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  • Posted 2012-04-14 21:34:37 UTC
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    Laaaaaadies and Geeentlemaaaaan! It is with siiiiiiiingular pride that I welcome you to the 1,443 Aaaaaaaannual Hungry Hungry Games! A nitty-gritty-battle-to-the-death slaughterfest royale, using the most ridiiiiiiiiiculous weapons as pooossssssssssible, all for youuuuuuuuur amusement. Let us find out who the lucky contestants are this year!

    (As the announcer speaks, fifteen holes in the ceiling of the enormous stadium open up, an equal amount of egg-shaped canisters slide though and pause, suspended in the air above everyone's heads. As each name is read, a single pod drops down into the arena below)

    Pirok, Toa of Fire!The Shadow, a Vortixx mystery man!

    Invisible, Toa of Sonics!Ignotus, Emporer of the Mystix himself!

    Incommodo, Toa of Magnetism!

    Kraal, Mystix of Iron!A Mysterious Water Mystix, name Unknown!Laz, Mystix of Crystal!Reichenbach, Toa of Sonics!Incurso, Toa of Ice!Frustro, Toa of Sonics!Nikarra, Toa of Lightning!An Unknown Toa of Sonics!Strave, the Ta-Matoran!Stranax, A male Vortixx!

    Now that you have met the contestants, let's have a review of the rules! First rule: NO POWERS! A special Nullification Field Generator, or NFG, has been placed under the area to prevent any type of Elelemental, Mask, Mark, Supernatural, or anything else that one can think of, from working. All you have is your head and natural prowess. Second rule: NO WEAPONS! As the contestants have already learned, they find themselves without their familar arms at their sides as they sit helpless in their pods. Any and all weapons will be provided. Anyone caught smuggling possible weapons in will be eliminated on sight, so no cheating contestants! Third Rule: ANYTHING ELSE GOES! As this is a fight to the death you may use any natural terrain, weapons, or objects provided to you to kill your opponents. You may be as honorable or as diabolical as you want, but the end remains: there can be only be one survivor. Do what you need to survive!

    Now that you know the rules, you need to know the playing field. Below you contestants is a large circular area, and each of your pods will dop an equidistant space from each other near the edge of the playing field. This field is made up of mostly sandy rock, with many crags, crevasses, and large boulders to hide and fight in and around. You will note a few grassy patches with trees, and passing through the center a small creek. It is here that you all will do battle with one another until only one stands victorious. If you are concerned that your weapons might reach the massive live audience that surrounds you worry not contestants! After you drop through a domed shield will activate, keeping you and all the carnage in and any stray shots out, preventing any sort of escape. Rest assured each and every spectator has the best seat in the house and is fully protected from anything you may attempt.

    Now for some final pointers. Every so often there will be a break in the action as Sponsored Weapons Drops occur. Some will be general, others might be targeted; it depends on how well you fight. Some might be useful, some harmful, and others simply bizarre. You never know what will be in the mystery crate, so you'd better grab it before someone else does! With that let us introduce you personally to the field of play...

    (On cue there is the sound of whirring machinery, a slight jolt, and then the sensation of weightlessness as each pod drops to the ground below, a massive transparent blue shield activating behind them. After a teeth-chattering land the pod door explosively decompress, launching the metal towards the center of the very large arena. As each members steps out of his respective pod they note that in the center of the field there are various piles of assorted objects)

    Alright contestants, your first set of available weapons includes: One Siege-Class two-ton wooden catapult; a pile of assorted bird feathers; five bright-red rubber balls, each one bio in diameter; and a fifteen-ton vat of boiling tree sap. These are your starting weapons... that is, if you can beat the other contestant to them!

    Congratulations to those lucky enough to get selected for such a prestigious honor! May the best man win! Play Well!

    (On cue a large gong was struck, signaling the beginning of the Games. The crowd went wild as the carnage began)


    Alright Paradox, there you have it! As of the posting of this topic I hereby banning you from posting the Bzprpg until this little sidegame is resolve :biggrin: The last thing your characters remember is really doing whatever it was they were doing and then suddenly wisked away, suddenly trapped inside these metal spheres, with no weapons or powers available to them. It will be your job to write the story of how each of your characters dies during these games, until only one remains. It can take as long or as little as you want, but it needs to be done. Here are some further rules:1) ONLY PARADOX CAN POST IN THIS TOPIC! This is for him and me only. Anyone else caught posting will have those deleted with extreme vengence.2) Like I said, no posting in the Bzprpg! You must complete this side-quest first.3) This needs to be fun! I have it set up to give you the most ridiculous objects and weapons possible, and it will be your job to find the most creative, amusing, and if not embarrasing end to each and every one of them.4) That said, YOU CAN DOUBLE, TRIPLE, EVEN QUADRUPLE POST. I am suspending the multiple-posting rule for this special occasion. I will try to post as often as I can as the announcer between yours, but with my schedule that may not be possible. Be aware that every time I post there is a high possibility I will knock someone off if the craziest fashion I can. You've been warned.5) I retain all rights to kill, reanimate, suspend, or otherwise change the rules at a whim as I see fit.6) THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! This needs to be doubly-enforced. I want you to go nuts, explore your characters, then beat them to death with a sap-covered rubber ball, or spoon them to death with a wooden ladel, or watch them implode as the clowns arrive spraying their acid seltzer-water and gravity-inducing throwing pies.Now I know what you're thinking: how am I supposed to have fun when I have only one character left at the end of it. Well, that's the beauty: you're not. After this fiasco is completed and once the games are done all your characters will be brought back to life and magically returned back to the Bzprpg, albiet some time will have passed obviously. They won't permanently stay dead despite the possibility of being dismembered by the little white rabbit. Whether they remember this little escapade or not is up to you, but every character will return to their original status.That said, I'm going to give you a second option: Play the Stakes. If you are willing to PERMANENTLY kill every one of your characters (save the winner) in this gladiator drama I will give you a birthday prize: the last character standing will receive a special token, weapon, armor, or prize determined by me that the winning character can then use freely in the Bzprpg. That's right, if you freely exchange every character you currently have minus the winner, I will give you an awesome (well, how awesome depends on how well you play) item tailored for the survivor. If you want you can suggest something that would be a good fit for the survivor, but the end decision is mine. Well, that's that! Good luck out there, have fun, and enjoy BPZ's first ever edition of...


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  • IC: Pirok, The Shadow, Invisible, Ignotus, Incommodo, Kraal, ?/Aru, Laz, Reichenbach, Incurso, Frustro, Nikarra, [unknown], Strave, StranaxAs soon as Incommodo got out, he looked around, and tried to figure out the intelligent solution.He decided this was running away. Quickly.Reichenbach stood, and looked at each of his minions in turn. With what he assumed to be a sigh of resignation, each one of them apart from Kraal [Nikarra, [unknown], Stranax] joined him.The Shadow himself grabbed Invisible by the neck and ran off into the distance, only to be stopped by Reichenbach's minions:"Alright, people, be calm. Nothing can go wrong. Now, those of you who are villains, I can help you to victory."Ignotus looked at Reichenbach. It would be easy enough to overpower him when it became necessary, and from the looks of things he's intelligent..."Mystix [Kraal, Laz], to the one with the fangs!"The Shadow laughed as Reichenbach spoke. "Hah! You expect me to help form an alliance? Fool. This is every..." The Shadow looked at the beings in the clearing, "Thing for themselves.""People, tip that big vat over on top of the Vortixx." The minions all ran forwards, their combined strength tipping the vat over, pouring it over The Shadow and Invisible, killing them and some of the greenery.Pirok ran off in the same general direction as Incommodo, ?/Aru and Strave not far behind him.OOC: Two dead [The Shadow & Invisible] in the first post. LET'S GET THIS THING STARTED!!! :evilbiggrin:

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  • IC:Incommodo sat, in a tree which he had just climbed up, and attempted to think of a strategy.He had nothing.Absolutely nothing.So he took a vine, a rock, and a stick, and began attempting to turn it into a weapon.Reichenbach watched as his new minions brought the tank back up. "Well done. Now, Laz, I'm going to need you to check the shooty-part of the catapult to make sure it's working. Kraal, while he's doing that, you test the trigger."Laz flew up into the shooty-thing [OOC: The Mystix have wings. They can do that. It's not a special power] and began looking for... whatever.A smiling Kraal pulled the trigger, sending Laz plummeting into the tank.However, it missed, and he landed on the bouncy balls, sending a few of them rolling, before getting covered in chicken feathers, and landing on another bouncy ball, which sent him flying into the boiling tree sap. For some reason, he flew back out of the tank, still alive, but with some chicken feathers. "Hah! Take that! You can't kill me!"He then fell, his head hitting off a rock, killing him instantly.Pirok sat, in the forest, Aru and Strave beside him, trying (and failing) to start a fire."Alright, I'm organising a team of Nikarra, Stranax, and Ignotus to search out Incommodo. Now go. He went in that direction." Reichenbach pointed at the forest. "Stranax, Nikarra, you take the ground route. Ignotus will fly overheard."OOC: Another death. Don't worry, no-one will be dying next post. Next post will be more character development-y.

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  • IC: IncommodoIncommodo gave up on the weapon, closed his eyes, and soon began snoring softly.IC: PirokPirok FINALLY managed to get the fire started. "Strave, get some more fire wood."IC: Strave"If Ah dee because o' this, I'll come back and kill ye." Strave muttered, walking further into the forest.IC: IgnotusFlying overhead, Ignotus saw the fire, and flew down to the other two. "No sign of Incommodo, but a few of them have built a camp."IC: Nikarra"Ssh!" Nikarra noticed something moving nearby, and it came out, revealing itself to be Strave. Nikarra quickly grabbed him.IC: Stranax"What're you doing? Just kill him!"IC: Nikarra"No. If we take him hostage, we can draw the others out, and kill them all at once." Nikarra explained.

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  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our first deaths... or should I say, executions!"The crowd roared as the first two disappeared under a waterfall of boiling sap. "What a killer move ladies and gentleman. It would seem as though we have teams forming already... a good strategy, but let's see if pays of-what's this!?"There was a distinct ka-CHUNK as the catapult was activated, Laz's flailing body sailing through the air straight towards the large vat, screaming like a little schoolgirl."Looks like we have our first betrayal folks! Reichenbach seems to be taking no chances and no prisoners. Looks like Laz is-OH! HE MISSED! Kraal overshot the vat and Laz is now playing pogo-gogo-can't-kill-me-nono! What a turn of events!"In fact, Laz was bouncing between the balls, looking like a toa pinball, screaming like a madman at the apparent fact he was unkillable. "Hah! Take that! You can't kill me!"CRACK!There was a wet smack, bringing Laz's antics to a dismal end."Make that threeeeee deaths folks! It would seem as though rock beats skull! He should have chosen paper."There was a dinstant ding, drawing a roar or excitement from the crowd. Something was about to change."Aaaaaaaalllright ladies and gents, it would seem as though it's time for our third-kill break! So without further to do, here's a word from our sponsor."There was the whirring of machinery as a hole in the dome appeared, a massive tube lowering into the area. There was a rumbling, the sound of suction, then a massive bulge tha traveled the length of the tube before something was shot from it before the tube rectracted back into the ceiling. There was the low whistle of something falling, falling, falling.... falling.... falling...fallling...Reichenbach stood as stoic as ever, arms crossed and commanding, having just issued a "search-and-capture" order from his minions. Noticing a growing shadow below him, he looked up just in time to notice the object-CRASH!After the dust settled, where Reichenbach stood was now a massive wooden crate, clearly pulverized and no longer a part of this game. Stenciled in big, black, bold lettering was this:-WORD-There was a hissing, the sound of bolts unlocking, as puff of smoke, and the four sides gave way to reveal the contects of the crate. Standing high on a pedestal was a big red button, stairs providing easy access to it. Several large white arrows, suspended from poles that rose into the air, pointed at the button, the words "Push to add Drama!" scrawled across the sides, lights flashing and rotating sirens sounding."And that concludes the word from our sponsor! The first weapons drop has occured, although it seems that Reichenbach received the short end of the stick on that one... or should I say crate! Who will push the button folks... ?"

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  • OOC: Why does everyone hate Reichenbach...?Anyhow, cue 2001: A Space Oddysey music, and imagine this next bit's in slow motion.IC: KraalKraal watched as the crate obliterated Reichenach, before revealing the button. He took one step towards it. Two steps. Three steps. Four steps. Suddenly, he broke into a run. He was so close. So close!A 'crack' echoed through the clearing as he tripped over the SAME ROCK THAT KILLED LAZ, before breaking his skull against the red button.

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  • OOC: This post takes place at the same time as the last one.IC:Nikarra walked back to the clearing. Stranax had punched Strave, leaving the Matoran unconscious. Strave-holding duties were then passed over to him.As they returned to the clearing, they arrived in time to see Reichenbach be obliterated, and Kraal press the button, killing himself in the process. "Oh, Karz."A small ray of light shone through the leaves, on to Incommodo's face. "But I don't wanna lose my plot armour..."Pirok was beginning to get nervous. Strave had disappeared, and he wasn't sure where he was. "Aru?"Aru looked up. "Yep?""Do you think we should go look for Strave?""Not yet. He might just be having difficulty finding firewood."

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  • There was a moment of silence as nothing happened.Then all karzahni broke loose.First, out of nowhere, came the sound of an emergency vehicle, a Fiar Truck careening out of control as it plowed through the playing field, contestants diving out of the way of this latest shenanigan. Incurso however was not so lucky, the contestant finding himself the newest hood ornament, plastered to the grille spread-eagle. His screaming was mostly unheard under the siren's wail as it jumped and jolted over the uneven terrain. After one rather rough bump a coil of hose fell off the back, causing the truck to stop suddenly. Momentum carried through as the trucked stopped however and with the sound of a band-aid being peeling off quickly he shot forward off the grille, doing a faceplant in the ground and eating dirt for about ten feet.A pair of firemen exited to put the hose back and once secured stepping back inside and hitting the gas. Incurso by now had just managed to prop himself up by the elbows when he got run over, causing the truck to jolt again... and to lose the hose once more. The truck backed up, running over Incurso again. Grumbling, the firemen got out to put it back for the final time, making sure the doors were closed this time but not before the open door clocked a passing clown cyclist. Enraged, the clown and the firemen began going at it, causing a scene that everyone could watch... that was, except Incurso, who was currently under a tire.It didn't end there. The clown had called for backup, so before anyone could react two clown cars screeched up, dozens of floppy-shoe wearing, red-nosed, face-painted demons pouring out of the two compacts. As a wave of living nightmare-bringers decended on everyone in the arena, the firemen responded in kind, whipping out thier hoses in an attempt to push back the invasion. The clowns responded in kind, returning fire with acid-spewing seltzer bottles and exploding-pie-launching apparatuses. The place decended into madness, and as the two sides eventually managed to peel away in their vehicles a team of Spartans came in and picked up the dead bodies, disposing them into a large hole.The whole scene lasted maybe two minutes, but to everyone involved it felt like an eternity. The crowd roared in delight at the entire spectacle, the announcer joining in on the ruckus."That's right folks! What you saw was a sponsored word from TNT, our sister station, giving you an explosive look at drama!"As if things couldn't get any worse, as the announcer said this, Incurso painfully pulled himself back up from the rut he was in, only to see a large pile of bundle-wrapped circular red objects left behind by the firemen... with a buring rope attached. Wait, that was no burning rope... that was a fuse.Connected to fifty pounds on TNT."Karz." Incruso said flatly as he was atomized instantly by the explosion.

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  • IC: NikarraNikarra watched in amazement. "Kraal, what the Karz did you do?"IC: [unknown]"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present myself to you. Our leader, Reichenbach, is now dead - God rest his... oh, he never had a soul - so I propose that I should replace him, being a clone of him in every way." The Toa explained, before looking at Strave. "What is that?"IC: Nikarra"A hostage. We're using him to draw the others out, so we can kill them all at once."IC: [unknown]"With what, exactly? Our sharp wit? Our senses of humour? The useless weapons with which we were provided?" He looked sceptically at Nikarra, before his face broke into a wide grin. "Sounds good to me."

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  • IC:Pirok walked out into the clearing. "I demand you releasw my friend, or I will kill you.""With what?" The Reichenbach cloned chuckled."With... this stick!" Pirok broke a stick off a branch."That is a pretty sharp stick." Ignotus admitted. "We should probably let him go.""Seriously? What harm can a stick — even an unusually sharp one — do? It's not gonna kill you." The black and silver Toa sighed.Pirok hurled the rock at Ignotus, who was turned away from him. It hit Ignotus in the back of the neck (his weak spot), and killed him instantly. "And that's for killing my friend, you Brakas."

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  • IC:"Come on, we're all friends here..." The Reichenbach clone stepped back, uncomfortably. He then ran, stood behind one of the bouncy balls, and pushed it."Oh, Karz." Pirok saw the bouncy ball rolling towards him. He quickly began to run, [cue Indiana Jones theme], the ball not far behind him. The trees were toppling down in front of and behind him. He very nearly got out, sliding beneath the last tree, and grabbing his mask, which fell off during the chase.What he didn't realise was that he'd fallen into a pit full of spikes that Aru had set up. And snakes. Evil, evil snakes. Of evil. And destruction. And Toa eating. His screams could be heard right across the arena, and were enough to wake Incommodo up.Incommodo opened his eyes, and noticed some (perfectly safe and not at all poisonous, acidic, or in any way dangerous, thankyou very much) berries hanging off a branch in front of him. He grabbed a few, but every time he grabbed one, it popped between his fingers, and his chest ended up covered in a dark red juice. He fell back asleep again, but he also fell out of the tree, and ended up lying on the ground, with his head against the trunk. Flies began buzzing around him, due to the sweet smell of the berries' juice."Nikarra, go find Incommodo, and kill him." The clone said, simply.Nikarra walked off as ordered, and it wasn't long before she found Incommodo, unconscious and covered in what seemed to be blood. The flies buzzing around him only added to the effect. Her brother looked dead. She couldn't handle trying to take his pulse, and simply walked away.Once she returned to the clearing, she explained everything."Oh, good. That means less competition."Unknown to the rest of them, Aru had sneaked into the clearing. Well, most of them hadn't noticed her; Stranax had grabbed a large, blunt rock. Aru was dead before she knew it. Which was fortunate, because if one knew they were dead, it wouldn't be all that fun.OOC: Dah-duh-duh duh, duh, duh; Another one bites the dust!

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  • IC:Stranax grinned, but in the chaos, Strave had escaped in some Deus-ex-machina-y way."Stop right there, ye eejit!" Strave called out."Or what, little guy?""Ah..." Strave looked around, and noticed Ignotus' body. Grabbing the stick, he turned to face Stranax again. "Ah'll use this stick!"Stranax gulped and stepped back. "C'mon now, we're all friends here..."

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  • IC:Strave thrusted the stick forwards in a mocking gesture. "O RLY?""Can't we just talk this over? Just set down the stick..."Unfortunately, there was one other character that everyone had conveniently forgotten about. He had taken what feathers were left, made a guy out of some sticks, covered him in tree sap, and then attached the feathers. He then made some makeshift wheels.Said stick-Frustro rolled out, slowly. Everyone turned to look at it. It then rolled back, into the trees. Frustro was using a vine to make it move.Stranax walked forwards, slowly, towards where the stick-Frustro was, not noticing the vine on the ground. He tripped over it, and fell. Coughing, he picked himself up. "Heh. You think that can beat me?"A creaking sound made Stranax turn around. It appeared that the vine he had tripped over had, at some point, been attached to the tub of tree sap. As several tons of boiling tree sap poured over him, Stranax couldn't help but think that he should have made more explosives.

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  • IC:"Can we just stop with the killing? It's getting a bit dull and predictable now." The clone sighed."And why should we?"The clone picked up a rock and threw at at Strave, who was too late to dodge.Frustro then walked out. "You just killed a Matoran.""It wasn't the first time, nor will it be the last.""You're a monster.""I know, right?" The clone walked towards Frustro. "But, hey, now I guess that I can kill you."

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  • OOC: Okay, time for my first well-thought-through, ever-so-slightly impressive post...IC:"No. No it doesn't." Frustro replied, glaring at the other Toa of Sonics. "You are afraid. You know that you will be dead by the time this is over. So go on, kill me. I dare you. Kill me whatever way you wish.""You're a brave one." He grinned. "Alright then, let me see what I can do for you..."He looked around. Bouncy balls. A catapult. The feathers were all gone, as was the tree sap. He needed a good plan. He needed a clever plan.He, with some difficulty, picked up one of the bouncy balls. Placing it in the now wound-down catapult, he looked over at Frustro. "You ready for this?"The catapult was triggered, sending the bouncy ball flying through the air. Quite strangely, it went over Frustro's head, rather than actually hitting him. Instead, it hit a tree, which flung it back, where it hit the other bouncy balls, spreading them out. One of them hit the empty tank, which began rolling in the opposite direction to Frustro, triggering another one of his tripwires, which caused a bunch of rocks to fall out of a tree, only to hit the bouncy ball, and be flung into the catapult, heavy enough to bring it down, but not quite heavy enough to keep it there. The catapult threw the rocks once more towards Frustro, but sped far into the jungle/forest, hitting a nest, causing birds to spread out.Meanwhile, while Frustro was occupied with watching this strange series of events, the clone had grabbed a rock. He then hit it several times against Frustro's head, smashing in his skull, causing a slow and painful death. "Keep your eye on the killer next time, my friend."

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  • IC:"Just me an' you left now, buddy." The clone said, in a mock Po-Koronan accent [OOC: for reference, I consider the Po-Koronan accent to sound like the one from Texas. So... yeah]."And you would kill me without a second thought?" A small amount of shock was evident in Nikarra's voice."Well, yeah. Why wouldn't I?" For perhaps the first time, his face showed confusion."Alright, fine. But we fight hand-to-hand. No weapons. Not even sticks.""Sticks are weapons. They're practically WMD's! Did you see what that one did to those guys?""That was likely for the purpose of comedy." Incommodo shrugged, walking into the clearing. It was a rather unnerving look; in fact, due to her believing that Incommodo was dead, Nikarra had a non-deadly heart attack. The deadly part came when [unknown] stamped on her face. "Did you just kill my sister?""Maybe.""No-one kills my sister but me.""I wasn't aware you were planning to.""Well, I was. But now, I can kill you instead." Incommodo's eyes glowed a fierce red. It would appear that his personality had switched yet again.This was going to be an interesting fight.

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  • OOC: *Cue that epic battle music from the Darth Maul fight in The Phantom Menace*IC:Incommodo grabbed the stick, and pointed it at Reichenbach. "En garde."The clone grabbed a different stick. "Oh well. It's not like I have anything better to do."The clone thrust the stick forward at Incommodo, who batted it aside with his own stick before attempting to stab Reichenbach with it. It left a small cut in the clone's armour, but he was otherwise unharmed. He returned by attack Incommodo, and leaving a long scratch along the side of his mask."Oh, you shouldn't have done that..."IC:The battle continued, the sticks smashing against eachother with sounds that sounded a lot like a particular sabre of light I cannot mention due to the Fourth Wall.Finally, Incommodo ended up lying on the ground."So long, fool." He prepared to send the stick straight into Incommodo's heart, only to notice what he was standing on. Through some tricky method that physics probably couldn't explain, Incommodo had lured him on to the catapult.Incommodo quickly jumped off the catapult, and activated it, sending the clone flying into the air. "Bye."There was a sickening crunch as he hit the ground, pretty much everything in his body broken. He was dead. Incommodo had won."Victory!" *8-bit victory music*

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  • The Hungry Hungry Games have ended. As such, this topic is now closed.