office.

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  • @EmperorWhenuaCaedast, the Ambling Alp, Yumiwak, and the Tactical Panda II are approved!

    @Harvali: Kanohi and Collector are approved!

    @Tarn: Nale, Jutori, and Triage are approved! Korio Karasha is missing his custom secondary power, so you can either edit one in, or you can play him without one. Please reply to this topic with what you decide to do.

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  • @Eyru He's never had one (because I could never think of a decent one before), but I've went and edited in one since it's better than nothing. Considering where his story is heading it might be a bit late for him to get one now, but oh well.

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  • Don’t worry, the Taku’s coming soon, she’s just at the dealership for a tune up...

    • Name: Knichou (Neh-Chow)

    • Rank: Knichou swears he’s a commander. What actual authority this grants him is anyone’s guess, but it sounds cool

    • Breed: Toa of Iron and Light (Au-Toa)

    • Faction: C̷͇͐͊a̷̖̍é̷̗d̶̛̽ͅḁ̴̏ͅs̸̠͑ṭ̴͆̍, Nale (<3), the Taku, Metru-Nui Refugees, Nynrah Ghosts?

    • Brief Description: With an average height and sturdy yet limber build, Knichou’s shape changes from time to time due to his adaptive armor, but some things remain constant. His Kanohi is a metallic crimson, with green eyes that glow behind the lenses of the heads up display formed by his adaptive armor. Knichou's gauntlets and forearms are also crimson, and the rest of his body is a mix of shades of a light, metallic grey and occasional streaks of white. Above his heartlight is a matoran ‘X’ character that brands him as an exile from the Nynrah Ghosts. (After Sidra's visit, this branding no longer exists, and now the gauntlets/forearms are a dull golden hue that matches his Kanohi. His chestplate is a mix of gold and an anodized dark green, with his boots and greaves being entirely dark green.)

      No longer fearing that his secret reaches the ears of the dastardly, Knichou wears Artakha’s Mask of Creation, The crimson layer of his nanites parts to show the gold underneath in places, particularly where the lines are in the variety of carvings of various sizes that texture the Kanohi’s surface. These memorialize legends both new and long forgotten. On Knichou’s forehead, just beneath the crownlike protrusions on the top of the mask, the carvings depict five airships dueling above a beach, with the godhead behind them.

      After being visited in his dreams by Sidra NUVA, the colors on his adaptive armor changed once more (Noted above) and the Mask of Creation has adapted to fill the shape of his original sleek, tactical Kakama, with some slight modifications. The golden runes and ancient carvings still emboss the surface of his golden Kanohi, and the crownlike protrusions have receded to be less prominent, forming a shape that more resembles a wreath of laurels that is colored a dark green that matches his torso and leg armor.

      When the Mask of Creation was infected by Caedast's level 6 Kraata of Elasticity aboard Ehlek's Fortress, it's appearance changed once more. However, due to being a mono-reality item, this appearance is how it always has been. This transformation recolored the kanohi, with it's golden luster fading into the bright yellowish-green of the Kraata that infected it, and it's surface being uneven and mottled with rust. The green laurels have faded into a blue-green copper patina.

    • Background/Occupation: Knichou was a Nynrah Ghost, but due to a catastrophic failure in an experiment with Aurax that forcibly turned his apprentice into a Toa, he was exiled from the guild. In his exile, Knichou sought refuge on the island of Artakha, building a small manufacturing shop there. When the war came to Artakha’s doorstep, Knichou made preparations, salvaging and repairing the airship that he christened the Taku, and using it to flee to Metru-Nui just before the League of Six Kingdoms fully ensnared Artakha in an impenetrable blockade.

      After arriving in Metru-Nui, Knichou went to Onu-Metru to ask Nuparu for a job, when dark hunters assassinate the engineer. The ex-Ghost searched for the killer, running into and getting aid from Toa Stannis and Nale. They helped him get away with looting a memory crystal from Nuparu’s corpse and escaping, with the help of Toa Arkius and the matoran Kanohi, to the Taku. They were chased by dark hunters, but eventually reached safety, where Stannis and Knichou were able to use the memory crystal to discover that Dume commissioned Nuparu to repair an ancient device that could transfer the powers of Kanoka into beings. The Taku’s unlikely crew went to Po-Metru, where they aided the Odd Company in finding another great disk. Dark hunters were still tracking them, and one died in combat. Knichou was the first Nale admitted to that she was the one who struck the killing blow, breaking the Toa code.

      Having acquired the great disk, the groups traveled to the Coliseum to meet Dume and learn more of his plans. It was there that Knichou was granted the powers of a Toa, which he believed he would need in order to use the Disk of Time to travel through time and find out how to end the war. After some conflict in the warehouse where Tuyet was storing Nuparu’s machine, Tuyet used the machine and disappeared.

      Knichou was able to get back to the Taku during the collapse and escaped with it, saving many matoran inside of the vehicle. He scouted out the island of Zakaz for a week via his airship, too ashamed to see any of his allies in the refugee settlements and have to explain his failure to save the universe. He eventually did fly the Taku to Metru-Koro, where he found some crew members that helped him in a delivery to the fledgling Po-Koro. The crew participated in the Battle of Po-Koro, helping save matoran lives. After the battle, Knichou reunited with Arkius, Stannis, Kanohi, and Nale.

      They returned to Metru-Koro to meet with Sans, who gave Knichou the Mask of Creation. Knichou formulated an ambush to defend the village, which was successful due to a betrayal by a League captain. Returning to Metru-Koro after the battle, Knichou helped give Nale’s former ally Datrox Karvan a Nynran funeral ceremony, cremating and mummifying the Toa of fire into a memorial to those lost in defense of matoran.

    • Personality: Knichou is intensely curious, yet cautious. Being from a guild as secretive as the Nynrah Ghosts, he isn’t exactly the master of small talk, although he has been on a streak of snark and sarcasm, a coping mechanism he’s developed to survive the insanity of the apocalypse.

    • Flaws:

      • Sole Survivor: Knichou was exiled from the Nynrah Ghosts, and left the island. He feels guilty of not returning to help defend his homeland from the League, that he is unworthy for not dying in battle like all his old friends, including his former apprentice Keitara. While he did not know if he was the last of the Ghosts before, with the destruction of the GSR, it is likely, and grappling with that survivor’s guilt is difficult for him.

      • Burden of Command: Knichou didn’t expect to be leading anyone, but when he recruited a handful of civilians to crew the Taku after the collapse, the engineer found himself in the position of authority, with their safety as his responsibility. Unfortunately for the crew, there was a very high casualty rate, with Taja getting lured off and desecrated, Suhaku getting scored with shrapnel, Exuze losing an arm in the first battle of Metru-Koro. Knichou isn’t emotionally prepared for the hard choices he would have to make as a commander, and vows not to put the crew in any more danger than they have to be, which can be used against him.

      • Trust Factor: Knichou is historically not inclined to trust others much, with only recently forming a handful of exceptions to that rule.

      • Poor Reception: A quirk of the nanotechnology Knichou developed for his adaptive armor is that strong magnetic interference will prevent remote communication between objects using the technology. A physical connection between nanites is then the only way to transfer data, and any parts of his armor requiring wireless communication will not be able to function without physical contact with the object they communicate with. For example, this impacts features such as remote links to airship systems, personal 2-way radio, and text messaging.

      • White Belt: While skilled with firearms, Knichou is not practiced in martial arts or any melee combat skill. Any hand-to-hand fighting style is nonexistent, either acting on near-instinct with sloppy form, or dodging, blocking, and parrying until he can escape to use his rifle unencumbered.

      • Commitment Issues - Choices are hard. Risks are risky. Power can be abused, but should it? Help. :notsure:

    • Powers:

      • Primary Element: Creation and manipulation over metals.

      • Bonus Primary Element: Light.

        • Since the Mask of Creation was infected.

      • Secondary Power: Can wear and operate Kanohi

      • Kraata Power: Elasticity (Level 6) (From infected mask)

        • Stage 1: Has a stretchy, flexible body that is highly resistant to harm.
        • Stage 2: Able to squeeze through narrow cracks and crevices.
        • Stage 3: Has the ability stretch several times its own length to climb over obstacles.
        • Stage 4: Elastic enough to withstand and snap back from heavy blows.
        • Stage 5: Can stretch around even sharp edges without harm.
        • Stage 6: Can stretch incredible lengths in the blink of an eye to infect a faraway mask. 
      • Breed quirk: Greater physical endurance – Knichou can overcome physical pain and impact more than other Toa, and last longer before complete exhaustion – a natural-born cardio master.

    • Equipment:

      • Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed

      • Mask of Creation (See Mask of Creation rules here)

        • Before the first battle of Metru-Koro, Turaga Sans gave Knichou the Mask of Creation, a legendary Kanohi formerly worn by Artakha, the matoran demigod of creation. Worn by the master Builder, the warlord Pridak, and the unlikely leader of Sans, now the responsibility of this power rests on Knichou’s shoulders.

      • Adaptive armor

        • Knichou developed adaptive armor during his time in the Nynrah Ghosts. It’s composed of many microscopic nanites that recombine based on their programming to fit the surroundings around him, and offers a suite of digital tools to improve the usability, such as a full sensor suite, heads up display, radio communicator, remote synchronization and control of other tools that are ‘paired’ with his armor, such as modifications he’s build into the Taku’s computer. This armor adapts to the users environment, increasing survivability and letting the wearer use technolog for powers light flight, breathing underwater, or survival in the vacuum of space.

        • His armor stores excess nanites in a blob on his back, that he uses as a backpack. When Knichou wants to get something from it, he reaches behind him and the nanites turn to a liquid to let his hand pass through and grab the object.

      • Modified Lightstone Rifle

        • Knichou has a lightstone rifle that he’s customized to fit his larger Toa form. Instead of a top-mounted gravity-fed magazine, Knichou uses a skeletal rotating cylinder to hold its 8 projectiles. This design makes the projectiles visible from the outside, allowing the cylinder to be quickly topped off while keeping the weapon ready to fire. There is still a battery in the stock of the rifle that connects to each cylinder to overcharge any lightstones or heatstones and make them release their respective elements in an explosion on impact, although overcharging such ammunition still takes time. It’s speed disk based trigger can fire anything that fits in the barrel, so Knichou has developed a variety of ammunition types that he can load, such as firework rounds, flares, steel slugs, and metallic cartridges full of flechettes that fire in a wide spread.

        • This weapon has components manufactured with Knichou’s Nynran nanodermis, and remotely synchronizes with his armor’s systems to display an ammunition counter and crosshair on his adaptive armor’s heads up display for ease of use.

      • Obsidian Blade

        • Reforged from Datrox Karvan's signature weapon, the sword to end all swords is Knichou's signature weapon. It has a signature protosteel grip, with a large blocky vantablack nanodermis blade. The edges of the weapon are lighter, otherwise no shape could be discerned from the pitch black mass. The sides of the blade are marked VELLA in matoran characters.

        • This weapon changes shape to best fit the situation and strike the user intends.

        • When not in use, the Obsidian blade retracts until it is merely a hilt.

        • This weapon's adaptive nature lends it to have an incredible ease of use. Always perfectly balanced, the Obsidian Blade can make even the most novice of swordsmen into a force to be reckoned with, with it's nanite connection to the user's will making the weapon truly an extension of the body.

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  • Player Characters

    Name: Sorilax
    Breed: Aspect of Makuta
    Faction: Refugees
    Brief Description: Sorilax stands about Toa height, being ever so slightly taller. His armor is various splotches of tan and brown to camouflage himself in the desert. His arms are more tubular and like tentacles, having several dozen lesser joints instead of three major arm joints like a normal Toa. These arms hang down to just above his ankles. He does have normal hands on the end of them.

    Sorilax holds himself straight and serious. He tends to pause to think before replying, often rubbing his chin. His optics are golden yellow and despite being fake, dance like the sun.

    Background/Occupation: Ever since his creation, Sorilax knew he wasn’t like most of his brethren. Instead of casting aside or ignoring what little Light they had, Sorilax grabbed onto it, clutching it desperately. He sees focusing on his Light as the morally right thing to do. And now with the arrival of the Metru-Nuians, he has a moral code to better adapt his own. Unity, Duty, Destiny.

    He seeks to follow Light no matter the cost to himself.

    The call of discovery compels him almost as much as his Light. If anything, he needs to unlock the secrets of his species so he can guard them jealously from others of his kind. The Aspects aren’t exactly the best of beings to control the kind of power that comes from a seventh stage Kraata. He has unfortunately realized that he can’t keep secret Taboos, and instead wishes to learn as many as possible to know what his brethren might be up to.

    When it comes to Zakaz, Sorilax knows all too well that conflict is inevitable. So despite not training for battle except for where he had to fight the mutated Rahi of the swamp, he has successfully saved up to purchase his own ARC from Cravious to better deal with those who would interrupt his examinations while out and about the island.

    Flaws: Psychological Issues: He tends to take too long to think things over. This is also a side effect of his love of studying and contemplating things.

    When it comes to fighting, Sorilax has avoided it as much as he can. As such, his instincts in battle aren’t exactly the wisest or fastest, with Sorilax often overthinking his opponent’s moves. But this isn’t to say he hasn’t fought before, this is Zakaz after all.

    Due to his love of knowledge, Sorilax reveals far too much in his conversations than other beings would naturally enjoy in normal conversations. This isn’t to say the information isn’t helpful, just that he digs down into exacting details to the detriment of the listener’s attention span.

    Physical Limitation: Exists as a sentient green gas and requires either a suit of armor or a willing host to take solid form. When in a gaseous form he cannot physically interact with his environment.

    Desynced File: this character may only use the breed quirks listed on their profile while they retain this flaw.

    Fused Form: this aspect's inherent gaseous form is physically fused to the Kraata Two's Rahkshi armor and is unable to leave.

    Powers: Element: Light (Formerly Shadow)

    As with most things he’s encountered, Sorilax has studied his previous element extensively, experimenting with both the limits of his power and of his gaseous body. As a result, he has a great control over mundane tasks of Shadow, often creating Toa-like arms to more easily interact with objects he is studying or even creating temporary cups and containers which he leaves out for hours. Unbeknownst to him, his level of delicate control actually outpaces quite a few of the many inhabitants of Zakaz, even if his level of raw power does not.

    Much of the skill of his previous element has translated to his new element, the areas where this is strongest is hardlight and drawing Light around himself, which with Light, renders him invisible.

    Kraata Power: Silence

    Stage 1 - Able to move and tunnel in complete silence.

    Stage 2 - Projects an aura of silence that can disorientate or terrify an enemy.

    Stage 3 - Can drain all sound from any object or creature with which it is in contact.

    Stage 4 - Has the ability to absorb all sound in a small area at will.

    Stage 5 - Can radiate aura of silence over an entire village.

    Stage 6 - Aura of silence is powerful enough to temporarily deafen a Toa Nuva.

    Breed Quirk: Aspects have a Grand Wish and can perform the Rites of Desecration (see the Expansion on Taboo), but they cannot form kaita or access kanohi powers. They require either a suit of armor or a willing host to take solid form. They can acquire and use taboos.

    Equipment: Weapons: Two large knives that he can channel his element through.

    A Midak Skyblaster that he guards jealousy from his fellow Aspects of Makuta.nHe found it in the last week while skirting around the wreckage of the crashed head, not ready to interact with the inhabitants from the GSR yet. It was in a pile of broken shelving units and gun racks, basically pristine. The multiple small dents that are on it don't affect the inner mechanisms. And Sorilax is absolutely fascinated with how it is powered by light.

    Equipment: A large backpack to conceal his Midak blaster. Scrolls on various topics of the island. Ink. Quill pens. Flower crown from Vhisola. Shadow lizard from one of his experiments. It has the insignia of a level one Kraata on it's head and spines down its back. It can shadow travel short distances and likes Sorilax.

    Illuminated Great Mask of Fate gives him Life Kraata powers of Stage 5. His chosen secondary element is Psionics. The mask is a transparent pearlescent cream and white that glows faintly in the dark (though the glowing can mentally be turned on and off). Currently not wearing.



    Stage 1. The body’s healing factor is as fast as is naturally possible.

    Stage 2. Can sense all life in the area and instinctively know what type it is, regardless of what plane of existence it resides on.

    Stage 3. Rahi (Insects as well for all mentions of Rahi. Rahi does not include rite-born “Rahi” (Kaiju)) sense your connection to Life and refuse to attack you unless they are Infected, attacked by you, or under someone else’s power. Can create and mentally control one duplicate miniature Rahi that is half the size of the original. One must touch the Rahi one wishes to duplicate.

    Stage 4. Every facet of one’s body is always in the most peak condition possible naturally regardless of diet and exercise. Wounds heal slightly faster than is natural. Will not die of old age, starvation, dehydration, asphyxiation, or disease.

    Stage 5. Can create and command new life in the form of half sized copies of one’s self that have all of the original’s powers but not weapons or tools. Only up to two at one time. Only the original can duplicate themselves. Can now duplicate and mentally control two Rahi at full size.

    Has Stage 5 Unbound Kraata of Quick Healing, Life, Dodge, Adaption, Shapeshifting, and Density Control.

    Rhotuka Heater Shield from Knichou: 

    Knichou reached out to the side with his left arm, the ghostlike form of a small shield shimmering into existence as his Kanohi glowed. It had the distinctive rounded triangular shape of a heater shield, however in the center was a circular mechanism for launching Rhotuka. Around this depression in the shield was a golden engraving that depicted blasts of flames and light emanating from the corona of a star, as if the launcher's mechanism itself was eclipsing the sun to provide balance and clarity. Running through the entire depth of the shield in the center of the circular launcher was a crystal, shaped to focus light outwards into tighter beams, something that Knichou figured a light elemental might want to do from time to time.

    Pulling his arm back towards himself, Knichou used his right hand to remove the shield from his forearm. Tendrils of liquid metal stretched between the Fe-Toa's armor and the back of the shield for a moment before easily snapping back to both objects. It was immediately clear the ex-Ghost's signature technology had been implemented to provide a hassle-free way to attach and detach the shield to and from any part of Sorilax's body, with the nanites reconfiguring into a perfect seal to lock the shield in place as long as the user wished it to.

    Far Shore Rewards:

    +1 Psychological Flaw of your choosing and a pair of Echo Forks - The Echo Forks are a pair of tine-like tools carried by the Ko-Matoran Kazi. When slammed together, they produce a devastating supersonic shockwave that will destroy any objects in its path, or deafen and force down any opponents who get caught in the blast. He received these weapons from Karzahni.

     Great Kanohi Mask of Water Breathing (kaukau) (swapped for Great Mask of Fate in the Air Suva)

    A Vial of Visorak "Hordika" Venom. A creature who is injected with the full vial of venom transforms into a hordika variant.

    An elemental longbow of Ice. Its arrows are conjured icicles, and it functions like an elemental weapon. This elemental longbow allows you to shape ice into the form of conjured icicle arrows and loose them great distances. Where the arrows land then you may create small ice effects (walls, ramps, bursts, etc). This weapon also gives off a constant frost to anything it touches. (It was the blue of glaciers beyond cold, a color he knew far too well now. Above that blue was intricate detailing of pure white, not dirtied in the slightest. As it moved through the air, it let off frozen vapor, as if a living being were breathing in the cold.)

    Taboo Rite: Infected Kanohi Affinity. This Taboo allows Sorilax to wear and use infected kanohi masks. (see a future PM for further details regarding symbol, stanza, and official rules text)

    Noble Mask of Shielding (Hau)

    Former Current Body:

    Fully possessed his Rahkshi Three, then remotely possessed his Rahkshi One. He has his Heater Shield, Echo Forks, Ice Longbow, empty backpack, and Rahkshi Staff of Fragmentation. He currently has access to the Element of Light and Stage 4 Kraata powers of Silence, Chain Lightning, Dodge, Teleportation, and Quick Healing.

    Current Body:

    Stuck in his Rahkshi’s Two’s armor. He has Kas’ Firework Shotgun, Ice Longbow, and a Rahkshi Staff of Teleportation. He has access to Stage 6 powers of Fragmentation and Life.

    Ascension Perks:

    1: Telepathic audio communication with an individual desecrated follower currently on the same plane of existence. 

    2: Kraata power stage 3, see through the eyes of their desecrated on the same plane of existence. (Follower's Kraata are now at power stage 2)

    3: Kraata power stage 4, remotely possess their desecrated through shadow puppetry. (Follower’s Kraata are now at power stage 3)

    4: Kraata power stage 5, teleport to one of their desecrated’s shadows. (Follower's Kraata are now at power stage 4)

    5: Kraata power stage 6, teleport their desecrated to their shadow. (Follower's Kraata are now at power stage 5)

    Suva Affiliation:

    Air Suva.

    Swapped Great Mask of Water Breathing for Great Mask of Fate.

    Grand Wish: 

    What: Sorilax seeks to be able to control the metaphysical power that creates and sustains all life in the universe.

    Why: So that all the newly created sentient beings of the world get to start with the same amount of Moral Light. Sorilax doesn’t wish to bend minds to his whim but wants to respect individuality. Hence, he wouldn’t touch the sentient beings that still live, but all new life would be created morally equal.

    Basically Sorilax wants the universe to be a better place. He doesn’t want anyone created under the restrictions he was as an Aspect, where he constantly thinks things he wishes he didn’t.

    1. Desecrate a follower with the alternative poem.

    2. Discover a way to use Rahi Heartlights for the Desecration Rites.

    3.  Uncover a rite to transition from a being of Shadow to Light. Meditate in a holy temple to become a light-based entity.

    4. Discover how to create life where there was nothing.

    5. Discover the ways the GSR created life and expanded its consciousness.

    The only beings that know of Sorilax's Grand Wish:

    Sala, Viltia, the NPCs of Le-Metru Nuva, Vhisola, Sidra


    Rahkshi Creation


    Symbol: eight-pointed star.


    Tortured is the heart that lies empty

    Full is the belly of the beast

    A shell protects the broken yolk

    Sleep is better than peace


    To create a rahkshi, an Aspect breathes a portion of their gaseous antidermis self into a living creature, rahi or otherwise, and then dips the living creature into Energetic Protodermis (EP). If the EP is purified, you may choose what type of rahkshi is created of the 42 possible variations. If the EP is not purified, roll randomly from the table of 42 variations found here.

    The living creature used in the ritual undergoes a rapid and complete metamorphosis into a suit of armor while exposed to the EP. The armor loses all memories of its past self. The armor cannot move unless piloted by a kraata or their creator Aspect. Rahkshi are wholly obedient to their creator, even at their own peril. The armor starts with its innate power at stage four on the kraata power variation stage chart.

    An Aspect may use this taboo to create as many armor suits as they have Grand Wish narrative milestones completed. If you are not an Aspect, you may have one rahkshi at any given time. You may not have duplicate sets of armor with the same innate power variations.



    Rahkshi are bipedal terrors that seek to enact the will of their creator. Rahkshi are fiercely territorial, violently attacking anything they consider to have crossed into the bounds of their realm. Rahkshi are resistant to general physical harm, as the shadows around them act as a form of energetic buffer. To make matters worse, rahkshi are two in one: a living kraata pilots the biomechanical armor suit. The powers of a given rahkshi come from both the armor suit and the kraata piloting it. 

    All rahkshi possess incredible innate senses of perception, able to see through most sensory illusions. A rahkshi’s face may split open to reveal the kraata pilot within, allowing the kraata to infect a downed foe. Think of them as Bionicle’s version of a xenomorph if that helps. Kraata themselves are worms that hunger constantly, demanding their rahkshi armor to constantly hunt for prey to eat or infect.


    Rahkshi and Their Creator

    Rahkshi may communicate telepathically with their creator at any time, regardless of distance. This telepathic communication is audio-only, like a radio. A rahkshi may be possessed by their creator at any time, regardless of physical distance. When a creator possesses one of their rahkshi, they paracausally move their consciousness to the portion of antidermis used during the taboo ritual to form the physical rahkshi armor. While in this state, the creator loses consciousness in their original body until control of the rahkshi is relinquished. 

    When an Aspect possesses a rahkshi they created, they may use all their powers as normal along with the rahkshi’s powers at whatever kraata stage is highest. For example: armor with stage four power and a kraata with stage one power piloted by an Aspect with stage four power may use all three kraata abilities at stage four power as well as their innate control of shadow, their ability to desecrate others, and any other abilities the Aspect possesses.


    Rahkshi Profile Template 

    Profiles for rahkshi do not need GM approval before play (with the exception of custom requests).

    Name: what does the creator of the rahkshi call it?
    Creator: Which character made the rahkshi?
    Physical description: a short description to assist players in imagining the rahkshi
    Kraata power from the kraata pilot and its stage
    Kraata power from the armor suit (stage four minimum)
    Able to see through most sensory illusions
    Physical damage reduction: rahkshi armor is tough and can withstand many physical blows
    Infectious Feeding: A rahkshi’s face may split open to reveal the kraata pilot within, allowing the kraata to infect a downed foe’s mask
    Rahkshi staff: the same power variation as the armor (stage four minimum). Stolen staves can be used with concentration to channel the same power of the rahkshi they came from. These staves usually have elaborate blades on either end.
    all rahkshi become immobile when left unpiloted by a kraata or their aspect. 
    Provide one additional flaw or weakness for your rahkshi's armor
    Provide one psychological flaw based on the kraata variation piloting the rahkshi.

    Sorilax Specific Changes: Once an Aspect of Light, Sorilax’s Rahkshi would be more open to helping out others instead of running from or attacking them. Instead of being naturally destructive and dangerous without orders, they would be peaceful, congregate together, and seek to protect themselves and others in an imitation of Toa. They would remain territorial, just against threats.

    Beings who know Sorilax knows this:

    Sala, Vhisola, Sidra, Knichou



    Name: One
    Creator: Sorilax
    Physical description: Deep Blue head and spine like the ocean, Dark Green hands and feet like seaweed. Taller than the average Toa, on par with Skakdi. All sleek and full of sharp angles except for the spine.
    Kraata Pilot: Quick Healing Stage 3 (Acting at Stage 4 due to level of Rahkshi armor)
    Rahkshi Armor: Teleportation Stage 4
    Able to see through most sensory illusions.
    Physical damage reduction: Rahkshi armor is tough and can withstand many physical blows
    Infectious Feeding: A Rahkshi’s face may split open to reveal the kraata pilot within, allowing the Kraata to infect a downed foe’s mask.*
    Rahkshi staff: the same power variation as the armor (stage four minimum). Stolen staves can be used with concentration to channel the same power of the Rahkshi they came from. These staves usually have elaborate blades on either end. (Currently Fragmentation)

    Is also holding Sorilax's Heater Shield, Echo Forks, and empty backpack.
    All Rahkshi become immobile when left unpiloted by a Kraata or their Aspect. 
    Physical: *Face is designed as a sleek, solid piece and the Rahkshi must pop open its spine casing to allow the Kraata to infect a mask.
    Psychological: Doesn’t care all too much about being damaged.

    Name: Two
    Creator: Sorilax
    Physical description: Brown like a clump of dirt. Taller than the average Toa, on par with Skakdi. All sleek and full of sharp angles except for the spine.
    Kraata Pilot: Life Stage 3 (Acting at Stage 4 due to level of Rahkshi armor)
    Rahkshi Armor: Fragmentation Stage 4
    Able to see through most sensory illusions
    Physical damage reduction: Rahkshi armor is tough and can withstand many physical blows
    Infectious Feeding: A Rahkshi’s face may split open to reveal the Kraata pilot within, allowing the Kraata to infect a downed foe’s mask.*
    Rahkshi staff: the same power variation as the armor (stage four minimum). Stolen staves can be used with concentration to channel the same power of the Rahkshi they came from. These staves usually have elaborate blades on either end. (Currently Teleporation)
    All Rahkshi become immobile when left unpiloted by a Kraata or their Aspect. 
    Physical: *Face is designed as a sleek, solid piece and the Rahkshi must pop open its spine casing to allow the Kraata to infect a mask.
    Psychological: Sees the life it creates as pawns.

    Kraata Cannibal: this kraata has an insatiable hunger for other kraata and will go to great lengths to consume them

    Name: Three
    Creator: Sorilax
    Physical description: Silver like polished armor. Taller than the average Toa, on par with Skakdi. All sleek and full of sharp angles except for the spine.
    Kraata Pilot: Dodge Stage 3 (Acting at Stage 4 due to level of Rahkshi armor)
    Rahkshi Armor: Chain Lightning Stage 4
    Able to see through most sensory illusions
    Physical damage reduction: Rahkshi armor is tough and can withstand many physical blows
    Infectious Feeding: A Rahkshi’s face may split open to reveal the Kraata pilot within, allowing the Kraata to infect a downed foe’s mask.*
    Rahkshi staff: the same power variation as the armor (stage four minimum). Stolen staves can be used with concentration to channel the same power of the Rahkshi they came from. These staves usually have elaborate blades on either end. (Currently Chain Lightning)
    All Rahkshi become immobile when left unpiloted by a Kraata or their Aspect. 
    Physical: *Face is designed as a sleek, solid piece and the Rahkshi must pop open its spine casing to allow the Kraata to infect a mask.
    Psychological: Enjoys using its power to dodge things too much.

    Kraata Creation


    Symbol: upside-down triangle


    Mortal soil

    Decrepit and raw

    Shadow born cosmos

    Where I see all


    An Aspect breathes a portion of their gaseous self over a heartlight, rahi or otherwise, and then dips the heartlight into Energetic Protodermis (EP) to create a kraata. If the EP is purified, the player creating the kraata with their Aspect character may choose the variation of kraata. If the EP is not purified, the player randomly rolls on the available variations of kraata found here. 

    A kraata created from random NPCs or Minions begins at stage 1. Kraata created from PCs begin at stage 3.



    Kraata are physical embodiments of an Aspect’s desires that work to increase the Aspect’s goals by infecting masks. They are Minions that obey basic instinct to infect masks and survive. An Aspect can communicate telepathically with the kraata they have created in a similar fashion to those they have desecrated. Please use these resources for kraata descriptions and behavior and kraata variations.

    An Aspect may have two times the kraata as they do completed milestones. When a kraata dies, the Aspect may no longer create a kraata of that power type. An Aspect may not have kraata of duplicate variations to other kraata. 

    Kraata evolve through stages tied to their creator Aspect. Each time an Aspect reaches the next tier in their milestones, all of that Aspect’s kraata reach their next stage.

    An Aspect who has reached their sixth milestone may merge two or more kraata of the same stage together to create a new kraata with a randomly rolled (excluding already made kraata types) power variation. Each time this is done, the new kraata is created at one stage above the other kraata used. A kraata created in this manner may not be made above stage 6. 


    Kraata Abilities

    Kraata may be used as a replacement for beating heartlights in the rites of Desecration. The kraata changes to the variation chosen by the desecrated character and becomes the kraata that is bound to them.
    Kraata may infect masks they touch. If a kraata reaches their final stage, they may infect masks visibly within their presence. There is no limit to the amount of masks kraata may infect. Infecting worn masks without player consent is an auto-hit. Once a mask is infected, it cannot be infected again unless it is cleansed (see cleansing below).
    If an NPC, Minion, or PC wears an infected mask:
    Infected masks look pitted, rusted, and scarred. They often have a secondary or tertiary coloring like the kraata that made it.
    The Aspect may treat the character wearing an infected mask as if they were desecrated by them.
    The character wearing the infected mask may use one additional elemental power of their choice if they are capable of doing so. This additional elemental power blends with their primary elemental power and is chosen the first time they wear an infected mask. The secondary element does not change if the mask is taken off and reworn.
    The character with the infected mask gains access to the powers of the kraata that infected the mask at the current stage of the kraata.
    The character wearing an infected mask does not want to take it off.
    Infected masks may be cleansed by submergence into EP, or with a Kanoka of Removes Poison with a power level greater than or equal to the stage of the kraata that infected the mask.

    Sorilax Specific Changes: Once becoming a being of Light, Sorilax’s Infection would become Illumination. Sorilax's Kraata would be able to physically touch a mask and Illuminate it. The mask becomes a transparent pearlescent cream and white that glows slightly in the dark (though the glow in the dark feature can be mentally turned off).

    Sorilax’s Kraata variation of Shadow becomes Life.



    Stage 1. The body’s healing factor is as fast as is naturally possible.

    Stage 2. Can sense all life in the area and instinctively know what type it is, regardless of what plane of existence it resides on.

    Stage 3. Rahi (Insects as well for all mentions of Rahi. Rahi does not include rite-born “Rahi” (Kaiju)) sense your connection to Life and refuse to attack you unless they are Infected, attacked by you, or under someone else’s power. Can create and mentally control one duplicate miniature Rahi that is half the size of the original. One must touch the Rahi one wishes to duplicate.

    Stage 4. Every facet of one’s body is always in the most peak condition possible naturally regardless of diet and exercise. Wounds heal slightly faster than is natural. Will not die of old age, starvation, dehydration, asphyxiation, or disease.

    Stage 5. Can create and command new life in the form of half sized copies of one’s self that have all of the original’s powers but not weapons or tools. Only up to two at one time. Only the original can duplicate themselves. Can now duplicate and mentally control two Rahi at full size.

    Stage 6. ~Secret. Interact to find out more.~

    Beings who know Sorilax knows this:


    Elemental Alteration


    Symbol: conjoined semi-circles with their flat sides in opposite directions


    Release each yoke of mine

    Each destined path is one

    Remove barriers as they align

    Not all must circle around a sun


    Choose a consenting creature you can touch. You may alter the base element of the consenting creature to a new element of their choice. The new element must be an already approved element in SKRPGs. If a consenting creature has more than one element, they alter their first acquired element. A creature may undergo this change once. The change is immediate and permanent.

    Beings who know Sorilax knows this:

    Sala, Sidra

    Infected Mask Attunement


    Symbol: two small circles above an equilateral triangle pointing upwards


    Faces carved of silver stone

    Dimly do the stars crawl

    Placed on brows of ivory bone

    Emotions forced behind a wall


    As a Taboo Rite ability, you may wear and use the powers of infected kanohi masks (noble and great variations). You may wear and use the powers of only one infected kanohi mask at a time. To use this taboo, you must be able to physically wear a kanohi mask somewhere on your body.

    Beings who know Sorilax knows this:


    Infectious Kraata Extraction


    Symbol: equilateral triangle with a clockwise spiral inside.


    My fickle friend

    You breathe and laugh and love

    You glowing star

    You shed your light far above

    When you physically touch a desecrated creature, you may choose to remove one kraata from their body. The kraata remains alive, retains its current stage and variation, and you are considered its creator. See the Rites of Infectious Kraata for how living kraata function when not bound to a host.

    Beings who know Sorilax knows this:





    Symbol: six pointed star


    One by one you all will fall

    Your past and future all will dance

    In this moment you will stall

    As we stare you lose your chance


    Pick one living creature you can see without assistance to be the target of your effects. You and that target both fall asleep. While asleep, both you and your target are trapped within a singular shared dream. You may choose to end this dream state at any time. You both understand each other as if you were each wearing a great kanohi Rau, mask of translation.

    Beings who know Sorilax knows this:


    Taboo of Gluttonous Desecration


    Symbol: Four circles with a diamond drawn between their center points


    Mighty warrior

    Cleaver of skies

    Meek gardener

    Tender of lies

    If you are able and know the rites, you may perform the Rites of Desecration an additional two times on one willing creature (maximum four times).

    Beings who know Sorilax knows this:

    Viltia, Mahrika

    Taboo of Tethered Bonds


    Symbol: three squiggly lines

    As of the beginning of Apocalypse, there is no known stanza for this taboo.


    Your body sprouts varying amounts of long silver threads known as tethers. Tethers are physical, can be up to approximately two inches thick, can be seen and touched by others, and can extend from your physical body up to a range of 60 feet. Your tethers are just as sensitive as the rest of your physical body. You can use them like extra limbs, albeit they move more akin to tentacles than anything else. They cannot be fully retracted into you, but they can range in size from a few inches in length to their maximum range of 60 feet.



    You may touch a willing creature with your tethers to vacate your physical location and place yourself wholly into a pocket dimension in their subconscious. Your equipment and any immediate possessions on your person enter this pocket dimension. No being is able to follow into this pocket dimension, even if you are holding them and they are willing. This process is known as merging. Your tethers now extend from the merged creature as they did from you.

    Your merged creature may touch another willing creature with your tethers to merge again. Your pocket dimension and everything in it equally redistributes via the tethers between the collective subconscious of all merged creatures. This time, the tethers remain fixed and visible between both creatures as you exist equally in the subconscious of both. Like a retractable leash, tethers can shrink and extend between a minimum range of a few inches and a maximum range of 60 feet. This process may repeat as many times as there are willing creatures within range, forming a silver web of merged creatures.


    While Merged

    You play as all merged creatures. Your merged creatures act as your senses, and all their senses are your senses. You may use any ability from your merged creatures as well as your own. These abilities can be used from however many of your merged creatures you choose. While merged, add the psychological flaws of all merged creatures to your list of psychological flaws. You also temporarily have access to all the memories of merged creatures.


    Merging Ends

    Merging ends if the tethers between merged creatures are destroyed, the creature becomes unwilling, or you choose to end the merging. A creature that dies while merged remains merged until you end the merging. When you stop merging, the tethers disconnect from the creature, your physical form in its pocket dimension is equally redistributed among your remaining merged creatures, and you lose access to all the abilities, flaws, and memories of a creature once you stop merging with them. If you are no longer merged with any creature, you and all of your possessions on your person reappear physically within sixty feet of the last creature with which you merged.


    Viltia has transformed. New profile here.


    Name: Forgemaster Viltia
    Breed: Toa
    Faction: Refugees
    Brief Description: Deep Jungle Green armor with Violet Blue under armor. Lighter Jungle Green Eyes. Average Toa height. Armor is cracked and damaged all over her body. That damage is filled in with glowing silver, and from that silver grows tethers.
    Background/Occupation: A Matoran on the Northern Continent for most of her life, her village was captured and enslaved by Skakdi under orders from the League. The Skakdi treated her and her fellow villagers with disdain, anger, and abuse. Often they would kill someone just to keep productivity up.

    They were being transferred to begin rebuilding Le-Metru when the giant robot broke apart and sent them all falling to an unknown island. For the past week, still enslaved, their Skakdi captors drug them through the fringes of the marshes, looking for a place to set up a new home. Native Skakdi showed up and sought to loot all they could, allowing a chance for Viltia and her friends to escape.

    Since then she became a Toa, learned how to use her element, learned how to use her mask, fought the Grand Untethered, got bitten by a special Untethered, befriended a Tahtorak, learned how to forge Kanoka, learned how to craft Kanohi, healed a Vuata Maca Tree, and forged a Great Disc.

    Flaws: Hates Skakdi and would even break the Toa code to kill them.

    Not a trained fighter, she wouldn’t last long against those trained for war.

    Powers: the Green

    Based on my own breakdown of elemental powers, Create, Control, Observe, Absorb, she is the strongest with Observe, and weakest with Absorb.

    Mask - Rahi Control - Allows its user to control one or more Rahi simultaneously. Although it can be used on insects, it is not as effective on them as other kinds of Rahi. The mask's power does not work on intelligent Rahi like Krahka and Keetongu.

    Also has on her: “Lesser” Legendary Mask of Growth, Great Mask of Quick Travel, Great Mask of Flight, Great Mask of Time Duplication.

    Breed Quirks: An innate understanding of plant attributes such as poison.

    Kraata: Stage 3 Kraata of Fire Resistance. Stage 3 Kraata of Life. Stage 3 Kraata of Density Control. Stage 3 Kraata of Shapeshifting.

    Fire Resistance

    Stage 1. Cold and clammy surface provides protection from heat.

    Stage 2. Can burrow imperviously through the hot rock of Ta-Wahi.

    Stage 3. Able to survive short dips in the lava stream.


    Stage 1. The body’s healing factor is as fast as is naturally possible.

    Stage 2. Can sense all life in the area and instinctively know what type it is, regardless of what plane of existence it resides on.

    Stage 3. Rahi (Insects as well for all mentions of Rahi. Rahi does not include rite-born “Rahi” (Kaiju)) sense your connection to Life and refuse to attack you unless they are Infected, attacked by you, or under someone else’s power. Can create and mentally control one duplicate miniature Rahi that is half the size of the original. One must touch the Rahi one wishes to duplicate.

    Density Control

    Stage 1. Can briefly increase density to resist physical blows.

    Stage 2. Can focus density to a hardness of solid protodermis, becoming almost impervious to harm.

    Stage 3. Can decrease density for enhanced speed and agility.


    Stage 1. Can wriggle free of all but the strongest of grasps.

    Stage 2. Has the ability to slither through the smallest passages.

    Stage 3. Can flatten or stretch itself to several times its original size.

    Equipment: Weapons: Lewa style Axe/Laser Crossbow combination

    Rahkshi Staff of Hunger, Stage 4.

    Great Disc of Teleportation

    Equipment: Satchel with crude compass inside.

    A belt with pouches on the four cardinal directions. The pouches are somewhat rigid and are designed to hold masks, even when upside down, yet have enough give for Viltia to be able to take out and put in masks.

    Has created a GM approved Great Kanohi of Removes Poison: Removes any poison or toxin from a body or object. Can also purify any substance of its impurities. Or alternatively only purify to a certain level if the user chooses to do so. This doesn't affect mutations. When using the mask to remove impurities, the mask absorbs them into itself, eventually causing the mask to break and become unusable.

    Has created a GM approved "Lesser" Legendary Kanohi of Growth: The user may choose to grow proportionate to normal anatomy up to a total height of 120 feet. Physical power increases to that of a wearer of the great mask of Strength.

    Two faux-Exsidian canisters to hold enough EP for one Kraata creation each.

    1 Vuata Maca Crystal.

    In one hand, Viltia now held a key of the same design as Whisper's, but its symbol was different: it bore the design of a hammer striking an anvil.


    Tethered Bonds

    Suva Affiliation:

    Air Suva.

    Currently has deposited:

    Great Masks of Growth, 
    Great Mask of Truth
    Great Mask of Shielding
    Great Mask of Water Breathing
    Great Mask of Levitation
    Great Mask of Speed
    Great Mask of Strength
    Great Mask of X-Ray Vision
    Great Mask of Concealment
    Great Mask of Translation
    Great Mask of Illusion
    Great Mask of Mind Control
    Great Mask of Night Vision
    Great Mask of Telekinesis
    Great Mask of Fate (Sorilax swapped this mask with the Great Mask of Water Breathing he got as a Far Shore reward)
    Great Mask of Flight
    Great Mask of Summoning
    Great Mask of Detection
    Great Mask of Accuracy
    Great Mask of Sonar
    Great Mask of Stealth
    Great Mask of Silence
    Great Mask of Repulsion
    Great Mask of Shrink
    Great Mask of Removes Poison
    Great Mask of Quick Travel
    Great Mask of Regeneration

    Normal Crystal (Swapped with Vuata Maca Crystal)

    Forge Suva:

    Air Suva


    Cravious has transformed. New Profile here.


    Name: Cravious
    Breed: Skakdi
    Faction: Aspects of Makuta/Himself
    Brief Description: Deep Blue and White Skakdi with Bright Green eyes. Half a head taller than the average Skakdi.
    Background/Occupation: Cravious is one of the leading technological minds of the Skakdi, especially so since Avak’s death. He has a firm grasp on elemental dampeners, mechs, and vehicles. He has intricate knowledge of how to make fake bodies. Most notably the realistically functioning body of the Aspect Sorilax, who Cravious has outfitted with a moving face, full joint functions, working eyes, and even a valve system so the Aspect can “smell” through the nose.

    His attempts at A.I. are rudimentary at best and cause him much frustration.

    Except for fake bodies, Cravious’ style is not compact, using pipes, hoses, pistons, and gears to achieve things normally reserved for electricity or simpler solutions. That’s not to say he can’t have compact designs or use electricity, but he prefers not to.

    Cravious is fairly young, being only 341 years old. However the organic protodermis muscle on his face seems “gaunt and tight”.

    He has several "businesses" with differing names that are all basically just creating or repairing mechanical objects or the storage of said mechanical objects and money. Most are run out of his Cube and/or in the Rig (formerly).

    Flaws: His selfishness is astounding and he weighs everything through what he can get out of it.

    Cravious lost his left foot in a machining accident. He now has a purely robotic replacement as he has yet to naturally regrow the muscle lost and as such his footing reaction time is a fraction slower than normal, causing him to sometimes stumble and catch his foot on things.

    Update: After getting his Stage 3 Kraata of Quick Healing, his foot has been healed.

    Powers: Element - Lightning

    Mask - None - Partial Breed Quirk: Lacks the mental discipline required to use a mask of power.

    Breed Quirks: Vision Power: X-ray and Telescopic Vision (Like Avak)

    Secondary Skakdi Power: The Improbable Machine. Cravious can use this power during construction of technology to create what he intends, even if the normal necessary ingredients aren’t available. Any missing ingredients or components must be replaced with something of equal size or larger. An example being Cravious wanting to craft a gun, but he is missing a barrel. He could use a wrench the same size as a normal barrel would be, attaching it not necessarily in the same place as the barrel would go, and the gun would somehow be able to activate and fire.

    When working with a design, %75 must remain original parts and only %25 can be “replaced”. When creating outside of designs, the number of parts required increases based upon how complex of a technological concept is trying to be created. For example, a gear would be fairly easy to bypass, but flight would require massive amounts of extra parts and special components.

    Other Breed Quirks: Can only use the Elemental power of Lightning in conjunction with other Skakdi or through use of a tool.

    Cannot absorb food like a normal being, must chew and ingest food.

    Kraata 1: Mind Reading Stage 5 - Whira

    -Instinctive empathic ability prevents easy capture.

    -Has the ability to detect and seek out nearby creatures for infection.

    -Can evade any trap that a nearby pursuer is thinking about.

    -Able to anticipate and instantly avoid attacks.

    -Able to read and understand the thoughts of nearby creatures.

    Kraata 2: Quick Healing Stage 5 - Whira

    -Can enter a hibernation state during which minor injuries quickly heal.

    -Rapidly heals mild injuries while awake.

    -Quickly heals from any minor or moderate injury.

    -Has the ability to repair any but the most serious injury.

    -Immediately heals from any serious injury.


    Equipment: Weapons: 

    Normally he just carries his Seismic Pickaxe and a Zamor Launcher with him. The Zamor Spheres are of his own creation and contain his Lightning within them.

    Various other weapons are for sale in his Cube and at the Rig.

    Preceptor's Haktann’s Lava Launcher/Energy Claw thing and Zamor Launcher.

    Credence's Water Harpoon Hacksaw Blade


    A massive duffel bag that can strap to his back.

    An enormous assortment of tools and parts.

    Welding mask.

    A pair of hands that he can exchange out for his own. This alternative pair is for finesse work and provides more accuracy when creating small details at the cost of overall structural durability.

    A briefcase that is able to absorb Cravious’ Lightning energy in order for it to be powered. Inside it can hold up to four Heartlights or Heartlight Keys at a time.

    Credence's surgical tools.


    Cravious' ACR

    Name of ACR: Debt Collector

    ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Zakazian/Cube

    Pilot of ACR: Cravious

    Type of Heartlight: Skakdi of Ice

    Physical Description: Debt Collector is a hulking mech built primarily for power and protection. It stands almost two Skakdi tall. It is painted bone white, with the names of those whose debts it’s collected written in black fine lettering starting from its legs on up.

    Onboard Weapons Systems:

    Jagged spiked gauntlets that are designed to slice and puncture ACR armor. (Weakness: only reach as far as the arms do)

    Shoulder mounted Cordak Blaster (Weakness, can’t be fired up close due to splash damage)

    Land and Submersible Vehicle Profile


    Cravious' Vehicle

    Name: Cube

    Owner: Cravious

    Description: Cube is a home, store, workshop, and vehicle all in one. It is a giant protosteel cube. Cube is large enough to hold three vehicle ACRs or five normal sized mech ACRs at one time. This is in addition to several rows of weapon racks and shelves, a room for Cravious, five hammocks, Cravious’ weapon vault, equipment vault, and money vault, a Heartlight storage cabinet, a cold storage room, a current projects room, stations for driving, observation, and manning the guns, and Cube’s core room in the exact center of the cube shaped vehicle.

    It has several doors and balconies on the sides and hatches on the top and bottom.

    Cube has six legs that can walk it along in difficult terrain or it can switch to treads. Underwater six propellers extend, one from each side of the cube.

    Has Levitation and Weight Increase Kanoka built into the hull, allowing it to fly. Has a propulsion engine to move while airborne.

    The outer protosteel armor is attached to an elemental dampener, though it is weakened to half of its effectiveness due to the size of Cube. Two elemental dampeners on at once doesn’t seem to overlap or make the effect grow stronger, so it only has the one.

    Weapons: Four Cordak Blasters with auto-reloading mechanisms attached at the four corners of the top of the cube itself. They are controlled remotely using cameras installed into them.


    3 NPC Skakdi-Xa

    Voracious, Water, Level 1 Quick Healing, Fellow male engineer that’s in it for the money.

    Preceptor, Fire, Level 1 Elasticity, Old male and teacher of martial arts.

    Sagacious, Lightning, Level 1 Density Control, Female that runs the businesses Cravious owns.

    Asperity, Gravity, Level 1 Limited Invulnerability, Female Security that guards the more expensive and exclusive items.

    Clash, Air, Level 1 Slow, Male Security that is always getting into fist fights with Cravious for fun.

    Speed: Slightly faster than a running Skakdi

    Underwater Capabilities: Currently: Can't embark on extended deep sea voyages. Can't resist crush depth. Oxygen system installed. Several Outside cameras. Reinforced glass windows with protosteel shutters. Buoyancy systems installed.

    Minion Characters:

    All Vision Powers taken from this list.

    Name: Clash
    Breed: Skakdi-Xa
    Faction: Cravious
    Brief Description: Green. Strong.
    Role: Crew
    Flaw: Not very smart.
    Powers: Heat Vision
    Slow Stage 1. Extremely slow, but difficult to dislodge and highly resistant to physical harm.
    Ability to chew food as opposed to absorbing it. Air, accessed through the consensual sharing of power with another skakdi through physical contact.
    Equipment: Three-Bladed Scissor. Zamor Launcher.

    Name: Sagacious
    Breed: Skakdi-Xa
    Faction: Cravious
    Brief Description: Blue and White. Lithe.
    Role: Crew
    Flaw: Too detail orientated, taking far longer to do things perfectly.
    Powers: Future Sight
    Density Control Stage 1. Can briefly increase density to resist physical blows.
    Ability to chew food as opposed to absorbing it. Lightning, accessed through the consensual sharing of power with another skakdi through physical contact.
    Equipment: Ice Gun except for Lightning. Zamor Launcher.

    Name: Asperity
    Breed: Skakdi-Xa
    Faction: Cravious
    Brief Description: Purple and Black. Lithe
    Role: Crew
    Flaw: Exudes creepy. Severely limiting social interaction.
    Powers: Thermal Imaging/Infrared Vision (Like Reidak)
    Limited Invulnerability Stage 1. Has a tough hide that makes it difficult to injure.
    Ability to chew food as opposed to absorbing it. Gravity, accessed through the consensual sharing of power with another skakdi through physical contact.
    Equipment: Belt that lets her use her element. Buzz Saw. Zamor Launcher.


    Name: Voracious
    Breed: Skakdi-Xa
    Faction: Cravious/Riggers
    Brief Description: Blue. Average.
    Role: Crew
    Flaw: If given the opportunity, will take large sums of money to betray anyone.
    Powers: Laser Vision
    Quick Healing Stage 1. Can enter a hibernation state during which minor injuries quickly heal.
    Ability to chew food as opposed to absorbing it. Water, accessed through the consensual sharing of power with another skakdi through physical contact.
    Equipment: Water Harpoon. Zamor Launcher.


    Name: Preceptor
    Breed: Skakdi-Xa
    Faction: Cravious
    Brief Description: Red. Scarred.
    Role: Crew
    Flaw: Taught Cravious “Skakdi” arts (martial arts), but refuses to fight.
    Powers: Spellbinder Vision
    Elasticity Stage 1. Has a stretchy, flexible body that is highly resistant to harm.
    Ability to chew food as opposed to absorbing it. Fire, accessed through the consensual sharing of power with another skakdi through physical contact.
    Equipment: Haktann’s Lava Launcher/Energy Claw thing. Zamor Launcher.

    Name: Torch
    Breed: Turaga
    Faction: Refugees
    Brief Description: Red. In perfect health.
    Role: Quest Giver
    Flaw: Irrationally angry at the League.
    Powers: Fire
    Mask of Communication
    Great resistance to heat and flame.

    Kraata: Heat Vision, Sleep, Vacuum, all at Stage 5.
    Infected Mask: Quick Healing Stage 5. Chose Iron as secondary element.
    Equipment: Silver staff with an engraved flame on top. Kanoka.

    Name: Wing
    Breed: Toa
    Faction: Refugees
    Brief Description: Green. Elongated arms and legs. Many small barbs that extend from body.
    Role: Guard
    Flaw: Tries not to show any emotion.
    Powers: Air
    Mask of Sonar
    Extremely athletic and nimble.

    Kraata: Accuracy, Life, Rahi Control, Insect Control, all at Stage 5.
    Infected Mask: Adaptation Stage 5. Chose Gravity as secondary element.
    Equipment: Staff of Erasing. Kanoka.

    Name: Spark
    Breed: Vortixx
    Faction: Refugees
    Brief Description: Green Armor.
    Role: Quest Giver
    Flaw: Too inviting of anyone.
    Powers: Vortixx are able to understand how most machinery functions just by looking at it.
    Mask of Telekinesis
    Their affinity for technology has earned Vortixx a cultural reputation of being technomancers, capable of whipping up strange machines from piles of e-waste.

    Kraata: Weather Control, Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity, all at Stage 5.
    Infected Mask: Density Control Stage 5.
    Equipment: Tools for creating complex machines. Kanoka.

    Name: Beruv
    Breed: Matoran
    Faction: Refugees
    Brief Description: Red and Black.
    Role: Quest Giver
    Flaw: Workaholic
    Powers: Fire (Inactive)
    Great resistance to heat and flame.
    Equipment: Tools for creating Kanoka and Kanohi. Kanoka.

    Name: Circuit
    Breed: Vortixx
    Faction: Refugees
    Brief Description: Black.
    Role: Quest Giver
    Flaw: Hates low tolerances and prefers to work on elegant, refined things.
    Powers: Vortixx are able to understand how most machinery functions just by looking at it.
    Mask of Night Vision
    Their affinity for technology has earned Vortixx a cultural reputation of being technomancers, capable of whipping up strange machines from piles of e-waste.
    Equipment: Tools for creating complex machines. Kanoka.


    Name: Le-Metru Nuva

    Classification: Refugee Village

    Location: On the Northwestern fringes of the Fau Swamp. Located 125 ft. up, hidden in the vast canopy layer of the giant swamp trees.

    Population: 41

    27 Matoran

    Named or Mentioned PC and NPC Inhabitants:

    PC - Sorilax - Tan and Brown Aspect of Makuta

    PC - Sala - Orange and White Matoran of Plasma

    PC - Viltia - Dark Green and Violet Blue Toa of the Green

    PC - Sidra - Emerald member of Taxadox’s Species



    PC - Apex - Rahi-Nui Aspect

    PC - Morangad - Tiokaha


    Torch - Male Red colored Turaga of Fire - Noble Kanohi Rau - Angry, especially towards the League, but cares deeply for his village and especially the Matoran under his care. Was a mask maker when he was a Matoran. Is more caring and less angry now that he is a Turaga

    Wing - Female Light Green colored Toa of Air - Extremely confident, sometimes as a detriment to the situation. Leader of the Guard. Strongest with Elemental Control.

    Match - Male Red and Yellow Matoran of Fire - Former mask maker with a focus on small, intricate details in Metru Nui. Tends to remain silent. Talks a lot with Spark about machines.

    Beruv - Female Black and Red Matoran of Fire - Former mask maker in Viltia’s Village. Focuses on work too much.

    Spark - Male Green Armored Vortixx - Kanohi Matatu - Has been shown to know how to assemble electrical wiring and machines. Energetic and upbeat.

    Circuit - Female Vortixx - Kanohi Ruru - Has a defined pallet of sophisticated machinery. Has knowledge of Kanohi Machines.

    1 Matoran whose Rhotuka power is a lesser form of the Green

    1 Female Matoran whose Rhotuka power is Healing. Part of Viltia’s group.

    Male Vortixx - Kanohi - Mask of Scavenging

    Female Higher Class Steltian - Kanohi - Kaukau

    1 Male Zyglak

    1 Hydraxon’s Species - Kanohi - Mask of Sensory Aptitude

    2 Male Lariska’s Species - Kanohi - Mask of Rebounding - Mask of Levitation

    2 Slave Class Steltians - One works the elevator

    1 Mimic’s Species 

    Deceased: 19

    16 Matoran

    1 Lower Class Steltian

    1 Higher Class Steltian

    1 Vortixx

    Description: The village currently consists of many huts and large flat platforms. Roofs cover everything, from bridges to platforms to huts, so that you never might be hit by acid rain. Only the animal pens are partially uncovered. Various bridges connect everything, being mostly stationary wooden bridges at this point. The huts are made up of cut wood and some scavenged scrap protodermis and metal. Roofing is made out of acid resistant bark and acid resistant armor from a giant centipede.

    Everything is generally slotted into place, held together by wooden pins and gravity. Rare is the usage of metal in the construction except when it comes to cooking or anything that requires fire to function. The village is purposely integrated with several trees and tree branches to be as natural as possible.

    Beneath the village is a clearing. In the center of that clearing is a pond of clean water, created where the sinkhole was that trapped the Grand Untethered.

    The village sits 125 feet up in the canopy layer of the massive banyan trees.

    One of the huts is much larger than the others and is meant as a social gathering place, both for bartering and for politics. It is painted a deep yellow.

    Some of the huts are cabins that house enough beds for six beings.

    Some of the huts are dedicated to professions.

    Many of the huts are for individual housing.

    Several of the large platforms are nestled in thick branches and covered in a thick layer of pure soil and grass. A couple are for Rahi, specifically Colony Drones and trained giant birds. The other grass covered platforms are deeper and grow all sorts of plants that Viltia has knowledge of.

    1 crude elevator that uses what cable they scavenged. It is one of two ways up into the village other than climbing the trees.

    1 moderate elevator with a metallic protodermis cable created by the village. It is one of two ways up into the village other than climbing the trees.

    2 wooden poles reach above the canopy. Atop them rest solar panels with acid resistant armor able to close over them to protect from acid rain. Electrical cables run down the poles with  metal coverings to protect them.

    A couple dozen guard posts are located in the surrounding trees, giving guards a place to stand, sit, and have a place to set things down.

    A small distance away from the village on the swamp floor sits a large hut that covers a mine. Next to it sits a mud brick building housing two forges and Kanoka, Kanohi, and machinery making equipment.

    Several Colony Drones are spread around evenly as an added layer of protection for the village.

    Apex (PC) has marked her scent around the village, discouraging Rahi and giant Insects from wandering near.

    Le-Metru Nuva was the location of the battle with the Grand Untethered. Sidra, with Uraborask, Vitlia, and the NPC’s help, defeated it.


    3 LeviCarts (Levitation Minecart)

    2 Solar panels

    2 Forges

    Kanoka and Kanohi crafting equipment

    Kanoka up to level 8

    Great Mask of X-Ray Vision used for mining

    Kanohi Machine of Great Mask of Removes Poison for forging Kanoka

    2 Kanohi Machine Teleportation backpacks

    Machining tools

    Rewards from the Grand Untethered:

    3 Kanoka Disks (your choice) of power level 6
    2 Zamor Launchers, heavily battered. With a little fixing up they should be good as new.
    15 cans of heavily processed meat. The expiration date was from several decades ago. The outside of the cans are covered in swamp water. What could possibly go wrong?
    A Vahki Staff of Erasing
    A Rahkshi Staff of Hunger - Level 4
    A Seismic Pickaxe that can slice through almost anything. It seems to have a hard time cutting through any sort of cheese.
    A lute. Out of tune, rusty, and filled with swamp water.
    A surfboard
    3 sealed canisters of defiled Energetic Protodermis, collected from the sink hole where the Grand Untethered was defeated. Each canister contains enough EP to be used for one taboo.
    A rusty panini press
    Several dozen toa teeth
    A poorly designed Mobile Nektann Drone that refuses to do any task but sweep floors. Former Scout Nektann model that stands at knee height for a Toa.

    1 Kanoka was given to Morangad (PC)

    Spark fixed up the Zamor Launchers and Viltia has made Madu Cabolo to be used with them. With the one they already had, the village now has 3 Zamor Launchers.

    The 15 cans of meat are being stored in the mine to keep them cool in case of an emergency food crisis.

    Wing carries the Staff of Erasing.

    Viltia now has the Staff of Hunger

    Sidra was given the Seismic Pickaxe.

    The Zyglak took the lute, surfboard, and panini press.

    The protodermis was put into 3 Faux-Exsidian canisters and given to Apex.

    Viltia has the Toa teeth displayed in an open wooden box as a memorial for everyone who died on the island.

    The Nektann drone sweeps the many bridges, huts, and platforms of the village.


    Edible Domesticated Rahi

    Long term protection from wandering Skakdi-Xa and Mesi

    Long term protection from the now partially defiled EP filled waters of the swamp.

    Electronic scrap



    Yellow Dye

    Dark Brown Ink


    Crude Protodermis Ore



    Kanoka and Toa Discs levels 1-8

    Powerless, Noble Kanohi, and Great Kanohi

    Metallic Protodermis

    Edible food from the swamp

    Rarer ores as provided for with the mask of X-Ray Vision

    Vuata Maca Tree:

    A 1-2 minute walk to the southeast from Le-Metru Nuva is a healed Vuata Maca Tree. The Vuata Maca Tree produces:

    Energy rich fruit that can provide energy for machinery and the Matoran themselves (As food). Energy rich fruit that has above average healing capabilities compared to other food. The ability to be able to siphon energy directly from the tree itself.

    The Vuata Maca tree is able to produce Vuata Maca Crystals. Only one can be formed at a time. If taken from the tree, another one will grow if a special GM approved quest is completed.

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    Updated Sorilax, Cravious, the Cube, Torch, Wing, and Spark.
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  • @Harvali, Mahrika is also approved. Also, how do I pronounce her name? I've always read her sort of as "'murica". Is the I more pronounced like an E?

  • Posted 2021-01-02 20:14:54 UTC
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  • I pronounce is basically as “Murcia” too, though maybe I tend towards a bit more like “ Mary Ka.”

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  • @Kal the GuardianGuardianGuardianGuardian

    Sorilax, Viltia, and Cravious approved.  As a note, please explain how "detail oriented" is a flaw in the profile. Being "detail oriented" is a term often used on resumes as a strength in many industries. 

    Additionally, does Cravious have fully mechanical hands? The only mention I noted was the replacement prosthetics for detailed work. 

    For your MCs with vision powers, please provide a link or a description of what the vision power does. Please also explain what the kraata power does, or provide a link. It's very helpful, since I cannot remember what spellbinder vision does, or if it's even canon or custom. Their profiles are not approved until these changes are made. 

    It's not a requirement to provide a profile for your settlement, as settlements are often amorphous in some details between posts, but it's nice to have a place to see all the details you prefer having represented. 


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    • Name: Korruhn
    • Breed: Ba-Toa
    • Breed Quirk: Ability to see in the dark (shadow imbued)
    • Faction:
    • Brief Description: Since his ascent to Toahood, Korruhn has retained little of his former appearance as a Ko-Matoran. Well-built on a sleek, solid frame, Korruhn bears armor of a deep, smoky grey imbued with brilliant white and ice blue highlights throughout, although any lustre and sheen has been pitted and marred by the many battles since. The armor has an appearance of master craftsmanship, offering both protection from heavy combat and the maneuverability of a stealth suit. His Kanohi is shaped not unlike that of a knight, sharp and angular with only a pair of holes for his icy blue eyes to burn from beneath, and Korruhn will sometimes cover this with the hood on his black half-cloak with white stitching and strange small runes, that he's never seen without. Through a horrible encounter with an unknown creature in Ko-Metru, Korruhn's right arm has been imbued with the power of shadow. As a result, his right arm appears much darker, the armor slightly more angular, and the arm seems to constantly give off a sort of shadowy smoke, although faint. After his encounter with a Taboo at the Ruins of Ice, his armor has been overtaken by black tendrils spread throughout his armor, and his mask now also expels black smoke. A later incident with the toxic protodermis lake on Zakaz further mutated Korruhn's appearance. Energized Protodermis has enhanced his biological features, resulting in his muscles growing beneath his armor plating. The toxicity of the lake has eaten and oxidized much of the surface of his armor, which is now broken up by patches of rust and delamination, and the armor appears fractured under his newly-expanded frame, pock marked with acid burns, although it seems strong as ever. His mask suffered the worst fate in the acid, melting to form the shape of a sickly skull over his face, with a dark, stained gold color to it. As a result of the Energized Protodermis, Korruhn's cloak stitching has turned a dark gold, as well as veins of gold appearing now in his armor and flesh.
    • Background/Occupation: A former Cartographer of Ko-Metru, Korruhn excelled in this role as a mapmaker and explorer, until Destiny created grander plans for him. His tribulations took him across his homeland, pitted him against countless perils, and netted him a well-knit band of comrades. These experiences have shaped Korruhn into a finely-tuned combatant and tactician, 
    • Flaws: Suffers from an increasing case of Void Sickness, resulting in clouded thoughts, distraction, inability to discern reality, and a slow descent into the Void from which he sprung. Korruhn's hearing has been damaged as a result of his Rahkshi fight, leaving it partially impaired. His prolonged isolation and Void exposure has left Korruhn distrustful of most people, even those he once considered friends.
    • Void Sickness (Physical Flaw): You may use, discover, and research taboo rites.  Your sense of morality begins to shift. Choose and add one new Psychological Flaw to your profile that goes against your current sense of morality. Each time you enter the Far Shore, notify the GMs by tagging them in your post. GMs will roll a percentage die. On a result of 10 or lower, you are trapped in the Far Shore. If rescued, you return from the Far Shore as an Aspect of Makuta beginning your Grand Wish.
    • Powers/Equipment: As a Toa, Korruhn is a master over elemental Gravity, using it to his advantage in both combat and non-combat situations. As well as elemental gravity, Korruhn has been imbued with the power of Shadow, granting him abilities from beyond the Void (including the ability to turn ambient shadow to energy, peer through another person's shadow if they permit, and plunge an area in utter darkness). Korruhn now bears a dual-Kanohi: a mask constructed from two, with bears both the powers of the Pakarai and Kakama, although, in appearance it looks to be an antiquated Pakari design. For weapons, Korruhn has acquired a level 4 Spear of Power Scream from a Rahkshi in the Kumu Peninsula, as well as the armaments that come with his stolen ARC. Desecrated by Miserix, and Caedast, Korruhn bears the many benefits and flaws of desecration, and carries three Kraata embedded in his spine. The three Kraata are: Level 5 Density Control (inactive), Level 6 Teleport, and Level 6 Darkness.
    • TABOOS: Through arcane rites and long-forgotten knowledge, Korruhn has gained the ability to sense, and (should he choose) mimic a psychological flaw of an opponent, and project it into their mind, or cast illusions, breaking resolve and tainting even the strongest of minds. Each use of this power separates him further and further from his sense of self and his control, creating a less predictable and more primal combatant with each use.
    • Infectious Kraata
    • Gluttonous Desecration
    • Infectious Kraata Corruption
    • Soul Searching
    • Shadow Hand
    • Korruhn’s Mutation: Six black handprints now appear on Korruhn's arm, although not visible against the obisidian of his arm. The hands change to a sickly gold with each kill, an eye in the center of the hand print opens as well. When each handprint’s eyes are open, Korruhn may either cast aside his mortal form, flaying his soul from reality and passing into a spectral realm of abominations, or he may summon an abomination into the world of the living to do his bidding while tethered by a leash of shadow. Once all six handprints have opened their eyes, Korruhn dies in an explosion that damages the current hex and leaves a shadow blight. 

      Shadow Blight: all characters in an area affected by shadow blight are unable to summon their elements.

      Korruhn appears the next day, at dusk, two hexes away from where he died. The eyes on his arm are once more closed, and the cycle begins again.

      Korruhn may share this power with those in his immediate vicinity.

    • Abomination Summoning Addendum:

      Abominations ripped from the Far Shore and pulled into the plane of the Time Between Time arrive unwilling to return from where they came. They fight desperately to stay in physical form, even though their fight is doomed to eventually fail. A summoned abomination has the following traits, quirks, weaknesses, etc.:

    • Breed: Far Shore Abomination
    • Faction: Far Shore
    • Brief Description: abominations are dual planar entities and they exist in both the Far Shore and the Time Between Time so long as they are summoned and tethered via one of Korruhn's shadow leashes. They are made of multiple beings, ranging in stature and breed, although all suffer from being only partially physical. The more an abomination feeds on the living (excluding undead) of the Time Between Time, the more physical they become. Most abominations are no larger than the average matoran. Some, however, are terrifying monstrosities in stature and power.
      • Please consider fair play and narrative balance when deciding the size of the abomination being summoned. If unsure, ask the other players involved in the scene for their perspective.
    • Background/Occupation: abominations come from the Far Shore, a mysterious place with no known point of entry.
    • Flaws: if the tethers that bind them are destroyed, the abominations vanish. Abominations cannot communicate in sentences, and at most understand the most basic of commands. They speak in strange tongues and use many words out of order. The summoner may choose to banish an abomination with as simple thought back to the Far Shore at any time.
    • Powers/Equipment:
      • Mask Attuned: Each summoned abomination arrives with the ability to use a mask of the summoner's choice at a noble level. The abomination automatically has the mask somewhere on their form. Abominations cannot change masks. Masks that require specific verbal or psychic inputs may be inaccessible in practicality due to abominations being unable to communicate coherently or hold on to more than the most simple thought.
      • Shadow Born: an abomination may hide in shadow, becoming immaterial and invulnerable to attacks until the shadows are dispersed to reveal the abominations physical form.
      • Far Shore Hunger: all abominations have a desire to feed on the nearest living being besides their summoner. The more they consume, the more physical they become. However, they will never be able to become fully physical and leave the Far Shore behind.

    KORRUHN HAS ACCESS TO THE ICE SUVA. (Too far for connection)

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  • Made a few changes to Kat, nothing crazy, but she needed a little more structure to her abilities imo

    Name: Katrin of the Flame


    Breed: Toa of Fire


    Faction: Tobduk-Koro


    Description: Standing 1.8 bio tall with a dense, lean physique, Katrin has spent years of her life training as a monk of the Order of the Kanohi Dragon, and it shows. Her colors are usually quite dull, dark reds and greys, with the brightest colors being her striking purple eyes and heartlight. A Calix accentuates a face that is youthful and cheery. Katrin simply looks friendly. She has an almost unshakable relaxed demeanor that lends an air of trustworthy confidence.


    Background: Hailing from an island to the south, far from Metru Nui and it's politics, Katrin led a fairly peaceful life, part of a monastic order of Toa who had trained to link themselves more closely to their elements. These monks, the Order of the Kanohi Dragon, maintained a fierce neutrality, opting instead to open their teachings to all who chose to walk the path of the Dragon. Trained from her earliest days as a Toa by a Master Lhii and the other Dragons of the Order, Kat has abilities beyond that of a normal Toa. Aside from sparring sessions with her fellows and her victory in the tournament held among the students, however, her only real combat experience was a fight against a Manas Crab which had made its way to one of the island's caves. When the world ended, she found herself on a pilgrimage to the great city of Metru-Nui and afterward, among the refugees of Metru-Koro. It was here she met Arkius, a Toa of Earth gathering warriors, an endeavor that was interrupted by and attack on Po-Koro. Arkius and Katrin rushed to an airship called the Taku to rush to the defense of the village. They arrived slightly late, and Kat found herself in a standoff with Barius, a Skakdi with an ACR who had taken a Matoran hostage. The fight was short-lived, however, because Reson, a Toa of Sonics native to Zakaz, gave his own body in exchange for the Matoran's. Kat found herself rushing away again as the Taku returned to Metru Koro following a breakdown in negotiations. There she witnessed the result of Taka's Desecration by Whisper, and participated in the Battle above Metru Koro, where she severely damaged the Razorfish. She then returned to Po-Koro herself, as she promised, only to find the settlement was moving. She tagged along, and learned of a potential murder in the village, and had a brief sparring session with an Aspect named Ulkarr, and met Vahki for the first time. Her spar was cut short by the return of Arkius, who had become a NUVA Proxima, and promised Kat that she too could achieve such power.


    Flaws: Kat has an almost pathological need to test her strength against high caliber fighters and beings. As such, she may throw herself into unwinnable situations just for a chance to get stronger or to fight someone powerful, whether as a sparring match or something more. She also has an unfortunate habit of lowering her guard when she maybe shouldn't. Finally, her elemental abilities are so powerful that should she let them run unchecked, she could very well 'burn out' or more literally, start melting her own body.


    Powers/Equipment: The Fighting Flame of the Dragon - Katrin's Elemental power of Fire is linked directly to her spirit. So long as she maintains the will to fight, her flames will similarly remain lit. This also means that the more determined she is to fight and win, the more powerful her elemental and physical abilities become. The upper limit of this ability is not known to her, yet.


    Teachings of the Dragon - These techniques, taught to Kat during her time with the Order, while not necessarily separate from her elemental abilities, allow her to use those abilities in certain ways, and fight effectively. They are a large part of her life.


    Tuning Fork Staff- After an encounter in Po-Koro, Katrin has a simple protodermis staff tipped with blunt metal tines, similar to a tuning fork. This staff once belonged to Reson, a Toa of Sonics who bargained his own life in exchange for that of a captive Matoran.


    Kanohi Calix- This ordinary Great Mask of Fate was a gift from Katrin's mentor, Master Lhii, and has all the abilities of any other Great Calix, allowing her to perform at the very peak of her abilities.

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  • 1 hour ago, Unreliable Narrator said:

    Sorilax, Viltia, and Cravious approved.  As a note, please explain how "detail oriented" is a flaw in the profile. Being "detail oriented" is a term often used on resumes as a strength in many industries. 

    Additionally, does Cravious have fully mechanical hands? The only mention I noted was the replacement prosthetics for detailed work. 

    For your MCs with vision powers, please provide a link or a description of what the vision power does. Please also explain what the kraata power does, or provide a link. It's very helpful, since I cannot remember what spellbinder vision does, or if it's even canon or custom. Their profiles are not approved until these changes are made. 

    It's not a requirement to provide a profile for your settlement, as settlements are often amorphous in some details between posts, but it's nice to have a place to see all the details you prefer having represented. 


    Updated Profiles to upgrade "Detailed oriented" into an actual flaw. Added link to Skakdi Vision powers. Added Kraata power descriptions to each Skakdi-Xa.

    For Cravious, he's a normal Bionicle. He knows what to do to undo his natural hands to have them slip off like gloves from his organic protodermis muscle, then attach the smaller hands (I would say pop on, but unfortunately the toys aren't the canon bodies in that regard). I really like to push the mechanical nature of Bionicles with him, so he's all about himself and others being machines first and foremost, being able to repair things that others might call "healing" or create "prosthetics" that use the organic protodermis muscle like normal limbs. He could take apart his legs and rebuild them, having them still be his "natural" legs. He has not added any enhancements to himself in this way, however. I'm not looking to go down that road with him.

    I added Le-Metru Nuva as a reference for myself and others. It's easier to see it here in the profiles topic than in my Google documents.

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  •  Xaril

    “Can’t you hear them? Always screaming, pleading, never dying. Every life I’ve claimed, I carry with me… and soon your voice will join their chorus.”


    Breed: Titan

    Faction: Barraki

    Brief Description: Standing at twice the height of a Toa, Xaril is a veritable monster of muscle and malice, clad all in crimson. His armour bears the marks of innumerable battles, and patches of his skin seem strangely aged – ancient scars that still look fresh, patches of flesh paler or darker than others, swathes of skin in the shape of handprints permanently wrinkled. His appearance borders on what some might call demonic, with a fiery glow in his eyes, jagged teeth in his maw, and hands ending in long, dextrous fingers tipped with talons.

    Background/Occupation: Xaril is an immensely ancient being, existing before the Ark embarked, though like most, he doesn’t remember this time. Hailing from an isolated island in the distant South of the Matoran Universe, Xaril was once one of many, but is now the last of his kind, the sole survivor of a terrible, decades-long famine that forced his race to feed on each other. By chance, he was rescued by some passing explorers and brought to more civilised lands, but he was swiftly condemned and ostracised once others discovered what he’d done, and what he was capable of.

    In the millenia since, he’s been a mercenary, assassin, hunter, and even had a brief stint as a warlord before deciding all of the micro-management that came with the job wasn’t for him. Eventually he found a place within the League of Six Kingdoms. 

    Flaws: When Xaril kills a being with his power, he absorbs a sliver of their soul, a murky imprint of their mind at their moment of death. These shades constantly haunt him as flickering figures in the corners of his vision, whispering words that only he can hear. Despite these constant companions, deep down Xaril is incredibly, immeasurably lonely, unable to connect with others due to their fear of him, and his fear of hurting them.

    Following his time in the Far Shore, Xaril has developed a grandiose sense of self-importance, believing that all those he has killed live on through him, thus making it essential that he always continue to survive, no matter the cost.

    Despite his long life, Xaril has never learned to swim, his sheer size and the weight of his armour causing him to sink immediately. This has given him an intense phobia of drowning, and he’s unsettled by any body of liquid he can’t see the bottom of… which is unfortunate, now that he’s living in a sinking city.

    Powers: As one might expect of a being of his magnitude, Xaril is immensely strong and durable, with a high tolerance for pain and punishment.

    What makes Xaril unique is that he does not absorb energy from food, or eat with his mouth like other beings. His species instead survives by draining the very life energy from other living things (plants, protoderms, etc), gradually aging and weakening the victim while transferring that strength and vitality to the assailant. If a being dies while being drained, all of their lifeforce is absorbed instantly, otherwise it can take many hours to drain a being to the point of death, given the long lifespans of protoderms. It is through this power that Xaril has remained in his prime despite his inestimable age.

    Equipment: Xaril’s weapons of choice are a unique two-pointed protosteel sword with a blade of pure black, and a long coil of protosteel chain with a bladed claw on the end, for snagging enemies. He also wears a Kanohi Kadin. He also carries a Cordak Blaster.

    Following an adventure in the Far Shore, he also acquired a Vuata Maca Crystal, and an elemental cast iron skillet, which can be used to channel the elemental powers of iron at the strength of the user… but only when it is in use preparing a meal.

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  • @Kal the Guardian, your MCs are approved for play with the changes made. Do note you have committed to a large roster, with 3 PCs and 10 MCs.

    @The UltimoScorp, Katrin is approved with the following note: I see you've attached a Google document that contains some of her martial arts techniques. As long as these "techniques" stay within the limits Kat observed in Rebirth I am okay with them in a general sense.

    @Crimson Jester, I am unsure of when Korruhn learned the Rite of Desecration and I thought he was a toa of gravity after Turaga Dume transforming him in Escapement. Other than those two points the profile for Korruhn looks good to go.

    @Nato the Traveler, Xaril is approved. Do note you are beginning to have a larger roster, with 2 PCs and 4 MCs.


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  • @Unreliable Narrator
    Thats the plan, just wanted give her abilities a bit of flavor, I wrote all these up and it seemed a shame not to use them!


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  • Flavor is good!

    @Crimson Jester, Korruhn approved. I see you made the requested changes.

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  • Atamai and Malhukuraia will be coming soon, after UN posts the Expansion information for the Kaita ACRs

    The Struggling King

    Name: Aurax (OR-ax)

    Species: Toa of Plasma

    Faction: Himself

    Description: A male Toa of slightly above average height, Aurax’s armor is primarily orange with white as a secondary color; however, he now also wears black robes with a gold trim, and he has had his mask painted gold as well. He wears a Mask of Charisma in the shape of a Kualsi.




    Aurax was once a member of the Nynrah Ghosts alongside Knichou. Aurax’s inventions and designs were often rejected by the other Ghosts, however, pushing Aurax to investigate more unethical designs and weapons. Aurax led the project that ended up getting Knichou exiled from the Ghosts; however, Aurax escaped this fate by faking his own death. After leaving Nynrah, Aurax traveled to Maru, where he became a Toa after stealing one of the Toa stones created by the former Toa Maru. Not satisfied with the powers of Toahood, Aurax allied himself with the League of Six Kingdoms under Pridak, in hopes to secure more power for himself.

    During his time on Zakaz, he lead a successful coup against Pridak, and has taken the mantle of king upon himself. However, now he finds his kingdom literally sinking around him, and struggles with helping his citizens and kingdom survive.


    Personality: Aurax is arrogant and sarcastic, usually thinking of only himself. The perceived slights against him have made him power-hungry, and he seeks respect through power.

    Powers: Aurax has control over the element of plasma, allowing him to absorb, create, and control plasma. His Mask of Charisma allows him to alter a victim’s perception so that they agree with his viewpoints. Aurax also has a Kraata of Fear, given to him by Stannis. It is currently level 5, which, at its maximum power, allows it to create a field of overwhelming terror.

    Equipment: Aurax carries a foldable scythe, but lately he’s taken to wielding the shark tooth blade formerly belonging to Pridak. He pilots an ACR named the Marauder (see below).

    Psychological Flaw: Aurax is very proud and arrogant, which sometimes causes him to make rash or poor decisions.

    Physical Flaw: Aurax has very little endurance. This means that when he fights, he gets tired out faster than an average Toa. 


    The Mech Suit

    Name of ACR: The Marauder

    Faction: Aurax’s Kingdom

    Pilot of ACR: Aurax

    Type of heartlight: Rahi (with a modified Vahki brain)

    Description: This new ACR is a result of Aurax combining pieces of his old ACR, the Takea, with pieces from Pridak’s ACR. It is a large suit roughly Exo-Toa sized, colored black with a gold trim, with a high collar and a dome covering the pilot’s head. There are two optical sensors near the dome to allow the AI inhabiting the suit, OTIS (Onboard Technological Intelligence System), to see. OTIS obeys Aurax and can operate the mech without him, if need be. The back of the suit also has thrusters, repurposed from parts of the Takea’s old Hagah plasma cannon, that can slow down a fall, but do not allow the suit to actually fly. Additionally, the suit also has a wide variety of sensors taken from Pridak’s old mech, which allows the suit to relay information about oncoming attacks (although they cannot tell the pilot what kind of attack is coming). The suit is also wirelessly linked to a variety of city services, such as email and surveillance databases. The suit has two projectile weapons (described below), but it also has hands to allow Aurax to hold things, such as his scythe, or Pridak’s sword.

    Background: Aurax worked hard to build himself a new ACR after Zaliyah’s failed attack. Aurax will often wear the suit except while working in his workshop.

    Personality: the OTIS system has no personality as it is an AI. However, it does speak in the Bionicle equivalent to a British accent.

    Onboard Weapons Systems: The Marauder has two weapons: a Cordak blaster mounted on the left arm, and a skyblaster mounted to its right shoulder (it can also swivel). Both weapons have their drawbacks, however: the Cordak blaster has to be reloaded after every six shots, and is not good to use in close quarters due to splash damage. The shoulder attachment for the skyblaster is also its weak point, so if its damaged enough, the skyblaster will fall off.

    Flaw: Aside from the aforementioned weapon flaws, OTIS is not sentient, and does not have the spontaneity of sentient beings.


    The Minion

    Minion Character Name: Saybo

    Breed: Toa of Water

    Faction: Aurax

    Description: Saybo is Teal colored, with his secondary coloring being Aqua. His eyes are a bright yellow. He stands at an average Toa height and wears very bland looking Toa armor. He generally keeps his mask off, keeping it secure around his neck with a chain for quick use. Strapped around his chest and upper waist are several small canisters clipped onto his armor. Three canisters segments form top, middle, and bottom increments for a total of 8 groupings, 24 canisters. They wrap around his entire torso. There are three canisters for each cardinal direction and three smaller canisters for each in between areas. These canisters are shaped like additions to the armor. Their real purpose is to hold a small amount of water. There is a pistol holstered at his right hip.

    Saybo holds himself in an air of relaxed confidence and nonchalance. When uncomfortable, he will stand straighter and avoid eye contact.

    Role: Fighter

    Psychological and Physical Flaws: Saybo holds few and faint emotions, and sometimes has a hard time properly reading a being’s emotions and responding accordingly. However, his old fear of any body of water he can’t see the bottom of still holds strong. He has a hard time even flying over large bodies of water. When confronted on this, he will out of persona just ignore you.

    His constant compliments start to fall flat in any prolonged relationship as he eventually forgets to do normal friend tasks for others, focusing instead all of his energy and time on himself and his “home island”.

    Saybo doesn’t like to fight close quarters and as such he is only passable at it, preferring to just push his opponents away to then attack them.

    Saybo also has a hard time shaping his element into anything other than a sphere(s), as that is all he has needed for hundreds of years.

    When maneuvering with his mask and his water canisters, Saybo is only able to focus on two active droplets at once.

    Saybo tends to keep his mask off until he needs to use it. He loves the rush and surge in power he feels. His senses clear, the world becomes sharp. The first few minutes of putting back on his mask are one of the few rushes he can actually feel and experience. Due to this, he tends to keep his mask off until completely necessary.

    Powers: Saybo primarily uses his water in spheres. His preferred method of attack is holding one small droplet of water on the first knuckle above each of his fingertips at all times. He will pull it down with his thumb and then flick it at his opponent, replenishing it instinctively through decades of practice. If it hits, he expands it and then tries to drown his opponents. As a Dark Hunter, this skill is all he really needed. When not in combat, he doesn’t expand the droplet as it hits, instead moving it to the head and then waiting for his target to be alone before expanding it.

    Saybo has spent decades training, creating, and focusing on these droplets. Due to this, despite their inherent complexity, he can fire and create them quite rapidly and instinctively. However, basically now all he does with his element is create spheres.

    The only other thing he uses his element for is to move the water in the canisters strapped onto his torso armor. With his Miru, he can essentially fly, pushing a canister here to dodge, pulling two canisters there to flip upside down.

    The training for his levitation act is the only thing he’s spent more time on than his droplets.

    Breed quirk(s): ability to use Kanohi, great swimmer, and can hold his breath longer than other beings.

    Weapons and Equipment: Saybo carries a small pistol. This pistol can channel his power much like Thok’s Ice Gun, creating a hyper concentrated bolt of water that Saybo could not achieve on his own. He also keeps a knife on himself, as well as one Vahki Staff of Erasing. He wears a backpack for whatever he needs for his missions. Mostly carries food in it. At the moment it contains an empty water bottle, a deep green Noble Ruru that has been painted gold, and Pridak's Matatu.


    The Aspect of the Void

    Name: Whira (WHY-ra)

    Species: Aspect of Makuta

    Faction: Aspects of Makuta

    Description: A female Aspect, Whira stand slightly taller than the average Toa. Her armor is jet black, and her eyes are a deep purple.

    Background: Not much is known about Whira, other than that she hails from one of the more northern isles of the Kumu Islets. She, like the other Aspects, seeks to achieve the power of a level seven kraata.

    One month ago, Whira began her journey to fulfill her Grand Wish, gaining Cravious as a follower. She has fulfilled her first three milestones, with her most recent one being creating a Currently, she seeks to complete her last five milestones and achieve apotheosis.

    Personality: Whira is mysterious and exudes an aura of power. She is constantly creating schemes on how to increase her own power. She also thinks that Miserix shouldn’t be the first Aspect to attain the power of a level seven kraata; that honor should go to a younger Aspect like herself.

    Powers: Shadow

    Secondary power: Whira has the power of a level 5 kraata of dodge; additionally, Whira also knows the following Taboos: Heartlight Forging, Infectious Kraata Extraction

    Equipment: A broadsword with a black blade resembling obsidian.

    Psychological Flaw: Whira is a schemer, and will not hesitate to backstab anyone- which may sometimes come back to bite her.

    Physical Flaw: As with all Aspects of Makuta, Whira is a gaseous being inhabiting an empty suit of armor. Should her armor be broken, her antidermis will leak out. If not repaired, her entire being could leak out and be lost forever.

    Grand Wish and Milestones (approved by UN):



    Grand Wish: To replace Tren Krom and become a powerful deity

    Why: In order to prove to the other Aspects how powerful she can truly become


    1. Desecrate a follower [COMPLETE]

    2. Desecrate a Nui-Jaga [COMPLETE]

    3. Obtain a mask of shadows

    4. Desecrate a kaita

    5. Create a Zivon through the Rite of the Zivon

    6. Sever oneself from the antidermis pool

    7. Enter the Pool in the Great Temple of the Krom while wearing the mask of shadows and holding the hearts of a Zivon and a kaita



    The Light-Bringer

    Name: Kohara (Ko-HAR-ah)

    Species: Toa of Light (formerly Toa of Water)

    Faction: Refugees (Order of Mata Nui affiliated)

    Description: A lithe female Toa of average height. Kohara’s true armor color is white and gold, but to avoid attracting attention to herself, she uses her power to change her armor color to light and dark blue (although she will change it to other colors when she needs to be even more discreet). She wears the Kanohi Urutaunga, the Great Mask of Adaptation. 




    After being born, Kohara dedicated herself fully to her role as a Toa protector. When she saw evil begin to spread further in the universe, she proactively did whatever she could to protect innocent lives, but was frustrated, and felt that she was not enough in her role. It was then that the Order of Mata Nui approached her with an opportunity to hone her skills so that she could be the best possible Toa that she could be. Under the watchful eye of Axonn, Kohara meditated and trained for many years, becoming more skilled of a warrior, and purging herself of all darkness and temptations. However, this had the unintended side effect of changing her element from Water to Light. Armed with her new skills and powers, Kohara set out once more to protect the universe she loved, using her rare power only when necessary. There are stories on many islands of a Toa of Light who aided the inhabitants in times of need, but none of these people can ever tell you the Toa’s name.

    As of landing on Zakaz, Kohara has taken on the role of being a protector of the refugees.


    Personality: Kohara is calm and compassionate. She is a firm believer in destiny, and tries hard to do what is right. However, she will not hesitate to fight in order to protect the innocent.

    Powers: Kohara has replaced her natural element of Water with Light as an unintended consequence of her years of meditation and training; therefore she is able to control, create, and absorb light, as well as access any other ability a Toa of Light may have. Her mask also allows her to slightly shapeshift in order to adapt to her surroundings.

    [UPDATE 2/5/21] After her journey in the Far Shore, Kohara now knows and can use the Taboo Rite of Desecration.

    Equipment: Kohara has a simple sword as her main offensive weapon. Previously she had a shield that folded, but it was lost during her battle with Barraki Kalmah, so her current replacement shield is a normal shield.

    [UPDATE 2/5/21] After her journey in the Far Shore, Kohara's natural armor has become upgraded with protosteel. Protosteel armor can mitigate the impact of many forms of physical attack, and is more up to the challenge of withstanding a crushing blow. Additionally, she now has a Rahkshi Staff of Magnetism. This staff is imbued with the Kraata Variation of Magnetism and can be used to channel similar powers as a kraata at stage 4. Finally, a muaka has followed her from the Far Shore, and acts as a pet and mount for her. 

    Psychological Flaw: Though her training has granted her new powers, Kohara tends to ironically see morality in black and white terms. Thus, anyone she believes to be evil or doing wrong would have to work hard to redeem themselves in her eyes; she has no sympathy for the Barraki, for example.

    [UPDATE 2/5/21] Kohara is now afflicted with Void Sickness, which will eventually eat at her and drag her into the Far Shore. This new physical flaw also has affected her psyche: Kohara, while originally seeing morality in terms of black and white, now is much more distrusting of people, letting them prove their "goodness" to her.

    Physical Flaw: Kohara, while being an expert swordswoman, is unskilled in hand to hand combat. 

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  • @~Xemnas~, all characters except Aurax approved. The flaw of being physically average -- what is implied by being not the strongest -- is not a flaw. What's a part of him physically that is his "Achilles's heel" if you will?

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    • Name: Berys

    • Breed: Le-Matoran

    • Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees, the Taku

    • Brief Description: Berys wears a powerless dark green Kaukau, with a light green body and dark green legs. He has a slender frame, not needing brute strength as a pilot.

    • Role: Crew (Pilot)

    • Flaw:

      • Coward: Berys is not a fan of flying into danger, and sufficient pressure from enemies and the lack of the moral support of a leader can cause him to disobey orders. The perfect hostage – his first priority is his life, not the mission.

    • Powers:

      • Breed quirk: As a Le-Matoran, Berys has great agility in tall structures, but is clumsy on solid ground.

    • Name: Arnex

    • Breed: Onu-Matoran

    • Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees, The Taku

    • Brief Description: Arnex has a sturdy build, and wears a purple Miru. Her body is black aside from purple legs.

    • Role: Crew

    • Flaw:

      • Uninspired: Arnex isn't exactly independent, preferring to let others make the big decisions and take the initiative. She's just a simple warehouse worker trying to make her way in the universe, the politics and planning is above her pay grade. Without orders from someone with more authority, she's inclined to sit back and ride out the storm, or keep doing whatever she's doing.

    • Powers:

      • Breed quirk: As an Onu-Matoran, Arnex has limited night vision and enhanced strength.

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  • Name: Barius

    Breed: Skakdi-Xa

    Faction: The Warskaks, specifically the band operating out of Fort Nektann, which he leads

    Brief Description: A Skakdi of truly formidable stature, hulking in every dimension. Though his body is a sickening grey, the frills which rise from his back fade to white, like the bleached bones of some great beast. Limbs as thick and hard as those of a tree extend from his torso, which also fade to white towards his extremities. Hand and foot alike end in wicked claws; it is difficult to tell if their reddish staining is natural, or a consequence of Barius' murderous lifestyle.


    Drawing by Taka Nuvia

    Background/Occupation: Barius was born in the warband, and in the warband he will die. Raised among hardened raiders, he knows only the blood and adrenaline of combat, and the excessive consumption which follows in the wake of a well-fought victory. As leader of the Warskaks, much of his time is devoted to managing their activities, leading them in raids, keeping them in line, and posturing so that none of them dare to challenge him. Over this past month, the rest has been spent in the garage, tinkering with his ACR.

    Flaws: Barius is intensely prideful and acutely aware of the importance of perception. Accordingly, he suffers no indignity or disrespect without dealing out the appropriate punishment. Oftentimes he takes even instances of unavoidable misfortune as a threat to his authority. (Psychological flaw)

    In his duel with the Toa Reson, Barius sustained a burst eardrum on his left side. Even a month later, he still has almost complete hearing loss in that ear. Additionally, the wounds he sustained in the ritual combat with Boss still occasionally pain him, though their lasting severity was greatly reduced by the healing powers of the Aspect-Toa Stannis. (Physical flaw)

    Powers: Barius has innate X-ray and telescopic vision, allowing him to see extraordinarily far, and peer through objects. (Primary power)

    His 1st stage Invulnerability Kraata grants a tough hide that is more resistant to injury. (Secondary power)

    He also possesses latent ice powers that can be used in conjunction with another wasteland Skakdi. (Breed quirk)

    After slaying Reson Ance and presenting his heartlight to the Aspect Parnassus, Barius now has a 1st stage Kraata of Fear, allowing him to fill those around him with vague unease. (Rites of Desecration)

    Barius, upon defeating Boss and casting him into the Nightmare Pits, has authority over the Warskaks. Further, and more directly, he has magical control over the Tahtorak born from Boss' defeat, which cannot harm him and must obey his commands. (Rite of the Tahtorak)

    Equipment: Barius wields a spiked club, but isn't picky; he'll use anything he has to in order to win. He sometimes pilots an ACR, which he has not cared enough to name properly. In Barius' possession at all times are two items taken from the late Boss. The first is a knuckle duster made from the skull of a serial killer, which allows its user to channel their element. With this, Barius is able to use his ice powers without the aid of another Skakdi. The second item is a combat knife which Boss used as the key to his ACR, the E Street Skakwagon, as well as several other things.


    Name: Providence

    Breed: Aspect of Makuta

    Faction: Aspects of Makuta

    Brief Description: A head shorter in his lanky armor than the typical Aspect, Providence's posture and mannerisms exude youthful exuberance. His armor includes many extremities and flourishes not necessary for an Aspect, seemingly for the sole purpose of being more recognizable to humanoids-- or perhaps emulating them? When interacting with those not of his kind, he often gesticulates and moves his 'mouth' in an over-the-top fashion that, despite being a totally unconvincing imitation of a biped, nonetheless has proven rather endearing to most.

    Background/Occupation: Providence is only recently emerged from the antidermis pool, his armor new to him. Though his few years among his kind have failed to imbue him with any meaningful understanding of how the world works, they have given him a profound interest in - one might even say, an infatuation with - the lives and societies of the humanoids with which the Aspects share this world. With the crash of the GSR head, and the arrival of many new interesting individuals with it, he decided to finally leave the Kumu Islets and begin exploring the wider world. His goal is to meet new and interesting people and have intense and exhilarating experiences with them.

    Flaws: Providence is immensely and obviously an incredibly naive individual. He has no practical experience with the world, and an unrealistic view of humanoid species as either pets or children to be cared for, mixed somewhat with entertainment. He is reluctant to be cruel or suspicious, even when he very rightly should be, and has no real perspective of how his race is perceived in the world at large. (Psychological flaw)

    Due to the nature of his species, he is composed of gas, and will dissipate if deprived of his armor and a willing host for long enough. (Physical flaw)

    Powers: Like all Aspects, Providence has elemental control over shadow (Primary power), as well as the capacity to leave his armor and possess other creatures, and the ability to desecrate others, turning an offered heartlight into a first-stage kraata (Breed quirk).

    Additionally, he himself has the second-stage kraata power of Sleep, allowing him the ability to make people slow and groggy with only a touch. A useful tool for pacifying any of the rowdier denizens of Zakaz that he might come across. (Secondary power)

    Equipment: Providence carries nothing but his Aspect armor.


    Name: Morangad

    Breed: Tiokaha (Muur, Mark of the Mind)

    Faction: Himself and his allies, foremost; Builders; Refugees of Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: Largely purple, though with dark greyish stripes running horizontally across his back and neck, Morangad's body is heavyset and rugged. Corded muscle is plainly visible, as his body is clothed only enough to keep the cold off, with plant fibers and the skins of animals which died of natural causes. Beneath a thick brow on a gaunt face, bright green eyes gaze out at the world with a hard, decisive stare. The rest of the face is covered with a rusted, pitted Kanohi Jutlin, infected by the Aspect Apex's Kraata.

    Background/Occupation: Long ago, Morangad lived in an isolated community of Tiokaha, who had cordial but infrequent interaction with the Matoran Builders who mainly populated the land of Xa. However, when the Skakdi came with Irnakk, and the Builders fled in their Ark, the land fell into the control of the Warskak raiders, and his small village was exterminated, with him as the only survivor. Ever since, he has subsisted within the treacherous Fau Swamp, where few dared to go. More recently, he has found kinship in an unexpected place, forming a bond with the Aspect Apex, with whom he has much in common-- including a burning hatred for the Skakdi which destroyed his home so long ago.

    Flaws: Enraged by the presence of Skakdi, particularly Warskaks. Averse to complex mechanisms, especially those made explicitly for war. Generally unwilling to remove his own mask. (Psychological flaw)

    Physically unable to tolerate large groups of people, due to being able to hear all of their surface thoughts. The more people in close proximity to him, the more taxing, until he begins to experience increasingly debilitating headaches. More manageable if the people around him make a conscious effort to 'guard' their own thoughts. (Physical flaw)

    Powers: Morangad was born with the Muur mark, meaning he is able to sense the thoughts of other nearby beings, as well as project his own thoughts into their minds in the form of telepathy. Additionally, it allows him to shield the minds of such beings from the influence of other psionic effects. (Primary power)

    He wears a Great Kanohi Jutlin, the Mask of Corruption, allowing him to rapidly rust/decompose inanimate objects within his sight, up to and including protosteel. The mask does not work on living things. (Secondary power)

    This Jutlin has been infected by a level 3 Kraata of Shattering, belonging to the Aspect Apex. As such, Morangad has access to the level 3 Kraata power of Shattering as long as he wears the mask, in addition to its normal effects. This allows him to 'tunnel through rock explosively', create blister-like ruptures in metal with a touch, and make solid objects fall apart on contact. (Rites of Infectious Kraata)

    Finally, his status as a Tiokaha also makes Morangad a bit more resilient than the typical Toa. This and his many years in the Fau Swamps has made him highly resistant to toxin and disease. (Breed quirk)

    Equipment: Morangad carries with him a mundane spear at all times. The thick, wooden shaft terminates in a jagged metal point, fashioned from the only keepsake he was able to take with him when fleeing his village. He also received a Kanoka disk with the code 426 as thanks for saving the life of a Matoran following the Grand Untethered's attack on Le-Metru Nuva. The Kanoka is a level 6 Kanoka of Freezing, with the additional ability of dodging obstacles on its way to its target.


    Name: Ollem

    Breed: Onu-Matoran

    Faction: Refugees of Metru-Nui

    Brief Description: Average-height Matoran with black coloration. Heavyset for a Matoran. Wears a brown Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed. Clothed (not by choice) in worn garments, prefers to dress in black and red.

    Background/Occupation: Let's not mince words; Ollem was a thief on Metru-Nui. Unwilling to perform the menial labor that that he was supposedly 'destined' for, he turned to stealing his daily bread instead. Or rather, stealing goods that could then be sold in order to buy food. But one fateful night, two big things changed in his life. The first is that he... 'acquired' an unfamiliar, and apparently experimental device used for, shall we say, personal concealment. The second is that God died and his entire world crashed into a desert. Shell-shocked and feeling no particular connection to a society on whose fringes he had been forced to spend his entire life, Ollem responded to the devastation by quite literally walking away, off into the sand, with a bag of supplies that he grabbed during the chaos. When those supplies ran out, he was lucky to find a friend in the native Matoran Mahrika, who had spent many centuries holed up in hiding, only recently driven out by the impact of the GSR head.

    Flaws: Ollem is highly resistant to authority, especially that of Toa, Vahki, and Turaga-- all the symbols of the society that had tossed him aside. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause him to disregard good advice if it's delivered in the wrong way, or by the wrong person. On the other hand, Ollem can be somewhat skittish in the face of danger, especially when the source of that danger is much larger and more powerful than himself. (Psychological flaw)

    As a Matoran, Ollem is physically diminutive and weak, when compared to many other species. (Physical flaw)

    Powers: As an Onu-Matoran, Ollem has greater stamina and physical endurance than most beings, as well as excellent night vision. (Breed quirk)

    Equipment: Ollem possesses a marvelous device that bends the light around him in order to render him invisible to the naked eye. It works while moving, but is less effective, based on how skilled the user is at making smooth movements. It also works better the farther away an observer is; in close quarters, an attentive eye could pick out even a stationary user by the tell-tale heat-like distortions the device creates. At long range however, it renders a user effectively invisible. The stealth field also dampens any sounds he makes. Ollem is still somewhat inexperienced with the use of the device, though he has had plenty of practice over the past month and a half. (Primary equipment)

    The Onu-Matoran is also equipped with a simple, handheld firearm that fires slugs of elemental iron. It gradually replenishes its ammo by drawing metal from the environment. (Secondary equipment)

    Ollem has an ongoing registration with the Suva of Stone, though he is currently out of range of it.

    Lastly, he holds a Great Kanohi Kakama, the Mask of Speed, taken from the Stone Suva. However, as a typical Matoran, he is unable to access its power. His pack also contains a collection of bent and otherwise damaged Kanoka disks, taken from the Ruins of Water, some of which may still have weak and sporadic power left within them.

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  • Name: Okuo

    Breed: Toa of Fire

    Faction: Refugees

    Brief Description: Average height and of slim yet athletic build, Okuo has a red primary armour colour with a light azure secondary. His eyes glow a vibrant azure-cyan underneath his red Great Rau. 

    Background/Occupation: It is strange how much two weeks can change someone's life so completely, but now a month has passed, and Okuo finds himself in a strange role he'd never have envisioned for himself.

    At the start of it all, Okuo found himself as a hacker in Metru-Nui, digging in places he shouldn't for information he wasn't supposed to know. Digging in the wrong places (or the right ones, depending on your point of view), Okuo discovered a plot by the Dark Hunters to kill the matoran Vhisola, a plot which he successfully, although by no means easily, prevented. From there, he assisted in the acquisition of the Great Disk of Ga-Metru, accompanying the party responsible to the Coliseum where after attempting to save Dume's life, he found himself transformed into a Toa. Following an unsuccessful attempt at fixing the timeline, Okuo finally found himself back outside the Coliseum, watching the world tear itself apart.

    Then, a week after the Great Spirit was decapitated, Okuo found himself in the role of a scavenger, salvaging leftover tech and materials from the ruins of Metru-Nui, while avoiding the forces of the remaining Barraki which by then had claimed the ruined city as their stronghold. After getting lost in the Archives for a good bit, Okuo finally found his way back to Metru-Koro, where after witnessing the aftermath of the League bombing, he bore witness to a new and strange affliction starting to affect a handful of matoran, Vhisola and Nixie included, transforming them into reptilian rahi beings. Since then, working alongside Triage and other residents of Metru-Koro, Okuo has done his best to find out the cause of these strange transformations. What he can do to solve the mystery of this strange affliction is anyone's guess.

    Physical Flaw: Okuo is inexperienced in combat, having only weapons training with a kanoka launcher, and since his transformation into a toa, a limited amount of training with his powers over fire. Any close quarters combat will leave him relying on his shield to protect himself, with limited to no ability to retaliate if his elemental powers are rendered useless. He also has peanut allergies, though they are not life threatening.

    Psychological Flaw: Okuo feels obligated to push himself to his limit to help others due to how he became a Toa. Though never the biggest believer in Mata-Nui or his virtues, the way things transpired in Dume's office all those weeks ago had a profound impact on him, leaving him feeling as if destiny itself had ordained him to be a Toa, no matter if he wished to be one or not. He believes that a true Toa's duty is to sacrifice their own comfort and safety to ensure as much for others, and unless he lets go of this attitude, he'll continue to push himself until he dies. A glimmer of overconfidence does not help in dissuading him from this path either. One could be forgiven for thinking he has a death wish.

    Powers/Equipment: As a Toa of Fire, Okuo possesses elemental control over fire. He also wears a Great Rau, Mask of Translation. Carried over from his matoran form is his ability to turn invisible as if by a Great Huna.

    Okuo has been integrated with technology he possessed before turning into a Toa. Incorporated into his Great Mask of Adaptation is a heads-up display he's managed to transfer from his old Rau, a feature that allows him access to networks and computers, with an augmented reality keyboard for input. This HUD is routed into his deck, which has been shrunk into a smaller, more portable form, losing its input functionality in favor of the integrated HUD keyboard. The deck still retains its physical connectivity functions, allowing him to jack into systems that lack a wireless option. 

    His kanoka launcher/hover board has been transformed as well, expanding to fit his new Toa form, but also gaining an additional mode, taking the form of a large shield he can use for defense. In its launcher form, it can fire regular kanoka, as well as channel his fire powers through it, for example in the form of kanoka-like fire projectiles. Its shield form is as previously stated large, and has the option of being fixed to the ground, providing cover for anyone in need. The levitation kanoka Okuo used to have has been fused into the hover board mode itself, and cannot be retrieved. After a run in with a Muaka in the archives a month ago, the hover board mode has been rendered useless, leaving him only with a shield and launcher.

    However, this has not left him without a mode of long distance and vertical transport, as in the archives he found a strange dagger that works as a Kualsi would, transporting the user wherever they look when activated. The name "Ardoku" is engraved into the side of the dagger's blade.


    Name: Iradra

    Breed: Toa of Light

    Faction: Refugees

    Brief Description: Enrobed in long flowing robes of white and grey colouration with a hood she has pulled up most of the time. Though she wore ornamental bronze armour over these robes, she has since discarded it after the mask and shoulder pieces of it were destroyed during the conflict in the Coliseum a month back, instead conjuring an identical set of armour made of hardlight whenever she requires it. Underneath her robes she carries remnant scars of the disease that once ravaged her body, scars that mar her pristine white and bronze armour. Where as a matoran she seemed ready to keel over at any moment, she now stands tall and carries herself with a grace and dignity she'd never imagined she could possess.

    Background/Occupation: Once a lone survivor of a village ravaged by disease, she carried the disfigurements and remnants of that plague with her every day as she struggled to find a reason to exist in a world that didn't want her. Her struggles eventually brought her to Metru-Nui, where she found the company of two fellow Ko-Matoran and a Turaga. Joining them on their quest to find the Great Disks of Metru-Nui, she eventually found herself in the presence of Turaga Dume, who bestowed upon her the powers of a Toa, transforming her and cleansing her body of the ailment she'd fought for so long. She emerged from this transformation not as a Toa of Ice as she thought her element had been, but a Toa of Light, revealing that she had in truth been an Av-Matoran.

    After the GSR's head crashed into Zakaz, Iradra tentatively embraced her role as protector of the Matoran people, delving into mastering her power over light, and the healing properties she wields through it. She also went on to discover an aptitude for the creation and manipulation of hardlight, following the bombing of Metru-Koro that was eventually thwarted, and then talked down through a conversation between her and Zaliyah, the one leading the bombing raid. After negotiating to end the conflict, she resolved to go to the ruins of Metru-Nui with Zaliyah in order to ensure peace, but upon learning that Pridak had been overthrown and replaced by a charlatan known as Aurax, whom no one spoke of with trust, she realised that peace would have to come after the League had been restored to a more trustworthy ruler.

    Following Zaliyah's announcement to her fellow members of the League, she, Iradra, and Ostrox found themselves under attack from all sides by Vahki troops, ending with their rescue by Poroka, though in the end Zaliyah remained behind to hold off the Vahki while the other three made their escape in a stolen airship, with Iradra only discovering the sacrifice after they had taken off. Since then, she has stuck with Ostrox, resolving to uphold Zaliyah's will and end Aurax's rule one way or another, though now that Metru-Nui is sinking into the ocean, her concerns turn to the evacuation of the League from an unsustainable stronghold and a dishonourable leader.

    Turning with Ostrox to the people of Metru-Koro, who would go on to settle Kini-Nui through the Ruins of Ice, she has for the moment returned to her role as a healer, worried that her scars, now uncovered, may prove to alienate those she had been accepted by previously. 

    Physical Flaws: Iradra still has lingering effects from her concussion a month ago. These include occasional bouts of dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision, as well as episodes where she has difficulty concentrating or even remembering things. Her shoulder, which was dislocated at the same time as she received her concussion, has healed yet remains weaker than before.

    Psychological Flaw: She has a hard time opening up to people, especially so after the events at the Coliseum a month ago. As a result, she comes off as reserved, perhaps even cold, which in conjuction with her marred appearance may prove to alienate others.

    Powers/Equipment: The powers of Light now lie at Iradra's fingertips, powers she never could have imagined would be hers. Though new to her role as a Toa of Light, she's found to her surprise that she is a quick learner, though some ways of manipulating light elude her. How ever, she's become adept at creating and manipulating hardlight constructs. In addition, she can imbue her light with curative and restorative properties, healing wounds and eliminating toxicants in those her radiance touches. This process is not instant, and requires time and concentration from Iradra.

    Transformed with her two-handed sword, Iradra's main tool is a gigantic yet beautiful sword, almost as long as she is. It is a weapon she wields comfortably with practised strength and balance, more so now than as a disease addled matoran. She also possesses her daggers, still sheathed underneath her robes, now transformed into short ornamental curved blades of beautiful craftsmanship. She also wears a white Mahiki that bears the scars of her past, though this damage is purely superficial at this point. Otherwise the Great Mask of Illusion differs in no way from others of its kind.

    After the conflict at the Coliseum, she procured herself a staff to help with walking while her leg healed, a staff she has since kept as a keepsake and fashioned into a badge of office, finding that her powers over light, in particular her healing radiance, can actually more easily be channelled with the staff as a medium.


    Name: Arkius, or Toa Arkius of the NUVA Proxima

    Breed: Toa of Earth (NUVA Proxima)

    Faction: Refugees(?)

    Brief Description: Arkius is immensely large and muscular compared to other Toa. Where at first he was clad near entirely in black, he later wore a beaten metallic grey chest plate and pauldrons over his dark grey and black form, with occasional glowing green accents that matched his singular remaining eye. He wore a black Calix with one eyehole patched over that hid the silvery scar tissue where his right eye once was. 

    With his NUVA Proxima transformation, the Calix has fused to his face, and the metallic grey armour he wore has taken on a refined silver look. The green glow his eye and armour accents had have taken on a brighter, washed out emerald hue, with specks of what looks to be white embers trailing from the corner of his singular eye. Beyond even his previously immense stature, Arkius has now grown yet more in size, towering completely over the average Toa.

    With his mind completely unlocked, Arkius finds his psyche dominated by memories of a past from before his first memories of the Ark. Though memories of his life on the Ark and on “Zakaz” remain, he is effectively a new man, with his old identity hidden away underneath one manifested through his memories being revealed. 

    Background/Occupation: Once awakening in a far away land, Arkius rose to become a prominent Toa protector. When the Legion began its conquest, Arkius stood opposed to them, eventually finding his way to Metru-Nui where he intended to provide the last line of defense against the encroaching Barraki horde. There he became entangled in a strange plot, whisked off his feet by Toa Stannis and his crew as they tried to figure out Turaga Dume's true intentions.

    But when the Barraki very suddenly teleported into the underground of Ko-Metru to invade the city, Arkius had to leave the crew behind, travelling to Onu-Metru with Toa Nale and the Krahli designated "Kilo" to protect the matoran, or avenge them otherwise. In the end, the latter proved to be his true calling, where with Kilo he rained vengeance upon Mantax's men in the Archives, and battled the warlord before his eventual demise by the hands of his Krahli companion.

    After this, he emerged to a world tearing itself apart, and with his compatriots emerged on the so-called "Zakaz" to build a new and peaceful life after the Cataclysm. Unfortunately, peace turned out to never have been an option. In this new land, aggressive and vile Skakdi revealed themselves to be the native flock, a people Arkius had never been fully comfortable with, but which here, as the Skakdi-Xa, proved to be even worse still. Arkius resolved to protect the Matoran at any cost... even if it meant the eradication of these vile Skakdi-Xa down to the very last.

    Calling off a planned counter-attack on the Skakdi in favour of heeding Po-Koro’s call for aid, Arkius returned to Po-Koro in the aftermath of a Skakdi raid, where he remained to protect it as others flew to Metru-Koro on other business. Though he tried to help reestablish Po-Koro’s defenses in that time, the heavy rainfall in the shadow of a great Tahtorak proved it to be in vain, and after helping rescue villagers caught in the flood, he and the villagers relocated to the Ruins of Stone to establish a new village. 

    Following old companions inside, he found himself exposed to the golden energies of the NUVA boon, unlocking his NUVA Proxima form and granting him greater stature, as well as returning the memories of his life before he awoke on the Ark, and with them the Arkius he’d forgotten he was. He has since ventured with Jutori, Kat, and Kilo, to the Temple of Earth, where he intends to fulfil his promise to Katrin and bestow her with the boon of NUVA Proxima.

    Psychological Flaws: With a new personality made manifest, Arkius has taken to different flaws. Arrogant, Arkius believes himself to know best, and is slow to consider opinions that differ from his. Wrathful, Arkius carries a great turmoil of rage inside him as a result of repeat tragedy and betrayal, rage he sees little reason to keep in check. Prideful, Arkius sees himself as the peak of Toa potential, and sees Toa as inherently superior to all other species, responding wrathfully to anything that might disprove this notion.

    Physical Flaws: Arkius has lost his right eye, meaning without his earth sense he is without depth perception, as well as a reduced field of view to his right. Additionally, he possesses no ranged weaponry, relying on his trusty axe above all else mixed with his control of elemental earth, preferring to get in close and personal with those he seeks to fell, meaning that those able to stay at distance form him hold an advantage over him, especially so if his elemental earth is disabled or proves ineffective.

    Powers/Equipment: Arkius possesses elemental powers of Earth, powers which he has trained with extensively, and which have now grown immensely in scope following his NUVA Proxima transformation. With said transformation he has also gained the ability to share his elemental power with two other beings in his line of sight and elemental range.

    Additionally, he has a strong physique, and an immense well of stamina. His already great strength has grown greater following his transformation. 

    He wore the Kanohi Calix that has now fused to his face and become part of him, allowing him to perform at the absolute peak of his natural physical abilities (such as executing seemingly impossible leaps, dodges, flips, etc.) so that he moves and reacts better than any unenhanced member of his species. He can share this power with two other beings in his line of sight and elemental range.

    In his journey to the Temple of Earth, he defeated a Mesi with a penchant for collecting masks as trophies, from whom Arkius acquired a Kanohi with the rough appearance of a Hau, though in truth it is a Mask of Charisma.

    As far as his equipment goes, Arkius wields only his trusty protosteel axe, a weapon he has felled many a foe with and wields with great pride, greater skill... and deadly intent. With an axe blade on one end of the head and a long bladed spike on the other, the weapon is suited for chopping enemies or piercing through tough armour.

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  • NOTE: I added a feature of sliding wrist armor, currently unused but perhaps useful to give my tiny warrior some melee ability without her powers, and so I'm re-submitting her here.

    Element: light
    Mask: emulation (shaped like a golden Metru Hau)
    Faction: Metru Nui refugees
    Race: Desecrated toa (light with illumination kraata)

    Illumination Kraata Ability Stages:

    1. can dispel shadows in its immediate vicinity.

    2. touch becomes mildly painful for beings of shadow, comparable to an electric shock.


    Keitara is a slightly short Toa of Light with innately gold and ivory protosteel armor, a ahield with a bladed top and a rhotuka launcher that can fire elemental energy drawn from her body, though expending too much can leave her severely weakened, and a collapseable spear capable of reconfiguring between spear, scythe, rifle and storage forms (surprisingly this idea dates back before RWBY). Currently the lance is badly damaged, and is locked in its spear form. She is friendly, outgoing, and slightly headstrong, yet can work well with others. Due to the events specified below, Keitara is currently unaware of her desecrated status, or even of the concept of bonding with a kraata. Additionally, her loss of memory has hindered her elemental control. 

    Kei has a curious mind. She delights in building and mechanical apparatuses, and would happily while away an entire day repairing or constructing an object or tool. Her past as a Ghost was the perfect outlet for her, even though the discovery of her true nature caused a stir. 

    She can act as a battery for weapons, which powers her lance and rhotuka shield.
    Her lance can fold up, be used as a rifle or scythe as well, and its blade is coated in a superconductive material that can absorb elemental energy, store it in a bank of capacitors, and re-release it in eather a focused beam or a scything fan of power. However, overuse can cause damage to the spear's circuitry and its simple program will lock up or disengage this ability if too much power passed through in this manner. It also acts as a standard focus, like any Toa tool. The armor on her lower arms is mounted to a pair of strong springs, allowing it to slide forward and snap back into place when delivering melee attacks. In addition, as an Av-Toa the exact coloration of Kei's armor can vary. In her case this partially tied to her mood, and also to various factors relating to her elemental powers.

    Currently Kei presents as having dull-gold, silver and off-white armor with indigo-violet eyes. This shade also extends to her elemental light.

    Kei has developed deep feelings for both Skorm and Irna, rapidly growing towards love for the pair of them.


    Keitara was hidden amongst a group of Fe-Matoran craftsbeings during the Av-matoran diaspora. Uncomfortable with her more masculine build, Kei scavenged materials over the course of a year and in one day rebuilt herself, using only knowledge of biology gaines from speaking to a few ga-matoran biologists and her own crafting abilities. 

    As she was perfectly functional the next day, this got the attention of the Nynrah Ghosts who quixkly snapped her up with an apprenticeship. During this time Kei was able to indulge her inventive side, working on progressively more and more complicated projects. However, due to an incident involving a Toa stone power cell she discovered her true nature as a Toa of Light. The incident resulted in the exile of her teacher, but she was allowed to stay in exchange for providing protection and a Toa-sized guinea pig for future projects.

    Keitara died in the attack on Nynrah, holding the line in a suit of experimental exo-toa armor while the island was evacuated. It is currently unclear how she is currently alive, though it would seem that an aspect had a hand in her revivification.

    Powers: At this time, standard Toa of Light powerset:light bending/camoflauge, laser light, blinding flashes which she can use as a diatraction. Additionally, she was desecrated with a highly unusual kraata strain: Illumination.

    Kei also has a highly intuitive mind, especially when it comes to problem solving or mechanical matters.

    Occupation: Keitara is currently allied with Metru-Koro, with especial loyalty to Skorm, Irna, and her newly re-discovered mentor Toa Knichou.

    Flaws: Keitara's weakness is her naïvte. Aside from the core and Nynrah she has been few places, and acts more like a matoran than a toa at times. But she is fiercely loyal, and hates taking life. She wants to make things different here. She wants to save everybody she can. She afraid of the dark. Also, she has difficulty with social situations which often culminates in her either becoming overanimate and excitable or quiet and withdrawn, depending on her mood. Depression can threaten to de-rail her completely, but the faith her new friends have been putting in her has helped lessen this a bit.


    (MOC by Click)





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  • Name: Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9

    Species: Kralhi

    Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees

    Brief Description: Kilo-M9 is a standard Kralhi in shape and size, a scorpion-like mechanical creation about the size of three Toa clumped together. It has four legs which are able to grip all manner of surfaces and two arms that are usually holding its tools, two wide curved blades for defending itself and the city’s citizens and for guiding and encouraging wayward Matoran back to their workstations. On its rear there is a prehensile tail with two prongs for emitting energy bubbles. Its forelegs and head are metro green, with the rest of its body and limbs being black for camouflage in its home metro. Both of its front legs have noticeable scars and chipping from lack of maintenance and there is a large running diagonally down its face. Side compartments on the main body contain a store of Kanoka discs. It has green eyes during normal operations but will switch to a red-orange color during combat situations or dim them entirely for stealth. On its face is a permanent expression of determined authority which can come across as more terrifying than intended. The joint where its front left leg meets the body appears newer than the rest of its form, as it was recently repaired in the archives battle against the barraki. A number of new scratches and gouges have appeared since its lonely days in the archives. A rudimentary solar panel, the one item it grabbed during the sudden evacuation of the GSR’s head, is mounted on its back in order to generate power now that the power plant in Metru Nui is inaccessible.

    Background/Occupation: Kilo-M9 is but one of many Kralhi that were created by Nuparu as a predecessor to the Vahki. This particular unit was assigned to the Onu-Metru region, warding overly curious tourists and archivists away from restricted zones and assisting with the often frequent break-out attempts by the exhibits. Unfortunately, the Kralhi’s method of enforcing order by draining the energy of troublemakers was deemed an issue as the affected individuals were too dizzy or exhausted to work for a while after an encounter with the law. Turage Dume commissioned the Vahki as replacements and ordered the Kralhi’s destruction, but the machines would not go quietly. Many rebelled against their fate and were forced out of the city. Others took up hiding in the various Metru. Kilo-M9 is one such unit. After fighting off several attempts at deactivation by Vahki squads the battered law enforcer took up residence in the deeper sections of the archives. The network of tunnels provided ample space to hide and make repairs. Despite its isolation and betrayal, the unit is still given purpose by the same primary objectives:

    1.       Preserve this unit at all costs

    2.       Bring efficiency to the city

    3.       Protect and serve the Matoran

    Despite the necessity of staying hidden lest the Vahki resume attacking it, Kilo M9 has mostly resumed its primary duties patrolling the sublevels of the Archives, assisting individuals out of the restricted areas whether they want to or not.

    Shortly after Turaga Dume’s announcement to search for the great discs, Kilo-M9 encountered a wandering band of disc hunters in the archives. After a brief altercation the machine joined them on their quest, leading it around the city. Eventually the mechanical enforcer found its way back to the archives, where it killed the warlord Mantax and his men with help from other allies. Upon escaping the archives, the end of the universe occurred.

    Initially, Kilo-M9 ended up residing in the newly created city of Metru-koro. After an adjustment period, Kilo took up a role in patrolling around the city or taking watch on the wall for incoming threats. That lasted until being reunited with its Odd Company companions, along with new additions Zadred and the Collector. Together once more the group embarked on an expedition around the northern coast of the island. They encountered a fortress and the corpses of the once inhabitants before making their way to the Ruins of Stone. After completing the puzzles there and discovering the great discs, the group split up with Kilo in the group that traveled to the constantly under attack village of Po-koro.

    After a brief confrontation with the Vahki that had arrived there, the group were immediately put to work dealing with a massive flod caused by the tahtorak Nektann. As the rains died down, Atamai returned after his trip to the past with 5 of the 6 great discs in tow. After moving the surviving villagers to the new settlement of Tobduk-koro outside the stone ruins, Kilo ventured in with its companions and witnesses Atamai and Arkius’ transformations into NUVA and NUVA proxima. Reasoning that the NUVA devices may empower the user with the kanoka power of the great disc used and knowing the hooros that the onu-metru great disc can inflict, Kilo along with Jutori, Arkius, and new companion Kat ventured forth in search of the ruins of earth.

    Flaws: Kralhi are able to analyze opponents and devise plans to deal with them based on their abilities and traits. However, the machines are limited in their ability to think on the fly, and quick improvisation can trip them up. Kilo-M9 is limited by its primary objectives and will follow them at all costs. It will not take violent action against Metru-Nui citizens unless hostile action is taken against it or there are conflicts with objectives 1 and 2. Kilo-M9 also cannot swim and will avoid having to submerge its body whenever possible.

    Powers: Kralhi have strong mechanical joints making it somewhat stronger than the average Toa. It is able to climbs on walls and cling to ceilings with its clawed feet and can remain still and silent for long periods of time, making it surprisingly good at hiding. It is programmed to be skilled at hand to hand combat with its blades, and while it has primarily fought Rahi it is no stranger to having to engage in battle with the more sentient creatures of Metru-Nui. The robotic nature of its body allows for unnatural limb rotation ranges as well as a resistance or immunity to most abilities that specifically affect minds or organic material due to lacking either of those.

    Its signature weapon is the energy bubble generator in its tail. The tail launches bolts of energy that when striking a target encases it in a bubble which lifts into the air and begins draining their energy into the Kralhi. Said bubbles can drain energy at a fast enough rate to knock out an unsuspecting Matoran or exhausted Toa within minutes. The bubbles are difficult to break out of from the inside and do not burst upon contact with walls or ceilings. Direct force needs to be applied to escape. Once trapped the karlhi can subtly influence the trajectory of the bubble’s drifting. Kilo-M9 also carries on its person a selection of Kanoka discs, usually 3 weaken discs and 3 regeneration discs of various power levels which it uses against opponents in combat and for field repairs, respectively. It acquires these from individuals it helps and from hunting stray Vahki units that wander into its jurisdiction.

    Finally, Kilo-M9 features a voice recording functionality which enables it to play back any words or phrases it hears. While it can speak Matoran freely at ultrasonic frequencies much like the Vahki, it usually uses edited and rearranged phrases to communicate with Matoran and other sentient beings.

    Since increasing its interaction with others the amount of words it has access to has expanded. In addition, its puzzle solving skills have increased since it started its adventures, and it has a low power speed disc with one charge left in its possession. During the evacuation of Metru-nui by the refugees, the kralhi was able to salvage a solar panel and integrate it into its body, enabling operations away from power sources.

    Newly added to its possessions is a metal box with a lid containing the Ta, Le, and Ga-metru great discs along with a level one regeneration disc. In one of its side compartments is the great disc of One-metru along with another level 1 regeneration kanoka. Kilo is also currently carrying the Spear of Fusion which it retrieved from Arkius during the visit to Po-koro.

    Kilo patch notes: Updated background with events of SK:R. Added great discs and Spear of fusion to powers and equipment. Added resistance/immunity to organic material/mind affecting powers, which is a logical conclusion to a fully robotic being that is a ruling used before that wasn't explicitly stated in the powers section previously.

    NUVA profile here

    Name: Ysocla Naenoic

    Breed: Zakazian Skakdi of Lightning

    Faction: Riggers nominally, Yumiwak’s warband in practice

    Brief Description: Ysocla’s body is primarily a blue-violet color, with reddish purple accents on some of her limb armor. Around her heartlight there is a circle of white lines that glow. Those glowing lines extend from the circle across her body. Two parallel lines extend down her torso to her hips, where the lines become circles wrapping around the top of her legs. From the circles, two parallel lines on either side of her leg reach down to her ankles where they end in another circle. A similar pattern occurs on her arms. On her face, the lines split into four, two running along her cheeks towards her ears, the other two moving past her nose to wrap around her eyes and go farther along her scalp. Tron lines basically. She wears a tinted visor which can be moved over her eyes to protect them while doing everyday work. She also has a full facemask for more intense welding. When not wearing a blacksmith apron she can often be seen wearing a full length duster which helps cover the glowing lines on her body. On her left leg is a metal cast that keeps the shattered limb in place. Around her waist is her trusty tool belt, carrying various screws, nails, and wrenches as well as a hammer and a holster for her welding laser. Her trusty cane-sword is always nearby. She has bright blue eyes and never smiles.

    Background/Occupation: Ysocla was part of a normal family of skakdi on Zakaz. Her parents were members of the Riggers, and tried to teach her early on the ways of being a pirate. Whether through a sense of decency or a desire to stand out, she struggled with the concepts of living on Zakaz. Vague stories around town mentioned the people that occupied the land before skakdi, a population lead by idealistic heroes with a code of honor. Despite those stories always being told in jest, Ysocla was enraptured by the idea of unselfish people who held themselves to a higher standard of behavior. She soon started trying to live by a code of honor, a move that immediately put her at odds with her family. After her parents perished in a house fire Ysocla was free to live her life her way, though it did leave her without a place to live.

    Living on the streets she refused to turn to theft, instead taking what odd jobs she could. Those jobs, as well as her prior Riggers training, gave her knowledge and experience to deal with machines of various sorts. During one of those days she found herself in yet another duel in a series of fights. During this one in particular, her opponent had their friends sneak attack her from behind, restraining her while the group shattered her legs in multiple places. They told her that it was a lesson, to start acting like a skakdi. While some would have taken the trauma to heart and changed their ways, the lesson Ysocla took was that skakdi society was irredeemable. The current way of things had to be overthrown. With only one good leg to stand on, there wasn’t much she could do alone. Allies were required.

    One fateful day while wandering between jobs, Ysocla spied a particular skakdi. This one carried herself with a unique regality, a confidence that few others possessed. Intrigued by her independence, Ysocla trailed the skakdi and her followers as they went about their business. As she was about to approach and engage the skakdi in conversation, she spotted a conspicuous mugger about to make his move. Ysocla loudly put a stop to his ambitions before he could strike, attracting the notice of the mysterious skakdi. Introducing herself as Yumiwak, she explained to Ysocla her history and goals of restoring her clan. Sensing that this skakdi might one day help her change society, Ysocla swore fealty to Yumiwak and requested that she take her on as a member of her crew. A position of engineer was open on the Tactical Panda II, and her mechanical experience made her a natural fit. Since then she has been a member of Yumiwak’s crew. While she sometimes accompanies her liege on missions, her tendency to defend her honor and occasional refusal to complete tasks that conflict with her nature leads to her sometimes being left behind to work on the ship.

    During one such mission out with her liege they encountered the warlord Zataka. Bringing her aboard as a sort of prisoner the two warlords came to an agreement to work together for the time being. Any further plans were put on hold at the discovery of The Rig’s destruction. While her attachment to the locale had never been great, Ysocla nonetheless swore that if she got the chance to take vengeance upon the creature she would do so.

    Personality: Ysocla is very serious most of the time. She tries to have a professional air as much as possible, and holds herself to high standards. The code of honor she follows is a personal one, as she knows that others will not change their ways so easily. She will not join fights that would give her side a numerical advantage unless the opponents have shown that they are truly dangerous, she does not use dirty tricks or sneak attacks when fighting. While she has learned the hard way many times that her methods leave her vulnerable she does not stray, refusing to let setbacks ruin her resolve. While she’s still more comfortable with machines than people, as machines are upfront with their intentions, time spent working closer to the crew has led to better working relationships with Korio and Yumiwak. She does not smile.

    Equipment/Traits: She is adept with machines, her vision power giving her the ability to more easily identify issues. She carries various tools including a larger wrench that can double as a blunt weapon. On her belt is a heatstone-powered welding laser. Variable settings enable it to both weld and act as a laser cutter, and the heat and light make it a decent emergency weapon. Her primary weapon is a sword that she uses as a cane. Her fighting style has been adjusted since her leg was broken. Where once she used quick strikes and a flurry of offense she now uses a more defensive style that requires less movement, waiting for attacks and taking advantage, with the occasional use of her teleport to give her unexpected reach.  

    Primary Power: X-ray vision (to see through the lies of the skakdi. Not actually, it’s just normal x-ray vision)

    Secondary Power: A short range teleport to an area she can see, her movement path is marked by a brief trail of lightning leading to where she arrives, and a crack of thunder where she previously was. Using this ability drains her elemental reserves, which can lead to her exhausting herself through rapid use. Works similarly to the misty step spell in d&d 5th edition.

    Breed quirk: Suppressed elemental powers over lightning that must be used in conjunction with another skakdi.

    Psychological issue they struggle with: Her code of honor leaves her easy to take advantage of, whether goading her into a fight or making her vulnerable to dirty tactics. She puts herself into suboptimal situations through her own stubborn adherence to her code.

    Physical limitation: Her left leg bones are shattered, and it’s only really movable at the hip. This limits her speed greatly and attacks against her leg result in increased pain.





    Justice is a motorcycle that Ysocla uses to get around the wasteland, especially after her leg was broken. It’s a standard cruiser style of bike, black in color with white accent lines similar to the ones on Ysocla’s body. On either side of the bike the word “Justice” is printed. Also on the sides as well as on the front the symbol of Yumiwak’s clan is emblazoned so that would-be thieves know who they’re stealing from. A sidecar with a similar appearance can be attached for carrying cargo or if Yumiwak doesn’t feel like walking places. Most others are not allowed to ride in it without permission.


    Ysocla patch notes: updated bio and personality to reflect changes in SK:R

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  • @~Xemnas~, I see you updated Auruax sufficiently. Aurax approved.

    @BULiK, your additional MCs Berys and Arnex are approved.


    For those still seeking approvals, thanks for your continued patience.


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  • Name: [ Irna, Sixth-Born of Perror of the Northern Continent ]

    Pronouns: [ She / Her ]

    Breed: [ Zyglak ]

    Faction: [ Metru-Koro ]

    Description: [ An average-enough looking Zyglak, standing about half a head above most Toa, with a long reptilian face, a powerful frame, and a tail. She wears a well-worn metal pendant around her neck depicting a broken hammer which has been welded back together — the Zyglaki symbol for Karzahni, patron of the unwanted. ]

    Background: [ Once a villager, then a soldier, then a refugee, Irna now wanders the strange island of Zakaz with a band of comrades, trying to uncover the secrets of her companion Keitara’s past and her connection with the Aspects of Makuta. ]

    Flaws: [ Physical Flaw: Although the injuries she sustained while in combat with Mata-Nui were healed after a chance encounter with the Aspect Sorilax, Irna is no longer as fast or as agile as she once was. Instead, she focuses on using distanced weaponry and her raw strength to keep opponents at bat. Psychological Flaw: Irna suffers from a severe lack of self-worth, stemming from a lifetime of discrimination, too often putting others before her own well-being and desperately trying to find external validation. ]

    Powers: [ Primary Power: Irna is immune to the effects of elemental energy of Toa strength or weaker. This only refers to elemental energy created by another individual, not the manipulation of existing elements — for instance, Irna would not be hurt by an elementally-created stone, but would be hurt by an existing stone which was hurled at her through elemental manipulation. Secondary Power: Irna is terrifyingly strong, nearly matching a Pakari-wielder in terms of sheer physical power. Breed Quirk: Irna is able to secrete an oil from her skin which can dissolve normal Protodermis upon contact — she is, however, able to control when this oil is secreted, and the effects of the dissolution depend on the duration of contact, wearing off gradually once contact has ended. This dissolution can also be halted by the application of Irna’s saliva to the affected area. ]

    Equipment: [ Over her travels on Zakaz, Irna has acquired a glaive, as well as a longbow with a quiver of twenty (20) arrows. She also owns a metal dagger which she inherited from her mother, Perror of the Northern Continent. The cutting edges of each of these weapons are coated with Zyglak oil, meaning that contact with them causes the breakdown on most normal protodermis — with the exception of Irna and other Zyglak. ]


    Name: [ Parnassus, Aspect of Boundless Horizons ]

    Pronouns: [ They / Them ]

    Breed: [ Aspect-Xa ]

    Faction [ Barius’ Warskaks ]

    Description: [ The weeks since their murder of Corrivalis have left Parnassus the worse for wear. They have given up on maintaining their armour while they live in the ravages of the Wasteland — the metal that had originally been vivid red and gold has now dulled and rusted away, leaving patches of weathered black and grey. In appearance, they broadly look like a Toa who had been crafted by someone who had never seen a Toa first-hand before. Shadows cling to them like a long ragged cloak, hiding the red-yellow Kraata that clings to their back — one of the last remnants of poor Corrivalis. ]

    Background: [ Once a carefree wanderer, Parnassus now finds themself bound to two masters — Barius, leader of Fort Nektann, for whom Parnassus serves as right hand; and Caedast, their cousin and desecrator, for whom the Aspect is pledged to find a sacrifice. ]

    Flaws: [ Physical Flaw: As an Aspect of Makuta, Parnassus is truly little more than a gaseous essence housed within a suit of armour. Were the armour breached, that essence would begin to leak out, leaving them unable to affect the physical world — and eventually causing them to dissipate. Psychological Flaw: Parnassus is a young Aspect, and is thus naive and inexperienced in the real world. They tend to trust those that they should not, and believe themself to be more powerful than they, perhaps, are. ]

    Powers: [ Primary Power: Parnassus wields elemental control over shadow, giving them the ability to create, manipulate, and absorb darkness. Secondary Power: As the Aspect of Fear, Parnassus is able to induce paranoia and suspicion in any nearby being. After having been desecrated by the Aspect Caedast, they are also able to read and understand the thoughts of nearby creatures, granted that the creature is not able to successfully resist them. Breed Quirk: Parnassus possesses a Grand Wish, and is able to perform the following rites and taboos — the Rite of Desecration, the Taboo of Infectious Kraata, the Taboo of Gluttonous Desecration, and the Taboo of Kraata Corruption. (Taboos provided by Unreliable Narrator) ]

    Equipment: [ Parnassus has given up their old scimitars in the month since their murder of Corrivalis, leaving them strapped to the side of The Horizon’s Call for the most part, now. Instead, they have taken to carrying the Mimic’s old multiform weapon, “which can change its shape at [their] mental command, and can regenerate from damage. There are some limitations, however, as the weapon cannot separate into multiple items (pieces broken off will become powerless metal), and cannot form complicated shapes with individual parts and components (eg. Bows, launchers).” (Taken from Nato the Traveler’s profile for Corrivalis) ]

    Grand Wish: [ To ascend to the level of mythic figure. (Approved by Unreliable Narrator) ]


    Name of ACR: [ The Horizon’s Call ]

    ACR’s Faction/Homebase: [ Fort Nektann ]

    Pilot of ACR: [ Parnassus ]

    Type of heartlight: [ Skakdi ]

    Physical Description: [ Similar in design to a motorcycle, but somewhat boxier in shape, the Horizon’s Call speeds across the Zakazian landscape by hovering, rather than wheels. A sidecar has been grafted onto the right side. ]

    Onboard Weapons Systems Options: [ Primary: A Fireworks Revolver Cannon built into the front of the Call, which can fire shells which explode into multi-coloured fireballs. Unfortunately, due to the size of the shells, the Call can only fire two of them before the cannon needs to be manually reloaded. Secondary: An Energy Siphon Harpoon, a harpoon attached by a cable to the Call which is fired into the hull of an opposing ACR and which progressively drains the ACR of power and siphons it into the Call. However, the Harpoon only functions so long as it is attached to the Call — if the connecting cable is severed, the Harpoon is useless. Afterwards, the Harpoon will need to be replaced and repaired. ]


    Name: [ Detsu, Son of Retsu of Fort Nektann ]

    Pronouns: [ He / Him ]

    Breed: [ Skakdi-Xa of Psionics ]

    Faction: [ Barius’ Warskaks ]

    Description: [ Detsu is a lean and rangy figure, a touch shorter than your average warskak and far less bulky. He wears armour that might have once been vivid blue and bright gold, but which have seen become weathered and stained after years amongst the warskaks of Fort Nektann. He is prone to wearing a grey poncho and a pair of goggles when the sandstorms get bad. ]

    Role: [ Guard ]

    Flaw: [ Physical Flaw: Detsu is a fast fighter, but he relies on his speed and abilities to keep his opponents on the backheel. In terms of raw physical power, he is older and weaker than most of his peers. Psychological Flaw: Detsu is a reckless fighter, throwing himself into combat with rash abandon, sometimes without consideration of the plan at hand. ]

    Powers: [ Primary Power: Detsu wields Spellbinder Vision — through concentration, he can cause one creature within line-of-sight to become disoriented, with the results being as severe as the victim being unable to stay on their feet. Secondary Power: Having been desecrated, Detsu also possesses powers of teleportation, causing him to instinctively teleport a short distance in a random direction when his Kraata senses it will be captured or killed. Breed Quirk: As a Skakdi of Psionics, while in conjunction with Skakdi, Detsu is able to wield psychic energy. He is also able to absorb energy from materials through mastication. ]

    Equipment: [ Detsu was once rewarded with a fine weapon by Boss, before the previous warband leader’s unfortunate death — a Rhotuka Battle Axe. Not only can it be used as a melee weapon, it can fire Rhotuka spinners with the ability to halve the speed of their targets. ]


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  • Figured he could fit the Minion Role

    • Name: Bode
    • Breed: Desecrated De-Matoran
    • Faction: Ulkarr, Tobduk-Koro
    • Brief Description: Gray and Dark Gray Matoran with a Mask of Elemental Energy, dressed in a cloak made of woven plant fibers and a wooden staff
    • Role: Quest Giver who acts as a passive shepherd of Mahi when not offering information
    • Flaw: Guilt-ridden by the murder of Ramaka and terrified that the fall of Po-Koro may have been related to his actions. Bad memory because of his trauma. Also is constantly under guard for his murder.
    • Powers: As Bode is Desecrated by a Stage One Kraata of Plant Life, he can grow weeds with every step he takes. He uses this to feed his flock of Mahi, keeping the grazing fields of Tobduk-Koro full. He also can telepathically communicate with his Master Ulkarr, letting him learn rumors to share with the village and his Master.
    • Breed quirk: As a De-Matoran, Bode has an enhanced sense of hearing, letting him hear whispers and far off sounds. This makes him useful in learning gossip and secrets to offer PCs. It also means he can be easily overwhelmed by loud noises.
    • Equipment: Bode has a wooden staff with no powers, which he uses to support his weight. He has a whistle to corral Mahi, and wears a cloak made of fibers from the weeds he creates. He has a sleeping bag made of plant fiber as well, to sleep by his flock.

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    • Vehicle Name: The Taku

    • Vehicle’s Faction/Homebase: Refugees/Kini-Koro

    • Vehicle Owners: Knichou and Nale

    • Physical Description: The Taku appears to be a standard Metru-Nui medium sized cargo class airship, although it has many modifications from its original model. Over the course of the exodus from Metru-Koro, Knichou, using his Mask of Creation, control over iron, and with the occasional aid of the villagers, turned it into an imposing and deadly warship, although most weapons are hidden behind hull panels that slide out of the way when the Taku is in combat. It's massive arsenal is viewed by Knichou as a deterrent against future conflict from Skakdi raiders, Aurax's League, or Zakaz's fauna, hoping that overwhelming firepower would help keep the fragile new peace.

      The upper bow of the ship, where the bridge and all crew compartments are, is the most heavily reinforced section of the hull, with full armor plating that can withstand blows from anything short of heavy ship-to-ship weaponry. The rest of the Taku’s hull is much more penetrable, however, necessitating a lightweight design to keep the Taku from being slow and fuel inefficient.

      The Taku is made up of two decks. The upper deck houses the bridge at the front, with the crew quarters behind and towards the port side of the bridge, and the captains’ quarters/office behind and towards the starboard side of the bridge. The crew quarters has been expanded to have a half dozen small rooms, each containing two bunks, allowing the Taku to comfortably house a dozen crew members, more when sleeping in shifts. The Captain’s quarters has also been expanded to have space for a small office, with the pre-existing sleeping area accessible through a doorway behind the captain’s desk. In between the captain and crew quarters is an open space with a table for meals, meetings, and relaxing activities. On either side of this space are staircases descending along the curvature of the hull towards the exit ramp on the bow on the lower deck.

      Further towards the stern, the upper deck consists mainly of the Taku’s heavy weaponry and their associated matériel. There are two panels in each side of hull that slide open, the first one, towards the bow, opens to reveal a large floodlight that is useful for illuminating the ground below, with the second panel, towards the stern, opening to reveal the electro rocket launchers. In center of the upper deck is a locked armory where excess ammunition and weaponry is stored. Nearby, a ladder allows for easy access to the lower deck. At the very rear of the upper deck is a control station for the cargo bay’s crane, and a catwalk leading to the engines.

      The lower deck of the Taku has its two main entrances on opposite ends. The first is the newly constructed loading ramp that extends from massive swinging doors just below the bridge. The secondary entrance is through the Taku’s cargo bay doors on the underside of the stern, which slide open to deploy cargo. A rope ladder is typically used to allow crew members to ascend and descend through the cargo bay doors, but this is used far less often due to the Taku’s much more easily accessible front ramp. In between the two exits are the lower deck’s weapons platforms, and some storage space for anything that fits. Normally the Kahu is also kept docked inside here.

      In the event of an emergency, six Toa canisters are installed at various areas on the ship – two on either side of the bridge, two on either side of the center of the upper deck, in between the two turrets there, and the final two on the lower deck between the LMGs and the front ramp. While the canisters can phase through the hull to exit the ship, they are rigged inside of single-use launch tubes so that they can be quickly fired far away from the ship in the event of an emergency.


    • Critical Systems: Many systems operate to keep a medium-sized airship like the Taku in the air. Damaging or disabling enough of these systems can hamper the ship’s maneuverability, speed, and firepower, with the potential for catastrophic failure.

      • Levitation: The Taku is kept afloat by 12 ‘levitation engines’ positioned in all corners of the ship in the pattern of an elongated hexagon. These engines encapsulate the sets of levitation and weight increase disks used to provide lift. Without these running or stocked with Kanoka, the pilot will be unable to change the orientation or altitude of the Taku, and after some time the effects of the Kanoka will wear off and stop providing any lift whatsoever, grounding the vehicle.

      • Thrust: The Taku is propelled by twin chute tech engines that propel small portions of liquid protodermis out the rear of the Taku at high speeds in order to push the ship forwards. Without these engines online, the Taku cannot move forward besides being pushed by the wind.

      • Power: The Taku’s twin chute engines are powered by two power generators that make up the bulk of their frame. These generators power the ship’s batteries, which distribute power to the rest of the ship. There are a set of batteries underneath a panel on the bridge and one in each engine, which can provide a few minutes of emergency power to the ship if the generators in the engines go offline. When on emergency power, all weapons systems are harder to rotate and aim, lacking powered assistance for turret movement, and any charged lightstones or heatstones begin to lose their charge.

      • Control: Each of the aforementioned systems are connected to the bridge by thick wiring that stretches along the inside of the hull towards the bridge. Severing these control wires will make the bridge lose control of that particular system. Safety protocols require the main engines to idle when unable to receive new orders, but the levitation engines will continue to maintain their previous configuration until their settings are manually changed by a control panel on the outside of the engine, or the connection to the Taku’s computer is restored.


    • Onboard Weapons/Defenses:


      • Twin Zamor Turrets (x2): Based on the Zamor launchers originally developed by the Nynrah Ghosts and later leaked to Xia, these powered turrets have one launcher on each side, with magazine tubes extending from atop the barrels of each launcher, tilted at an angle to give the gunner more visibility. These launchers and seat for the gunner using them are are housed in a ball-shaped reinforced glass casing that resembles a bubble, providing excellent visibility while shielding them from the wind. Gunners use foot pedals to control the rotation of the bubble with an electronic system. Two conveyor belts inside of the magazine tubes push Zamor spheres towards the launchers after every shot, this stream of spheres being stocked inside of the ship before usage.

        • When cut off from the Taku’s power generators, the electronic system for rotating the turret shuts down. The turret can be manually rotates slowly using hand cranks – fast enough to line up to a stationary target but impossible to fire and track a target at the same time. Without the electricity, the conveyor belts inside of the magazines to load Zamors automatically don’t function, and Zamors must be manually loaded for each shot like a handheld launcher.

        • While the ammunition loaded can be any type of Zamor, typically the left Zamor launcher is loaded with a different type of Zamor than the right launcher, so that the turret is always prepared for a variety of scenarios. The Taku has access to the following Zamor types:

          • Tracking marker

          • Energy chain

          • Energized Protodermis (Defiled)

            • These are deemed for emergency use only, and due to their dangerous nature are kept sealed in a waterproof suitcase inside of the armory, requiring the captain to unlock them for usage.

          • Tear Gas

          • Incendiary

          • Explosive

      • Lightstone Machine Gun (x2): Two LMGs are mounted on the lower deck closer to the bow of the ship, one port, one starboard. Each are fed ammunition using large metal belts that extend out of three boxes that are secured to the floor nearby. These three cases each hold a belt loaded with a different type of ammunition: lightstones, heatstones, and metallic slugs. These ammo belts are actually connected to a battery inside of the ammunition case, which is connected to the Taku’s power distributors. This allows these belts to can overcharge lightstones and heatstones to make them explosive on impact.

        • When the lightstones or heatstones are fully charged, they crackle with elecriticy and are liable to explode if hit hard enough. Overcharged lightstones explode in a flash of light and electricity, while overcharged heatstones unleash a blast of fire and energy. Because of the danger of an accidental chain reaction destroying the ammunition, the protocol is to keep the lightstone and heatstone ammunition cases powered down unless there is a potential for a fight.

        • Because the Taku’s generators can produce and distribute much more electricity than the portable battery of a lightstone rifle, charging these ammunition belts is faster than in a lightstone rifle’s magazine, but it still takes a not-insignificant amount of time, leading to the potential for the weapon to be useless in the face of a fast enough ambush.

        • The metal slugs fired by the LMGs are much less effective than overcharged light/heatstones, especially at longer ranges. Uncharged light/heatstones are even less effective - lightstone rifles were designed around the explosiveness of their projectile doing the most damage, not the velocity of the large projectiles.

        • Switching between ammunition types is an involved process that is difficult to perform without some intuition into mechanical designs, military training, or prior training with this weapon on the Taku.

        • If a belt of ammunition is fully depleted, a different ammunition type must be loaded, or more ammunition of that type must be acquired from the Taku's armory on the upper deck.

        • While classified as machine guns under metru-nui doctrine, these actually fire at a relatively low 240 rounds per minute due to the bulk of each projectile compared to a typical firearm. Firing four rounds per second, these guns exhaust their 50-round ammunition belts in 12.5 seconds, requiring the gunner to make slow and accurate bursts, lest they hastily expend all their ammunition in a short period of time.

        • Being not built into any turret, users have no mechanical assistance in aiming or controlling recoil of the weapon. A weak or untrained grip will not properly control the gun's bouncing from the force of each shot, making subsequent shots in a burst less accurate.

        • Mounted on a steel pillar for maximum maneuverability, these machine guns are lacking in cover for their users, leaving them relatively exposed once the hull panels have slid open to reveal the weapon.

      • Dual Kanoka Launcher (x2): Bolted onto swiveling mounts on either side of the Taku’s lower deck towards the stern, both of these disk launchers have been modified to have a gravity-fed cylindrical magazine of disks mounted underneath the disk launcher’s firing chamber. Pulling a bolt back on the left side of the disk launcher will turn various gears that push another disk into place to be ready to fire, allowing for easy repeating fire.

        • Kanoka disks have a relatively low velocity and are easy to dodge at long ranges.

        • Being not built into any turret, users have no mechanical assistance in aiming the heavy launcher with all of it’s Kanoka inside the magazine.

        • Mounted on a steel pillar for maximum maneuverability, these launchers are lacking in cover for their users, leaving them relatively exposed once the hull panels have slid open to reveal the weapon.

      • Electro-Rocket Launcher Rack (x2): These turrets appear to be built with what used to be the controls of an excavation vehicle, but instead of a claw, four electro-rocket launchers are mounted on the side. The operator can fire one rocket at a time or all four in a quick burst. Both ERL Racks are mounted towards the stern, one facing the port side, the other facing the starboard side.

        • These rockets take a few seconds to reach their target, and are relatively inaccurate, meant for large bombardments of enemy vehicles and megacreatures.

        • After traveling a dozen meters, the electro-rocket warhead arms. After this point, any object it strikes will detonate the warhead. Any impacts before the warhead arms only have the kinetic force of the rocket, and will not cause an explosion.

        • These rocket launchers are muzzle-loaded and reloading all four is a lengthy process for an individual, leading to a doctrine of sparse, strategic volley fire for effect over a relatively large area. This reloading process can be hastened by having multiple crew members insert rockets at once, or having a crew member reload while another is waiting at the fire controls.

        • If power is cut off to the turret, aiming will be only peformed by manual cranks, and thus is much slower than normal.

    • Crew Manifest:

      • Knichou - The original owner of the Taku, Knichou calls himself the 'commander' and commands it accordingly

      • Nale Vella - Taking initiative after both battles of Metru-Koro while Knichou was MIA, Captain Vella has become as much of an owner of the Taku as Knichou. While the couple treat each other as equals, for the sake of clearing up any communications confusion, Nale is the Taku's Captain.

      • Berys - Hired a week after the collapse, the former Le-Metruan airship pilot naturally became the Taku's pilot.

      • Arnex - Brought on a week after the collapse, Arnex's warehouse experience makes her a valuable crew member.

      • Triage - Joining the crew a week after the collapse, Triage is the ship's resident doctor. For some reason, the Taku always seems to find itself in dangerous situations where such a profession is highly valued.

      • Navu - Volunteering after both battles of Metru-Koro, Navu used her valuable skill of being able to perform manual labor to help around as an official Taku crew member.


    • Vehice Name: The Kahu

    • Vehicle’s Faction/Homebase: Refugees/Kini-Koro/The Taku's cargo bay

    • Vehicle Owners: Knichou

    • Physical Description: The Kahu looks like the child of a pickup truck and an airship – in the four corners of the ship it has four levitation engines that Knichou was building for the Metru-Koro fleet before that plan was canceled. Of Knichou’s own (Rushed) design, this airship forsakes appearance in the name of ruggedness and practicality, with the four-seated passenger compartment surrounded in what is effectively a roll cage of steel tubing, and the majority of the small airship being a flat bed for carrying any sort of cargo short distances. The single main engine lies under the bed of the Kahu, providing propulsion. The Kahu has fixed landing gear on all four corners, merely large metal rods with pads on the end and basic suspension.

    • Onboard Weapons/Defenses: The Kahu lacks any defensive systems whatsoever. It has two levitation kanoka parachutes stowed in the equivalent of a glove compartment for use in case of emergencies, because the only option is to run, survive the crash, or bail out if the Kahu gets attacked.

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  •  - Character Profile - 

    Name: Commander Vulimai
    Breed: Vo-Matoran
    Faction: Refugees

    Brief Description: Vulimai’s body, like most other Matoran of lightning, is blue and white. Vulimai's mask, a great Kaukau, is trans-blue, though now the color is mostly trans-black with only traces of the original color still visible after it was infected by Whisper. Vulimai’s hands, feet, and body are azure blue, while her arms and legs are white. In addition, Vulimai wears a slim, form fitting suit of adaptive armor built by Toa Knichou using the Mask of Creation. The armor primarily manifests itself as a low-profile pair of pauldrons, tassets, and a breastplate, all of which having a silver sheen. Vulimai also wears a red and yellow sash, denoting her as both military commander of the Matoran guard and the leader of the Kini-Koro.

    Personality: Before the League’s war, Vulimai was a rebelling, free-spirited, troublemaker doing as she liked on the streets of Metru-Nui. Now, she is a Duty and disciplined instilled soldier who is doing everything she can to help her charges, the Matoran people. 
    Vulimai is assertive and headstrong, rarely letting others to do all the work or to tell her what to do. She is dedicated to her Duty as the leader of her people after the loss of Turaga Dume and Sans, both of whom she holds strong opinions of. This dedication of hers can often make her seem like a stick in the mud or a workaholic, but Vulimai is capable of lighter moods and spirits, as she is  known for bouts of sarcasm and the occasional joke.

    Background: In her earliest memories, Vulimai remembers being a rebel to the Duty-driven society of Metru-Nui, causing mischief wherever she went. But after being captured by the Vahki, she was taken to a far-off island and was placed within rehabilitation amongst various other Matoran, each one having their own problems. Trained together, Vulimai and her fellow Matoran eventually become an efficient force, which was very much needed as the war with the League began to kick off.
    Originally working on evacuation and fortification, Vulimai and her fellow Matoran were soon faced with the horrors of the war, with it eventually reaching Metru-Nui itself. Having fought to defend the city alongside her squad, Vulimai was forced to flee the city alongside the other Matoran, eventually resettling in Metru-Koro, with Vulimai being made captain of the guard.
    Now having failed in preventing the bombing of Metru-Koro, losing her closest companion, and being left as the sole-leader of the Matoran refugees, Vulimai has now dedicated all of her efforts into the protection of the Matoran, to the point of her own detriment.

    Powers -
    Elemental Power of Lightning: Vulimai, like all Matoran, has an association with an elemental power, her being the elemental power of lightning. Vulimai’s association with lightning gives her resistance to electrical shocks and makes her semi-nonconductive.

    Equipment -
    Protosteel Halberd: With the assistance of Toa Knichou, Vulimai has gotten an upgrade to most of her weapons and armor. Vulimai’s halberd has since been enhanced, being remained with Protosteel and infused with nanite technology. The halberd is now capable of telescopic movement, being able to become small enough to keep on a belt or to extend out twice its original length. This telescopic feature allows Vulimai to more practically use the halberd to pole-vault with, giving her a needed boost to mobility.

    Kanoka Shield: With the assistance of Toa Knichou, Vulimai has gotten an upgrade to most of her weapons and armor. Utilizing similar technology and techniques that he used when making Toa Nale’s buckler’s, Toa Knichou created Commander Vulimai a combination shield/Kanoka launcher. The Kanoka Shield is capable of working as an effective shield, but in addition to defense, a slot within it allows one to slot in a Kanoka disk. 
    This feature comes with two benefits; one is that the disk can be launched out of the shield, and two, if an object strikes the shield, it will become subject to the effect of the slotted Kanoka disk.

    Vulimai usually carries around with herself a Ga-Kanoka of weakness and an Onu-Kanoka of freezing, both of them being level three.

    Mobility Gear: With the assistance of Toa Knichou, Vulimai has gotten an upgrade to most of her weapons and armor. In need of a way to be able to go toe-to-toe with other foes on the level of Toa, Toa Knichou has provided Commander Vulimai with a modified form of adaptive armor. 
    Instead of being able to rapidly adapt to environmental situations, in order to benefit and protect the wearer, the armor instead reads the wearer’s movement, forming thrusters to increase the wearer’s overall mobility. This includes a base boost to speed and jumping distance. In addition, the armor grants Vulimai a basic heads-up display as well as radio communication.

    Infected Kanohi Kaukau, Mask of Water Breathing: Vulimai wears an unpowered great version of the Kaukau, as such the mask lacks any Kanohi powers. 
    The mask has been infected by Whisper, giving Vulimai the use of the level three powers of a Kraata worm of sleep. This allows Vulimai to hibernate for extended periods and to reduce the reactions of others and induce grogginess through physical contact and put creatures as powerful as a Rahi to sleep with a touch.

    Flaws - 
    Unstoppable Force: If one word could be used to describe Vulimai, stubborn would be near the top of the list. Vulimai, when push comes to shove, can quickly fall into a single plan of attack, so to speak, and stick to it against all reason. In addition to this, her persistent following of her Duty, can leave Vulimai blind to her own needs, easily overworking herself without outside intervention.

    Oh How…”Shocking”: For whatever reason, no matter what she does, Vulimai has the constant effect of shocking other people when she touches them. This could be useful for distracting others or drawing their attention, if she had any control of it and if it didn't shock her too. This has made many interactions with her go from initially jarring to downright annoying.

     - Minion Profiles - 

    Name: Sergeant Bronk
    Breed: Onu-Matoran
    Faction: Refugees
    Role: Fighter (Head guards and quartermaster over Ko-Pou and the Ice Ruins)

    Brief Description: Bronk’s body, like most other Matoran of earth, is black. Bronk's mask, a great Matatu, is black, though traces of infection in its color is visible as it has been infected by Whisper. The rest of his body is a solid black color.

    Powers - 
    Elemental Power of Earth: Bronk, like all Matoran, has an association with an elemental power, his being the elemental power of earth. Bronk’s association with earth gives him increased strength and night vision.

    Infected Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis: Bronk wears an unpowered great version of the Matatu, as such the mask lacks any Kanohi powers, though a telescopic lens, meant for examining objects close up, is attached to the mask.
    The mask has been infected by Whisper, giving Bronk the use of the level two power of a Kraata worm of slow. This makes Bronk much slower than he originally was, but it also makes him exceptionally hardy and resilient. In addition, he can now anchor himself to another creature and sap them of their speed, adding it to his own.

    Equipment - 
    Spear-Club: Bronk wields a sturdy spear-club, the large hefty stick having a solid spike at the end of it for thrusting.

    Miniature Cordak Blaster: From the collection of items salvaged from Metru-Nui during the crash and taken over from Metru-Koro, this little gem is Bronk’s prize. This weapon is similar to a Cordak Blaster except it is single shot and fires in a (relatively) short arc.

    Flaw: Bronk, from years spent in the archives and working in near darkness, really can’t stand being out in the sun as the light practically blinds him. Other bright sources of light can have a similar effect on him.

    Name: Twesh
    Breed: Le-Matoran
    Faction: Refugees
    Role: Fighter (Guard over Ko-Pou and the Ice Ruins)

    Brief Description: Twesh’s body, like most other Matoran of air, is green. Twesh's mask, a mask of sensory aptitude, is lime-green, though now the color is mostly black with only traces of the original color still visible after it was infected by Whisper. Twesh’s arms, legs, and body are lime-green, while his hands and feet are darker green.

    Powers - 
    Elemental Power of Air: Twesh, like all Matoran, has an association with an elemental power, his being the elemental power of air. Twesh’s association with air gives him increased agility.
    Infected Mask of Sensory Aptitude: Twesh wears an unpowered mask of sensory aptitude, as such the mask lacks any Kanohi powers.
    The mask has been infected by Whisper, giving Twesh the use of the level three powers of a Kraata worm of laser vision. This allows Twesh to glow his eyes incredibly bright, as well as project blinding beams of light from them as well as beams of searing light.

    Equipment - 
    Kanoka Disk Launcher: Twesh wields a Kanoka disk launcher, one that he is surprisingly adept at given his constant fidgeting and nervous ticks. Twesh most often prefers to use his disk launcher in most fights, and most prefers to use Le-Kanoka’s for the added range.

    Shortsword: Twesh also has a shortsword that he rarely uses, as he usually runs away before he needs to use it. But if forced to, he has some basic skill with it but no real experience using the weapon.

    Flaw: Twesh is incredibly anxious and flighty, easily being startled or left without words. In a fight, his anxiety hits him at worst whenever others get to close to him.

     - Settlement Profile - 

    Name: Kini-Koro (Temple Village)
    Faction: Refugees
    Leadership: Commander Vulimai

    Location: Located within the Hidden Valley of Kini-Nui. Built within the hillocks of the valley around Kini-Nui itself.

    Population: Around a 1,000 Matoran. Less than a hundred or so Matoran volunteered to have their Kanohi be infected by Whisper, with the powers including level two ice resistance, stasis field, laser vision, sleep, and level one slow and shapeshifting.

    Brief Description: Kini-Koro is the village formed by the Matoran who willingly left Metru-Koro and followed Commander Vulimai south towards the Ice Ruins, where using the NUVA portal, they arrived at Kini-Nui. The Matoran have since formed a new village, taking whatever usable salvage they still had from Metru-Koro, and with the help of Toa, like Toa Knichou and Toa Atamai, building their homes atop of and within the nearby hills. 
    Basic electrical power has been established through the use of solar and wood burning generators, these generators working on providing the village with lights and means to recharge technological items, as well as radio communication. In addition, the beginnings of farming, hunting, and herding are starting up, utilizing the bountiful resources within the valley.
    Kini-Koro has also established trade with Tobduk-Koro through the Stone Ruin’s NUVA portal, offering limited access to the technological salvage and the agricultural products produced by the village.

    Resources - 
        Electricity (In limited demand)
        Agricultural Products
        Technological Salvage (In limited demand)
        Kanohi and Kanoka (No means of producing more)

    Name: Ko-Pou (Ice Post)
    Faction: Refugees
    Leader: Sergeant Bronk

    Location: Located within the Relic Fields. Built within and around the Ice Ruins.

    Population: Less than 100 Matoran. In addition, kept in a separate space outside of the ruins, are the few dozen Matoran who have fallen to the unknown plague and have been transformed into Rahi.

    Brief Description: Ko-Pou is less of a settlement and more of an outpost, one formed out of necessity and the benefit of Kini-Koro. Ko-Pou is manned by a handful of Matoran volunteers and guards, whose primary duty is to ensure that no threats use the Ice Ruins NUVA portal. Beyond that, the Matoran also work to collect the water that pools at the base of the ruins to bring back to Kini-Koro through the NUVA portal, as well as watch over and provide for the transformed Matoran.

    Resources - 
        Clean Water

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  • Whisper

    Mata-Nui of Change

    Species: Great Spirit

    Faction: Herself

    Appearance pending

    Background: Once, Whisper was the Aspect of Change, slogging through cycle after cycle as a harbinger of destruction and instability, bringing uprisings and alteration to world order after world order. But a time came when the latest Whisper learned of her true nature, and sought to escape it… and to share that freedom with all of her kind. She dived into the depths of the antidermis Caldera and healed the rift at its heart, setting herself and all other Aspects free from the endless cycles of death and rebirth… and allowing Whisper to ascend to her newfound status as Great Spirit in the process.

    Flaws: At her core, Whisper remains a selfish being, interested primarily in her own experiences and existence. She views herself as more of an enigmatic observer than participant, standing apart despite her ability to blend in.

    Powers: Keeper of The Truth: as an ascendant Mata Nui, Whisper is aware of the overall written narrative of Six Kingdoms games. She is aware of all content written on BZPower (yes, the website), and may choose to speak in the OOC or IC topics for SK games (please follow standard posting rules in either topic). She may make plans and considerations based on her awareness of the narrative, but she is bound to never speak The Truth to any other. Revealing to any character that they exist within a game, or revealing any details about the overall narrative or The Truth she keeps will cause Whisper to immediately cease to exist.

    She has retained her ability to learn taboos, gleaning several from the wreckage of her previous existence: the Rite of Infectious Kraata, the Rite of Tethered Bonds, the Rite of Soul Searching, and the Rite of Shadow Hand.

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  • Name: Drokk

    Breed: Zakazian Skakdi of Iron

    Faction: Ash Barrens Skakdi Tribe

    Brief Description: Drokk is about as wizened as a Skakdi can be, wrinkles creasing her face deeply, her eyes and heart light dim orange, her frills tattered, and much of her dull, iron and bronze colored body covered in scars. Her garb is what most people pay attention to, however. This tunic, handed down from each previous Matron is absolutely encrusted with teeth, each one from a different member of her tribe stretching back generations. In this way, she carries her entire people with her at all times. It was originally made from woven plant fibers but as time went on and teeth added, it has since been made of Muaka fur and Kane-Ra leather. In her advanced age, she has also pre-carved her own history on her own teeth, leaving just four molars to chronicle her death when it comes. Her final defining feature is the scores of circular scar marks along her head and neck. These scars are all that remain of Kraata that were, to the last, created by Aspects long since reclaimed by the Antidermis pits far to the south. As old as she is, Drokk has chosen not to take another Kraata, thinking it wasteful to attach a fresh life to one so close to its end.

    Background/Occupation: A Matron of her people, and defender of her tribe. In ancient times, her people lived in the region now known as the Ash Barrens, and still regard it as their ancestral home. Now they roam as nomads along the edge of the barrens, surveying and protecting the home of their forebears. Drokk has served her people for a very long time, keeping her Tribe safe from roaming warbands, Rahi, spiteful Aspects, and other intruders to the Tribe's territory. Her Tribe holds some of the oldest traditions for the Zakazian Skakdi sacred, even as modern advances continue to change their lives, not always in positive ways. 

    Flaws: Drokk is old, and thus is slower and less powerful than she used to be. While still formidable, her reflexes are slower, and her joints ache when there's a storm coming. Or just whenever they feel like it. She's also a very tradition driven woman, preferring the tried and true to newer ideas. While this caution stems from her desire to protect her Tribe, it has made her slow to accept new technologies or methods in the past. On top of this, she is stubborn, as only an old Skakdi can be, making it difficult for others to persuade her once her mind is made up. Drokk does not always remember her tertiary ability after a lifetime without it.

    Powers/Equipment: As a Skakdi of Iron, Drokk can use her element to its fullest while paired with another Skakdi. As a Matron of her tribe, she wears a pair of ceremonial war gauntlets that allow her to use her iron powers upon contact with anything she touches with them. With no Kraata to interfere, her tertiary power has returned to her, the ability to seal away a single power of another. She can seal only one power at a time, must concentrate to seal it, cannot seal away equipment based abilities, and must be aware of the power and it's user. The sealed power will unseal itself after 5 minutes, if she chooses to unseal it, if the target gets far enough away from her, or should she be knocked out or killed. Her vision power allows her to see the energy pathways and nerves of others.

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  • Leklo, The Alpinist

    Breed: Pa-Toa Nuva Proxima

    Faction: Refugees, Mata Nui

    Description: Leklo used to be a thin and lithe toa, a lean and light physique translated over from his life as a skyscraper climber on Metru Nui, but after being touched by the Light of Krom and transformed into a Nuva Proxima those same traits were once again kneaded and reshaped into another echo of his former self. He grew even taller than before by a full head, and his appendages became yet elongated further to match a narrow torso that made him look like a mere wisp in comparison to his fellows, though the looks were incredibly deceiving. His armor, which used to be bright orange and gunmetal grey, was chromed over and polished to a brilliant sheen. Notable is his decided lack of a mask, as his Kanohi Peá had been melted with the rest of his face and integrated into his body. His face is a simple form of blank silver chrome from which the scarcest features of a face glow from, including his sky-blue eyes, though thankfully he covers his haunting visage with a Huna [given by Taja in the interspiel period].

    He has a crimson silk sash across his waist with a leather belt buckled on top of it, from which his weapons hang at his left hip. His remaining toa-tool sword and Korruhn's khopesh he kept in memory of his friend were morphed with him, becoming both lighter and keener. Atop all this he wears a red cape that billows freely in the wind, though quickly folds into a small sling sack when he needs utterly free movement. 

    Background information: Leklo used to be an Alpinist, a profession among Ko-Matoran that meant scaling skyscrapers to test their infrastructure and make small repairs. For Leklo personally this also included a habit of constant self-improvement and a never-ending test against all sorts of physical challenges, which he did gleefully and focused most of his time on. He met a friend, Korruhn, a Cartographer, in a tower designated "Abandoned tower #43 'Hideaway'" that also housed the puzzle for the Ko-Metru Great Disc. What followed was a whirlwind adventure that soon turned both jubilant and catastrophic, as he and Kor become best friends and ascended as toa together at the hand of Turaga Dume, only for the League of Six to invade and subsequently destroy the Matoran Universe. Leklo and Korruhn became surveyors on the new land they found themselves on, a land called Zakaz and Xa and Tren-Nui, before investigating ruins and temples under orders of Turaga Sans. 

    It was in one such ruin that Leklo uncovered a door that required a key, the key being the very same disc that had made him into a toa. Whether it was fate, fortune, or curse, he opened the door at the cost of his friend, and became bathed in the light ofThe Krom, ascending yet again to become a Nuva Proxima. Currently he is a citizen of Butt-Koro*, wistfully hoping to strike out and find out what became of his lost friend. 

    Powers and Equipment: Leklo Nuva Proxima has latent powers of elemental Plasma, though he still struggles to manifest in in physical form. He wears a Kanohi Huna, so he can turn invisible but still cast a shadow and cause noise. Furthermore, despite his lanky looks, he is incredibly physically strong. His former Kanohi Peá, the Mask of Possibilities, was fuzed to his face and became a part of his psyche, so he can not only alter the chances of things happening or not happening around him but also share that luck with up to two other being he can see around him. Leklo's ability to see the spirits of beings someone has killed or otherwise had responsibility for the death of, and while it can be turned 'on' and 'off' with some focus it is usually on at some low level regardless. These apparitions surround the one they are attached to, swarming around them and indicating a number of things to Leklo, such as how fearsome they are and who they usually fight. He can also share this ability as he can his power over Possibility. 

    He wields his toa tool, a plasma sword, which he can superheat into a glowing blade. He also carries Korruhn's khopesh, a short sword with a wicked sickle blade. 

    Flaws: Toa Leklo, much like the Alpinist be was before, is a hedonist at heart and seeks challenges with relative abandon, taking almost unreasonable risks simply for the fun of it. He is unafraid of getting in fights for reasons even slightly justifiable because he seeks to test his new, even greater abilities and see where his destiny’s boundaries lie. Though he possesses keen senses and reflexes, his increased physical dimensions make him clumsy while walking or running, and he occasionally will miscalculate short distances, much to his chagrin. He is still getting used to his body.






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  • @Burnmad: Barius, Providence, Morangad, Ollem approved.

    @Onaku: Iradra, Arkius, and Okuo approved, although I thought the power in the kualsi dagger was to teleport to where the blade landed... In any case, this version is fine. 

    @TL01 NUVA: Keitara approved (illumination kraata previously approved as custom kraata type in Rebirth).

    @pokemonlover360: Kilo and Ysocla approved.

    @Conway: Irna, Parnassus, and Detsu approved.

    @Harvali: Bode approved

    @BULiK: that's a ... large airship profile... you got there. Kahu is approved. For the Taku, please make a clear weakness for the lightstone/heatstone Machine Guns. Once that is clearly defined, Taku is approved

    Edit: @BULiK, I see you've made several additions and changes that basically boil down to "this gun needs time to work" and "if you hit this gun when it's powered up it could explode" so I'll take that as a solid change. Taku approved.

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  • Name of ACR: Chimera

    ACR's Faction/Homebase: Nektann's Warband

    Pilot of ACR: Barius

    Type of Heartlight: Rahi/Skakdi (Dual)

    Physical Description: A hulking beast born of the crude but calculated smashing-together of two different ACRs, the Chimera is a dense mass of twisted metal plate and hydraulic power. At a glance, one can guess that the E Street Skakwagon has lost its transformative capability in the modifications made by its new owner. Vaguely humanoid in shape, though extremely stout and with a severely hunched back, the uninitiated might doubt the possibility for an operator to safely fit within the confines of the armor. Nonetheless, Barius has taken the utmost care to ensure his ability to enter the ACR with ease and rapidity: The upper torso of the frame splits open in order to reveal the heavily-armored center, where just enough room exists for Barius' bulky form. Such a view into the Chimera's interior also allows the passive observer to begin to comprehend the unique nature of the war machine's construction. Amidst the mass of thick hydraulic lines and crammed weapon systems, the distinct glows of two different cores can be seen. As the torso slides back together and the massive mech plods off to battle, one thing becomes obvious; though the strengths of the two component ACRs have been combined in the Chimera, their respective weaknesses may also linger within the colossal construction.

    Flamethrower: The left arm of the Chimera is mounted with a flamethrower, the nozzle protruding just past the wrist. A thick hose connects to an internal, back-mounted tank, which contains a slow-burning, sticky substance, not unlike napalm. Although terrifying in the damage it can do to flesh, the weapon is of little use against enemy armor. While difficult to cut through, and run beneath the thick armor plating wherever possible, the fuel line for the weapon is a linchpin of its construction, and should its exposed portions be severed, the system would become inoperable. The fuel tank, though covered with armor, is still somewhat vulnerable to rupture, and presents a fire hazard to the interior of the ACR. Barius has insulated the pilot's compartment from liquids, so direct contact is unlikely; however, the heat would quickly render the ACR uninhabitable, nonetheless, prompting a quick egress from its pilot.

    Cordak Cannon: Moved from its chest position in the E Street, this weapon has lost its secrecy and a great deal of its armor by being relocated to the right shoulder. Nonetheless, its potent and bombastic power remains a threat to anyone in its path. The heavy cordak rounds, designed to penetrate armor prior to exploding, are somewhat less effective against pedestrian combatants (though still more than deadly on a direct hit), but are highly lethal towards enemy ACRs, and especially their pilots. Limited by its range, the Chimera's cannon is also the most vulnerable of its systems, being exterior to most of the rig's thick armor plating. A particularly strong impact could take the thing out. Additionally, its ammo is somewhat limited, only being plentiful enough for 3 highly dangerous volleys-- a decision made to mitigate the risk of an ammunition explosion, posed by the cordak's volatile nature.

    Hydraulic Power: Same as ever, Barius' preferred weapon is brute strength, and this shows in his preservation and enhancement of his former ACR's system of hydraulic lines. Bolstered to handle the increased weight of the walker, and more protected than ever beneath its armor plating, the lines that run through the Chimera keep its strength and speed at the same level as before, if not greater. More than capable of crushing pedestrians to paste, or ripping enemy armor to shreds, the system does, however, still retain its former weakness: The range of motion allowed by the ACR's thick armor is even lesser than it once was. The armor cannot join its hands behind its back or over its head, or turn its torso without moving its legs. Moreover, if its lines are sufficiently damaged - well-protected as they may be - the entire construction becomes dead in the water. Barius has taken care to ensure that he can force the torso open to allow his egress manually, but in the midst of combat, with the Chimera's moving parts warped by damage, that may prove more difficult than in the garage.

    Overdrive: An entirely new capability, this system is born of the Chimera's unique nature as a dual-core ACR. While one core on its own is not enough to animate the hulking thing, two produce a bit more power than is needed, and this energy is charged over time in order to be expended in short, powerful bursts. When utilized, the ACR's overdrive function greatly increases its already considerable speed and strength, making it a nightmare on the battlefield, while also overcharging the mech's elemental nullifiers to create a rudimentary energy shield. Of course, all this power comes with a cost; at the conclusion of the burst, which lasts about a minute in the best of conditions, one of the ACR's cores becomes temporarily incapacitated, leaving the Chimera sluggish and weak. Furthermore, the nullifier overcharge fries its circuits, leaving the thing partially vulnerable to elemental attacks until it can be repaired. The burst also takes a while to charge, making it a definitive 'once-per-encounter' ability. Additionally, even without using the burst, if either of the Chimera's cores were to be damaged, it would be similarly weakened.

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  • 10 hours ago, Unreliable Narrator said:


    @BULiK: that's a ... large airship profile... you got there. Kahu is approved. For the Taku, please make a clear weakness for the lightstone/heatstone Machine Guns. Once that is clearly defined, Taku is approved

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's bigger than I expected it to be, that's for sure. I went all out to make this the boss battle for anyone planning on attacking butt-koro the matoran village at kini-nui. Went way overboard on the technical detail, but it's worth it for giving everyone a cheat sheet on the half dozen or so ways to weaken and eventually sink this behemoth. The gauntlet has officially been thrown, 'evil'-doers ;)

    Anyways, yeah, I made the weaknesses of the lightstone machine guns more apparent, let me know what you think.

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