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  • Posted 2021-09-30 23:14:49 UTC
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  • IC: Nika | ???

    They had simply been too lucky in the past. Either they had been working with the local law enforcement (after a fashion, and with mixed feelings about the arrangement on both sides), or they had managed to get in and out, finishing the job before the cops could be called. Nika had gotten lazy, and he realized it now. Before, he would never have shot towards where he would be headed and draw the eye to where he was going. He had boxed himself in. Karz.

    "Everyone in the building," he heard the crabs call out from outside, "is hereby ordered to stop all hostilities, put down their weapons, and approach the windows on this side of the building with their hands where we can see them!"

    Karz! Nika might have been able to take out one or two of them, but he wasn't a fighter -- without Pae or Jin to clear a path for him out of there, he was little better than a sitting infernavika. The front door would surely be blocked off from escape, so unless he could blow his way through a wall into the adjoining building, there wasn't much that he could--



    His eyes slowly flickered down to the bodies of the Matoran he had just dispatched, and to the disk launchers they had been carrying, loaded with disks lined with what looked to be a finely-ground gravel to the untrained eye. Of course, Nika, who had spent the better part of the past years roughing up weapons-dealers, knew the look of Stralix powder when he saw it. Their mark was clearly paying top-dollar for their merchandise, he mused, already crawling over to the grab one of the launchers. Pity he couldn't have afforded better guards.

    There was only one working launcher left, and only three disks. Three would have to be enough, he thought, aiming the launcher through the broken window.

    "Hey, cops!" he shouted, and pulled the trigger. "Time for a ###### crab roast!"

    The disk flew straight and true, slamming into the top corner of the building that Nika had just dived out of, exploding into shards of bamboo and brick, and hopefully showering the cops with enough rubble -- not to kill them, despite the desire, since a lack of casualties might look better if Nika was actually caught -- but to keep them occupied for a few more moments. Enough moments to get out of this place.

    Nika took off full-tilt after Pae, wondering how much longer his luck could hold out.


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    Nika makes a pragmatic, but spiritually-devastating decision.
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  • IC: Aar and the Ussalry

    Aar yelled an obscenity as the stralix ignited. He yanked his armor's arms, pulling it into the path of the falling debris. His armor could handle it, but he couldn't protect everyone. He hug the machine's heels in and held its arms wide, blocking as much as he could. Three of the crabs managed, some thanks to him, to escape any harm, while the other three suffered damage to their legs that would mean their chances of pursuit were finished.

    "Get in there, disks up in shield formation," the leader, one who had escaped the damage, ordered his remaining two cohorts. The Howler was half buried and would need a few minutes to pry its way free from the rubble, but it would be able to catch up. "That explosion will have alerted every Ussalman and Toa in the city, let's focus on buying time for them to arrive."

    On his orders, his and the two other crabs began nimbly climbing the side of the building, spread out to make them harder targets for any further Stralix attacks. Unaware their quarry was fleeing, they arrive in an empty room. "The others can investigate the room for clues, we will pursue." His crab took a moment to take in the scents of the room, then burst into motion, following a trail.

    IC: Onepu

    Another day, another explosion. He whistled for his crab, and he and his Toa escort took off in the direction of the sound.

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  • IC: Ferron (Papa-Nihu Reef)

    "Yes, I'm fine" he answered after he walked back to where Oliphko was waiting for him. He gestured for her to follow him, walking further along the beach in silence. His eyes were scouting the terrain ahead of them, until he seemed to find something that suited his purposes. A small cave by the waterfront, he gestured for Oliphko to follow as he went inside.

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  • IC:

    Tarnok had thought, or maybe he had hoped, that coming home would be a relief. Instead it just weighed more heavily upon him.

    This was the home he had always strived to protect. The one he had been injured, many times, protecting. That Leli had almost died protecting even when it wasn't her home to protect. That part had bothered him for a long time. Oh, the Rahkshi had attacked all of the Koros. She wouldn't have been safe at home in Le-Koro any more than she had been in Onu-Koro, but he never stopped wondering if maybe she would have fared better in a place she could see properly. Working with people that operated the same way she did. She had survived but not unscathed. Her brush with death had scarred her in more ways than she was willing to admit and she had only been in Onu-Koro at his request.

    And now they had both been a part of, perhaps even been tricked into, Makuta's return. Not only that but they would undoubtedly have to be the ones to report the matter to the Akiri. And beneath it all, beneath the question of their culpability, beneath concern over a return to darker times, there were questions about the Maru. About how this could possibly have happened.

    His eyes worked better in the dark than Leli's did, and he saw her watching him walk. He tilted his head questioningly, managing a little smile.

    "Widget for your thoughts?"

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  • IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???

    Pae wrenched open the floor beneath his feet. Stone and steel was torn asunder, and as the dust fell to the floor below, Pae saw nothing. Inside the pit he had created, full of rubble and now destroyed furniture, was nobody. Perhaps their mark had fled, or their intel about the location of the safe-room was wrong. However, it was only a split second before Pae turned around and began running with his Kakama again. They had to get out. Pae quickly began calculating an escape route, thinking back on Nika's location.

    Pae skid around the corner to see Nika running towards him. He stopped long enough to indicate Nika should jump on his back and simply say, "The target is gone."

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  • IC: Nika | ???

    Nika didn't stop moving when he saw Pae -- instead, he seized the Toa's shoulder with one hand and used his forward momentum to heave himself onto his partner's back.

    "They're right on top of us," the bounty hunter said. "Think we'll have to go with exit plan 'E.'"

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  • IC: Leli [Tunnels]

    For the briefest of moments Leli's eyes went wide, and she stumbled over her words as she cursed the Onu-Koroans' night vision.

    "Uh nothing," She said, before realizing just how stupid that sounded, "I mean, nothing really on my mind. Just drifting off, I suppose."


    "...What about you?"

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  • 8 hours ago, Palm said:

    IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???


    7 hours ago, Void Emissary said:

    IC: Nika | ???

    IC: Aar and the guards

    By the time Aar had wrenched himself free, he knew he had a lot of ground to cover to catch up to them. Up above, the crab-mounties had fanned out to cover more ground. One of them caught the blur of motion of the Kakama-clad Toa zooming by. She would never be able to catch them, but she could do something else- she unpinned and tossed a hand-held explosive that went off with a loud bang, but little concussive force. At the signal, the rest- Aar included- converged on its location, as did all Ussalmen within earshot who had not already joined the chase.

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  • IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???

    Things had really gotten bad, and all for another dead end for the team's impossible mission.

    A loud bang sounded down the hallway behind him. To Pae's ears, he guessed it was somewhere between 20 meters and 50 meters. In the chaos, it would be difficult to tell - and irrelevant. Because, as Nika indicated, the Ussalry was right on top of them. Pae first, using his fists, brought up iron walls on both sides of the pair about the same size as the hallway itself. It certainly wouldn't stop the Ussalry with their own Toa and gear on their side, but it would at least slow them down. Then, he reached up and using the metal beams in the roof above them, tore open a hole big enough for the pair to get through - even if it meant a few scrapes.

    There were two more floors to go, in order to make it to the ceiling. Pae readied himself, in the event that any of the lawmen would appear overhead.

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  • IC:

    On his mind? A lot of things were on his mind, too many to recount. And too many of them made him angry. Tarnok wasn't always the most talkative Matoran. He knew that. Just like he knew that underneath his dedication to duty, his guilt when his best efforts failed, was anger. Anger drove him to join the Ussalry. Anger pushed him to be better, and better. Anger kept him in the fight, alive and on his feet, long after anyone would have called reasonable. It was simply a part of him. Time mellowed the feeling, sublimated it into duty and dedication. Action calmed him. His training gave him the ability, and the support, to do something about the world and that had helped him more than anything else. 

    Their journey home had been the worst thing for him. Months at sea, with little to do but think. Consider how through his best efforts he had unleashed a threat that was too big for him to stop. It was worse this time. Before Makuta's fall the danger had been life the way he always lived it. Even when he had been a miner he had known that the world was dangerous and he had known why. Despite the trouble in his own life the past couple of years had been a kind of peace he had never even imagined before.

    And he helped end it.

    "I'm frustrated." He said finally, instead of the full tirade he had been building up in his mind. "We screwed up. I don't know how. I don't know how we could have been tricked, and I don't know how Makuta is still alive. He was supposed to be gone. But he's back, and it's our fault. And I can't fix it. If the Maru didn't fix it like we thought, what can you or I do?"

    He paused for a beat.

    "Well, you might have more you can do than me. But even so."

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  • IC: Nika | ???

    Nika, for his part, finished loading another sliver of lightstone into the chamber of his rifle. The hope, for pragmatic reasons only, was to keep casualties to zero -- if he could blind the crabs long enough for him and Pae to get out, that would be ideal.


    It was just a hope.

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  • 5 hours ago, Void Emissary said:

    IC: Nika | ???


    On 10/6/2021 at 8:49 PM, Palm said:

    IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???

    IC: Aar and the guard

    The Ussalmatoran jumped back as a wall of iron leaped up before her. She cursed and ran to a window. Good, she could see others within earshot, "One Toa of Iron with a Kakama," she shouted, "With another Toa of powers unknown!" The message wouldn't get around to all the guard, but at least the ones in charge right now had gotten the memo.

    On the ground, Aar considered what to do. His commanding officer was in the building right now, so he was operating independently for a moment. The two Toa hadn't exited the building as far as he knew, so where were they going? Either up or down. Looking for something? Or perhaps they knew of an escape tunnel, or were looking for the wide avenues of escape afforded by the roof.

    As Ussalmen from around the Koro began to trickle them, he passed on the message of what they were up against. "They're staying inside the building, not sure why or which direction they're going now. I'm going to the roof and working my way down, ground forces can see if they can intercept them if they go down." He had to be honest though, their chances of catching them were slim. Kakama were some of the hardest masks to counter, and their net wasn't nearly closed enough to prevent one from slipping right through their fingers. Time was against both sides of this struggle. The noose tightened, but would it be tight enough to stop them. That was why Aar was here.

    Hastily aiming his Volo Lutu launchers, he grappled onto the wall several stories up. The lines pulled taught and his machine's claws dug into the wall, pulling itself up like some sort of Rahi. He could only hope that his direct route, if the Toa were going up, would be quicker than whatever way they were taking.

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  • IC: Kellin, ever helpful, snorted.

    "I bet we coulda blown him—her—Makuta up real nice if we'd had any idea all that was even coming. I've got—"

    Aaaaand paused,

    And looked for a moment at Leli, bedazzled and bejeweled and only somewhat beleaguered by the journey, now about six seconds shorter ever since her escapades at the edge of the city of lilypads. Luckily, he'd convinced her to chuck the package into the drink before their destinies came at a depressingly quick turnaround from their previous, currently-discussed destinies.

    "I had enough Stralix to blow anything that smirks at me like that sky-high to meet the makers themselves. Big Judicious just had other ideas for us."

    "Tell you what, though—" he continued, letting naked, performative surliness creep into his tone. "It just goes to show that when big Kell comes a-knockin', even Toa get scared. I bet you my bottom widget the six of us coulda done damage."

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  • IC: Leli [Tunnels]

    "You bet we could've!"

    Her mood seemed relatively improved.

    "Don't know why Tall, Dark, and Regal tried to pull us away so quickly, we've handled worse before!"

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  • IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef)

    "Well, uh, that's good to hear, I guess."

    She wasn't sure if he was being honest, but it sure sounded like it. Despite still not understanding anything, she didn't ask any more questions and obediently followed the Turaga until they arrived at a cave. Now she at least understood why he had brought her here. The cave did seem like a good meditation spot, at least if you ignored the crashing sound of the waves nearby.

    She followed him inside, and hoped it wasn't too damp in there.

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  • On 9/3/2021 at 8:30 PM, Snelly said:

    IC: Oceanna Gallywix - The Whatever Inn - Onu-koro -

    Oceanna strummed her guitar as she warmed up. She couldn't believe she finally got a music gig, it was just too bad it was at this #### inn. 

    "No one appreciates the struggles of an artist..." She strummed her guitar some more, sure she'd made a killing hunting Rahkshi, and sure she got a bad### staff for the trouble, but it hadn't helped her in becoming a famous guitarist at all! If only her voice was as good as her skills with the guitar. 

    "...why are singers so hard to find?" 

    OOC: Open for interaction 

    IC: Oceanna Gallywix - Some Inn - Onu-koro -

    Oceanna abruptly stopped playing her guitar. "You know what? #### this." She walked out of the Inn without a word and into the streets of Onu-koro. What was she doing with her life? Playing music in some deadbeat inn? She'd fought Rahkshi and won for crying out loud! She had the staff to prove it. She'd made fortune and fame but now she was right back where she started, though less smelly and homeless than before. 

    An explosion nearby interrupted her melancholy, causing the Toa guitarist to look up and towards where it came from. "The heck was that?" Curious and perhaps mildly concerned, she used her Kadin to fly towards the disturbance. 

     As she got closer she could see that the Ussalry were here and had surrounded a large building. She saw a Matoran in an exo-matoran was scaling the wall and flew up to him. 

    "Hey what's going on? I heard an explosion. Do you like...need help?" She asked Aar. 

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  • IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???

    Pae spun a small disc of iron just under the pair's feet, and lifted. He and Nika got close to carefully avoid the tough edges of the hole in the ceiling. They passed through cleanly and stepped onto what remained of the building's floor. Now, he set to work again, creating walls to block the way, and tearing apart the ceiling. After this floor, they would be just underneath the final ceiling, "They're likely on the roof. I shouldn't have looked in the safe room."

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  • On 10/15/2021 at 9:21 PM, Snelly said:

    "Hey what's going on? I heard an explosion. Do you like...need help?" She asked Aar.

    IC: Aar and the guards

    "Mata-nui!" he cried in surprise. Suddenly there was a Toa floating next to him. He didn't stop climbing, but for a second he had to interrupt his thought process and focus on her. She wasn't wearing Guard armor, and certainly didn't carry herself like one. A civilian? "I appreciate the offer. I can't ask a civilian to do much, but I can't stop you either- help is what Toa do, after all." He spoke quickly, wasting no time. "We're trying to catch the perpetrators of some violence for reasons unknown. You could head up ahead of me to the roof and slow them down long enough for me to get there. If that's where they're going. One is a Toa of Iron with a Kakama. The other is unknown. We're not sure they're actually going up though, so keep your eyes and ears alert in case they take another avenue."

    As they spoke, some of the crabs, lighter and more agile than the Exo-Armor, were cresting the edge of the roof. "No sign of them yet, pilot!" one of them called out to Aar.

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  • IC: Nika | ???

    "Did your job," Nika said, the knuckles of his remaining flesh-and-blood hand now white around the trigger of the disk launcher. "This is always a risk. For us."

    Then, without another word, he tossed Pae one of the two remaining photo-thermic disks. He pointed at his compatriot, and then waved his arm other their heads, as though miming the existence of a roof. He pantomimed a disk-thrower, and pointed to one corner of the ceiling, while he feigned firing the last disk at the opposite. The meaning of his actions would, hopefully, be clear:

    Make us a shelter. Then, let's the bring the roof down from under them.

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  • IC:

    "Wouldn't that have just done it?" The Onu-Matoran laughed, humor burning through his simmering resentment. "Makuta, brought low again by five Matoran and a Dashi. I'm not sure the best historians on Mata Nui would've known what to do with that."

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  • IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???

    Pae looked at his compatriot, then put his hands together. This would not be easy, and there was a good chance somebody uninvolved would be hurt. Such was the consequence of something as important as their work. They had to succeed in their mission - the promise of a job well done would come with an impossibly important prize. It would not help them in the long run, to hurt any of the Ussalry. But today, all they could do was hope to try again after yet another failure.

    Pae brought his hands up, creating a small iron dome around the pair, then he pushed downwards, creating a floor, and one long thick iron pillar down through the levels below to provide some stability for the new shelter. Then, he dropped to one knee, and closed his eyes, feeling out for metal in the walls and on the roof. He could tell that there were indeed beings outside as Nika indicated, but could not quite make out many details about them. He felt his teeth clench - an involuntary action he typically never fell into. The long length of time for the team's work had begun to wear down on even him.

    Nevertheless, Pae could sense some of the more structurally important beams of the building. All he would need to do, was bend them outwards, and the roof should collapse while he . Anybody on on the rim outside could be in danger of falling to the streets below, but anybody on the flat surface should fall inwards. But, the difficult part would be bending only the tops, and then pulling down the horizontal beams immediately after to catch anybody up there off-guard. The timing would be very difficult.

    He took a deep, deep breath, feeling his "fingers" wrap around the metal in question, "Prepare to get on my back."

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  • IC: Oceanna Gallywix  - Onu-koro - ??? -

    Oceanna gave Aar a thumbs up. "Sure thing bud, I'll see you up there!" And with that she flew up to the roof of the building. She noticed immediately that no one seemed to be on the roof as of yet, but that could easily change. Instead of landing on the roof itself she decided to fly around just above it, hoping to catch them by surprise if they ever decided to actually come onto the roof. 

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  • IC: Aar

    With a mechanic lurch, Aar finally crested the rim of the roof, the spike-claw of his Exo-Matoran gripping the edge tightly enough to support its weight. Three crabs had arrived there now ahead of him. The Toa was taking too long for someone with a Kakama, he thought to himself. Either they weren't going up or they had stopped to come up with a plan, he reasoned. Then again, the building's layout may have simply slowed them down. He figured that waiting in a position of strength was the most prudent tactic. "Riders, position yourselves toward the edges and keep a look out below. Toa- I didn't catch your name- fly higher and be ready to dive-bomb if needed. I'll block the stairs."

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  • IC: Ferron (Papa-Nihu Reef)

    Ferron reached into his bag, and his hand emerged from it with a lightstone fastened to a metal grip. He lengthened the grip to staff length with his powers, and led the way into the cave bearing the walking staff like a makeshift Turaga's Badge of Office. The sound of the waves had faded somewhat by the time Ferron sat himself down on a rock sticking up from the cave floor, jabbing his staff into the ground to let the Lightstone stand free to illuminate their surroundings.

    "I found this place a while ago. I thought it would serve our purposes today well" he explained simply. He was sitting with his hands on his knees, looking expectantly over at Oliphko.

    OOC: @Daniel the Finlander"

    IC: Wiremu (Ussalry Cart Depot)

    The cart that was carrying a selection of Wiremu's belongings safely (he dearly hoped), had made a brief stop right as they had arrived outside the cave that made up the underground portion of the Onu-Po Highway. From where Wiremu was sitting on the cart he could spot the beginnings of the great Po-Wahi desert not too far off.

    Where there had once been a simple Ussalry stable keeping the mounts fed and rested for the rare individual who made the journey from one Koro to another in a hurry, there stood now a considerably larger construction, making space to keep unmanned carts out of bad weather, and warehouses to have supplies ready for the number of people that went into keeping this new transport system operational.

    "Makes for quite a sight, don't it?" a voice perked up somewhere above where Wiremu was sitting looking at all the various stuff. He looked in the speaker's direction, instant recognition coloring his face as he spoke up.

    "Midak! Yes, indeed it does. I find it pretty impressive"

    The Ussal-Minder had not let time leave him behind. If anything it seemed like Onu-Koro's resident outsider (in a very literal sense) had made himself quite comfortable where he was sitting on the roof of his now two-story house, right in an ideal sunny spot and overlooking the proceedings.

    "Sure is. Pardon a feller for being a touch nosy, but if the Great Spirit isn't playing tricks on me I'd wager you're headed somewhere with that haul in your wagon." Midak was leaning against a fencepost, because apparently his roof had those, looking down at the luggage that was just now taking a break from scrambling around in the back since the cart had stopped for a moment.

    "Hmm...? Oh, yes, I'm... I guess I'm moving to Po-Koro for a while, Nuparu wants me there."

    "Ol' Nuparu's got a lot on his plate these days I gather," Midak mused, his expression appearing a bit absent-minded as he wasn't looking at Wiremu anymore, but instead gazing out over the horizon, "Would have liked to see him come up here to catch some of the Spirit's rays once in a while, you know?"

    Wiremu nodded wordlessly, before he spoke up with a bit of a halting tone "Well, I guess now I'm going to have plenty of opportunity to do so myself in Po-Koro, erm..."

    Midak looked back down at him, and nodded with a smile and a wink, "glad to hear it. Do enjoy yourself, and best of luck out here on the surface, I promise it ain't all so bad"

    Wiremu nodded again, as the Cart began to move once more...

    OOC: Wiremu to Po-Wahi

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  • IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef)

    She looked around herself as Ferron illuminated the cave with his lightstone. It did not seem too wet, thankfully, so she comfortably sat down opposite him.

    "Oh, yeah I think it will! It's, uh, a nice cave." There was an awkward pause. "So um, should we begin? Or do you need a quick lesson on meditation?"

    OOC: @Geardirector

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  • OOC: Vrill from Ko-Wahi

    IC: Vrill [Onu-Koro, Ko-Wahi Highway Entrance]

    A Toa of crystal strolled out from the tunnel to Ko-Wahi, blending in amongst the crowd of those coming and going. It had been a long march, and now would be a good time for a bit of rest and refreshments before embarking on the long desert trails to Po-Koro. He made his way further into the city, on his way to one of the seedier watering holes in town. One could easily tell from the surety with which Vrill traversed the winding alleyways of the bustling city that he was no stranger to this route.

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  • IC: Nika | ???

    Nika was locked and loaded. He nodded to Pae.

    It was now or never.

    His trigger-finger squeezed--

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  • IC: Leli [Onu-Koro Entrance]

    Leli's reply was cut short as the tunnel they had been traveling down opened up as it merged with one of the more well-traveled underground highways beneath Onu-Wahi's surface. There their journey was accompanied by a few others, as they passed merchants and travelers of many different Koros moving to and from the Koro of Earth. From there it didn't take much longer for the four of them to make it to the entrance to the village proper, stopping briefly at a Ussalry checkpoint to confirm their identities. Tarnok, naturally, was recognized immediately. The guard took a few moments to register the crystal-encrusted matoran as the Light Division commander though.

    Still, they made it into Koro without issue, the great expanse of the underground city's cavern before them.

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  • IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???

    Pae flicked his fingers, suddenly changing position. He had identified what he thought would be good beams to pull, but there was something else he thought to try before. What should be down the hallway, just at the corner, he tore a hole in the ceiling. Hoping that if it would not entice them to come inside to find him and Nika, it would at least create a different expectation from what was about to happen next. They would not be emerging from the hole, there would simply be little roof left in a moment.

    From the instant Pae created the hole, he began counting down from three, returning his hand to it's previous position, and feeling those beams he identified before.

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  • IC: Kellin, an expatriate who'd lived and plied his loudmouthed version of the mining trade in Onu-Koro before switching operations to the cold caverns of Ko-Wahi, wasn't hard for the Ussalry to identify after a quick perusal. He'd been a miner here first— and after a few seconds of carefully monitored shuffling, he'd produced an old hard hat that the senior of the two guardswas, much to his chagrin, quick to recognize.

    He breathed in deep through his nose once they'd passed through unaccosted, accompanying it with an old nostalgic stretch of the back.

    "Whew, there's that must air you can taste— nice to see nothin's changed here, at least. We riding out to the market with the plunder, or are y'all hijacking my crab for other errands?"


    IC: My gills have never felt so good in donkey's years. I missed the dense underground air— Plus, Sami's still doing well at the guard post! Haven't seen him since we left, glad the Ussalry life treats him well.

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  • IC: Gorro - Onu-Koro

    The distance stretching between the Villages of Air and Earth was not a trivial one - hundreds of kio across the whole of the island with naught but a scarce lightstone to mark one’s descent into an abyss; one not deeply vertical, but dreadfully long, horizontal. Yet still, to soar from the highest treetops and conclude his journey in the blackest of caverns, he had to have been carried deeper and deeper down. Those tunnels might as well have been vertical, as now here he stood, the cart’s plummeting momentum carrying him fathoms down into the bowels of the Earth, Village of. The grand, vaulted ceiling of shadowed rock overhead was interspersed with lightstones, forming a shimmering, eternal night sky - a façade immediately broken by the staleness of the air and the musky, industrial stench and groaning sounds of terrible machinery further within. There was no spirit star for him here, either.

    Carefully, he strode the well-trodden paths, his mind absent of current destination, pondering just how long he had slept and how long the journey had taken. To cover a distance like that would have taken at least a full day, assuming, of course, that the cart-driver had not stopped along the way for one reason or another. Had he slept the entire journey? And what sleep he had! Another of those accursed dreams, ripping the stability out from under his feet and casting him into the void and preying on his unsullied mind. The Cy-Toa shook his head as it began to throb again, seeming to warn him of pursuing this line of thought to its end - a warning which was quickly obeyed, the pain dispersing moments later. Casting him out of his stupor was another bodily sensation - his stomach growling and churning as if it had not been filled for days. It might have been a real possibility, and not a superlative to say so, in any case.

    Alas he had scarcely a widget to his name, and he was loathe to visit the market of which he had been told tales of appallingly exorbitant prices. Perhaps an inn, as well as providing the shelter which he was also in need of, would have a more reasonably-priced meal service. His eyes wandered from sign to sign in the dimly lit streets and alleys (a curious thing, for a place so subterranean) as he sought the nearest inn, which was quickly indicated to be an older, almost rustic structure named The Sorrowful Fikou. The faint odor of cooking meat penetrated through the reek of chemicals and grease that pervaded this section of town. His stomach growled again, eager for him to sate his h̯̳̺̪̗̫̠̕u̗n̶̘̹͎͍̗̰̥͈͎g̀͏̱̖̱é̹̯͎̳̳r̶̳͕͈͔͠.

    Conversing with the owner of the establishment only took but a minute or two, in which he flaunted reasonable prices, despite meagre (or perhaps of even lesser quality) accommodations. Gorro, having not lived a life of luxury for as long as he could remember, was unbothered by this information, to which he agreed that the prices were, indeed, reasonable - though he would not be requesting room and board just this moment, and would return later. Pointedly, he also inquired of the innkeep where he might find postings for those seeking labor. The innkeep - a shabby, unimpressive Matoran clad in an odd hat - returned his inquiry with a morose expression the kind of which Gorro was quite used to, but nonetheless steered him in the direction of the nearest bulletin board, naught but a couple of streets over.

    Thanking the gentleman, as was Gorro’s custom as a polite, albeit oafish fellow, he turned and set off to find the mentioned bulletin board, staunchly following the directions given to him. As he turned the street corner, the acrid smell returned to him, nearly overwhelming his senses in this strange and terrible place to which he had never visited and was oppressively alien to him. Despite the assailing of his mind, and interrupting his newfound yearning for the fresh air and cacophony of bird chorus and insect song of the jungle, the bulletin board was soon sighted in a square encased by stone structures and huts of varying stories. Some towered above him and seemed to nearly topple onto his comparatively miniscule figure as he gazed up beyond the crest of the building to the dizzying illusion of the cavern ceiling. 

    His attention quickly returned to the quest before him; he regained his composure and strode over to the center of the cobblestone square, oddly devoid of other people in this particular area, though he did catch glimpses of beings framed by the windows of the structures around him, their silhouettes back-lit by lighting fixtures within. As the residents scanned him with their eyes, Gorro’s focus was on the board in front of him, which he scanned with his own. There were requests for engineers and machinists, chemists and other intellectuals - all occupations he could sadly not perform. One poster, however, caught his attention, its opening line reading “Friends and countrymen, lend me your eyes!”

    He continued reading, and as he did, his lent eyes grew ever wider with shock and disbelief. The poster spoke of invasive, disturbing dreams - the same sort of which were plaguing him, and had been doing so for many a night in the past handful of months, steadily increasing in both terror inflicted upon his unconscious mind and intensity in which they startled him awake. But furthermore, the individual who had penned this treatise - an individual with the name of Montague, detailed an expedition that would seemingly delve into the reason behind this nocturnal madness that, as Gorro was shocked to discover, he was not alone in experiencing.

    The revelation wrestled with his sensibilities, as he began to ponder just what this Montague was implying - that there was a definite cause to these dreams; and perhaps, Gorro conjectured, that finding this apparently evasive cause could cure him of this mental ailment which so thoroughly ravaged his psyche with every slumber. Widgets never entered into his conscious thought in the moments that followed, as his determination festered deep within his now-uneasy stomach, and grew until it could not be ignored. At the very least, he must speak with this Montague and ply them with questions until his mind could be, for a moment, put at ease. He gazed again at the poster’s text, reading it over a second time to ensure he had not been delusional or lapsed into a hunger-driven mania. Confirming that he hadn’t, he determined that he would, indeed, set his mind to uncovering the truth of the matter first and foremost.

    Committing the ironic details of Montague’s current residence to memory, the Cy-Toa strode back down the streets from whence he came, his ragged cloak fluttering around him with the vigor in which his gait carried him back to The Unfortunate Fikou. The innkeep, looking up from a small piece of literature he had buried himself in, made to speak to Gorro, but was stunned when the Toa strode past him wordlessly and continued to the numbered rooms further within the building. The innkeep called after him, but the Cy-Toa made no effort to listen. At once, he found the placarded number affixed to the door which he sought, and stridently rapped upon the garishly-painted wood.

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  • IC: Montague (The Unfortunate Fikou)

    Dearest sister,

    I fear this letter may never reach you, but I write it all the same, feeling as I do that it is my duty to chronicle this ill-fated expedition. Perhaps someone will find it, and it will bring you some peace - or perhaps, it will simply act as a warning, to you and to the reader, whoever they may be:

    Do not follow me. I urge you - nay, I beg you, please, do not follow me. There are places where Matoran were never meant to tread, sights meant to stay unseen - I pray that Mata Nui will have mercy on my soul, but the things I know now have surely dammed me. Do not search for me. Do not search for my fellows. We are lost, and we must stay that way, because you were right, sister, right about everything and so much more than you will ever know. I should never have plumbed these depths. I should have listened to you, I should have let dead gods lie, but oh, Rhodes, the things I have seen

    I never knew that death could be so seductive, so mesmerising. Even now, a part of me Ḩ̶̢͇̣̪̺̫̜̳͇̭̘̰̫͚̬͖̘͆̓̓͌̊̾̍̃̇̿̐̔̎̔̌̊͆̽͗̐̀͋̚͜͝͝U̴̡̡̨͕̯̝͚͚̦̦̰̠̬̻̘̞͉̼̺̬͙̟̣̲̬͒̽͛̈́̈͋̏͒̀͜ͅN̴̢̢̢̛̰̳̭̥̟͇͑͗͋͑̈́̊͂͛̀͂͐̾̈́̏͑̏͊͑͌̈́͊̈̚̕͝Ģ̸͎̣̺̞͚̹̰̗̞̪̤̳̭̭̖̰͇̳̱̞̗̗̹̯̞̦̜͌̒̋̓̆̓́͐̅̎̾͜Ę̴̢͖̙̦̼͎̟͚͍̙̗̱͔͖̰͉̖̫̺̹̤̰̣́̃̓̋̑̾̓̈́̿̓̂͊͂͗͑̔͘͠Ȑ̷͎͉̞̲̞̋̈́ͅS̸͓̗͌̈̃̄̓̂̀̎̊͒͘͝ for oblivion with a lust the likes of which I have never known. But time is short, and if I am to recount it all, I must now return to the beginning:

    It had not been long since I had posted my letter, and my advertisement, when suddenly I heard a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door…


    Montague approached the door with a kind of nervous glee - could it be, truly, could it be the first respondent? They had been s̶͉͆̅t̶̠̝̎à̸̗̥̈́r̶̟̾̿v̵̰͒̈́è̸̝͍̈́d̶͈̪̕ of interaction these past few months, and were eager to speak to a like-minded soul, even aside from the excitement of the expedition ahead.

    The door opened, revealing the Cy-Toa behind it - neither the interim owner he had spoken to below, nor the woman he had indicated once managed the Fikou, and thus almost certainly not staff. This is it! My god, this it it!

    “Greetings! Please, I bid you, enter - take a seat - say, would you like a cup of tea? I was just about to put the kettle on, and a brew is always better shared! Please, come in, take a seat!”

    The Matoran had an odd kind of hyperactive energy, as of someone both anxious and ecstatic at the same time, and their words met no resistance on the journey from brain to mouth, an unfiltered train of thought that seemed only barely restrained to the rails.

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  • IC: Oceanna Gallywix  - Onu-koro - ??? -

    Oceanna saw the hole open up on the roof and looked confused. "Huh?" Nobody seemed to be coming out of the hole however. "Um...hey!" She started to shout towards the Matoran who had been scaling the wall with his exo-suit, she never got his name did she? "There's like a hole here, kind of suspicious looking." 

    OOC: @Palm @Void Emissary @ARROW404 

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  • IC: Gorro - Onu-Koro, The Unfortunate Fikou

    As the door was yanked open by the tenant within, Gorro opened his mouth to speak, questions ready to spout out, though jumbled by his brain. Whether it was this mental blockage that stayed his tongue, or the animated welcome immediately given by this Matoran - Montague, he assumed - it scarcely mattered. He had been offered tea, and his empty flask felt all the heaver for it as it sat within his cloak, seeming to now burn against his breast as his awareness was brought to it and back to his empty stomach. Hesitating for a moment as the Matoran beckoned him inside the meagre accommodations of the inn (more tasteful and homely than he assumed, Gorro privately admitted to himself), and the Cy-Toa wordlessly obliged.

    “...Yes, please,” he managed at last, still stunned by both the revelation he had experienced moments earlier, and the cheerful disposition of his new host.

    A small, embroidered sofa sat against the wall, its cream and crimson patterns reminiscent of the ripples on the surface of Lake Kanae at sunset, when the water was at its calmest. It seemed the most reasonable place to sit, being situated on one side of a low table weaved of wrought-iron bars and capped with a surface of glass. A similarly-embroidered armchair sat across said table, directly facing the sofa, which the Cy-Toa promptly sunk himself into as his host closed the door behind him and attended to the kettle.

    “I’ve… come here to talk about-”

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  • IC: Aar and the Ussarly

    "I see it," he called back. "Two Ussals, gather at the hole," he commanded, remaining at his position by the stairs

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  • IC: Montague (The Unfortunate Fikou)

    “The advertisement?” The kettle began to bubble as Montague turned their back to it, focusing the entirety of their attention on the Cy-Toa. “The… the dreams? I knew- or I thought, but in that way that you think something and you simply know it to be true, that is to say, that I had no doubt that others were sharing my very same experience. And here you are!”

    Montague was grinning from ear to ear, delighted beyond words that the expedition was already off to such a strong start. Mere days into their stay in Onu-Koro, and already they had a caller! They could hardly imagine a better omen for the task ahead.

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  • IC: Savis – Onu-Koro

    They’d thought that settling in the underground city would finally dispel the dreams.

    It hadn’t. If anything, the nightmares now gnawed at their mind with even greater intensity.

    As they tossed and turned in their bed, Savis dreamed the dream again. It began as a memory, one they hadn’t even known to be a memory until their recollections began returning in recent weeks. They were submerged in soul-chilling cold, the sea swallowing their screams as they scrabbled for the surface, the splintered shreds of their ship swirling in a slow circle around them.

    Savis could feel their lungs burning, see their vision darkening at the edges, feel their limbs weakening, but no matter how hard they tried, they could never get any closer to the surface. As defeat and despair settled in, their gaze gradually drifted downwards, searching for some sign of their crewmates, or the colossal creature that had capsized the vessel… but all they saw was the deep dark.

    The debris disappeared. The desperation dissipated. The sea settled. There was no surface. No up, no down, no direction. There was nothing but the depths, drawing them in. Indiscernible shapes swam in the shadows in the corners of their vision, reaching out as if to pull Savis into the comfort of their embrace.

    Savis was wanted.

    Savis belonged.



    And then they awoke, as they always did, slicked in sweat, with the crashing of waves echoing in their ears. They lay there for a long time, staring in silence at the cracked stone of the ceiling above. A part of them was terrified to close their eyes again. A part of them wanted nothing more than to return to the dream. Each time, it felt like they were getting closer. Closer to the truth. Closer to understanding. Closer to… something beyond.


    S͏o͌̈́̓m͚̼̖͔̥̼̆ͬ̇̋ê̛̈́̃ͩ̈́̌̚t̻̻̦̅ͮ̉h͉̻͓͆̏̓ͪ̆͝i̬͙̠͕̯͙ͧͅn̛̾g͇͉̭̮̥̲ͯͥͮ̃̇̌̋ ̩̫̥ͨ̀bͨ̊͐̚e͓̰̯̻͔̳͑̓̈̾l̥͎̰ͧ͗͒ͯͥ̇̽o͎̐w.̱ͮ̋ͨͦ


    Their thoughts drifted to the missive they'd glimpsed in the marketplace yesterday. Were there truly others out there experiencing the same dreams? Was it truly more than their own memories and madness? Somehow, the possibility of there being others made the whole thing all the more frightening. 

    But fears needed to be faced. 

    Savis needed to know. 

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  • IC: Vrill [Onu-Koro, The Unfortunate Fikou]

    Sitting in a booth that snaked along a corner of an outer wall was a cautious Toa of Crystal. From such a seat that faced the entrance of the establishment, Vrill had a solid view of the entire floor, but his optics were, as far as any other patrons could tell, preoccupied by the steaming mug of coffee he occasionally sipped at and the unusual glass tablets neatly stacked on the table beside him.

    Vrill noticed a Cy-Toa enter and move across the room with a strange sense of purpose that perplexed the innkeep. As Gorro grew closer, Vrill's kanohi pulsed with a slight glow that was barely visible beneath the crystalline kakama-shaped outer covering. The undercover sanctum guardsman watched carefully at quarter-speed, taking in the appearance of the fellow Cy-Toa, before deactivating his kanohi when Gorro sharply turned right to walk down the hall towards the inn's rooms.

    After seeing the Toa enter one of the many doors, Vrill turned back to his mug, his duplicated documents, and the notepad he was jotting a cryptic shorthand inside of. His summary of the Toa Kalta was almost complete.

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  • IC: Ferron (Papa Nihu Reef)

    "What do you want to achieve with meditation?"

    Ferron was looking over at Oliphko where she was sitting opposite him. The question was a little blunt, and the Turaga caught himself on it.

    "I don't know the answer to that myself, yet," he clarified, "I want to hear what you have in mind, it might help me get an answer to that question"

    OOC: @Daniel the Finlander

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  • IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ???

    Even through their metallic shield, Pae and Nika could hear the beams overhead cry out in anguish. The roof folded in on itself, and the sound of stone crashing overhead boomed inside their protective dome. Before the debris had even stopped, Pae tore open the dome and raised one more pillar, this time at a 45 degree angle beneath his feet, launching the pair into the air, trailing dust behind them in a long streak. The Kakama glowed brightly as Pae and Nika began to fall precisely where he aimed them - at one exposed vertical beam at the edge of the building.

    OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Snelly