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    The Wahi:

    The entire southern fourth of Mata Nui is green with the lush jungle and sprawling swamps of Le-Wahi. Riddled with marshes and shallow lakes, Le-Wahi also rises to the skies with huge, thick trees. Flocks of birds of all sorts sing from the branches; joined by the howling of other Rahi, the constant chatter of Le-Wahi is both enchanting and frightening. Many large and dangerous Rahi also inhabit the area, though the Gukko Force usually keeps jungle trails safe. Other landmarks of the area include:

    • The Fau Swamp: A marshy area that extends through most of the jungle floor of eastern Le-Wahi. The swamp is full of sinkholes and thick mud, so only travelers with careful feet survive there — to say nothing of the dangerous Rahi and carnivorous plants known to inhabit the area.
    • Kanae Bay: A large bay in southern Le-Wahi. It was here that Toa Lewa's canister washed ashore.
    • Lake Pala: The largest lake in the Wahi. Pala-Koro, a former fortress settlement built by the Island Liberation Front, lies on its southern shore. Sacked during the latter days of Makuta's rule, only a shattered curtain wall and the rubble of a few huts remained after the assault, but the ILF have begun to rebuild.
    • Xa-Koro ruins: What used to be the “seventh Koro,” a boardwalk city in the Kumu Islets that was a conglomeration of thieves and sinners, was sunk into the ocean (along with the Islets themselves) during the days of Makuta. Now, it is a treacherous submarine place to the south of Le-Wahi, full of secrets to be discovered by any brave enough to dive into the unstable, undersea ruins.
    • Rockwall is a fortress under the dominion of Ga-Koro, located in the Kumu Seas. The fortress is built around the old Xa-Koro Lighthouse and contains the growing colony of Nokama Port.
    • The Suva Nui: a tall, dark stone obelisk that towers in the middle of a clearing in the jungle of Le-Wahi. It defines the site of the Great Hive Battle, as the Suva Nui was contained within the Nui-Rama hive before it was razed. It is also the site where the Toa Maru were transformed from Matoran to Toa. The Suva Nui is an entrance to Mangaia.
    • The Dark Walk: One of six large tunnels dug by Makuta’s Rahkshi during the final days of his rule. Large enough to encompass a walking legion, it runs directly from the doorstep of the Koro down into Mangaia. Exudes a definite aura of odiousness, and is generally avoided.


    The Koro:

    Led by Akiri Kongu, the village of Le-Koro hangs in the trees directly above Lake Kanae. The airy city, a sprawl of tree houses, consists of beehive-shaped huts and shops strung together by vines or branches. Walkways are carved into the thick wood and grafted on the tree trunks, making a network that weaves in the treetops and casts a neat glow at night. Some treetops were flattened to make room for plazas and Kolhii stadiums. Music rings from this village as drummers and flutists fill the air with joyful noise.

    Within the Koro, several complex systems of chutes, built by Onu-Koro’s engineers, wind and twist about the trees. These chutes run to and from different sections of Le-Koro, and can easily transport Matoran by a mix of air pressure and gravity. Smaller chutes are also used as quick delivery systems for letters and small packages. Each access point is a small “chute station” where the users might choose their destination and chute accordingly. The largest chute station is near the Le-Koro marketplace.

    The village of Le-Koro is more strictly presided over than in earlier days, and the only way into the Koro is through elevators accessed by a bridge in the lake, or through landing pads where the approaching traffic is screened beforehand. Those entering via elevators are questioned about their business coming to Le-Koro, and the elevators are operated from secure places in the treetop city. The chute system has very few openings on the ground.

    Le-Koro is the fastest trading Koro on Mata-Nui, employing air delivery systems which are much more efficient and timely than the trading methods applied by other Koros. This has made Le-Koro a valuable merchant partner, and they often work as a middleman for other villages' trade. Additionally, there is a strange sight in the sky: The Le-Koro Gukko Forces have been bolstered, their ranks have been padded by specially trained Nui-Rama fliers. The large insect-like Rahi has turned from enemy into powerful ally.


    Akiri player: @Palm



    The Kini-Nui:

    Kini-Nui is situated at roughly the center of the island of Mata Nui. On the surface, this area is a jungle of tall trees and chattering wildlife. The main superficial landmark is the Kini-Nui temple, an ancient structure that houses the Suva Kaita, one of the main routes into Makuta’s former lair, Mangaia. Though Makuta has not yet reclaimed his old domain, this region is still tense; not only is it the most likely place to run into Rahkshi and infected Rahi, Mangaia also bears an aura of dread that makes the backs of necks tingle. Local landmarks include:

    • The Kini-Nui Temple: a dome-like stone protrusion from the earth with four large spires extending into the heavens at each corner, the Kini-Nui temple is difficult to reach. It resides in a clearing in the jungle, and in the middle of its upper platform is the Suva Kaita. The Toa Maru closed the Suva Kaita after their defeat of Makuta.
    • The Amaja-Nui: A circular sandpit that was once used by the wise Turaga of Mata Nui to retell legends. It resides between a large, ivy-covered bust of a Matoran head and the Kini-Nui temple.


    Makuta’s former lair is a maze of dark passageways and huge chambers. It has several entrances: one below the Suva Kaita, one through the Suva Nui in Le-Wahi, and six long Dark Walk tunnels branching straight from a central chamber in Mangaia to the doorsteps of each Koro are some to name. Even though the dark artifacts that used to inhabit the chambers of the caverns – many of which were unspeakable horrors – have all been long since destroyed or cast into the sea by the Toa Maru, a distinct air of danger still lingers down here. Lights carried by those either brave or stupid enough to descend into Mangaia seem to have less effect in its passageways than in other dark places, though there are some chambers illuminated still by blood-red lightstones.

    Reports indicate that Rahkshi activity in Mangaia has increased since Makuta's return to the world. Though Makuta has not reclaimed it as the nigh-impregnable seat of power it once was, it is clear he has not forgotten it, and the Rahkshi that once roamed feral — dangerous, but directionless — have begun to move with purpose once again, no doubted guided by his dark will. Some have even begun to venture along the Dark Walks, though they have not yet engaged the Koro militaries guarding them in anything but the briefest skirmishes. Regardless, the Rahkshi presence in Mangaia makes it the most dangerous place on Mata Nui.

    The main attraction that compels surface dwellers to enter Mangaia is the ancient Vault that was once guarded jealously by Makuta himself. It was previously known to the island's most intrepid adventurers as a huge, impregnable doorway – with no hinges, seams, or keyhole – situated in the middle of the deepest level of Mangaia.

    But now the Vault is open, and “all the simplest power of the world" has, it seems, been revealed: the stone door is gone, replaced by a shimmering portal, a vertical pool of swirling multicoloured energy. The structure of the Vault itself was destroyed in the process of activation, leaving the portal suspended atop a rubble of quartz in the vast subterranean chamber. Rumour has it that this portal is linked to another at the heart of the Kentoku Archipelago, far across the Endless Ocean, though where such tales originated is a mystery, for none have yet passed through to the other side and returned to tell the tale...

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  • OOC: here’s hoping I can keep BZPRPG Kanohi distinct from SK Kanohi. Also sweet Mata-Nui’s pit, the mobile site really squishes any text I paste from pages.

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    The flame was a withering mass of tentacles. Tendrils of smoke and embraces engulfing his face, digging into his optics. He could feel his lens scratch and blacken, deforming as the fiery appendages strangled his face. Breathing grew harsh as the smoke consumed him—

    The Fe-Matoran gasped as he flicked the lighter off. His heartlight pounded as he clutched the branch he leaned against, his hand trembling. Shakily he grasped his bracelet and began to tap it, causing its moving components to click. This was no language, just a frantic stimming to calm down.

    Finally his breath steadied. Fire was the only way he could summon a vision, and even then, most of the time the vision was useless. Polluted by his … recent past. Even now, his strange sight was almost completely outside of his control.

    Still he … he had to risk the memories and their horror. He … his visions were all he had. And even that was not enough in the end for … he would prove he had value, he had to.

    Then he heard a gargled screech. He shook himself off and drew his Volo Lutu Launcher. He pressed the trigger, but the machine only seized. It had been damaged when he recovered it, and he still was mending it. But he did know its eccentric ways.   

    He slapped its barrel and a cord of woven fiber erupted from it, ending in a makeshift hook. The hook launched through the air and hooked and branch in a nearby tree, before the springs in it activated. The coup rod recoiled, but the hook was too tight. So the Fe-Matoran was ripped from his perch and hurtled through the swamp’s canopy.

    The Matoran tumbled onto the roof, his sturdy frame and his mask-themed Armor taking the blunt of the blow. He barely hesitated before firing again, grappling further through the forest. He was flung through the jungle, bounding from tree to tree.

    His maybe plates of armor were carved to recall many Noble Ruru, he was not great, but maybe he could be noble. And his sight was greater than normal but still limited much like the Noble variant compared to the Great Mask.

    After a thud he landed on the low branch of a tree, and searched below through his optics. There. A small Taku was caught in the ooze of the swamp, struggling to flail its wings as the mud strangled it, weighing it down as its servos and pumps swelled with the mucky goop.

    It was only a Rahi. But he was only a cross-wired freak.

    He hooked his arms and legs around the tree’s branches, wedging himself in tight. Then carefully he leveled his Volo Lutu Launcher and fired.

    The hook latched to the avian Rahi’s wing, before the springs engaged. The Fe-Matoran strained as the device wrenched at him, but he held on. He could endure the tension. He stood there, bracing himself, even as the grappling hook struggled to retract. Before finally it surrendered to the point of less resistance.

    The Taku was dredged out of the sludge, smacking onto the tree. The Fe-Matoran collapsed from the strain, gasping out as his pumps of lungs wheezed. He … he had the durability, not the strength.


    He winced as the Rahi shrieked at him, stomping aggressively. It did not see a savior or a helper, just a Matoran too close for comfort. His heartlight flashed frantically with hurt, but he … being appreciated mattered less than keeping the Rahi comfortable. He reached around a d grappled away, landing in another tree.

    Behind him the Taku shook its wings, trying to free them of the muck, splattering the mud all over the tree. It would take time before it could return to the sky, but at least now it would not drown.

    The Fe-Matoran meanwhile grappled away, thumping and bumping into each branch. He could take the abuse, he was a Matoran of Iron. And more than that he was a hero. Not a Toa, but someone who could try to mend the weary world at least a little.

    His many wooden masks clinked together as he hurtled away, forming a sound not dissimilar to wind chimes. It reminded him of tinkering, of crafting. And that made his fingers dance with excitement.

    He had saved someone today, no one important, not even a sentient being, but he had helped a protoderm and saved a heartlight. That was enough. It … he had value. For he was Kanohi, the masked vigilante of Le-Wahi.

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Kanohi would hear the sound of excited clapping, if he looked up there he would find a young Lesterin of plant-life sitting on a tree branch.

    "You did it! You saved the poor birdy, good job!" Why was this girl here and sitting on a random tree branch, only she could say.

    "I'm Hakari! What's your name?" 


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  • OOC: don’t know the rules for pc quests, so apologies if this is improper

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi felt heat venting to his face, turning the metal beneath his masks a faint reddish tint. He landed on a tree branch, his wooden armor thudding against the branch. He shuffled in place along the tree’s limb, shifting to face the stranger.

    Um, thank you, Hakari.” He bowed, his many wooden masks clinking against each other, “I … I am called Kanohi. For my masks.” He stood back up and said, “Do be careful in this swamp. I … do not know your element, but not only the plants and beasts can be dangerous, but so can the very ground.

    The Fe-Matoran knew firsthand how dangerous the swamp could be, without his Volo Lutu Launcher to hurtle him away he would have been swallowed up by the mud long ago. It was as if the very earth was hungry. And the wildlife was not much easier.

    He did not like coming here, but he had gotten a vision three days ago. A Le-Matoran merchant was going to crash in the swamp, or maybe already had crashed, or it was a metaphor for the Gukko Force failing in a fight, or Mata-Nui knew what. His visions were confusing at best.

    He winced at his wandering thoughts, but it reminded him. “Hakari, I do wonder, have you heard of any merchants getting lost in the swamp recently?

    OOC: @Snelly

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    "I'm a Lesterin of Plant-life." Hakari said as she thought about Kanohi's question. "Merchants huh? Can't say I've heard of anything specific, but people get lost all the time on this island, it's pretty big." 


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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi relaxed a bit, he was not the most familiar with the Lesterin people, from what he understood they were similar to Toa, but they were not so reliant on masks, nor started life as Matoran. Without the vulnerability of losing a mask, and her element giving her the ability to deal with the carnivorous plants and the trees, Hakari should be relatively safe out here.

    Yes I … have been searching for a few days. I heard one might have gotten lost in the swamp, so I wanted to check.” The lie was easier than it had been once. Hakari did not seem dangerous, but he couldn’t risk letting people know Kanohi had visions. H-he couldn’t risk it.

    He cleared his throat, “Well, what brings you to this swamp? I need to look for the lost Matoran, but if I am able I can try to help you.” It’s what a hero should do, after all.

    OOC: @Snelly

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    "Oh me? I just come out here to think sometimes, it's rather peaceful...well most of the time anyway." Hakari's legs swung back and forth as they dangled from the branch she sat on. "Help me? I appreciate the offer, but I don't think anyone can really." Hakari sighed. "I recently started to remember the island we Lesterin come from, a place called Seprilli. Isn't it weird that I couldn't remember anything about it till now?"

    Hakari shook her head. "Anyway, I don't know if going back is even possible..." 


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  • OOC: in my defense, I first wrote that updated bio closer to two years ago.

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    For a moment, the sloshing of the swamp’s mud was the lapping of the ocean where a useless Matoran lay on the sand. But Kanohi could not wander in his thoughts long, shaking his head until his armor clanked together. He needed to focus, not wallow.

    He spoke quietly, offering his hand, but with each word his voice became a bit more mechanical, like ancient gears grinding and shedding flakes of rust. ”I understand how con … confusing that could be. It seems like ears … years ago that I awoke on this isle … island with … witch … with no memory of my … my past. You have my … my …

    His vocal processor began to hack suddenly, breaking out into static as he clutched his throat, the taste of blackened ash tinging his throat.

    Karzahni, he … he should have been more careful. He was caught unawares, he had been a bit too excited to be appreciated. He had put too much strain on his voice too suddenly. And he had looked at the lighter far too recently too. What progress he had made was lost.

    Fool. A distorted heavily processed sigh came from beneath his mask. Who knows how long it would take for his synthesizer to mind, if it mended at all. Maybe a healer in Ga-Koro could help, but right now he had a merchant to find.

    The Fe-Matoran coughed and bowed low to Haraki, before firing his Volo Lutu Launcher, humbled once again. He … he had to keep moving. Had to prove he could be useful. 

    OOC: @Snelly question, as a Lesterin of Jungle, would Haraki have knowledge of herbal medicine? Or is that more a Bo-Matoran thing?

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  • OOC: @Harvali I think that's just a Bo-Matoran thing, Lesterin of Plantlife have poison immunity and can gain energy from sunlight.

    IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari quickly grew concerned as Kanohi struggled to speak, and then started hacking and coughing. "H-Hey, are you okay?" But the Fe-Matoran was already swinging away with his launcher. Hakari stood up, as she followed him with her eyes. "I should follow him..." He seemed determined to find this merchant he mentioned, even if it killed him.

    Hakari couldn't let someone die when she could do something about it! She leaped from the branch onto another, using her Kakama to increase her speed as she did. What she was doing would be considered reckless by most, but the Lesterin was well practiced at traveling through the jungle. 

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    She was following him. An audience. His heartlight stuttered slightly, he was not … his free hand began to drum his torso’s masks, trying to keep calm. He … he would not let her down. No, he … the priority was saving the Le-Matoran, not coming across as competent.

    Kanohi continued to grapple along, periodically stopping to listen. He … he was not a great tracker, but he had stayed in the jungle for months. He knew at least some of the sounds that echoed through the canopy.

    And then he heard a screech of a Guuko. His head pivoted on its socket to see in the distance a large aerial Rahi flying through the sky. But its four wings, they beat slower than the patrols he had seen before. Unsteady. He struggled to see the details of the bird, but he had no telescopic lens. He was an okay tinkerer, but he could not modify his mask.

    He began to pursue the bird, grappling after it. As he did, he tried to recall the vision.

    Fire latched onto him like tendrils, strangling him in a cocoon. As he was dragged into the binds of smoke he flailed, his chest crushed between the gas. Then suddenly the gas condensed tightening into cords of vine. He slid out of them, thumping onto the roots of a tree.

    Before him he could see a fallen Le-Matoran, her goods scattered like the stars in the sky, her mount impaled on a tree. She lay limp caked on mud before suddenly jerking upright, staggering on two legs. But her movements were unnatural, and in the gloom of the swamp, he could faintly see thick strings puppeting her limbs—

    Suddenly the Guuko began to plummet, careening to the forest floor. He fired his Volo Lutu Launcher and hurtled through the forest, snapping twigs and thumping into branches. He hoped he was not too late. 

    OOC: @Snelly 

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari kept up with Kanohi with relative ease, it helped having a Kakama, even if the jungle was full of obstacles that slowed her down. She kept enough distance from the matoran as to not interfere with his work, but close enough that she could jump in and aid him if necessary. 

    Hmm, this is kind of fun.

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi landed on a perch overlooking the crash site. His optics searched around from beneath his masks, the Guuko was not actually impaled by a tree, that part of his vision was not literal. But something was amiss. The Rahi’s optics seemed almost glazed over by with a layer of opaque green fibers, was it just algae splashed from the swamp water? The Rahi’s whole body did have patches of the same green mats all over it.

    Then he heard a wheezing groan. The Guuko could wait.

    Kanohi grappled atop the roots of a mangrove, and searched the Le-Matoran. Her body had been reshaped, shifted by either a Toa or Turaga of Magnetism perhaps. She was dazed, sinking deeper into the mud, the gunk oozing into her open servos.

    She would suffocate if he did not hurry. He dug his mechanical toes around the roots and clasped a low branch, before firing his Volo Lutu Launcher. The grappling hook flew from him, hooking a piston on her chassis.

    The vigilante Fe-Matoran strained as the hook tried to recoil, even as the roots he clung to began to crack from the strain. Gradually the Le-Matoran began to move from the sludge, dragging through the much towards him.

    As Hakari watched, she might notice movement. The Guuko’s beak partly slid open, and from its bill three vines seemed to squeeze out. The vine each were tipped with roses, their petals shifting and fluctuating, most turning to face the light of the sun, but a few turning towards the heartlights of both Matoran and the Lesterin. As the plant seemed to “spot” the twirl, the Guuko’s wings began to twitch, as vines threaded between its pistons and servos. 

    OOC: @Snelly 

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Well, that was unnerving. Hakari drew one of her scimitars, and ran towards the Guuko using her mask to speed herself up. As she closed in she swiped at the vines, they seemed rather dangerous, and she wasn't going to give them the chance to prove it. Perhaps there was a way to save the poor bird? She wasn't sure, but the vines had to be dealt with regardless.

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi had almost dredged out the Le-Matoran when a burst of wind startled him. The Lesterin had sprinted past, the motion making him tense up. The roots between his toes shattered as he clenched, and he plummeted into the swamp.

    As Haraki slashed the vines the Guuko lurched, laying flat. It did not stay flat for long as new tendrils splintered off the severed stubs, new vines beginning to spread, each now lined with thorns. The possessed Rahi’s wings flopped against the mud like a Waikiru’s flippers, slowly dragging it upright to face the Lesterin. Each tendril began to grow roses, the petals searching for her heartlight.

    Meanwhile, Kanohi could see his heartlight flashing in quick pulses as the sludge soaked into his masks, dragging him down. He felt his lungs struggling to pump coolant through his body, not from mud but a sudden panic. It was like the fire, the smoke. His durable body threatened to sink him into the depths of the swamp, engulfing him in a cocoon of mud. 

    Then he felt a thump. He had landed atop the Le-Matoran, and she was still alive. He … hehad to help her, had to save her. He had to.

    As he was atop her he was not fully in the mud, so he could still move. Shakily he unhooked his Volo Lutu Launcher from her chest, and fired it vaguely upward. The hook latched onto to something, and in a rush he was wrenched from the mud.

    He flopped on a branch, panting, but he dared not rest long. He shook out his grappling hook, splattering mud everywhere. He would need to clean it later. But for now it would work. He grappled away to right above the Le-Matoran, and wedged himself among the branches.

    The Vigilante Fe-Matoran fired the Volo Lutu Launcher again, hooking her once more. With some strain she finally was ripped her free of the mud, landing on the mangrove’s roots. She sputtered and drooled mud, even as he leapt to her.

    Kanohi kneeled behind her and got to work clearing her airways, compressing her chest thirty times with his hands, before tilting her neck back. As she drooled he scraping mud out of her lips, before pumping fresh air into her lips. Then he resumed the compressions, trying to clean the Le-Matoran’s lungs of the muck.

    OOC: @Snelly 

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari drew her other scimitar, swiping at the vines whenever they got too close...but now what? If they kept regrowing like this she wasn't going to get anywhere.

    "I think I'm in trouble..."

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC: Kaelynn (Le-Wahi Jungle)


    and swing and hook and swing and spin and

    C O N T A C T


    Take that, you ###### tree.

    Kae drifted gently to the jungle floor, landing gracefully on her heels. The 'whirlwind' was a new move, and needed a lot of momentum, but she was starting to get the hang of it - at least, as far as she could tell, her combat opponents having largely been trees. She spun her hooks for a moment and rolled her neck - always important to do stretches, after all.

    And then she gathered the wind beneath her heels, tossed her hooks to a sturdy branch, and was back in the zone.


    Hook and swing and hook and


    OOC: Open for interaction, I guess? Loooong time since I've written those words.

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    It was a sound of the sort Trava had always been happy to hear. It excited her as much when others came with that noise and exuberant thrill in their voice as when she expressed it herself. She would on occasion sit back in a secluded spot and ramp up her hearing with her mask to listen to it coming from someone else.

    She had spent a moment doing that before she realized the acrobat she'd been hearing was getting pretty close. In fact so much she had to de-activate her mask before the noise gave her a migraine.

    She leapt out onto a branch, whistling sharply to draw attention.

    "Go easy on the trees, maybe. I can't imagine they ever caused you much pain"

    OOC: Kaelynn, it's for you

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  • IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)


    "Then clearly you've never fallen out of one," a bright voice called out, with that signature Le-Koro lilt. Kaelynn swung herself up and landed deftly on a branch opposite the green and yellow Lesterin. "Kae."

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    "Trava," she answered back, shifting to sit with her legs crossed on her own branch, "you're right, I haven't. Least I can't remember the last time that happened"

    Trava's eyes caught her twirling hooks that the Toa flung around with her elemental powers. It was quite a setup, very much the precise sort of thing that occasionally made Trava a little bit jealous she didn't have anything of the sort herself. One of her wrists was adorned with her newest acquisition, the obviously mechanical device a stark contrast to the rest of the Lesterin's getup.

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    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    The Le-Matoran coughed up a glob of mud, and her heartlight began to stabilize. Kanohi relaxed, before finally clueing in to the situation at hand. The Guuko was infested with a parasitic bush of some kind, using its roses as primitive eyes to seek for prey. its vines stretchef at Hakari, trying to infest her too perhaps. She was too quick however, her mask letting her dodge the assault even as the Guuko lumbered towards her on its four wings. 

    He … he had to help the Lesterin, but the Le-Matoran was still in bad condition.

    As he watched Kanohi realized something. The roses, their petals seemed to be attracted to light. And he knew firsthand how damaging the light of fire could be.

    He tried to speak, managing only a hacking cough. Wincing he grabbed a broken root and slammed it against his wooden armor, trying to beat the plates like a gong. As he attempted to attract the Lesterin his free hand reached behind one of his wooden masks and pulled free his Lighter. He ignited the device he had carved from a Takea’s tooth, hoping Haraki would notice his signal, and that she would understand. 

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  • IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)

    "What brings you up into the trees, then, Trava?" The Lesterin seemed comfortable here, and her green hues certainly fit into the jungle, so it seemed safe to guess this was her natural environment. Beyond that, Kae wasn't quite sure what to make of her - height aside, her physique wasn't totally different from Kae's own, so she was active; she had a wrist-mounted weapon, but if she had any intent of threatening Kae with it, she certainly wasn't showing it. She seemed relaxed, at home. No clear reason to be wary of her.

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    "I'm just taking a leafrun, usually I just need to move, y'know, but I'm also here to practice, I guess a little bit like you?" she prodded, raising her en-gloved arm. The Wrist-Volo was quite visibly new, something the huntress had just recently gotten her hands on.

    "I decided I wanted to get myself a bit of an upgrade, I suppose? You can't find vines to swing on anywhere else on the island, gotta make your own"

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  • IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)

    Kae nodded at her hooks. "Know exactly what you mean. Haven't spent that much time outside Le, but these have come in pretty handy. Certainly makes getting around faster."

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    "Hmm... didn't take you for a homebody." Trava remarked, halfway between snark and bemusement. She wasn't quite sure how she wanted to come off, but she was getting an inkling on where she would like to take this.

    "You might want to get out there sometime. I can tell ya there's plenty of stuff to make life interesting"

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari heard the bong of Kanohi's armor, it was enough for her to glance towards his direction and see the lighter in his hand. "Ah!" She immediately understood and quickly zoomed towards Kanohi, taking the offered lighter. "Thanks, I'll give this back!"

    She lit the lighter as she raced back towards the Guuko but a moment later, Hakari picked up a dry stick on the jungle floor before lighting one end of it with the lighter. She then stabbed the burning stick into the nearest cluster of vines. "Take this!" 

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)

    "Hasn't been much reason to get out there 'til recently. But I'm starting to get the feeling you might be right." Kae had felt it - the restlessness, the unease. Like it was before.

    She was excited.

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    Trava tilted her head, looking at the Le-Toa with a glint in her eye. She liked Kae's attitude, and she looked like someone who could keep pace with the best of them, someone like Trava herself.

    "It sounds like it to me, too" she confirmed, as she straightened herself where she sat, less nonchalant, more ready. The sun was high and the sky clear of clouds.

    "You heading anywhere in particular, or are you still figuring that out?"

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    The parasitic rose bush could puppet Rahi as complex and intelligent as a Guuko, but the plant itself was not that attention. Limited by the sole senses of touch and it’s primitive light detecting flowers, it saw the flame as a food source. Perhaps a titanic Heartlight? Or even the sun?

    As Haraki stabbed the tendrils actually moved to burrow into the torch, ready to feed. Its mistake only let the Lesterin ignite more of the plant, the vines began to flail as the fire burnt its petals to cinders and left it’s vines dried up and withered.

    If one could feel pity for such a frightening plant, one would feel it as some of its remaining vines reached towards the fire again. Lacking a brain and enough sensory information, the plant could not realize what had gone wrong. This was light, light strengthened it, feed it. Why did it hurt?

    The Guuko began to move less, it’s flailing slower. Much of the plant that puppeted it had been weakened, the bush was still alive but its infrastructure was disintegrating, it was losing the strength to lift the Guuko’s wings and drag it forward.

    As the Lesterin fought the plant, Kanohi had gone back to treating the injured Matoran. She was breathing easier now, most of the gunk had been swiped and expelled from her lungs. He helped her sit-up, propping her upright.

    The vigilante paused to look at her. She was a merchant, she might know the language of clicking. He grabbed his bracelet and began to tap it, mimicking the dots and dashes of a Telegraph.

    His words were unpracticed and disjointed, skipping over words for time. The bracelet clicked out, “I go help with plant. You call if you hurt.” The Le-Matoran nodded, and Kanohi turned away, raising his Volo Lutu Launcher. He fired it, and some mud squirted out. Blast it.

    Kanohi winced, he really would have to clean it out. For now he shook the Volo Lutu Launcher, digging at it with his metallic fingers. Hopefully he could pry out at least some of the sludge, at least so he could be ready to grapple if necessary. 

    OOC: @Snelly

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  • IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)

    "Got no plans, for now. Getting the sense you might, though." Kae noticed the change in Trava's stance, and the potentially leading question. Not like I have anything else to do.

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    "Well, that depends on the million-widget question, doesn't it?" Trava asked as she got up, her feet balancing on the branch, she wasn't being subtle at all, but that wasn't her plan anyway.

    "Can you keep up?"

    Trava threw out her arm and fired off her grapple, the hook zipping past Kae to find its purchase in the groove of a thick tree trunk, and with a powerful leap off her branch Trava was off in a swing.

    Her mask primed once again, she caught sight of the perfect spot to catch with her feet. A long, thick branch served as a path for her to run along as she withdrew the grappling tether. With the hook still clattering back and forth precariously on its last few inches left to reel in, she was off in another leap, finding a free-hanging vine to continue the leaf-run.

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  • IC: Kaelynn (Great Jungle)

    Oh, you bet your ##### I can.

    Time slowed down - she saw the path to take, saw the branches, saw where to hook and when. To the onlooker, she was off like a shot, moving with total confidence; in her mind, the Calix gave her just what she needed to get ahead. This wasn't a jungle anymore - it was hooks and swings and perfect timing, the wind whipping behind her.

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  • IC: Trava (Great Jungle)

    Kaelynn was fast, Trava expected no less. The only problem was, Trava was the one who knew where they were now headed. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she felt the thrill of the impromptu chase animate her. She had no powers, all she had was her experience and her gusto, but in her mind that was going to be enough.

    Kaelynn could take the road faster than she could, but Trava could spot little shortcuts she couldn't, weaving in and out of sight among the trees, never completely gone, never completely present. She was in her element.

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari kept a careful eye on the parasitic plant as it burned, making sure that it well and truly died. She wasn't sure if the Guuko would survive after this, but it had a chance at least. 

    "This has been a weird day so far."

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi could see the parasite was dying. It did not seem to learn, only seemed to respond by the plant equivalent to instinct. Hakari was right, what a strange plant. In his time in Le-Wahi he knew it was not uncommon for fires from Ta-Wahi to spread as far west as the coast, why wasn’t this plant already dead? It’s species could not have survived a forest fire, unless it was smart enough to go dormant.

    Th-Thank you,” the Le-Matoran finally manage to speak, ”I … I should have known not to trust that Lesterin. Sent so much widgets getting that rare Guuko food. ‘Fresh from the merchant isle of Seprilli’ he said.” She shook her head in frustration.

    Kanohi sighed out a hacking breath of air, if it was an invasive species that explained it. It was from a different environment, one friendly to its body. But way sell its spores of seeds as food?

    In the meantime, the Fe-Matoran had climbed up above the Le-Matoran, and was trying to multitask. As he monitored the Le-Matoran and Hakari, he moved slowly to reach behind one of his wooden masks, unhooking a metal screwdriver and a piece of cloth. He began to disassemble his Volo Lutu Launcher, wiping off the mud with his cloth. The situation seemed less urgent right now.

    The parasite finally crumbled to pieces, the Guuko laying limp. Perhaps the bush had simply been too young, had not fully developed enough to handle the Lesterin’s assaults. But the Guuko seemed to lay still, the light extinguished from its heartlight and its optics. The Rahi was likely dead, but puppeted no longer. 

    OOC: @Snelly a hint for Hakari if you would want her to rediscover her roots

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari sighed in relief as the plant finally died, it was a shame the Guuko had died as well, but nothing could be done about that now. Hakari handed Kanohi back his lighter as she listened to the merchant, who mentioned a Lesterin and Seprilli. 

    "You mentioned Seprilli? Did this Lesterin say anything else about it?"

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Oh yeah, he said it’s off the coast of a dark continent, home to a race of savages, ” the Le-Matoran said, “It’s a land of merchants. He said he wanted to do business with Le-Koro. Though, maybe he was just hoping to sabotage us.

    Kanohi listened casually as he continued to wipe clean the inner mechanisms of his Volo Lutu Launcher. He really needed to get a wrist mounted one, or at least find a way to strap the grappling gun he possessed to his arm. If he had dropped it in the mud…

    The Matoran of Air sighed, laughing bitterly, “I don’t even think I got his name. Guess I’m too trusting. Bode says one of these days I’ll lose my Heartlight because of my nativity. Oh, my name is Ramaka.

    Kanohi flinched as she spoke. For a minute, a spike of pain erupted into his skull, pulsating through his sensors until his mask seemed to rattle. He rubbed his head to massage away the pain he … he knew those names but he didn’t know those names. He … flashes, a shepherd, weeds sprouting from the ground, a crime; his central processor flared up with these images. He … his breathing was speeding up. He quickly reassembled his Volo Lutu Launcher and put away his tools.

    Ramaka suddenly bolted upright, facing the mud. “Oh no, Karzahni. I … I had an order from an Onu-Matoran named Nichou, Ga-Koro was expecting refugees, he needed lumber to assemble shelter for … um, are you okay…?

    The vigilante Fe-Matoran was shaking, his heartlight a violent storm. He felt himself falling, splashing into the swamp. Tendrils of mud coiled around him, ensnaring him and dragging him into a raw blackness.

    Kanohi held his breath as he sank into the gloom, pressure building in his chest. Darkness engulfed him, the only light was his heartlight. And then finally he gasped, expelling bubbles around him. But he did not suffocate, no mud filled his lungs. Instead the bubbles shimmered under his heartlight, lifting up until they were the stars in the sky.

    He reached for the stars, only for his outstretched hand to fire his Volo Lutu Launcher. He was hurled forward ripped airborne with power beyond a Kakama. Then with an explosion of water he smashed into the ocean, the wave borne of his impact se ding violent tremors into scores of lily pads, each with huts built atop them.

    As he flipped onto his back he could see Ga-Matoran treading water around him, he … there faces were blurry. But among the villagers of Ga-Koro he saw two faces. One was … his old friend. Nichou, another Matoran who had traveled with Stannis. Another Matoran who was unimportant, who did not matter, who was … who Stannis left behind. Who was right to leave behind.

    The other was a Toa of Magnetism. No, she was a Matoran of Magnetism. No, she was a Toa it … she flickered in his optics. And Nichou, was he a Toa of Iron? No this … this vision was distorting with nonsense again, Nichou was a Onu-Matoran, Kanohi remembered—

    Kanohi fell like a stone, smacking on the mangrove’s roots. Some of the roots shattered from his fall, but the rest stayed firm. He stood there, panting as the vision faded. His hands shook even as he began to click his bracelet frantically. He … Nichou. He has to find Nichou. 

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari listened intently to the merchants story, before she noticed Kanohi having some sort of episode and immediately turned her attention to him. "H-Hey? Are you okay? You're not having a seizure or something are you? Do we need to find a doctor!?"

    Hakari was starting to panic a little, she didn't know how to deal with these sort of things very well. 

    OOC: @Harvali

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    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi gradually forced himself to click faster, he was worrying Hakari. He shouldn’t do that. Gradually the clicking exhausted his heartlight’s pulsing, and he sat up, sheathing his Volo Lutu Launcher for the moment. His heartlight still was unnatural quick, but he was stable.

    He started to speak, but only a wheeze came out. Sighing, he began to click his bracelet again. Ramaka listened and said, “I — oh um, it’s like a telepraph. I think he is saying, on um … he says those things happen occasionally to him, he once was caught in … in a terrible fire and … it messed up his insides. It’s one of the reasons he says he probably should head for Ga-Koro, for a healer.

    The vigilante was not entirely lying, but he was certainly playing around with the order of events and causes. He … he had to be careful. He continued and Ramaka translated, “He says first, oh, thank you. He says first he should drop me off in Le-Koro, it’s closer.

    Kanohi nodded. It was true. She needed proper medical help, there might still be mud in her lungs. Le-Koro was closest, and she had to do her business to, and without her Guuko she would be vulnerable to all the beasts and plants of the swamp. He would escort her there. Afterwards, he would head to Ga-Koro.

    But … was he ready to face Nichou? He … it had been so long, no doubt the Matoran had achieved a great destiny, helping the many Koro. And he … he had been a prisoner for most of that time, he didn’t even escape on his own, that strange Toa sacrificed themself to save him. Only recently had he begin to rescue travelers in the swamp. Only recently had he actually began doing anything vaguely important.

    What if Nichou left him again? Was it worth the risk of being tossed aside like trash?

    He … he didn’t know. 

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp -

    Hakari nodded, that made a lot of sense. "Ok, let's go then!" She turned to head towards Le-koro before glancing back at the two Matoran. 

    "Oh! If one of you wants a piggyback I don't mind!" Considering the Lesterin was roughly Toa sized it wouldn't be a problem for her really. 

    OOC: @Harvali

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Fau Swamp

    Kanohi stepped back and gestured to Ramaka. The Le-Matoran blushed and said, “Um, thank you, I … I appreciate the help.” She climbed atop the Lesterin’s back, on the ground she was clumsy, but she was more at how scaling trees, or in this case Hakari.

    In the meantime the Fe-Matoran vigilante drew his Volo Lutu Launcher and squeezed the trigger, shooting the hook and its cord skyward. The hook latched around a tree branch, and he braced himself as the springs wrenched him from the tree’s roots, hurtling him into the tree.

    He tumbled onto a branch, a few twigs snapping against his chassis. Fe-Matoran were not exactly adapted to living in a swamp. Still he recovered swiftly, and readied himself to grapple to the next tree. It might take time to reach Le-Koro.

    As he clutched his Volo Lutu Launcher, a faint smile crept beneath his many masks. Ramaka was alive, he had saved her life. Like a hero would. He had saved a Matoran life today shortly after rescuing a Taku, the stress of his visions aside, this day had been a good one. True, he had not slain the plant, but that mattered little. Killing lives was easy, saving lives was harder, and far more important.

    No disrespect to Hakari or course, without her (literal) quick actions Kanohi and Ramaka both could have been infested by the plant. Then all he would have been was a shambling puppet.

    But instead he had saved lives today, he had been a hero. His clicked his bracelet to stim, just pleased that he had actually been a hero today, him and Hakari. 

    OOC: @Snelly