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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    "I don't know what you're talking about."

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  • IC: Dehkaz [Po-Wahi, Ostia, Fowadi]

    "That can be done, the 'Mahi should be leaving for Po-Koro and make it back before we set off," Dehkaz offered, stepping forward to slide open the door to the aftcastle on the deck. Through door and down to the left a set of stairs lead down to the deck below, while another opened to his own quarters. Down the hall a small electric lamp was glowing, a plaque labeled :r::a::m_d::i::m_o: above it.

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    "As a matter of fact my family runs a smithy a little ways off of the Le-Onu trade road. That's where I got most of my new gear. I'm sure they'd love to help you out. It might take a day or two to get there though. I'm not sure if we can get there and back before the Fowadi is set to head out. Even with the Iron Mahi taking us part of the way."

    Kale followed up at the back of the small party. His voice trailing off as something Krayn had said earlier resurfaced.

    "You do know that there's an Iron Mahi route running between all of the Po-koro settlements no...right?"

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  • IC:

    "I'm not that helpless!" I protested, though whether it was in response to Skyra's comment or Krayn stepping in before I could say anything, even I wasn't sure. "Kale's been helping me train, and even if all else fails with the weapons, I know at least some of you have seen what I can do with my element."

    Besides, if worst came to worst, I'd just trade masks with Kale for a moment and walk him through how to fix me.

    "When are we set to head out, anyways? Much as it's been nice having clear skies every day for the last two weeks, I have been melting just a bit more day by day."

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  • IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia:

    Iron Mahi, that's the big metal thing that people can ride in over land, right?

    Luten's voice pinged gently in Kale's mind.

    @Silvan Haven

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  • IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Streets]

    “Hey, watch it!” the Po-Matoran carver, carrying a half finished statue with both hands, called out, as the Vortixx stepped into his path, coming around the corner without looking up. In fact, he realized she was dragging herself along the wall rather than walking.

    The Matoran swerved, she stumbled in surprise, letting out a pained groan as her feet betrayed her and she fell forward, kicking up a small cloud of dust that settled on her already filthy oversized poncho.

    The carver paused, unsure of how to act with his hands full. He tentatively tried with: “Are you okay…?”

    The Vortixx pulled herself up against the wall, wincing as she did her head down in her lap. As she did, her poncho slipped slightly. The Matoran drew in a sharp breath at the glimpse of the hand, causing her to instantly adjust the garment. She finally looked up at him, purple eyes swimming and unfocused.

    “..sorry, I am…” she rasped. “I’m - do you…”

    She winced again, then coughed drily. Finally she got the words out, slowly, putting the sentence together with great effort.

    “Do you...have any food...widgets...maybe?”

    The carver took a tentative step back. “Sorry, uh, I, ah...I have somewhere to be!” he stuttered and quickly began to walk away.

    The Vortixx’s head had already slumped back down again. She was hugging her knees with her right arm and rocking gently back and forth.

    OOC: Kohra open for interaction.

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  • IC:

    "Sure you don't, Daring. Why don't you get yourself a weekend pass and come back focused? As much as ever, at least." 

    The laughter rippled just under the surface of his voice, held in place by a laudably serious expression and an exercise in self control. He had forgotten just how easy it was to rile his old Commander up. Not that Krayn had ever really been in a position to do it but he'd seen it done often enough. Now, well... Turned out being a private citizen did have some benefits. He followed Dehkaz deeper into the ship and marveled at how much things had changed just in the time that he'd been away.

    This wasn't his first time seeing electric lighting, for example, but it was certainly the first time he had seen it outside a Koro. And it was the first time he had seen a ship covered in metal. And, and, and. Some shipbuilders had been very busy while he was away.

    "I'd appreciate that, Commander. And you too Kale. I can get by for a while with what I have but if we ever make it to the vicinity..." The sentence trailed off, the Toa's eyes narrowing slightly as part of that answer- and question- registered. "What the Karz is an Iron Mahi?"

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  • IC: Dehkaz [Po-Wahi, Ostia, Fowadi]

    The toa of Magnetism stopped on his meandering path through the ship's corridors and bulkhead doorways, a swirl of sandy dust that had accumulated on his boots continuing in his stead, and pivoted on his heel to to glance over at Krayn. His expression incredulous at first, a beat on the De-toa's expression confirmed that Krayn was indeed serious. Dehkaz's own morphed into one of understanding.

    "If you think the Fowadi is impressive... Iron Mahi, it's like a great big line of metal carriages. It's electric, moves under its own power. No wind needed, no beasts of burden," He explained, "The tracks go from Forsi to Po-Koro to here. Fastest way to get around the Wahi now."

    Dehkaz paused to consider something, before asking, "How long were you in Ko-Wahi, Krayn?"

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  • IC: Kale Ironshaper - Ostia - Fowadi

    Kale stopped and looked at the De-toa. Lips quirking upwards for a moment in wry amusement that he smothered a moment later. The island was changing quickly these days. So what if the Iron Mahi had been a thing for months now, was a major source of transport in the region, and was well popular enough that people had already tried to rob it.

    Yes, it connects all of the settlements in this region of Mata Nui. It's a lot easier and safer than walking or riding in a cart over the dessert.

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  • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

    I felt myself pout as Krayn laughed and walked off as I held back firing off an angry retort. That's exactly what he wanted me to do, I wouldn't give it to him! 

    The nerve of him, I'm not some horny teenager! I rubbed the left side of my temple, ####ing headache. I glanced down at my side as I got an idea. 

    "Praggos...there is one weapon I haven't practiced with today." I patted the handle of my blunderbuss that was currently snuggled in it's holster. "Wanna set up some targets and do some shooting?" 

    @Pteronura Brasiliensis

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  • IC: Tirokk - Ostia

    Being this close to the ocean was certainly not part of the juggernaut Toa's usual routes. Usually he made a point to travel only by land, avoiding the sea and other deep bodies of water as much as possible, the fear of sinking and drowning a powerful deterrent. But for what he was about to do, Tirokk realised he had to overcome that fear of the depths and do what was right. The Aggressors, he'd heard them referred to as. Sounded... well, aggressive, to be certain, but knowing the idea behind the name had brought Tirokk all the way out to Ostia in search of a particular vessel.

    Walking the docks with wary step after wary step, Tirokk soon spotted the vessel he was searching for, and approached it, looking it over appreciatively. Iron clad. In emergencies, he could reach out and tether himself to it to save himself from sinking. A singular comforting thought as he approached the Fowadi.

    "Hello?" Greeted a deep gravelly voice echoing from within an immense and unusually shaped suit of armour, looking almost like a cross between a suit and a torpedo, as it approached the ship with heavy but calculated steps.

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    • IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets

      In his time drifting from place to place, he had never expected Po-Koro would become a veritable oasis in the middle of the Wahi. Walled in from the desert, fortified. Beautiful, and...

      ...ah, screw it.

      Datrox Karvan was never one for words. Truth be told, he was just bored on the tram ride. The Toa of Fire had an image, and the lonesome drifter taking public transportation was not part of that image. Sure beat walking, though. Just didn't have the same cool factor as strolling into town, cloak billowing in the hot winds of the Wahi, the sun reflecting off of his visor. Yes, very cool.

      It was impressive, though. He'd rode the Iron Mahi before. Seeing that kind of technology spread, become more commonplace here, meant that things were truly advancing. The shape of Mata Nui was changing. A new day.

      Even as the feeling of something terrible looming weighed in their hearts.

      The Toa of Fire found his stop, and stepped off the tram into the streets of Po-Koro. Both familiar and unfamiliar. What was he doing here again? Hoping something would happen, he thought as he walked along, optics surveying the people and buildings around him. That something would fall into his lap. A fleeing pickpocket, someone in need of a drifter's help, someone...

      ...someone who looked to be in rough shape. 

      A Vortixx woman, it looked like. This was a sad sight. Datrox glanced around, bystander effect taking place as he checked to see if anyone was going to check on her. Help her. You're the altruist, he mentally chided himself, shaking his head. You go talk to her.

      He stepped closer, flipping his visor back to reveal his coral optics, a look of concern on his Huna. "Ma'am?"

      OOC: Heya, Corv. @Vezok's Friend

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    • IC:

      "You know I'm not good with that thing," came my quick reply. "And after Ko-Koro, and as often as you seem to be rubbing at the side of your head, I'm not exactly sure that a large concussive blast happening that close to your eardrums is a good idea in general." I paused for a moment, letting the official, medical doctor disapproval set in.

      "But, yes. I've got ear plugs in my quarters. Do you have any targets in mind, or—" I glanced out at the new person walking up towards the ship, who just cut me off with their greeting. Then, turning back to Skyra...

      "Target acquired."

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    • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

      I gave Praggos a look, "That's one way to greet a stranger. 'Hey you can we use you for target practice, we'll heal you right up after, promise!'" 

      I turned away from the quack doctor to look at the newcomer. From what I could tell this Toa was of the iron variety, judging by excessive amount of armor he was wearing. Seriously how did he move in all that, and wouldn't the harsh Po-Wahi sunlight be cooking him alive? 

      "Hi there, can we help you with something?" 

      @Pteronura Brasiliensis @Onaku

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    • IC:

      "See? You're getting better every day. You actually questioned the idea rather than just saying 'okay!' and going through with it."

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    • IC: Tirokk - Ostia

      "I'm looking for a group known as the Aggressors. Have I come to the right place?" Seams all over the suit split open, hot air blowing out like a hissing discharge of steam, before closing up again and sealing shut.

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    • IC: Skyra Daring - Ostia - Fowadi

      "I'm about to shoot you instead." I said to Praggos before looking back at the Toa. "Yeah you're in the right place, you wanna sign up or something?"