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  • -IC: Araedrex Tenebras-


    As the final traces of night melted away, Araedrex Tenebras strode through the sprawling City of Stone, his strides and breaths measured. The golden rays of sunlight illuminated naught but a dispassionate visage, with eyes burning like fire, both in incandescence, and color, but terribly impassive, coldly jaded as they patiently searched the bustling crowd. Carefully placed, infinitely gentle pushes compelled the crowd to part, and the Firestorm King walked in solitude, as he exited the Marketplace, and entered a maze of alleys and side streets, twisting and turning into the heart of a vivacious city.

    Pausing at the entrance of a massive stone building, Araedrex rapped softly on the door. A moment of silence, and it opened from the inside, allowing him to slip inside, silent and graceful.

    OOC: Open for interaction.

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  • IC: Terilis


    "Then would you mind us taking our own shelter 'til then?" He said. The small wind was driving sand into Terilis at a constant rate, and he hated the gritty feeling. Add to that the glaring sun in his eyes, and it was fairly clear that Terilis did not want to be there. He stepped inside the cave somewhat to shield himself from the desert.

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  • IC: Strack


    "eh, sure" walking a few feet away, to the opposite wall, and touched the wall. instantly, a hole about six feet high, four feet wide, and ten feet in. "no lights. not much problem for me, but I'm not sure how you feel about that." forcing the inside to be bigger to about 10 feet square. "there. no wind and no sun."

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  • IC:


    Spiritspeed, ma'am.


    I pushed those words away from my mouth for the time being, making room for different, more immediately useful ones.


    "Tadris disappeared during the attack on the Commander's wedding," I explained quietly, "He hasn't been seen since."



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  • IC(Roase): "Now, now Mister Toa. Everybody knows Mata Nui is a child's story, like talking Rahi and nice Skakdi."

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  • OC: Thentyle


    Thentyle nodded in surprise. "I don't think I've ever seen someone use their elemental powers like that before!" He said cheerily. "I think I might like knowing you." I raised a fist, ready to show his respect to Voxumo. "my name's Thentyle." Due to the intense sunglight, his eyes were squinting slightly and his vision was slightly blurry around the edges.' I need to get some kind of shield for this' he thought.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo grinned a bit as he looked at Thentyle. He bumped his fist over his chest as he accidently crushes the ice flower

    "The name is Voxumo, Or vox for short. And i agree i think it will be nice getting to know you."

    He just now noticed him squinting

    "Here about about we head into the tavern. I'm sure you must be parched. I'll pay."

    With that he walked towards the tavern and only vaguely looked at Thentyle

    "So what brought you to Po-Koro if you don't mind me asking?"

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  • IC ThentyleThe Toa of Earth followed his new acquaintance across towards the tavern, the claw-like appendages on his legs and the back of his feet reflecting the sunlight. His shoulder armour, normally bio-luminescent, seemed almost grey as the natural light was far brighter."I cam here just to find new allies and people in need. I feel it is my duty to protect anyone when they need it." He trailed off for a moment, "and what about you?" he asked, quickly trying to change the subject before memories resurfaced.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo turned his head quickly to look at Thentyle. His hand rested on the door of the tavern and just simply stayed there as he shuddered from memories

    "I came here to seek a new beginning. I am no longer fit to help anyone since i lost my arm. I have begun to realize that i can not handle everything alone."

    He pauses suddenly as he took several deep breaths and looked at Thentyle again

    "I had been seeking a toa who was suspected of aiding the makuta. I lost my arm trying to bring them down."

    With that he thrust the door open and instinctively walked towards the bar and ordered him and Thentyle 2 mugs of bula juice. He handed Thentyle the mug and simply smiled as he drank from his own mug and looked at Thentyle closely

    "Seems we both may be here for similar reasons."

    He brightened up a bit

    "Oh if you like your bula juice cold just ask me. I can create ice cubes like no tommorrow."

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  • IC: Thentyle


    Thentyle chuckled at the ice cube remark before downing a few sips of the juice through a gap between his mask and his mouth.. It was quite refreshing, much more so than anything he had had before, as usually he would have simply drained Bula berries of their energy directly and discarded them."You were saying something about a Makuta-aiding Toa?" he asked Voxumo as he put down the mug in his hand. It then became apparent to anyone that he didn't have very good perhipheral vision, as his shoulder blades were restricting his head movement. The shoulders were not bright, per se, but dimly glowed a pale blue like Lightvines in the low lighting of the tavern.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo nodds slowly as he tips his head back and drinks his whole mug

    "Yes i did. It was a toa of plasma, She wore a kaulsi which is how she was able to get behind me."

    He shuddered as the memory of the blade cutting through his arm was brought to surface

    Yes that is right my little toa. Fall into my web of lies

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  • IC: Thentyle

    "Sorry to bring it up." Thentyle apologised. He knew how painful some memories could be. Quickly, he glugged down the rest of his drink. "If only I'd been around, I could have helped...though a Kualsi is a tricky thing to deal with. Actually..." he tapped the rusty part of his mask, "on the topic of tricky masks, this thing's been becoming a nuscience." He beckoned the 'bartoran' to give him another bula juice immediately after.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo grinned at thentyle's words

    "Yes very tricky. And do not apologize, You asked a question and it was my choice to answer."

    He sighed heavily as he summoned a light flurry of snow. He suddenly turned to look at Thentyle and smiled

    "So may i ask what your mask power is since we are speaking about masks? Mine is the kanohi Garai mask of gravity."

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  • IC: Thentyle


    Thentyle shrugged as best he could based on his body structure. "Mine's exactly what you see - a Ruru. Although it's not quite functioning correctly." As he said that, he concentrated to make the mask illuminate and create a torch-like effect which seemed a little patchy due to the rust. Unlike how a Ruru would normally, however, Thentyle's kanohi began to flicker and then died. "It's been becoming really unreliable ever since it began to rust over." He took another few glugs of his drink to replenish the energy he'd just used. "A Garai is really something, though. Much more suited to combat than Night Vision." At that point, the mask flickered to life again, which caught the bartender off-guard and caused him to collapse. Thentyle deactivated his mask and rose up quickly. "I-I'm so sorry!" he said. Thankfully, there seemed to be no damage caused and Thentyle just sank back into his seat awkwardly.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo laughed as he saw this

    "Well have you ever thought about getting a new mask?"

    He rose from his stool and stretched a bit

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  • IC: Thentyle


    "I suppose I could, but since I tunnelled my way to this place I haven't actually seen anywhere to get a new one. That, and..." He considered something for a moment, temporarily spacing out. Eventually, he came back to his senses after about a minute. "Sorry, I was reminiscing." He apologised, "but I suppose a new mask would probably be preferable if I can find a new Great one. Though you can't blame me for being sentimental - this is the Kanohi I've had since I was a Matoran."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo smiles softy as he places a hand on Thentyle's shoulder and pats it softly

    "I can understand you sentiment completely. My original mask was a mask of pschometry and i found it absolutly useless."

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  • IC: Thentyle


    "A mask of Psychometry?" he said, looking rather confused. "I don't think I've ever heard of that one before." He put his now-empty mug on the cabinet, feeling he'd had more than enough refreshment for now. He stood up once more and left his seat. "I suppose I should find myself something to do before I get bored."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo smiles as he looked at thentyle now and grinned

    "Well perhaps i could help you. I am getting quite bored right now."

    He grinned as he handed the 'bar-toran' a few widgets "Here this should more than cover it."

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  • IC: Thentyle

    "You really do seem to be the generous type, Vox." the Onu-Toa said cheerfully. "I'm sure there should be something interesting on this island...and maybe I'll find a mask, too." He walked to the doors and hurriedly walked out, shouting when he remembered the brightness which nearly blinded him before he raised his hand up to what would be his forehead to give him some shade.

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo followed close behind to Thentyle and smiles softly as he looked at him

    "Well i have been told that. And yes i think there could be something interesting."

    He noticed thentyle wince and smiled

    "You know have you ever thought of something some stone around the top of your mask and having it act as a visor? Oh and while we are at it mind if i tag along?

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  • IC: Thentyle


    pausing in thought for a moment, Thentyle nodded and smirked. "Of course you can come along. Besides, you're the first person I've met since I arrived other than some...brutish Rahi." He then thought about the rock-mask idea. "Well, I suppose that would be practical, but...It would ruin what little aesthetics I have, Besides, I can still see, it's just a bit blurry around the edge. Anyway, shall we check for something else in town or are there other villages in slightly less-sunny areas around here?"

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  • IC: Bok

    Bok woke up in the middle of the Motara Desert remebering nothing but his name. He picked up the hammer that lay next to him, assuming it was his and wandered off toward what looked like a village in the distance.

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  • IC: [Naona]


    Ever since she was young, Naona had always adored flowers. They had been a rarity in the arid plains of Po-wahi, where finding even a tiny poppy would be akin to discovering a needle in a haystack. Nowadays however, it was possible for certain species to flourish in the village's meagre soil. Of course, the flowers would require more water than their cousins in the more bountiful regions, but that was a small price to pay for their presence.


    Crouching down next to an unmarked grave, the Toa of Stone slowly poured water over the flowers with a can, quietly watching as the drops trickled over its leaves. There was something cathartic about the action, simply staring at flowers.


    She continued to stare, absent-mindedly fixing a few gravestones as she did so.

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  • IC: Bok


    While Bok was walking toward Po-Koro, he got attacked by a Nui-Jaga. "Help!" he called as loud as he could.

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  • IC: Thentyle


    Though it was faint, Thentyle could narrowly hear the faint cry for help coming from a fair distance from where he was standing in Po-Koro. "Trouble!" He shouted, beckoning Voxumo to follow him as he ran in the direction of the cry - towards Bok and the Nui-Jaga. As the figures slowly became larger, the Toa of Earth drew his weapon - a short staff on the end of which was a long orange blade. It took him a while, but he finally was able to see the oversized insect, lunging its purple tail stinger towards to Toa of Iron in its way. "Get out of the way!" Thentyle cried out, activating his Kanohi to form a beam of illumination, enough to distract the Nui Jaga before it could finish its attack. Seeing that Bok was armed, Thentyle called out, "Now's your chance! Attack it!"

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  • IC: Bok


    Bok brought his hammer crashing down on the Nui-Jaga, knocking off one of its masks.

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  • IC: ThentyleSeizing the opportunity brought about by Bok's attack, Thentyle then drove his weapon into the ground beneath the Nui-Jaga and activated it; while his elemental powers could not affect sand, the weapon began to spin rapidly and the sand was quickly brushed away to form a makeshift sandstorm around the irritable Rahi. A decent distraction now in place, the Toa of Earth used his basic brute strength to land a heavy double-fisted punch on the Rahi and knock the remaining mask off and send it unconscious. Slowly, the sand that he'd cleverly sent into the air settled, and Thentyle looked to the Toa of Iron he had just saved.

    "You're element's Iron, isn't it?" he asked Bok, seeming confused, "you could easily have dealt with that Rahi. What stopped you?"

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  • IC: Bok


    "What do you mean, my element? Do I have special powers or something? The last thing I remember is waking up in the desert with this big hammer next to me. I then started heading toward the village when this big scorpion-thing attacked me."


    Edit: OOC: I'm working on getting a MOC of Bok on the profile page.

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  • IC (Lohkar)


    Lohkar sat and listened patiently as Yasurek spoke. As he did, he smiled, and once again, it was not his usual roguish grin; it was warm, understanding, and very much that of a friend to a friend.



    "I'm Yasurek, midshipman of the Infernavika, and I'm a valuable part of this crew."


    He took Yasurek's hand and shook it firmly.


    "Glad ta hear it, mate," he said. "An' I am honoured to be your Captain."


    Yasurek snapped back to attention, though Lohkar thought he could see the new confidence in him.


    "Now then, Captain Lohkar Sir. I believe we have an island village to avenge. I suggest we get under way."


    "Aye aye!" Lohkar exclaimed. "Let's see how Gunner's kept things goin' while we've been 'avin' our little chat."


    On deck, the door to the captain's cabin opened, and Lohkar strode out. He saw Gunner and Tellus, drinking the stock rum. He saw the Fowadi off the starboard side, turning towards the inlet to Naho Bay. He saw the wheel, locked, with the ship firmly headed south and apparently nobody caring that their partners were going the other way.


    In one, beautiful movement, Lohkar's hand moved from hanging at his side, his forearm pivoting up in a sweeping arc, to bring his palm slapping directly into his face.


    "Gunner," he said, his voice strained and slightly muffled behind the hand that was still clamped over his face, "would ya care to explain why we are sailin' the wrong way?"

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  • IC: Terilis


    He stepped inside the much appreciated respite from the sand and sun, breathing in cooler and cleaner air. "Light isn't really a problem for me." He stated plainly. Moments after his statement, the small green areas that littered his body illuminated, casting a ghostly light on his surroundings, including Strack. He gave a small shrug, and slid down to the floor with his back against the wall.

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  • OOC: Sorry i fell asleep. Lets just assume that voxumo followed you alamanax


    IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo looked down at the toa of iron and was a bit surprised by this

    "So you have no memory of what happened before?"

    With that he walked over to the Nui-jaga's tail and summoned a blade of ice over his hand and swiftly and quickly sliced off the stinger of the rahi

    "These make great bartering pieces."

    Hmm a toa of iron. Perhaps i can get this fool to forge a new sword for me.

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  • IC: Puroruk


    The carver stood silently, his beefy arms crossed close across his broad chest. His pose was impassive, watching the work before him, bathed in blood-red light from the flames of dying embers, with look of a man who had seen this before. He was a statue of old watching over the work of the new. The Po-Matoran's bronze armor glinted brilliantly in the firelight, casting shadows that danced across the rocky cave. His keen eyes, the fiery orange orbs burning from under his Garai, watched with the rapt attention of one accustom to picking out the smallest detail. His heart beat to the rhythmic sound of hammer striking metal, the resultant clangs and showers of sparks of creation what he lived for.


    Puroruk saw much and missed little. There were a surprising number of beings who had shown some form of talent for metallurgy, it wasn't artistic talent, far from it, but it was talent nonetheless. A talent for following directions, at the least. He watched the beings shape a number of things from cherry-red steel, from spear heads to shields, noting their movements, their focus, their results. Some worked without care of what they made, the forging only another task. For others, the ones who were more focused, they were the most promising. Drive was important, and it wasn't surprising that former criminals were lacking it.


    But there was one different from the rest.


    The emerald and brown-armored Matoran was smaller than most of the rugged beings in the army. His thin Le-Matoran frame seemed ill-suited for the type of work he was conducting, though he was working well.


    Very well.


    The Matoran's yellow eyes were locked on the steel before him, his attention unfaltering as his hammer blows scattering sparks around his body. He worked with a single-minded determination, and it seemed that the burly carver wasn't the only one to see it. The other beings present didn't talk with him, though their attitude was enough to see they were weary of the Matoran.




    He had seen enough.


    With deliberate strides, Puroruk made his way over to the Le-Matoran. A simple “follow me” was all that the emerald-armored being received, before the carver turned towards the entrance of the cave, and started out of it. He didn't look back, and expected the Matoran to follow.

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  • IC: Bok (to Voxumo)


    "Don't remember anything before at all, except my name. Bok."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo brings his hand to rub at his chin as he considers Bok

    "So you remember nothing but your name. Interesting. Why did you head to this area? Any specific reason?"

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  • IC: Bok


    "I woke up in the hot desert and I saw shelter in the form of that village. I started walking towards it and got attacked by that...thing with the rusty masks."

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  • IC: Floria


    "I daresay it was the Rum," Flo said from a voice above Lohkar, "And as such I think I should confiscate it all and...keep it for now."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo silently nodded as he looked at the disabled creature

    "That would be a Nui-Jaga. Those masks are infected and most likely why it attacked you."

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  • IC: Bok


    "If it's infected, I'm guessing that means that it's not it's fault it attacked me. Which means we should be helping it, not slicing its tail off."

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  • IC: Voxumo


    Voxumo looked down at Bok and simply laughed

    "Well it's too late for that ain't it? And plus these Rahi are ill-tempered by nature, The infection just makes them more so."