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    Here is where you post the profile(s) for your BZPRPG character(s) (you must post a character's profile before you begin playing). Staff is not required to give approval for characters: you may post and play immediately. However, we can at any time ask you to modify characters if we think that they are too powerful or otherwise against the rules. There is no set pattern when creating character profiles, but if you need inspiration for what to put down, look at the outlines from others’ posts.


    SECTION I. General Rules


    In the profile page, you are allowed ONE POST; multiple posts by a single player will be deleted. Place all your characters into one post; this makes it easier for you, your fellow players, and the Staff to find your characters. You can have as many character as you want, as long as their profiles all fit into one post.

    Your character must belong in the Bionicle universe. This is not to say your character must be of an official Bionicle species, or come from an official location, but he or she must be something that could come from Bionicle. Specific guidelines about this are in the following sections.

    You cannot play as canon characters, like Tahu or Roodaka, unless doing so under explicit staff permission. Expies – characters that are essentially carbon copies of characters from other franchises, like Transformers or Star Wars – are also strongly discouraged. The point of the game is to create your own unique Bionicle-universe characters, so embrace the opportunity!

    This is the most important rule: Your character must be reasonable. No gods or other invincible characters. Your character MUST HAVE WEAKNESSES; it must be possible for other players to defeat them in combat.

    You must either post a picture of your character, or write a detailed description of his or her appearance – or both – in their profile.

    SECTION II. Suggested Profile Fields


    Unsure of what to include in your Character's profile? Below are some suggestions as to what would be useful subjects to cover. This is by no means a definitive list; you may include other categories, and some of these suggestions can also be omitted. Remember that the point of your character’s profile is to serve as a reference, so that others can interact accurately with him or her even upon first meeting. Try to be very informative. Here are the suggested profile fields (bold indicates a required field):


    Species (Toa, Matoran, Turaga, etc.)

    A detailed description or image


    Powers and/or weapons

    Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, which staff member approved the item)


    Alignment (good, evil, neutral, etc.)


    Personality and traits


    SECTION III. The Lists


    Below you will find the lists of species, powers, and masks allowed in the BZPRPG. These lists have been carefully thought out; if a certain species or item is not on these lists, it has been omitted for a reason. All characters, unless given explicit staff permission to the contrary, are required to exist within the parameters of these lists. 


    Playable Species:

    Matoran – No powers or powered masks

    Toa – One elemental power and one mask from the approved list

    Turaga – One heavily weakened elemental power and one mask from the approved list

    Vortixx – No powers or masks, two pieces of foreign technology

    Skakdi – One elemental power (requires two Skakdi in conjunction to use), one vision power, one piece of foreign technology. See Zakaz Exception in Section IV Technology for Zakazian Skakdi.

    Parakuka – No powers alone, but can be very powerful when bonded to a host (See here for more information on the Parakuka; if your character has bonded with a Parakuka, say so in that character's profile).

    Lesterin – Special innate elemental abilities and either one mask from the approved list OR one piece of foreign technology (See here for more information on the Lesterin). See Zakaz Exception in Section IV Technology for Zakazian Lesterin as well as the LMRP.

    Dashi – See DMRP or Section V for details

    Dasaka – See DMRP or Section V for details

    Datsue – See DMRP or Section V for details

    Kaiakan — See Zakaz Exception in Section IV Technology for Zakazian Kaiakan as well as the LMRP.


    Personalized/customized species are allowed – however – they MUST resemble or be similar to one of the above species, including abilities, powers, and power levels, AND must be approved by a staffer before use.


    Allowable Toa/Turaga/Skakdi Elemental Powers

    One elemental power per character. No multiples.

















    Customized powers are allowed – however – they MUST be reasonably powerful, balanced, AND be approved by Staff before use.  


    Allowable Skakdi Vision Powers:

    Heat Vision

    Impact Vision

    Infrared Vision

    Laser Vision

    Thermal Imaging

    Telescopic Vision

    X-Ray Vision


    Allowable Kanohi:

    Kanohi Hau The Mask of Shielding

    Kanohi Pakari The Mask of Strength

    Kanohi Miru The Mask of Levitation

    Kanohi Kakama The Mask of Speed

    Kanohi Akaku The Mask of X-Ray Vision

    Kanohi Kaukau The Mask of Water Breathing

    Kanohi Huna The Mask of Concealment

    Kanohi Ruru The Mask of Night Vision

    Kanohi Matatu The Mask of Telekinesis (off-limits to Dasaka characters)

    Kanohi Rau The Mask of Translation

    Kanohi Mahiki The Mask of Illusion

    Kanohi Komau The Mask of Mind Control

    Kanohi Kiril The Mask of Regeneration

    Kanohi Pehkui The Mask of Diminishment

    Kanohi Kualsi The Mask of Quick Travel

    Kanohi Calix The Mask of Fate

    Kanohi Kadin The Mask of Flight

    Kanohi Sanok The Mask of Accuracy

    Kanohi Iden The Mask of Spirit

    Kanohi Suletu The Mask of Telepathy

    Kanohi Elda The Mask of Detection

    Kanohi Zatth The Mask of Summoning

    Kanohi Arthron The Mask of Sonar

    Kanohi Volitak The Mask of Stealth

    Kanohi Tryna The Mask of Reanimation

    Kanohi Rode The Mask of Truth

    Kanohi Shelek The Mask of Silence

    Kanohi Jutlin The Mask of Corruption

    Kanohi Sana The Mask of Healing

    Kanohi Haunoru The Mask of Focused Shielding

    The Mask of Rebounding

    The Mask of Sensory Aptitude

    The Mask of Emulation

    The Mask of Scavenging



    Customized masks are allowed – however – they MUST be reasonably powerful, balanced, AND be approved by Staff before use.


    Only one mask is allowed per character, unless the duplicate has been won by battle or otherwise granted a special exemption. Suvas are not available, and multiple masks may not be obtained without staff permission. Masks may be changed in game provided this is done reasonably and the original mask is no longer available for use.



    SECTION IV. Technology

    Foreign Tech

    Per the nature of certain species' foreign origins, if you have a Skakdi or Vortixx character, you are allowed one or more pieces of advanced foreign technology. Technological items of this sort must be approved by staff prior to playing. If your character has a foreign tech item, you must note which staff member approved the tech after you describe the item in your profile.


    These are the limitations on foreign tech per species type.

    Skakdi: One piece of foreign tech

    Vortixx: Two pieces of foreign tech

    Lesterin (w/out mask): One piece of foreign tech


    Zakaz Exception: Characters on Zakaz may have one additional piece of Foreign Tech. For Skakdi this means two, for Lesterin this means one or two depending on whether or not they have a Kanohi. This does not apply to existing characters moving to Zakaz, and this does not apply to Vortixx as there are no Vortixx native to Zakaz.


    The only way for a character not of these species to own a piece of foreign tech is for them to win it fairly from another player’s character in combat. 


    Native Tech

    Technology on the island of Mata Nui has taken a step forward, and so more advanced technological items are no longer out of the question for Toa, Matoran, and Turaga characters. If a character wants a piece of this new “native technology,” they can attain one from a Koro Leaderor shopkeeper IC or, as with attaining foreign technology, win it fairly in PC-vs.-PC battle. If your character has one or more pieces of native tech, you must specify in their profile how this technology was acquired.


    Smaller, freelance native tech shops can be created and run by players, as long as their merchandise is all pre-approved by staff. Shopkeepers are encouraged to require some kind of task-based IC payment in exchange for their special technologies, just so that native tech remains more valuable than imaginary widgets. There is also a "Living List" of token Native Tech items or item types that may be acquired by PCs in-game without approval. If players wish to suggest other technologies to add to the Living List, they may PM those suggestions to a member of staff.


    Here is the list.

    Glass lenses with various focusing/diffusing properties. These are used in telescopes, magnifying glasses, and lamps. Such lenses, usually employed in Lightstone lanterns, can also be purchased separately, as they're prone to breaking.

    Onu-Koronan task tablets or "iStones" with abacus, note-taking, and some document-holding possibilities. These are very difficult to open without damaging the machinery inside - they've been manufactured to break this way by the Onu-Koro engineers on purpose, so that their computing abilities remain essentially unreproducible.

    Basic metal tools such as hammers, axes, pickaxes, and even scissors. These items were available before, but now they're more easy to acquire; the best come from Ta-Koro.

    Simple clockwork devices with gears, springs, and even little bells. The most complex and expensive sort are the smaller ones, especially rudimentary, one-handed watches. Many varieties of little wind-up toys are also available, from bouncing Fusa to rolling Manas.

    Disk launchers have propagated, reducing the need for skill when using a bamboo disk as a weapon. Some launchers hold more disks with spring or gravity-loading magazines.

    Photothermic powder, also known as "Stralix Powder" after its inventor, made up of mixed lightstones and heatstones. This powder is slightly more potent than the explosion of a Madu Cabolo, and is much safer to store and use. Sharp impact, or fire, can set it off.

    Kites and gliders, while usually impractical, can be produced on request by the right craftspeople. Huge, delicate hang gliders are made best in Le-Koro.

    Volo Lutu Launchers, a type of grapnel gun, have been around since the days of Makuta. They're now cheaper to produce, and are available in models able to haul the weight of larger beings like Toa, not just Matoran.

    Patero Launchers, projectile cannons powered by compressed gas. The Patero launcher consists of an elastic bladder that is inflated by hand pump, a projectile barrel, and a rapid air release mechanism. This simple launcher can fire lightweight rounds without much accuracy, but over long distances. Only the smaller, handheld type is readily available; the secrets to making artillery-sized air seals still lies with Onu-Koro. Some types of Patero shots include small fireworks, glass-capped Stralix Powder capsules, clusters of bamboo arrows, and even confetti cartridges.

    Exo-Matoran Suits. See here for details.


    SECTION V. The Dasaka

    Like other standard species characters in the BZPRPG, Dasaka may be created and played as without the necessity of staff permission. Any Dasaka characters you create in this way, however, must exist within the parameters outlined below. To have Dasaka characters of a more advanced sort, staff approval is required; the process by which to attain this can be found in "C. Changes To Dasaka Regulation." 


    A. Required Profile Fields

    Dasaka character profiles are stricter in structure than the profiles of other species, because there are more required fields. Along with other profile fields you opt to include, these are the requisite fields for Dasaka characters:

    Species (Dasaka, Dashi, Datsue)

    A detailed description or image 

    Caste and Clan

    Gender (see “C. Changes” for details)

    Powers, including (as applicable) mask powers and Menti Discipline(s).


    B. The Lists

    Below you will find the lists of species, powers, and masks allowed for Dasaka characters. All characters, unless given explicit staff permission to the contrary, are required to exist within the parameters of these lists. For more information about particular powers, clans, and castes, please see the Dasaka Master Reference Post.


    Playable Species:

    Dashi – No powers or powered masks

    Dasaka – One Menti Discipline and one mask from the approved list

    Datsue – One Menti Discipline and one mask from the approved list


    Allowable Castes

    Menti (warrior-level only)






    You may request for your Dasaka or Datsue character(s) to hold higher rank within the Menti caste. 


    Allowable Menti Disciplines:

    Soulsword Discipline

    Sighteye Discipline

    Mindarm Discipline

    Willhammer Discipline


    You may petition for your Dasaka or Datsue character to be proficient in more than one Menti Discipline. This must be approved by a Staff member.


    Allowable Dasaka Kanohi:

    All masks on the list in SECTION III (except for the Kanohi Matatu, Mahiki, Komau, Elda, and Rode) may be used by Dasaka characters.


    Customized masks are allowed – however – they must be reasonably powerful, balanced, and be approved by Staff before use.

    Only one mask is allowed per character, unless the duplicate has been won by battle or otherwise granted a special exemption. Suvas are not available, and multiple masks may not be obtained without staff permission. Masks may be changed in game provided this is done reasonably and the original mask is no longer available for use.


    C. Changes To Dasaka Regulations

    The above lists and whatnot outline what is acceptable for Dasaka characters that don’t require staff approval to be created or played. However, there are other, more advanced possibilities for Dasaka characters available to you as players, which do require staff approval.  


    Caste Approval

    You may request for your Dasaka or Datsue character to hold a higher rank in the Menti caste. You can request to have, say, a Toroshu character, or for your character to perform a special duty for the Rora, or whatever else you can think up. To petition for a more advanced societal rank, your PM must include what rank/duty you would like to have, and a brief statement about why you want that position for your character.


    Clan Approval

    You may request to begin a new Dasaka clan. Despite the upheaval in Kentoku and the exodus of many Dasaka to Mata Nui that does not mean that we have seen every clan before. Requests to make a new clan need to include the leader’s name and profile, a brief description of their history and culture, and a description of what lands they hold (or held) and how they have handled the disruption of the Empire due to schism or invasion.


    Menti Discipline Approval

    You may request for your Dasaka or Datsue character to be proficient in more than one Menti discipline. Multidisciplinary training is not common but neither is it prohibited. If your character is the First Son of a clan, they are granted permission for two disciplines automatically. Otherwise you must seek the approval of a Staff member. In your request please specify the disciplines that you wish to have, as well as a brief explanation for why the character in question would know them.


    Gender Approval

    Male Dasaka are no longer subject to a dice roll. However, in the interests of maintaining lore consistency you are allowed only one male Dasaka without staff approval. Any further characters must be approved by staff. Additionally for a male Dasaka to be a First Son of any given clan they must be accepted by that clan’s leader. Any male Dasaka that is not a First Son does not automatically possess two disciplines.


    SECTION VI. Warlords and Forts

    Ambitious Skakdi characters may establish themselves as warlords, vying for glory and power over the lands of Zakaz. But even the fiercest warlord is just one Skakdi: they will need a base of operations, and the support of a band of capable warriors. To establish a fort and claim the title of warlord requires the support of at least two additional Zakaz PCs controlled by other players, and staff approval.

    See Section V of the ZMRP for more details on creating forts.


    Required Profile Fields:

    Fort profiles should be included alongside the profile of the controlling warlord.

    Fort name

    Controlling character

    Location (approved forts will be marked on the official Zakaz map) 

    Description or image 


    Loot (this will be assigned by the staff upon approval)

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  • Name: Dastana Arsix, Crowned Rora of the Dastana Republic
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dasaka
    Alignment: The Dastana Republic, her family
    Caste and Clan: Rora, Dastana
    Appearance:  Arsix's appearance (much like her twin brother Jasik) is one that strikes a strange balance between slightly intimidating and beautiful. She bears very handsome defined facial features with strong cheekbones and a sharp jaw-line. Her eyes are a brilliant bright blue, the only discernible feature between herself and her twin brother, who bears topaz orange eyes.

    With clear muscular definition underneath her robes, she is very fit, and has a shape to her which is both alluring and powerful. She stands proud with a good posture and a chin held high. As Crown Rora, Arsix wears a tight buttoned robe, similar to a military uniform, and always kept clean and pressed by her aides. Across her shoulders run small silver snake-like patterns, occasionally spiraling outwards to hold very small twinkling white gems, like little branches bearing even smaller fruit. She also wears a very simple featureless crown, a single rounded silver headband, which seems to turn nearly black in the right light.

    Arsix bears a deep dark blue color, with splashes of gold alongside to accent her overall shape.

    Mask: Kanohi Volitak, Mask of Stealth
    Weapon(s): A single dirk, ordained with crystalline patterns, exactly the same as her twin brother's blade. They are mostly ceremonial.
    Powers: Powers of near invisibility and silencing of own noise and effects (other than removing a shadow) via her Kanohi Volitak. Arsix is also a trained Mindarm, and is very skilled in the Willhammer discipline specifically.
    Personality: Arsix is confident, sharp-witted, and rarely uncomposed. In public facing life, any anger she may feel is hidden well, and only appears under a veil of harsh words. In private, particularly when it comes to family affairs, it is a bit of a different story.

    Since the invasion of Zataka’s forces, Arsix has continued to mature and has come into her own. Now, as the Rora of what remains of the Dasakan people in the Kentoku Archipelago, her sense of pride and duty has increased greatly. Arsix believes she alone can lead the Dasaka through the war with the Rahkshi, and is willing to do what it takes to ensure that she remains Rora to accomplish this.

    Biography: Groomed to become the Dastana matriarch, Arsix was raised in Iki alongside her inseparable twin brother, Jasik. As a very young girl, only a few years after learning to talk, she had already begun taking classes on etiquette, history, literature, and political strategy. Sometimes, the differences between the pair were so slight, that particularly lazy aides would mistake the two, and Jasik would often be dragged to these same classes instead. Eventually, Jasik was shipped away from Iki because it had become so problematic, and to begin his Menti training - sooner than is customary. Initially, Arsix refused to let him leave alone, but after enough coaxing from their mother, Yomiken, she stayed behind. Still, as “punishment”, Arsix refused to speak for days to her aides and teachers, frustrating them to no end, at least not until Arsix’s mother agreed to take a trip to Sado to see Jasik.

    Years later, Arsix and Jasik found themselves motherless, killed by an angry Dasakan citizen, after the Dastana family found themselves under great public scrutiny when Rora Yusanora was assassinated. Arsix quickly found herself no longer just a socialite and mouthpiece for the family, but the Toroshu, arbiter and leader. With Jasik by her side, Arsix seceded the Dastana clan from the Empire, officially declaring that the family and it’s loyal clans no longer recognized Rora Yumiwa’s authority.

    With the Umbraline family no longer present in the Archipelago, and the invasion of Zataka’s Rahkshi, the Dastana forces swept into Sado, allowing ships to flee, and fought off the brunt of the attack. After days of fighting, and as Sado began to stabilize and it became clear the Dastana held the majority of Dasaka military strength, Arsix declared herself Rora, the new leader of the Dastana Republic. Many families welcomed the centralization of the Dasakan people, but Arsix knows that some do not, and would wish to see themselves in her position instead. With death on seemingly every doorstep of the Archipelago, and a tumultuous political landscape, Arsix has become single-minded: To ensure victory at any cost.
    Weakness(es): Arsix is a capable fighter, even being physically stronger than her brother. However, her real skill rests in her abilities as a Willhammer and Mindarm. She is more likely to lose if fought physically.


    Name: Tuara Drigton
    Gender: Female
    Species: Toa
    Element: Ta (Fire)
    Alignment: Self, Ta-Koro and its people (Chaotic Good)
    Appearance: Uncannily and unbelievably gorgeous, Tuara’s armor is mostly red but ordained with black highlights, accenting her figure " all the right places". Her Pakari is rather smooth and fitted specifically for her. Tuara walks with an air of confidence that demands authority, and with purpose. She wears black fingerless gloves on her hands with a red stitched pattern on the edges. Her black and red belt hangs loosely on her waist, the round buckle in the center. On her back she has one medium-long staff with the head of a large hammer on the end.

    Illustration by @Vezok's Friend

    Mask: Red Pakari, Mask of Strength
    Weapon(s): A medium-long staff with a hammer-head on the end and a returning throwing disk.
    Powers: Element of Fire, mask power of Strength.
    Personality: Tuara can be a bit of a spit-fire when angry. Temperamental, as most Ta-Toa are, Tuara is known for her hot-headedness, although she isn’t one to jump into a situation without knowing what’s going on.
    Biography: Originally raised in Ta-Koro Tuara trained herself to fight at a young age as an outlet. She was generally well known and considered one of the more popular of her friends due to her quick wit and good looks. Tuara’s family all went missing when she was young, a case that remained unsolved. Tuara, distraught by the memories of her family in Ta-Koro left the fortress village, taking up residence in Le-Koro. There she worked and lived, and did her own private investigative work, occasionally employed by Kongu and the Gukko Force. It was here she refined her combative skills, and learned about judicial systems and forensic sciences. After some hundreds of years of this, Tuara packed up, and made her way back to Ta-Koro, returning home to continue her work and protect the weak. Tuara eventually became the Deputy of the Ta-Koro Guard. Jaller’s right hand woman, she was loved by the people of the village. However, over the years, the baggage of her escapades began to catch up to her, and turned to the bottle for comfort. She’s been declining ever since. Matters came to a head when it was revealed that Tuara’s long-lost older brother Kitea was alive again, and in Ta-Koro. He begged her to keep his existence a secret, and had turned to her after making what he described as a simple mistake - the murder of a Ta-Koro Guardsman. Tuara reluctantly hid the body, but felt mysteriously compelled to reveal Akiri Jaller of what she had done.

    At this, she decided Kitea and she should skip town immediately, but was not quick enough, when Agni, an old friend from the Guard and their shared adventures, and Dorian, her lover and fellow survivor of the Mark Bearer incident, confronted her at the gates with the rest of the Guard. Here, she gave in, and the siblings were taken into custody.

    After questioning, Dorian came to speak with her, revealing that Joske had been killed, and that he alone was heading to the Mangaia to finish what he started. After a curt discussion, Dorian left for his mission, not to be seen by Tuara again.

    After questioning, Tuara returned with Agni to Tuara and Dorian’s home, where she promptly removed each bottle of alcohol from the cabinet and one at a time sent each of them to their graves. Agni, witnessing this, and in helping her clean up, superheated the glass, which the pair turned into a small pendant as a reminder of her decision.

    Maybe this time, it’ll stick.
    Weakness(es): Tuara's a much less effective combatant while at range. The real danger is getting in range of her hammer, powered by the strength of her Pakari.


    Name: N’ashka Akkataka
    Gender: Female
    Species: Skakdi
    Element: Fa (Magnetism)
    Alignment: Self (Chaotic Neutral)
    Appearance: N’ashka is about average height and weight for a female Skakdi, bearing silver armor, with a very slight greenish tint to it, barely perceivable underneath the plethora of nicks, dents, and scratches. She has a stocky muscular build, and bears a tight-lipped grimace most of the time. Her eyes themselves have been taken out, leaving two scarred empty sockets, which she leaves uncovered. Her left hand is missing two long and bony fingers, leaving her with just her clawed thumb, pointer, and middle finger, once bit off by a warlord’s Muaka. The same Muaka is responsible for the long deep scars which start just below the shoulder, when she shoved her arm into the same Muaka’s mouth to retrieve her missing digits before her husband cleaved it’s head off.
    Mask: None
    A two-handed broadsword that N’ashka is able to collapse down into a shape just larger than its own hilt, coloured a deep copper brown-red, made for easy concealment. 

    Additionally, N’ashka’s upper incisors and lower canines are covered in a conductive metal, which when clamped down on hard enough send an electric shock into whatever her teeth are sunk inside. At first glance, they simply appear as somewhat effective replacement teeth.
    Powers: Element of Magnetism (if in conjunction with another Skakdi), and no vision powers, as her eyes have been cut out.
    Personality: A fine tactician in her time, but a bit of a brute otherwise, N’ashka is known for her brash but controlled leadership style, having directed troops in both large and smaller scale combats. Now, having grown older, and essentially retired from her and her husband’s conquests, she has grown a bit quieter and more reflective.
    Biography: N’ashka Akkataka grew up in Irnakk’s Tooth, and found work in a smithy, making and repairing weapons and armor. Eventually, she began taking on more responsibilities at the smithy, and as a teenager took to the road, delivering such goods. It was here she and her husband Lahkenn met, at the sharp tips of their weapons - he still at this time being a young simple raider. After their first altercation where half of both parties were killed, both groups spent days at a stalemate at the mouth of a well defended cave. N’ashka’s group and Lahkenn’s group eventually clashed in a climactic battle in the night, when N’ashka and the others had created a second exit further up the mountain-side, ambushing the enemy in their sleep. However, the battle ended with only N’ashka and Lahkenn left standing. Wounded, hungry, and exhausted, the pair made an unlikely and tense truce to escape the Northern Mountains together.

    Years later, N’ashka became Lahkenn’s armorer, as he amassed more and more followers, eventually building his own fort and becoming a self-proclaimed warlord. During this time N’askha became his first wife, and he began to involve her more directly in his work, often sending her as his representative or leading his men in war, becoming a full-fledged warrior and commander. At Lahkenn’s side, N’ashka participated in felling a great number of enemies, including personally defeating two enemy “warlords”. For a period of time, within the clan, N’ashka was known among the other women as the “Ash;tak”, which roughly translates to “wife-of-the-blade”.

    Eventually, on a particularly hot night just south of the Criebe:Luur river, Fort Lahkenn was razed to the ground by a rival warlord Ipsudir Garsi. She personally assaulted the fort, and came to defeat Lahkenn. N’ashka stepped in between them to defend Lahkenn, her fellow wives, and her three children. Ipsudir however, gained the upper hand and one at a time, took out her eyes with her own hands. Ipsudir, having incapacitated N’ashka, then moved onto Lahkenn. She did not hear him scream when the killing blow was struck, but she heard the shouts of rage from her three children, who too jumped into the fray and were quickly cut down. Ipsudir, having decided the crippled N’ashka was no longer a threat, allowed her to live - in suffering - and threw her out of the burning fort.

    Since then, N’ashka has been living on the streets of Irnakk’s Tooth with no family to speak of, and nothing to her name.
    Weakness(es): Being blinded, N’ashka relies on her other senses in combat, which she now avoids, but she isn’t totally defenseless.


    Name: Pae
    Gender: Male
    Species: Toa
    Element: Fe (Iron)
    Alignment: Self
    Description: Average height, extremely well toned. Pae's armor is mainly black, deep green accents line different parts of his armor. The look that he wears on his face is usually void of emotion, hardly practiced in expression.
    Mask: Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed
    Weapon(s): Two small proto-steel hammers designed to break and crush enemy bones and armor.
    Power(s): Elemental control over iron, speed
    Personality: Only saying something when it's worth being said, Pae is known for keeping his mouth shut and his ears open. The Toa of Iron tends to stay off to the side of things, observing before acting; whether it's a conversation or a battle. The few times he does speak, his voice cuts through the air like hot butter. Pae never will take an enemy head on if he can avoid it. Stealth and precision is his game.
    Biography: Pae was taught at a young age that the strong survive. Growing up in the slums of Xa-Koro without any family to speak of, Pae honed his skills until he had become an emotionless machine. Most of his childhood was spent learning to watch and predict the people around him. This practice conditioned the Toa to be at arms with his surroundings at all times. The man is so aware of himself that he's aware of each breath as he takes it. Each moment to blink is pre-planned by the constant clockwork of his head. He's always looked after only himself. Himself and one other person, the only person on Mata-Nui that he ever considered a form of family. He's righteously devoted to Kino Iho, a child-hood friend, somebody he has not seen since Ko-Koro first fell.

    Pae currently is working alongside two Vortixx, under special employment from Ishi-Polzin, having been promised something he has not shared as payment. It seems his companions, Jin and Nika are in a similar boat. The trio does not necessarily trust one another, but they do know that whatever it was they’ve been promised, it’s enough to throw themselves at it together. Even if it’s as unlikely as chasing the wind, there’s a chance.

    Rarely, is that enough for Pae, but maybe this time it will be.
    Weakness(es): Pae specializes in closing distance and making powerful calculated strikes up close. Keep him at a distance.


    Name: Chand Kura
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dasaka
    Alignment: Self, her direct family
    Description: Pink eyes, average height, Kura is slim, with strong arms and legs. Typically, over her light-blue and silver body, she wears light crystalline armor, custom fit to provide an emphasis of mobility. Around her neck she wears a beaded necklace. The beads are made from small round yonoki shells, a rare colourful creature found in deep volcanic rock. The necklace was gifted to her by her father whom she has never met.
    Mask: Kanohi Arthron, Mask of Sonar
    Weapon(s): A crystal knife with a carved wooden handle of deep-purple shade, smoothed and finished to fine sheen. Kura crafted the knife with her mother, who had begun teaching her crystal-smithing before she left home.
    Power(s): The ability to detect the location and approximate size of nearby beings with the Arthron. Additionally, Kura is well practiced in the Dragon’s Scale Menti discipline, able to cover portions of her body with hardened psionic energy to act as a shield.
    Personality: Kura is a young and impressionable Menti warrior. Although she is deeply spiritual (despite not being a Dragon’s Heart), she often comes across as brash and sometimes rude even. However, Kura is kind-hearted, and if possible, will aid others even to her own detriment.
    Biography: Kura's early life was spent with her Chand mother, living a nomadic lifestyle on Odaiba. Most days were spent riding Soko with the other children and learning some skills with crystal and cloth. One day, Kura found a necklace and part of a written letter, her mother kept secret. Kura learned it was a gift intended for her from her father - a Long. Hurt and confused by her mother’s stubborn secrecy on the topic, Kura with her Soko horse, Naiana, left her travelling family for the mountainous peaks. There, she began her training in the Dragon Scale discipline among predominantly Long peoples, hoping one day to find answers about who her father is, and why her mother refused to tell her anything about him.

    Of course, this was all before Odaiba opened up, and Zataka’s invasion of the Archipelago began.
    Weakness(es): Kura is often unwilling to step back from an important fight, if the stakes are high and if lives are on the line, and is less likely to make the call to run or abandon the combat.

    Name: Daudrin
    Gender: Male
    Species: Toa
    Element: Vo (Lightning)
    Alignment: Self (Chaotic Good)
    Appearance: Daudin is a little on the bulkier side, average height, and mostly wears deep blue and white armor. He usually walks with a slouch, and a protosteel toothpick in his mouth.
    Mask: Kanohi Sanok, Mask of Accuracy
    A slightly larger than normal toothpick - made of protosteel.
    Powers: Element of Lightning, heightened accuracy
    Personality: Daudrin is a gruff, easy to entertain, but difficult to motivate Toa. Often called foolish or lazy, Daudrin would rather spend the rest of his days on Mata-Nui seeking out the simpler pleasures of life, instead of getting caught up in the foundation shaking events that seem to plague the island every few years.
    Biography: Daudrin grew up as a simple farmer in the grassy foothills of Ga-Wahi, tending mostly to Mahi. Eventually, he was kicked off the land for constantly dodging work, and spending his days sleeping in the sun. Unbothered, and suddenly untethered, Daudrin took the opportunity to visit various places on Mata-Nui, drink their finest drinks, meet their finest inhabitants, and never return home to his responsibilities.

    Weakness(es): Daudrin isn’t formally trained, and his combat style relies heavily on his use of his element.

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  • -Staff Characters-

    Name: Chojo [Crown Princess] Umbraline Desdemona
    Species: Dasaka
    Caste and Clan: Menti Caste, Umbraline Clan
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Desdemona is a willowy creature, just inches over the average height but slim and slender enough to require a layer of slim, interlocking crystal armor over the upper half of her body wherever she goes, as though she were a bauble that were in danger of breaking. Her actual armor is a dark navy, so dark it appears almost black, with fine golden trimmings running near the joints and along her chest in ornamental patterns. Her face has a similar look; attractive to behold but frail and slim, only her eyes look consistently healthy. They are a deep, powerful navy blue, a rare color for a Dasaka that may be linked to her prowess as a Menti and telepath.

    Weapon(s): For her court appearances, when Desde made them, she carried a long, ornate crystal dagger marking her as a member of the ruling clan. But she was not particularly skilled at using it and instead deigns to carry with her a small pouch around her neck, along with three crystal spheres fashioned for her by her nurse as a child. 

    Her Soulsword process, historically middling compared to her prowess in the other three Menti disciplines, has recently begun to manifest in odd spurts.

    Mask: Kanohi Sanok, the Great Mask of Accuracy, in the shape of a Hau.
    Powers: To make up for her lack of strength and fortitude from birth Desdemona was blessed with a profound, natural knack for the Willhammer, Mindarm, and Sighteye disciplines, as well as her lifelong prowess at Ideatalk; she and her sister were two of the youngest Menti fast tracked to Battlemaster in the history of the Empire, and it is a source of endless pride that she managed to reach the rank before her sister. Her ability is such that it is almost always on, with the same amount of effort it takes to remember to breath or swallow food. In general, it manifests as nothing more than a quiet mental tug for most and when she wants to she can drop most of her whims and desires into another person’s head and embed them there, in the subconscious mind. She kept this, as well as most of the range of her abilities, secret, so as to avoid scorn or undue attention on her family while they maintained control over the island, but the end of civilization and an enormous Soulsword Kanohi Dragon tends to pull the lid off the crown princess' powers.
    Traits: Quiet and reserved from her years spent in glorified house arrest, Desdemona is a sharp, politically savvy girl who realizes the gravity of her birth, her powers, and her situation. If not for her birth as an Umbraline and second daughter of the Rora it is entirely possible she would be abandoned or shunted to some other lesser clan affiliated with her family, for her situation is one that unnerves many of the matriarchs in her clan. She is shy and sweet, always willing to be of assistance to the sister she idolizes, but resents the fact that Yumiwa values handmaidens more than her and sees her as a summit to climb, a benchmark for her own achievements rather than her younger sister.

    [Her Soulsword process, historically middling compared to her prowess in the other three Menti disciplines, has recently begun to manifest in odd spurts.]

    Since her kidnapping at the hands of Clan Fursic, subsequent escape and the fall of Sado, D̸̩̀e̸̺͝s̸̞̽d̵͓̋e̴͖͌m̸̩̉õ̸̗n̸̠̚ả̴̧ has grown bolder and more outspoken with her opinions. She has been freed from her tower, albeit under the worst possible circumstances, and she has no desire to ever be imprisoned again.

    [Mask: Kanohi Sanok, the Great Mask of Accuracy, in the shape of a Hau.]

    Biography: If she were in any other clan – even the Fursics – she would be dead. 

    Desdemona was born almost a month early, frail and already sick from the day of her birth, and her very survival was, depending on which gossip you talked to, either a stroke of luck or some sort of omen from Zuto Nui; on her very first night alive she had used what could only be natural telepathy to scan Yusanora’s mind and plant a single word there: D̷̘̦̬̣̱̰̮͓͉̫͈̠̑̎͊̅̽͝ȅ̶͕̹͙̣̌͆͋̌͑͐ͅs̶̢̟͈̞͔̠̲̬̮̩͙̄̓͛̔͘͜͜͝d̵̢̛̺͈̱̂̊̅̒̓̀̀̈́̈́e̴͕̥̭͖̪̬͗̍̋̎̾͌͆͆̄̎͘m̷̳͉̪̱͈̹̞͚̫̣͗̌͑͌̈́͑̋͌͊o̶̜͍͎̞̬͎͕̞̣̟̽̿̌̓͗̌̎̓̾̍͝͠͝n̸͕̝̲̘̠͂̅̐̽̀̄̏͋̈́̕͝ͅą̵̛͉̠͖͊̏̀͂͊͂̊͌̒͊͘̕ͅͅ The name stuck, and over the course of her life the natural prowess of the Rora’s second daughter manifested at odd times, in odder places; the usage was never more than fleeting but it was decided that she should be tutored as a Willhammer in private, away from anyone else training as a Menti. After she was trained as ably as she could be – at a certain point she started to overshadow many of her own tutors – the isolation stuck, for both her sake and to prevent her from inadvertently latching on to those at court who she may affect and manipulate –  publicly, anyway. If she were in any other clan – even the Fursics – she would be dead.

    Desdemona spent much of her life confined to the Imperial Palace grounds, a potential harbinger of the Rora's decline that none dared publicly reveal the extent of...until the Rora's decline came upon her anyway, at the launch party for the Chiisai Ryuu. Convinced of Fursic involvement, the Chojo began her own ill-advised investigation. She found herself kidnapped for her efforts, and would have died at the hands of the Fursics if not for her sister's sworn sword, Korae Inokio, and the assistant to her uncle Umbraline Masayoshi. The princess had scarcely recovered from her ordeal before the Rahkshi fell upon Sado. In the chaos, Desdemona manifested a miracle - a fully formed Soulsword, in the shape of a Kanohi Dragon, to cover the escape of countless civilian ships. The trauma of this manifestation left her comatose for most of the voyage to Mata Nui, and her presence on the Ideatalk plane has become even more dominant and invasive than before. D̵̡̧̧̛̛̖̗̙̺̞͔͉̯̟̟̝̗̙͇̤̠͕͓̦̖́̅̅̊̈́̐̉̀̔͗͘͜ͅe̴̡̹̜̮̗̖̤̤̖̰͎̳̯̿͊̄͋̈̕͜s̴͚̻̩̤̩̟̬͍̽̅͂̈́̍̅̈́̆̂̕͘͠͝d̵̡͓̩̟͓̜̫̖̝̣̮̹̙̝̈́̐̓͗̈́̃̓̃͗̓́̉̄̍̔͂̈́͛͑̓̔͊͝ȩ̴̧̛̠̩̬̻̱͉̣̣͚̼͕̠̥̻̭͑̔̈́͂͌̓̄̎̃̔͂́̇́̍̚͝m̶̢̢̡̛̛̠̘̻͉̟͙͕̹͓̦̪̣͖̯̠̭̻͔̘̟̬͋̆̈̅̐̌̐̄̂̍̓̍̋͐͠ṏ̷̡̪͎͚̰̠̟̟̹̗̝́̏̇͜n̵̢̙̤̠̞̱͖͉͕̰̋̈́̇̀̓̌̆̔̾̓̋̿̈́̇̿͂̔͌́̽͊̋͂͘͘͜͝͠ͅa̵̧̖̦͌̇̏̂̂̑̀̈́̐̐͗͆̀̀͛
    Weakness(es):D̵̡̧̧̛̛̖̗̙̺̞͔͉̯̟̟̝̗̙͇̤̠͕͓̦̖́̅̅̊̈́̐̉̀̔͗͘͜ͅe̴̡̹̜̮̗̖̤̤̖̰͎̳̯̿͊̄͋̈̕͜s̴͚̻̩̤̩̟̬͍̽̅͂̈́̍̅̈́̆̂̕͘͠͝d̵̡͓̩̟͓̜̫̖̝̣̮̹̙̝̈́̐̓͗̈́̃̓̃͗̓́̉̄̍̔͂̈́͛͑̓̔͊͝ȩ̴̧̛̠̩̬̻̱͉̣̣͚̼͕̠̥̻̭͑̔̈́͂͌̓̄̎̃̔͂́̇́̍̚͝m̶̢̢̡̛̛̠̘̻͉̟͙͕̹͓̦̪̣͖̯̠̭̻͔̘̟̬͋̆̈̅̐̌̐̄̂̍̓̍̋͐͠ṏ̷̡̪͎͚̰̠̟̟̹̗̝́̏̇͜n̵̢̙̤̠̞̱͖͉͕̰̋̈́̇̀̓̌̆̔̾̓̋̿̈́̇̿͂̔͌́̽͊̋͂͘͘͜͝͠ͅa̵̧̖̦͌̇̏̂̂̑̀̈́̐̐͗͆̀̀͛ is physically weak and incapable of hand-to-hand combat. Her prodigious Menti powers, possibly the strongest in living memory, have started to manifest an unprecedented fourth Discipline - telltale hints of which have also begun seeping into her Mindarm, which rattles objects at a distance without her will, Sighteye, which induces mild hallucinatory illusions in unprotected beings, and her prodigious Willhammer. Her tell, which once manifested as deja vu, can seem to trap people in a skipping version of the same moment, sentences repeating upon themselves again and again and again and sentences repeating upon themselves again again and again and again and again and--


    -Personal Characters-


    Name: Reordin Maru

    Species: Toa of Ice

    Gender: Male

    Powers: Due to using Kopaka’s Essence Stone, Reordin has immensely honed control over the element of Ice and can resist some of the coldest temperatures on Mata Nui for extended periods of time.

    Kanohi: Reordin wears a Kanohi Tauhaka, a Mask of Alchemy. The Kahoni Tauhaka allows its user to change the material or element(s) of one object into another. For example,Reordin could turn a tree from wood to stone, or a metal door to glass, the transmuted object gaining all the new strengths and weaknesses of the new material. The Tauhaka cannot create or destroy new things; it can only alter already-created items. The rate of change is determined on the size of the object – the larger the object, the more time is required exponentially to transmute its substance. Against living beings, the Tauhaka is far less effective.

    Weapons: For weapons, Reordin wields two ice axes (what most people would call ice picks) with serrated inner edges; the weapons are versatile for both combat or for maneuvers which may require him to grab onto something such as the top of a building or the crevice of a canyon.

    Appearance: Tall and noble looking, with the poise of a leader, Reordin has the lean, athletic physique of an athlete and a soldier. His old, custom-designed black and white armor has transformed now that he’s a Toa, becoming a smooth, seamless blend of whites, with accents of grey and black across his entire frame lending a less conformed look to his attractive body shape. The Toa of Ice is built for free running, and spikes on his feet allow him to climb up a variety of surfaces, such as mountains or canyons.

    Reordin’s face is handsome, with defined cheeks, a strong jaw, and a thin mouth that seems to be continually smirking. Most notable are his eyes: two big, steel blue orbs shrouded in mystery that seem to focus like those of falcons gazing at prey when he’s examining something or coming up with a plan; his gaze can either pierce your soul or warm it, depending on his feelings towards you.

    Alignment: Wanderer's Company (Neutral Good)

    Abilities: Extremely diverse knowledge of parkour, or free running; his body is adjusted for the toughest physical conditions, and he has borderline Calix-level power over his body movements. He's also versed in several different hand-to-hand and sword-fighting styles. Reordin has the natural poise and tactical brilliance of a leader, and has a good feel for the emotions of his men and how to assuage them.

    Personality: As a lifelong soldier and cop, Reordin has always made his living off of what he believe: namely, the subtle facial tells of a suspect's face, the evidence someone leaves behind at a murder or robbery scene, or the tactical layout of the place where a perp is hiding out. Destiny is not high on his list of favorite things, nor is the concept of fate; as someone who has deliberately plotted out his own life path ahead of time, the Toa of Ice is a very quick thinker, always planning on the move, even sometimes switching up his entire battle strategy in the middle of engagement if only to confuse his enemy and give him the upper hand.

    During his time with the Wanderer's Company and his tenure as Stannis' presumptive deputy, however, Reordin has developed an appreciation for deep thinking as well as quick thinking, often trying for the sake of the rest of his team members to create a hybrid of the two that both fits his leadership style and the purpose the team was assembled for. The personality imbibed into him by Kopaka's Essence Stone has only furthered this begrudging appreciation for the philosophical. Though he may occasionally be the butt of jokes for this, Reordin is not a man who suffers fools gladly, and will pay back a jibe or a gag in turn down the road, and much more sharply. His anger can be a simmering thing, long and bitter, and he will nurse resents for a time, but in the end his bonds with his team and his friends are unbreakable. Despite his penchant for provoking personal conflicts, he will always come to their aid - if only to make them feel like tossers for going against him in the first place.

    Biography: Reordin started out his days as a simple Matoran - a bright eyed idealist, in fact - with a sense of duty to Mata Nui and to his people. The moment that he reached the age of eligibility, he signed up for the Sanctum Guard and quickly became one of Ko-Koro's most well-known beat cops; criminals and Guards alike both feared and respected him for his growing willingness to go outside the boundaries of what a normal cop would do, and only by the skin of his teeth and his brilliant capture record did he escape administrative action. However, while leading a platoon of Sanctum Guard troops for the Island Liberation Squad in the Battle of the Hive, Reordin's lieutenant, Darrick Bane, as well as the majority of his men, were killed in combat; the two other survivors died en route to Ko-Koro to spread the news.With no one to corroborate his actions, Reordin - along with, unknowingly, his Ussalry counterpart and bromance partner Sulov Koskium - were placed on administrative leave; while Sulov was discharged, Ko-Koro was attacked by terrorists before Reordin's case could be reviewed, and the lieutenant immediately led a group of ILS forces to the village to see what he could do. He is currently assisting his home in any way he can, all whilst bearing in mind the ominous visit of a strange Ta-Matoran the morning after the Battle of the Hive, during which Reordin was told to watch for the Wanderer, who would change his life forever.

    So he watched. And watched. And watched. And…Stannis.

    Instantly, he and the Pa-Matoran butted heads, arguing over strategy, the Essence Stones, what the fate of the Chosen may be, and, at the crux of each debate, the faith of the saint vs. the logic of the soldier. Throughout their journey, however (and with the help of a certain Le-Matoran flygirl turned Chosen One) Reordin managed to develop a budding appreciation for the Wanderer’s style of leadership. When Stannis and Oreius, another Matoran from the team, were separated from the rest of the Company, Reordin took charge and collected two of the remaining stones while Stannis’ half of the team collected Pohatu’s.

    When the team linked back up together, Stannis and Reordin (kind of) buried the hatchet, and the team used the Essence Stones to transform into Toa. Now Reordin is a Toa of Ice in the vein of Kopaka, and is learning to use the power of the First Toa whilst not completely surrendering himself over to the personality of his predecessor. Of all the predecessors he could have gotten, it was Reordin's forefather that ended up being Heuani; the Toa of Ice refused to follow in his footsteps and assisted in the final vanquishing of Makuta. After the battle and the team's experiences in Mangaia, Reordin returned to Ko-Koro to defend the village. He was instrumental in leading the resistance against the Legacy, bringing the ILF as a shock force and reuniting with the Maru there to drive out what remained of Makuta's garrison. He once again serves as the village's chief protector.

    Weaknesses: As a Toa of Ice, Reordin isn’t big on fire or intense heat, and his penchant for cockiness in the face of an enemy hasn’t exactly dulled much, either.



    Name: Akiri Hahli

    Species: Matoran

    Alignment: Ga-Koro

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Hahli is of average height and width for a Matoran – possibly an inch shorter than normal – well-formed and graceful. She carries herself with a speed borne of military training that belies her soft, poetic nature.

    Weapon(s): As a Marine, Hahli is talented with all manner of Matoran tools and weapons; she practices with a Bamboo Bow regularly but does not carry it with her many times, leaving her with just a Bamboo Disk, Ga-Koro fishing staff, and a long, well-made dagger given to her by Akiri Jaller. The blade is Protosteel edged with rena and the hilt is black, polished Muaka bone; though somewhat plain looking the blade is powerful and expertly crafted, and will never give out or break.

    She also came into possession of one suit in the first wave of Exo-Matoran, serial number C09T, through her influence as Akiri. She's fallen in love with piloting it around Ga-Koro for fun as of late, and in her off hours has fun swapping out its Patero Launcher and rotating triple trident arms for pressurized water cannons and reinforced, wedge-shaped feet for kicking beach balls. This configuration, nicknamed 'Summer Hahli,' is a known urban legend in Ga-Wahi and in the nightmares of Akiri Jaller. As a backup, her faithful assistant Eutuchia's Exo-Matoran, serial number Z63L, is often used to rotate parts and weaponry in case her primary Exo-Matoran takes damage - or, in times of great injustice, used to combine into a larger, two-pilot Exo-Matoran. This configuration, nicknamed 'Hahli Gattai,' definitely lives in Jaller's nightmares.

    Which is why it's based.

    Mask: Powerless Great Kaukau

    Powers: Control of Ga-Koro and a natural grace with her surroundings: this gives Hahli greater ease when moving around, whether through athletics, parkour, or other physical activities.

    Traits: Though a formerly high-ranking Marine, with all the borderline workaholism that the moniker implies, Hahli is, at heart, a poet. She has a deep-running appreciation for the world around her and often looks for the philosophy in life where others may overlook it. She’s a student of history, a firm believer that while history may not always repeat itself, it does always at least rhyme, so she’s trained herself to learn from any mistakes she made as a Marine and improve on them as an Akiri.

    Though she’s loving towards all of Mata Nui in general, and often tries to mediate small-scale conflicts between other Akiri, she will ultimately put her village and people above all else, and will detach entirely from communication for weeks at a time if conflict truly does arise, leaving Ga-Koro an oasis of peace and neutrality in Mata Nui. Despite her poetic and generally peaceful nature, Hahli can use her gift of words to call upon her incredibly sharp wit; the Akiri can deliver a barb twice as piercing as any stingray with just words, and her time with the Marines and outfoxing the Toa Daedra and Nokama's murderers has left her 

    Biography:  Hahli cut her teeth in the Marines, serving Ga-Koro and Turaga Nokama – her mother figure – as diligently and loyally as could be. She was kidnapped and held by Nokama's murderer, a cavalier Skakdi by the name of Grokk, and forced to watch her Turaga die - alongside several of the Toa "Arete," secretly the Daedra. When Ga-Koro's supposed protectors and Nokama's killer both viewed her as a loose end, Hahli slipped free and went to ground in Ga-Wahi for the last weeks of Makuta's fall, evading capture by Makuta's forces. She returned in the chaotic aftermath of Makuta's fall, to the joy of all her friends and fellow citizens who thought her dead. Well-known and loved throughout the village, the intrepid Ga-Matoran was voted into the position of Akiri in a near-landslide. Hahli accepted the position with the same humility and care she accepted her charge as a Marine with, and she does so to this day.

    Weakness(es): As a Matoran, Hahli has none of the powers, strength or size of other, larger beings, leaving her weaker in a melee fight.


    Name: The Red Hot Chili Pepper ("Redhot")

    Species: Toa

    Gender: Male

    Mask: Kanohi Pakari
    Powers: Elemental Power of Earth
    Equipment: His elbows, fearsome things to behold, have been known to cave in a man's cheekbones - no matter how pretty - with a single crushing blow. Has fists like marbled ham, if you put marbled ham on a morningstar and slapped someone in the face with it Pakari-tier.
    Appearance: About a hand-and-a-half taller than the Toa average, and thick with muscle; Redhot's jaw is lantern-shaped and spare, his face stark and teeth massive, but his grin always betrays a certain cheerfulness, and scarlet eyes brim with energy, giving him a youthful cast. Bears midnight black armor, with some concession to bright red streaks on the vambrances, calves, and heartlight. His costume is a single bandana tied around each wrist and a half-mask that covers his eyes, shaped in the form of a bright red bell pepper.
    Personality: Soft-spoken and friendly, the Red Hot Chili Pepper takes his name less from his personality and more from his famously resilient taste buds - he loves all manner of spicy or hot foods and can wax poetic about them for hours. Also passingly fond of good alcohol, though he tries not to get drunk when he can help it. Red Hot Chili Pepper tends to serve best as a lowkey bastion of wisdom and advice, though he is more than willing to function as a party tank if need be, raising the question of whether there might be a little bit of a berserker's streak to him after all.
    Biography: See Whitehot.
    Name: The White Hot Munequita ("Whitehot")
    Species: Toa
    Gender: Female
    Powers and/or weapons: Earth, super-strength, jar of dirt, Swole Hatchetton the Swole Hatchet
    Appearance: Whitehot is either an inch or two taller or smaller than her brother; no one really knows because when the two stand together, a witness tends to be thrown bodily into the air so high that all other witnesses are forced to locate him, like a golf ball voyaging whimsically across the cosmos. Either way, tall and shapely, with muscled arms, legs and abdomen lending her the power of a brick (HOOOUSE) the Warrant Officer tends to cut a striking figure in her navy Marine uniform, clashing against her white and black armor set and highlighting her cheerful green eyes. Her Pakari is shaped like a Kualsi and colored a light grey.
    Technological items: Volo Lutu Launcher
    Weakness(es): Her little brother's ######, being an Earth Toa in a largely aquatic environment
    Alignment: Hot
    Personality: Despite looking like a happy-go-lucky bimbo, Whitehot shares her brother's love of a fight and berserker's streak, though tends to be much less vigilante about it. Her time with her partner has slowly coaxed her out of her shell a bit, but Whitehot still tends to be the "bad" cop (AYY YO MA) and it requires a lot more to earn her respect than her happy-go-lucky big brother.
    She could still drink your ###### under the table doe she's not the White Hot Munequita for nothing.  
    Biography: Whitehot was born to a poor family in Onu-Koro famous for its obscenely muscled, ridiculously laid back kids, but most of her easy-going attitude was spent on trying to keep her younger brother Redhot out of trouble. A huge kid even by Hot Family standards, and always down for a brawl, Redhot grew up wanting to pound people into the dirt for a living under the Ussalry banner, but after his infamously disastrous entry exam her brother went off to the Crucible with all the funds he'd intended to save up for his Ussalry uniform.
    Whitehot went out through Mata Nui, from the highest jungle to the meanest snowbank, looking for her brother. Finally, heartbroken and nearly hopeless, she stumbled into a hall in Ga-Koro known as the Crucible - there she saw not only her brother, cleaned up and happier than she'd seen him in a year, staring starry-eyed at a young Toa of Fire who was literally jumping rope with a drunk's body.
    Satisfied that Redhot's new infatuation could keep him on point for the time being, but still wanting to keep an eye on her brother regardless, Whitehot took the entry exam for the Ga-Koro Marines and passed with flying colors. Her only request was the ability to choose her own partner, a totally contradictory pretty boy who was just coming off a slump of his own [NOT WHAT YOU THINK] and took a similar Warrant Officer job.

    Name: Deuandra, the Diamond Fox

    Species: Cy-Lesterin

    Gender: Female

    Powers: As a Lesterin of Crystal, Deuandra has an incredibly acute sense of vision and tends to emit a hallucinogenic, Lightstone-ish glow that has been chemically imbalanced to strobe various colors. Over the years, under the influence of her various concoctions, she has on occasion accidentally caught a glimpse of her own fluorescent reflection and nearly shocked herself into catatonia. Luckily, not many of these are fatal thanks to her Lesterin physiology.

    Kanohi: Kanohi Iden, Great Mask of Spirit

    Weapons: Deuandra is not trusted with weapons, so to speak, save for her Kitab al-Stevia, or Book of the Pure Waters. With this tome, she seeks to purify the blood Arms bleeds, denoting various chemical formulae and their use for battle or recreation. She also has a small, electronic device powered by hand cranking with enough memory to record and repeat one song ad nauseum. (approved by Tyler)

    Appearance: A Lesterin of slightly shorter than average stature, Deuandra’s unintimidating presence nonetheless feels as though it could never fit into polite Lesterin society. Her face is sharp and attractive but unkempt; her lime green Kanohi has been slapped over with hues of gold. They pair well with her white armor and blue highlights around the torso and limbs, but her haphazard mask is but one example of her carelessness regarding how she looks. She has painted the brand of Khy;barr on both shoulders, seemingly just to do it, even though she is technically not a slave herself. Her fingertips, which have been constantly singed by chemical fire or subject to decay, have been painted back over with smiling faces drawn on each fingertip. She wears goggles that constantly hide her bloodshot eyes, even outside the confines of her lab. She also has a generally haggard, emaciated look to her; perhaps one of her greatest assets to the fort is that she never seems to actually partake in food, and as such cannot be a drain on Arms’ resources.

    Alignment: Khy;barr (Best [Chaotic] of the Worst [Neutral])

    Abilities: Her Lesterin racial abilities aside, the main thing keeping Deuandra’s weak sense of self together is her intelligence. She is whip smart and has a knack for chemistry and anatomy, having just enough of an idea how species might respond to potent substances that she can personalize brews that work best for whatever warrior comes barreling into her lab. She supplies Arms with a number of potions, drugs, or healing poultices for his conquests, and hasn’t come anywhere close to running out of ideas. She records every successful recipe in her book.

    Personality: It’s important to look beneath the surface with Deuandra. She’s capable of a facsimile of casual conversation, but it may not be altogether pleasant one. Usually completely enthralled by the possibilities of her work, she can be curt and dismissive of any disruptions, save for Arms himself, to whom she extends a sort of detached gratitude for his resources. Any time he lumbers in, she makes sure to actually check on what exactly she’s brewing up before handing to him, suggesting she is aware somewhere in her brain of the consequences for handing off the wrong drug. None of them ever seem to affect him adversely, even when she has no plausible explanation for why, but she just considers that proof of a continually satisfied customer. Everyone else who doesn’t take what they want from her narcotic buffet and leave is subject to heavy sarcasm and barely disguised impatience.


    But rest assured, inside her head, Deuandra is having fun.


    Constantly dancing around to the one-song soundtrack of her life, she sees the world in hues even she doesn’t have the words to describe. She is a passenger in her own brain, utterly riveted by the sights that it has to show her; she lacks much self-image and seems perennially on the edge of disappearing into a puff of technicolor smoke and wafting back out into the sky. She is used to passing out from one mishap in her lab or another and doesn’t seem cognizant of the fact that she has, in fact, been the lucky recipient of a number of successful Tryna usages - combined with subconscious use of her Iden. As she’s never dead longer than a few minutes, these are technically more resuscitations than they are resurrections.


    She is educated on matters of science and Zakaz’s history and has reason to believe that the beginnings of her cookbook date back to Lamo-Lyco-Oshan itself. In fact, she seems fond of conspiracies and ghost stories in particular, and rumors abound of the witch in the bowels of Khy;barr who plies her black magic and attempts to reforge links with the old, dark gods of the Lesterin.

    Biography: Deuandra is the second generation in a family of singularly talented alchemists – with singularly bad taste in benefactors. Her mother, Deandra, was renowned throughout Seprilli as a renaissance woman – equal parts skilled healer, potent bombmaker, culinary artiste and narcotics dabbler. Ever a woman with a flair for the dramatic, she fashioned herself the White Cobra of Seprilli. Locals who had been on the receiving end of her caustic nature were less charitable with their monikers, picking on her gangly looks and obnoxious nature by calling her, simply, “the Big Bird.”


    Whatever her spirit animal, Deandra and her adolescent daughter were in constant demand. Though they enjoyed a relationship that resembled teacher and student more closely than mother and daughter, they were nonetheless cordial with each other and worked well as a team. The first time Deuandra ever left Seprilli was with her mother, as part of Malnak Seprillian’s campaign through the Zakaz delta. Their bombs were crucial in the taking of several fortresses, their healing poultices helped seal wounds many warriors would have thought mortal, and their more unsavory concoctions provoked a battle haze akin to the fiercest Spine Slug reactions.


    Their success, however, was closely tied to Malnak’s; in the century after his conquest, the two Lesterin attached themselves to various causes and lesser warlords, attempting to find a customer base in the dangerous eastern areas beyond the Rift. None of these campaigns were particularly successful or notable, but it was on one of them where her mother met her end. As Deandra was preparing chemicals for the battle, her daughter had finally found the courage to crack open the Kitab al-Stevia, her mother’s book of secrets, formulae and theorems that had been kept from her all her life. To her shock, she realized that her mother was only capitalizing off the knowledge of others – using the shoulders of giants to inflate her own self-image and present herself as a genius.


    The resulting shock led to obsession with the book’s secrets quickly – biological theories and black magic abounded, enough to overwhelm the unprepared adolescent when her assistance was most needed. This led to a fatal misstep. Among the chemicals Deandra and Deuandra carried around was a single vial of Antidermis, the product of careful extraction from the very lip of the Rift; even the two scientists weren’t mad enough to enter for larger samples directly. It was up to Deuandra to mix the compounds their warlord benefactor relied on for his fervor in battle, and in her fugue state (or perhaps out of a detached, scientific curiosity, who could say?) she mixed the Antidermis into what she thought was the warlord’s potion.


    It was her mother’s coffee.


    What followed was chaos. The warlord, probably pretty fairly to be quite honest, blamed her for her mother’s death and considered her a traitor to his cause. She fled with nothing but the coat on her back and her mother’s book, scurrying into the wilds. What followed was survival by any means necessary, a lonely girl attempting to make do with what little hospitable flora the island of Zakaz had available. She fended well for a time, but it’s likely she would have died had a certain four-armed goliath not stumbled upon her looking for a place to dump his raw and fearsome materia. In one hand, he gripped the skull of some monstrous Rahi that Deuandra had never encountered before. With his other three, he began burdening her meager campsite with garbage. Through all this, Deuandra sat silently, brewing the hallucinogenic, mushroom-heavy goulash she had been subsisting off of for months. Arms, as is his wont and his right, took a great spoonful right from the broiling pot.


    What he saw after imbibing, he has never revealed – nor has Deuandra even been particularly curious enough to ask. What matters is that he signaled for her to follow, and she did. She took that to mean she had some freedom of movement when she arrived at Khy;barr (ironically, the very fortress her mother and her had been hired to help besiege) but she has never exercised it, preferring the simple comforts of her lab and the excitement of a new day of cooking over roaming around Arms’ grim demesne.

    Weaknesses: Deuandra has little capacity for caring or worrying about her own life. She might not even be cognizant of being permanently killed, so she doesn’t really sweat it much. Being unarmed doesn’t help her in this regard, but if someone has gotten deep enough into Khy;barr to dig her out, she’s probably toast anyway. So in the short term having no weapons is probably for the best.


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  • Staff Characters


    Name: Warlord Vanok the Undying

    Species: Skakdi

    Gender: Male

    Element: Gravity

    Vision Power: Laser Vision

    Appearance: Age has begun to rob Vanok of stature but only just. The hunch in his back had not been there in his youth but only a fool would call it a sign of weakness. Vanok’s muscles were built young, as broad and strong as any Skakdi, and never faded. He wears no unnatural armor; the black Warlord’s front is covered in scars, thick and thin, faded and new. Scarcely an inch of skin is bereft of one, white marks tracing muscle in stark contrast to his skin. A single scar marks his back, just to the left of his spine, a thick, circular mark where a weapon was driven deep. It lies just behind the largest mass of thick, well-healed scar tissue surrounding a battered and scratched metallic plate in the center of his chest. The device, for it can be nothing else, was clearly not made by Skakdi hands. It’s too smooth for that, even after a lifetime of wear and tear, and the individual parts fit together too closely. The word ‘Nak’ has been scratched into its surface and purple light emanates from the seams and lettering. Faint by day but unmistakable in the dim Zakaz dusk. A crown has been crudely tattooed above it, matched by a series of crimson lines to its left. 


    Despite his age Vanok still stands as tall as almost anyone on Zakaz. Age has dulled neither the intelligence in his eyes nor the command in his voice, and the harness for his axe fits as tightly as the day it was made. The two handed weapon rests on his back cresting his right shoulder, a Tahtorak’s tooth set into its base. Hide from the same beast makes up the boots on his feet and the leather of his belt. 

    Weapons: Zakaz’s technology has a look all its own, and at a glance the device in Vanok’s chest isn’t it. It’s of an older, more advanced make; crafted by Vortixx hands before their kind vanished from the island. It serves as the heart he lost, a mechanical, infallible, inexhaustible machine that keeps Vanok on his feet when a lesser warrior would have dropped from exhaustion. He doesn’t get winded, he doesn’t lose his breath, he (and it) just goes and goes and goes. The axe slung across his back is less advanced but no less effective for it; every movement made feeds into its power, every bit of power inside it can be focused and fired from its edge like a Skakdi’s Impact Vision. Only much sharper, and if you’re unlucky enough to catch it fresh, much stronger.


    Vanok also carries a Nakihl shotgun at his hip, and a series of wicked knives festoon his belt. Beyond these, what Vanok chooses to carry depends upon his mood, the battlefield, and what victory he wishes to boast of today.

    Powers, fighting style, and weaknesses: Vanok is a juggernaut of unmatched potential, a stampeding Tahtorak, and the original unstoppable force. The loss of independent control over his element was a setback, perhaps, but not a substantial one. The strength of his own back is enough to cleave men in half, and were it not enough his axe’s power can do the rest. Without superior skill to stop him, Vanok will simply outlast and overpower. He has grown old on an island where precious few do, and he is in no hurry to die. If you’re too far away to hit, you’re still in range of his Laser Vision.


    If Vanok has a weakness, if, it is that his age has brought him past his physical prime. Though only a fool would consider him any weaker, and many a dead fool has paid the toll for their stupidity. 

    Biography: Vanok is a Warlord, and a real Warlord who earned his title the right way. He didn’t claim it on force alone, he went through the trials to prove it. He has lived long enough to see the loss of the Skakdi’s old power, the disappearance of the Vortixx, and countless Warlords rise and fall. Some of them have been his own children and grandchildren. When he was a young Skakdi, not yet a Warlord, a Vortixx tried to kill him. The legend goes that the cowardly schemer dared not face him and instead put a cannon to his back and blew out his chest, his heart with it. But Vanok did not die. His craven attempt doomed to failure the Vortixx begged on his knees for a chance to live, and Vanok ordered the inventor to build a replacement for the heart he had taken through trickery. Superior in every way, or the young Skakdi would strike his head from his shoulders before he succumbed.


    The Vortixx built it, and true to his word Vanok let him live… After taking his hands so that he could never again raise a finger to his betters. A true Skakdi’s word is worth something, but be careful what you ask for. 


    Vanok the Undying, in his time, has raised hordes and won countless victories. Every heir of his has been given a gift from the trophies he has won through his long life and sent on his way to seek glory. Some have been among the upstarts seeking to bring him down.


    None who tried have lived or succeeded. 


    Despite his age Vanok is one of the most respected men on Zakaz, and for good reason. 

    Personality and Traits: Bloodthirsty, combative, arrogant, and scrupulously fair by Skakdi standards. A Warlord’s word is his bond, at least to another Skakdi or one who has won the right to that respect. Such men do not believe in trickery, their intentions for good or ill are not to be hidden. He can make for a powerful ally if his respect has been earned, and to his extensive family he can be quite paternal. Their successes are his, and their ambitions are worthy of respect… Even those who have been lead to their demise at his own hand. Their lack was not in spirit.


    Like any Skakdi, Vanok has a deep distaste for Lesterin as a species and outsiders as a whole. Their worth is unproven, and the hearts are weak. They deserve neither his respect nor his assistance until they have won both. 


    Player Characters

    Name: Krayn Inzaka, former Lieutenant of the Gukko Force
    Species: De-Toa
    Gender: Male
    Mask: Sanok
    Powers: Sonics
    -2x Six-Cylinder Revolvers, and rounds
    Appearance: Krayn stands taller than most of his species, though it is not immediately apparent. His armor is the natural gunmetal gray and silver of his element, though the former is more prevalent in his armor than the latter. He wears a black Sanok. His eyes, behind the mask, are dark green in color, and often unreadable in expression. If it's true that the eyes are the window to the soul, then Krayn's soul is very guarded indeed. Though that has been changing; following his ordeal the former officer has been making an effort to be more open in his communication with others. Though that hasn’t exactly extended to smiling a lot more yet. Krayn tends to avoid moving his left arm these days, and when he does it often provokes a grimace.

    He left his coat, and most of his gear, in Onu-Koro and hasn’t had any inclination to go back. A thick winter cloak purchased in Ihu-Koro has replaced it for his time in Ko-Wahi. Gone also are the weapons he used to carry, replaced instead with a sturdy machete on his back and the holsters on his sides. 
    Biography: Krayn was a member of the Gukko Force for an extended amount of time, serving alongside, and later under, Commander Daring. His path brought him into encounters with the Mark Bearers, pirates, criminal syndicates, and included time serving as a member of the Aggressors. He served on the Fowadi for a time, and was stationed in Po-Koro as a go-between for the Force and the Sentinels. He has since resigned his position as a Lieutenant of the Gukko Force, and is presently a civilian.

    After his experiences in the battle to retake Ko-Koro Krayn has been traveling, one can’t quite say wandering, the Ko-Wahi Wastes.
    Weakness: Krayn’s left shoulder has never properly recovered from its injury. That is his claim, at least; whatever the medical reality it aches and moves stiffly, without the precision and coordination that he expects of it from years of practice. Owing to the healing that took place under skilled hands the lingering effects may be psychosomatic but they impact his ability either way. Krayn shares the sensitivity to loud noises common to all De- elementals, especially if he has been separated from his safeguards.


    Name: Jaller
    Species: Matoran
    Gender: Male
    Mask: Kanohi Hau (Powerless)
    Powers: N/A
    Equipment: N/A
    Appearance: Jaller is a strong, athletically built Matoran, mostly red and yellow in color. He walks with the discipline of military background clear in his steps. Jaller generally holds his face in a mask of calmness and focus, even if what lies behind it is stirred by irritation at insubordination or danger.
    Personality: Jaller has excellent self-control over his emotions unlike many of his fellow Ta-Matoran. He can generally keep his temper under control and is known by all for his courage and responsibility. He has a strong sense of justice. Jaller leads his village firmly, but believes in leading with an ear open to suggestions.
    Biography: Jaller served as the captain of the Ta-Koro guard when Vakama was the village’s Turaga. He distinguished himself in combat against the forces of Makuta on many occasions, and his restructuring of the Ta-Koro military was crucial in keeping the Koro safe. When news of Vakama’s death reached Ta-Koro, the citizens of his village almost unanimously supported Jaller to take up the Turaga’s mantle.
    Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, Jaller can be overcome physically by most other species of beings in contests of brute strength.

    Name: Tarnok
    Species: Matoran
    Gender: Male
    Mask: Kanohi Kualsi (Powerless)
    Powers: N/A
    Equipment: Knives; Protosteel saperka; repeating crossbow
    Appearance: Like most of those with his element, Tarnok is taller, bulkier and more muscular than the average Matoran. His naturally black armor is largely covered by an external set of gunmetal gray armor, one carefully crafted and issued to all of Ussalry Seventh. It’s closer to plate armor, designed for maximum protection and maximum mobility. A large knife belt encircles his waist, and a crossbow is almost eternally slung across his back. His powerless Kualsi is usually set in an impassive mask.
    Personality: Usually quiet, though tends to speak at length when a conversation is initiated. Possesses a very strong sense of Duty, and a determination to keep his village safe. Tarnok tends to be skeptical of Toa claiming to be heroes, and demonstrates little fear of beings far larger and more powerful than himself.
    Biography: Tarnok started life as a simple miner, and were it not for a series of unfortunate events, he would have remained one. He joined the Ussalry and was assigned to Ussalry Seventh under the command of Sulov Koskium. During that time, he participated in the Hive battle and acquitted himself reasonably well. In the months following Sulov’s exile he fought off several marauding Toa, went toe to toe with a Valkyr, and fought Whenua's assassin to a standstill. He effectively organized the defense of Onu-Koro in the face of the impending Rahkshi assault, and fought in the battle that followed. After Makuta's fall, little has changed: the restructuring of the Ussalry left him bereft of his former squadron, with many former comrades promoted above him. As a result, his already limited socialization has decreased.
    Weaknesses: Tarnok is only a midget in a world of tall people and as such has less reach and zero access to physics-defying powers.

    Name: Sinshi
    Species: Dasaka
    Caste and Clan: Menti of Clan Umbraline
    Gender: Female
    Mask: Kanohi Calix
    Powers: Dual Soulsword Manifestation (Tiger Hookswords)
    Equipment: Rapier
    Appearance: Sinshi is slightly taller than the average member of her species, a trait evident from her straight posture. Her armor is a regal blue, accented primarily with touches of silver (although her pauldrons possess tints of brass-like gold). She wears the best crystalline armor she can afford, and tries to ensure that the details are in the same silver as her mask. When not in armor, she tends to wear robes accented with purple, and on other occasions, a dark blue coat with the Umbraline insigna in purple. Her Kanohi is a blue a few shades darker than her armor and accented with a simple silver. Though she would never describe herself as such, she is rather pretty when not scowling.
    Personality: Quiet the majority of the time, bordering on stoicism, Sinshi is actually pleasant when she opens up. Driven to succeed, and thus earn her family honor, she makes no attepts to disguise her distaste for those in positions they haven’t earned.
    Biography: Generations ago, Sinshi’s branch of the Umbraline clan was held in high regard, superior to all but the royal family itself. Yet now it is a mere shadow of its former self, a laughingstock behind closed doors. It is this that drives Sinshi’s every action, for her entire life is devoted to reclaiming her family’s past glories.
    Weaknesses: Sinshi is easily enraged by insults to her family, and rarely manifests her Soulsword unless her safety or the safety of others is threatened.
    Name: Saeva Sareta
    Species: Toa
    Gender: Female
    Mask: Kanohi Kadin
    Powers: Elemental Power of Fire
    Equipment: Sword; Trench Knife; Knife
    Appearance: Sareta is a few inches taller than the average Toa, with a medium build. At a glance, she appears to be a merchant or server. Most of her body weight is in the form of toned muscle, a fact that more than one opponent has learned the painful way. Her armor is a deep crimson, accented by splashes of lighter color and touches of black. Her face seems practically built for grinning, her most common expression. Blue eyes are set behind a black Noble Huna-shaped Kadin, and much of the time she seems irrepressibly cheerful.
    Personality: An enthusiastic brawler, Saeva enjoys seeking out new and more challengng opponents. Though her temper can often be evident, it rarely reaches true anger. Impulsive, with a fondness for making the most out of every fight, she is however a surprisingly decent tactical mind.
    Biography: Born to a pair of Ta-Koro merchants, Saeva spent her days either working in her parents’ shop of satisfying her curiosity and pushing her boundaries. With the village’s tendency for trouble, she found herself involved in the occasional brawl, and attempted to take her experience with her into the Guard. However, disagreements prevented her from doing so, and with the consent of her parents, she found herself travelling the island. She eventually arrived at the Crucible in Ga-koro, combating all who challenged her until she met a certain Toa of the Green. They soon established a vitriolic relationship, and left the fighting ring for greener pastures.
    Weaknesses: Saeva tends to make her own battles harder by not using her powers in order to challenge and enjoy herself.
    Name: Skrihen
    Species: Toa of Plant-Life
    Gender: Female
    Mask: Pakari
    Powers: Control over plant-life, as well as her Mask of Strength.
    Equipment: A large zweihander with a secondary subhilt and handle above the main crossguard, carried on her back. Crossed opposite it on her back is an Acurahk staff, taken from the Hive battle two years ago. A reasonably sized dagger and a survival knife are secured to her left hip, and a small crossbow to her right.
    Appearance: Roughly average height, Skrihen’s armor is colored the muted hues of an evergreen forest in winter. Pale greens accented by light gray, she is at home in most of the island’s forests. Her personal colors are contrasted by the stark black of the waist length jacket she wears, and the well-kept silver of her weapons. Her Pakari is a slightly darker shade of pine green than her body, and her gaze is tempo teal behind her Kanohi. She usually carries a small bag of supplies with her.
    Biography: Skrihen’s past isn’t entirely clear. There isn’t much of a trail, of people she knew or places she’s lived, but a general idea can be formed of who she was. For much of her life Skrihen looked out for number one, without much regard for anyone else. Their well-being was their problem. Somewhere along the lines she was burdened with the Mark of Joy, a Mark she had to feed on a daily basis. Her path, rather unintentionally, brought her to the Island Liberation Front’s Pala-Koro just in time to participate in the Hive Battle.

    After that… She stuck around for a while. She was a regular member of the ILF for the rest of their (admittedly short) duration of existence, and manned the village’s bar when its owner left. The culmination of events beyond her control took her Mark from her, and she returned only just in time to defend the village against the Followers of Makuta.She helped to defend against the Rahkshi during Makuta’s fall, and eventually left Pala-Koro for parts unknown. Most of her time since then has been spent traveling the island, taking mercenary work from time to time.

    The fall of Ko-Koro has proven to be the first event to truly draw her attention since the fall.
    Weakness: While normally an agile being, Skrihen’s zweihander severely limits her mobility when she uses it. Her Pakari enables her to move without too much effort, but she still experiences a drawback in her speed. This is not an issue when using her other weapons. Additionally, the physical nature of her element means that she uses more energy when using it in an area without much plantlife.

    Name: Masayoshi

    Caste and Clan: Menti, Umbraline

    Species: Dasaka

    Gender: Female

    Mask: Arthron

    Powers: Mindarm

    Equipment: Exact equipment varies depending on the circumstance, ranging from lightly armed to heavily.


    -Crystalline walking stick, sword hidden within the body.

    -Vambraces, carefully designed with the densest material available. Meant to blend in as part of her standard armor, but reinforced enough to, if necessary, block a limited number of blows.

    -Katana sheathed at either side of her waist, a smaller wakizashi just below them. (Katana x2, wakizashi x2).

    -Straight short sword, sheathed horizontally at her lower back.

    -Dagger in a sheath on her left thigh.


    Appearance: Of average height and athletic build, Masayoshi is armored in the same material as most Menti. Her armor is deep blue, with faint accents of pale gold most notably on her body upper arms. On most days, she keeps only the dagger sheathed to her left, only donning her more apparent equipment when the situation calls for it. Her cane is, without exception, held easily in her right hand. Her Kanohi Arthron is shaped like a sleek Kakama, her visage almost pretty but for one thing; the carefully crafted, nearly opaque, crystalline visor slotted into place over her eyes. Very notably, her attire is completely devoid of both the Umbraline’s colors, and their sigil. making it difficult to place her within a clan on sight.

    Personality: When one thinks of the Imperial Executioner, one thinks of the stoic, level headed mountain of a Dasaka that occupied the position. His bodyguards are a mere afterthought, silent shadows to the mighty Umbraline.


    Masayoshi very much subverts that expectation. While quiet in the presence of the company she often finds herself with, this is only to avoid drawing too much attention to herself. When she starts talking, she’s a very cheerful and enthusiastic conversationalist. Remarkably casual about her own impairment, it’s shown only out of public sight that she’s not half as disadvantaged by her impairment as she lets on.

    Biography: Masayoshi was considered one of the best up and coming Menti while training. She used her Mindarm abilities and her Kanohi Calix to, at least among her peers, almost unparalleled effect, weaving in and out of her opponent’s attempts to strike her and dealing out her own from every angle, both with limb and mind. To her pride, she had attracted both attention to her own skill, and attention to her family. Given the nature of the Yards’ methods, pairing students of roughly equivalent skill to spar, she found herself pitted quite often against those supposedly her betters, not the least of which were a handful of First Sons. Rarely did their pride escape intact, and one in particular was consistently enraged by the “nobody upstart”. Himself a Soulsword of considerable ability, the duo sparred often, both due to the instructor’s intentions and her opponent’s own desire to humble the young Umbraline. Sparring in the Yards, particularly with Soulswords and live weapons, was mandated to be strictly light touch, if there was to be weapon contact to the body at all. Near the end of their training, when such bouts became permissible at all, the two fought yet again; it seemed to be much like their other bouts, until, somehow, her opponent’s Soulsword bypassed her guard and connected with her face. Only her Calix prevented it from connecting perfectly, but even then the blow shattered her Kanohi and left a deep wound horizontally along her face.


    The healers responded slower than usual, resulting in a single outcome; while most of the damage could be healed, there was nothing that could be done for her eyes. It had taken too long to get her to a skilled enough Sana user. They managed to restore the appearance of her eyes, even a limited degree of functionality, but she would never be able to see. The Umbralines treated her well, even gave her a comfortable job back at their estate, but it immediately became clear that it was as much to sweep the issue under the rug as it was to treat her with respect. The duties she performed were formalities, and the First Son never faced an investigation into the event. It was in her new position that she stayed, for a good many years. She steadily adapted, using her new Kanohi to replace her lost sight, slowly regaining the independence she had once had. All the while, she trained. Trained to regain her skill, to somehow compensate for her lost sense.


    Eventually, she attracted the attention of the Imperial Executioner, on one of his visits back to the Umbraline estate. An offer was, after a time, made; Rayuke offered to give her a position as his assistant. She accepted quite quickly, and returned to the Imperial Palace for the first time since completing her training to take on her new duties, despite the whispers behind closed doors.

    Weakness: Masayoshi is blind. If she were to uncover her eyes she would be able to see varying levels of light, but she is almost completely blind. Though her Arthron easily compensates for this, if one were to find a way to bar her access to its powers, she would once more be rendered without sight.


    Name: Vana
    Gender: Female
    Species: Lesterin
    Appearance: Plants on Seprili have the space, and the weather, to be vibrant and colorful much like the Lesterin of Plantlife. Their blues and greens take on subtle hues accented with a bright, clean yellow. Plants on Seprili could never survive on Zakaz. Vana’s armor is the color of midnight on the river delta accented with dark, burnished bronze. Weather-beaten and bronzed in the harsh sun, but nowadays often covered in a rough hooded cloak. Only her blue eyes, piercing and somehow unfocused, can easily be seen from behind its edge. Despite her recent history— and her reputation— she doesn’t look much like a shade or a skeleton; below the cloak she has a solid, well-toned form. One however marked on her shoulder with the previous warlord of Khy;Barr’s seal. The symbol marks her as a slave, though it is not the only one that she has borne in the past. Warlords come and go, and all of them can be brought low.

    Her left wrist is marred by small, persistent scars from the manacles that bind her hands together. Her right is covered— or perhaps replaced by— a gray gauntlet that extends nearly to her elbow. The device is marked in an unknown script, especially circling the crimson gem inset on the back of her hand. Small, pointed claws end her fingers. 
    Equipment: Matches made with photothermic powder, dried Miracle Cactus and other mild hallucinogens. The shackles on her hands, a knotted wooden staff, and her cloak. The last piece of her equipment is not so much a possession as a part of her, perhaps even replacing a portion of her limb. The gauntlet on her right hand drains vitality from whoever it touches, enough to quickly weaken them after a brief period of contact and render them unconscious if contact is sustained long enough. From there, well…

    This life force does not simply dissipate but is instead stored inside the device, presumably the inset gem. The power inside can be converted into strength for Vana herself, though once it has been depleted it must be filled anew. 
    Powers: Kanohi Tryna, photosynthesis, poison immunity.
    Weakness: Vana is not generally permitted the use of her hands, and seldom is she permitted access to any real tools. Despite the way she can be very, very useful to whomever commands her abilities at the moment her lack of any true loyalty to the people who command her makes her a double-edged sword.
    Bio: What Vana’s history once was is unknown. Or rather, no one has cared to find out. What they know instead is her value on a land built upon its corpses. No matter where she walks, no matter what battlefield she is brought to, they can be counted on. She can raise them and immediately multiply the forces her warlord has at his or her command. Should any of their horde fall, they may rise again at her command. By no stretch does that warlord command her loyalty, however. Vana has a long history of striking back against her erstwhile masters in search of her freedom, however long it may last. 

    Khy;Barr’s previous ruler was one such master. In a bid for freedom she killed one of his top lieutenants and broke free before she was again captured. In punishment he chained her to the fortress’ wall to serve as a warning, unable to move but unable to die. Rain from the coast and sun from above kept her alive until the warlord was overthrown and, told of her existence, Arms had her released.

    Not that he trusts her much farther than his predecessor did.


    Name: Nihonei

    Species: Dasaka

    Caste and Clan: Toroshu of Clan Eiyu

    Gender: Female

    Mask: Mask of Emulation

    Powers: Nihonei is an incredibly skilled Sighteye. She usually uses her abilities to educate, but can turn them upon enemies in order to support her allies. In this time of chaos she has traded her Volitak in for a Mask of Emulation.

    Equipment: Paired katana and wakizashi, Rahkshi staff with one of the ends missing. Several satchels containing the Eiyu's most important records and texts.

    Appearance: Nihonei is of slightly shorter stature than most, and where once she wore a set of crystalline armor befitting a Toroshu she now wears the battle armor of her ancestors. Thicker than her more regal garb, crafted of segmented crystalline plates so as to avoid limiting her mobility. It clearly once had a shoulder cape, perhaps of half length, in Eiyu blue but the fabric is raggedly torn. The armor itself has accrued new damage over the past few weeks.  Despite her peaceful nature, Nihonei is still in the prime of her life, and her movements belie her athleticism. She did not, after all, survive this long by being incapable. Nevertheless a new weariness has set in upon her face, an exhaustion that comes from weeks of fighting and fleeing.

    Personality: Despite her stature, she is a very kind and friendly individual to those of the lower castes, with the near constant kind smile on her face a testament to this fact. Rarely subscribes to the clear hierarchy of the empire, though she respects others for their adherence to tradition. Tended towards more passive behavior, barring exceptional circumstances, but that was before the hordes descended on her home. Since then Nihonei has been pushed to her limits, physical and emotional, more times than she can count. One couldn't call her paranoid, nor skittish, but a certain anxiety shadows her thoughts now. An awareness that for the moment she cannot take safety for granted anywhere.

    Biography: Nihonei was born into the Eiyu clan, taking to their teachings like a fish to water. The near-infinite possibilities of the Sighteye discipline attracted her during her early studies, and upon undergoing training in Twin Souls, utilized her abilities effectively alongside her sister.  She is an able leader, bringing the Eiyu into a new era of prosperity, until the portal opened on Mt. Koshiki. The Eiyu hailed from Odaiba, and their home was under attack before they even knew of the invaders. Despite their surprise Nihonei was able to coordinate a defense and even an exodus for many of her people, lingering herself to secure the most critical of her clan's knowledge.

    Weaknesses: Nihonei is not an aggressive fighter. Not that she is lacking for skill, but she does lack for experience and a certain killer instinct. Nihonei excels as a tactician and strategist, and her skills in a support role (especially for her sister Saritsu) are nearly unmatched. But alone and left to fend for herself Nihonei will go on the defensive, a dangerous tendency in today's Kentoku.


    Name: Fursic Kiyaku

    Species: Dasaka (Menti)

    Gender: Female

    Mask: Jutlin

    Powers: Sighteye

    Equipment: Crystal falcata, kanmuri-otoshi style tantō blade. Dasakan brig Shinushya.

    Appearance: What Kiyaku actually looks like has become something of a mystery. She uses her Discipline so liberally, wearing so many different guises, that it can be difficult to guess which face is actually hers.

    Weakness: Her Discipline does not have direct, offensive or defensive applications leaving her at something of a disadvantage in a fair fight.

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  • Name: Eita

    Species: Dashi

    Caste and Clan: Ringti Caste, Clan Kinzoku

    Gender: Male (approved by Tyler Durden)

    Appearance: A Dashi of average height, Eita’s physique is rather muscular to due his trade as a smith. His armor is primarily dark blue with gold highlights, with minimal crystal armor on his arms and legs. His bright green eyes are soft but have a clever twinkle to them.

    Weapons: Eita carries with him a crystal katana as well as a metal dagger that he forged back on Iki. He additionally also carries his forge’s crystal hammer with him.

    Mask: Powerless Calix, the Mask of Fate

    Powers: None

    Traits: Eita is friendly and a hard worker. He rarely misses a chance to prove himself to someone, and rarely abandons a goal when he sets his mind on it. He additionally has trained himself as a swordfighter, something that he is particularly proud of.

    Biography: Eita awoke on the shores of Iki with no memories or name. He was adopted into Clan Kinzoku where he quickly arose to prominence for his seemingly inherent skill in metalworking. He soon earned the title of Master Metalsmith, although there was little time to celebrate as Zataka arrived in the Archipelago. Clan Kinzoku was almost wiped out; Eita was one of the lucky few survivors. Now he plans to set up shop on the island of Mata Nui, hoping to continue his craft.

    Weaknesses: As a Dashi, Eita has no powers of his own, and therefore is vulnerable in a fight against an opponent with powers. Additionally, Eita suffers from debilitating migraines, which can come without a moment’s notice.


    Name: Atamai

    Species: Matoran of Fire

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A Matoran of average height and slender build, Atamai’s armor is red, with a black mask and feet. His yellow eyes are sharp and piercing, with an air of intelligence to them.

    Weapons: The only weapons Atamai carries are a simple spear and a bamboo disk launcher; these weapons rarely see use as Atamai is not a fighter.

    Mask: Powerless Akaku, the Mask of X-Ray Vision

    Powers: Photographic memory and inherent Ta-Matoran resistance to heat; otherwise, no powers

    Traits: Atamai is quite blunt and rarely humorous. He has been described as a “Ko-Matoran in a Ta-Matoran’s body”.

    Biography: Atamai was appointed as the Caretaker of the Wall of History in Ta-Koro. After Ko-Koro was taken over by Makuta worshipers, Atamai became concerned about the loss of knowledge and history, and began his project of archiving and digitizing the Wall of History. Once Ko-Koro was freed, he began to do the same to the Wall of Prophecy. Atamai continues to make weekly trips there to update his archive with any new information.

    Weakness: As a Matoran, Atamai has no powers of his own, and therefore is vulnerable in a fight against an opponent with powers.


    Name: Tamatane

    Species: Parakuka (affected by antidermis- bonded to the body of a Toa [approved by Krayzikk])

    Gender: Male

    Mask: Jutlin (unusable)

    Appearance: Tamatane appears as a Toa bonded with a Parakuka. But the truth is more than that- Tamatane was exposed to antidermis, and was able to expand his control over the entire body of his Toa host, Zenix. Zenix’s mind was “eaten” by Tamatane’s consciousness, leaving only the mind of the Parakuka as the sole owner of the body.

    Tamatane’s body itself is primarily black with red speckled here and there. His eyes are a sickly green and glow with hate.

    Powers: Tamatane cannot access the powers of the mask he wears. However, as with all Parakuka, he has access to a burst of speed and strength. While his speed is the same as all others of his species (less than a Kakama), his strength has been increased to a Pakari level.

    Weapon: Tamatane carries a curved single-handed sword.

    Biography: The Toa known as Zenix received a Parakuka named Tamatane. Tamatane, being one of the oldest Parakuka, was a perfect match for the Makuta-worshipping Zenix. At some point Zenix received a small amount of antidermis, and chose to expose Tamatane to it. However, this would be a grave mistake for the Toa, as the substance allowed Tamatane to fully inhabit Zenix’s body. The Toa’s mind was snuffed out, leaving only the Parakuka.

    Tamatane has sensed his father’s return, and seeks to aid him in gaining control over the island of Mata Nui.

    Weakness: Tamatane still retains the weakness that all Parakuka share- his powers cannot be active for more than ten minutes.


    Name: Verdian "Verdi" Koanga

    Species: Bo-Matortan

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Le-Koro

    Guild: Gukko Force

    Mask: Powerless Pakari

    Appearance: A skinny but athletic Matoran, Verdi’s armor is a mix of green and sky blue. His eyes are bright green and mischievous.  

    Powers: Verdi has no powers as a Matoran. However, like all other Bo-Matoran, Verdi has an innate understanding of plant attributes, such as poisons and possible medicinal uses.

    Weapons: Verdi carries a tomahawk and a bamboo disk launcher

    Bio: A veteran of multiple major battles, such as the battle at the Nui Rama Hive, Verdi is one of the Gukko Force’s premier fliers. His prideful nature often leads to him showing off his flying tricks with his Gukko partner, Ajax, but he has no hesitation to jump to the frontlines and focus up when needed.

    Weaknesses: Standard Matoran limitations. He's also very proud, and his pride sometimes gets to him.



    Name: Skrol

    Species: De-Lesterin

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Himself

    Mask: Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate (with dark lenses over the eyes; typically only worn when Skrol is on a job)

    Appearance: Skrol is typical of his species, tall and gangly. His armor coloration is silver and light blue owing to his element (although his face is more of a grayish color). His eyes are white, but whether that’s due to him being blind is another question entirely. He often wears a trench coat with many pockets, and a wide-brimmed hat.

    Powers: As a Lesterin, Skrol has a strong digestive system, which gives him a degree of resistance to certain toxins (although not as much as a Ga or Bo-Lesterin). As a Lesterin of Sonics, Skrol has extremely sensitive hearing and can also project his voice at a higher volume than normal.

    Skrol has been blind from birth, and over the years his other senses have grown more important for navigating through the world. He has also perfected a simple form of echolocation- as he moves, he makes small, unconscious tongue clicks, and can determine the distance, density, and general shape of objects from when the waves of sound bounce off them. This can also be done with the use of a cane, but Skrol uses his tongue clicks while in combat.

    Despite his disability, Skrol is a surprising adversary in combat. His echolocation helps make him a great marksman and fighter, and his super hearing allow him to be aware of incoming attacks, and of what sort of opponent he is facing off. Combine this with the use of the Kanohi Calix, and Skrol becomes a very difficult foe to take down.

    Weapons and Tools: Skrol carries an arsenal of weapons and tools. His primary weapon of choice is his Patero Launcher; the ammo it fires is typically bundles of arrows, but sometimes Skrol will swap these out for Stralix Powder capsules or round metal ball bearings, depending on the situation. Skrol’s physical sidearms are two spiked knuckledusters. He also has a wrist-mounted Volo Lutu Launcher, which can be used to move himself across distances. Lastly, Skrol has a metal cane that he uses to help him navigate the world- although he typically relies on his echolocation skills, the cane serves as both a physical weapon and a way to tell passersby that he is blind.

    Bio: Blind from birth, Skrol grew up on Seprilli, and learned how to use his natural sensitive ears to overcome the hand that he had been dealt with. At some point, he journeyed to the island of Mata Nui for unknown reasons and took up a life there as a free agent. Bounty hunter, mercenary, hired gun, you name it, he’s done it. He typically masquerades as a poor blind man, but those who know him, or know of him, can seek him out if they have work that needs to be done.

    Weaknesses: While Skrol’s supernatural hearing is often an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage in the right circumstances; extremely loud noises can distract him, or (depending on the severity of the noise) bring him to his knees. Additionally, due to his disability, if his hearing is somehow incapacitated, Skrol becomes an easy target.

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  • Staff Characters


    Vrinak, the Broker

    Species: Skakdi

    Gender: Male

    Element: Earth

    Vision power: X-ray vision

    Allegiance: Himself

    Born a runt, Vrinak is smaller and slighter of build by Skakdi standards, but nonetheless commands a gravitas beyond his stature by dint of his demeanour and reputation. Charcoal and gunmetal in colouration, his typical choice of clothing is a cloth waistcoat under a long leather greatcoat, both gold-trimmed black. Like many Skakdi he sports a large chin, and an extensive and well-maintained set of teeth broken only by the occasional golden replacement. His eyes are golden in colour as well, and gleam with a sharp cunning. He speaks in a gravelly baritone.

    The Broker carries no weapons openly, but it seems unlikely that a man of his paranoia is ever unarmed.

    Fighting style and weaknesses:
    The Broker lacks the sheer physical strength of a Skakdi warrior. As such, he uses his wits to avoid involving himself in open conflict, and relies on others for raw muscle. That said, the very fact that he remains alive and prosperous on Zakaz demonstrates an ability to survive that his stature and affluence might belie.

    Vrinak the Broker is a powerful man, but he is not a warlord, nor could he ever have been. To be born a runt on Zakaz is to have little life expectancy and no prospects, but the Broker is an anomaly: through cunning, patience, subterfuge, and (as he would have it) sheer will, he has raised himself from the lowest of Skakdi to a major player on Zakaz — albeit an atypical one. To survive, a Skakdi runt must find ways to make himself valuable to those larger and stronger than him, and few have ever done so as successfully as Vrinak. Possessed of a keen ear for secrets and a sharp eye for value, he made himself an increasingly valuable acquaintance to the ambitious and the paranoid, providing his ‘betters’ with resources, weapons, information — always at a reasonable price, but always for a profit. As his own resources and influence grew, he was able to employ first his fellow runts, then Lesterin and Kaiakans, then the more mercenary-minded among the Skakdi warriors. Operating out of the Warrens (a sprawling network of natural caverns and long-disused mines, beneath the southern badlands) he built an organisation of a size to rival any warlord’s forces. But the Broker is not a warlord: he has shown no desire to expand into new territories or conquer fortresses — or to put it another way, to make himself a threat to those who would. Instead, he continues to operate much as he always did (albeit on a far larger scale): as a “businessman”, commanding an island-wide network of caravans and seaships, trading in anything and everything of value. Be it information or raw materials, cutting-edge tech or simple reliable steel, the Broker is the man to go to. It is common for battles to be fought with the Broker’s weapons on both sides, for Vrinak will sell to anyone from the lowliest thief to the mightiest warlord. In fact — though none of them would admit it — most if not all of Zakaz’s self-styled warlords find themselves dependent on the Broker to some degree, and so turn a blind eye to his arming their rivals. Of course, Skakdi pride being what it is, there have been times when this tenuous arrangement breaks and a warlord becomes hostile towards him. But it seems these occasions are always short-lived: the warlords in question were soon overwhelmed by their rivals, deposed by their own subordinates, or met with unfortunate accidents. The Broker is nobody’s enemy, but his is a dangerous friendship to lose.

    Personality and traits:
    Vrinak the Broker is the pre-eminent “businessman” of Zakaz. His demeanour is typically jovial, seemingly generous and fair, but this affability masks the cunning and ruthlessness that are the cornerstones of his operation. Every conversation is a transaction, and every transaction is to be carefully manipulated for his benefit. To the powerful, he somehow becomes a resource they cannot operate without. To the lowly, he somehow becomes a patron whose debt they cannot escape, becoming part of a carefully-maintained web of contracts signed and favours owed. But despite all his power and influence, he shows no sign of higher ambitions. Amid the chaos of conquest and re-conquest, of countless warlords’ rise and fall, he remains a constant, playing the long game of survival.




    Personal Characters



    Species: Toa (Maru)

    Element: Air

    Gender: Male

    Mask: Kanohi Hiko, the Mask of Jumping

    Allegiance: Mata Nui, Le-Koro

    Appearance: Art by Vezok's Friend, third from the left

    Korero, as a Toa Maru, possesses a level of elemental power above the average Toa, and he has natural and instinctive control over it.  He has inherited Lewa's skill, meaning that he has a level of proficiency above that of the usual Toa of his inexperience. The Kanohi Hiko allows Korero to jump between real locations in a flash. The Hiko allows for unlimited distance between locales, since it is not based on direct sight, but rather on images. The user can simply look at a picture of a location, or recall a memory of a location, and instantly "jump" there. If the location is unknown, then the picture must be explicit for the Hiko to work, for there is no room for error; any confusion in the moment of the jump will have grave and potentially mortal consequences. The user can also transport up to twice his or her own body weight with the mask, meaning he/she can jump with up to two other people or equivalent equipment. The Hiko does not allow for transportation through time or new dimensions.

    Korero carries his Toa Tool, a pointed-oval shield of green and silver with a circle at its centre, on which is carved the symbol of Faith.  He also possesses Lewa's legendary axe, which he retrieved from Mangaia.

    Fighting style and weaknesses: 
    Korero does not possess much strength, so he relies on his speed and agility (coupled with the use of his mask and element) in combat.  As his Toa Tool is a shield, most of his attacks come in the form of kicks and punches, although he can use his shield's sharp edges as a weapon.  Plus, the shield can be thrown similarly to a disk, spinning at the target then arcing back to clip onto Korero's forearm.  His main weakness is his relative vulnerability to physical brute-strength attacks.

    Personality and Traits: 
    The Toa Maru of Air is known for his inquisitive and optimistic character, but he has lost much of his naivete and innocence in fighting Makuta and the following months. He is kind-hearted, and rather idealistic in his sense of right and wrong, and as he has grown more confident in himself, this has sometimes brought him into conflict with allies. He has a sharp mind, and an excellent memory.

    Korero was once a Ko-Matoran, an amateur archaeologist and historian who spent his time wandering the island searching for artefacts to discover and events to record. Everything changed when he met the Wanderer, Stannis, and joined his Company. Korero was revealed to be the sixth Chosen One, destined to become the Toa Maru of Air, and having transformed, he and his brothers and sister descended into Mangaia to defeat Makuta. Emerging victorious, they returned to their respective villages, and Korero was accepted as protector of Le-Koro.
    But this apparent new age of peace and prosperity was not to last. The newly-arrived Piraka attacked Ta-Koro, Korero and his teammates were on hand to fight them back, but the Chaotic Six managed to escape and deal significant damage in the process. A schism grew between the Maru, with Korero frustrated with Stannis' dishonesty and growing disillusioned with his leadership.
    Alongside his Toa-Brother Oreius, Korero infiltrated Ko-Koro during its occupation by the Legacy of Makuta, and helped teleport most of the other Maru in when the fight to liberate it began. As estranged as he had been from the Koro of his birth, seeing it under the thumb of the Nightfall shook him to his core, which was only made worse by the subsequent return of Makuta he'd been dreading since he learned they had failed to destroy him, only banish him from the world. He remains the valiant Toa Maru of Air, protector of Le-Koro, but inside he carries a burden of guilt and fear.



    Species: Lesterin

    Element: Water

    Gender: Male

    Allegiance: Crew of the Infernavika

    Lohkar's armour is blue (a mixture of different shades, from sea to sky) with yellow-orange highlights, shaped with fin-like spikes on the shoulders, and is sleek but durable. He wears a blue naval-style longcoat and two belts, one around his waist (on which he keeps his cutlass sheathed at his hip) and the other as a bandolier across his chest, carrying his pistol in easy reach. His face is (in his own entirely unbiased opinion) dashingly handsome, usually sporting a roguish grin, with bright blue eyes. His Lesterin head crests jut mostly downwards from the back of his head.

    Weapons and Equipment: 
    Lohkar’s weapon of choice is a cutlass with a basket guard, its pommel tipped with a tooth from a Takea shark. With Volo Lutu launchers becoming more common and reliable, Lohkar has obtained one and bartered his old Grapnel Gun for a new piece of Foreign Tech: a Vortixx-made pistol. Its profile is similar to that of a flintlock, but it is in fact a high-powered plasma gun. It requires time to recharge, so can only fire one shot every few seconds. In addition, Lohkar owns an item known as the 'Magic Map': a seemingly-normal paper map of Mata Nui that can change its markings to display the user's location (and perhaps more, when the time comes). Besides these, Lohkar carries various mundane but useful items with him, including a compass, a spyglass, a knife, lockpicks, and the odd Stralix grenade when the mood takes him.

    Powers and abilities: 
    As a Lesterin, Lohkar possesses no directly controllable powers; instead, his elemental energy manifests passively. This gives him increased agility and the ability to hold his breath for long periods of time. While not strictly a power, his advanced digestive system grants him a resistance to toxins such as poisons – a resistance which has been strengthened further by regular exposure to rum and grog. While wild and unpredictable, Lohkar’s fighting style is not unskillful: he is proficient with his cutlass in close combat and accurate with his pistol, but relies on mobility for his defence. When he can, however, Lohkar prefers to use his wit and cunning to win fights before they start, or avoid them altogether through subterfuge.

    Personality and Traits: 
    Lohkar has been described as “the single most unpredictable creature in the Endless Ocean”, and with good reason.  The Lesterin pirate captain has a reputation for extreme slipperiness and cunning. One nickname he has earned is “the Lohrak”, due to a combination of his name, his ferocity in combat, and his apparent ability to wriggle out of any situation. His behaviour is typically eccentric and carefree — but he is not without a vengeful side when the people and things he truly cares about are threatened or harmed. Despite his lawless behaviour, Lohkar does have moral principles, such as a hatred of slavers and an unwillingness to kill innocents, and his piratical tendencies are not due solely to greed, but also a deep passion for freedom and adventure.

    Lohkar is the infamous pirate captain of the Infernavika, a ship that he is somehow still in ownership of, despite at least two mutinies by past First Mates. He's tangled with the Marines on multiple occasions, but also helped them on others, even going so far as to almost die defending Ga-Koro from the Rahkshi horde and later serving as a privateer; he and his crew also assisted in the retaking of Ko-Koro. Currently, the crew of the Infernavika enjoy a pardon thanks to these uncharacteristically good deeds, but it's unlikely that Lohkar has actually reformed. Much more likely is the possibility that he's simply biding his time.



    (N.B. Not fully updated for this arc.)

    Species: Dasaka 

    Gender: Female 

    Clan: Ageru 

    Caste: Toroshu

    Disciplines: Soulsword plus Willhammer

    Mask: Kanohi Haunoru, the Mask of Focused Shielding

    Tall and elegant, Kilanya is clearly a Toroshu. Beneath her glittering segmented crystal armour (which also includes, in places, valuable filigreed plate metal), her colouration is a mix of middling blue and indigo, trimmed with gold as often befits Menti warriors. Her mask is shaped similarly to the Hau, but more smooth-cheeked and flowing, and emanates charisma and nobility. Behind it, yellow eyes glow with the fierceness of a warrior and the intelligence of a general—she is undeniably both. Her livery of emerald-green cloth is worn both in the common waist-robes fashion (albeit shorter) and also as a pair of short strips, one draped on each shoulder. 

    Kilanya is a powerful Soulsword, one of the finest Clan Ageru has ever produced.  Her psionic weapon takes the form of a typical Dasaka katana, and is sky-blue in colour. She is also well-practised in the Willhammer art of mental entry, and of course Ideatalk. The shield created by her Haunoru is shaped like a polygonal kite-shield about twice as long as it is wide, and manifests with the same blue colour as her Soulsword.

    Fighting Style and Weaknesses:
    In battle, Kilanya makes use of both her psionic weapon and her Kanohi’s shield to great effect.  A warrior using the physical equivalents of such weapons would be slowed down and restricted by their weight; Kilanya suffers no such drawbacks and is able to move as quickly and freely as if she were unarmed, while still making very real swings and blocks.  Coupled with her excellent physical conditioning and skill, she possesses impressive versatility and agility on the battlefield.  The energy required to sustain the blade and shield, however, will take its toll if battle is drawn out; and there are many elemental attacks against which she has comparatively little defence. 

    Personality and Traits: 
    Many things are expected of a Toroshu; honour, leadership, discipline...and Kilanya fulfils all of these.  As a warrior, she is formidable.  As a commander, she is respected by her troops.  As a judge, she is said to be unwaveringly firm but fair.  With all the responsibilities of a Toroshu and expectations of society on her shoulders, she keeps her kinder, gentler side well-hidden—but it does exist. 

    Kilanya was born into nobility, the first and only daughter of the previous Toroshu, and under Clan Ageru’s rules of succession was thus earmarked from an early age as her mother’s heir.  Not content to rest on the laurels of birthright, however, she went about her duties and Menti training with a determination and talent that left little doubt that she was the clan’s destined leader — even duelling and defeating her teacher in her year’s Tarakona Games.  Despite Kilanya’s eminence, she does hold one well-kept secret: during her Menti training, she fell in love with a male of the same age, Ageru Dakte, in direct violation of mating laws. Her family, seeking to save her and the clan from this deep dishonour, managed to cover it up and avoid the shame that such a relationship would have brought upon them. To this day, not a soul outside Ageru’s most trusted knows of this. When her mother became a Datsue and retreated into the role of Matriarch, she took her rightful place as Toroshu of the clan.  By this time her distinguished military service had earned her respect and also training in a second discipline: that of the Willhammer. As Toroshu, she has commanded the Menti of Clan Ageru admirably, but leaves much of the day-to-day civilian affairs to her mother and the clan’s Steward.
    When the Rahkshi incursion struck and Yumiwa ordered the evacuation of the Archipelago, Kilanya became the first Ageru Toroshu in generations to defy a direct order from the Rora. Unable to evacuate more than a third of her people, and unwilling to leave the rest unprotected against the demonic assault, she sent as many as she could on the Ageru's boats and remained behind to defend the rest. As a member of Arsix's war council, Kilanya and her remaining Menti hold the front line in a war unlike any the Dasaka have ever known.



    Species: Dasaka

    Gender: Male

    Clan: Ageru

    Caste: Menti

    Disciplines: Soulsword plus Mindarm plus Willhammer (in training)

    Mask: Kanohi Ruru, the Mask of Night Vision

    Appearance: As a Menti warrior, Dakte's his extensive training has given him an athletic build affording both strength and agility. His skin and armour are of a deep purplish hue, with modest silver highlights and sleek but sturdy crystal plating. For clan-cloth, he wears a dark green haori and a shoulder-cape of the same colour. His mask is shaped like a scopeless Great Matatu.

    Weapons: A crystal wakizashi and a handful of shuriken (in addition to his Soulsword).

    Powers: Dakte’s psionic weapon is a polearm; formerly a bo staff, he has re-trained to add a short blade to one end, resulting in a naginata. He is well-trained in his Mindarm powers as well, and is capable of using them with both power and precision. Having mastered these two disciplines, he has recently begun to learn the art of Willhammer (but remains a neophyte). His mask grants him night-vision, limited x-ray vision, and the ability to project a beam of light.

    Fighting Style and Weaknesses: Dakte has trained hard as a Menti warrior; he uses mainly quarterstaff styles for his Soulsword weapon, and is also a proficient swordsman. He has a particularly high level of physical coordination and dexterity which makes him a skilled melee combatant. At greater ranges, he uses his Mindarm powers and shuriken. While he is strong-willed, giving him a degree of resistance to psionic attacks, he does not yet have the full mental shielding of an experienced Willhammer and has little counter to a Sighteye’s illusions, not to mention that his physical defences rely on dodging and parrying. His tendency to use his Soulsword and Mindarm powers in tandem makes for a powerful combination, but a taxing one.

    Personality and Traits: Outwardly, Dakte is genteel and proper, if a little restrained or brooding; this is, however, a mask for his passionate inner emotions. He harbours a deep sadness and yearning for his lost love, and a resentment for the society that robbed him of it. His training and music are both in their own way outlets for his inner turmoil.

    Biography: Dakte is the eldest eligible male of the second-most-influential family within Clan Ageru. During his rigorous training as a young Menti, he fell in love with Kilanya, the daughter of the Toroshu; their love was young and passionate, but in Dasaka society it could not last. It was covered up by their respective families to prevent a scandal, and Dakte was whisked away to Sado to keep it from ever resurfacing. He could not be given a role in court or as a bodyguard; this would bear too much risk of encounters with Kilanya, and so (unusually for a male) he became a master in the Yards, teaching the ways of the Menti Warrior and continuing his own training.

    Dakte was chosen to join the second Dasaka expedition to Mata Nui as a diplomatic guard and training specialist. Striking up a rapport with Vilda Mako, he began to learn Willhammer from the Datsue. He helped fend off the crazed Labelle and her Parakuka 'pets', and later fought alongside the Toa Kalta in the battle for Ko-Koro. Since then he has returned to Ga-Koro and continued his training under Mako, setting him on the path towards becoming a Battlemaster.



    Species: Lesterin

    Gender: Female

    Element: Air

    Mask: Kanohi Huna, the Mask of Invisibility (only worn when needed) 

    Allegience: Herself

    Sahkra is of average height, with a limber physique well-suited to climbing and moving fast. As a Le-Lesterin her natural armour colouration is leaf-green with red accents, with a shape evoking willow leaves at her shoulders and the tips of her head-crest, the seven points of which arc down from the back of her head until they point almost straight downwards. Her eyes are pale green. She typically wears a large bandana over the top of her head (recently joined by a pair of dust-goggles) and a wide sash at her waist, both red and patterned in a traditional Lesterin motif. Her Kanohi Huna usually resides in her backpack or hangs at her belt when not in use.

    Personal effects and belongings:

    • One Zakaz-built motorbike — unfortunately only a knockoff of the sonic cycles popular among certain warlords.
    • Lockpicks, kept hidden on her person.
    • A grapple gun analogous to the Volo Lutu of Mata Nui.
    • A pack containing various other supplies.
    • A seven-stringed Lesterin khyleh, on which she enjoys strumming and finger-picking in her free moments.


    • Zapper (Foreign Tech): A small device, about the size and shape of a pocket pistol, that Sahkra keeps concealed under the sash at her left hip. Ordinary scraps of rubber inserted into the bottom of the grip are converted into pellets of an adhesive gel, which the device is able to imbue with an electrical charge. Up to three of these pellets can be stored at any one time. When the trigger is pulled, the device fires one of these gel pellets with enough velocity to stick it to a target within about 10 metres. With the flick of a switch, the user can then set the device to shock mode, in which holding down the trigger will activate the gel and release the stored charge(s), delivering an electric shock strong enough to incapacitate a fully-grown Skakdi if fully released (which takes about four seconds). Alternatively, the trigger can be held down when firing the pellet, in which case the pellet will immediately activate upon contact.
    • Two long daggers, one concealed in each boot.
    • A Najin revolver worn on her right hip — though this usually serves only as a deterrent or a last resort.

    Powers, abilities and weaknesses:
    As a Le-Lesterin, Sahkra is able to move with a preternatural speed, and hold her breath for long periods of time. She avoids open combat wherever possible, specialising instead in stealth to avoid such situations, and speed and agility to escape them. When fighting is the only option, she relies on speed to avoid attacks; if this is countered and she is forced to take hits, she will go down quickly.

    Sahkra usually exhibits a friendly, casual and laid-back demeanour, with a playful sense of humour and a penchant for sarcasm; but all of this often masks a laser-focus on her goals, which she will pursue no matter how much she has to lie, cheat and compromise in order to do it.

    Were you to meet Sahkra on the streets of Seprilli Port or in the inn of a Zakaz settlement, you would gain the impression she was a courier, transporting messages and packages from point to point across the lands of the Zakaz and the Lesterin. This is not untrue, but neither is it her only occupation: she is in fact a professional thief.
    Growing up an orphaned urchin on the streets of Seprilli port alongside her brother, Sahkra quickly learned to steal to survive. She and her sibling became quite the pair of artful dodgers, but as the two grew to teenagerhood she was unable to persuade him to stay on Seprilli, and the two parted ways. Now alone, she nevertheless continued to ply her trade, learning to operate solo — in fact she found she was even more effective without her brother’s often-brash approach, free to pursue her own forte for stealth.
    But no thief is perfect, and after one unfortunate slip-up she had no choice but to flee her home for the mainland of Zakaz, where she managed to acclimatise surprisingly quickly. Treatment of Lesterin on Zakaz was not so different from treatment of guttersnipes in Jukvere, and if anything, she found the Skakdi easier to rob than her own people. Enough time has now passed for her to safely return to Seprilli, but she has continued to work primarily on Zakaz, using courier work as cover for her thievery.
    With her sharp mind, agile physique, and Kanohi Huna, Sahkra is perfectly suited to cat-burglary, even stealing from warlords when the opportunity arises. But as skilled as she is, she is hardly prosperous; she carries more debts than she cares to admit, some of them to very dangerous people indeed. For a Lesterin on Zakaz, the price of freedom is high.



    Species: Turaga

    Element: Fire

    Gender: Male

    Allegiance: Mata Nui

    Mask: Noble Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate

    As a Turaga, Merror is smaller of build than he was as a Toa and appears stooped with age, but is still far from frail. His natural armour colours are dark red and silver, and he typically wears grey Turaga's robes, suitable for travelling. He has kind green eyes which, despite his aged appearance as a Turaga, carry less pain and weariness than they did when he was a Toa.

    Merror carries the Badge of Office into which his Toa Tools were transformed: a staff as long as he is tall, with a head similar to the Firestaffs used by other Ta-Turaga, through which he can channel what remains of his elemental powers.

    Powers, abilities and weaknesses:
    With his transformation into a Turaga, Merror's elemental powers have dwindled; he can still conjure flames and, if pressed, cast small fireballs, but any greater displays of power are now beyond him. However he does remain physically capable, in part thanks to his Calix. His strength is reduced, but he retains all his long-honed skill in combat, and is able to hold his own using his staff or, if necessary, hand-to-hand techniques. Besides his mobility (which is also somewhat reduced), he lacks in defence against ranged or elemental attacks.

    Personality and Traits: 
    As a Toa, Merror was an upstanding and compassionate individual, albeit with an overly rigid sense of morality by which he did not shy away from judging others. He was wracked by deep guilt for his failures, and a grief for those he had lost. As a Turaga, he has mellowed, and found an inner peace: he remains firmly on the side of good, and unafraid to try to keep others on the straight and narrow, but has become more understanding and forgiving; wiser, perhaps. His wry sense of humour now comes out more often, and he enjoys playing into the "grumpy old man" stereotype of a Turaga.

    Formerly a veteran Toa, Merror has seen and done a great many things in his time. Long plagued by survivor's guilt over the deaths of his original Toa Team, he strove to atone for his failures and mistakes for many years, saving and helping people wherever he could. But all too often he could not, which only added to his burden of guilt. As a result of his grief, he clung to the Toa Code, and refused to kill under any circumstances; and holding others as well as himself to the same rigid view of morality. He insisted in sparing even undeniably evil Toa such as Echelon, despite the harm they would undoubtedly go on to cause. In time, Merror began to realise his inflexible view of the Code was causing harm, and began to reassess his principles, becoming more forgiving and accepting of others' choices.
    When Dorian set off alone to face Echelon in the Vault, only Merror noticed him leave. He tracked Dorian to Mangaia, and arrived in time to witness the young Fe-Toa's victory and the death of his old nemesis. But this victory came at a price: not only was Makuta himself freed in the process, but Dorian had been mortally wounded, and despite Merror's attempt to get him to a healer, the young man began to die in his arms. In this moment, Merror realised his destiny was to save one life: Dorian's. He relinquished his Toa power to heal Dorian of his wounds, and so became a Turaga.




    Species: Toa

    Gender: Male

    Element: Magnetism

    Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, the Mask of Quick-Travel 

    A tall man of athletic build, his natural armour coloured grey, black and gunmetal, with bright orange eyes. He often wears a dark grey hood, and a cape of the same colour over one shoulder, concealing his left arm, around which his chain weapon is typically wrapped. His Kualsi is shaped like a Great Kanohi Mahiki.

    Weapons and equipment:

    • A protosteel quarterstaff, his Toa tool. Both ends contain a foot-long blade that can be extended or retracted via his elemental power.
    • A belt of metal throwing knives, worn across his chest.
    • Two ceramic-bladed daggers made entirely of non-metallic materials, sheathed at either hip.
    • A 7-foot protosteel chain, wrapped around his left arm.

    Powers, abilities and weaknesses:
    Syrik could almost be called a living weapon. He exhibits excellent physical conditioning, high intelligence, and is greatly skilled not only in the use of his various weapons, but also his element and Kanohi. Despite his freewheeling demeanour, the precision with which he wields his weapons and powers hints at a far more rigorous training than any simple Xa-Koronan mercenary could have hoped to receive.
    While his offensive capabilities are substantial, he relies on his mobility (especially his Kualsi) to avoid anything he can’t block. If he is subject to concentration-disrupting or mind-affecting attacks, he will be left vulnerable. 

    Syrik’s demeanour is mercurial: at times he may be an affable conversationalist, a dispassionate professional, or a vicious assailant. But behind his capricious facade he is an extremely driven man, willing to risk everything in pursuit of his agenda.

    A Fa-Toa going by the name “Syrik” appeared in Xa-Koro a few years before its destruction, and quickly built a reputation as a highly efficient mercenary, albeit an enigmatic one. Talking a lot but saying little, even those on friendly terms with him would find they had been told contradictory stories of his past. When pressed, he would seemingly just spin another. But regardless of his origins, he seemed perfectly at home in the lawless Koro, and was happy to take any manner of job without compunction so long as the pay was good.
    But in time, that began to change. In the final year of Xa-Koro’s existence, his colleagues and patrons found to their surprise that Syrik was getting more picky about the jobs he took, less blase about the ethics of his line of work. It was as though the once-callous Fa-Toa was going soft.
    That changed abruptly following Xa-Koro’s destruction, after which Syrik appeared to suddenly reverse his apparent moral awakening — if anything, his contemporaries thought he seemed more ruthless than before. Nobody dared ask why: there was a rage in Syrik’s eyes that his affable facade could not hide.
    But during the Legacy’s occupation of Ko-Koro, despite the transformation of the city of Ice into a merc’s paradise, he was nowhere to be seen. Indeed, his fellow soldiers of fortune have seen no trace of him since. His whereabouts and his reasons for shunning the captured Koro are anyone’s guess.




    Species: Dasaka

    Gender: Female

    Clan: Ageru

    Caste: Menti

    Allegiance: Dasaka Empire

    Disciplines: Soulsword

    Kanohi: Miru, the Mask of Levitation

    Tazera is a Dasaka of average height, middling-blue colouration with orange eyes, and athletic build. She wears her green clan-cloth as a bandana around her forehead, and sports a relatively plain navy-blue officer’s coat. Her crystal armour is relatively light; heavy armour on board ships is widely considered impractical among Dasaka.

    Powers and Tools: 
    Soulswords’ psionic weapons come in many shapes and sizes; most are blades of some description. Tazera, however, favours a more esoteric form: the Soulwhip. This flexible lash of energy has greater reach than the average psio-weapon, at the cost of control. For this reason, she carries a short crystal boarding axe on her person, and also the obligatory sailor’s knife. She is, of course, fully proficient in Ideatalk, and in the use of her Miru.

    Fighting Style and Weaknesses: 
    Tazera’s Soulwhip has greater reach than the average (non-polearm) melee weapon and can thus be very useful for keeping opponents just outside melee range, and can also be used to wrap around weapons and yank them from the user’s grasp. If enemies do close the gap, however, she will often be forced to switch to her boarding axe. She will often use her Miru to aid movement in combat, and in combination with her Soulwhip and suitable surroundings, she can use it to perform various aerial maneuvers and stunts. Years as a sailor have made her strong and resilient while still light on her feet, but she is lightly armoured compared to the average land-based Dasaka soldier and must rely on parrying and dodging to defend against attacks.

    Personality and Traits: 
    As Commodore Ayiwah’s lieutenant and first mate, it’s small surprise that Tazera is a stickler for discipline. Despite her reputation as a hard taskmaster, she is not unduly cruel or sadistic — she simply expects as high standards of her crew as she does of herself. She commands by example, and being the experienced sailor and warrior that she is, that example is a good one. Hers is a fiery personality by all accounts, whether barking orders on deck or holding her own in battle. Tazera holds a fierce loyalty to Ayiwah, having more than once refused promotion in order to continue to serve under her.

    Born into the Menti caste, Tazera undertook psionic training from an early age. She first distinguished herself in the times around the last of the Fursic rebellions, serving on one of the Empire’s ships; it is not coincidence that it was then that she first met Ayiwah. The two (bunkmates at first, then comrades-in-arms and soon firm friends) fought bravely against the rebels, thus getting themselves noticed by their superiors, and Tazera has remained by Ayiwah’s side ever since.
    Tazera was assigned to the Mata Nui expedition, continuing to serve as Ayiwah's first mate. Since their arrival she has mostly remained aboard the Chiisai Ryuu to coordinate the vessel's guard and upkeep (with the exception of an abortive foray to Ko-Wahi in search of the Piraka), but has had the occasional opportunity to go ashore and partake in the unfamiliar island's culture. She has not let her hair down as much as some of the crew have, but nevertheless shows a cautiously curiosity towards the Mata Nuians and their island home.




    Species: Dasaka

    Clan: Long (outcast)

    Gender: Male

    Discipline: Soulfire (Dragon’s Scales, Dragon’s Heart)

    Mask: Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength

    A powerfully-built male of above average height, his natural colourings are dark blue, silver and black, with eyes of the same electric blue with which his Soulfire manifests. His upper body is typically unadorned save for minimal natural armour, baring his muscular torso and arms, which are nicked with scars; relics of past blows that went unblocked. On his lower body he wears black pantaloons that sit loose above the knee and are bound tight below it, and usually goes barefoot.

    None. The only weapon Azha needs or wants is his own body, bolstered by Soulfire and Kanohi.

    Powers, abilities and weaknesses:
    Skill, discipline and ferocity combine to make Azha a formidable practitioner of Soulfire. In combat he favours the Dragon’s Scales for both offense and defence, with his already considerable physical strength boosted by his Pakari. As a result, although his blows lack the piercing capability of the Dragon’s Teeth, they more than make up for it in sheer bludgeoning power. Typically he wreathes only his arms and lower legs in the Scales, though he can extend them further with moderate effort, and his lack of physical armour grants him mobility his size might belie. In a pinch he is capable of coating his entire body, though the mental exertion required renders him near-immobile, so this is generally a pure defensive ability and one he rarely employs. Additionally, his extreme focus of will makes the Dragon’s Heart a natural fit, granting him protection against mental entry. Altogether he is an extremely dangerous adversary in close quarters, however his fighting style is entirely focused on hand-to-hand combat, which may be exploited by opponents that can keep him at a distance.

    The Long do not lightly exile one of their own. But in the case of Long Azha, it became inevitable. From childhood he was recognised as a prodigy in the art of Soulfire; seldom had even the Long seen a student with such a single-minded determination to improve his own abilities. But with that absolute focus came a callous focus on strength above all else, a brutality towards opponents and a disdain for anyone who could not stand toe-to-toe with him. Things came to a head when, during a Naffir tournament, Azha refused to hold back the force of his blows and killed his opponent, followed by two more monks who tried to restrain him. It took the skills of Soulfire master Long Shunkyou himself to eventually subdue him. Charged with the indefensible deaths of three fellow Long, Azha was cast out from the clan and the Taajar as a whole.
    Even as an exile of the Taajar, an outcast among outcasts, Azha remained undeterred in his search for Strength. He wandered the Archipelago, taking work where he could find it for the sake of food and shelter, but craving combat against worthy opponents above all else. Some travellers of the Archipelago tell tales of a strange Taajar, a wild monk, whom they met upon the road and who invited them to ‘spar’. Those who accepted his invitation would soon regret it…if they were fortunate enough to survive.

    Azha is a man of singular focus. Strength is the means to fight. By fighting, one gains Strength. This is the cycle of survival, the wheel of life and death. Can anything else be said to matter?


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  • The Woodsmith

    • Name: Nichou (Nih-CHOW)
    • Species: Onu-Matoran
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: The Onu-Koronan carpenter has a sturdy frame befitting his line of work. While Nichou may have the stout body of a trained warrior, his posture utterly lacks the swagger and confidence a soldier might have. His toned musculature is covered with his scuffed black and grey natural armor that similarly betrays the reality of manual labor and years of travel. It's in perfectly good functional condition, with several minor field repairs visible upon inspection, but it's clear that aesthetics are not a priority. The only part of Nichou's armor that's kept in nearly pristine condition is his bright purple Kakama. Bright emerald optics glow behind his Kanohi's tinted lenses. His boots are colored similarly to his Kanohi, although unlike his Kanohi, they are the most worn parts of his armor.

      The craftsman has an array of tools and trinkets strapped to his armor's toolbelt - the self-reliant, monk-like nomad is the walking definition of 'every day carry'. A leather bandolier with many pockets and straps stretches from one hip to the opposite shoulder, helping support and distribute the weight of the variety of equipment the utility belt carries. Where the bandolier meets the belt is a large satchel for carrying lighter items, and the back of the bandolier has a slot to easily secure Nichou's staff if necessary.

      In adverse weather, Nichou wears a simple grey burlap poncho.
    • Mask: Purple Kanohi Kakama
    • Powers: Like all Onu-Matoran, Nichou has innate earth powers:
      • More easily able to sense vibrations in the ground
      • Excellent night vision
      • Physically stronger than most other types of Matoran (Innate strength - with Nichou's line of work, he's well above that Onu-Koronan baseline as well)
    • Skills: Nichou is a craftsman by trade, and has accumulated many skills:
      • Carpentry was Nichou's first love - his manipulation of wood is unmatched by all but Toa of plantlife or the finest woodsmiths of Le-Koro. If it's made of lumber, either Nichou could build it, or more likely, already has.
      • Masonry is a skill Nichou learned from the artisan stone carvers of Po-Koro during an extended pilgrimage to the city.
      • Architecture is one of Nichou's more recent practices, spurred for the necessity of housing the influx of refugees into the massive after Ko-Koro's fall. The combination of Nichou's prior experience, it's ironically become something he's most known for by now, if anything, despite being more recent. Many a displaced Ko-Koronan has given thanks to Nichou's rapidly built shelters housing them in their time of need, though most don't know the architect by name. If he had charged for his work, Nichou might have even made a small fortune of his own.
    • Equipment:
      • Metal Staff: A walking stick Nichou was gifted in his days as a member of Stannis's Companions, its green hue is chipped and faded from years of travel across the island. At its head is a notch with a groove for quickly inserting an attachment
      • Dagger: This universal tool rests snugly in a sheath on Nichou's toolbelt. While it was built and purchased ostensibly for self defense, the carver typically uses it for whittling trinkets in his spare time. The hilt is configured to easily slot into the notch on Nichou's staff for usage as a spearhead.
      • Hatchet: A particularly durable one handed axe, well sharpened and maintained. Trees beware.
      • Heatstone: An invaluable resource from his time in Ko-Wahi, Nichou has taken to keeping a heatstone thermos on his toolbelt out of habit.
      • Chisel: The smallest of tools can move mountains.
    • Technological Equipment:
      • iStone Tablet: This peculiar yet popular Onu-Koronan device is invaluable for its note taking capabilities. While Nichou is skilled enough to not need to rely on a schematic before building something, in recent weeks he has realized the benefits of the technology's software for coordinating construction with others.
      • Lensed Lightstone Flashlight: You'd be hard-pressed to find an Onu-Matoran that didn't carry a lightstone just in case. Even long after Nichou had acclimated to surface dwelling, this is still the case. This recently acquired mass-produced metal housing directs the lightstone's energy through a lens into a focused beam. The head of the device can be twisted to adjust the aperture, controlling the ray's width and intensity inversely. The beam can be constrained to the point where it becomes nearly a point, which is very useful when Nichou directs other beings in construction projects.
      • Tinted Lenses: A pair of lenses that fit snugly into teh eyeholes of his Kakama, partially blocking the light coming in. A common product used by many Onu-Koronan expatriates, although occasionally used by other Matoran on bright days or for "style points".
    • Alignment: Good
    • Personality & Traits: Nichou's most endearing quality is perhaps his boundless curiosity. The Onu-Matoran's love of exploration and learning have driven him to visit most of the island of Mata Nui by this point. Nichou believes in Mata Nui and hopes for his awakening, with the Matoran's faith encouraged by the leadership of others and the fulfillment of the second great prophecy. His faith in Destiny has been tested by his friends becoming legend, but after deliberation, believed his lack of heroism to be his greatest strength.
    • History: One day, Nichou woke up with a renewed thirst for adventure. He closed his workshop and on a whim, went on a fruitless bounty hunt that taught him the dangers of the world. While nursing his wounded ego, Nichou heard the call of the Matoran Stannis, who was forming a group of companions to hunt for clues to fight back against Makuta. He travelled with the Companions to investigate Kini-Nui, protect Hafu in Po-Koro, search for Taipu in Onu-Koro, and meet with Nuju in Ko-Koro, where Stannis was christened the Wanderer.

      Shortly thereafter, Nuju was captured by Makuta and Stannis, now the subject of the Second Great Prophecy, disbanded the companions under murky circumstances. There had been growing distrust of the suddenly important leader's secrecy, and according to Destiny, only two of the companions were meant to join the Wanderer's new company. A disheartened Nichou returned to Onu-Koro. When the Rahkshi came, Nichou helped to defend and later repair his home Koro.

      In the aftermath of Makuta's defeat, Nichou trekked to Po-Koro to meet his old friend Stannis. In the caravan across the desert, Nichou met the spy Ishi Polzin, although Nichou only knew the Po-Matoran under the false identity of the Kohlii player Khyra. The two became roommates, and with no luck finding Stannis, Nichou spent his time learning the art of masonry.

      After some time, the duo travelled to Ko-Koro, splitting ways at Rhanus's Inn as Nichou went to The Massif, the remote hillside village his friend Stannis hailed from. Initially meant to be a short trip, when Ko-Koro was besieged, Nichou found his skills were needed, and spent the duration of Ko-Koro's control by the Legacy building housing for the refugees inside of the Massif

      When the Koro was recaptured, Nichou initially assisted in the repairs, but it wasn't long before news arrived of a similar crisis befalling the Dasaka in Ga-Wahi. Knowing his skills were needed, Nichou travelled with some trusted Ko-Koro refugees and monks from the Massif to construct homes for the overflowing Dasakan population in Ga-Koro...
    • Weaknesses:
      • Careful, Icarus: Nichou's innate curiousity can be as much a detriment as it is a boon.
      • Augmented Vision: The night vision of an Onu-Matoran comes at a cost - Nichou is more sensitive to intense brightness. While he has darkened lenses to shield his optics from harm, if those aren't on, he is vulnerable to distraction and surprise.
      • Kneeling Is Rude: As a matoran, Nichou is much smaller in stature compared to many other sentient species.

    The Trapper

    • Name: Kreigero (KREE-jir-oh)
    • Species: Ko-Matoran
    • Gender: Female
    • Appearance: The majority of Kreigero's white and black body is normally hidden beneath a hooded, snow-white cloak that was thick enough to provide protection from the harsh Ko-Wahi weather, but light enough to not be cumbersome in long journeys. This cloak is fastened by a brooch engraved with the symbol for ice. Her dark grey Kaukau is often obscured by a black shemagh. Kreigero's optics are blue.

      Underneath those protective coverings, her armor is fitted with a smorgasbord of of straps, sheaths, harnesses, and other modifications in a highly optimized effort to keep every tool necessary for survival available as quickly as possible at any time. Her torso and arms are a brilliant white, with her kanohi and greaves in a dark grey.

      Kreigero wears a backpack to carry further supplies for survival alone in the drifts, and often has a quiver of red flags ready for navigation in storms.

      Picture (Circa 2012)
    • Mask: Dark Grey Kanohi Kaukau
    • Powers: Like all Ko-Matoran, Kreigero has innate ice powers:
      • Ice & cold resistance
    • Equipment:
      • Ice Pick: An implement of many uses, from climbing to combat.
      • Spear: There is no finer tool for keeping Rahi at bay than a long metal stick with a sharp end.
      • Dagger: The original multitool.
      • Round Shield: While large, it can be strapped across Kreigero's back, used to block the wind or support a temporary structure, or a sled.
      • Rope Spool: In these glaciers? You can never have too much rope.
      • Snow Shoes: Even for the wide feet of Matoran, these are useful.
    • Technological Equipment: 
      • Kreigero doesn't need it, clearly. If you can't survive in the drifts from your own wits, will, and strength, perhaps you aren't meant to.
    • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Personality & Traits: Given her self-sufficient lifestyle, Kreigero is unsurprisingly not trusting of outsiders, although it is unclear which of those came first. She travels alone, except with her hunting partner - a light grey Hapaka named Reyal.
    • History: A hunter from Ko-Wahi, Kreigero mainly hunts rahi in the drifts and North March, returning to Ko-Koro on rare occasions when in need of supplies she can't make or repair herself. During the Legacy's control over Ko-Koro, Kreigero tracked further into the drifts to avoid League activity. Now that things are 'back to normal', Kreigero is keeping an eye on the changes to Ko-Koronan society.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Cold Shoulder: Kreigero isn't particularly sociable, much preferring to rely on herself instead of others.
      • Snowflake: As a matoran, Kreigero is much smaller in stature compared to many other sentient species.

    The Hunting Partner

    • Name: Reyal
    • Species: Hapaka
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: A hapaka with light grey fur and a few scars. Wears a cloth harness.
    • Powers: 
      • Enhanced senses
      • Enhanced agility in mountain environments
      • Herding skills
      • Barking
    • Alignment: Doggo
    • Personality & Traits: Barks & bites. Protects Kreigero. Hunts. Tracks.
    • History: Kreigero's tame Hapaka. Possibly not the first. Probably not the last.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Good Boy: Unwavering loyalty; Reyal will protect his owner to his last breath.
      • Rahi Rage: Hapaka may be smart predators and loyal hunting animals, but when it comes to fight or flight, sometimes instincts will always take priority.
      • Thrill of the Chase: Reyal can be easily distracted.

    The Lovable Rogue

    • Name: Quoribay (CORE-ih-bay)
    • Species: Fe-Matoran
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: Quoribay has a sleek, athletic body colored dull grey. His armor is lightweight and flexible, designed for absorbing impacts of falls and slices of blades. Currently, his armor's outer layer is colored a dull bronze on his chest, forearms, and boots - a clever disguise blending him in with the Po-Koronan populace and keeping him from being recognized by any Sentinels.

      Deep blue optics peek from beneath his Kanohi, which he changes often.
    • Mask: Bronze-colored Kanohi Pakari
    • Equipment:
      • Ceremonial Daggers: These two ornate dirks were 'liberated' from a shipment to a Po-Koro Sentinels depot several months prior, and Quoribay has been putting them to use ever since. Hewkii probably didn't miss them.
      • Bamboo Disks (4x): A classic, inconspicuous weapon on mata nui, their sharpened edges are not to be underestimated. Kept in Quoribay's backpack alongside his disk launcher.
      • Balisong: A strange, impractical pocket knife, used more for show and giving nervous hands something to do than actually cutting anything. Well cared for.
    • Technological Equipment:
      • Smoke bombs (3x): These miniature balls have a particularly ashy conconction of photothermic powder, meant to create a large puff of smoke on impact.
      • Telescoping Disk Launcher: A custom order by Matan and Natan's inventions in Onu-Koro, this high powered disk launcher has been souped-up with an variety of unique elements. Flicking a small lever on the handle the rifle-length launcher can telescope inwards and then fold over the other half of the disc launcher to create a surprisingly compact package. Quoribay keeps this in a backpack strapped to his back, its purpose obscured by its complexity.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • Personality & Traits: Adventurous. Jocular. Cocky. Sarcastic. Sneaky. Shortsighted. If he didn't have that mouth of his, he might have found several jobs with his skills.
    • History: Quoribay has been living a life of crime as long as he wants to remember. Running from the law for this and that, living the thrill of the chase. Except that one time. His biggest score was selling a group of ten Ko-Koronan hostages for 20,000 widgets as a henchman in the Shadow Hapaka, an upstart criminal gang. His 50/50 split of the stash is buried in a place in Onu-Wahi that only he knows.

      He spent some time in Ko-Koro after the fall, a haven for a petty thief, but when things began to heat up, he disguised himself once again and slipped out of the city along with the refugees. He spent the time since scouting out Forsi, looking for his next big score, craving the rush and thrill of the chase.
    • Weaknesses:
      • #??? Accountant: Quoribay tends to have trouble seeing the true value of things such as fiat currency, or properly assessing the risk versus reward of certain actions.
      • Wanted Man: Quoribay is on the run from a variety of petty crimes. While most if not all of these were performed under a different appearance, there are only so many masks and color schemes you can paint yourself as before people start drawing connections.
      • Offer He Can't Refuse: Greed is good. Propose a deal that's too good to pass up, and... well... it is.
      • Underdog: As a Matoran, Quoribay is much smaller in stature compared to many other sentient species.

    The Detective

    • Name: Vrill (VR-ill)
    • Species: Toa of Crystal
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: A thin, athletic build, with a blueish-teal crystal-covered kanohi. Behind the kanohi burn two orange optics. His blue armor has a thin outer layer of blue and seafoam-tinted crystal that he often manipulates with his powers for an advantage, such as patching holes or thickening his armor in a fight. While not subtle, it is certainly effective. Over this armor, Vrill wears a large light grey cloak so as not to stand out more in a crowd or at a distance when he doesn't want to be seen, and in general to assist in adverse weather.

      Vrill's Kanohi is a nearly featureless oblong, form-fitting surface, as if Mata Nui had set out to make a Pakari but decided the only details necessary were the eyeholes. A third eyehole forms a perfectly equilateral triangular pattern on the kanohi's forehead, although this symbolic third eye is merely an engraving through half of the Kanohi, and not a full hole. Vrill commonly grows a crystal covering over this blank canvas of a kanohi in order to disguise himself. Unless he intentionally changes the appearance, typically he uses the seafoam colored crystal over the rest of his armor to form a sleek, more tactical kakama.

      Also, Vrill talks like Elias Toufexis.
    • Mask: Mask of Perception (Approved by Nuju Metru & Reapproved by Tyler Durden)
      • This Kanohi, when activated, enhances the thought processes and sensory input of the user, Giving a surreal experience to the user, as if time had slowed down around him/her.
      • This Kanohi does not alter time in any way, only letting the user experience more and comprehend faster, thus giving the "Slow-Motion" illusion. The user's body is as at the same speed of control as normal, so the user cannot use the mask to do impossibly fast attacks, etc.
      • The user is able to control how much faster his mind is, with a maximum of increasing his/her awareness tenfold from his normal perception of time.
      • The higher the speed the wearer's mind overclocks to, the more strain is put on his/her system, and memories of the experiences aren't as clear as normal memories would be. Prolonged periods of using the mask or using it many times in succession will give the user headaches of varying sizes, depending on the time used, speed used, and frequency.
    • Powers: 
      • Toa level control over crystal.
      • Ability to use Kanohi.
    • Equipment
      • Diamond Blade: A cruciform steel sword that is seemingly standard from a glance.
        • Upon closer inspection of the cutting edges, it becomes clear that the edge is flat and unsharpened, with a myriad of small slits leading to the sword's hollow core. Inside the sword is a mixture of several crystal types that Vrill can grow with his elemental powers to go through the holes and outside the sword, where they can be used to coat the edge of the weapon in razor sharp crystal of various types and shapes.
          • Vrill is known to coat his blade in crystals such as diamond, obsidian, lightstone, and heatstone, and even shape the blade into different configurations.
        • Unfortunately, this sliver of space makes the regular protosteel cutting edge of the sword much less sharp than an equivalent sword.
      • Satchel: Vrill keeps a leather satchel on him at all times, where he keeps various supplies such as a notepad and pen that he keeps to himself.
      • Powder Horn: A horn-shaped leather flask for storing powder. Whereas some would use this for storing photothermic powder or perhaps some salts or spices, Vrill keeps his topped off with the soot and ash that's critical in the photothermic powder mixing process.
    • Technological Equipment:
      • Grenades (5x): Softball-shaped crystalline containers of photothermic powder. Vrill can use his powers to manipulate the grenade itself, alongside the shape of the outside for better throwing and fragmentation. He can even absorb some of the crystal in the explosive compound to change the composition of the explosive charge.
      • Handheld Patero Launcher: A short range, wide-bore patero suited to one handed firing. Often used for hurling small grenades or signal flares, Vrill can use it to fire anything at high speeds from close to mid range, with dubious accuracy. It's encased in a crystalline holster by his hip that keeps it from being visible, smoothed over beneath his thigh armoring.
      • Lighter: A shiny metal flick-open lighter, precisely engineered and well maintained. Used to make getting lung cancer look even more stylish.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • Personality & Traits: Cool, calm, collected. Keeps his wit to himself, mostly, unless he needs to talk his way out of a problem. A skilled liar, Vrill isn't afraid to break a few rules or skirt the boundaries of Sanctum Guard protocol to get things done. Analytical, Vrill was selected for his role due to his quick thinking and ability to act independently.
    • History: An undercover officer of the Sanctum Guard, Vrill was out of the Koro when the siege came and the guard's command structure disintegrated. Lacking leadership and not wanting to break his cover, he travelled around the Wahi to continue the investigation he was tasked with, albeit more as a vigilante than a guardsman.

      After the recapture of Ko-Koro, Vrill returned, disheartened.

      While Vrill is adept with his sword, he primarily uses his element in combat, with his sword acting more as a Toa tool for directing his elemental power usage with less effort and more strength than a weapon made of pure crystal, although he does use conjure those on occasion. He relies on his kanohi to give him an edge in combat with impossible reaction times, using his advantage to better predict, dodge, and redirect the attacks of his opponent for a swift victory or escape. In times of need, he can whip out his patero for a quick table-turning grenade round.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Plainclothes Patrolman: Vrill keeps his identity as a Sanctum Guard secret, allowing him to perform investigations others can't. Revealing this can be dangerous, and as such, such a threat can be exploited.
      • Cutting Edge: Vrill's custom sword's design means it's actually dull when crystals are not grown on the outside edge. Even when those crystals are grown, it can't cut much more powerfully than a crystalline sword.
      • Free Your Mind: The Mask of Perception requires moderation to use without giving pain to the user. Push Vrill too hard and have him overclock for too long, and you can get an easier opening.

    The Wyvern

    • Name: Long Dihunai (DEE-you-nigh)
    • Species: Dasaka
    • Clan: Long
    • Caste: Menti
    • Gender: Female
    • Appearance: Dihunai is a shorter than average Dasakan, with her toned physique obscured by her flowing, navy blue robes. The outer layer of her lightweight, mobility-optimized armor is composed of a carefully woven, fire-resistant fabric. Her attire looks almost ceremonial, with the edges of the cloth decorated in the signature red-orange color symbolizing Clan Long leadership, however the calculated folds and tucks betray a tactical efficiency - her clothing is loose fitting where possible, and tightly bound where it matters, making it difficult to discern what might be concealed beneath the baggy sections. Dihunai's gloves and boots are mostly a charcoal grey, with the latter being reinforced with crystal in typical Dasakan style, albeit in a blood orange swirl that could easily draw one's eye to it like the infinite fractals within an opal. The edges of with the signature red-orange color of Clan Long leadership snaking throughout the edges of the fabric in her robes as a secondary color. The hilts of ruby-hued crystalline knives poke out slightly from their sheathes on opposite sides of both of her hardened boots.

      Dihanu's marble-colored Kanohi is a nearly featureless oblong surface, as if Zuto Nui had set out to make a Pakari but decided the only details necessary were the two holes from which Dihunai's bright golden optics shine through. The only feature on the kanohi is a third eyehole that forms a perfectly equilateral triangular pattern on the kanohi's forehead, although this symbolic third eye is merely an engraving through half of the Kanohi, and not a full hole.
    • Mask: Mask of Perception (Approved by Nuju Metru & Reapproved by Tyler Durden)
      • This Kanohi, when activated, enhances the thought processes and sensory input of the user, Giving a surreal experience to the user, as if time had slowed down around him/her.
      • This Kanohi does not alter time in any way, only letting the user experience more and comprehend faster, thus giving the "Slow-Motion" illusion. The user's body is as at the same speed of control as normal, so the user cannot use the mask to do impossibly fast attacks, etc.
      • The user is able to control how much faster his mind is, with a maximum of increasing his/her awareness tenfold from his normal perception of time.
      • The higher the speed the wearer's mind overclocks to, the more strain is put on his/her system, and memories of the experiences aren't as clear as normal memories would be. Prolonged periods of using the mask or using it many times in succession will give the user headaches of varying sizes, depending on the time used, speed used, and frequency.
    • Powers:
      • Ideatalk
      • Soulfire (The Breath of the Dragon)
      • Soulfire Menti Techniques:
        • Dragon's Teeth
        • Dragon's Scales
        • Dragon's Heart
    • Equipment:
      • Crystal Dagger: A long, mostly ceremonial dagger composed of a blood red crystal blade on a blackened wood grip. Sheathed horizontally along the back of her belt.
      • Throwing Knives (8x): Dihunai's body is laced with thin crystalline knives, balanced for reliable throwing accuracy. Four are sheathed in her boots, one up each sleeve, and the last two on her chest beneath her robes.
      • Shuriken (12x): Three crystal Shuriken are tucked up each sleeve for quick access, with the other six on Dihunai's chest beneath her robes.
    • Technological Equipment:
      • Compass: Cutting-edge lodestone-based navigational technology.
    • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • Personality & Traits: If you're not careful around her, you might get a contact dose of confidence when in proximity to Dihunai. Her boldness can be equally reassuring and intimidating, depending on the circumstances in which you discover her competitiveness. Utterly serious, improvement is Dihunai's singleminded focus, which some weaker-willed mahi-ple could consider abrasive. Dihunai greatly respects the value tradition and discipline have in Dasakan society.
    • History: Dihunai's life has revolved around becoming the next great soulfire master for as long as many can remember. With the impossible temporally precise vision her Kanohi provided her, she became a natural student, using the mask of perception to study the minute movements in the styles of Clan Long masters, until she mastered three techniques to become one herself.

      Dihunai's greatest training aid became her downfall on her quest for true mastery, however. The over-reliance on enhancing her mind for impossibly fast reaction times and unbelievably precise strikes was incompatible with the level of mental focus required for the Dragon's Rage technique. After sustaining (and causing) injuries in her attempt to learn the technique too soon, a depressed Dihunai paused her studies. Having since realized her crutch, she's spent her time teaching the other three techniques to others, using her Kanohi to better observe her students form, while practicing to slowly rely on her Kanohi less and less, so that one day she might attempt to learn Dragon's Rage once more, or die trying.

      The Rahkshi invasion put those plans to a halt, and it took all of Dihunai's tricks to stay alive in the initial waves. Many of her fellow masters fell in battle before Long Shunkyou ordered a retreat. In the ensuing chaos, Dihunai lead several Menti on an escort mission to bring civilians to Sado and eventually the evacuation fleet. Her bravery in combat and the fact that her convoy survived in any numbers at all caught the Rora's attention, and on the long voyage to Mata Nui, Dihunai began to train Yumiwa, and occasionally advise on strategy, off the record.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Sovereign Wyvern: Dihunai speaks her mind whether others like it or not, and this undiplomatic behavior can easily become counterproductive.
      • Dragon's Lust: Dihunai is the best, and she'll push past her limits to prove that.
      • Silent Running: Dihunai wears lightweight padded armor that is excellent at reducing blunt force trauma, but is more vulnerable to piercing or slashing attacks. For such dangers, she relies on her mastery of the Dragon's Scales technique to protect her, but this always carries risk.
      • Thrice as Bright: While Dihunai has a near-mastery of soulfire Menti techniques, her reliance on her powers for combat, and having a Kanohi that can impart mental strain with intense usage, can lead to not having enough focus for longer battles.

    The Climber

    • Name: Varqui (Vahr-KEY)
    • Species: Vo-Skakdi
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: Varqui has a rugged, wide-shouldered build, even for a Skakdi. He's mostly swirling shades of blue, with chalky white hands, and white skakdi runes emblazoned across his armor in a mystical fashion. His presence is made more imposing by how his equipment makes his arms and back more thickly armored and deadlier, with spikes along the each vambrace that can be used to hook into a rock wall and slow a tumble. His entire armor set has been reworked to be ergonomic and nimble for maximum agility in climbing and combat, although the necessary exoskeleton-like mountings for securing cables and fuel tubes makes it appear top-heavy. It has a climbing harness integrated into it's design, and various pouches are attached in a modular fashion. A large leather holster on his right thigh holds Thunder, and one climbing hook dangles from his thick belt on either side of his body.
    • Powers: 
      • Elemental lightning (In conjunction with another Skakdi)
      • X-ray vision
    • Equipment:
      • Spiked Boots: Reinforced boots with spikes on the bottom for ease in securing footing. Shaped like a cowboy boot, with the toes end narrowing into a sharp spike
      • Climbing Picks: Steel hooks used for climbing rock walls, easily able to support more than Varqui's body weight if needed.
      • Binoculars: To look out at his kingdom from atop his peaks.
      • Arm Blades: Varqui's gauntlets have a variety of spring-loaded blades along their underside, which can be deployed rapidly to slow a fall or get out of a tight situation.
    • Technological Equipment:
      • Grapnel Gun: Mounted to Varqui's left forearm is a unique firearm that uses compressed air to fire a metal grappling hook long distances. This grappling hook is connected to load-bearing cable that wraps around several pulleys and into a spool mounted within Varqui's backpack armor, where a winch is stored that can retract the grapple hook back to a firing position with remarkable torque at the press of a button. Somehow, it's possible for this device to even lift Varqui himself, provided that the grapnel is securely mounted. The Grapnel gun is recharaged with compressed air from a tube connecting to Varqui's backpack.
      • Flamethrower: Mounted to Varqui's right forearm is a miniature flamethrower, fed with a highly flammable alcohol stored in a tank in Varqui's backpack. The nozzle is tuned for a wide, imposing flame that only reaches a few meters ahead - great in close quarters and for theatricality and/or deception. It is possible to just flick on the pilot light, a tactic commonly used for lighting celebratory cigars.
      • Thunder: A double-barrel, break action shotgun in side-by-side configuration. Lacking a stock and sporting short barrels, it kicks like a mule and hand a report fitting it's name, but it's capable of solving two problems at once, with one hand. Spare shells (With loads ranging from birdshot to protosteel slugs) are stored in a bandolier across Varqui's chest, and Thunder itself is kept in a beefy leather thigh holster.
    • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • Personality & Traits: Bold and brash, Varqui takes what he wants from Zakaz because it is rightfully his. There is no feat he cannot accomplish, and none can convince him otherwise.
    • History: Varqui was never the strongest or fastest or smartest skaklet when growing up in the Garsi clan. He still isn't... but the first two, he's working on. One day he started talking of the prophecy of The One who would conquer the mountains of Zakaz and bring glory back to the Skak:dii, for he who can dominate the mountains, deserved domain over the valleys. It is not known if such a prophecy actually exists or not, but that doesn't stop Varqui from proclaiming it's truth

      Since then, Varqui has been training for his ascendance, and plans to stake his claim on Zakaz, or die trying.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Chosen One In Progress: Varqui boasts of a grand destiny for himself, that he is the conqueror of mountains and valleys that some prophecy foretold. Therefore, he must defend his honor against those who consider that a bluff.
      • Wired: When Varqui's grapnel gun is in use, slicing the cord or otherwise manipulating it may hinder him until it can be repaired or replace. Slicing the cord running along his right arm will cut off the fuel supply to his flamethrower.
      • Tuma Syndrome: The machinery underneath the backplate of his armor houses the power and control for his flamethrower and grapnel gun, including storing the cord and any fuel. Handle with caution.

    The Slate

    • Name: Myhruk (meer-OOK)
    • Species: Su-Lesterin
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: Myhruk's hardened body is coated in a drab gradient of light grey. The entire coloration is inconsistent, darker in some areas, lighter in others. Clotted ash and dust from Ta-Koro's volcanic smog congealed to make his armor look like it was made from the region's igneous rock itself in some kind of camouflage pattern. His chest has symmetrical streaks of a faded white that trace up through the orange and grey spackle of his neck before stopping short of his orange head. His mask of emulation is sleek, almost reminiscent of a Kakama that had been smoothed like a rock in a riverbed. Cerulean optics drift with memories of the seas beneath the faded white Kanohi.

      Myrhuk's shoulders are lightly armored and differ in coloration - underneath light speckles of ashen grey is a vibrant orange, swirling with 'keetorange' patterns like birthmarks. His forearms are more heavily armored with reinforced vambraces, ending in darker grey hands calloused and strengthened from years of hard labor. Similarly, his legs have thick protection at and below the knee, but are limber for flexibility at his soot-covered orange thighs.

      Around Myrhuk's waist is a sturdy belt containing some pouches for his belongings as well as a sheath for his dagger and a slot where his hammer can hang from. In a lightweight quiver slung across his back on his bandolier rest Myhruk's sticks.
    • Mask: Mask of Emulation
    • Powers:
      • Almost complete resistance to heat.
      • Natural poison/toxin resistance
    • Equipment:
      • Hammer: A common tool amongst tradesmen, sized for a Toa. Useful for when all you see are nails.
      • Dagger: The original multi-tool.
      • Brass Knuckles (x2): More a show of force than an actual weapon - more often used to communicate just how deadly Myhruks fists are to any fools goading Myhruk into a bar fight than to actually tenderize said patrons.
      • Sticks (x2): Two knurled protosteel rods the size of shortswords that have machined slots on one end to lock into each other to form a longer range stick. Unassuming yet brutal weapons when necessary.
      • Lightstone: For spelunking.
    • Technological Equipment:
      • Compass: A personal possession Myhruk has kept with him as long as he can remember. This combat is an antique, marked with military precision yet with the flair of an officer's pride given that the artisan who made it long ago took the time to etch images of strange ships in the metal, though much luster has been lost beneath centuries of tarnish.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • Personality & Traits: Myhruk is an independent young fellow, striving to strengthen himself because he has never known family or friendship. While in some ways this makes him a textbook loner, Myhruk tries his best to change that situation, even if he has his doubts about the effectiveness of that. This constant dichotomy aggravates him and he isn't sure why, which only aggravates him even further.
    • History: Despite having been on Mata Nui for a long time, only recently has Myhruk begun to remember his past before washing ashore. Foggy memories are clouded by strange sorrows and youth alike - the young Myhruk prefers to think towards his future, as his adolescence would not be a tale worth remembering compared to the heights he has reached and will continue to.

      Myhruk drifted to Ta-Koro shortly after his arrival, diving headfirst into the city. Many mistakes later, he truly earned his freedom from an exploitative contract, hence why he values his independence and self-reliance so highly. While he looks up to the Ta-Koro guard as protectors of his city and considered joining up, he elected to do his part to defend his city on his own terms.

      Myhruk uses his natural abilities to his advantage, working many dangerous jobs in the city of lava, but never staying tied down to one.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Grounded: For as long as Myhruk can remember, he has been uncomfortable on boats. Be it the swaying of the deck, the mysteries of the deep, or the nightmares of the light of the sun fading through the waves above him, Myhruk is superstitious and averse to contesting the power of the tides.
      • Rebellion Mode: Ego can be a weapon. Myhruk rejects definition and values independence wherever he can take it.

    The Fixer

    • Name: Kihr (KEY-irr)
    • Species: Ga-Lesterin
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: Kihr looks like an item one would describe with the oxymoron of "well worn, but in excellent condition." His advanced age is obvious across his armor - it might have fit a younger man better, and a younger man wouldn't have as many mechanical implants either. The majority of his armor, including his Kanohi, is a dark blue, faded to the point of being more like a blue-ish tint of dark grey. The sandy brown accent colors on his hands, chest, and thighs were presumptuously once a bold keetorange.

      Kihr has light green optics, but appears to be missing the same glow from where his heartlight should be visible. Instead, below where his heartlight would be, there are occasionally blinking buttons in a control panel embossed into his chest. Some red, some green, some yellow, and some blue, how this contraption is programmed and what they mean isn't self-evident. These status lights can be turned off, and often are unless an emergency arises.

      Kihr wears a faded light blue shemagh over his shoulders like a scarf. Sometimes the tail of the thin, poncho-like garment gets caught in the wind like the tiniest of capes. There's an emblem adorning its surface that few would remember outside of history books. A leather belt carries an ancient-looking leather holster for an equally obsolescent large-framed revolver. The large flap of the military-style holster is often left buttoned shut, and the weapon appears more for ceremonial purposes than practical. Spurs adorn his armored boots, giving his gait an extra jingle-jangle-jingle that announces his presence even more than the pumping and wheezing of his augmentations.
    • Mask: Kanohi Arthron
    • Powers: Ga-Lesterin have several passive powers:
      • Kihr is able to hold his breath for exceptionally long periods of time.
      • Heightened agility, although Kihr only displays it when necessary.'
      • Enhanced digestive system and poison resistance.
    • Equipment:
      • Cigar Case: Smoking is bad for your health.
      • Lighter: A flick-out style metal lighter, polished to perfection. An emblem few would recognize is engraved in its body.
      • Canesword: A rapier sheathed in an inconspicuous wooden cane.
      • Seprillian Army Knife: A small folding pocket knife, with various other utilities such as a screwdriver and bottle opener.
      • Poison Vials (7x): Small glass containers of a toxic purple substance that he distills from a pleasant smelling acid-lavender flowers that dot the Zakazian landscape. One full container is enough to be fully dispersed by his Typhoon system.
    • Technological Equipment:
      • Typhoon: Kihrs implants have made him a living weapon. Various ports around his upper body can rapidly excrete toxic gasses from vials that Kihr can restock via a secret chamber in his stomach. The gas cloud it creates has a three to four meter radius.
      • Wanderer: A robust revolver with a surprisingly large bore diameter and stopping power to match, this pistol looks more oriented towards hunting game than sapients. A recognizably older design of weapon that predates the post-post-apocalyptic reimaginings of the modern Zakazian arms market, it's home is a well-aged, practically antique leather holster on Kihr's belt. Upon closer inspection, the line of what one might assume to be stitching along the top of the outer flap is actually a length of tally marks. It's easy to speculate what each notch meant. The long rounds of this revolver are kept in small loops dotted across his belt. A few are blanks, not that anyone besides Kihr knew which, or could tell the difference from a glance at any regular distance.
      • Peacekeeper: The standard for personal defense. Single action, snub-nosed, loaded one round at a time. Held in an armpit holster hidden in a cavity under the left armor plating of his highly modified chestplate that he can open on command. Kihr keeps his spare shells for this revolver loosely in a pocket on his belt. Unlike Wanderer, this is a common caliber and more often that not, these rounds are used as currency to Kihr. Rarely does his backup gun see so much action so as to merit a combat reload.
      • Derringer: An over-under double-barrel pistol. Highly concealable, fitting into a compartment at the heel of his left boot. The backup gun for his backup gun.
    • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • Personality & Traits: Old, wizened, and slow, Kihr respects the power of promises. He knows there are laws, even amongst the lawless, and does everything in accordance with those rules. He plays the game fairly, but with a healthy recognition that survival is not mandatory on Zakaz. Sometimes it's hard to tell if he's playing an act, or just plain forgetful.
    • History: Not much is known about Kihr besides he is very old and equally quiet.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Man of His Word: A rare trait on Zakaz, Kihr always honors his promises. For that reason, he rarely gives out any assurances.
      • Life Support: Kihr's survival into advanced age is more than a fluke of probability or the blessing of raw skill - he's kept spry though his vast array of mechanical implants, which while resilient, can be damaged specifically, or susceptible to other means of malfunction such as magnetic interference or electrical shocks.

    ~~ WIP ZONE AHEAD ~~

    The Courier - Soon™

    • Name: Frii'Glokk
    • Species: Fe-Skakdi
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance:
    • Equipment:
      • Bayonet
      • Shield
    • Technological Equipment:
      • Prosthetic Arm Gun
    • Alignment: Neutral
    • Personality & Traits
    • History:
    • Weaknesses:
      • The Phantom Pain:
      • Forgetful Fog: His memories were purged by an unknown cause before his arrival on Mata Nui. Certain objects might trigger harsh reactions from subconscious memories of his past.
      • Bulked Up:

    The Negotiator - Soon™

    The Prodigal - Soon™

    • Name: Cyprahn (See-PRAH-n)
    • Species: -Lesterin
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: 
    • Mask: Kanohi Komau
    • Powers: Lesterin have several powers that 
    • Equipment:
    • Technological Equipment:
    • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • Personality & Traits
    • History: Cyprahn is the son of Seprilli's newspaper magnate. After his father died suddenly of natural causes, Cyprahn took over his father's empire. Although his skills in management and finance are nowhere near as adept as his father, he continues to boast that his success is due to his own prowess.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Prodigal Son: Adnasd

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  • Name: Ra'lhen Kodin
    Wiki page: Ra'lhen
    Power: Can create, control, and absorb electrical energy. Can also shield himself from any physical attack of which he is aware. Sometimes, he can channel enough electricity through metal to create an electromagnetic field, but this takes a lot of his power and could only be sustained for a couple of minutes, tops.
    Weapon: Two-handed Longsword

    Appearance: Slightly shorter than the average height of a Toa, but he is very muscled enough to still remain as brawny as he is handsome. His new armor is a soft pearly white that compliments his blue limbs and match his white pauldrons and white boots. Despite the coloring, the armor is very sturdy and protective, absorbing a surprising amount of force without compromising on comfort.
    Biography: A long time ago, he was the leader of the Toa Kodin. Now, the deep-voiced swordsman known as Ra'lhen is constantly tormented by the memories of the Dark Time. Once on a mission to avenge the First Toa and slay the Makuta, the unfortunate hero found himself influenced and forced into mental bondage by the dark god and given the slave name "Ronkshou". Now, Ra'lhen serves as a Sentinel in the port town of Ostia, under the supervision of Toa Wokodin.

    While he is not as strong now as he was when his name was Ronkshou, he is still a formidable opponent with centuries of fighting experience. Combined with his ability to stun or shock his opponents, there is still much to be concerned about for those who would want to harm him.

    He recently received new pearly white armor to replace his red armor, which in a way, helped Ra'lhen shed the last of his identity as Makuta's servant
    Weakness: His mind is still recovering from his time as Makuta's slave, which makes him especially susceptible to mental attacks. Telekinesis and gravity elemental powers can also disorient him if he is not prepared. 


    Name: Niici (Pronounced "NEE-See")
    Wiki Page: 
    Niici (BZPRPG III)
    Species: Toa
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Money
    Mask: Great Matatu
    Power: Ice and Telekinesis
    Weapon: Crystal-Mounted Staff
    Appearance: She proudly wears sapphire-colored armor and has a blue crystal on her staff. The staff is lighter than it looks. While she tries to hide it, but toned arm and leg muscles imply serious athletic training in her earlier years. She is also herself very young, and would be about 26 in human years. Her riches exclusive cloths also make her exceptionally attractive and one of the most wanted bachelorettes on Mata Nui.

    Biography: Niici is one of the last people that villagers would expect to become a Toa. Since birth, she has already been sickly and weak, needing constant attention to function in this harsh natural setting. However, her problems have only encouraged her to push herself further and acquire all that it takes to become a legendary Toa. A left-handed fighter and socialite, she can be very unpredictable.

    WeaknessesShe's a lefty. She depends on a periodic dosage of an herbal medicine that she can make herself. Without it, she will become physically ill. Combat-wise, she is weaker than the average female Toa. However, combatants should be warned that Niici believes that her condition gives her cause to fight dirty.


    Name: Vidar (Pronounced VEE-dahr)
    Wiki Page
    Species: Toa
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: same as whoever gives him orders
    Mask: Miru (possibly powerless)
    Power: Adept combatant and follows orders exactly. No real powers. Possibly has air powers, possibly not. 
    Weaknesses: His sanity is virtually non-existent. Often depends on directions from someone else in order to do anything useful
    Weapon: none
    Biography: Vidar was one of Makuta's most feared minions. He recruited Echelon and chased down Tamaru, helping kill him. He then worked with Echelon, Ronkshou, and others to execute Hafu, the famous carver. Later, he tried to kill the Wanderer and his company. He was held at bay by Toa Antrim. Finally, he was defeated by Joske at the Battle of Kini Nui. The battle rendered him insane because of the severe injuries, and he hasn't been seen since.

    He has been trained to follow the orders of the people who did eventually find him. He lacks the mental capacity to execute or understand complex plans, and the orders he follows come in the form of bird-speak. He lacks the will to act on his own, and so his actions only reflect the will of those who give him orders. 


    Name: Makua (Pronounced MACK - ooh - wah)
    Wiki Page: 
    Type: Toa
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Self
    Mask: Great Calix
    Powers: Can create, absorb, and manipulate ice and cold energy. Can also fight and move at peak performance when his mask is activated, achieving physical feats that most would consider impossible.
    Weapon: Longsword, called the Sword of Vengeance. Also carries a shield with an engraving of a Calix in the center.
    Appearance: Has an icy white body with light gray limbs. He sports golden pauldrons, dark gray armor, but a bright white Kanohi mask and white boots. He is tall for a Toa and muscled with broad shoulders, and has enough nicks and scars to show that he is an experienced fighter. 

    Biography: Unlike most Ko-Toa, Makua is very loud and extroverted. He has the strength and endurance of a Stone Toa, and has the temper of a Fire Toa. These qualities are what make him a Toa best left alone, though he is able to be balanced by the even more boisterous Tailua. He is able to withstand heat to a greater degree than the average Toa of Ice, and naturally, he is most dangerous in the Ko-Wahi drifts.

    Weaknesses Prefers hand to hand or melee fighting and lacks experience with projectiles. Related to this, he does not fight as well against multiple enemies of varying disciplines. 


    Name: Tailua (Pronounced tie - LOOH - wah)
    Wiki Page: 
    Type: Toa
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Self
    Mask: Great Sanok
    Powers: Can create, absorb, and manipulate fire and heat energy. Can also hit most targets with any sort of projectile when his mask is activated.
    Weapons: Attachable Metal barrel used to shoot fireballs. Attachable shortsword. Attachable rusty hook (for show)
    Appearance: Has what some have called an "inverted torso". He was a similar build to Toa Pohatu, however, he has red body, feet, and mask. He also has gray arms and legs. He is burly and broad-shouldered. Lastly, he is missing a right hand. Instead, there is a metal cap which allows him to attach various tools. 

    Biography:  Tailua cared about order and work, but cared less about ethics and the feelings of others. He is loud and boisterous, and has spent most of his time traveling Mata Nui with his best friend Makua. One fateful day, he discovered a ragged-looking Toa wondering aimlessly through the Le-Wahi jungle. Tailua and Makua then went to the owner of a circus in Fau Swamp in order to use the Toa (known as Vidar) to do skits and performances. Makua and Tailua are both well-versed in bird-speak, and were able to train Vidar. Makua acted as the carrot, and Tailua was the stick.

    Weaknesses Prefers fire projectiles and elemental manipulation and lacks experience with hand-to-hand combat. He does not fight tactically, and lacks a lot of the combat discipline that most Toa have. This can make him more dangerous, but a Toa who has been trained or is creative enough may be able to use this to their advantage.



    Name: Tairax the Showman / the Hat Guy
    Species: Skakdi
    Gender: Male
    Element: Gravity
    Vision Power: Infrared Vision
     He is slender and hunched, giving him an unassuming appearance. He is gray and white, with a purple spine and face. He is about the same height as your average Skakdi on Zakaz, but his relative thinness causes many to underestimate his deadliness. His face has many scars, especially around the mouth, and his hands are brutally calloused from doing who knows what. He has a somewhat stilted and unpredictable gait, and he’s periodically seen licking the scars around his lips. Scars decorate the rest of his body from battles won in the past.

    Weapons: Tairax is one of very few Zakazians to wear a hat, but it is not simply a hat. Large, angled blades extend from the headdress, allowing the Skakdi to use it as a deadly boomerang. This weapon stuns and can disarm foes with its barbed blades and occasional static shock. When the boomerang returns to Tairax, the blades retract, and it resumes the appearance of a hat. This hat in particular would look vaguely like a pork pie hat in our world. (Approved by Ghosthands)

    His second weapon is an impact walking stick. Decorated with many archaic symbols, its origins continue to be a mystery to Zakazians. It’s mostly silver, with bronze highlights around the handle. However, this walking stick is amazingly durable and able to withstand blows even from warhammers. The tip of the stick is able to send violent shockwaves when striking the ground or an enemy, which is what gives it its “impact” power. (Approved by Ghosthands)

    Finally, Tairax carries three long knives. He prefers these to guns because with knives, he can savor “all the emotions of one’s final moments”.

    Powers, fighting style, and weaknesses: Tairax is playful and unpredictable. He largely prefers to talk his way through conflict. But when death is what’s required, the hunter is sneaky and underhanded, lulling enemies into a sense of comfort and superiority before killing them by targeting a critical weakness. Most Skakdi depend on their brawn and endless ferocity to achieve victory, and Tairax has learned how to turn this against most opponents. With such a large mass comes a few select pressure points, which, if targeted with his weapons, will bring down a Skakdi’s massive weight onto themselves. Tairax has seen bones of Skakdi double his size break under the weight of attacked pressure points, and his underhanded style has never failed him yet. His disarming laugh is also a boon, as it often comes when a blow is dealt to him.

    His weakness is that he is lither than most Skakdi. If he were to take a direct hit from these more brawny opponents, it would surely spell the end of him. Despite this, he actually has the resilience to take a beating more than a lot of other Skakdi, hence the many battle scars.

    Biography: Tairax has no friends, deemed a freak from a very young age by fellow Skakdi and Lesterin alike. Scorned and abandoned, Tairax learned how to make his own fun. He sought out animals to run his little “experiments” on. Eventually, he began hunting Lesterin for sport, followed by elderly and young Skakdi. After decades of terror, he become so feared that most Skakdi deny his very existence. A brutal warrior with the disposition of a traveling bard wasn’t just uncommon — it was completely unheard of. Not even Tairax himself had a word for what he became, but because his escapades were so entertaining to him, he settled on the title of “Showman”. Others who’ve witnessed Tairax and his acts have given him the nickname of Hat Man or Hat Guy, because of the strange-looking headdress that resembles a pork pie hat in our world.

    Tairax’s vision power makes him an effective hunter, and he almost never gives up on a hunt.

    Personality and Traits: Tairax is as playful as he is bloodthirsty. He appears to be completely insane except for the fact that his fighting style and tactics are way too organized for him to not be fully aware and in control. In fact, Tairax’s personality could likely be better described as counter-cultural.

    Like most Skakdi, Tairax has little respect for Lesterin as a species. He is often seen hunting them down and drawing out their assassinations for hours on end.

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  • :t::a::r::r::m_o::k:
    Skakdii Mercenary

    Tarrok is a hulking black Skakdi with colorful designs painted over his armor, which depict Tahtorahk, dragons, and demons battling the ancestors across his arms, torso, and legs. Upon his face, he bears a tattoo of Irnakk’s ancient worlds: Fan:Dii, Balom Skak:Dii, as a reminder to everyone of the nature of his race. A thick cluster of spikes runs down his back, sticking in all directions. A deep scar runs across the left side of his face, over an empty eye socket, but his right eye burns amber with an intensity that reflects his hunger for life. 

    Tarrok dreams of having powers like the ancestors of old, but makes what he can of his one eye of impact vision and his latent elemental power over air, which can only be used in conjunction with other Skakdi. Even without powers, he is a force to be reckoned with, a trained warrior who could lift a boulder as large as he and twirl a blade like a showman duelist. 

    Tarrok is a warrior by profession, and his tools of the trade come in a variety of shapes: daggers, swords, caltrops, grappling hooks, and other bladed objects, but his prized possession is his Sword Hammer —  a Warhammer with a blade running parallel to the shaft, so he can safely hold it along the length of the weapon, using his immense strength to either swing the hammer or invert it and wield it like a sword. The blade can vibrate at immense speeds, allowing it to cut through rock, weak metal, and the bodies of his enemies. He also carries a harpoon gun mounted on his left forearm, which can be used to grapple to higher places or impale his enemies and drag them back toward him. 

    Tarrok would never admit to his faults in combat, but he knows what they are: his left arm is weaker than his right, and his left eye is gone, meaning his aim is poor, and his vision power is half as strong as it should be. These drawbacks trouble him little, for he knows how to compensate for them. What haunts him wherever he goes is his fear: Of water, of dark things beneath the earth, and most of all, of his own death. 

    (Sword Hammer and harpoon gun approved by Tyler)

    Rougish Toa of Sand

    Verak’s lithe, tan and brown body shows the history of his thrill seeking, marked with scratches, gouges, and scars that are he retains of his many adventures. His Kanohi Kualsi is equally distressed, missing both of its usual prongs and a section of crest above the head. But the decades of battering have no effect on his bearing — he swaggers, smiles, and winks like a man who’s never failed at anything in his life.

    Verak is, in theory, has all the same powers as a Toa of Stone, but he’s never learned how to use something as solid as real rock. All he’s able to command is the sort of stone that’s as shifting and mercurial as he is. This makes him a force to be reckoned with on beaches and deserts, but leaves him without any elemental resources in other environments beside the flask of sand he carries with him wherever he goes. He does retain the use of his Kanohi Kualsi wherever he travels, making him a slippery opponent to pin down. 

    Verak currently carries a flask of sand, a few days provisions, a knife, a handful of stolen widgets, and not much else.

    Verak is a master of repressed memories, hunted by demons that catch up to him if he slows down too much.  He can never settle down, and abandons his short-lived friends and companions without even a goodbye. He’s impulsive to a fault, and never realizes the consequences in his actions until they catch up to him.

    Ko-Matoran Captain of the Sanctum Guard

    Korzaa is a stocky, well built soldier, who bears the scars and the weary attitude of someone who’s been at war for her entire life. She has the white and blue armor of the average Ko-Matoran and a crude plain Hau. 

    Although she has no special powers of her own, she has authority over the newly strengthened Ko-Koro guard, and her centuries of experience in war has made her a keen tactician and a bold and trustworthy commander. In combat, she is brave, quick thinking, and competent with a spear.

    She owns little, but is never parted from her small knife and her standard issue Ko-Koro guard spear. 

    Despite her position, she does not understand politics. She is slow to trust, stubborn, and always ready to prioritize Ko-Koro’s safety over anything else, for better or worse. Her great failure at defending the village against the Makuta-followers haunts her every day. 

    Skakdi Thug

    Kirik’s eyes burn with lust for violence, and his wiry green body belies the strength he needs to enact it. He has four arms, two mechanical, and three hands — one of his original ones was chopped off at the elbow, and has been replaced with a long thin blade, which he tries to make use of at least as much as his hands. He has only a few thick spikes protruding from his back, with a cluster of small horns rising from the back of his skull, and large teeth are filed into predatory points. A few black demonic symbols are tattooed in seemingly random places along his frame, some magic ritual with a purpose known only to him. He’s built to kill, and it’s his favorite hobby.

    In a fight, Kirik is fast, strong, and merciless. He usually wields a dagger in the hands that haven’t already been replaced by one and rushes headlong at his foe, firing his laser vision. His lasers behave a little differently than most, moving slower but zigzagging unpredictably, sometimes even able to fire around corners.

    Kirik has two important pieces of tech: his two robotic arms, surgically affixed below his real ones on the sides of his torso, which are thinner than his real ones. Despite the assurances of the Skakdi surgeon who attached them at knifepoint, their connection to his nervous system isn’t as precise as it should be, giving him some trouble controlling them, and sometimes they behave as if they had a mind of their own. His prized possession, however, is the motorbike he has lovingly dubbed “Lante”. Kirik knows enough about how it works to just barely keep it in working order, and has decorated it with the skulls of his enemies, making it a mobile shrine to his murderous habits. A few unclean spears protrude from the front of the vehicle, and blades stick out of its sides and its wheel wells, allowing him to use the bike as a weapon, not just for transportation. Although far from the most well built bike out there, it’s hardy, tough, and functions well. 

    Kirik’s intellect is not his strong suit. He thinks only of one thing: how he can get his next kill. Therefore, he’s easily fooled, but tries to make up for it with sheer unpredictable fury — the unpredictability of his vision power and his extra arms often lead him to surprise even himself in combat. 

    (Robotic arms and Lante the motorbike approved by Tyler)

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  • Name

    Dehkaz Kyhrilik


    Toa of Magnetism




    A burly, broad-shouldered man of impressive physique indicative of a regimented lifestyle of dedicated training. While only slightly above average in height, his heavy build and ramrod posture make him easy to pick out in a crowd. As with most Toa of Magnetism, Dehkaz's natural armor is primarily an indigo black and dark slate. These hues are accentuated by a cobalt tone that adorns his shoulders, back, and torso; as well as running down the outside of his arms and legs down to his feet. A bright orange sits beneath the rest, situated around the joints and other flexible sections. The design of his natural armor is angled and geometric, and has an overall matte quality to it.
    The armor he wears is rugged and plated, allowing for moderate range of motion on top of exceptional protection. It's heavier than most worn by Guard members, though makes up for the added weight with sheer durability. A collared cuirass and flat plates which wrap around his torso and abdomen provide exceptional protection. The right shoulder guard is angular and extends to most of his upper arm; meanwhile the left is composed of large, flat plates, serving as a small shield. A long segmented piece travels down the length of his spine for an extra layer of protection, forming part of the cuirass near his upper back. The gauntlets of his armor are bulky and blockish, connecting to the armored plates protecting his hands with segments that cover his wrist. His right gauntlet cuts off at his fingers to allow for unobstructed movement when using his weapons. A leather belt is strapped from his shoulder to his hip, while another is slung across his waist. Both hold the various magazines for his rifle, in addition to the holster for his pistol. His rifle is normally slung across his back. This armor is mainly a sand, flat dark earth color, and shares the general design language of the standard Sentinel armor. Markings of burnt yellow and black cover these plates in straight, parallel lines. His left gauntlet is an unpainted dark grey, and is marked in yellow.
    Prefers to wear a rugged, and rather worn, duster when not expecting to fight. Though it only leaves room for a handful of armor plates beneath it, the lack of clear identification as being a part of the guard has its uses.
    His Kanohi, in the shape of an Arthron, is stylized to match his segmented armor. With strong features and a rugged disposition the Commander is recognizable, his distinct features hinting at Lesterin ancestry. A large scar runs across his left shoulder while another smaller one runs along his jawline on the same side. His Kanohi shares the same indigo-black and cyan coloration of his body. His eyes are grim; the violet orbs holding a piercing gaze. His heartlight shares this deep violet color, as well as the various lights on his natural armor. The Po-Koro Guard symbol is crafted into his right shoulder armor, as well as his current rank of Naval Branch Commander.


    Kanohi Iritak, Great Mask of Laser Vision- Its power is pretty much what the title of the mask says: It allows the wearer to shoot variable-sizing (from very thin to as thick as one's eye) lasers from their eyes. Unlike the Avohkii, it does not provide further light manipulation than that, and a wearer of the Mask of Laser Vision cannot make the lasers any wider than their eyes without help or a lens. However, the lasers can be used many more times than regular light powers and can be shot from the pupil of an eye, meaning a wearer only has to turn their eyes, not their head, to fry things with their ocular weapon.


    Dehkaz, as a Toa of Magnetism, has all the powers and abilities that come with that. He can shape, create, and absorb magnetic fields. Applications include magnetizing materials, flying by way of pulling his own armor through the air, firing magnetic pulses, as well as various other techniques and uses. His elemental power also allows him to indirectly manipulate metal, plasma, and even lightning; something which he has developed respectable skill with. He has a very fine control over his elemental power, as a result of both extensive use in combat and dedicated training. He commonly channels his element through his rifle to fire off shots with unprecedented velocity and power.
    In addition his elemental power grants him the ability to sense magnetic fields, giving him a great sense of direction. Very handy when out on the high seas.
    His Kanohi gives him the ability to fire lasers from his eyes, which he has become quite accurate with. After having to use this power as a means to cauterize battlefield wounds the Commander has furthered his ability to control the intensity of the beams.


    A tactician at heart, Dehkaz is a firm believer in out thinking an opponent as a means to swift victory. That being said, overwhelming firepower certainly has its advantages, and he doesn't pass them up. He's a crack shot with his ranged weapons, and integrates his elemental and Kanohi powers liberally into his fighting style, on top of his already varied arsenal of weaponry. Much of the time he works to keep opponents pressured and on the defensive through varied and unrelenting attacks. While no longer his primary armament, he likes to keep his skills with his knives sharp.
    Unarmed Dehkaz is an excellent fighter, relying on an effective hybrid of striking and grappling styles of hand to hand combat which takes advantage of his physical strength. He favors well placed, powerful shots as opposed to volume striking. This focus on power translates into his clinch work and wrestling as well. Liberal use of elbows, knees, and varied kicks round out his striking repertoire. He tends to fight pragmatically so as to end a confrontation before it escalates, he does not prolong engagements unnecessarily nor spend time dueling an opponent.


    Simple knives designed to be thrown with accuracy. They are light, strong, and easily replaced. Their triangular blades resemble kunai. He has about five normal throwing knives and two double-bladed ones to be manipulated by his elemental power. They are stored in a clip on his thigh armor.
    A weapon of his own idea, it was designed and built by the inventor Farzan. It was custom made for his own specialized use, and as such is markedly different from the standard diskette rifle. Visually, the weapon is long and bulky. It is constructed mainly of metal for durability, though it is somewhat heavier as a result. A sturdy stock is attached directly in line with the launching mechanism for stability, while an ergonomic pistol grip is moulded into the weapon itself. Unlike the standard diskette rifle, this version only has a single barrel, which takes the form of a deep vertical slot that runs from the launching mechanism to the end of the rifle. Two bars of alloy flank the groove on either side, in which Dehkaz can channel his elemental power. The weapon loads from a top mounted magazine, and can hold anywhere between five and fifteen shots depending on the ammunition used. Because it only has one barrel, it can only fire half as fast as the normal diskette rifle, however, this allows for a huge increase in stopping power and projectile velocity with the oversized mechanics. A recent modification of his has been to attach a four-edged spike bayonet. It may be removed for use as a normal combat blade, or reversed to be stowed in the handgrip below the barrel.
    A specialized Toa Tool taking the form of two angled, flat bars of metal built into the back of his right gauntlet. There are no internal mechanisms or moving parts to the device, instead each blade encases tightly wound coils of wire. By channeling his elemental power into the weapon he can induce an electric charge within it. Contact will discharge it.
    A modified version of a Patero launcher. Rather than taking the form of a rifle, the mechanisms are built into a gauntlet worn on his left side. Two flattened barrels run parallel to the back of his arm, each covered in a heat shroud. As it is more compact than the rifle variant, each barrel can only be fired once before needing to be repumped. Uses a flammable oil as ammunition, with pellets of photothermic powder within to ignite it on impact.
    Wrist Voto-Lutu Launcher
    A device crafted into the underside of his right gauntlet, this grapple gun allows him to ascend sheer faces and entangle foes with its metal cord. Designed by the inventor Farzan.
    Lens Channel
    A relatively simple device to augment his Kanohi’s ability in the form of a series of flip up lenses which are attached to the underside of his left gauntlet. These are embedded in durable metal to protect the crystalline protodermis lenses, and a flat armored plate folds over them when not in use. There are four currently installed, the main lens which occupies the space closest to his elbow, and then a series of three secondary lenses which each have a different shape. By aiming his Kanohi’s beams through the main lens and one of the secondary lenses he can focus the energy for a specific use. The first of which focuses the beams even more, giving them greater range. The second flattens out the beam into a fan shape, limiting the range but greatly increasing the target area. The third diffuses the beam to significantly less harmful levels, acting as an intense light to blind enemies.
    Smaller than his rifle but easier to conceal, Dehkaz' pistol serves as a backup to his main weapons. It can accept the same ammunition as his rifle in magazines that hold two to seven diskettes each.

    Other Possessions

    Diskette Ammunition
    The ammunition used by his rifle takes on a variety of forms, but all are about the same size and shape, and all are metal to take advantage of his power. The standard ammunition Dehkaz uses are simple solid disks of metal, their edges sharpened for penetrating power. The magazines for his rifle can hold the most of these. He does have more specialized munitions, such as thicker disks that are hollow and filled with "Stralix Powder". These are explosive, and he can only load five in a magazine at once. Another type has grooves cut into the disks, and are designed to shatter into sharp shrapnel upon impact. The final type are covered in wood and blunt, considerably less lethal than his other ammunition.
    A half bio long metal baton, with a leather grip and side-mounted hilt. A button is inlaid with the handle, while the squared length of the weapon is pressed between two conductive bars. Buried within its length are two electric capacitors, which discharge the stored energy into the baton to deliver a shock on contact. It takes a little over a second for the capacitors to charge back up to be used again. Currently completely disassembled and inoperable.
    Equipment Belt
    Carrying various pieces of smaller gear, including things such as metal wire, handcuffs, a collapsing spyglass, and bag of metal shards. 
    Heavy Naginata
    A reinforced, single bladed staff weapon. Crafted from blackwood, the staff is flattened into a rectangular shape, steel running along the length for strength. The blade is heavy, with very little curve. The weapon is currently in two pieces.


    Aggressors Task Force 
    Po-Koro (Commander in the Sentinels)
    Captain of the Fowadi


    Lawful Good


    A previously stoic man whose disposition has since relaxed over the past few years. A strong sense of self-dependence has given way to solid trust in his comrades. He is loyal and more than willing to risk his life for the lives of others, and sacrifice it for his friends. He still retains a pragmatic outlook, though it is distinctively less brutal and cold than it once was. A strong sense of justice guides his moral bearing. While he does not shy away from necessity, he takes no pleasure in taking a life, as unfortunate as it may be. All this paired with a strong concept of duty and commitment lead to a driven, honorable man.
    Confident in his abilities, though keenly aware of his limitations, he nonetheless strives to overcome them. As much for his own sake as for those around him. Failure in any situation could mean losing that which matters the most, an outcome the Commander is never willing to let pass.


    Prefers hand to hand or fully ranged fighting to melee weapon ranges. His loyalty and sense of selflessness can lead to his undoing, would not see harm come to those he cares for or deems as his responsibility while he has any breath left in his lungs.


    Fore - Side - Top - Deck - View - Calm

    Physical Description

    The Fowadi has undergone a number of incremental and large-scale refits over the warship’s service in the Sentinel Navy; the most recent of which has extensively overhauled the ship’s physical structure and capabilities to keep up with the rapid technological development of the island.
    Large, imposing, and heavy, the ship’s hull flares out towards the waterline in a pronounced tumblehome design, as with all Po-Koronan ships to greatly increase stability whilst also allowing for a higher overall profile, providing both a greater number of decks as well as better seakeeping in rough weather. The ship’s bow cants forward and out into a reinforced ram, sitting just below the waterline. Armor plating covers the entire length of the ship, with hardened metal belting wrapped around the hull lines, only broken up by portholes and weapon positions. Amidships and protruding from both sides of the hull is the heavily-armored central battery.
    Jutting out from the tumblehome, all the way up to the main deck, it provides expanded arcs of fire for the mounted weapons within their casemates. The ship’s sheer size and armament has led the Sentinel Navy to give the Fowadi an entirely new naval designation -Anakepakaru.
    Each of the Fowadi’s sails is a crisp white and, although an occasional mended tear can be picked out, well cared-for. Additionally, the rigging is simple, yet efficient - all these innovations indicate just how much time and effort the Sentinels have put into R&D, all to design a ship able to be crewed by much less than its official complement as needed. 
    Two Sentinel skiffs are held in davits on the main deck, serving as scouting vessels for the mothership, as well as the vessel’s lifeboats. Each is equipped with a single disk-launcher for defense.


    The Fowadi's armament includes a mixture of disk-launchers, heavy ballistae, and patero. Two heavy ballistae are mounted on the surface deck (fore and aft respectively) giving them clear arcs of fire. Various types of bolts are stored on deck, including explosive and incendiary. The ballistae are the Fowadi’s longest-ranged weaponry, able to accurately fire bolts out to great distances.
    Supplementing these are nine upsized disk launchers on swiveling mounts, positioned four to the port and starboard sides respectively, plus another towards the fore-end. Larger than standard disk launchers, their projectiles allow for ranged elemental control to those so inclined.
    Enshrined within the ship's armored citadel are casemate-mounted patero launchers. The Fowadi is equipped with a total of twenty spread over two decks; two guns positioned fore, with the remaining eighteen making up the main battery to port and starboard. The fore launchers have slightly better degrees of articulation.

    Complement - Deck Plan

    The Fowadi has accommodations for a full complement, with personal cabins ranging for the ship's Captain and senior officers, plus hammocks hung up along the weapons deck for the rest of the Sentinel crew.
    The Captain’s cabin is located on the starboard side of the aftcastle, connected to a sternwalk that wraps around the aft of the ship. Cabins are positioned on the waterline, crew, and gun decks. Officer cabins are larger, with enough space for a berth and personal storage, while still retaining some space to spare. Crew cabins have between 4-6 bunks per room, with storage space adjacent to each bunk.
    At the stern of the ship, and underneath the Captain’s cabin lies the Fowadi’s radio. A large and powerful affair, it requires so much space that its room spreads through both the gun and crew decks. Most of that space is taken up by the radio itself, which is as bulky as any other on the island. Above the radio, positioned at the aft of the forecastle is the radio operator's room. Said operator is here at all times to monitor communications.
    The ship’s pump sits amidships and towers up between the waterline and crew decks. Capable of switching between pumping in air for the vessel’s patero and pumping out water in case of flooding, it is powered by a series of photovoltaic batteries, ensuring capable performance whenever needed.
    On the starboard side of the waterline deck lies the armory, stocked with the latest technology available to Po-Koro. Next to the armory, at the behest of some of the Aggressors, is a training room not unlike those found back at the Sentinel HQ, albeit smaller. The sickbay is centrally located on the waterline deck, with a number of beds and the tools needed to maintain the ship’s crew. Situated at the foremost on the ship's crew deck is the galley, fully stocked for several months' travel, with the crew's mess attached to the galley on the starboard side. The officer's wardroom sits in the aft of the next deck up - the gun deck. Adjacent to the wardroom is the workshop, equipped with the necessary tools to repair and maintain both the ship's heavy weapons and equipment, as well as those of the crew. Additional training spaces are located in the remaining space on this deck, though are commonly used for weapons testing.
    The forecastle on the main deck has been cleared for use as a gukko stable for Destiny, though also is used to store deck weaponry during rough weather. The aftcastle, in addition to the previously mentioned captain's cabin and radio room, holds a general meeting and readyroom, as well as a heavy equipment room where specialized mission-specific gear is stored.
    Up on the quarterdeck sits the ship's wheel, just before the navigation and map room.



    While he undoubtedly had a name assigned to him at some point, he is known simply as “Arms” by those who know of him. If this is some sort of ironic joke given his biology, or a descriptor of his occupation is not entirely clear.






    A giant among giants, the being known as Arms is of massive scale, as if his form has reached the upper limit of what a sentient being can attain. Unquestionably not Skakdi, though he is neither Lesterin nor Kaiakan either, Arms is a unique creature on the war torn island of Zakaz. Besides his incredible size, the largest deviation from the common species of the island are his, perhaps ironically, arms. All four of them, to be exact. Each massive appendage sprouting from his monstrous upper body ending in a four fingered hand that looks as though they could, and have, crushed bodies in a single grip. His form is roughly comparable to that of the other known bipedal sentient species of the land, though slightly off in disconcerting ways. Animalistic proportions, a hunched posture, and an almost carapace-like quality to his natural armor give some merit to the theory that Arms is some incredibly intelligent Rahi twisted and shaped by the Antidermis on the island.
    Sitting atop his tree trunk of a neck is what in the loosest definition for even a Skakdi could be called a face. Elongated and broad, four slit-like red eyes stare out from either side of his head, the upper one on the left covered by an eyepatch. A pair of ridges, starting at his forehead and terminating into curving horns adorn either side of his skull.
    His armor is primarily jet black, with a haphazard collection of plates and leathers intended for much smaller beings augmenting it.


    None apparent, save his prodigious strength and resistance to bodily harm.


    It’s said that Arms killed a Tahtorak with a single blow, though he himself has never validated these claims. He is unsurprisingly a brutally effective warrior. While his appearance may not indicate as such, also in possession of a cunning mind.


    Somewhat surprisingly given his command, Arms eschews the use of weaponry save for his own earth-shattering fists.

    Other Possessions

    Rare for the island, a rather large collection of texts and books. Inexplicably, some of them are burnt and ruined beyond comprehension, but still occupy the shelves regardless.


    Khy;Barr, the rocky fort of which he commands.


    Chaotic Neutral


    An enigmatic mystery even to those closest to him, his motivations and desires would be bordering on insanity if not for the cold, calculated dedication with which he applies himself to them. Not interested in wealth, and yet he readily engages in lucrative trade. Not motivated by conquest, yet defends the small fort which he claims as his own with ferocity. Some say he is a being lost, amassing a collection of knowledge in the hopes to return to whatever land he previously called his own, or banished from it for incomparable crimes. Whatever the reason, on Zakaz, Arms simply is.


    The beginning of Arms’ story before his appearance on Zakaz is a mystery, perhaps even to him. He was found, for lack of a better word, on the rocky shore of the Spineless Bay by Lesterin traveling merchants. Unconscious, and appearing to be nearly dead, the giant was loaded up on their caravan and taken to the nearest fortress, perhaps being seen as an oddity or beast of burden to be sold to the warlord which occupied the fort. 
    The senseless giant was hauled before the warlord, whose ambitions for conquest crafted many a plan involving using the being who would come to be known as Arms for a weapon of war. These ambitions were stopped short, as a tremor rocked the fortress even as the giant was shocked to consciousness. About half a body length’s short, as the Tahtorak defending its domain from the encroaching fortress relieved the warlord of that excess weight. The ensuing chaos gave the giant, while understandably confused by the situation he found himself in, the opportunity to escape his would be captors and to the island at large.
    Arms spent time wandering the island, the unforgiving land a familiar place for him so it seems. At times he offered his services for food or equipment, which usually entailed leaving mangled bodies in his wake. As he was no Skakdi, the giant was still very much a second-class citizen of the island, the only respect he garnered was that which he claimed through sheer brute strength. It was this mercenary work that brought him to what would become his eventual permanent station on the island.
    After a number of missions involving the eradication of rivals of the warlord in control of the mountain fortress of Khy;Barr, the giant returned to find the warlord unwilling provide compensation for his efforts, assuming that the giant would have met his end at the hands of the countless foes he faced. It was, then, understandable that Arms took the warlord’s head, and fortress, as payment. Here he resides to this day, seemingly satisfied to carry on with the production of weapons which the fortress had been known for prior to his taking control.


    A gigantic target, with a distinct lack of any sort of ranged combat capability.



    Fort Name


    Controlling Character



    Eastern Spur


    While not the largest, nor the most heavily defended fortress on the island, Khy;Barr is nonetheless a valuable location for the island at large. It sits up in the Eastern mountains, accessible by treacherous passes and steep footpaths. The land around is rocky, steep, and devoid of the few bits of flora that cling to existence on the jigsaw island. It is defensible, but the local is lacking in any apparent natural resources worth fighting over.
    The fortress itself is built into the side of a cliff face, buildings seemingly jutting out from the sheer rock face at random, haphazardly suspended over the gorge below. A combination of blackwood, metal reinforcements and cabling, and stone hewn out of the cliff face itself. Rope bridges and ladders connect the buildings, though some are kept in better condition than others, more than one unfortunate soul having met their end by not watching their step. The largest of these structures spans the gap between both sides of the gorge, with even smaller huts and stations built atop of it as if it were solid ground.
    While the majority of the fortress is visible, the whole reason for its existence within the otherwise inhospitable mountain peaks is buried within the mountain itself. Both sides of the gorge are riddled with mines, the tectonic forces which forced them up into the sky bringing with them some of the purest deposits of ore from deep beneath the ground. While raw materials such as these aren’t particularly coveted by the majority of warlords at large on the island, a lump of metal no matter how pure being no more useful to them than just any other rock, they present ample opportunity to those gifted with a scrap of ingenuity.
    This nearly limitless supply of material gives the smiths that primarily occupy the mountain fortress carte blanche when it comes to creating any and every manner of devices and objects, though they are rarely if ever constructive creations in of themselves.
    Far from it, the Fortress of Khy;Barr is most known across the island as the source of the most common Najin firearms used by or used on nearly every individual across the Skakdi’s lands. As diverse as they are numerous, and more than a few of questionable functionality, they nonetheless give the fortress a nearly permanent foothold among the chaotic and ever changing physical and political landscape of Zakaz. The sheer availability of the weaponry across the island helps dissuade those who would attempt to conquer the area, though the main deterrent comes from the lockstep operation with which the fortress works with the Broker to the south.


    While ostensibly a fortress, those who call the mountain fort home are a larger percentage craftsmen and laborers than average. While skakdi make up the majority of the population, there is a large population of non-skakdi species. Free lesterin and kaiakan are common among the cliffside walls, though it is difficult to say whether or not Arms despises the practice or just has no concept of slavery.
    Verakastian (Perp)
    Vana (Krayzikk)












    Leli is around average height for a Matoran, if a few inches smaller. She wears a single vambrace on her left arm, has minimal shoulder armor, and light torso armor; all of which is a dark black. This allows her great freedom of movement and allows her to move quickly, at the cost of protection. Unlike most of the Matoran in her village, Leli's natural armor is different variations of green. Her shoulder armor, hands, and feet are a green-teal color; while her torso, arms, and legs are Mata-green mottled with lime and dark green accents. Her Kanohi shares this color, and is shaped like a Great Huna stylized for a Matoran with an angled, feminine quality to it. She is athletically built, which shows her agility and speed. Leli's heartlight and eyes are a greenish-yellow color. Commonly has a light backpack around her shoulders, as well as a hunting knife strapped to her thigh. Her vambrace has straps that carry darts coated with dagger spider venom, and she has recently taken to wearing a few gukko feathers near her Kanohi (for "flair"). Her shoulder armor is painted with white markings showing her as one of the Ussalry, as well as her current rank. A length of rope is wrapped around her body, from her left shoulder to her right hip. A necklace of wooden beads sits around her neck, which she frequently fiddles with when nervous.


    Leli, as a Matoran, has no powers of her own. However, she is extremely quick and nimble, her light armor and natural skill giving her an agility that surpasses even the Le-Matoran in her village. Her smaller size allows her to move quite quickly through the trees without problem. She is incredibly acrobatic, and is actually quite strong for her size. She can be stealthy, something she uses to her advantage.


    Blow Dart Launcher
    A fairly simple bamboo tube that she uses to shoot her darts, this is quite accurate. Curiously enough, it can also be used as a flute of sorts.
    5 Darts
    Coated in dagger spider venom that causes temporary paralysis in the target, she is quite accurate with the darts both when thrown and when shot out of her blow dart launcher. These darts are carried on her vambrace.
    A fairly average survival knife. The blade is made of a protosteel alloy, and so is very strong. The blade curves a bit near the tip, and is serrated on one side about two thirds of the way up. This is strapped to her thigh for easy access.
    A length of light, but strong rope. It has a grapple-like hook on one end, and can also be attached to her vambrace.
    Bladed Staff
    A weapon of Ta-Koroan origin, it's basically a reinforced metal staff with two collapsible double edged blades built into either end. It's light and sturdy, able to be used as both a weapon and as a means to block attacks.

    Other Possessions

    Something that comes in handy during her job as a scout. This is stored in her backpack.
    A map of Le-Wahi, which she uses when out on her adventures. Also kept in her backpack.
    First Aid Kit
    Because one never knows what's going to happen out in the jungle.
    A journal of sorts she keeps in her pack.


    Onu-Koro Ussalry (Division Head, Light Cavalry)


    Lawful Good


    Bubbly, sly, and always-in-a-good-mood. Leli is extremely adventurous, wanting to see as much as she can in as little time as possible. She is friendly, energetic, and seems to almost never slow down. She is quite loud and talkative, even for a Le-Koroan, and is almost never shy. She absolutely loves to travel and see new places, recording it all in a small notebook she carries. Leli likes meeting new people and making friends, and is always willing to help anyone, or anything, in need. She can be possessive and overbearing, getting defensive of her friends. Extremely stubborn and competitive, she will never, ever, give up. Gets a kick out of crazy stunts that are always dangerous, which has gotten her into trouble more than once. She is an adrenaline junky in every possible way. Has a thing for dramatic flair and is more than a bit of a show off. Eccentric is another nice word to use to describe her.


    Leli does not have any powers, and so despite her quick reflexes and agility, she will be at a disadvantage against those with powers. Her light armor, while still effective, isn't as strong as normal armor.






    Skakdi of Water




    Tall, broad shouldered, and muscular; Vezok is athletically built, his limber form packed with lean muscle that belies an immense, animal strength. His scarred armor is mainly a deep navy blue highlighted with lighter accents, with his chest being a silver color, which is shared with his clawed feet. His red eyes burn with an intelligent, maniac gleam, a trait enhanced by his permanent wide grin.


    Vezok has impact vision, which allows him to hit a target with incredible force. Additionally, he can absorb the powers of those around him, temporarily storing them for a few hours for his own use. As a Skakdi of Water, he has access to elemental Water powers, though only when used in conjunction with another willing Skakdi. He is extremely agile, a trait made obvious by his lean build, while still possessing a prodigious strength.


    Water Harpoon
    A dual-use weapon that can pull himself through the water through the use of the harpoon or by way of water jets. The opposite end has a buzz saw that hurls water daggers – blades of compressed water that strike a target with great force.
    Zamor Launcher
    A fairly standard zamor launcher that has the ability to fire a multitude of spheres.







    Vezok is calm and collected, totally indifferent to the world around. Or at least, at first glance it seems that way. Burning rage is paired with an extremely clever mind in a deadly combination just barely held in check behind his cool exterior. Though an excellent tactician, he's far too intelligent for his own good, and harbors a “healthy” amount of either paranoia or contempt for those around him. This definitely extends towards the other Piraka, where as he can barely stand the likes of Hakann or Zaktan, with Reidak being the only one he can tolerate to any degree. And only because he doesn't believe the big brute to be smart enough to plot against him. He manages to keep his calm demeanor up, save his outbursts of rage in which he normally finds his weapons a better communicator than words can ever be. Nonetheless, when he does talk, it normally amounts to a non-too-subtle threat hidden behind some brutal observation of the world around. Any who spend a great length of time in his vicinity get the impression of a bomb just waiting to be set off at the slightest disturbance. One that wants to be set off, for that matter.


    Vezok's greatest flaw is easily his temper. His bouts of sheer rage leave him with little to none of the sharp intelligence he normally possesses.










    Around average height for his species, Kalih is of generally fit build that’s common to many of the matoran living on the island. His armor is primarily a deep sea green, the squared plates framed by grey blue. The additional armor he wears, as well as his Kanohi, is a bright, somewhat translucent, teal.


    Great Komau (Powerless)


    Increased lung capacity, innate swimming ability.


    An excellent shipwright and sailor, he possesses a creative and analytical mind that has served him well over the years. A pretty good shot with his diskette, recreationally practices his marksmanship.


    Diskette carbine
    A handy stocked weapon which he keeps for self defense.






    A bookish individual whose curiosity nonetheless tends to get the best of them. Deeply fascinated with the technological progression of the island’s industry, his appetite for knowledge is only matched by his love for experimentation. While not particularly social, he’s easy going enough and enjoys like-minded company.


    Kalih’s early life was spent in Ga-Koro, working as many did as a fisherman out in Naho bay, though it was not a life that he was content with. Fortunately, his knack for repairing damage to the boats which he worked on did not go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before he began working under the shipwrights of the village of water. While he was a sponge for knowledge, eagerly learning everything he could from anyone who would tolerate his incessant questions at the shipyards, it took disappointingly little time for him to outpace what was known. Frequently at odds with the more traditionalist shipwrights of his home village, and bored of building yet another bamboo fishing boat, Kalih struck out on his own for a time, making his way around the island in an effort to satisfying his curiosity, accompanied by his trusty companion the amethyst-shelled keras Haa.
    Opportunity presented itself not long after, as the expansion and development of the island's Koros meant that many a mind like his own were needed, and Kalih soon found himself working as one of the premier shipwrights in the rapidly growing port of Ostia. There he played a large part in the development of the Po-Koroan ships with their distinctive, sturdy iron hulls and integration of the rapidly developing technology of the time.


    Kalih is, at the end of the day, still a matoran, with all the disadvantages that come with that.




    Lii Ihlian-Long






    An athletically built young woman of relatively average height for her species, Lii gives the impression of one who is certainly no stranger to a physical lifestyle. Her toned physique, while unmistakably feminine, speaks of a strength and endurance born from a rigorous training regime. She tends to the heavier build of a powerful fighter as opposed to lithe and lean. A crafty gaze sits beneath her Kanohi, all too often paired with a confident smirk and relaxed posture. Her features are overall angled and sleek, this look extending to the lines of her natural armor as well, which noticeably compliments her figure. Her Kanohi is similar in appearance to an unmutated Mohtrek.
    Her natural armor is primarily a neutral black, though a deep yellow makes up a fair bit of her form, her Kanohi sharing the lighter of these two tints. Indigo blue accents these colors along her body. Generally wears a bright red uniform, sleeves rolled up to accommodate various plates of crystalline armor. The little armor she does wear takes the form of minimal shoulder plates, in addition to gauntlets/vambraces and greaves. The knuckles of her armor are noticeably reinforced. Her crystalline armor is pure white, akin to quartz. Intricate tattoos, the stark white ink contrasting sharply against her natural armor, wind their way up her right arm and chest, displaying a motif not dissimilar to the Kanohi Dragons which inspire her training. These can also be seen on the upper left of her Kanohi.




    As a Soulfire practitioner Lii possesses slightly different psychophysical abilities than the rest of her species. With it she journey's down the treacherous path of Dragon's Rage, the martial artist having a preternatural knack for the technique. However, while she shows potential, the ability is no less risky for her to use. It requires an intensity of mind that will quickly burn through energy if great care is not taken, in addition to the far more hazardous consequences of self harm. Push too far and the body starts to rip itself apart from the power; an experience which she is none too eager to repeat. While the costs can be great, the benefits are worth the risk. While under the force of Dragon's Rage her physical attributes are greatly enhanced, pushing past normal physical limits into uncharted territory. Unfortunately there is no subtle way to use this ability, with a fiery crimson aura of psychophysical energy wreathing her body that grows in intensity with the strength of the ability.


    Unsurprisingly, her style of fighting is entirely physical. She leverages the benefits of her powers to augment a highly kinetic style of striking that melds well with her prodigious physical power. While she still has much room to grow as a fighter, Lii's skill is not to be taken lightly.


    Chaotic Good


    A spirited, hotheaded young warrior. One who showed a talent for martial ability at an early age, and was pushed to pursue this skill to her absolute best, and beyond. While her competitiveness can land her in trouble, it is born from an innate desire to improve herself; her biggest opponent has always been within. Impatient, and frequently frustrated with what appear to be setbacks and slow progress, she nonetheless views effort and hard work as being the end all path for the betterment of self. Something which has more than once caused her more harm than good and resulted in injury, exasperated by her refusal to quit despite what state her own body might be in. Hungry for knowledge, and eager to improve. Possesses a vehement distrust for Imperialistic Dasaka, one that teeters on the edge of derision. Lacks a brain to mouth filter at times, though she is working on that, honest!


    Lii was born in the faceted shadow of the Imperial Palace, the only daughter of a Tajaar textile trader and artisan. The details since then are difficult to ascertain, Lii herself refuses to speak of how she ended up a Soulfire disciple, or how she ended up on the mountaintop.


    Overconfidence in her abilities, and underestimating those of opponents is her biggest flaw, in addition to all the risks inherent with using her Soulfire power.


    more to come


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  • Name: Skyra Daring

    Sex: Female

    Species: Toa

    Element: Air

    Mask: Great Calix, Mask of Fate

    Powers: Standard powers that come with being a Toa, controlling element power, mask power, etc.

    Equipment: Skyra has collected a vast assortment of weapons in recent months. She has of course her signature twin protosteel katanas, along with her throwing knives, two-handed broadsword, a spear, a metal staff, and a naginata. Since it would be rather impractical to try and carry all these weapons at once, Skyra usually stores the majority of them either on the Fowadi or in a large satchel that is attached to Destiny’s harness. 

    She also has a flute that she can play in order to call Destiny to her, as long as the Kahu is within hearing range she will fly to her. 

    Native Tech: Skyra has acquired a Wrist-Mounted Volo Lutu Launcher ("Wrist-Volo") from Farzan, who runs the Tech Emporium. She also acquired two Diskette pistols from him as well. 

    Foreign Tech: A blunderbuss of Skakdi make, fires projectiles with enough force that can punch through a person's chest as easily as paper. The muzzle of the weapon is gold in color, while the handle is wooden. The weapon has to be reloaded after every shot with metallic pellets or something of similar shape. The weapon also relies on Skyra's elemental power to fire. (Approved by Tyler)

    Mounts/Pets: Destiny is Skyra’s Kahu, which the Toa has raised since she hatched many years ago. These days when the bird isn’t flying she is usually nested somewhere on the Fowadi, probably getting fat off of scraps of fish that everyone keeps tossing towards her. 

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Appearance: Skyra is primarily dark green in color, with black as her secondary and mask color. She’s lithe in appearance and average in height for a female Toa. Her armor is designed to be light weight and allow quick movements while still providing decent protection.

    Illustration by @Vezok's Friend

    Strengths: Her years of training in the Gukko Force have made her a capable fighter, being skilled with the ways of the sword, riding Gukko and Kahu, and more recently training in other types of weapons such as spears and the naginata. She’s been a Toa for long enough to have gained decent mastery over her elemental and mask powers, using them in combination with her other skills as she sees fit. Her natural Le-koran agility and nimbleness makes her fast on her feet and a difficult target to pin down. She’s okay at playing the flute. 

    Weaknesses: Skyra is lightweight and doesn’t wear heavy armor, and so getting a good hit on her will really mess her up. She’s also a lightweight when it comes to drinking. She’s rather easy to rile up if you know how to push her buttons, and has a bit of a temper. 

    Ever since her head injury back in Ko-koro, she has had frequent headaches on the left side of her head which vary in severity. At best it’s slightly irritating, at worst it can severely hinder her and cause great pain. 

    Personality: Cheeky, with a dash of sarcasm. She generally tries to look at the bright side of things but her more recent experiences have toned that down a bit. She is a bit of a goof and likes to do weird s### , but when push comes to shove she tries to be reliable and help her friends. While still quite reckless in the face of her enemies, she seems a bit more cautious than she used to be.

    Biography: Skyra is not the man she used to be. While life on Mata Nui has never been easy, it’s not ridiculous to say that Skyra has been through more trauma than most. While she doesn’t usually show it and keeps a peppy attitude, everything she’s been through for the last few years has started to wear on her, whether she realizes it or not. 

    Of course what weighs most heavily on her mind are the events of the liberation of Ko-koro and the battle that ensued there. Due to her own rash actions and lack of judgement people got hurt, and that’s something she cannot allow to happen ever again. Once she recovered from her own injuries, she spent some time going back to the basics, training with weapons she was less familiar with as a way to hone herself further. She has taken an extended leave from the Gukko Force, feeling that perhaps it is time to move on and just be a Toa, nothing more than that. 

    Name: Hakari

    Species: Lesterin of Plantlife

    Appearance: Her armor is blue green with yellow as her secondary color, has dark blue eyes. Looks very much like a Toa in appearance besides her quite distinctive Lesterin traits.

    Mask: Kakama, Mask of Speed

    Gender: Female

    Powers/Abilities: Immune to poisons, able to photosynthesize to obtain energy

    Weapons: Twin scimitars, ceremonial dagger, chain belt.

    Technological items: None.

    Weakness: No elemental powers, is very naive. Will go out of her way to help people even if it's really not necessary or a good idea.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Personality and traits: Quite the energetic individual, she often talks as quickly as her mask allows her to move. She’s a bit of a pacifistic, never looks for a fight, and only fights when she has to defend herself or others. She’s often described as bubbly and sweet hearted.

    History: Hakari has trouble remembering her life before she came to the island of Mata Nui, in fact she can’t remember much at all other than her name. Up until this point she hasn’t done anything noteworthy besides doing odd jobs here and there to support herself. Things have changed recently and Hakari is starting to regain memories of her past, remembering a place called Seprilli.

    Name: Arisaka

    Species: Dasaka

    Castle and Clan: Menti Caste, Umbraline Clan

    Gender: Female

    Mask: Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength

    Appearance: Mask and external armor are darker shades of blue that gets lighter on the limbs, golden highlights on the edges of her armor. Has fierce yellow eyes that can look straight through you. She appears to be extremely fit and athletic, plenty of muscle there.

    Powers: Dual Soulsword discipline, Arisaka is one of the few Menti to have mastered not only being able to wield one psychophysical weapon, but two simultaneously. Both weapons take the form of a standard sword, though one is colored green while the other is the standard blue.

    Weapons and equipment: She wears gripped gloves and boots that allow her to scale walls and other objects more easily, she has an assortment of crystalline throwing daggers sheathed on each side of her belt, just in case.

    Personality: Arisaka isn’t what you’d call a scholar, or one with much of a philosophical outlook. She prefers to get things done with strength and valor, often solving issues with her fists and military tactics. She takes the three virtues very seriously, and finds anyone who dares to break these virtues the worst of scum.

    Strengths: Very few can match the handmaiden’s strength or endurance, Pakari or not. In combat she is in every sense a bruiser or berserker, she will overwhelm her foes with sheer strength and relentless attacks. Has a very tactical mindset.

    Weaknesses: Brute strength isn’t always the answer. Arisaka isn’t the brightest Dasaka on the block, and as a Soulsword she is particularly vulnerable to the powers of the mind, such as the Willhammers and the Sighteyes. In the heat of battle she may not realise when she reaches her limit, if such a thing were ever to happen to begin with.

    Bio: Even at a young age, Arisaka showed great promise as a warrior. Growing up she always proved to be a cut above the rest in every athletic activity, outdoing every opponent she faced in terms of strength and agility. Only the most clever of opponents could hope to match her, cause they certainly couldn’t match her strenght. She was raised by the clan to be a guardian of the royal family, who only choose the best to guard the Imperial Palace.

    She's been on Mata Nui for some time now with Commadore Ayiwah as part of the expedition. She did not expect the rest of Kentoku Archipelago's population to soon follow. 

    Name: Oceanna Gallywix

    Species: Toa of Earth

    Mask: Kanohi Kadin, the Mask of Flight

    Appearance: Oceanna isn’t particularly muscular for a Toa of Earth, she has a more average built, not really skinny or thick but somewhere in between. Rather average looking by all accounts, though she isn’t looking to win a beauty contest anyway, her arms and legs are adorned with tattoos and very few people have seen if she has any elsewhere. Her body color is mainly black, though her mask and highlights are purple, she has those typical dark green eyes you’d expect from an Onu-Toa.

    Gender: Female

    Powers: Elemental control over the earth, mask grants the ability to fly.

    Equipment: One massive, proto steel guitar. It’s heavy and metal, she can play music and bash people’s faces at the same time, neato. She's also recently acquired a Rahkshi of Laser Vision's staff, it had been split in two, but she recently had it reforged by a Smithy back into a single piece.

    Strengths and Weakness(es): She’s more of a lover than a fighter, her main strategy in a fight is to ensnare her opponents into the earth and bash their heads in with her guitar, if that doesn’t work she runs(or flies) like ######.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Personality and traits: She’s very eccentric about her music, always humming or playing some sort of tune. A bit absent-minded, often lost in her own world, trying to find the perfect melody. She’ll go to extreme lengths to spread music across the island.

    History: After a fight with her family involving soap or some ###### like that Oceanna ran away from home and set out to make a living as an artist. So far being a solo guitarist hasn’t really paid the bills so she’s looking for potential members for a band. She can’t really sing so she’s hunting for someone with a really rocking singing voice.

    Name: Taleen

    Gender: Female

    Species: Toa

    Element: Sonics

    Mask: Great Huna, mask of concealment

    Powers: Elemental control of Sound, mask power allows complete invisibility.

    Equipment: Twin protosteel daggers. She carries small bags of powder that can be used as smoke screen, various vials of poison. Twenty throwing knifes.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance: Typical grey and black color scheme like most Toa of Sonics. Her armor is very sleek and light built, designed to make as little noise as possible. Though it lacks the heavier armor that many Toa use. Her feet are padded in order to further dampen her footsteps as well. She has the look of an assassin overall, a rather pretty one at that.

    Strengths: A deadly assassin, uses her element and mask power to sneak up on her target, striking before they know what hit them. She’s been trained and conditioned to be the perfect killing machine. Even without the use of her powers she’s a deadly fighter, she can kill you in more ways that most people have thoughts. She's at her best when in the shadows and catching a target unawares.

    Weaknesses: Opponents who have an Arthron or some other means to detect invisibility would give her a severe disadvantage. While she is excellent at taking on single targets, fighting against multiple ones would more difficult, especially out in the open.

    Personality: Cold, calculating, efficient, at least that's how she appears when she's working. However, those who attempt to talk with her and get to know her find that while she can be a bit sly and surprisingly carefree for a trained assassin. She enjoys toying with people simply for the amusement of it, though it is usually harmless...most of the time.

    Biography: Taleen’s past is rather vague, all that is known about her is that she was trained to be one of the most deadly assassins known on her home island from a very young age. She’s known little else but the life of a killer, simply following her orders and carrying out each mission with efficiency and precision. She rarely failed to kill a target. Despite being an assassin, she has only targeted criminals in recent history, and there are rumors her services may have even been hired by an Akiri at one point, who can say?

    She's now a member of the crew of the Infernavika as well, wait how did that happen?

    Name: Zanakra

    Species: Skakdi

    Element: Stone

    Description: She looks like your typical Skakdi of stone from Zakaz, brown and covered in scars and other injuries that she proudly shows off. Her armor has plenty of twists and spikes for good measure, with a wicked grin that could send a shiver down even the toughest warrior’s spine. 

    Gender: Female

    Vision Power: Impact Vision

    Foreign Tech: (Approved by Tyler)

    Impact hammer - Zanakra wields a massive two-handed hammer. It has jets on one end that let her swing with more speed and impact, and when the hammer is slammed into the ground it can create small shockwaves. 

    Shrapnel gun - a rather unorthodox weapon that grinds up stone and metal and fires the pieces as projectiles, shooting them in a spread much like a shotgun. Most solid objects can be used as ammo as long as it’s grindable. 

    Weakness(es): Zanakra lacks a gentle approach, which can make even her allies a bit afraid and leery of her. She will never back down from a challenge even if it’s to her own determent. 

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

    Personality and traits: Zanakra is cold and brutal towards her allies and enemies alike, so much as look at her funny and you’ll find her stepping on your head. She has a sense of humor, but it’s about as wicked and cruel as it gets. She wants to become a notable warlord and will step over as many bodies as it takes to do so. 

    History: Zanakra’s mother always told her, ‘Kill or be killed’. Zanakra took this to heart, even as she used her impact vision to send her mother hurling off a cliff to her death. Zanakra's brutal reputation gained her a small following over time and she decided that becoming a warlord was a worthy goal and has since erected a fort worthy of herself.



    Fort Profile: 

    Fort Name: Razorfish;Vaa

    Controlling Character: Zanakra

    Location: The fort is located in the delta of Spineless Bay. 

    Description: A fort made of mainly stone with steel spikes decorating the outer walls. It is compact and square in shape, designed to be durable and functional rather than pretty. It is roughly four stories tall. The mess hall has a razorfish mounted on the wall, and the bones of razor whales decorate both the interior and exterior of the structure.

    Forces: T’harrak (Whisper), (Sparticus147 Nakihl Ahuum), Jojax (Smudge8)

    Loot:  a Lightstone Rifle, Eccentric Rock, a Firework Revolver, and a Cordak Blaster.

    Name: Kaminari 

    Sex: Female

    Species: Draconic Mystix of Lightning

    Power/Abilities: Lightning, enhanced strength and senses.

    Appearance: Like all Draconic Mystix, Kaminari looks like a big lizard with massive wings. Her scales and armor are a deep blue, while her wings and claws transition into white. 

    Personality: Her tongue is even sharper than her teeth. 

    History: Kaminari has lived most of her life in Ko-Wahi, in the nesting grounds for the Draconic Mystix there. She is a young dragon, and has yet to explore and see much of the world beyond her home. But she is very eager to do so.

    Weaknesses: Kaminari is a young, stupid lizard and lacks experience in the real world. 


    Name: Drakkar Brack

    Sex: Male

    Species: Toa

    Element: Stone

    Mask: An infected Pakari, the great mask of strength 

    Powers: Elemental Control over Stone, incredible physical strength. 

    Equipment: A massive tower shield made of stone, along with a massive stone sword. They’re heavier than most Toa could even physically lift, much less wield, due to them being made of stone. He can manipulate them with his elemental powers, changing their shape or repairing them as needed. 

    Alignment: The Dark Lord, Makuta. 

    Appearance: Drakkar is both tall and thickly built, his muscles and armor look impressive and imposing, he looks like he was sculpted out of the very stone he controls. His eyes appear to be a sickly yellow behind the rusted Pakari that he wears. 

    Strengths: Even without his mask, Drakkar is impressively strong. He is a master of his element and can control it with absolute ease. Skilled at fighting with a sword and shield combo. 

    Weaknesses: Despite all his strength, Drakkar cannot move quickly carrying weapons made of stone. Speedy opponents may give him some trouble. 

    Personality: Drakkar fanatically talks about his Lord Makuta and not much else. He speaks as though he is a prophet, with enthusiasm to spare. Despite worshiping Makuta, he surprisingly has a code of honor that he follows. 

    Biography: Once a protector of Po-koro long ago, he disappeared without a trace, and now very few remain that still remember him. Why he has returned no one can say but himself, why don’t you ask him?

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  • Leah Maru

    Toa (Maru)
    Alignment: Lawful good
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Slim and athletic, Leah fully looks the part of the Toa Maru of water; her element reflected in her piercing, aqua eyes: Calm, but with the power of the ocean behind them. Her armour is mainly cerulean, her legs & arms are light blue with a hint of turquoise. Smaller gaps and vents reveal an underlayer of black muscle tissue and silver mechanical parts. Her right shoulder and upper arm are covered in white tribal markings that tell her story, from her Le-Matoran past to her present role as protector of Ga-Koro. She often wears a dark red cloth, sometimes wrapped around her hips like a skirt but mostly riding low on her waist as a sash. 

    Weapons & Equipment: 
    Brushed Protosteel Bo-Staff, held in a sling on her back.
    Gali Mata’s hooks - inherited from her predecessor and clipped to her belt.
    Multipurpose pouch, hanging from her belt and secured to her thigh.

    Mask: Kanohi Ruhaku, The Mask of Intent
    The Kahoni Ruhaku allows its user to sense the intent of other beings in the form of a colored aura around them. The Ruhaku does not read minds or reveal what concrete actions someone will take; it is merely lightly clairvoyant, telling the user - or someone else designated by the user - what others might do or may already be doing, based on their emotions. The mask is always on at a low level. The aura colors and their corresponding intent are as follows:

    Red – Angry/intent to attack
    Orange – Lying/intent to deceive
    Yellow – Afraid/intent to flee
    Green – Helpful/intent to aid
    Blue – Indifferent/no intent
    Violet – Passionate/strong, unknown intent
    No color - Mask is being blocked
    Powers: Leah is one of - if not the - strongest wielders of water on Mata Nui, commanding her element with the skill and nearly the power of a Toa Mata - thanks to the essence-stone that transformed her into one of the Maru. 
    In addition, she is extremely agile and a tremendous martial artist, both with her tools and unarmed. Having trained long before becoming a Toa, her transformation gave her the boost to turn a skilled Matoran into a full-blown fighter.

    Traits: Leah is among the kindest people one can encounter on Mata Nui. A good-natured optimist, she is humble and hard-working and tries to maintain as positive an attitude as possible, reasoning that there is enough darkness in the world already. Darkness, that, as a Maru, she has the power to stand against - for Ga-Koro and all of Mata Nui. She has a strong sense of duty and devotion to the people under her protection - traits that go back to her days in the Gukko Force. Originally a Le-Matoran, she has a thing for humor and her bright laugh often helps the morale of the Toa Maru, though recent events have dampened her spirits somewhat. Still determined to do her best, Makuta’s apparent return, an island in turmoil and unresolved tensions within her team are weighing heavily on her.

    Though she is the Toa Maru of water, Leah’s journey began in Le-Koro, as a Rahi tamer in the Gukko Force. When not on duty, she practiced her martial arts, or helped other villagers, many of whom she’s still friends with. Most notably among them is Sisk, a fellow tamer, who heard his call to adventure after the untimely death of Tamaru and left to investigate. With her friend on leave, Leah was promoted and put in charge of all the Gukko support crews.
    Not soon after, fate found her as well: When the Turaga were kidnapped and held captive inside a massive Rama hive - one of Makuta’s strongholds -  the Gukko Force, Ussalry and others attacked it. Leah found herself flying into battle alongside them. And though the day was won, the Turaga were lost. In the aftermath a strange Obelisk was discovered in the hive’s ruins, but its importance wouldn’t be realized until later. Leah spent a short time after the battle in nearby Pala-Koro, reuniting with Sisk, as well as Lashev, Verdi and Lans,  before returning to her duties in Le-Koro.
    Just a few nights later, Stannis ‘the wanderer’ and four other Matoran - Reordin, Sulov, Oreius & Lepidran -  showed up on her doorstep with a prophecy: Mata Nui had chosen the six of them to follow the first Toa’s footsteps and defeat Makuta. Reluctant at first, Leah joined the wanderer’s company. A trail of clues left behind by the late Takua led them all across the island to six special Toa-Stones, containing the very essences of the Toa Mata. Makuta’s minions were always close behind, but they found allies too: Joske - former Kolhii-champion turned Toa and their prophesied vanguard & Korero - a Ko-Matoran following his own destiny, and appointed chronicler of the company. With the six stones retrieved, they returned to the Obelisk in the ruined Rama-hive - revealed to actually be a Suva - their Suva. But that wasn’t the only surprise: Korero, not Lepidran, was to pick up the mantle of Lewa.
    And so the six Matoran placed their respective stones in the Suva and were Matoran no longer: The Toa Maru had arrived!
    And they did not go unnoticed: Almost immediately, they were ambushed by Rahkshi. They defeated Makuta’s children and made their way to the great temple at Kini-Nui, where they met Joske again, who fulfilled his destiny and opened the gateway to the metaphysical ‘keeping place’ for them. In this realm, the Maru were tested and found worthy, emerging with new masks, finally ready to take on the Makuta. Descending down into his lair, Mangaia, they faced off against the fearsome Manas, and - even more terrifying - the corrupted shadow forms of the first Toa themselves,  before finally reaching their target. Makuta attacked them physically and with dark visions, but united, the Maru ultimately drove him back, allowing Stannis to finish him with the power of his Kanohi Hiripaki.
    Victorious, the six heroes returned to their respective Koro with the good news. Though it took time, Leah earned the trust of Ga-Koro under Akiri Hahli and settled in as their protector.
    But the new peace was cut short by the arrival of the Piraka. They attacked Ta-Koro; then the fight became a chase that led Leah, Recording & Sulov back into Mangaia once more. Despite having sealed off Makuta's lair after his defeat, the Piraka managed to gain entry. The three Maru engaged them again, but were forced to flee when the Piraka somehow took control of a horde of Rahkshi. Using most of her power, Leah flooded the cavern, allowing the outnumbered Maru to escape and regroup. This defeat caused tensions within the team, which hit their breaking point when Stannis confessed that Makuta had not been truly destroyed; merely banished to another realm of existence - ‘the legend’. Feeling betrayed by their leader, the Maru went their separate ways.
    Returning to Ga-Koro, Leah was just in time to witness more newcomers arrive on Mata-Nui's shores: the Dasaka. Luckily, first contact with their delegation played out much smoother than initially feared and the Dasaka settled into Ga-Koro. As it turned out, they were enemies of the Piraka too, and it had been in pursuit of them that their empire had discovered Mata Nui.
    But before the new allies could decide on how to deal with this common threat, an old one struck: the remaining followers of Makuta, united under the dark Toa Echelon, conquered Ko-Koro in a surprise attack, turning it into their new stronghold. Despite their team spirit having been shaken to the very core, Leah and Korero reunited the Maru once more and they, together with allies from all over the island, launched a counter attack to liberate Ko-Koro and rescue its remaining inhabitants.
    She has since returned to Ga-Koro and resumed her duty as the village’s protector.

    Weakness - Too hot to handleDespite her immense power, Leah is still a Toa of water. As such, heat and fire and drought are her weaknesses.    


    Species: Toa
    Alignment: lawful good
    Gender: Male

    Description: Agni stands a head above the average Toa; his face an intimidating study of hard edges; orange eyes glowing with a fierce determination behind his Kualsi. His body is primarily dark red, with black muscle tissue and silver technical details. He wears dark golden armour with a brushed texture. It has a strong collar and the right shoulder-plate sports the red insignia of the Ta-Koro guard. He usually wears a red scarf around his neck that has definitely seen better days.

    Weapons & Equipment: 
    A pair of butterfly swords adorned with red, flame-shaped inlays, which glow when channeling elemental power. Agni carries them in sheaths on his lower back for easy access.

    Multipurpose with sheath attachments and pouches hanging from either side, for storing healing herbs, widgets, lightstones and other common items.

    Kualsi, Mask of Quick-travel, in the same dark gold brushed finish as his armor.
    Advanced Mask of Psychometry, given to Agni by Toa Joske. It works on the remains of dead organic beings as well as inanimate objects and can reveal information about their last moments, depending on the state of the remains. 

    Powers: Agni is a veteran Toa of Fire, wielding his element with great skill.
    He’s an expert swordsman and capable hand-to-hand fighter, backed by his long experience as a guardsman. 
    Traits: Agni has seen much in his time. Perhaps too much. He’s often hard nosed, cynical and even disillusioned on bad days. But not without reason: He is an idealist, determined to give it all he’s got to protect those in his care and do the right thing when push comes to shove. But ideals have a hard time when faced with the ways of the world - and his were tested, to their breaking point - and beyond. To atone, he became a strict adherent to the Toa code. While he often comes across as a curmudgeon at first, he does in fact have a dry sense of humor and has notably lightened up over the course of recent adventures, something he blames on Joske and Dorian for rubbing off on him.  

    Agni used to be a Matoran in the Toa-Koro guard. He became a Toa seemingly by accident, after nearly being killed by a rockslide while on patrol near the Tren Krom break. Badly bruised he dug himself out of the rubble, only to discover a Toa-stone - which promptly transformed him. Turaga Vakama proclaimed it providence, yet destiny seemingly had no other plans for Agni: There was no further call to action for the young Toa. So he remained in the guard, now a warrant officer, pondering his fate while investigating crimes, fending off Rahi; gaining years of experience - and frustration. Until the Toa Mata disappeared and Makuta began eliminating the former chronicler's company. 
    It was then that Agni encountered Toa Valria. She had escaped the clutches of a terrible slaver, Telric, and was seeking justice. Agni left his post on his own authority to aid in her quest and together, they set out to bring Telric in. Yet after witnessing his brutality firsthand, Agni consciously broke the Toa code, leaving the villain to burn alive aboard the ship they’d cornered him on. Shaken, he and Valria parted ways, even though they’d grown fond of each other. Realization sunk in that he had failed to live up to his ideal of a ‘true Toa’. And so, Agni vowed to do better, with Telric becoming his personal cenotaph.
    That’s when his path crossed with the novice Toa of Fire named Joske and the Ga-Toa Cael. Recognizing something of himself in Joske, Agni offered to teach him how to fight and use his element, while Cael focused on the many important non-physical aspects of being a Toa. Over the following months, Agni was officially assigned to train Joske (a quasi-punishment for going AWOL). And as Joske’s skills developed, so did his friendship with his mentor - and his love for Cael.
    So when he was called to aid the wanderer's company in their quest to defeat Makuta, they accompanied him. Joined by fellow Toa Angelus and Tuara, the group began to retrieve crystals from each of the Koro's principle temples, which Joske needed to unlock the keeping-place for the Toa Maru at Kini Nui. While they faced Makuta below, Agni helped to defend the great temple, and later assisted the Koro against attacking Rahkshi. 
    Despite this great victory, the villages were still in dire straits after the assassinations of the Turaga - and Agni found himself assigned to the mercenary Dorian, on a mission to track down his former allies who had carried out the hits.
    They would never complete that mission however, as they encountered Joske once more and were drawn into his quest to find and stop Echelon - leader of the remaining Makuta followers and a far greater threat. They tracked the dark Toa to a hideout deep in Le-Wahi's jungles, but Echelon managed to avoid capture. Agni and his companions survived the encounter, but found themselves faced with new problems: Ko-Koro had been overrun by Echelon's forces and a terminally ill Utu - former mark bearer and villain, was now with them. Severe arguments ensued over how to deal with him and the group’s course of action, causing Dorian to leave while the group traveled to Ko-Wahi, in order to find Echelon's new lair - and to assist Utu on a final journey home, where he joined his ancestors in death not long after arriving in the snow covered ruins of his former village.
    Distraught after witnessing yet another traumatic event, the remaining group split up, leaving only Agni and fellow veteran Ta-Toa Merror to eventually return to Ta-Koro after gathering what intelligence they could on the occupation of Ko-Koro.
    But upon their return, instead of a debrief, the two Toa found themselves in the middle of a murder investigation - alongside Dorian, Toa Angelus and Akiri Jaller. The suspects? Their friend Tuara, haunted by personal demons - and her supposedly dead brother Kitea. Tuara was determined to plead guilty, but Agni’s detective work revealed the truth: Kitea was the culprit and Tuara was covering for him. With the truth laid bare and her brother under arrest, Tuara broke down. But her friends would not give up on her. Dorian, her partner, impressed upon her that she deserved a good life. Jaller and Angelus made sure she would have a chance at redemption - and Agni was determined to be by her side to help her take it. He currently spends his days back at his old job with the guard while keeping an eye on Tuara - unaware that a greater pain is lying in wait for him.

    Weakness - Chill out: Water and cold, duh     

    Commodore Ayiwah 

    Species: Dasaka
    Caste and Clan: Menti, Clan Umbraline 
    Gender: Female 

    Appearance: Ayiwah is tall, slender and toned, her body colored dark blue and silver. Her eyes are bright grey, like froth on stormy seas. If her posture and bearing didn’t give her away, her uniform and armor would leave no doubt as to her identity: Her perfectly tailored naval coat matches her dark blue color and is adorned with gold trim all over, indicating her rank as commodore. Above that, she wears silver/gold protodermis armor, covered in crystals on her chest, shoulder pauldrons and vambraces.

    Mask: Kanohi Arthron, mask of sonar, in the shape of a great Matatu (without scope). 

    Discipline: Soulsword. While the majority of Umbraline's Menti are powerful Willhammers, there are exceptions. The Commodore is one of them. Trained since earliest youth by the best tutors, she has become a master soulsword. So adept is she in her discipline that many an opponent have been defeated in duels without her ever taking a step or raising a hand, defeated by her psionic rapier swordplay alone.

    Weapons & Equipment: 
    Ayiwah carries no additional primary weapon besides her soulsword, though she is skilled with traditional physical swords as well. 
    Crystal knife, a valuable tool on any sailing ship and emergency backup to her soulsword, carried in a sheath on her hip.
    Her uniform has several pockets and attachment points to carry her personal belongings: a small first-aid kit, a compass, crystal timer & spyglass as well as other commonplace items (lightstone etc.).

    According to imperial navy scuttlebutt, there is no Dasaka sailing the high seas tougher than the Commodore. While she herself would humbly dismiss such claims, there is the usual kernel of truth to them. Indeed, there aren't many that rival her in her focused discipline and no-nonsense attitude - the result of her upbringing and an acute awareness of the responsibility placed upon her. Her looks and demeanor reflect this: Her armor and uniform are kept immaculate and she moves and speaks in an energized, yet controlled and precise manner. Valuing professionalism & thoroughness, she sets the baseline standard the sailors under her command adhere to. She does not suffer fools nor insubordination and will consequently hand out fitting punishments for misconduct, but never unjustly so. Her judgment is fair and understanding. She does not demand unattainable perfection, but rather the willingness to strive towards it. While at first glance, she may appear cold and sometimes harsh, Ayiwah feels great compassion for her fellow Dasaka. Some even claim that the Commodore possesses a sense of humor and has been known to smile and joke every now and then. 

    Ayiwah's bloodline within Clan Umbraline is of some repute. Her mother was one of the few to have offspring with Mune, legendary Menti Soulsword, Sighteye, and head-bodyguard to the previous Rora. Out of her blood-sisters (children of the same male Dasaka, not to be confused with clan-sisters), Ayiwah was one of only a few with a similar affinity for the soulsword, like their father. Eager to learn and showing early promise, the Toroshu allowed her to train directly under Mune himself, until his death during an attempted coup by Clan Fursic. Not content with merely having an exotic discipline within her clan, she pushed herself far beyond the regular training of soulswords. Using physical weapons, Ayiwah prepared her mind for the requirements of psionic swordplay, from which she later developed a fighting style best described as psionic fencing. 
    Already a skilled warrior, Ayiwah discovered another talent in the aftermath of her father's demise, while hunting down the instigators of the attempted humbling of the Rora: Sailing between the Archipelago's islands, she fell in love with the high seas and tall ships. With her true calling found, she officially joined the imperial navy shortly after the end of the campaign against the Fursic. 
    Putting the same amount of effort into her military career as she put into her soulsword, Ayiwah proved herself to be an exceptional officer and strategist, eventually rising to the rank of Commodore. Only answerable to her Toroshu and the Rora herself, she has been the supreme commander of the imperial naval forces for many years now, leading the fleet from aboard its flagship, the Yukanna.
    The incursion by the Piraka and subsequent discovery of Mata Nui threw the Kentoku archipelago into upheaval and it was decided to establish formal contact with this strange new island - and track down the Piraka. Ayiwah and her first mate, Tazera, were tasked to escort a delegation to Mata Nui aboard a prototype submersible vessel: the Chisaii Ryuu. But their departure was overshadowed by tragedy: Rora Yusanora was assassinated at a party in her daughter’s honor and princess Yumiwak suddenly found herself thrust into the role of empress far sooner than expected. Despite wishing to stay, Ayiwah had to assemble a crew and set sail. And so she did. They nearly didn’t make it, as the Ryuu was beset en route by a massive Kraken-like Rahi and only saved by the exceptional work of its crew, barely escaping the arrival of an even larger leviathan of the depths.
    Eventually, an astonished Ga-Koro bore witness to the arrival of the Ryuu. Ayiwah spent the next months ensuring peaceful relations with Mata-Nui and tracking the whereabouts of the Piraka. Eventually, she and Tazera learned the six resided in the Mangaia vault, and led a taskforce of Menti to Kini-Nui to bring them to justice -  only to bear witness to the unexpected return of the dark spirit the Mata-Nuians call Makuta. With refugees inbound from Kentoku, things will certainly be interesting for the commodore. 

    Weakness - Glass Cannon: Besides her prodigious soulsword, Ayiwah does have very little besides her own strong will that she can put up against the other Dasaka disciplines of the mind. In addition, she has no protection against elemental attacks aside from her armor and fighting-skills.   


    Species: Vortixx
    Alignment: ???
    Gender: Female

    Description: Tall like most of her species, Kohra is very slender in appearance, and while once physically fit, she now appears sickly, with bloodshot, purple eyes. Her body is mainly black, clad in worn-out, pitted dark-blue armor and retains little of its original good looks, mainly due to her left arm. Once a powerful tool touched by Makuta’s corruption, it has now turned into a black, sinewy, clawed appendage that hardly seems to belong to a living being. This change in appearance began on her left shoulder, but has since spread to her torso as well. Even stranger, these parts of her body are covered in oily, black feathers. Kohra tries to conceal these features as much as possible by wearing a large, hooded poncho she salvaged. It is equal parts disguise, travel wear and sleeping bag.

    Weapons & Equipment:  
    "Crow's Talon" This strange glove is fused seamlessly to Kohra's hand. It is evil in design, with sharp spikes protruding from the knuckles and feathers around the wrist. It was acquired by unknown means and once granted Kohra telekinetic abilities, including razor sharp telekinetic currents with its claws - literally slicing through the air, damaging beings and objects in its way. But cut off from Makuta and his antidermis essence, her powers have become unstable and nearly inaccessible.

    Energy-Crossbow. While exploring the treasures of the Mangaia vault, Kohra found several weapons-grade components and a self-recharging energy-cell that she turned into a collapsible forearm-mounted crossbow. It requires no ammunition to be loaded to fire its energy bolts. However: the longer the shot, the longer the recharge time. There are three firing modes: Single shot, Rapid fire (shooting three smaller bolts in quick succession) and a scattershot (many small bolts simultaneously in a spread). The crossbow arms can fold flat while being worn, or the entire weapon can be stored as a compact rectangle. When in use, the two halves of the prod and iron sights flip open; the stock splits in two, with the grip, trigger and brace between them. The brace secures the crossbow to Kohra’s lower right arm. This permits greater stability as well as making it difficult to disarm her.

    Powers: No innate powers, besides a natural affinity for technology and the telekinetic powers granted by her glove, which are virtually inaccessible at this time.

    Personality: Kohra is a lost, corrupted soul. Once she was Makuta’s agent - twisted, cruel and hating all of Matoran society. But after the events in the dark walk, she remembers little of what she’s done, as her mind was nearly broken by her ordeal.

    Kohra remembers only fleeting shadows from her life before she woke in a dark cave with an immense pain in her left arm. Escaping the labyrinthine caverns underneath Mount Ihu, she found that a strange glove had fused with her hand, which could not be removed. To her horror, her arm began changing as well. Slowly at first, it progressively decayed - but didn’t die. And then the whispers came. Whispers in the back of her head, so subliminal she didn't know at first whether they were her own thoughts or someone else's influence. They began to guide her, promising rewards, influencing her views and driving her to commit heinous acts. Eventually the whispers grew so strong, Kohra realized they came from Makuta and pledged her allegiance to him - the only one looking out for her interests. She used this connection and her own cunning to actively work against the three virtues, in order to spread mistrust and divide the Matoran - starting with poisoning Po-Koro's water supply and flooding the great mine - and always pointing to other Matoran as the perpetrators. Faithfully serving the darkness, she was captured after Makuta's defeat, which almost killed her. With the connection to him severed, she developed severe antidermis dependence, which nearly drove her insane, until Echelon broke her out of prison. Joining forces, she soon became his second in command and together they pulled off their greatest coup - conquering Ko-Koro. But their success was short-lived. Just before the counter-attack to liberate Ko-Koro, Echelon asked Kohra to accompany him on a mission that led them towards the Mangaia vault once more. But when her antidermis dependence flared up again, the dark Toa decided her usefulness had come to an end and abandoned her to an uncertain fate in the depths of the dark walk.

    Weakness: Kohra’s powers have gone haywire and are unstable and dangerous to try and use at this time. She is also in chronic, almost debilitating pain.

    Sisk "The Tamer"

    Species: Le-Matoran
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male

    Description: A wiry Matoran, Sisk is colored in the traditional Le-Koro greens. His upper torso, shoulders and arms are adorned by tribal markings. His mask looks like a Zatth. His left leg is reinforced with a brace after an injury that never quite healed.

    Mask: Non-functional Zatth (shape only)

    Element: none, but has an affinity for the air and green and the associated perks of being a naturally skilled climber with a keen sense of balance.

    Weapons & Equipment: 
    Two Bamboo-Batons, however Sisk's prowess in combat is that of an amateur at best. He has a talent for improvising with items found in nature around him for self-defense however.
    Backpack: a small versatile bag made from tough leaves, also featuring sheaths for his two batons on either side, which holds many common items. Once an inseparable part of him, he rarely wears it these days.

    Sisk used to be called "the tamer", and with good reason. Despite boasting about his various encounters with the wild-life of Mata Nui, rumour has it that he once got his rear handed to him by a Ghekula of all things -  and the nickname stuck as a reminder. Back in those days he was ambitious and a thrill-seeker; skilled and quite knowledgeable in the Wahi’s flora and fauna, but also socially awkward - though that never stopped him from talking. But after many battles, ever greater dangers and a serious injury, the tamer has mellowed out. He still tells tales of past exploits, but is content just doing his job in Le-Koro, where he can be found at the Gukko Force HQ.  

    Sisk has been on Mata Nui his whole life, which is almost as long as he has been assigned to take care of Le-Koro's Gukko, Kahu and Kewa. But at some point, that wasn't enough anymore and Sisk began to venture into the jungle, hoping to become an accomplished Rahi-tamer. He studied the various Rahi found on Mata-Nui thoroughly and knows much about their behaviour.  Among his greatest accomplishments is the fending off of a full-grown Muaka, earning him the first of many scars and a promotion within the Gukko Force. Despite the slightly humorous moniker given to him by his fellow guardsman for the Ghekula incident, he has proven himself both a skilled tamer and Kahu Rider. After Tamaru’s murder, Kongu permitted him to join the group hunting for his killer. But when they finally tracked them down in Po-Wahi, Toa Merror, whom he had befriended, asked Sisk to find and protect Kapura and the remaining chronicler's company instead. He joined up with the Ga-Koro Marines in Ta-Koro, as they had the same goal. Kapura proved too elusive for them - but not for Makuta. Sisk only found out about his death days later. In response, together with the Matoran Lans, Verdi and Lashev, Sisk formed the "Rahkshi-hunting squad". They assisted in the attack on the Rama-hive and during the following battle for Pala-Koro, after which they immediately got caught up in the defense of Le-Koro. This many battles so close to home and the assassination of Turaga Matau eroded the villagers’ trust in the guard’s ability to protect them. Sisk, together with Commander Skyra, began to rebuild and win back hearts and minds. Shortly afterwards, he assisted in evacuating the village when Makuta's Rahkshi-Legion attacked, but was seriously injured. It took a long time for his leg to recover, during which he remained in the village of air, eager to take to the skies once more on Skyscratcher, his Kahu companion.
    That opportunity arose when Ko-Koro fell into the hands of Makuta’s followers. Sisk took part in the united effort to liberate the village of ice. Leading a Gukko-Force unit, he provided air support during the attack. In Ko-Koro, he was reunited with his old friend, Toa Leah. But though the village was freed, Sisk found that his leg still gave him trouble, decided to stay in Le-Koro for the time being. This may change in the future, but for now, his adventuring days are behind him.

    Weakness - back to basics: With no elemental control, no mask-powers and no skill in martial arts, Sisk has to rely on his wits to get him through his adventures. Despite a lot of experience in taming various Rahi, he has little chance to put up a real fight against an opponent with access to powers.


    Species: Skakdi
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Rhow's appearance mirrors her tough attitude. Her face has the characteristic Skakdi grin and prominent cheekbones. Two bright neon-green eyes with slitted pupils scan her environment for prey or foes. While she is not as buff across the shoulders as other Skakdi, she is still extremely ripped and covered in scars. Her dark blue armour is equally dented and scratched. Her spine is lined with long fins that are almost lime green at the tips and worn with age and battle.   

    Element: Water (in combination with another Skakdi)

    Vision power: Thermal Imaging

    Weapons & Equipment:
    Blade, though that gives this weapon entirely too much credit. It is a sharpened piece of scrap metal, with a crude handle that Rhow salvaged sometime before her coming to Mata Nui. It is entirely practical and without any special properties - a barbarian’s tool, unclean and deadly, akin to the tooth of some large predator, cast in metal.
    Leather pouch strapped to her thigh, with room for many common items (light/heat stones, etc.) - and an assortment of cooking utensils and spices.

    When she arrived on Mata Nui, Rhow was just as wild and rough as the seas that carried her ashore. Conditioned by her homeland to be a ruthless fighter, it took some time for her to shake this brutal streak. Stranded and free of the violence of her homeland, Rhow started to long for something more than bloody survival at any cost. And when the Horde formed, it looked like she’d found it. But lately, her nights have grown restless with dreams of Zakaz, the homeland she never forgot but couldn’t remember. Questions about her origin plague her mind and demand she find answers.

    Rhow washed upon Mata-Nui's shore one grey morning and began her stay focused on nothing but survival. She roamed the forests along the border between Ga-Wahi and Po-Wahi, ventured into the Motara desert as well as climbed the flanks of Mount Ihu. Staying on the move she hunted Rahi of all kinds, land, sea or air. Anything weaker than her was prey and anything stronger, prey that would be weakened in time.
    A brief encounter with the Hordika Lantz brought her to Le-Wahi, but they parted ways soon after and Rhow wandered aimlessly for a time - until she stumbled across the pit trap where Kapura had been killed. There she was attacked herself by one of Makuta’s dark Toa, but their fight was cut short by the arrival of several Rahkshi and Rhow was forced to flee. This was her first real encounter with others on the island and she began to realize there were bigger things at stake, things she could not face alone. Fortunately, she met Iraanus, a fellow Skakdi of water. And after finding they had a lot in common, the two of them agreed to work together moving forward. They jokingly dubbed their fledgling group ‘the horde’, since they were anything but, hoping to rally more like minded Skakdi around them. They traveled to Le-Koro, and while there, attended a meeting informing them and others of the recently come-to-light activities of a secret organization: "the peers". Willing to help and hoping to build up some goodwill, Rhow and Iraanus returned to Ga-Koro, to warn the village about the danger posed by the peers.
    But Ga-Koro was in trouble already: They arrived at the time of the late Turaga Nokama's funeral and almost immediately were caught up in the Toa Daedra’s infighting for control over the village, and only ended when a legion of Rahkshi attacked the village during the seemingly final battle with Makuta. Rhow and Iraanus aided in the village’s defense and have since made Ga-Koro their adopted home. The horde grew too, joined by  Destian, Mortis, Taoki, Viloz, and Kahlynn. They occasionally serve as mercenaries for just causes, but most days they serve food and drinks, running a bar and restaurant in the village, named the "Great Takea". 

    Weakness - a hammer for every nail: Rhow isn't much of a tactician in the heat of battle. She isn't stupid by any means, just very straightforward and single-minded, and does not think ahead much. After all, she never had much need to before, her brute strength and ferocity were usually enough. She just needed to hit her enemies harder than they could hit back.


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  • The Industrious Akiri

    Name: Nuparu

    Species: Matoran of Earth

    Gender: Masculine presentation and pronouns

    Powers and Traits: Enhanced Strength and Night Vision

    Kanohi: Great Pakari (Powerless)

    Tools and Equipment: Various iStones filled with notes and blueprints, tools of all sorts nearly always within reach

    Appearance: Nuparu is an average-sized Onu-Matoran, not particularly remarkable in a crowd of his people, but for the respect they afford him when he walks among them. Nuparu is darkly armored, with orange highlights including his mask. Unlike some other of the Akiri, he has not adorned himself specially for his office; robes, after all, would only get in the way when he tinkers. Nuparu's hands reflect his active mind; they tend to always be in motion, tinkering with a small contraption, or gesturing animatedly. Nuparu walks with a slight hunch from being bent over work tables for so long, though he tries to improve his posture to look more the part of Akiri. 

    Abilities: He is very intelligent and enterprising; his mind is orienting towards solving problems like an engineer. A master inventor, he loves to build things and learn about the new technologies his Koro creates. Nuparu enjoys nothing more than to fix complicated mechanical puzzles. On one level, he sees the current state of the island as one such mechanical puzzle, and believes it is his duty to keep Onu-Koro into the best situation possible among its whirring gears. On another level, Nuparu has learned the need to temper such technocratic thinking with more humanitarian impulses. If the people he leads aren't cognizant that he's doing what he can to care for them, he doesn't expect them to follow him.

    Weaknesses: As a Matoran, Nuparu is physically outmatched by most other species in contests of brute strength. For that matter, Nuparu isn't particularly fast or agile either. Though reasonably able to defend himself, he is not a particularly skilled warrior.

    Personality: Nuparu is cordial and likable, and is able to appear more sociable than his generally introverted tendencies, this is still a far cry from being a genuine social butterfly, of course. The impression Nuparu gives off remains rooted in his background as an engineer and mechanic. He doesn't value the personal power his leadership role affords him as much as he values the ability it grants him to provide Onu-Koro and the island with forward momentum. Nuparu has recently taken a different tack when it comes to his approach to the rest of the island: Onu-Koro isn't the center of this great mechanism any longer, but one component of a greater whole which must do its part.

    Biography: In the days before Makuta, Nuparu distinguished himself as one of Onu-Koro's brightest minds, and earned himself the position as the Left Hand of Turaga Whenua. He never expected to be made into Akiri following Whenua's death, but rose to the occasion as another puzzle to be solved.


    The Forgemaster 




    Name: Ferron

    Species: Turaga of Iron

    Gender: Masculine presentation and pronouns

    Powers and Traits: Diminished Elemental Iron, Enhanced Endurance

    Kanohi: Noble Sana, Mask of Healing (shaped like a Noble Pakari)

    Tools and Equipment: Smithing tools of all sorts.

    - Has recently taken to using a long iron rod as his Badge of Office. Often fixed with a Lightstone, but can also mount stuff like a hammerhead or crest.

    Appearance: A muscular and tall Turaga, with metal prosthetics in place of his right hand and left (lower) leg. His appearance is rugged, but calmly maintained, giving off the appearance of a hardened veteran of many battles who's finally found some semblance of peace to live with. The color scheme is overwhelmingly a burnt orange, with some highlights of black. Eyes and Heartlight shine a silver color.

    Abilities: Ferron is an experienced and capable blacksmith, mostly in the field of weapons and armor, although more common everyday appliances and components are certainly well within his field of expertise. As an Iron elemental he’s got a higher degree of stamina and endurance than most of his peers, which serves him well as a blacksmith. He maintains a good grip on his greatly reduced elemental powers. He's pretty tough, as far as Turaga go, and his long experience as a Toa gives him a fairly acute and intelligent outlook on the world around him. He has also begun to attain a reasonable grasp on the powers of his Kanohi, able to perform a number of even moderately taxing healing procedures with its power.

    Weaknesses: Ferron is limited by the shortcomings that naturally come with giving up his Toa Power, but like all Turaga is still more physically capable on average than a comparable Matoran. Ferron’s prosthetics make him more vulnerable to anyone with power over Iron, Lightning or Magnetism. Ferron nurtures a strong emotional attachment to those close to him, and can very feasibly be pushed to extremes attempting to save them from whatever misfortune they've been struck with. Ferron is also prone to occasional bouts of depression, a takeaway from the hurtful things he's experienced as a Toa that has left a few emotional scars aside from his physical ones. His abilities with his Mask Power are limited both by its restrictions as a Noble Kanohi, and his own relative unfamiliriaty with its powers.

    Personality: Ferron is most often calm, mellow and welcoming upon first encounters. He's the kind of guy who wouldn't hurt a fly if he could avoid it, but if the situation does call for it, he's never been afraid to get tough with the opposition. He's willing to help anyone who asks for it to the extent that he can, but doesn't feel like making a big fuss about any heroic tendencies of his. He feels like he's been burned one too many times by doing so. Ferron empathizes strongly with people who have gone through extremely taxing and troubled experiences. He's been there himself, and knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom.

    Biography: If wisdom comes from pain, then Ferron has become very wise indeed. Ferron has seen things as a Toa that a lot of the would-be heroes of Mata Nui could only dream of. To hear him tell it he's been dragged through Karzahni and back several times over. He's lost a Toa Team, two good friends and a loved one to various types of misfortune and evil. Ferron was scarred by these events, and over several years he toiled and struggled through a long and slow healing process. It has paid off, though, and many of his wounds have healed. He now runs a fairly reputable forge in Onu-Koro, and remains a good-hearted individual who's willing to provide what help he can when the situation calls for it.


    The Lone Wolves 

    Name: Mar

    Species: Toa of Sonics

    Gender: Masculine presentation and pronouns

    Powers and Traits: Elemental Sonics, very acute hearing

    Kanohi: Great Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision

    Tools and Equipment: Mar's Toa Tool is a "Sonic Crossbow". A sturdy metal implement designed for medium-to-long range firing. Often used as a focus for his elemental powers, firing sonic blasts down its sights is a common attack for Mar to utilize.

    Technological Items: 1x "Diskette Pistol" that he's taken to using as a sidearm. His favorite type of ammunition for this weapon are Diskettes stuffed with Stralix powder, making for a crude form of explosive ammo. When used in tandem with his elemental powers the weapon can pack a much bigger punch than it first appears to.

    Foreign Tech: 1x “Advanced Lenses": The telescopic sights on Mar’s Akaku look much the same as any other, but they have an additional function that others don’t: The ability to switch into a filter for infrared vision. (Aquired IC, Approved by Tyler)

    Mar's Pet

    Name: Karv

    Species: Male Kavinika

    Description: Karv (pronounced as "carve"), is Mar's loyal companion and Attack Rahi on his long treks across Mata Nui. Mar has learned how to use different signals, mostly whistles, to command Karv to do different things. Karv is slightly larger than the average Kavinika, but is otherwise relatively indistinguishable from your average member of the Bionicle equivalent to wolves.

    Abilities: Mar is a capable fighter, but entirely self-taught (hence also somewhat unpredictable). He tends to keep his distance as his long-range skills are more potent. He is a good shot with his crossbow, and can hit a target from an admirable distance, and his Akaku enhances his accuracy. He's quite competent with his element and can use it in some pretty inventive ways. He has a great deal of agility as well, more often than not able to outmaneuver his opponents. As a former fisherman, he still knows how to catch, prepare and cook most members of aquatic species (in addition to accompanying skills in cooking in general), and is still pretty good at all things sailboating.

    Weaknesses: Although not bad, per say, Mar's not a shining example of close-quarters combat. He also has the classical De-Toa weakness of being vulnerable to loud noises, (although he regulates it with his powers) and is vunlerable to having his sight disrupted whenever he's aiming with his Akaku, as it makes his sight more sensitive. Mar tends to overdo it with his elemental powers, and relies heavily on them.

    Appearance: External Image

    Personality: Mar is a reserved, polite sort of fellow. His demeanor at times betrays insecurity or hesitation that seems out of step with the look he gives off of being a toughened mercenary. It's something he himself is cognizant of, and it's what occupies his thoughts the most when he's not trying to do good the best way he knows how.

    Biography: Mar used to be a simple fisherman, and was never a "somebody" as a Matoran. He eventually became a Toa, by accident it seems, and went the path of a mercenary out of opportunism. After hitting an unexpected slump, Mar enjoyed a high tide under the employ of Rhea Heartsflame, as a member of Renegade Tactical. Although the mercenary company has since dissolved, Mar remains energized, and has again struck out on his own.


    The Old Crow 




    Name: Zelvin

    Species: Toa of Crystal

    Gender: Feminine presentation and pronouns

    Powers and Traits: Elemental Crystal, excellent visual acuity

    Kanohi: Great Mask of Sensory Aptitute (shaped like a Noble Ruru)

    Tools and Equipment: Zelvin's main armanent is her War Scythe, a sharp protosteel blade grafted to a crystalline shaft. This is purposefully done so that Zelvin has an unusual amount of control over her weapon. With her powers she can move it without even touching it, and guide its movement in ways that make it very versatile. She is for example quite used to growing a weapon on the other end of the staff for temporary use, or breaking, extending and reforming the staff as needed to increase her range of motion and angles of attack.

    Zelvin has recently taken to carrying capsules of stralix powder around as a throwable projectile, either as a weapon or a form of distraction.

    Foreign Tech: 1x Impact Crystal Launcher, carried in a sling on her back when not in use. (Aquired IC, Approved by Tyler)

    Abilities: Zelvin might be substantially older than most in her line of work, but she’s not a Turaga by any means. She remains a highly trained and fit individual, capable both in weapon-based combat and elemental fighting, especially the latter. Her long career has given her plenty of experience, and she’s got a level head on her shoulders. She’s agile and light-footed, but also observant and thoughtful. Additionally, she's got an eclectic collection of "handy skills" that she makes judicious use of. These are lockpicking, pickpocketing, very basic crime scene investigation skills and a stomach well-accustomed to liquor.

    Weaknesses: Zelvin can be fairly easily overpowered by brute physical force, and she’s prone to letting her mind wander at inopportune times. She's also a lone wolf, both by choice and by nature.

    Appearance: Zelvin is tall, lithe and wiry, with long, slender limbs and facial features alike. Over her appearance, dulled colors, chinks and weathered skin and armor mark her as a woman who’s getting up there in years. If you squint, Zelvin shows clear signs of once having been a very good looking woman, remnants of slender curves and sharp, angelic features now dulled by time. However, even though age has begun to catch up with her, she retains a dignified, elegant sort of aura about her, one which makes her seem very welcoming and heartfelt, which in some ways she is, in her own way. Zelvin usually wears a white, somewhat worn traveler’s cloak. Her color combination of blue and light blue means she's sometimes mistaken for a Toa of Water. Her eyes and heartlight are colored a deep, voluminos purple.

    Personality: Zelvin is a calm, muted and contemplative person. She's generally a loner, but will happily go out of her way to interact with others, and is always up for a good conversation. This cordial habit extends even to thieves and murderers of the worst stripe, a type of people Zelvin isn't at all shy about hanging around with. If people in her immediate vicinity are in need, Zelvin will reach out a helping hand, but she only rarely goes out of her way to root out criminals and evildoers, and would much rather have a pleasant time with whomever's available, in any manner they think it suitable, except for the obviously wrong stuff like murdering, pillaging and the like. Not so much because she has a genuine moral objection to such things, more because she’s at least smart enough to not make herself an obvious target.

    Zelvin fancies herself quite the thinker, and her conversations will turn anywhere from amusing personal anecdotes to learned lessons from her long career to deep philosophical elaborations on the nature of existence. Zelvin is at her best and happiest when she's found a truly excellent intellectual sparring partner.

    Zelvin doesn't actively shy away from adventure, but makes it a point to pace herself to stay healthy in her older days. She’ll say she can still throw down with the best of them, but at the same time prefers to leave the really dangerous troubles "to the youngers" unless she deems her involvement necessary.

    Biography: Zelvin is a semi-retired Bounty Hunter, having perfected her profession, which she practiced even before she became a Toa, to such an extent that she’s accumulated enough riches to live out her days in comfort. However, now and then she still goes out and gets herself a bounty or two if she finds the hunt particularly fascinating. When she's not pursuing bounties, Zelvin can usually be found in some sort of bar, tavern, cafe or tea house, basically just anywhere she stands a good chance of pleasant company and a solid beverage.


    The Soft-Spoken Engineer

    Name: Wiremu

    Species: Matoran of Earth

    Gender: Masculine presentation and pronouns

    Powers and Traits: Enhanced strength and Night Vision.

    Kanohi: Noble Ruru (Powerless)

    Tools and Equipment: Smock with tinkering tools

    Technological Items: iStone and Disk Launcher

    Abilities: Wiremu’s greatest assets are his abilities as a mechanic and engineer. Wiremu can be given bits of metal, a few tools, and time, and he will have tinkered with the parts and made something functional out of them. He also puts in regular practice with his disk launcher, should the need to defend himself arise.

    Weaknesses: Wiremu, as a powerless Matoran, is very easy to defeat in combat due to his inexperience in battle and relative frailty. He understandably evades fights if at all possible.

    Appearance: Wiremu is an average-looking Onu-Matoran, if on the smaller side. He is mostly black and grey in color, but has some purple accents such as his mask and hands. Wiremu wears a pair of round-eyed goggles at his forehead and a smock at his waist – the smock has numerous button pouches in which Wiremu carries tools.

    Biography: In the days of Makuta, Wiremu was an average, albeit highly skilled, tinkerer, who sold both functional and aesthetic trinkets in the Onu-Koro marketplace. He worked often on his peoples' mining machinery, and was trusted - and guarded - by Turaga Whenua as a skilled set of hands. Since the industrialization of Onu-Koro, Wiremu's stature has increased, as his abilities with machinery have become more valuable not only to his own Koro, but to the others as well. Wiremu is at least partly to thank for conceptualizing several of the new technologies around the island. He greatly respects Akiri Nuparu, and is happy to do whatever makes him the most useful.

    Wiremu has been tapped by Nuparu as one of the lead overseers of the new Po-Onu technology initiative. Teaching is something he is quite new to, but excited to try his hand at. He believes in the forward progress of Onu-Koro.


    The Manic Inventor

    Name: Farzan

    Species: Matoran of Magnetism

    Gender: Masculine presentation, he/him or they/them pronouns

    Powers and Traits: Internal Compass

    Kanohi: Great Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision (Powerless, albeit with working scopes)

    Tools and Equipment: Various ranged weapons, telescopic mask lenses

    Technological Items:

    Farzan has invented a small handful of weapons and gadgets that he sells in his shop in Po-Koro (Available to any character IC).

    1. Wrist-Mounted Volo Lutu Launcher "Wrist-Volo"


    Exactly what it says on the tin. Same size restrictions as regular Volo Lutu launchers, but you can now have it on your wrist. It's a pretty bulky device, however, takes up a fair bit of space on your wrist. It's essentially a big arm bracelet. Point being that it's not particularly elegant, but it gets the actual job done just as well as the regular version.

    #2. Diskette Launchers

    Downsized disk launcher technologies that fire smaller, weaker ammunition at a higher fire rate. The actual "diskettes" can come in many different forms: in bamboo, protodermis/metal with sharpened edges, hollow and stuffed with stralix powder, or potentially some unique version crafted by a user with elemental powers. The actual diskettes are usually around the size of a hockey puck.

    There are two version of the weapon.

    Diskette Rifle: Two-handed, double barreled rifle.

    Diskette Pistol: One-handed sidearm.

    (Custom tech items approved by Krayzikk. Artwork done by Perpetual and Gravity)

    Farzan’s Pet

    Name: Kreff

    Species: Male Ussal Crab

    Description: Kreff is a standard, black and orange Ussal crab, though apparently quite young, much like Farzan himself. He’s large and strong enough to carry Farzan and a sizeable amount of cargo comfortably enough. He helps Farzan with many things, including heavy lifting, transportation and testing.

    Abilities: Farzan is a capable innovator, inventor and craftsman. He has good skills with welding, ballistics, explosives, gear mechanisms etc. He’s also a good shot with most projectile weapons and is very adept at facing adversity, able to think quickly and act on it. Farzan has also picked up a few "handy" skills from living on the street, in particular pickpocketing and navigating tight spaces.

    Weaknesses: Farzan is limited by several things: his small size, his still developing body and mind and his lack of close combat skills. He has issues with taking authority seriously, and doesn't inspire any real amount of trust or respect in any potential teammates without serious effort.

    Appearance: He has a thin and slender build and a very youthful appearance. His limbs and fingers are similarly long, able to stretch far into machinery to root out broken pieces. His face is very expressive, and you could easily tell what he feels by looking at it. He’s a bit scrawny, but surprisingly tall for his age, and pretty lanky. Farzan is very clearly quite young. He's primarily colored black, with silver accents on his hands, shoulders and legs, and has yellow eyes and heartlight.

    Personality: Farzan is a reckless, creative and excitable guy. He loves coming up with new ideas, and likes ideas that are spectacular and impressive. Farzan is a tinkerer, and approaches problems accordingly, some clever gadget is bound to be the way to solve any problem, surely. Failing that, a big explosion ought to do the trick.

    Biography: Farzan grew up in the gutter, on the street, and was very much a “street rat” type, he got around doing odd jobs and such, fixing small gadgets and occasionally making ones to sell from recycled material. He actually found a way out of this life thanks to an Onu-Koronan government program devised to help create jobs. Farzan was found to have remarkable technological affinity, and got the funding to start his own business. While attending a Technology Expo in Po-Koro, Farzan caught the attention of Akiri Hewkii and received an offer for a job with the Sentinels, which he accepted, joining the Sentinels' Engineering Division.


    The Grumpy Elder

    Name: Mako

    Species: Datsue

    Gender: Maculine presentation and pronouns

    Caste and Clan: Vilda Datsue

    Powers and Traits: Mindarm and Willhammer Disciplines

    Kanohi: Noble Kakama, Mask of Speed

    Tools and Equipment: Crystal Chakrams.

    Mako’s Pet

    Name: Kama

    Species: Female Janu Bird

    Description: Mako’s “favorite girl” is getting up there in years, much like himself, but much like her Datsue caretaker, she’s not your average oldie. While her colored strata have faded and she looks a little scruffy, she still carries herself with dignity, and continues to enjoy her time with Mako.

    Abilities: Unlike most Vilda, Mako’s primary discipline is that of the Mindarm, which he can use with great skill and precision. He’s also received training as a Willhammer, a discipline he mostly uses to connect with his Janu Bird, Kama, though he can still persuade others with enough effort. He’s in very good shape for his age, and is still to be found in the ring now and then.

    Weaknesses: His old age slows him down quite a bit. His hands-on attitude and ingrained bodyguard reflexes can often kick in involuntarily.

    Appearance: Mako continues to be active in his older years, and it shows. As a product of the Vilda’s breeding practices, Mako is a surprisingly handsome old man, with finely chiseled muscles and jawline, and clearly in the prime of his old age. He’s not very hunched over and not as weathered as many other Datsue. He can usually be seen just wearing his functional crystal armor and a simple, loose robe in the official colors of the Vilda; colored primarily green with red outlines.

    Personality: Mako is that old grandfather in the corner at the family gathering who tells raunchy jokes and speaks his mind no matter the consequences. Since his retirement, Mako spends most of his time tending to his personal interests.

    Biography: Mako's status as a Datsue is fairly recent, he's only been one for a few years. As a "regular" Dasakan Male, Mako's path was essentially chosen for him before he could form coherent sentences. His entire adult life, he was a bodyguard, serving as aide and muscle to high-ranking nobles who acquired his services for reasons ranging from baseless paranoia and personal status boost to legitimate fears and sinister intentions. It was a largely thankless job, especially because Mako never got a chance to speak his mind without being berated for it. After growing old and being released from his position, Mako is determined to enjoy his new personal freedom to the fullest and push whatever boundaries he can. This old man is out and about, and he doesn't care what you think.


    The Fuse, from bionicle

    Name: Krex

    Species: Skakdi of Stone

    Gender: Feminine Presentation and Pronouns

    Powers and Traits: Dormant Elemental Stone and Heat Vision

    Tools and Equipment: Krex’s bread and butter is simple grenades and pre-set explosive charges. The sort that explodes and shreds whatever is close by into uncountable numbers of pieces. Should the need come for it, she's also got a nasty spiked mace ready to heft should someone get too close for her comfort.

    Foreign Tech: 

    Elemental Launcher: A weapon that at first glance looks like a broad-muzzled, very well maintained and kept naljin-powered firearm. Were it not for the fact that there is no visible ignition hammer or firing residue that usually follows the heavy use of such weapons.

    This weapon works the same way that those of the Piraka do, letting Krex access her elemental powers in a limited way. In her case, she can generate ammunition for the weapon to fire, rocks as she is a Skakdi of Stone. The longer she charges up, the bigger the rock becomes, which allows her to vary the firing rate according to need; anywhere between machine-gunning pebbles or rocket-launching big boulders. (Approved by Tyler)

    Mine Rhotuka: Fitted as a one-handed firearm kept on her belt.

    The spinners fired by her Rhotuka launcher stick to whichever surface they hit, turning into a motion-sensitive explosive after a strict time period of 30 seconds. Comparable in payload to what you would be able to manage with the materials and equipment native to Zakaz itself. (Approved by Tyler)

    Appearance: Krex is a bit stubby and… “compact” by Skakdi standards. She stands shorter than average, her spine and armor colored a dusty brown that blends quickly with the ground on which she treads. Scarring and actual scars spread out from where her left eye is a featureless, flat white. Krex's damaged eye is not completely unusable, it can still distinguish shapes and gray tones. It is however no longer capable of seeing colors or emitting her vision power. 

    Abilities: Krex has sometimes been referred to as "a firespitter in a rockbiter's body". She has a great love and affinity for things that go boom. Mines, grenades, Demolition charges, balloons. You name it, she's got a kill count for it.

    Her heat vision is a precision tool. With only one eye capable of projecting it, she's made her single eyebeam longer-reaching and stronger to compensate. She often uses it to trigger pre-laid explosives or light fuses from afar.

    She is a lot more quick and agile than she appears to be. Maintaining momentum on the twisting mess that is a Zakaz battlefield is an invaluable skill. 

    Weaknesses: Aiming at very long ranges is for sure not Krex's strong suit, nor is careful aiming with anything other than her heat vision, really. Neither is close-quarters-combat. Most of her arsenal is just as dangerous to her as it is to whomever she's targeting, and is therefore useless in a close Melee. 

    Personality: 100 % Swears, 0 % Fears

    Krex can swear up a storm with the best of them. She's a hard-drinking, hard-living sort of gal, ready to follow her warlord wherever she goes. Most of the time.

    Biography: Krex fancies herself a bit of a “self-made woman”. She has no particularly notable ancestors who won great renown she can coast on today. Her line have been retainers of the Garsi for quite some time, and in that job hasn’t been much more than a footnote mentioned in the chronicles of their triumphs and foibles, if such chronicles even exist in the first place. Krex has been pretty impressed by Ipsudir’s project so far, and sees great success in her future that she wants to get in on.


    The Nomad

    Name: Tamachan, “Tama” for short

    Species: Dasaka

    Gender: Feminine Presentation and Pronouns

    Caste and Clan: Ageru Menti

    Powers: Soulsword Discipline

    Kanohi: Great Mask of Rebounding

    Tools and Equipment: Round, balanced Crystal Shield, Composite Bow and arrows.

    Tama’s pet

    Name: Sarala

    Species: Female Soko

    Description: A strong, lean half-breed much like her rider, Sarala is as much a war steed as she is one of Tama’s closest friends. Sarala is uncharacteristically colored black, a color which usually is considered unlucky on a Soko. Tama reasons that “we’re both unlucky, so we ought to help each other out”.

    Abilities: Tama’s Soulsword manifests in the form of a Dao. She’s an able wielder of it, and is also an adept archer, either on Soko-back or on foot. Her mother taught her much about living off the land and about armed combat, which are important for a Taajar, and as such Tama is skilled in swordfighting relevant to her discipline, as well as cavalry archery. Her Kanohi lets her get back arrows that miss their target, and even throw her round shield. Tama’s skills navigating Kentoku society are also quite well developed, considering how often she had to hide her heritage to avoid becoming completely ostracized.

    Weaknesses: She’s somewhat apathetic and selfish, out for herself and her own goals first and foremost, since she doesn’t expect anyone else to hand it to her. In combat, her Soulsword specialty leaves her vulnerable to the mental influence of the other menti disciplines. The personal turmoil that Tama suffered when the Rahkshi invaded has introduced a tinge of desperation in her behavior. She's liable to go to destructive lengths in pursuit of her goals

    Appearance: Tama is a lean, powerfully built woman with masculine features. She’s taller than the average Menti, and looks even more imposing on Soko-back, almost as if she’s just as much at home there as she is on the ground. By her menial and simple clothes and armor, one couldn’t tell that she comes from a Taajar family on her mother’s side. The fact that she's a capable Soko-rider is perhaps a bit of a dead give-away, however.

    Personality: Tama is an aloof, cautios, a-social and somewhat cynical person. She's very careful about how much of herself she lets others in on, and will generally avoid conflict where it isn't in her interest. She has a lot of distaste for Imperial "High Society" and anyone she can easily compare to them.

    Biography: Tama is the child of a Taajar woman and an Ageru man. Since her mother was exiled from her people for the exogamous union, and her father lost a great deal of respect for marrying a “Barbarian”, Tama was raised in her father’s clan, somewhat unusually with her father actually taking a more active role as a parent. Often forced to hide her true heritage due to prejudice among her peers, Tama became a capable, but quite menial-ranked and insignificant Menti. When the Rahkshi invasion hit, her first priority was to ensure her family was safe. Thanks to Toroshu Kilanya's efforts, Tama's father was saved from being killed by Rahkshi, but her mother is still missing. Finding her again is Tama's number one goal at present.



    Coming Soon...

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  • please let this work the fourth time

    Name: Vaíl
    Gender: Female
    Species: Toa of Plant Life
    Mask: Miru
    Appearance: Dark blue body with pale green armor and mask. Tall; athletic frame. Reddish eyes. Often wears a brown leather knapsack in which she carries her equipment. Occasionally wears a red bandana.
    Powers: As a Bo-Toa, Vaíl is able to manipulate plant life and possesses an innate understanding of the various attributes of plants, even those she is unfamiliar with. Her mask gives her the ability to levitate.
    Skills and Abilities: In addition to her natural understanding of plants and their properties, Vaíl has extensively studied most of the flora native to Mata Nui. She has accumulated considerable knowledge of natural poisons and antidotes, as well as more mundane information such as nutritional value and seasonal growth cycles. She is a competent hunter and tracker, and she favors her bow when she needs to fight.
    Weapons, Equipment, Tech:

    • One compound bow
    • A number of standard arrows
    • A handful of arrows fitted with a modified version of a Stralix grenade rather than an arrowhead. Expensive and relatively unreliable, these don’t get used often.
    • One short sword
    • One dagger
    • Numerous vials of poisons, antidotes, and medicines.
    • One first-aid kit
    • Two lightstones
    • One heatstone
    • Two canteens
    • One pair of binoculars
    • One coil of rope
    • One grappling hook
    • One bedroll
    • One tinderbox
    • Two bandanas
    • One mess kit
    • Several days’ rations
    • One pouch of widgets

    Bio: Vaíl has traveled much of the island. Recently, she spent an extensive period living alone in the jungles of Le-Wahi.
    Personality and traits: Reserved, pragmatic, and self-sufficient.
    Weaknesses: Though she has combat experience, Vaíl is not a trained fighter. She tries to avoid direct confrontations when possible.

    Name: Lekua
    Gender: Male
    Species: Matoran of Air
    Mask: Miru (powerless)
    Appearance: A bit taller and leaner than the average Matoran. Green and white armor; green mask. (MOC) (Art by Bulik)
    Powers: As a Matoran of Air, Lekua possesses enhanced agility and athleticism.
    Skills and Abilities: Lekua is strong for a Matoran, though he is still much weaker than members of other species. He is a skilled bird-pilot and a good shot with a disc.
    Weapons, Equipment, Tech:

    • Two short swords with white blades
    • One dagger, also with a white blade
    • Several wooden throwing discs of various weights
    • A wooden flute; used to call his kahu, Cyclone
    • One heatstone
    • One spyglass
    • One disc launcher; usually mounted on Cyclone’s armor

    Bio: Lekua was a member of Le-Koro’s Gukko Force for many years until he was given leave by Turaga Matau to join Stannis in the latter’s search for the missing members of the Chronicler’s Company. When Stannis, Aurax, and Lepidran left the party, the rest of their companions disbanded, with the exceptions of Lekua and Nichou, who continued traveling together. Eventually, these two parted ways as well, and Lekua wandered the island alone for a time before returning to the Gukko Force. Back in Le-Koro, Lekua was approached by a mysterious Matoran who implored him to travel to Kini-Nui and seek his destiny. To be honest I kind of lost track of what happened after that but he wound up in the Kentoku topic somehow and there was a portal and a kanohi dragon and some rahkshi, then he hopped on a boat and went home
    Personality and Traits: Lekua is not so carefree as he once was, but he is still opposed to taking life too seriously. He can be rather impulsive and easily becomes impatient when things aren’t done quickly or efficiently. He shows little restraint in providing his opinion on any given topic.
    Weaknesses: Lekua’s recklessness and impulsiveness have landed him in more than a few difficult situations. He harbors a healthy fear of water and sincerely hopes there aren’t any more boats in his future.
    Cyclone: Lekua’s friend and companion, Cyclone is a kahu who trained and served with Lekua during his time in the Gukko Force and remained with him throughout his travels, except to Kentoku. He is of average size, and his jet-black body is protected by teal armor.

    Name: Iraanus (eer-RAW-nuhs)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Skakdi of Water
    Appearance: Golden body and spine; wears royal blue armor. (MOC)

    • Spear
    • Zamor launcher. Zamor types: acid (contains a highly corrosive green liquid) and chain (contains a silvery liquid that binds the target to the nearest living being with an energy chain) [approved by Tyler]
    • Hidden daggers x2
    • Staff won from a rahkshi of shapeshifting (obtained here)

    Powers: Elemental water (in cooperation with another skakdi); impact vision
    Skills and Abilities: Iraanus is proficient in melee combat. He sees himself as a talented tactician. He’s also the head chef at the Great Takea bar-and-grill.
    Bio: Iraanus rarely speaks of his life before his arrival on Mata Nui, claiming that he prefers to live in the present. After his unceremonious awakening on the beach of Ta-Koro, a “chance” encounter with rahkshi in Le-Wahi led him to join forces with another Ga-Skakdi. Rhow and Iraanus recruited a “Horde” of skakdi with a shared hatred for Makuta and his servants. The group’s travels eventually led them to Ga-Koro, where they settled as the owners of the Great Takea.
    Personality and Traits: Iraanus has generally good intentions, but his demeanor is often aggressive and abrasive. His problem-solving strategies tend to be either very direct or hopelessly convoluted.
    Weaknesses: Iraanus is supremely confident in both his martial and tactical prowess, and he is not as effective in ranged combat as he is in melee.

    Name: Aija (EYE-zhuh)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dasaka
    Mask: Kaukau
    Caste and Clan: Saihoko; Taajar (Zhagravar) [not approved due to player inactivity]
    Appearance: Very dark blue body; mask and natural armor are copper in color. Wears loose robes, poncho, and straw hat typical of Taajar saihoko.
    Powers: Aija has some competency in the Mindarm discipline, but she she has had no formal training, instead relying on informal guidance and self-study. She can breathe underwater courtesy of her mask.
    Skills and Abilities: Aija is a skilled fisherwoman. Having spent much of her life on the road or the sea, she is a capable survivalist. Like many Taajar, she is trained in the use of various melee weapons common to the culture, and she is physically strong from a life of manual labor.
    Weapons, Equipment, Tech: Aija currently has nothing to her name except for a stone dagger.
    Bio: Aija was born to clan Zhagravar, a small Taajar clan of herders and fisherwomen native to Oki. She was trained in the latter profession and made her trade traveling throught Oki and the Archipelago with a handful of her kin. When the rahkshi descended on Kentoku, her band were scattered - to her knowledge, she was the only survivor. She now makes her way back to her family home on Oki to learn of her clan’s fate.
    Personality and Traits: Determined and resourceful. An optimist and a survivor.
    Weaknesses: Fairly inexperienced with her discipline. Can be excessively stubborn.

    Name: Rezena
    Gender: Female
    Species: Kaiakan
    Appearance: Very tall and muscular, even for a kaiakan, and stands with flawless posture. Very dark purple body and skin with some dull silver accents. Parts of her skin, notably around her eyes, are tattooed in pale blue with markings associated with her clan. Her eyes themselves are gold in color. Prefers not to wear armor and dresses in simple, practical clothing. Lots of pockets and pouches. Not actual appearance but this is the vibe
    -Rifle of make common to Zakaz
    -Shotgun of make common to Zakaz
    -Standard explorer’s gear
    -Axe (tech item): This axe is carved with kaiakan runes and clan markings, though the axe is not of kaiakan make. The advanced features of this device are controlled by a pair of bracers worn by the user (only one bracer is needed at a time for full functionality). When “switched on,” the weapon’s blade is shrouded in a halo of pale blue-green light. In this state, the blade can cut through organic and inorganic material with much greater ease, even cutting through rock and metal with some effort. If the user is separated from the axe, they can pull the weapon back to their hand by an unseen force. If the axe is secured well enough, this force can also pull the user to the axe. When the axe is thrown, a skilled user can use this force to subtly manipulate the axe’s trajectory, allowing improved distance and accuracy. (Approved by Bulik)
    Skills and abilities: Like most kaiakans, Rezena is gifted with immense physical strength. Though she favors her axe, she is competent with most common weapons as well as various styles of unarmed combat, courtesy of her upbringing in the High Eyrie. She is an accomplished explorer and a skilled navigator and survivalist.
    Bio: Rezena often looked down from the High Eyrie as a child and dreamed of exploring the world below. She has no steady employment, but work isn’t difficult to come by for someone of her skills. She has spent time as hired muscle, but her interests and specialization lie in exploring the uncharted wilds and wastelands of Zakaz and uncovering the untold secrets and treasures they hide.
    Personality and traits: Rezena is a thrill seeker and a risk taker. She thinks of herself as invincible and, as she is still (somehow) alive, has yet to be proven wrong.
    Weaknesses: None known (to her) (she is easily seduced by the ideas of adventure, wealth, and power and has a penchant for carousing)
    Companion: Rezena is accompanied in her travels by a mountain tarakava named Kriv. Some would suggest that the lizard is the brains of the operation.

    Mountain tarakava - this cousin of the water tarakava is roughly the size of a housecat and native to Seprilli. These lizards do not have the extensible limbs of their relatives, but they have prehensile tongues that can extend great distances. (Approved by Bulik)

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  • Village at the Top of the World: Ihu-Koro

    Staff approved.

    What used to be a small village of approximately 30 composite ice and wood houses, the small Koro atop Mount Ihu has grown quite a bit of late. A massive tree grows in the middle, large enough to shield the center, older part of the town from the worst of the weather. While similar to the native tree species of the region, the gargantuan tree is plainly not natural. The core of the settlement is protected from attacks by a 5 bio tall, 3 bio thick iron coated wooden wall that surrounds the first huts, the only gate facing the path down the mountain. 

    The inn, tavern, grocery and smithy shops are located in a central square around the tree, though other establishments have started to spread through the village, particularly in the section between the two walls. The hospital, which has finally had its additional wings made more permanent, also clutters the interior of the village.

    The refugee “tent city” of sorts that had sprung up around the interior wall has been replaced with wooden, stone, and ice homes. Most of the residents of the outer ring are former Ko-Koronians who decided they'd like to stay in Ihu, as well as the various immigrants who have come in since thanks to its increased prominence. The larger exterior wall furnished by Po-Koro surrounds this section, sheltering it from wind but not snowfall.
    Locations of interest include the graveyard nearby, where the previous residents of the village are buried, and the Forge in a ravine, where the rena is mined and smithed. The elevator up from a newly dug tunnel that goes toward Onu-Wahi is also found a good distance inside the exterior wall, allowing for commerce between the village of Earth and its highest neighbor.

    A Gukko platform has also been added of late, allowing Gukko riders from Le-Koro easy landing and take-off, which accompanies the port down on the Hura Mafa--really more of a glorified dock--as the easiest ways to get goods into and out of the Koro.

    Principle Export: A gold material called rena is mined from a vein under the town. Rena is much tougher than protosteel under normal conditions, but it's also more susceptible to heat and less susceptible to cold. The physics of its state changes dictate that it's a little lighter than protosteel. Fe-Toa affect it as normal. It's too rare and difficult to work with to forge entire weapons out of, but the smiths of Ihu edge weapons with it- for a fee.

    Ihu has established trade treaties with every Koro save, ironically, their nearest neighbors--though that is likely more a matter of wanting an Akiri to make a deal with than any rivalry.

    The Guard of Ta-Koro has been furnished with Rena edged weaponry in exchange for a detachment of the best-trained military in the Koro seeing to the training of the small ice village's Highlanders. These more disciplined troops were also used as part of the core of the Ihu-Koronian assault on Ko-Koro and acquitted themselves valiantly.

    The treaty with Le-Koro has somewhat been reworked to bring the villages closer together. Rather than a small exchange made for aid with tree care, Le and Ihu now do cooperative training exercises in case the Highlanders once again need to serve on the same battlefield as the Gukko Force. Gukko fliers also serve as couriers for the Koro at the peak of the world with regularity, and Ihu has provided Le with the resources necessary to make the journey through the perilous ice with regularity.

    As well as furnishing the stone wall that surrounds the exterior of the Koro, Po-Koro provides a telegram line for Ihu as well as certain other network advantages in exchange for providing security for the line in the icey wastes of Ko-Wahi. 

    The Onu-Koronian treaty provides for the elevator that leads down into the depths of the mountain as well as the trading of technology for Rena ore.

    <Need to talk to Ty>

    Ihu-Koro is, in truth, the second village to bear its name. The first was massacred, its residents left to freeze where they fell in the bloody snow until finally being buried only a few years ago. The village was rebuilt by exiles and rejects, a band of Toa who didn't even stay in the village long enough to be considered its Toa Team, leaving it in the hands of similar rejects and exiles that found the idea of a mountain haven too appealing to pass up.

    For a time, it was more of a lawless settlement than a true Koro.

    This changed with the discovery of Rena ore. Flocks of miners, smiths, and families came, and the rule of law finally took hold--along with their election of Ahka Tamara, a Vo-Matoran with a distinctly community mindset, to lead them. The Koro still languished, small and relatively insignificant, until the fall of Ko-Koro. The Ihu Koronian Highlanders lost a quarter of their number in the fall.

    However, the necessity of good relations came to the forefront with the followers of Makuta so close by. While fighting a... questionable guerilla war effort, Ihu established itself as an ally to many of the other Koros, trading their horded Rena for supplies, aid, and troops. 

    And when the time came to retake the village of Ice, its small neighbor provided much of the military regulars who participated in the assault, serving as the ground accompaniment to the Gukko Force. Similarly, a detachment of Highlanders stayed in Ko-Koro until a new Akiri could be elected--and only recently returned up the mountain.


    Disgraced Toa-Hero: Kaithas

    “Look, I don’t know about destiny. I’m no Turaga, and my opinion is probably worthless anyway. But everything in me screams that my mistakes, my wounds--I dare not give myself the respite of claiming they’re all part of a cosmic plan. They’re mine, and mine alone.”

    Name: Kaithas--Goes by Erith.

    Species: Toa

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A battered Toa, Erith’s armor seems to be made of wooden plates, worn to the point of appearing smooth--apart from gashes and slashes among the covering that mar the surface and occasionally reveal his true green protosteel components beneath. The wood is blackened from repeated exposure to the elements and flames, each slash telling the tale of another battle--and two large, blackened and cracked marks in the middle of his chest could have only come from a Rahkshi of Heat Vision. His mask, while no less battered than the rest of him, is fairly well taken care of and his glowing yellow eyes are kind. Ordinarily he wears a canvas tabard to cover up the worst damage to his armor--at least part of the tabard seems to have been stitched from a torn ILF flag. 

    He limps slightly, favoring his left leg.

    If stripped of his wooden shell, the protosteel underneath is broken and cracked, covering masses of scar tissue and flesh mottled with old injury. Horrible scars mark his body, scars that seem to have robbed him of something of the agility he once had.

    Weapons: A heavy machete made of protosteel, covered in scratches and battered by frequent use from the curved end to the hand and a half hilt. He also has a katana-shaped blade strapped across his back, but seems reluctant to remove it from its vine and canvas wrapping. If drawn, it reveals itself as a golden blade with a flawless edge, made of pure Rena ore. It lacks the glow it once had, its more magical purpose already achieved. 

    Mask: Huna-shaped Kualsi.

    Powers: Control over plantlife, teleportation.

    Abilities: Experienced with his blade, has an unorthodox fighting style that takes advantage of his blade’s weight and heft rather than using the more agile strikes of most sword fighters. Strangely specialized when it comes to his control over plantlife--rather than focusing on quantity of material produced, he manipulates the variety and properties of plants created.
    Fighting style: Minimalist and pragmatic. While his strikes are brutal and he displays creativity with his abilities, he keeps his power contained, usually focusing his elemental prowess through his blade or armor rather than using large displays of force. He wastes no energy in combat, preferring to not use his element if he can avoid it, and fights to avoid damaging anything he can. His agility is somewhat lacking--old wounds slow him down--but he makes up for it with skill with his blade. 

    Personality: Quiet and terse, Erith doesn’t speak much. His face has the lines of someone who was once laughing and expressive, but he now saves his words for when he needs them. Despite his reticence, however, his most common expression is a small, kind smile. He’s quick to leap to the defense of those who need it, especially threatened Matoran, and his soft voice has a pleasant tone. 

    Bio: Erith is not deserving of his name or his history. He must earn them once again.

    Weaknesses: Fire, as it burns through his element. He seems somewhat rusty at combat--swordplay in particular--though this will diminish with time.


    Rising Leader: Ahka Tamara

    Name: Tamara
    Species: Vo-Matoran
    Mask: Powerless Kakama
    Faction and position: Leader of Ihu-Koro and thus ostensible head of the Ihu-Koronian Highlanders.

    Weapons: A protosteel short sword edged with the golden material that is Ihu-Koro's principle export. Words are etched into the metal, reading "For the many, One."
    Appearance: A slender, short Matoran, Tamara doesn’t strike a very imposing figure. Her light armor is a dull black with light blue highlights, its stormy coloration often matching her countenance of late. She looks world-weary, worry lines appearing around her eyes and mouth earlier in life than a vainer Matoran might hope. Her violet eyes are always active, either focused with a keen intensity on the person she’s speaking with or glancing around, keeping attention on everything around her at a frenetic pace.
    Weaknesses: No special powers above those of a normal Vo-Matoran.
    Biography: Through competency and wisdom, a Vo-Matoran rose to lead a village of misfits atop the mountain. Her tenure has not been remotely without trouble. Ko’s fall has taken its toll on her, the stresses of an enemy settlement so close to her border weighing on her as she was abruptly thrust into preparing her village for war and rapidly increasing relevance to the island as a whole. 

    It was her decision to send the forces of the Koro to liberate Ko-Koro, and her decision to withdraw them after. Her stresses have since decreased--her nearest neighbor no longer wants her dead--but her activity and general excitement have not.


    The Loyalist: Sentinel Commander Tera

    Name: Tera
    Species: Toa of Stone
    Appearance: Tera is an obvious soldier, her body honed by millennia of service in the Po-Koro Sentinels. She tends toward the thick, bulky side, her element's natural strength exhibited in her form. Her wide, broad hips compliment the strong legs of a longtime Kohlii player, her armor fitted to her body but still fairly heavy. It's plain her strength is meant to compensate and give her a quick, full range of motion despite the sturdier make of her outfit. 

    Her eyes are a light, sky blue, shining out from behind a tan Kakama, the rest of her armor shades of brown and pale beige. Her skin, where it shows beneath her plating, is usually very tanned on top of a naturally dark brown. 
    Personality: Tenaciously loyal and convicted, Tera's love for the city of stone and her people is second to none. She's stood by the Sentinels since before they were the Sentinels, defended the city from the Rahkshi, mourned those who died, and survived an Akiri. While stoic, her reticence is mostly something she learned from her old partner rather than a natural behavior.

    It is worth noting that her loyalty is to the city and its people--not necessarily the Akiri. Nowhere was this more obvious than her reaction to the activities of the previous Akiri when he threatened to start a civil war that would likely have destroyed the city of stone.

    When off-duty she tends to be friendly and easy-going: her favorite activity was her daily donut run with Prei.

    She's seldom simultaneously off-duty and awake.
    Mask: Kakama
    Weapons: Protosteel longsword and rectangular shield, about 3 and a half by 2 and a half feet. The former is edged in Rena ore from Ihu-Koro and has a rib of elemental stone that runs along its length. Her shield has a Rena ore filigree and a similar affectation of stone--both can serve as her Toa Tool. 

    She additionally has a repeating crossbow of Po-Koronian make.
    Alignment: Lawful Good--to her own code and ideal of what Po-Koro can be. 
    Weaknesses: Tenacious loyalty and an unwillingness to bend can both be one's undoing. In combat, Tera has difficulty with ranged attacks--even with her crossbow, she's had comparatively little training with it and does not have anything like a mask of accuracy to compensate.
    Bio: Tera has lived her entire life in Po-Koro, joining up with the Sentinels early on in life and serving without interruption since. She gradually rose in the ranks, eventually leading the defense of Po-Koro against the Rahkshi, and has since become the Sentinel commander (approved by Lloyd and later Silvan). Hewkii excluded her from his plotting, assuming--rightly, as it turned out--that she would not take kindly to scheming against the other villages and inviting their wrath upon the village of Stone. She survived his deposition, and now serves Akiri Renaka as a vigilant protector of the golden age Po-Koro has entered--a spear, forever pointing outward from the village.

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    -The Reconqueror-
    Ipsudir Garsi
    Gender: Female
    Species: Skakdi (Stone)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Reputation
    Vision Power: Impact Vision
    Appearance: Ipsudir is pale tan, but she always chooses armor of pristine white, the better for any blood and dirt to show.  While built like a true warlord, lithe and muscular, she stands a full head below any of her warriors.   Best not disparage her height ever though, if you value your kneecaps.   This isn’t a joke.
    Weapon:  While this skakdi prefers her fists, we can’t always be nice in the middle of war—and therefore her favorite weapon outside of the sarke happens to be a vicious, serrate1d harpoon.   It can be used at close range as a fighting weapon or, to the dismay of anyone trying to run, fired at remarkable speed as a grappling hook, usually into flesh.

    The second piece in her arsenal is far more subtle; a listening device disguised as a simple click beetle—of which there are infuriatingly a lot of in Fort Garsi.   The warlord’s ears are everywhere.

    Ipsudir was never afraid to make a fool of herself.  From childhood, she became a fixed figure in the sarke pits, and even as a full fledged warlord she has been known to challenge anyone who likes to run their mouth too much to a bout.  It’s an effective way to take out people who might become a problem—after all, there’s nothing in the rules against permanently maiming your opponent. Ipsudir is also fond of bringing whatever happens to be her favorite consort at the moment along for a little fun with power linking.   Mutual hobbies bring couples together, after all. However, Ipsudir has a nasty habit of making long-suffering enemies…and who knows when those enemies will reach critical mass.
    Biography:  “Landed Gentry” is a paradox on Zakaz, but the Garsi come the closest to it.   They trace their line back to Amaris;Dii, third wife of Nektann, who decided during his Valin;Xalt that five skulls were a paltry amount and that she could take them wherever she pleased. The land the clan seized in the southwest, between The Spineless Bay and the port to Seprilli, remained held steadfast for centuries—and while the Garsi  acquired a reputation for their nastily built defenses they also received the burden of being seen as soft, safe behind their trenches of barbed wire and iron fences. Thus, Ipsudir’s rise, which of course included offing several of her siblings, was seen as a new era.  The excitement reached a peak when during her Silva;ria;Dii, she foiled a cousin’s attempt at sabotage by wrestling him off a cliff with her and using his body as a shield.   She claimed to have known his plans and let him go on anyway.

    It was altogether unfortunate that on her triumphant return home Malnak struck. Therefore, most of the warlords life has been devoted to a vicious war of attrition in attempt to gain both her land and reputation back.   In the process, she has made quite a few enemies, but none will ever call her soft.


    Fort Garsi, the Keep of Bones

    Controlling character
    The woman herself, Ipsudir Garsi—a figure of towering charisma not matched by her stature.   But this warlord loves to play with expectations, and she values people as clever and as ruthless as she is.


    Southeastwest Zakaz, the mountains in between Spineless Bay and The Warrens.

    Fort Garsi is a near perfect cube, the result of a long line of Stone Skakdi with perhaps too much time on their hands.   The walls are cut through with patterns of iron—some say they’re Nakihl witchcraft but it’s more likely that the hundreds of cleverly concealed blades are what actually keeps anyone from climbing them.

    Any would-be conquerer, however would have to first make their way through the acre of iron fences, false tunnels, real tunnels, conveniently collapsable trenches, and the occasional hungry rahi.  There’s a reason this keep has stood for centuries.

    The Garsi family has sway over a few dozen retainers whose families gathered around Amanis;dii when she first seized these lands.   These are the people most likely to actually be at the fort.

    Ipsudir, in her campaign to both seize back the lands stolen by Malnak and restore the clans reputation as warriors, has ordered those physically able to to take a more aggressive role in combat and to leave the keep more often.  She’s also started to recruit new blood, but she doesn’t want a simple mercenary after money—she wants people with goals, with pride in their work, with ambition…not too much though, for their own health.   The Lady of Linens took her position by resting it from the cold hands of quite a few people, and she knows that there are plenty who would like to do the same to her.

    Affliated PCs

    Krex (@Geardirector) Kirik (@Visaru) and Grolasch (@Wotz)

    Mata Nui
    -The Adrift-

    Tally Anach
    Gender: Female
    Species: Ga-matoran
    Alignment: Chaotic Good, The Ga-koro Marines
    Mask: Powerless Great Kakama
    Appearance: Talli has the sleek, swimmer’s build of many a Ga-koronan, filled out with a good amount of muscle due to an active lifestyle.  Of particular notice are her well toned-arms and shoulders.  Most of her body is a deep, intense sea blue, while her natural armor is a lighter, more purplish color.  Her golden brown eyes would twinkle if her face could manage anything more than a solemn frown in recent days.
    Weapon: Talli is experienced in throwing many things, and very willing to improvise.  She is particularly skilled in fishing spears, however, due to her extensive experience with them—and disks, due to her military training.  She has started to carry metal disks with her on her patrols of the village, and eschews modern disk launchers, preferring the control that throwing by hand gives her.

    She also carries a standard-issue Marine’s knife and a few darts.
    Abilities/Weaknesses: Tally is one of the best disk arms in the force and has a good eye for most anything—from Kohli to fish.   She’s also a great improviser and her knowledge of the village were she grew up allows her to both get the drop on enemies and surprise them with an unconventional throw that takes advantage of quirks in the weather and natural features.

    However, many of Talli’s skills vanish once she’s actually put into close quarters—while she has marine-trained reaction time she doesn’t really have much in the way of technique and is likely to swing wildly in an attempt to disengage as fast as possible.
    Biography: Talli is the second-oldest child from a poor family of fishermen in Northern Ga-Koro. She virtually grew up on a boat, and gets uncomfortable without the gentle rocking of the sea beneath her. Her family lived well, if simply, until her father lost use of his legs when his fishing fleet was attacked by infected rahi.
    Her older brother, Chahlu, joined the marines soon after this incident, against both of their parents wishes. Talli, hoping that she could contribute as well, joined a couple months later on his recommendation. Despite the objections of their parents, the money the two brought in was able to keep their family on its feet, with some to spare. Work on the marines was dangerous, but exciting, and the rest of the family got used to Talli and Chahlu coming home with numerous scrapes and bruises. For a few months, their lives seemed almost normal.

    And then abruptly, everything came crashing down.  The conflict between the Toa Daedra and the Toa Massai cut a swath of destruction through the Koro, and Chahlu was one of the victims.  In the accompanying chaos of the battle, Talli slipped out to search for her brother, and was the first one to find his body—and the trauma of the event is still etched into her mind.

    Had Talli been given time to heal, she might have recovered—but the subsequent betrayal of the koro’s “protectors” shattered her trust and her sense of security.   Feeling increasingly helpless in a brutal world where nothing was certain, she grew increasingly reserved and frequently lashed out at those around her, her anger and trauma mixing into a churning stew that slowly ate away at her sense of self-control.

    Tally served as a cook on the crew of the ill-fated Invincible during the expedition to the Kumu Islets, and currently makes rounds as a village guard.  Or at least she did, and until a single interview with a Ta-matoran guard changed everything.  Talli now is the owner of a toa stone that responds only to her touch, and maybe, at last, is considering that she might be out of her depth.
    Family: Julah(father), Salli(mother), Chahlu (older brother, deceased), Nahlu (younger brother), Melsu and Jumah(twin younger sister and brother, respectively).

    -The Musician-
    Ranok Selli
    Species: De-matoran (though often mistaken for a Le-matoran due to his coloring)
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Mask: Powerless Noble Ruru
    Appearance: Ranok is small for a Matoran, with a slim build, delicate wrists and ankles. Most of his body, including his mask, is dark green with navy blue accents, while his body under his armor is dark grey. His eyes are bright emerald, in striking contrast to the rest of him.
    Weapons/Tools: Ranok carries no weapons except for a small knife, concealed in his money bag, for emergencies. His main tools of operation are a bamboo flute, a five-stringed banjo, and a harmonica.
    Abilities/Weaknesses: Ranok has a great ear and memory for tunes (as well as voices), and picks up instruments in little time. His skill with interpretation and invention is what has kept him fed and sane for so long.
    Like most of his kind, Ranok has sharp hearing, though it has been somewhat dulled by living in noisy Le-koro for all of his life. This means he is not as sensitive to loud noises as most De-matoran.
    Biography: Ranok’s parents were traveling minstrels, moving from Koro to Koro and living off others’ hospitality and their skills with music. One night, they went to play at a gathering, leaving the young Ranok alone in the inn where they were staying for the night.
    They never came back. They were believed to have died in a Rahi attack, but Ranok still doesn't know the details of their deaths, and at this point he has long since given up pursuing.  Ranok took up his parents work, traveling around the island and playing for his daily bread. At first, he had no reputation and often had to rely on charity or sleep outside, but eventually he was able to make ends meet. However, the attacks by the Makuta’s servants soon became too frequent for him to travel safely, and he became aware of the danger many others were in. Wanting to do his part, he joined the Gukko Force as a messenger.  Assigned an unusually small bird, he was put in charge of carrying news between Le-Koro and the various resistance fighters stationed around it.  The attacking rakshi at the end of Makuta’s reign killed his bird and left him with a broken arm. Ranok was glum when faced with the prospect of playing neither of his instruments for a month or more, until a Skakdi merchant sold him a harmonica. It was more or less love at first sight.

    Ranok played a minor part in repelling the attack on Le-Wahi by the entropy beetles.  He flew out to meet the attack with Kunitu, and the two of them got to know each other during the aftermath.  After drifting through Onu-koro for a couple months, he is now holed up in Ihu-koro—providing a little entertainment to the recovering fighters and carrying messages when he can.
    Personality/Traits: Ranok appears to be concentrated only on his music, and seems to be a bit naive. In truth, he is much more aware and shrewd than he appears. He is always listening and watching, looking for a way to slip into the spaces between other people’s lives.

    Ranok speaks a mixed dialect that includes quite a few treespeak expressions due to his Le-Koro upbringing, but he generally avoids using these expressions outside Le-koro.  They tend to slip out when he is nervous, however.
    Family: Tresa (mother, deceased) and Kutro (father, deceased)
    Friends: Kunitu

    -The Messenger-
    Lucira Bohren
    Species: Ta-Matoran
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Neutral Good, The Ta-koro Guard
    Mask: Powerless Great Miru
    Appearance: Lucira is stocky and little shorter than average, with wide hips and sturdy legs. She has narrow shoulders, but muscular arms. Her feet and hands are pale orange, the same color as her mask. She has a yellow torso, dark red arms and legs, and a bright yellow eyes. The protosteel armor she wears is simple and light: a chest-plate, and guards for her upper arms and thighs.
    Weapon: A plain short sword with an protosteel pommel sheathed at her hip, a set of three throwing axes strapped to her back. When making her rounds of the Koro on police duty, she carries a sturdy wooden baton.
    Abilities/Weaknesses: Lucira is a decent all around fighter, but she truly excels in narrow spaces. She is surprisingly agile, and thinks quickly in battle, moving decisively in ways that make up for her lack of speed and small stature.  She has little in the way of defense against elemental powers, obviously, but tries to make up for it by using the environment around her.
    Biography: Lucira’s family mostly consists of merchants and shopkeepers, but it wasn’t a surprise when she joined the force as young matoran. She has since become independent from her parents, and lives in a small but clean hut in outer Ta-koro.
    During the war with Makuta, she took on multiple campaigns in Onu-koro, and knows the area quite well.   She has been active in the local Ta-koro police force for quite a while, and it was while undertaking a special mission for the investigative branch of the city authority that she discovered a few things—Makuta had been creating gruesome experiments in the heart of The Mangai, and she was apparently meant to be the carrier of a new toa stone. Deciding to take a work vacation in Ga-koro, where the stone seemed to point her, Lucira found the matoran that was meant to use it surprisingly quickly.  That was, after she became involved in the defense of an inn by brutally stabbing the attacker in the back of knee.  She hopes that the rest of her vacation will be less eventful.
    Personality: Lucira is friendly and easygoing, and gets along well with her comrades. She is generally non-confrontational and would prefer to talk things out, but she knows when such a thing is pointless.  She is seemly content with her life small cog in the grand machine, but she does have occasional moments of feeling adrift in a world that changes all too quickly without her.
    Family: Terek (father), Kiroth (mother), Melika (younger brother)

    -The Gentlewoman-
    Ferellis Garsi
    Species: Skakdi (Stone)
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic Good, The Gukko Force
    Vision Power: Impact Vision
    Appearance: Ferellis is solid and tall enough to stand eye to eye with most toa.  However, her frame is not particularly massive for her kind.  She’s mostly an unremarkable color of tan, and she normally covers the double row of spikes along her spine with a dark brown heavy coat.  Her most distinctive feature is the patchwork of steel and gold that his her teeth.  They’re a result of her horrible sweet tooth, but she doesn’t usually tell people this, preferring to let them think what they will.
    Weapons/Tools: A wide-barrelled pistol.  It shoot metal slugs at a velocity that hurts a lot and can leave a dent, as well as stun someone if they’re hit correctly. (Foreign Tech slot)
    She is never without a tin of lozenges of various flavours.
    Abilities/Weaknesses: As a skakdi of stone, Ferellis has the ability to use her elemental power in conjunction with other skakdi.  However, she doesn’t have much of an occasion to do this.

    Ferellis has a sharp eye for detail and keeps meticulous (if disorganized) notes, but she’s a beat cop, not a detective genius, and can easily miss the big picture.  She’s mostly used to dealing with day to day crime and backalley brawls, and would be at a disadvantage in an open fighting situation.  However, she’s good at dealing with situations caused by intense feelings and too much drink, as happens a lot in Le-Koro.  Also a pretty good quickdraw and can throw a decent punch.

    Biography: Where exactly Ferellis came from, no one knows.  However, it seems that in the past her family was fairly wealthy, in a way that both shielded her from injuries that mark most Skakdi and kept her from developing a taste for open battle typical of her species.  It also seems to be where she acquired her taste for candies, and she is never seen without at least one tin of mints.

    Regardless, she gravitated to the internal wing of the Gukko force and has been there ever since, dealing with everything from homicide to theft of madu fruit.  She was briefly involved in the defence of Le-Koro during the Rakshi attacks.

    Personality:  Ferellis is chivalrous and easygoing, and speaks in a languid drawl.  She prefers to strut into situations and intimidate her way out of them, but always keeps her manners about her.


    -The General-
    Name: Plangori Morie
    Species: Dasaka
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, The Imperial Order
    Mask: Great Akaku, Mask of X-ray Vision
    Appearance:  Morie is of average height, though the years have given her a slight stoop.  Her base layer of armor is aquamarine, lined in gold, with a pale blue-violet body showing underneath.  Pale turquoise crystal armor covers her chest and upper arms.

    Morie wears a pale plum sash, marked with a design of white flowers and black leaves.  Together, these are the colors of her clan, and the sash itself has been handed down for generations.  It is newly dyed every hundred years.
    Weapons/Tools: Morie was once deadly with her machete, but years and a primarily peaceful life have sapped her strength and dulled her combat instincts.  She forgoes it currently for a pair of crystal knives hidden in her clothes.
    Abilities/Weaknesses:  Morie is an accomplished Sighteye, specializing in visual and auditory illusions.  Her main strength is one of distraction—she can create landscapes so breathtakingly beautiful that her enemies are lulled into a sense of peace.  She was also trained in willhammering, though most of her ability is concentrated towards the defensive brand favored in her clan.  She is very skilled at detecting the presence of other willhammers and can defend the minds of others by projecting herself onto their surface thoughts and forcing their opponent to engage with her.  In addition, she has refined her ability to ideatalk so she can more easily receive and project messages over a distance.

    Biography: Though well into her years, Morie shows no signs of retiring from her position as Toroshu, much to the dismay of her six children.  It’s not that she distrusts the rest of the clan, she simply knows that she does a much better job than any of them would.

    Morie was a single child, as her father died of disease and her mother, the previous Toroshu, never found another mate.  Thus, she grew up knowing that the office of Toroshu would always rest on her shoulders.  Her arrogance is outmatched only by her political knowledge and her will to command.  Since she rivals most of the clan Datsue in age, she rarely will consult them, although she will hear out their strongest concerns and opinions.

    Morie is determined that Clan Plangori should survive and prosper, no matter what becomes of the world outside, but she realizes that her clan is heavily dependent on the rest of the world.  She staunchly opposed any action in the direction of Mata Nui, as she felt it would complicate the already shaky political structure of the islands.  She strongly supports the crown, though less out of personal affection for the new rora and much more so for the ideal of a strong central leadership that she believes holds the island together. Morie has decided to remain in Sado to defend the city against the attacking forces of Zataka.

    -The Secret Keeper-
    Plangori Fanai

    Gender: Female
    Species: Dasaka (Menti)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, The Welfare of Her Clan
    Mask: Great Elda, Mask of Detection
    Appearance: Fanai is tall, with a slim, athletic build and the excellent posture of someone trained to stand guard.  Her body tends toward greener side of blue, with pale gold—almost silver—accents.  Her silver eyes are also pale, with a misty sort of look to them.  Her unique mask—the result of an inheritance—is more angular and lacks some of the design features of most elda, making it closer in appearance to a noble matatu.  The crystal armor on her lower limbs, chest and shoulders glimmers in subtle shades of jade.  Her uniform is eggplant-colored, with the plangori emblem died on the chest and back
    Weapons/Tools: Fanai carries a machete of dark purple crystal, worn at the side, as is traditional for her clan, as well as a set of concealed knives.  Her favored weapon, however is a light naginata with a sparkling, diamond blade.
    Abilities/Weaknesses:  Fanai’s presence as willhammer makes itself known as a drifting white mist at the edge of her targets vision—that is, if it manifests at all.   Fanai, like most of her clan, is a subtle willhammer who can easily drift at the surface of someone’s consciousness without probing deep enough to alarm them.  However, she takes the subtlety inherent in her training and takes it to a new level—focusing on completely eliminating her presence on the mental plane.  No one has perfect control over their discipline, of course, but Fanai is for most purposes mentally invisible when she wants to be.  She is experimenting with extending that ability to a willing target, but has yet to test it to the fullest.

    Fanai is also, because of her duty as a guard, trained to detect the slightest disturbance on the mental plain.  Once battle is joined, however, she has to rely mostly on her weapons, as it’s hard to make the subtle suggestions that her discipline favors when openly engaged with an opponent.  Due to the nature of her duties, almost all of her combat training has been strictly formal—by no means easy, but built more for catching the odd spy than for war.
    Biography: Fanai had a completely unremarkable life—a younger cousin of Toroshu Morie, she didn’t stand out to any particular degree and completed her training at the school of the mind.  She might have passed into a completely below notice if one of the senior guards hadn’t remarked that she was so unremarkable as to completely disappear.

    The clan council, after some deliberation, decided to send Fanai back to Sado to train under a Daikura master of willhammering.   She refined her technique there, making occasional trips to the temple of Zuto Nui to train in meditation.   Someone else might have seen the position of the Toroshu’s personal guard as an opportunity to acquire power for themselves, but Fanai entertained no such thoughts.  In any other clan, she might have faded into the background, but now she had purpose, and she would fulfill her duty.

    Fanai appears to have no dreams and ambitions outside of preserving the safety of her charges, but the truth is somewhat more complicated.  She has somewhat of gentler manner than her cousin, which she tries to use to put the clan’s allies at ease.  She is also one of the few people who Morie respects enough to take advice from.

    -The Snake in the Grass-
    Name: Plangori Akiyo
    Species: Dasaka
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Lawful Evil, Herself
    Mask: Great Rau, Mask of Translation
    Appearance: While she is otherwise petite, Akiyo none the less has the strong legs of someone who is used to moving around a lot, often through the thick growth of the jungle.  Her form might be called “pleasantly feminine, but not voluptuous.”  She wears pale periwinkle armor over a body of medium sky blue, lined with silver and augmented on her chest with crystal of delicate saffron, the same color as her eyes.  She can also be seen wearing voluminous dresses of various pastels, which usually fall at her elbows and knees.  For official functions, she usually garbs herself in dresses of white, with whimsical patterns resist-dyed in black, with plum appliqués of flowers.  She is highly interested in fashion and makes sure that she is always up with the latest trends, despite her clans somewhat reserved location.

    Akiyo’s face is positively cherubic: round with large eyes and a small rosebud mouth.  Something about her demeanor, however, keeps her beauty from acquiring a childlike air, and gives here the presence of a young women.

    Weapons/Tools: A light amethyst machete, as well as an accompanying tantō.  She also often carries a parasol with a concealed blade.
    Abilities/Weaknesses: Akiyo has traveled extensively on the island of Oki, and knows it like the back of her hand.  She has also plenty of experience fighting in narrow, confined spaces.  Naturally, she finds herself at a distinct disadvantage facing opponents in open areas, especially when they have a longer reach than her.  She often relies on stealth, particularly since strength is not her strong suit.  While agile, she does not respond very well to displays of brute force.

    Akiyo, like most members of her clan, was trained early in the art of defensive willhammering.  However, while she can mount a formidable defense for herself she has virtually no attacking capacity, and she cannot extend her shield to protect the minds of others.

    It is in her sighteye discipline that Akiyo excels in.  Specializing in sensational illusions, she can not only inflict pain but also pleasure with precision, either can distract her opponents to great effect.  She has also studied the application of other sensations, and can mix them if she so desires--making her opponent feel both hot and cold at the same time.  However, she holds the main weakness as a sighteye of not being able to move when she uses her power, and because it takes so much of her concentration she tends to lose awareness of her surroundings when she activates it.

    Biography: Akiyo is the firstborn daughter of Morie, and despite the slew of daughters that followed after her she intends that she will be the one to succeed her mother.  She has studied and traveled extensively, both on Sado and on Oki, and possesses her mother’s interest in politics, cloaked with an outwardly sweet, whimsical temper.

    This sweetness is a bit like poisoned sugar.

    Akiyo wants power, power that she feels that she deserves, and the whole world is simply in her way.  Part of the fun, of course, is getting rid of the obstacles—which in Akiyo’s case happen to people.  Whenever a secret resentment can be exploited, or shame magnified Akiyo will find a way to insert herself into the situation.  She keeps close tabs on the clans dyers, and they all fear her, although no one will dare say why.  After all, she is a proper Torushu’s daughter, courteous and soft-spoken.

    Akiyo makes friends, of course, in the higher social circles of Kentoku—she isn’t a cloistered plotter by any means.  There are plenty of people enough like her that she can get close to them, but not enough like her to see how disposable she sees them as.  She lives the socialite life—though certainly not to excess— and shares the full extent of her plans with none of them.

    Now cloistered in a ship on the way to Mata Nui, forced into an advisory position to her younger sibling, Akiyo stews.  But she has a plan for everything, and she certainly never gives up.

    - The Second Son -
    Name: Plangori Yukie
    Species: Dasaka (Menti)
    Gender: Male (Trans)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Mask: Great Haunoru, Mask of Focused Shielding
    Appearance: Yukie stands a little shorter than average for a Dasaka, but compact and strong, with a noble bearing that makes up for his stature.  His face is broad and plainly handsome, unremarkable except for his catlike, silver eyes.
    Yukie typically long, dark grey coat similar in style to that worn by the navy, with pink crystal armor covering most of his body.  His under-armor is pale blue-gray plate lined in white gold, with silver etching.

    Yukie reads as a male called so at birth to most casual observers, due to specially requested molding of his crystal armor.  His shorter height leads certain people to make assumptions, however.
    Weapons/Tools: A set of turquoise crystal knives, inside of sheaths sewn into his coat.  These are backup weapons in case he cannot maintain his soulsword.
    Abilities/Weaknesses: Yukie, like many of his clan, is a close combat fighter--used to dealing with the narrow spaces in his jungle home.  Unlike most of his clan, however, he trained in the use of the soulsword, which manifests a medium-sized, pale pink glowing machete.  His mask allows him to summon a weightless energy shield of similar appearance.  The shield is broad, shaped like an inverted teardrop, and nearly as wide as it is tall.

    Yukie’s fighting style is purposefully contrary to his manner—if he decides to engage he immediately attempts to get within his opponent’s reach, aggressively lunging forward while using his shield to block and obstruct his opponent’s line of view.  He doesn’t hold back in terms of attacks either, punching, kneeing, and tripping furiously trying to get the advantage until his opponent is overwhelmed.  This works pretty well for stunning the average imperial-trained warrior, but people used to this more brutal style of fighting are harder for him to deal with.  His soulsword, while brutally effective within its range, is not an elegant weapon and limits his reach extensively, and isn’t an effective parrying weapon.  It’s also his weaker discipline, and he can’t maintain it if distracted by pain or by fighting another willhammer.

    Yukie excels at his clan’s discipline of defensive willhammering; he can extend his consciousness to easily break the control of another willhammer on an ally, and protect their mind from further attacks.  Like his mother’s, his power manifests as a swarm of petals, though they are crystal, translucent pink instead of her metallic silver.  Naturally, his mental “shield” gets stronger or weaker depending on his own condition.  Also, because his ability is almost solely defensive, he has difficulty going further into the minds of all but the weakest-willed opponents.
    Biography: Plangori Morie welcomed the birth of a second daughter.  While a son would have given her more prestige, a second heir made the clan more secure--and Yukie was always a polite and yet precocious child, an ideal legacy for the clan.  Akiyo possessed many of the same traits of course, but she was more interested in the politics of inter-clan relations than the day to day transactions and the dye work that kept Plangori going.  They would balance each other, ensuring the future of her clan.

    But Morie had been wrong about two things. Her two eldest children did not get along as she might have hoped.  And she had not given birth to a daughter, but a son.

    Yukie’s first few years of life were intensely confusing to him; he didn’t understand why the members of the clan, even the old dyer women who he considered aunties, called him a girl when he clearly did not feel like one.  Whenever he expressed his own feelings on the matter, he was usually met with chuckles, though some of the clan members indulged him--thinking it was something he might grow out of eventually.  Akiyo watched this, and saw an opportunity to secure her birthright that her younger sibling had put in jeopardy.  She was outwardly sweet to him while consistently implying that he was delusional and pitiable.  Yukie took refuge in literature and the study of his mental disciplines, avoiding his older sister whenever possible.  He developed an intact, albeit besieged sense of who he was, though he never insisted on his pronouns to the extent that he had as a child.  He had become determined to fulfill his sister’s fear of overtaking her as heir to the clan, and he knew no man had held the position of Toroshu in the recorded history of the empire.

    As daughter after daughter followed him, Yukie casually began slipping into the duties of a first son, eventually convincing his mother to let him train again at The School of the Mind, this time with purpose of developing a soulsword.  In the capital, he found, no one would question the identity of the handsome young male strolling through the marketplace, and neither could anyone argue that a Toroshu’s daughter was being obscene by dressing like a member of the navy.  Eventually the whispers of “First Son of Plangori,” came to a head and a few of the more rash and cruel students decided to teach him a lesson.  In the formal atmosphere of duels at the school, however, Yuki excelled.  His furious style of fighting completely threw the other students off, and yet he never was uncontrolled enough to cause disciplinary measures to fall on his head.  Eventually, the challenges stopped, and Yuki returned to Oki with a newfound confidence, and the determination to finally stand toe to toe with his elder sister.  The two of them appear to get along on the surface, but Yukie is constantly on guard against Akiyo’s provocations and her attempts to destroy his reputation.

    During their willhammer training, Yuki was often paired up with his younger sister Shuuan to practice.  Yukie developed an extremely tight mental defense against Shuaan’s brutal and recklessly strong attacks, and Shuuan developed an empathy for her older sibling that caused her to pull back from her usual dogged curiosity.  They have grown to respect each other, even though Shuuan thinks Yukie is too much of a doormat and Yukie thinks Shuuan is too focused on her immediate feelings that she loses sight of the big picture.

    Yukie's status is somewhat ambiguous with regards to other clans.  Some see his unusual status as a violation of tradition, while others accept him as much as possible--reasoning that he is simply taking on necessary duties until a "real" first son marries into the family.  His mother, Morie, still sees him as a daughter and treats the gossip around him as baseless rumors founded on petty jealousy.  She was so impressed by him, in fact, that she appointed him as acting Toroshu, in her absence.  Yukie has what he always wanted now, but holding onto it isn’t going to be easy, especially in a new environment where clan influence doesn’t have the same power it had on Kentoku.

    -The Prodigal Daughter-
    Name: Plangori Shuuan
    Species: Dasaka (Menti)
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, whatever annoys her mother
    Mask: Great Kadin
    Appearance:  It would be absurdly generous to call Shuuan pretty, even less accurate to call her average.  She is, to put simply, ugly.  Her jaw is too heavy, her brow large and protruding over her squinty yellow eyes.  It’s thought that she chose her specific mask to heighten the effect.  Her figure might be lent a shred of dignity if she were tall enough to intimidate, but her height is below average, a fact made worse by her habit of slouching.  Dull grey crystal armor covers most of her dark blue torso and disconcertingly bright gold arms.  She's also lost weight on the journey over to Mata Nui, giving her a somewhat hollow eyed, ghoulish look.
    Weapons/Tools: Like most warriors of her clan, Shuuan was trained in the use of a light machete, but she never showed any particular aptitude and the trainers soon gave up on teaching her.  Her much preferred weapon--at least of the physical variety--is a giant longbow and quiver.  She figures that if she has to fight anybody the first priority should be using her mask to get out of the way and picking them off from above.
    Abilities/Weaknesses:  Shuuan's willhammer is somewhat of an enigma.   In a clan known for their defensive oriented, careful approach to willhammering, she has almost no defensive ability at all.   The clans signature cultivated sensitivity, however, is so natural and present in her that even a nearby menti feeling particularly strong emotions can effect her mental state, and an unexpected intrusion could leave her moaning and incapacitated on the floor.  Yet, it is very hard to sneak up on Plangori Shuuan, for that same sensitivity that leaves her mind vulnerable gives her a razor keen awareness of the mindscape around her.   In the past, she had caused several embarrassments by accidentally overhearing an ideatalk conversation she was not privy to, and in the present she is much less accidental in causing said embarrassments.

    When she goes on the attack, however, Shuuan is prodigiously strong, lashing out with all the emotion she has been exposed to--her awareness of others allowing her to sink her mental hooks fast and deep.   She's been known to overwhelm other menti is a matter of a few seconds, her mind of taking the form of a shadowy swarm of things that resemble bats but are never quite right--Shuuan always had quite the imagination, and the jungle offered plenty of inspiration even when it wasn't being swarmed by rakshi and infected rahi.

    There were even rumors, whispered between her teachers, that she could rival the Chōjō in sheer mental force...but they have faded as of late.   Shuuan, after all, has done nothing so impressive as summon a soulsword dragon--and attempts to teach her other disciplines failed largely due to her habit of needling her teachers.   The only other one she has some promise in is mindarm, and it manifests with no control or precision--usually when she want to keep someone physically away.  Furthermore, her single, overwhelming foray is often the only advantage she has in mental combat--if it fails, she likely to be backed into a corner.
    Biography:  The third daughter of Morie, Toroshu of Clan Plangori,  Shuuan wishes she was further away from the coveted spot of succession.  She cares little for the pursuits of the clan--which she views as concealed greed--and loathes the political posturing that needs to be done to satisfy their clients.  Displaying all the pride of her mother but none of her tact, Shuuan resents her and tries as hard as she can to sabotage the clan’s expansion at every turn.  She also is plainly disgusted with noble society and says so every chance she gets.

    It might strike one as strange, but Shuuan is also a lover of literature and poetry (though she loathes philosophy), and a romantic.  She has no trouble shouting when she’s angry, crying when she is sad, laughing when she happy, and generally ignoring all the rules of honor and courtesy.  She spent most of her youth running off into the jungle and prefers the company of books to other Dasaka.  As she got older, however, she learned that she was no longer able to escape everything.  And she hated it.

    Shuuan’s time on Sado has allowed her to develop somewhat cordial relationships with other clan outcasts, in particular Herupa Jiyu.  She has also, to her delight and his despair, found her way into the feelings of Vilda Kulrik, a fact that would surely cause a great amount of scandal if it came to light.  Shuuan isn’t exactly known for being discreet, however…

    -The Old Snakecharmer-

    Vilda Pradhai

    Species: Dasaka (Datsue)

    Gender:  Feminine (she/they pronouns)

    Mask: Noble Mask of Sensory Amplitude (powerless)

    Clan/Caste: Vilda, Menti (Former Battlemaster)

    Appearance:  Time erodes all things, and even the most stunning Vilda realizes this eventually.   Pradhai’s deep aqua and gold figure become hunched and wizened with time, her once delicate features nearly lost in wrinkles.   But the eyes behind her mask are still bright with the same lust for life that she possessed in her youth.

    She typically walks using a magnificent carved cane that she supposedly won in a duel with a Taajar.   She may or may have not used her mindarm to wap people with it.


    - Mindarm Discipline: Most of Pradhai’s mindarm practice was directed towards pushing people around or making them stay put, not manipulating objects.  However, she’s lived long enough to have tried everything out.  Her favorite technique is tripping people with a precisely applied momentary mindarm on their foot.

    - Sighteye Discipline: Pradhai specializes in visual and tactile illusions, and first drew attention for the incredibly realistic animals she was able to simulate.  Should she fight someone, she’s found that a simple but usually effective technique is to simulate whatever creepy crawly they fear most crawling all over them.

    - Willhammer Discipline:  Pradhai is a master of the Vilda brand of willhammering, dedicated to the subtle and complex art of interacting with animals.   Many dasaka over the years have gone to her for help in finding a bond animal.  Necessarily, this means she has less experience in direct mental battles with other menti, though convincing the local wildlife that her opponent would make a tasty snack usually works for her.

    - Bond Animal Most Vildas bond with birds.  Most Vildas are not Vilda Pradhai.  Laka is a type of non-venomous serpentine rahi that frequent the jungles around Oki.  They grow throughout their lives and the largest can swallow a full grown Dasaka.  Pradhai is older than dirt, and bonded with Laka very early in life.  You can put it together.

    Weaknesses:  There’s no getting around it--Pradhai is old.  She tries to remain fit, but she still might be bowled over by a stiff breeze.  Such is her age that it’s begun to affect the strength of her mental disciplines--while she’s incredibly practiced and skillful, the mental exertion they require is extremely taxing for her, and she can’t keep them going for long.

    History: Pradhai is older than dirt, older than almost anyone alive in clan Vilda.   She was old when Relisai became toroshu, and has only gotten older since then.  Necessarily, her past is shrouded in mystery, as any good mysterious-crone-who-lives-in-the-jungle’s should be.

    However, it’s not that complicated really.  She’s showed interest in the jungle from a very early age and honed her mental disciplines to better explore and take care of it, attaining the rank of battlemaster at the ascension of Relisai and Robalta’s mother.  Her prime was far before the Fursic Rebellion, and prior to it she had already retired to become the equivalent of a wilderness ranger and guide on Oki.   She was somewhat of a legendary figure used to scare children with, though any that encountered her found she her to be pretty awesome.

    Leaving her beloved Oki and all of its jungles was a hard decision for her, but she ultimately decided that battles were for the young.   Besides, a whole new island?   At her age?  Well it was quite an exciting idea.

    - The Hard Bargainer-
    Name: Kuychar Ilykaid
    Species: Dasaka (Toroshu/Jahagir)
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: True Neutral, Her Clan’s Safety
    Mask: Great Calix, Mask of Fate
    Appearance: Ilykaid is short and stout, with broad shoulders, thick arms and legs that end in strong hands and feet.  She has wide hips and a slightly round belly, and a round, pleasant face with warm golden eyes that narrow into slits when she smiles.
    Ilikaid has dark teal skin that contrasts with her sky blue under-armour and mask.  While relaxing, she prefers a pale tangerine orange sari. In times of battle or diplomacy, however, she dons the full regalia of a Jahagir: dark blue crystal chain mail and a leather-and-bone helmet, with grey and white gull feathers woven into the band.  Often, she wears a felted coat, dyed pale blue and turquoise, over her armor.
    Weapons/Tools: Ilykaid possesses all weapons common to Taajar zrupgar, but normally she only carries her dark topaz katar and stone dagger.  In training or battle, she also carries a deep indigo crystal great kris and two sparking diamond throwing knives, and rides her dappled grey mare soko, Maki.  She also possesses a huge yellow crystal anti-cavalry sword, but it normally hangs in her receiving room unless she foresees fighting unmounted.  She also carries a large leaf shaped shield on her left arm, decorated with the simple wave design in dark blue.
    Abilities/Weaknesses: Ilykaid may look like a kind auntie, but she is a warrior and was trained as one.  Unsurprisingly given her physique, she is very strong and easily carries her larger than normal sword.  While the kris is her most proficient weapon, she also can throw her knives far, fast, and with devastating accuracy.  She can present a large target in battle, however, so she doesn’t usually fight at range, preferring to use a surge from her mask to dodge projectiles as she charges close enough to make use of her sword.

    Maki, her mare, is a trained warhorse, responsive to commands and calm in the face of blood and battle.  Any opponent on the ground who comes within close range of Ilykaed will find themselves on the business end one of her hooves.
    Ilykaid is a sight-eye specializing in creating nonsensical landscapes in her opponents head—her favorite trick is making an opponent perceive the world as upside down.  However, like most Taajar, she relies more on physical combat as opposed to her menti disciplines.  She his no slouch, however, when it comes to battle strategy and directs her warriors with a firm hand.
    Biography:  Ilykaed was suddenly thrust into the position of jahagir following her sister’s death in the last Fursic rebellion.  She has taken to her new position with vigor and determination, and the clan has thrived under her watch.
    Ilykaed is sometimes derisively called “the Bargainer” by her critics.  She is determined to preserve the traditions that the Kuychar have been able to salvage, but she is also determined that no cleansing like the one which put her family in power will ever occur again.  To this end, she is somewhat hard on those that overstep their bounds in the view of Imperials, though she is significantly more lenient in regards to behavior at the clans home village of Sednkuy.
    Ilykaed briefly studied in Sado, at both the Temple of Zuto Nui and the School of the Mind.  She is responsible for adapting meditation techniques used by the priestesses and imperial menti into the training of koshi zrupgar, a move which turned quite a few heads at the time.
    Ilykaed normally appears cheerful and gregarious, regarding Imperial political maneuvering with an eye of wary humor.  However, she quickly becomes serious and invested if the effects of such politics have potential to reach her clan.

    - The Land’s Child -
    Kuychar Hatchi
    Species: Dashi (Saihoko)
    Gender: Publicly female.  Privately agender/thirdgender.  (Specifically, nyihzyr, individuals who often worked as warrior priests and traveling shamans in traditional Taajar culture, now virtually unheard of.)*
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Mask: Powerless Great Pakari
    Appearance: Hatchi is a little taller than normal, with a wiry frame.  Most of their body, including their mask and crystal armor, is indigo blue.  Dark gold accents show in the area around their joints.  Typically, they wear a multicolored felted overcoat decorated with Taajar designs, as well as a wooden Zuto Nui rosary.  Holes are drilled into either side of their mask, where they typically hang mask rings carved of shell, bone, or rarely, wood.
    Hatchi has a wide jaw a little too soft to be chiseled, prominent round cheekbones, and a smooth round brow.  Their eyes are an unusual color of dark ash brown, round, and set a little wide, with long lashes.
    Weapons/Tools: Hatchi hides two katar in the voluminous sleeves of their coat, strapped to wrist sheathes that allow the daggers to easily slip into their hands with the proper flex.  In recent days, they have switched out their caravan leader’s baton with a sharpened topaz half-pike, and taken to carrying a hunter’s sling.
    Abilities/Weaknesses:  In their youth, Hatchi received rigorous and comprehensive training as a koshi-zrupgar, a dashi warrior trained by none but a few taajar.  Koshi-zrupgar are expected to learn and master a variety of weapons, and Hatchi took to them easily—although because of prohibitions on swords their training focused more on small weapons and pole-arms.  The second, and more closely guarded, part of the koshi-zrupgar training is the mental and physical training they receive in order to fight menti.  This includes, but is not limited to—reading the physical cues and predicting the moves of mindarms, forcing soulsword users to loose their concentration, developing a well-tuned enough sense of direction to operate under sighteye influence, and detecting and repelling willhammer inclusions.  Hashi showed promise in these areas as well, but they never got to complete their training, at least formally.
    On a particular unlucky day, Hatchi was watching the mukau heard while the majority of the clans warriors were dealing with a Kanohi dragon that had nested too close to the village.   One of the older bulls suddenly went into a territorial rage, breaking its fence and injuring several cows.  Hatchi managed to distract the beast and eventually slew it—but not before it shattered their left leg almost beyond repair.  It would take even a skilled Sana user an immense amount of energy to heal such a complex fracture, and the clan only had one of moderate skill.    Hatchi’s left leg was healed, but only partially—whole but crooked and twisted inward.  They would never walk again without the aid of a cane. It was in the period after their accident, when their dreams seemed all but lost, that Hatchi learned two things—how to ride the fickle and temperamental husi bird, and the final secret to being a koshi zrupgar.  The technique is involves directing a willhammer’s influence with one’s own mind, letting the intruder in so they become entangled within their target’s thoughts.  This allows the koshi zrupgar to physically attack their near-incapacitated opponent—and Hatchi now had a wealth of pain to draw on—enough to still even the most war-weary menti for just long enough.  Hatchi never received the full title of koshi zrugar, but they had their trainers word—and that would have to be enough.  Enough for Hatchi not to let their training slip well into their middle age.

    Biography:  Hatchi grew up among the other young menti of their clan, cheerful and carefree—playing in the waves and sand and huddling in insulated huts over hot mugs of tea in the winter.  They always felt a little different, but unsure as to why—it wasn’t like they were an outcast among taajar society—they had plenty of friends and a fulfilling, yet simple life.  Of course, they were hungry to see the world—but that could wait until they finished their koshi zrupgar training.

    It was from a datsue storyteller who was, even by Kuychar standards, a little too loose-lipped about tales of the old Taajar gods that Hatchi first heard the word nyihizr.  The word was a remnant of Old Taa, and referred to people who identified as neither men nor woman, as well as the position of a traveling warrior-priest that such individuals often filled.   This was what Hatchi was, why they always felt slightly out of place in the world.  But this was not a world that accepted nyihizr anymore, with their connection to the old Taajar gods and their confusing defiance of Imperial notions of duty.

    Following the old storytellers advice, Hatchi buried the thoughts of their identity, and tried to fit into the position of a zrupgar and woman.  The accident that left them handicapped sent them on a different path, however.  The clan elder assigned them a roll wandering caravan after their accident, and they experienced first hand the callousness, fascination, or occasionally outright disgust of Imperials.  Hatchi built their mental walls high even as they made connections within the caravan, bonding with the other saihoko and learning the ways of a merchant.  Hatchi found the warrior’s skill of reading the physicality of their opponent had just as many applications in the life of a salesperson—and after several years of excellent results they were made the leader of their own caravan.  It seemed like Hatchi would keep their secrets forever as they continued to wind their way through the island, year after year.

    But times are changing.  Hatchi is now taking their decadal sabbatical after one of the strangest caravan trips they remember.  With the leader of the Taajar seemingly in conflict, the Empress dead, and reports of strange land beyond the horizon, Hatchi’s well-constructed is facade breaking down, piece by piece. Perhaps the stories the datsue told them have a grain of truth—perhaps the world will be ready for ideas that had long been locked away.

    *Due to keeping up strong mental walls for a good portion of their life, Hatchi will sometimes use she/her pronouns to refer to themselves, but their real pronouns are zi/zir or they/them, and they should be referred to by these out of character.

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  • Tirokk

    Species: Fe-Toa

    Description: Head and shoulders over most toa, clad in a thick protosteel suit of armour that hides a formidable strongman's physique underneath. The armour is gunmetal and silver in colouration, its design conveying less consideration for aesthetics and more for practicality. Underneath the armour his body's colouration is dark metallic grey and rust brown, his eyes and heart light pale golden.

    Gender: Male

    Powers and weapons: As a Toa of Iron, Tirokk is able to create and manipulate protodermic metal, such as in the creation of iron or, with greater effort and concentration, protosteel. His mastery over the element is honed and considerable, allowing him to swiftly and efficiently create metallic objects or mend their damage, as well as manipulate their position with great accuracy.

    With this power, he has constructed himself an immensely heavy suit of armour composed of thick protosteel. This suit has been specifically crafted and honed over a long time for the purpose of surviving high velocity impacts and effectively delivering kinetic damage while not hampering dexterity completely. 

    To this end, the suit is reinforced on the inside to minimize whiplash and impact damage to the wearer, and built for rapid movement by use of a Kanohi Kakama, aerodynamics shaping its design in unusual ways that have melded it into something like a humanoid projectile. All joints and seams have been reinforced to protect the wearer from physical harm.

    The Kakama is outfitted with a durable scope attachment which allows Tirokk to see far ahead of him, easing high-speed travel across long distances. The scope is protected along with his mask under the suit's armour, with a hole in the suit's plating enabling his scope to extend out or retract to safety.

    Out of the armour, however, he takes on an entirely new factor of speed even without the mask, with surprising agility and dexterity for a being of his immense and heavy stature, having gone through intense and rigorous training to effectively use the heavy suit of armour. While out of the armour, Tirokk wields a pair of protosteel knuckle irons on his fists, as well as protosteel tipped boots, along with a myriad of weapons such as swords, spears, hammers, daggers, etc. which he has become proficient in conjuring with his elemental powers. He is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and skilled in use of various types of melee and throwing weapons.

    History: A long time ago, Tirokk became a Toa with several other matoran. They formed a Toa Team of their own and set out to help the island in any way they could. For a time they did well, and earned a minor reputation, but eventually they met an enemy they could not defeat. Watching each and every one of his teammates die, Tirokk was left traumatized, becoming deeply guarded and closed off from other people, retreating into isolation for a long time. 

    In his isolation, Tirokk honed his powers, swearing that he would never be caught lacking again. In time, he crafted a heavy suit of armour to complement his mask, gradually improving its design to withstand harder impacts as he honed in on a particularly expedient attack strategy. However, he realized that specializing too much would leave him vulnerable, and so trained himself in ways of combat that would help him were he ever caught out of his armour or forced to abandon it.

    Eventually, reaching protosteel quality with his metallic constructs after honing his craft, he finally set out to test his mettle, finding himself at first humbled but pushing through to adapt and shape himself into the ultimate warrior.

    Personality and traits: Around strangers, Tirokk is incredibly guarded, presenting a cold and professional demeanor in his dealings, and being difficult to get close to. However, the armour he's constructed around his heart is not impervious, and once someone has gotten through to him, he can be incredibly warm and affectionate, albeit clumsy due to a lack of real socialization. He's in fact quite awkward in more lighthearted social scenarios, as well as a bit too literal minded at times, with jokes regularly flying over his head.

    When it comes to combat, Tirokk isn't prone to holding back, often choosing the most expedient and pragmatic way to take out an enemy. While he prefers to analyse situations as much as possible, he isn't afraid to make snap-judgments if he deems the situation to call for it. Though more often than not cautious, he is more than willing to risk his life if it is to the benefit of those in need.


    Lumbering Giant: Despite the consideration for locomotion in his armour's design, without the use of his Kanohi Kakama, he is slow and lumbering while wearing it, better suited for defense than offense. The suit also hinders more delicate operations considerably, and hampers his dexterity somewhat even with his use of the Kakama. 

    Aim For The Weak Spot: Additionally, despite being heavily reinforced, the narrow slits and scope hole in the forward plating allowing him to see out of it are weakpoints that an enemy with high accuracy could potentially take advantage of. While out of the suit, his armour is far less robust, with most conventional means of physical damage being sufficient to harm him.

    Tunnelvision: On a literal level, Tirokk's field of view is severely narrowed while wearing the suit. On a figurative level, Tirokk has a tendency to hyper-fixate when presented with a problem, ignoring everything else in favour of dealing with the target of his hyper-fixation at that time.

    Big and Heavy: With his size and weight while in the suit, it's often a point of trouble for him to get around in less open spaces. Due to the weight of his suit, he also has trouble transporting it by any means other than with his own two legs. This also means he often prefers to give any bodies of water a wide berth, in no way helped by the fact that he doesn't know how to swim.





    Species: Bo-Skakdi

    Description:  Teal and lime colouration, bright red eyes and heart light. Very short and skinny for a Skakdi, a veritable runt. Wears well worn hooded robes consisting of a dark indigo cloth, a leather satchel holding various items, and a wooly lavender and pale blue scarf wrapped around her neck and on top of shoulders, worn over her robes.
    Gender: Female

    Powers and/or weapons: Zadred has Telescopic Vision and has the element of Plantlife at her disposal should she join with another Skakdi or use a Skakdi tool to channel her powers. In her possession is a gardening multitool she keeps in her satchel along with a range of herbs with medicinal qualities, as well as seeds of various useful plants she can use to quickly grow in emergencies.

    Technological Items: A solid staff made from an unknown brass-like material that's as sturdy as protosteel and can channel a Skakdi's elemental powers in a limited fashion. For Zadred's elemental plantlife powers, it allows her to cause seeds to sprout, to boost the growth of extant flora, and to manipulate the shape of a plant's growth to her liking.

    History: Finding herself on Mata-Nui's shores  years ago with no memories, Zadred eked out a living between Ga-Wahi and Le-Wahi by putting her affinity for plant-life to use in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, selling them in the settlements of either Wahi for some coin to sustain herself. During that time she also studied the local flora of the island, familiarizing herself to almost an encyclopedic degree with the properties of Mata-Nui's varied and often verdant plantlife.

    Now, years after her settling into a comfortable and fulfilling life, memories of a life in another land have slowly begun to seep into her mind, a life as a member of a secretive and reviled group of individuals dead set on discovering the mystical truths of Zakaz and the universe in general. Awakening an insatiable curiosity that had laid dormant for all these years, Zadred yearns to return to the homeland she had forgotten, to find out what has become of the people she once knew.

    Personality and Traits: Curious to a fault, Zadred is otherwise a humble and gentle person with a love for all things that grow. Though often quite shy, she can conversely be very confident when faced with situations lacking an imposing social element, with her curiosity driving her to eagerly face personal risk.

    Weaknesses: Zadred is prone to being foolhardy and overconfident, letting her curiosity overpower her sensibilities in her pursuit of knowledge and secrets. Being so small for a Skakdi, she is open to ridicule by larger members of her species concerned with physical prowess and stature. 





    Species: Skakdi

    Description: An indigo and black colouration on her body along with white glowing eyes and heartlight. Half her body, split vertically from the top of her head down to her legs, is withered and desiccated like a corpse, almost skeletal in appearance and with a blackened rust covering her mechanical components though otherwise still fully functioning. 

    Gender: Female

    Powers and/or weapons: Helkyrii's vision power is True Sight, allowing her to see spirits and other hidden things like the masks Elda or Rode would. Her element is Earth, which she can use in conjunction with another Skakdi. 

    She possesses two weapons, a sharpened shovel she can use either for digging or for fighting, and a ritual dagger engraved with sacred runes pertaining to her cult.

    Technological Items: An elemental focus that allows her to channel her Elemental Earth powers for Earth Sense, allowing her to sense the earth around her and perceive variations in it.

    Weaknesses: Her unusual appearance makes it hard for her to get along with most people, with most taking her appearance as a bad omen and shunning her for it. This has isolated her socially and made her easy to indoctrinate by the Acolytes of Ahk'Rei-Ahan.





    Species: Ta-Matoran

    Description: Red and azure colouration, wearing a red noble Rau with cyan eyes and heartlight. Wears a big green scarf with the symbol of Le-Koro on it over standard-issue Ta-Koro Guard armor.

    Gender: Male

    Powers and/or weapons: As a Ta-Matoran, Okuo has great resistance to heat and flame. Trained for swift traversal through the various environments between Ta-Wahi and Le-Wahi, he's become agile, quick, and acrobatic. He carries a standard issue spear, hatchet, dagger, and shield from the Ta-Koro guard, along with a strong reinforced throwing disk.

    Other items: Okuo wears a satchel containing a sketch book, a piece of sharpened graphite wrapped in cloth, a lightstone, a heatstone, and a Le-Koro horn with which he can call for his Kewa mount, not to mention play songs rather proficiently.

    Weakness(es): As a Ta-Matoran, Okuo is weak to the cold.




    Naio Dackelus

    Species: Toa of Crystal

    Description: Black and white colouration, red eyes and heart light, wears a simple white jacket and a white Mahiki styled like a Miru. Slightly shorter than average height, atheltic but slim bodytype.

    Gender: Male

    Powers and/or weapons: Naio wears a Kanohi Mahiki, allowing him create illusions and shapeshift visually. As a Toa of Crystal, Naio can create and control crystals with great skill. Crystals he creates are most often a transluscent black that seems to absorb all light, though sometimes with small sparse spots of opague white impurities inside, almost resembling stars in the otherwise pitch black crystals.

    As far as gear goes, Naio carries a blade made of a black crystal as strong as the toughest protosteel. With precise manipualtion, Naio can change the sword's length, width, curvature, handle, and more, to adapt to different fighting styles, be it a light one-hander for more agile and swift combat, a long two hander to give his swings more power, or even a dagger for a more subtle approach, the latter most being the form he most often carries the weapon in.

    Weakness(es): Emotionally dead inside.

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  • Name: Raymel the Worm

    Species: Skakdi of Earth

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Raymel looks like any other Skakdi warrior trying his best to survive: worn, rugged, scarred, perpetually ticked off, and packing just enough muscle to make anyone think twice about picking a fight. He stands a little over average height and wears black armour interspersed with subtle hints of grey. His eyes glow red, though just barely in the dark, and his spines are short, blocky spikes bent low to his back.

    Powers: Elemental power of earth (in conjunction with another Skakdi), and thermal imaging.

    Equipment: Raymel carries a shortsword and dagger, both sheathed at the waist, in addition to a quiver full of arrows. 

    Foreign Tech (approved by Ghosthands):

    • Defective Ghostcloak: a cloaking device won during the Siege of Qlaluht. It renders its user fully transparent while also muffling any noise they might make. The device was damaged when Raymel killed its previous owner and now rarely functions as intended; activation causes him to rapidly flicker in and out of the audiovisual spectrum, almost as if he were stuttering in and out of reality itself. (Hand-sized, strapped to his belt)
    • Shrieker: a strange bow of Vortixx make, and yet another faulty piece of tech damaged in battle. Arrows fired from its shaft are imbued with an incredible amount of power, capable of piercing through even the thickest armour with horrifying ease. Unfortunately, due to the permanent damage it suffered, only three arrows per hour can fired in this manner. They make a distinct shrieking sound mid-flight and leave a trail of shimmering-hot air in their wake.

    History: Raymel was never picky about who he followed. If they could guarantee his safety, they were king in his eyes. He flip-flopped between a great many warlords for the longest time, until he eventually fell in with Fekris and his pack of northerners holed up in the mountains. Soon after joining, they set about conquering their rivals, pillaging and growing their numbers while making a name for themselves. Raymel proved his value early on when he covered himself in mud and single-handedly crawled his way across no-man’s land to sneak into a fortress. Unseen and unheard, he scaled the keep’s walls under the cover of night, slit the throats of its sentries, and threw open its gates. Ferkis and his Northerners came pouring in after that to finish the rest of the job, slaughtering their enemies in an overwhelming show of savagery that’s still spoken of to this day.

    On that very same night they threw a feast in his name, toasting his cunning and bravery with copious amounts of alcohol. Somewhere in the process, the Northerners got a little too drunk, and decided it would be fitting (and hilarious) to grant him the title of Worm.

    Weakness: Terrible luck, more of a tactician than a fighter, doesn't particularly excel in any area of combat despite being a solid all-rounder. 

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  • The Living Mask

    Name: Luten
    Species: Living Mask
    Description(Mask): A well worn Sanok, with black rectangles under the eyes that help to not reflect light from the cheeks into the eyes, and a small carved kohlii ball picture on the left side.
    Description(Spirit): A blue and purple crystalline humanoid wearing a Sanok, with a shapely figure that glows with a soft inner light which changes color depending on her mood.
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Powers: Able to increase the accuracy of her wearer, as well as intuitively understand how best to use a ranged weapons through host contact or her own physical contact. Able to create a small crystal version of herself to interact in the real world. This persona varies in size but is never larger than 10 inches tall. She can manifest this persona up to 20 feet from her maskself. Has the ability to "sense" potential hosts. This ability only allows her to sense Matoran, Toa, and Turaga, with Toa being the easiest to feel.
    Personality: Almost childlike, Luten is carefree and bubbly, and loves new things, learning more everywhere she goes. She especially delights at seeing new types of food, and regularly encourages her hosts to try new things, and describe them for her. 

    History: Born from an accidental lightning strike from the Red Star, Luten is similar to Anxilia, but as a natural occurrence has some key differences to her artificially made siblings. Originally born the mask of a kohlii player named Sarcen Vale, her first host was attacked and died soon after, leaving Luten alone in the Le-Wahi jungle. Found by Toa Kale Ironshaper, she's since become his partner and a valued member of the Fowadi crew.


    The Kentoken Toa

    Name: Yuna Koizumi

    Species: Toa of Water

    Gender: Female

    Description: Yuna is a little shorter than most, with a curvy figure. Her armor is varying shades of dark blue, with accents of brass that could almost look gold in the right light. She wears simple clothing, generally in blue and brown. She wears a Kaukau. Behind the mask, her eyes are a pleasant gold. 

    Powers/Weapons: Elemental power of water, a crystal katana with a metal tsuba engraved with the name Koizumi, and charred slightly by flames. 

    Weaknesses: Hot tempered, quick to strike first. Though her raw power with water is great, Yuna lacks control and experience, hiding her abilities out of fear. Unable to access any of the Menti disciplines as a Ga-Toa.

    Personality: Yuna puts on an air of disinterest in most things, but harbors a lot of bottled resentment of Dasakan caste culture, as well as a lot of self loathing. She is generally kind, but has a quick temper which she expresses with a quick tongue and scathing sarcasm.

    History: Unlike most Toa who wash up on the island of Mata Nui, Yuna washed up in the Kentoku archipelago, on the island of Oki. With no memories, she wandered the jungle for days, not knowing who, what, or where she was. She'd have died were it not that fortune favored her, and she was discovered by a small clan, Koizumi. This clan, amounting to no more than a village at most, nursed Yuna back to health, and took her in, raising her as best they could, and teaching her of their culture, they even tried to help her use her mental abilities, to no avail. At some point she discovered her connection to water, and although excited at the prospect, was deeply afraid she'd be cast out and kept it a secret from her sisters. Despite this, life was peaceful for the young Toa of Water. Until the fire. Away from the village at the time to fish and practice her own discovered ability with water at the time, flames consumed her entire village and everyone within. When she returned the only things left were the Clan's ceremonial sword and ashes. Grieving among the remains of her village, she took the blade of her clan, as well as what money she had, and left after burying her entire clan, lost once again in the world. She eventually found her place, but despite having seemingly moved on and becoming a fisherwoman, she's never truly let go of the fire and her lost sisters.

    Clan: Koizumi( only remaining member)

    Caste: Saihoko

    Discipline: None

    Alignment: Neutral Good


    The Dragon

    Character Name: Katrin Long

    Species: Dasaka


    Gender: Female

    Powers/Weapons: The only weapons Kat relies on is her own body and mind, both of which she seeks constantly to improve. She specializes in the Heart and Rage techniques, but is less proficient in both than full practitioners. She knows how the other techniques of her people work, but has yet to begin using and applying them effectively.

    Personality: Kat is a cheerful soul, easy going and unafraid of hard work and effort. Her mindset is straightforward, but not simple.

    History: One of many young Dragons striking out in a world that becomes ever more dangerous, Kat's goal is to discover as many different fighting styles and techniques as she can, in the interest of creating the ultimate martial art, one that will make her unbeatable. To this end, when she found that there was an evacuation to a whole new land, she jumped, both at the chance and aboard the first ship that would let her.


    The Akiri

    Character Name: Tarkahn

    Species: Onu-Matoran

    Description: Rather than the stout builds of many Onu-Matoran, Tarkahn is tall, and thin. Black and purple in color, Tarkahn carries a large satchel within which he keeps various odds and ends of many things, mostly small machinery. He wears an old Ruru that hardly even fits his face, and has a pair of magnifying lenses for precise work. Wears a knee brace on his left leg due to an experiment that got a little out of hand.

    Gender: Male

    Powers/Weapons: Exo-Matoran

    Weaknesses: Being a Matoran, Tarkahn is not as physically powerful as many other beings. Thinks he's much smarter than he is, and is generally asocial.

    History: Tarkahn worked as a wandering consultant, offering his expertise to a select few in his travels. His original home was a small studio in Onu-Koro, and he regularly stopped by to check on his competition. Ran a small side business in Ko-Koro, selling special weapons of his own design, as well as most of the native tech weapons found on Mata Nui. Now the Akiri of Ko-Koro, Tarkahn finds his hands full with all of the duties sudden;y put upon him.

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Personality: Tarkahn is an Inventor, constantly tinkering and creating. Arrogant and proud, he thinks most beings are beneath him intellectually. Finds the worship of Mata Nui or Makuta ridiculous, and is openly disdainful of any who practice such acts. His lack of social graces have gotten him into trouble more than once, but his shrewd sense of self preservation has saved him on many an occasion. He cares little for the politics and conflicts of people, preferring to focus on scientific endeavors, but recent events have forced his hand into the world of inter-koro politics and negotiations.

    Suit ID: DF60

    Nickname: Unnamed

    Pilot: Tarkahn

    Weapons: Usually unarmed, as Tarkahn rarely leaves Ko-Koro with it. On rare occasions, he will arm it with dual patero rifles, but is in the midst of creating more specialised weaponry for it, in the interests of testing various weapon layouts.

    Description: Usually in a state of unassembly, when it's not being tinkered on, the DF60 is a gunmetal machine, plain and unpainted.


    The Dark Monk

    Name: Cyrek

    Species: Cy-Toa

    Description: White and teal in color,  Cyrek is an old, but powerfully built man. He wears a simple monks garb, and has an ear piercing made of a black Kahu feather. Cyrek's right arm appears skeletal and seems to lack any flesh, exposing his metallic bones. He wears a Great Mask of Scavenging.

    Gender: Male

    Powers/Equipment: Great Mask of Scavenging, Antidermis power of Disintigration. Elemental Crystal control.

    Weaknesses: Advanced age.

    Personality: Cyrek understands that all life came from Nothing, and will eventually return to Nothing. Makuta is Nothing, and so Cyrek serves the will of nothing, hastening the world to return to the natural order of Nothing, knowing that one day, he too, shall return to Nothing. He is even tempered, and seeks to spread the truth that Nothing is the natural state of the world.

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

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  •     ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


    same as it ever was...



    _ THE PARIAH ___ __ _


    Name: Torana Avaliona

    Species: Toa

    Sex: Female

    Mask & Element: Kakama, Mask of Speed; Elemental Lightning

    Appearance: Torana is fairly slender and generally fit, though lightly muscled. She’s around average size for a Toa, if not a bit taller, and has a bit of a lanky appearance, but this is mostly due to her relaxed posture more than anything else. Her voice has a sing-song quality to it, though her vocal range is low, almost contralto. She is primarily teal in colour, with silver plates. A black stripe runs vertically down her mask, over her left eye.

    Personality: Torana has a languorous demeanour to her. She moves in a slow and loafing manner, reflected in her personality through a fairly reserved, if playful, attitude towards life in general. She’s more of a social creature, and tends to perk up around others, but is still quite comfortable alone. She tends to act impulsively and often has little regard for her own safety or well-being. Torana is often prone to spurts of anger or frustration, which she generally internalizes and tries to keep below an impassive exterior, though this is rare.

    History: Born and raised in Le-Koro, the young Vo-Toa stayed in her home Wahi for the majority of her life. Her older brother, Kazon, often took Torana out into the jungle to hunt and provide for her family. Torana was content to stay and hunt within the Village of Air for many years, until she eventually fell in with a gang of delinquents, much to her family’s chagrin. Following the death of her brother and the dissolution of the gang, Torana spent a long while either grieving, in a cell, or dealing with being quasi-disowned by her resentful family. It wasn’t long after that she stole her family’s Yari, their prized heirloom, and began wandering the island, unwilling to return to Le-Koro.

    Abilities: As a Vo-Toa, Torana has control over electricity. Couple this with the speed her Kakama provides, and you may just be able to call her Greased Lightning She was quite proficient hunting with a bow, but her lack of interest in the prospect of hunting as well as her newfound preference for the Yari have seen the skill decayed over time. She is moderately skilled with the swordspear in question and often uses it to better channel her elemental lightning. In her younger days, she exercised with her brother, who taught her some gymnastics as well. While she’s still fairly flexible, Tor’s not quite at the same level of ability as she used to be.

    Personal Effects: The only thing she keeps on her person is the finely-crafted Yari, slung on her back.

    Weaknesses: Her impulsive nature tends to get her in trouble a lot of the time, and has led to many a bad decision on her part. She’s prone to not thinking things completely through before she commits to something.

    ___ __ _




    _ THE PROSELYTE ___ __ _


    Name: Gorro

    Species: Toa

    Sex: Male

    Mask & Element: Sanok, Mask of Accuracy; Elemental Crystal

    Appearance: Very much a scrawny young adult, Gorro is spry and lithe. His limbs seem a little too long and his head too big for his body; he’s still growing into it. His iridescent bluish-pinkish armour is fairly scuffed and dirty, owing to a vagabond lifestyle as he wanders from Koro to Koro doing odd jobs. He’s often clad in a worn brown travel cloak. There’s a certain measure of charm in his green eyes and boyish smile which more than compensates for his haggard appearance.

    Personality: The best word to describe Gorro’s demeanour is “overeager”. Gorro maintains a chipper attitude through most situations, and aims to please whenever he’s on the job, even if he happens to fail spectacularly at most things. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

    History: Gorro doesn’t remember too much about his childhood, due to a youth full of imbibing dangerous amounts of psychedelics with other young vagrants in Le-Koro. He mainly remembers being alone for most of his youth. An incident in which he woke up nearly drowning in the rising tide of Lake Kanae with all of his possessions gone after a night of psychoactive libations is responsible for the greatest portion of his memory loss. He’s been sober since, and has pursued a wanderer’s life, roving around and picking up work for pennies on the dollar.

    Abilities: Gorro is nimble and quick on his feet, and is fairly good with his hands (he likes to carve, chisel and craft in his spare time). He also has elemental control over Crystal, and his accuracy is greatly improved by his Sanok, though he mostly uses these powers in conjunction to leisurely throw small crystal daggers as a pastime.

    Personal Effects: His travel cloak, some basic tools such as a small mallet and chisel, some tacks, and pocketknife, plus a flask usually filled with tea.

    Weaknesses: Gorro usually fails to take dire situations seriously, often to his detriment. He also manages to find some way to screw up simple tasks most of the time, leading to chronic unemployment.

    ___ __ _




    _ THE TINKERER ___ __ _


    Name: Jokaro of Ostia

    Species: Matoran

    Sex: Male

    Mask & Element: Powerless Noble Huna; Powerless Elemental Stone

    Appearance: Jokaro’s seen his fair share of desert living, and sports a fairly sand-blasted appearance. He’s a bit rough around the edges - quite literally; his plates and mask are considerably scuffed and scratched in places. Golden-yellow eyes peek out from behind his Huna. His base colour, as well as his mask, are a light sandy beige, with bits of grey and darker brown throughout.

    Personality: I think it’s fair to say most inventors and tinkerers are at least a little bit eccentric, and Jokaro is no exception. He thinks both creatively and practically, but with a shade of madness to his methodology. Despite his impressive level of patience, he tends to bore easily, and is constantly starting new projects, often without finishing the older ones first. He is generally indifferent towards others, and tends to be slightly anti-social, preferring his own company as he tinkers away in perfect, solitudinous concentration.

    History: Jokaro grew up in Po-Koro back when it was a fledgling village that could barely build sturdy pens that would actually keep the Mahi in, much less entire railways. At a young age, his family emigrated to a small fishing village on the coast of Leva Bay - the same settlement that would later become Ostia. There, Jokaro worked as a fisherman and later, a mechanic and tinkerer, making a living out of fixing the broken items other residents would bring to him. The caravans between the village and Po-Koro proper would ensure a steady supply of material for his own crafts, which included small toys, clocks, telescopes, and other knick-knacks. The eventual construction and evolution of Ostia into a naval port town would see his skills put to good use in general construction, at the loss of his personal business as other tinkerers and caravaneers flocked to the port and set up their own businesses. Shortly after Ostia’s construction was complete, Jokaro was invited to Po-Koro by a former customer, where there was a better market and more readily available material for tinkering, and plenty of space for a small workshop. After eventually making his way to the Koro following an incident in which the caravan he was a part of was attacked by bandits, he eventually met Farzan, who invited him to work and showcase his goods at the Technology Emporium, famous within the Koro. There, Jokaro worked in relative solitude for a good while, building, tinkering and selling in peace. Eventually, he became restless, touring the whole of Mata Nui on a round trip in order to revitalise his affinity for obscure, improvisational methodology, as well as to find new avenues and skills for the inventing and crafting of handmade goods. He would later return to his workshop in Po-Koro with a fresh set of ideas in mind.

    Abilities: Jokaro is quite a skilled engineer, and an avid tinkerer. His greatest strength is his ability to think outside the box and to make the most of the limited materials he has on hand or can source on his own. He excels at working with his hands.

    Personal Effects: The bare minimum for him: A utility knife, other small tinkerer’s tools as well as woodworking equipment, basic provisions and some scrap materials, all packed neatly into a leather knapsack. He has lugged around an exceedingly heavy Patero launcher, as well as bundles of arrows for it, for the whole duration of his grand tour of the island.


    V2 Patero: [Coming Soon] (Approved by Ghosthands)

    Nanamu Gas Grenade: [Coming Soon] (Approved by Ghosthands)

    ???: [Coming Soon] (Approved by Ghosthands)

    Weaknesses: Outside his ability to MacGyver nearly anything he can get his hands on, he is terribly inexperienced outside his proficiency at tinkering. He doesn’t really know how to fight, and tends to keep to himself and try to solve problems on his own rather than ask others for help, even if going it alone is a futile effort in certain situations.

    ___ __ _




    _ THE DERELICT ___ __ _


    Name: Baszlin

    Species: Skakdi

    Sex: Male

    Vision Power & Element: Thermal Vision; Tandem Elemental Sonics

    Appearance: Baszlin sports extensive damage all over his body - from heavy scarring on his face, to the partially-to-fully missing sections of his spine, to the mechanical brace on his leg, burn and bite-marks on his torso, and a fully mechanical left arm. Just looking at him might suggest he’s been ripped apart and put back together more than once - and there surely is some truth to that. He might’ve once been handsome (by Skakdi standards, at least) in the past, but any evidence of that has been erased through stitches, skin-grafts and badly-set bones. As the adage goes, “a face only a mother could love,” but that would seriously be stretching it. Otherwise, his colouration is a fairly typical black, grey and silver.

    Personality: Baszlin tries to maintain a zen state as often as possible, only made possible through his recovery and therapy as outlined below. Occasionally, he is prone to periods of mania and discontent, usually progressing into outbursts of anger if provoked. Satisfaction is a rare delicacy for him. The only thing that keeps him relatively grounded is a thirst for vengeance, deep in his core. Whatever remains of his former self has been worn down and eroded over time, stunted and locked behind a fractured psyche.

    History: Much like his body, Baszlin’s recollection of his personal history is fragmented and distorted - highly amnestic, significant portions of Baszlin’s memory were returned through careful therapy and long lapses of isolation and meditation. From what he can stitch together, he lived a solitary and uneventful life in “a place with no trees”. Anything before that is lost. A very distinct memory is the face of a Toa - wry grin and clever, amber eyes behind a green Hau. A companion - of what nature, Baszlin cannot say. The only two thoughts associated with this face are that of kinship, and that of betrayal. At some point many months - or perhaps years - after meeting this companion, Baszlin was duped, captured and presumably sold to an underground bloodsport gambling ring by the same Toa he had come to trust. The ringmasters mutilated his body with dangerously unconventional weaponry, and forced him and others in the same predicament to fight ferocious rahi every for endless hours until they could stand no longer and curled themselves up to endure maulings. The trauma from these gladiatorial battles and the gruesome modifications to himself are attributed as the cause of his amnesia. As a result, those days were mostly a blur - just a shame that those memories weren’t the ones that were lost. Eventually, the rahi pens were opened when they should not have been - either by accident on purpose - and set themselves upon the patrons of the den. The ensuing chaos provided Baszlin and his fellow pit fighters the opportunity to escape. The following years were spent wandering Mata Nui, scrounging for food, and occasionally getting into the odd skirmish, rinse and repeat. Baszlin spent most of his time alone, pondering his own death. After becoming severely injured participating in the defense of the Nuju-Marion Research Hospital, Baszlin was admitted to urgent care where skilled surgeons were able to remove the abhorrent modifications made to him, but at the cost of his left arm. The Skakdi underwent physical and mental therapy to bring him back to some semblance of normalcy, but many parts of him, both physical and mental, are irreparable. After regaining some portions of his memory, and fitting together what pieces he could, a fire of vengeance roiled up inside the Skakdi - a determination to find answers based on the single most vivid image in his memory: the Green-Faced Toa.

    Abilities: Baszlin is a brutal, unhinged, no-holds-barred fighter. He’s used to others playing dirty to best him, and as such he shares the same philosophy. His elemental power of Sonics often goes unused; not just because he doesn’t have any other Skakdi to enable its use, but just because he prefers his hands and weapons. His thermal vision can be a useful utility in some occasions, but he limits its use, as well. 

    Personal Effects: Baszlin’s Scattergun is a heavy weapon of Skakdi make. Two large-bore barrels sit one on top of the other, with two chambers at their rear ends. Behind these chambers is a metal and wood buttstock, padded with leather in order to mitigate the kick of the weapon as much as possible. A simple wooden frame holds the weapon together, and serves as the mounting and housing for the weapon’s grip and trigger mechanism. The weapon can deliver two shots before needing to reload. To do so, a small lever is located behind the chamber of each barrel. Pushing one of these levers will hinge open that chamber’s respective bolt, allowing the fired cartridge to be extracted and ejected. Sliding a new round into the chamber will hit a spring-loaded catch and automatically close the bolt. The cartridges are akin to large shotgun shells, loaded with metal ball-bearings and a handful of flechettes. They are capable of dealing brutal damage to targets at close-range, but severely lack long-distance accuracy. He also carries a large knife as a more personal backup weapon, and can be attached to his scattergun under the barrels as a bayonet. [Illustration] (Approved by Ghosthands)

    Weaknesses: I think you could probably infer his weaknesses just by reading the rest of his profile. Do I really need to massacre my boy even more?

    ___ __ _




    _ THE ASCETIC ___ __ _


    Name: Safina Orin

    Species: Turaga

    Sex: Female

    Mask & Element: Noble Hau, Mask of Shielding; Weakened Elemental Stone

    Appearance: Looking at Safina, one might fool themselves into thinking she is an odd-looking Matoran - though older than she looks, her posture remains immaculate and her face fairly youthful. Soft, unblemished facial features, coupled with her warm, golden-yellow eyes and generally contented demeanour serve to put those she mingles with at ease - occasionally to their undoing. Hidden beneath simple beige robes, the rest of her body is trimmed and fit unbecoming of someone of her age and her species. Rigorous exercise and a strict diet have allowed her to hone her body to one of peak fitness. Apart from her robe, she wears a bright red bandanna on her head.

    Personality: Just as Safina has honed her body through physical discipline, she has honed her mind and soul through careful study of philosophy regarding the elements, as well as long periods of meditation. Part of her belief is that, if one is to attain enlightenment by driving themselves to the best they can possibly be in every aspect of their physical life, they can achieve perfect understanding, and even control, of all of the elements that make up the waking world. Though strict and fully committed to pursuing the lifestyle this belief entails, she is quite calm and collected when interacting with others. Her beliefs are central to her life - and only to her life. She is willing to listen to and comment on the thoughts and musings of others whose beliefs and opinions differ from hers, but she seldom engages in discussion and never in argument regarding systems of belief. She is happy, however, to converse casually with others, and is more than willing to speak about her own beliefs if one is so interested. She is not a pacifist, but believes violence should be used in self defense or in the defense of others, and only as a last resort. 

    History: When she was much younger, a being whom she seldom speaks openly about introduced her to the philosophical concepts that would come to dominate her lifestyle today. They trained their bodies and minds together, ate together, studied together - they were inseparable, becoming more or less two halves of one person. It was years later that they would embark on a spiritual journey to the Kini Nui, where they sought to study the stars and meditate on the wisdom of the physical world. However, the two would not end up reaching their destination. On this fateful journey, deep in the midst of Le-Wahi, the two were assaulted by a group of bandits, and an altercation ensued, leaving Safina’s partner dead, and herself injured. In her own time she would grieve, lay her friend to rest, and heal. Following this, she continued honing herself twice as hard as she had in the past, making up for a part of herself that was no longer with her. She would eventually make her way to Kini Nui years later, sitting in the grass field under the stars and pondering how she would continue with her life. She eventually decided that she would redouble her efforts to her studies, and left the great temple to wander the island, seeking the wisdom she so desperately sought. As the years passed, she would eventually find herself in Onu-Koro when the village was subject to a Rahkshi attack. Safina and several others were quick to defeat the Rahkshi who were emerging from the Darkwalk. For her efforts, Akiri Nuparu awarded her an experimental new Exo-Matoran - constructed from parts of Rahkshi like the one she and the others had slew. She considered, for a moment, declining the gift as she had no practical use for the machine on her journey, but a thought plaguing the back of her mind stayed her tongue; what would it mean to achieve peak fitness when machines like this, which could amplify her strength tenfold, existed? Would it hamper her own growth, or enhance it? Eventually deciding that the Exo-Matoran could be a boon to her abilities, she gratefully accepted the gift and was provided with “B4U8”. Following this, she would travel with the group she had combatted Rahkshi with for a while, before eventually resuming her journey around the island. Over time, she found new challenges in maintaining and upgrading the suit - gaining her new skills she had previously deemed unimportant to her.

    Abilities: Apart from her weakened powers of Elemental Stone, Safina has honed her physical abilities to their near-peak. Through a considerable amount of meditation, her sensory perception, specifically her eyesight and hearing, is excellent. Her physical training over many years has allowed her to become proficient in the martial arts, and can use her quarterstaff to great effect. She also has a developing understanding of mechanical systems, which she has needed in order to operate and maintain her Exo-Matoran.

    Personal Effects: Her bandanna, a satchel of basic provisions, her wooden quarterstaff, and her Exo-Matoran:

    Suit ID Number: B4U8, or ‘Bee-four’

    Customization: B4 remains mostly stock, with a few modifications, implemented by Safina after visiting the Po-Koro Technology Emporium. These modifications include a metal blade affixed to the right arm, which can swivel forward and backward to stow itself when not in use; a lightstone torch affixed to the left arm, and a set of photovoltaic cells attached to the back of the suit which can recharge its batteries when the suit is idle.

    Appearance: The suit is a stock black and grey with a handful of purple Rahkshi parts. Like her own bandanna, Safina has affixed red fabric cloths to both of the suit’s arms.

    Weaknesses: Safina is not knowledgeable about many topics outside of her own beliefs, and whatever information she has gained through necessity. Her daily routines take up a lot of her time, and she can become easily agitated if they are interrupted. Though patient, those challenging her beliefs only serve to increase her stubbornness and devotion to her studies.

    ___ __ _




    _ THE MARINER ___ __ _


    Name: Ember Velliae

    Species: Matoran

    Sex: Female

    Mask & Element: Powerless Noble Ruru; Powerless Elemental Fire

    Appearance: Ember prefers to keep herself fit, and as such she’s got a fair amount of muscle, although age has seen her lose it little by little over time. Her body is generally a dark red in colour with some accents of black and gray, whilst her mask is bright golden-orange, framing light blue eyes. Her posture is fairly formal - some would say rigid - owing to years of disciplinary training in paramilitary, maritime, and other highly-structured groups. Likewise, she speaks in an even, almost soothing tone, but can turn hard and stern at a moment’s notice, almost imperceptibly so.

    Personality: Ember is, at her core, all work and no play. She is a no-nonsense military type, and is not tolerant of foolhardy or crass behaviour. Not to say she is completely cold, however. She recognizes the need for a more casual perception of life on certain occasions, and is privy to relaxing in her own reserved manner from time to time. Her history on both a fishing vessel and her experience with the Ga-Koro Navy has had a major impact on how she conducts herself, and her stiff demeanour is often offset by jaunting naval traditions - at some level, she feels at home on a ship.

    History: Ember was raised in Ga-Koro, where she spent most of her adolescent years as a deckhand on a fishing vessel. Following the unfortunate sinking of the vessel as it ran aground in Naho Bay during a particularly violent storm, Ember eventually made her way to Ta-Koro and enlisted in the Guard. She spent several years serving the village, before being temporarily transferred across the Break to Ko-Koro during the construction of Ko-Koro’s early-warning and power generation systems for security detail. She was withdrawn back to Ta-Koro following the capture and successive assassination of the Turaga, where she continued her service for several more years, rising to the rank of Master Sergeant. Over time, she became increasingly wistful in her desire to be at sea - some might say homesick. Eventually, she expressed her interest in leaving the Guard to facilitate further training of the Ga-Koro Marines, and she was honourably discharged a short time later. Back home, Ember served in a freelance capacity as an instructor for the Ga-Koro Marines and facilitated the improvement of naval tactics and joint land-sea operations. She would later retire and live relatively comfortably in Ga-Koro, although the recent chaos spreading across Mata Nui has seen her interest in further career pursuits return.

    Abilities: Despite her age, Ember is still fairly fit, and keeping herself in shape with rigorous exercise and a strict diet have seen her reflexes, strength and speed stay extraordinarily honed over time. She is skilled with a variety of martial weapons and is an avid disk-thrower, but she prefers a classic Koro Guard spear. Her maritime history has awarded her proficiency as a deckhand and naval officer.

    Personal Effects: A simple sash and satchel, containing basic provisions as well as all of the rank insignia and medals acquired over her career, as well as a spyglass, compass and sextant. She also carries a retractable short-spear, commonly used by Guard forces across the island.

    Weaknesses: Her strict attitude towards most aspects of life have made her cold and uncaring towards most individuals who do not particularly impress her. Years of drilling and military structure have made her stubborn and unwilling to compromise; her view of the world is highly ordered and she tends to apply this view anywhere she goes.

    Shanties: Years spent at sea have given Ember a repository of shanties etched within her memory. Some of the most notable ones are...

    "The Ol' Takea's Bite"



    O break the waves, toss the nets, and fill yer lungs with air

    About the seas, the likes o’ me would naught be caught awhere

    The lubbers stand upon the sand and beat the drums o’ war

    Till Ol’ Takea pulls to port and brings me back ashore!


    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Till she brings me back a-shore!


    The Longshoreman, he told us that the lads had gone to war

    The Galleons were gone by now; they’d left the morn a’fore

    They brought aboard the cannons and set them five abreast

    Now Ol’ Takea, hoist the colors - we’re fightin’ with the rest!


    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Till she brings me back a-shore!


    We set sail for a fortnight, through the storms o’ hail and rain

    The waves; they rocked the Ol’ Takea time and time again

    We crested ‘round to Leva Bay, and there before us lay

    Our quarry on the open sea; there’s blood to shed today!


    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round

    Till she brings me back a-shore!


    The guns; they roared a-thunderous a-well into the night

    Her allies cracked and burnin’; ‘twas a godforsaken sight

    The Ol’ Takea stood alone; gave a long and bloody fight

    And in the mornin’ still - she had her colors flyin’ bright!


    Woah-ho, it’s the Ol’ Takea’s bite

    Woah-ho, it’s the Ol’ Takea’s bite

    Woah-ho, it’s the Ol’ Takea’s bite

    And she will come back for more!


    Woah-ho, it’s the Ol’ Takea’s bite

    Woah-ho, it’s the Ol’ Takea’s bite

    Woah-ho, it’s the Ol’ Takea’s bite

    And she will come back for more!


    ___ __ _




    _ THE ARMORER ___ __ _


    Name: Verakastian bel Qiril

    Species: Lesterin

    Sex: Male

    Mask & Element: Mahiki, Mask of Illusion; Passive Elemental Magnetism

    Appearance: Scrawny and sullen-eyed, Verakastian (Verak or Ver for short) makes for a meek and unimposing figure. His disheveled face matches the clothing he prefers to wear, complimenting his seemingly-faded blue eyes and pale orange body accents. The one aberrant feature Verak sports on his body are that of his arms and hands - scarred, battered and blistered, they are more often than not covered in bandages, and serve as telltale signs of the countless hours spent at his workbench, toiling away through the late hours of the night. 

    Personality: A timid and excitable character, his only solace living at Fortress Khy;Barr is the protection offered to him by his patron, the Warlord known as ‘Arms’. He is paranoid, to put it lightly, and probably reasonably so - if it were not for his weaponsmithing skill that keeps a great deal of Zakaz armed, the hungry and malicious stares of the Skakdi around him - even his “compatriots'' within Khy;Barr itself - tell him that his life would be a much worse affair. As such, Verak prefers to steal himself away to the relative seclusion of his workshop and library - locations that he and a handful of other Lesterin workers within the fortress frequent, and Skakdi generally avoid. 

    History: Growing up dirt-poor in Jukvere, Verakastian and his brother Gatanka would usually roam the streets trying to pilfer, pickpocket or otherwise obtain whatever material goods they could get their hands on in order to support themselves. One such item was an old Lesterin text detailing the art of gunsmithing - this was the first book young Verak had ever laid his hands on, and instead of selling it as his brother wished, Verak treasured the book and kept it as his own. Though he was unable to read it, he became enamoured with the technical diagrams illustrated within. As he grew older, Verak would use his earnings to pay elders to teach him to read, often at the loss of a day’s meal. Some time later, he and his brother set off for the mainland, as Gatanka had secured them both positions within a trading caravan. Verakastian acquired two more engineering texts through trading, and was only allowed to keep them after they improved his ability to repair and maintain the weapons the caravaneers both used for protection and traded to locals. Eventually, Gatanka found work on a Lesterin merchant vessel, with Verak bidding his brother goodbye, opting to stay with the caravan, due to his fear of the water. In a twisted sense of fate, Verak discovered that the merchant vessel had disappeared at sea merely weeks later. One day, Verak’s caravan found itself advertising its wares outside a rocky fortress in the Eastern Lesteri;Dak mountains - an encroachment the local warlord did not take kindly to, dispatching his warriors to slay the caravaneers and pillage their wares. Verak was spared only by begging for his life and offering his skills as a weaponsmith to the warlord. He was subsequently taken to the fortress, and enslaved, working gruelling hours to provide his captor with weaponry that would increase his army’s potency tenfold. Years of captivity passed, and one day Verak found himself in the main chamber of the fortress, presenting to the warlord a stunning new rifle design, when a massive being unlike any other Verak had ever seen, strode in. Whatever words were exchanged between this hulking giant and the warlord have been completely forgotten by Verak, dominated only by the images of the warlord’s visage, fear in his eyes, filling Verak’s vision as he rushed for the closest weapon - and then said visage being no longer there, head ripped clean from his shoulders by the giant. Verak found himself free of his bonds, but was now shackled by fear - fear of the enormous being who had ousted the previous despot of the fortress. Verak has since continued his work in relative peace and comfort under Arms’ leadership, hiring a select few Lesterin to aid his endeavours under the new autonomy granted to him. He doesn’t want to think about what resignation would entail.

    Abilities: Like his boss, Verakastian’s hands and arms are his greatest asset. Unlike his gargantuan boss, his hands aren’t used to reduce those who displease him to a bloody pulp - they’re used to create the weapons that do that, instead. He’s one of the few beings on Zakaz practised enough to both build and maintain firearms. Which is ironic, since his boss typically doesn’t use firearms. He uses forearms. Get it? Because Arms? I’m trying to make a joke. It didn’t turn out so good. Oh yeah, he’s got deft fingers because he spent his youth as a pickpocket, too.

    Personal Effects: Several specialized tools used for weaponsmithing which he keeps on his person, as well as the three books he acquired in his youth, their corners showing wear from just how many times he’s pored over their pages. He additionally has a rudimentary set of magnifying lenses typically found atop his head.

    His most prized possessions are a set of three Vortixx-made programmable-matter multitools. The largest of these tools can reform in seconds, and take on the shape of an axe, sledgehammer, pickaxe, or hoe. The mid-sized tool can form a crowbar, saw, hammer/mallet, crowbar, or clamp. The smallest tool can form various screwdrivers, wrenches, chisels, and punches, as well as a small hammer and even tweezers. Verak isn’t quite sure how they work, his own engineering knowledge pitiful in comparison to the Vortixx; but they seem to be keyed to the user’s thoughts, and getting the tool to morph from one form to another requires some concentration and specificity in regards to what form one wishes a tool to take. Occasionally, the transformation will just not work. (Approved by Ghosthands)

    Weaknesses: Verakastian is terribly paranoid that anyone other than a Lesterin or Warlord Arms are completely willing to kill him or worse if he so much as looks at them funny. When confronted, he’s much more liable to run than to fight, as he’s got no combat experience whatsoever, despite being a weaponsmith. He also has a phobia of the water and drowning.

    His Crafts:



    “Kosskaa” is a heavy najin rifle produced by Khy;Barr weaponsmith, and later head of weapon development, Verakastian bel Qiril. The weapon measures 1.24 bio in length (1.7 meters), and weighs 31.4 pohiki (43 pounds) when unloaded. It fires 30 millibio (22 millimeter) explosive-tipped rounds from a seven-round magazine (this ammunition is also manufactured within Khy;Barr). It is made of high-grade machined steel, and is furnished with rare Ukka tree bark and Tahtorak-hide leather, acquired via trade through the Broker. Other features include a ridiculously large muzzle brake, sturdy bipod, and a set of precision iron sights. The magazine loads via the top of the rifle, and sits astride the offset rear irons. It operates via a straight-pull bolt-action mechanism, and recoil is significant enough that it may injure the user, or at least knock them to the ground, if the rifle is fired improperly (ergo, anything but firing from a mounted or prone position). Kosskaa was commissioned by Bonema, formerly the presiding Warlord of Khy;Barr, as he sought a ranged weapon befitting his position and status. Bonema sought to normalize the prospect of hunting Tahtorak for sport (an insane proposition by any measure, though requests and decisions of such a nature were often forthcoming from the Warlord), and ordered his slaves to create a suitable weapon, despite the reminders of his lieutenants that Khy;Barr possessed a Devastator lance for such a purpose - his refusal of which would spur his lessers to privately accuse him of cowardice (consideration of the compensatory nature of Kosskaa itself notwithstanding). Sadly, the Warlord would never see this weapon used, least of all by him. Upon its completion, the ceremony in which Verakastian was to present the weapon to him was the very same in which Bonema lost his mind, both literally and figuratively by refusing to compensate the current sitting Warlord of Khy;Barr, who needs no introduction. Bonema’s final act was a frenzied rush to grab Kosskaa, still being held by Verakastian, as the four-armed giant moved on him. He never accomplished this task. Following this change of hats, Verakastian stored Kosskaa within the fortress, though not in the public armory, as Arms had no use for the weapon despite (likely - never actually tested) being able to wield it with laughable ease. Verakastian has never revealed where Kosskaa is hidden within the fortress.




    The “Tahto;jin” are a series of high-quality top-break revolvers manufactured by the foundries of Khy;barr. They hold seven rounds of magnesium-coated ammunition which spark and begin burning as they exit the barrel in a spectacular display of fiery light, thus providing half of the weapon’s name. The other half comes from the ornate Tahtorak-bone furniture permeating the entire weapon. These bones were recovered from one of the beasts that Warlord Arms brought back to the fortress presumably as a midnight snack; the ivory furniture provides additional protection and durability to the weapon, as well as producing a surface upon which to carve special engravings, though most Tahto;jin sold lack such intricate designs.




    Quadshots are four-barreled break-action shotgun, square and blocky in design. Four shotgun shells can be loaded at a time (one into each chamber) when the weapon is opened. After closing the weapon, a lever on each side of the Quadshot will cоck two hammers at a time. Once this lengthy reloading process is done, each shell is ready to be fired in quick succession. The Quadshot is affixed with a large knife-like bayonet sticking out of the front, and it is not removable. It also features a wooden or wireframe buttstock (most of the time). The Quadshot kicks like a mule and has poor accuracy, but is fairly cheap and reasonably reliable.




    Wristbreakers are single-shot pistols. The Wristbreaker looks like it’s made from scrap, owing to the fact that it actually is. Salvaged old Lesterin tabernacles of bronzed alloy give the stamped sheet metal weapon its distinctive appearance. Wristbreakers are chambered for a full-sized rifle cartridge; true to its name, firing a Wristbreaker too often is bound to wreak havoc on one’s joints, provided that the whole affair doesn’t fail and explode when the trigger is pulled (rare, but not impossible). A bolt block at the rear of the weapon must be pulled back under heavy spring tension until locked, after which the cartridge can be loaded directly into the chamber. Pulling the trigger snaps the bolt block forward and fires the round all in one, mitigating some of the dreaded recoil. Accuracy is generally poorer than if you just threw the gun at your opponent, but a direct hit is liable to cause serious damage.


    ___ __ _




    _ THE RANGER ___ __ _


    Name: Shavrakk

    Species: Skakdi

    Sex: Male

    Vision Power & Element: Impact Vision; Tandem Elemental Air

    Appearance: Cleanliness is paramount to Shavrakk, and he makes a great effort to keep a standard of good hygiene whenever possible, in spite of the conditions and physical rigors experienced by traversing Zakaz on foot for a living. His angular, chiseled face is fairly unblemished by spots and scars and his teeth are particularly unstained. This urge to keep tidy and clean also extends to his garb and equipment - dark brown hide covers most of his body, concealing the lean but fairly muscled physique of green, gold and gray underneath. A tunic of pale cloth enshrouds his leather armor, and includes a hood from which deep crimson eyes peek out. An equipment-bearing belt and sling fastens the whole affair. All of this is kept washed and polished by Shavrakk whenever he can spare the time to do so.

    Personality: Confident, analytical, meticulous, obsessive. Shavrakk is a Skakdi who knows the value of careful contemplation, but sometimes struggles to be humble about it. He has little patience with those who he deems foolish, and occasionally butts heads with individuals whomst he has openly voiced disdain for, usually in the form of Sarke. Despite this, his attitude towards tradition and honor are fairly typical for Zakazian Skakdi, though he holds Lesterin in somewhat higher regard than his brethren do, and consorts with them often to glean information, wares, and other activities. It is this willingness to do what others will not that, in his eyes, elevates him above the common people of Zakaz.

    History: Much of Shavrakk’s childhood was spent within the Fortress of some local Warlord lost to time, having been ravaged by conquest. There, he was conscripted into the Warlord’s army at a young age and received the traditional training of a warrior through to his young adulthood. Unfortunately, in the waning years of that Fortress’ existence, discipline became lackluster within the ranks and insubordination was common; attempts to remedy this through increasingly-cruel punishments found middling success. This, however, did not stop a hormonal Shavrakk from bedding the wife of one of his superior officers, and later found it impressive that she had poisoned his ale that earlier that same evening in order to preserve her honor; sadly Shavrakk survived the dosage and fled the Fortress lest he face execution of a more reliable manner. Three days later, the Fortress was sacked and many within were killed or absorbed into the army of the conqueror. It was at the youth’s destination, Irnakk’s Tooth, that he learned of the destruction of his home and, consequently, the value of information, for it was known to many people in the Tooth that his home was being marched upon more than a week before his departure. Operating as a mercenary for a time, Shavrakk would later fashion himself a scout of sorts, surveying the movements of certain armies, surveying terrain hazards, and investigating rumors on the commision of various Warlords. He continues to roam the island to this day, pursuing the career of garnering information.

    Abilities: Many years of nomadic living have honed his skills as a frontiersman - he knows much of Zakaz’ geography by heart and is incredibly knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the island. He is quick on his feet, cleans wounds well and aims truly with his revolver when the need arises. He is fairly competent in hand-to-hand combat, but not any more so than your average Skakdi. His strength lies primarily within his ability to track, chart, record and convey.

    Personal Effects: Field provisions, a first aid kit, chart paper and a pencil, three cleaning kits (one for his weapons, one for his garb, and one for himself), a pair of binoculars and a utility knife make up the bulk of his gear, stored either on his belt or in his backpack. Apart from these, he also carries his undecorated Tahto;jin revolver (see Verakastian’s profile above) as well as a pair of exotic items received as payment from Warlords for his services:

    The Lance of Gakree: A high-powered particle rifle of Vortixx make. The nature of the weapon makes it useful for firing incredibly accurately at long-range, but the length and weight of the rifle hinder it during close-in engagements. Additionally, the complexity of maintenance and relative scarcity of its ammunition mean that it is seldom-used as a primary weapon. The Lance has a capacity of two shots before needing to replace the power cell, and each shot requires the trigger to be held down for about a second’s worth of charge-up time before it is fired. The power cell must be manually switched in order to fire its second shot. Additional implements include a sturdy bipod (ideally one is using this while firing the Lance), a carrying handle, and a scope capable of up to 10x magnification. (Approved by Ghosthands)

    The Eye of Ulan: A milky-white orb of hard, glasslike material about the size of a Madu fruit. Depressing an indentation on the Eye makes it thrum to life in a bright white radiance, and it will begin floating above the shoulder of the user, following them as they move. Gesturing using the arm and hand that was used to activate the Eye will cause it to move where the user desires, in an arc up to 15 meters away in any direction. (Approved by Ghosthands)

    Weaknesses: Shavrakk obsesses over his appearance and hygiene to the point of it being a compulsion and can lead to moments of frustration as he feels he cannot properly function if every aspect of his being is not entirely “clean.” Insults leveled at or detractions of his intelligence will often elicit negative reactions of varying intensity from him.

    ___ __ _




    _ THE KAME ___ __ _

    Name: Daikura Suzume

    Species: Dasaka

    Sex: Female

    Mask & Menti Discipline: Miru, Mask of Levitation; no Menti discipline

    Appearance: Twin orbs of pale violet light are set within a youthful and unblemished visage. Below her rosy cheeks and awkward smile is an ornately-patterned shibori scarf of blue and silver and gives the young Dasaka a peculiar turtle-like appearance. Suzume is not the tallest Dasaka to ever live, and her wiry, bronze-and-indigo frame is fairly willowy and bordering on malnourished underneath her typical adornment of silver robes.

    Personality: Stubborn to a fault, it would be an understatement to say that Suzume has never seen eye-to-eye with her elders (more on this below). Most of the time, she is demure and shy, talking little and moving around even less so. In a crowded room, she prefers the far corner where she is least likely to be spoken to. The only time when Suzume is able to free herself from this social barrier is when she is playing the shinobue - her bamboo flute and her obsession, which she practices so fervently to the point of forgetting to eat.

    History: On a breezy summer day in one of a dozen open squares on the edges of Sado, the hollow and haunting sounds of a shinobue player filled the air, carried down the crystalline avenues by the wind to fall on young Suzume’s ears. Entranced, she tugged at her mother Hiromi’s arm and bade her stay in the square for a little while so she could hear the old Datsue finish her sonata. Reluctantly, Hiromi agreed, marking the biggest mistake of her life. An interest became a hobby became an obsession, and before long Suzume had begun to creep from her house during the earliest hours of the morning when her mother was still asleep so she could elope with those same tones she had heard playing in the square, now rising with the sun. It was at some point after Suzume had spent the entire day absent from her home in order to fashion a crude shinobue of her own, much to the vexation of her mother, that a Ringti tutor was hired and a proper shinobue purchased. It was the intention that going through the proper avenues for a pastime would instill a greater sense of order in Suzume and keep her from wandering off until she was ready to begin Menti training.

    Big mistake number two.

    No longer did Suzume wander off, and so a minor victory seemed to have been won, but the solution worked too well; more infrequently did Suzume leave the house, and her mother had to practically drag her to the expected functions and classes that were required of her. Increasing frustration with Suzume’s poor performance at school and her distaste for any component of high society other than the musical entertainment only served as fuel for the young Dasaka to continue her proficiency with the flute, and the lessons with her tutor only became more frequent. Frustration turned to shame, and before long Hiromi could not get her daughter to even leave the house for her attendance at Arohi, the sound of the shinobue within their home becoming a form of torture. Her spirit broken and her family shamed, Hiromi reluctantly allowed Suzume to continue as she pleased as she grew older at home. Hiromi herself grew older and more exhausted with her daughter, whom she had to homeschool whenever she could get her daughter to sit down for a lesson, but ceased to hinder her daughter’s obsession any longer for her own sanity.

    Abilities: Due to her limited education, Suzume has had no formal Menti training, nor does she have any survival or combat skills whatsoever. She is, at the very least, knowledgeable enough to know how to use her Kanohi, and is quite skilled at playing her shinobue. At least the lessons weren’t for nothing.

    Personal Effects: Her clothes, her shinobue flute, and a bracelet of vibrant blue crystal with an inset bead of silver.

    Weaknesses: She doesn’t have Menti training, she can’t fight, she’s socially awkward, she’s stubborn, she has no sense of direction, she’s Suzume.

    ___ __ _


    Name: Gabe:Dii the Hatmaster


        ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

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  • Raika. The Wanderer/The Wraith
    Gender: Feminine nonbinary (Uses she/her pronouns publically, but privately preferrs they/them pronouns but will accept using both interchangeably.)
    Mask: Kanohi Volitak, Great Mask of Stealth.
    Appearence: Raika is slightly shorter than average, and has a slim but wiry build. They are built more for speed and agility than sustained combat. They have a small bust, modestly-sized hips, long runner's legs and lanky arms.
    Beneath their mask's crystalline visor, they have a surprisingly soft pale indigo face with a patterning of violet markings. Their eyes are strikingly violet, rimmed by clockspring eyelashes.

    Their armor is more practical than ornamental: cut close to their body, but with room to maneuver. They thus far have never allowed themselves to be seen without it. Their colors are violet-indigo armor shot through with golden accents and golden protocrystal grieves. A tattered red scarf is wound around their neck, likewise never seen removed.
    Weapons: Raika's primary weapon of choice is a pair of protocrystal long daggers, each slightly longer than their lower arm, kept sheathed horizontally at their waist. Each contains a simple, sturdy mechanism which, when the handles are grasped, rams home a pair of heatstone cores which rapidly heat their blades. They additionally carry a protocrystal staff which is stored in two halves strapped across their back.

    Biography: Raika's past is kept close to their chest, spoken only to those they feel they can trust completely.
    What is known is that they began life in a small village in the mountains. When this settlement was later razed by marauders during a local civil war a young Raika escaped, carrying all she could of her people's history recorded in memetic script they were unable to read. As they had fled rather than fought, and feared being once more seen and treated as male once more, Raika became a ghost. What power they had turned inward, and they forged a cloak of will that would protect them from unwanted eyes. On that day, the Wraith was born.

    Since then, Raika has lived as both spy and assasin, hunter and hunted (but never caught. Yet).

    Abilities: In terms of combat their psionic abilities are mostly limited to stealth and misdirection, mainly erasing themself from a foe's perception through use of their mask primarily, and their abilities to prevent notice of any other traces.

    Their abilities do not grant them true "invisibility," rather in addition to the Volitak's cloaking they provide a sort of 'Somebody Else's Problem Field' which prevents people from noticing or paying attention to any signs of their presence. As if they were whispering 'I'm not here' into people's minds.

      While they are extremely good at compartmentalizing for this purpose and can even fight shielded, any other use of their powers (save speech) requires their full concentration, leaving them vulnerable to attack as they shift into the mental plane.

    Raika has been unable to speak since birth. First they learned to sign, which their best friend would translate for those who felt learning such a skill beneath them. Over time Raika learned and perfected directed Ideatalk. They communicate almost exclusively in this manner, selectively choosing who will hear their "voice." When speaking thusly they have similar speech quirks to someone with a more traditional voice. Additionally, they have learned and, to an extent, practiced a method to 'force' their voice into the minds of those not already open to the psionic planes, as rare as such an occurance might be in Kentokou, to ensure they can communicate even while hidden, without being at the mercy of one's knowledge of sign language.

    Personality: Raika is initially rude and recalcitrant, preferring to drive others off. This brusqueness is a front, however. In reality The Wanderer is very lonely, and most of all desires a team of friends to once more be amongst. But their fears over rejection due to their path in life and actions at their home leads them to be secretive around those they do not trust.
    But if that trust is earned, they are a steadfast and loyal companion, open about their feelings as much as she is able (though over the years their social skills have eroded somewhat.)

    Weaknesses: Raika depends on their powers and, come to that, hands to speak. They are also deathly afraid of fire after the sacking of their home. Additionally their loyalty can sometimes blind them to the flaws of one they care about.

    Additionally, they rely on their stealth to fight. Stripped of this, whether by directed countermeasure or a blow solid enough to snap their concentration, Raika lacks the brute strength to hold her own in extended melee combat.
    And while few would care to see Raika dead, the Wraith has gained her own enemies over the years. As a result, they try not to reveal themselves to strangers they do not trust. But if they do, such a person could have powerful leverage over the warrior.

    Hogo Karoru

    Gender: Female (she/her)
    Mask: Kanohi Kakama, Great Mask of Speed
    Appearence: Karoru stands a sturdy 1.7 Bio in height. Her chest and hips are curvaceous, though not so far as to be volumptuous. But beneath the curves lie tendons and muscles corded like braided protosteel cables. Her face is round and oft jovial, covered with a smattering of golden freckles.
    Her natural armor is augmented with cyan and gold plate armor over her body. The armor is still her ceremonail garb of old, and has weathered the tests of time and repeated punishment in battle admirably, still allowing the warrior to cut a daunting figure in her travels.
    Her voice is surprisingly lilting, with a slight sardonic drawl.

    Biography: Karoru remembers little of her early life. In childhood she suffered from lapses in memory, and was often sent to a Willhammer and family friend to help teach her to reinforce her thoughts and help her hold onto and retain newer memories.
    Once her mind had been fortified to her parents' satisfaction, she began rigorous training alongside those of royal guard candadicy, excelling in the Soulsword discipline. When the time came, she joined in service to a royal family as an honor guard.
    However, rumors began to spread about the legitimacy of this new guard as powers within the local clan began to shift. When the tables finally turned, the loyal warrior found herself without a place in the dining hall at all, framed as an accomplice in the coup and stripped of rank.
    At a low point in her life, the heartbroken warrior eventually found her way into the ranks of the Datsana. Here she found a new calling, and currenrly finds work wherever she can as a guard and loyal travelling companion to those who require protection on dangerous journeys.

    Abilities: Karorou is a Soulsword. Her weapon manifests as a broad, flat-bladed sword with a rear-facing spike composed of orange-gold fire. Her Kakama allows her to wield the blade as quick as a rapier in combat, though its size and heft still complicate such maneuvers to a great extent.

    Weaknesses: Inertia. Karoru's blade is still massive, and despite the speed with which she wields the weapon rapid changes in direction and subtle swordplay are tricky for her.
    Additionally given her background the guard does not fully trust her memories, and fears she may forget something important.
    Additionally, the warrior has an accute weakness for pretty women, or those who in general have a feminine tilt to them. This can sometimes... impair her better judgement.


    Species: Ga-Matoran
    Gender: female (she/her)
    Mask: powerless noble Ruru

    Equipment: iStone, bo staff, diskette pistol. Generally stocks a healthy bunch of bamboo diskettes and several stralix-cored metal diskettes in case of dangerous rahi attack. Staff and launcher usually kept at her home unless she knows she'll be traveling or dealing with potentially dangerous people. The is always on her peraon, kept at full-charge as oft as possible.

    Appearence: Nara's armor is deep-blue marbled with silver in several areas. Her eyes are pale yellow-orange. She is of medium build, with toned arms and legs from daily activity.

    Personality: Nara is a relatively laid-back sort, taking life as it comes and working to adapt and make the best of each new situation. Her friendly attitude and the fact she's incredibly easy to amuse make her good and easily accepted company among more outgoing Matoran.
    Usually she finds work assisting various venders and market sales-Matoran in the center of Ga-Koro, but since the arrival of the Dasaka she has taken an interest in their new neighbors. These days she more often finds work as a cultural liason between the two sides, lubricating interactions otherwise tense with fear of cultural misstep and even in some cases acting as a sort of simple tour guide for Dasaka just arriving to the island.
    Needless to say, with the arrival of the fleet she has been finding herself *very* busy.


    -Personable. Nara is extremely easy to talk to, and very open about herself and desires. People often confide in her.

    -Knowledgeable. Knows her home very well, and has worked hard to familiarize herself with the language, culture and customs of the Dasaka to allow her to more easily mediate/interact with people of the Kentoku.

    -Adaptable. Not easily thrown bu change, Nara dives head-first into new and challenging situations and somehow nearly always finds a way to thrive there.

    Weaknesses: Nara takes a "glass half full" view of life, and sometimes is too distracted by her rose-tinted glasses to see the ill intent of those in her personal life. She's been the subject of a couple of rough breakups and bad relationships as a result of people taking her trust for gullibility, but she tries not to let this bother her.



    Lainai, the Rimed
    Species: Mystix
    Gender: Feminine nonbinary (They/she)
    Element: Ice
    Appearance: Lainai is a wyveren with bluish-white, irridescant metal armor. A hit of deep violet is visible in their coloration, and when the sun reflects from their armor they shine with myriad refracted rainbows.

    Personality: Lainai is friendly, for a Mystix. Even so, their tone usually has an imperious note to it, and their patience is rather short at times. They are Mystix, and ancient as the eldest trees in the Le-Wahi jungle.

    Abilities: Lainai is a dragon of ice. Rime coats their scales when they wish to be less visible, or while hibernating. Their breath is cold enough to freeze water solid in a matter of seconds, though they can dial this back to prevent slaying any they speak to. Furthermore, they can use their abilities to keep themselves comfortable even in harsh conditions, though it will gradually deplete their energies.

    -Fire: Extreme heat, or even prolonged exposure to moderate heat that depletes their powers, can be fatal to the crystalline Mystix.
    -Make an Entrance: Lainai is... not stealthy. Outside of their icemy home they stand out like, well... a shiny dragon.
    -Arrogance: Lainai is confident that there is no situation they cannot handle. This can make them... less-than-cautious... in situations where discretion is the better part of valor.

    [Additional note: Raika and Karoru's names were created using the matoran conlang created by outofgloom on Tumblr ]
    [Raika's name breaks down as a combination of Ika, here referring to a spirit or one's essence, and Ra, denoting mystery or that which is invisible/unseen.]
    [Karoru's name breaks down as a combination of ru (solid substance/object, solidity (heterogenous); foundation, grounding) and karo (fuel, energy source), implying that her power is strong and reliable, as is her protection.]

    [Nara's name is a custom phrase, referring to calm waters, or waters safely and easily sailed.]

    Images below: Raika, Karoru, Nara




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  • Name: Datrox Karvan, the Drifter

    Species: Male Toa of Fire (he/him)

    Description: Wears sleek, form-fitting Metru red and black armor with a tattered black cloak over it. His face is adorned by a modified Great Huna, with a retractable blue visor which usually conceals and protects his coral optics from the elements. MOC

    Equipment: A large, unwieldy-looking black sword he calls his "obsidian blade". It resembles the volcanic glass it is named after in appearance.

    Personality: Datrox is the Mata Nui equivalent of a lonesome cowboy, drifting from place to place with little to keep him anchored. If help is needed, he'll provide it--free of charge. He has a strong sense of justice, almost to a fault. He fears being forgotten to history, and his work is part of an effort to be remembered. A mention, even.


    His lighter armor gives an agility buff, but also means that he's less protected.

    Datrox has always had a problem with getting in over his head with things. He'll sooner leap into a situation before assessing it, and this can easily end up disastrous. Sort of like an excited Hapaka puppy.


    Name: Savrehn, the Mountaineer

    Species: Male Ko-Matoran (he/him)

    Kanohi: Noble Tryna

    Description: Savrehn's armor is mostly white, including his mask, with a secondary color of light blue that appears almost transparent (like ice) under his pale armor. His optics are amber-colored, with visible aging around them. He wears a red scarf, apparently knitted by his own hand, even when in warmer regions and despite his own passive ability, seemingly unbothered by temperature change. His boots are worn from traveling, with visible quick repairs done here and there. He also carries around a Matoran-sized backpack which carries his equipment. He wears a simple watch, bronze in color, on his left wrist with the face inwards.

    His voice is gruff and he speaks directly enough that some might consider him "rude". MOC.

    Equipment: He carries:

    x2 ice axes

    x1 pair of snowshoes

    x1 flask, for "warming yourself up"

    x1 pair of snowshoes 

    x2 lightstones

    x2 heatstones

    x1 map of the known regions of Ko-Wahi

    Personality: Savrehn can be best-described as a "mountain man," someone who has spent much time in the Ko-Wahi wilderness. He prefers to be alone, usually, but is willing to help those who need it (especially when the dangerous Ko-Wahi wastes are involved).

    History: Having fled from his home during the occupation of Ko-Koro, Savrehn sought no help from other Koros nor did he lean on them for support--instead, he headed to the wilderness, where he brushed up on his survival skills and became the man he is today. Now that Ko-Koro is free, he's happy to see it return to its former glory...but disappointed in its increased militarization and policy of mandatory military training. For now, he considers himself a "consciousness objector" (although he has never filed as such) and dodges the draft as much as he can and only returns to the village for needed supplies, all while serving as a guide to those inexperienced travelers who wish to venture out into the snowy Wahi.


    Savrehn takes the solitary mountain man thing pretty seriously (bordering on a hermit), and has little interest in friends or help. In dangerous situations, he generally assumes he can get out of them on his own.

    The equipment Savrehn carries tends to weigh him down. When carrying all his gear at once, he is slow and lacks agility.

    Name: Nale, the Mediator

    Species: Female Fa-Matoran (she/her)

    Description: A fit Matoran of average height for her kind, Nale's armor is dark Metru blue--mainly her mask, chest, and hands--with black in most other places. She wears a Kakama, and her optics are ice blue. MOC

    Equipment: A Matoran-sized spear and buckler that she tends to carry them around on her back for the most part.

    Personality: Mostly confident, but can second guess herself often. At times she suppresses her emotions to give the appearance of stoicism only to find that, holding them back, bottling things up, only makes them stronger in the end.


    Nale has personal space issues, disliking when people stand too close to her or make physical contact with her. Not one for hugs or high fives.

    She believes she can step in and solve any problem, never realizing she might just make them worse.


    Name: Surdo

    Species: Male Fe-Matoran (he/him)

    Description: Average height. His main armor color is burnt orange, with a secondary of dark gray. He wears a powerless noble Komau and his optics are light blue. For extra flair, he wears a Matoran-sized brown duster over his armor, owned by a former friend who passed. He was told to burn it out of honor for said friend, but he refused.

    Equipment: A pair of custom brass knuckles and an ornate walking cane. The head of the latter has been designed to resemble the head of a Muaka.

    Personality: Surdo seems friendly, but in reality he often forges friendship with ulterior motives in mind, and seeks ways to use other people to acquire things he wants. Usually through theft.


    He is recovering from a recent leg injury that requires him to move with a cane, although if required to he can still defend himself somewhat. This still leaves his leg as an easy weakpoint.

    Has a habit of fleeing when things get too hot to handle, and will quickly abandon others to save his own skin.

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    There are, at present, three known orders of the Mystix species: Chiropteran (Bat-like) Mystix, Draconic Mystix, and Aquatic Mystix. The Chiropteran Mystix are the most well-known, having been led by Ignotus and then Zarnarax in Act 1, having attempted to conquer Mata-Nui under Ignotus; they haven't been seen in some time, and the bloody feuds that resulted from Ignotus' failures of leadership appear to have wiped most of them out. Draconic Mystix are, likewise, rare, with only a few having been seen on Mata Nui, usually around Ko-Wahi. Aquatic Mystix have not yet appeared in-game, and if you are interested in making one, I would urge you to talk to me about it, as there are plans for their introduction and lore elements related to their culture which are - as yet - a secret.

    A winged humanoid species, the Chiropteran Mystix are a reclusive and secretive race, preferring to dwell underground and frequently hibernating for long periods. They are of a similar height to Toa, and tend naturally to be thin and flexible, curling themselves up to use the minimum of space while clans hibernate, with  full but clawed hands at the ends of their winged arms. Their heads are reminiscent of those of the Vortixx in shape, occasionally leaning more reptilian, which prevents them from wearing Kanohi even if they were able to use them; their elemental powers, however, are of a similar level to those of the Toa, and their adaptation to dark environments has given them sonar abilities similar to those of the Kanohi Arthron. They move in near silence, with the exception of the flapping of their wings when in flight. Their physique lends itself more to speed than to strength or constitution – as a result of this, Mystix are often physically somewhat weak, and even frail, depending on how recently they have awoken from hibernation. Their hibernation itself leaves them extremely vulnerable to harm, as well. In addition to this, the eyes of the Mystix have adapted over time for darkness – bright light is difficult for them to process, and often distracting or distressing to those who particularly favour living underground. Their colour schemes align with their elements, and closely resemble those of Toa - however, in all cases, they tend to have darker colours. Almost all known Chiropteran Mystix were wiped out in a single night, shortly before Makuta's defeat, as chronicled in this post. Chiropteran Mystix characters will need an explanation for their survival in their backstory.

    Draconic Mystix are, in contrast, much bulkier and more durable than their Chiropteran cousins, with imposing physiques covered in heavy metal scales. Although quadrupedal, when standing on their hind legs they are on average head and shoulders above Toa and Chiropteran Mystix alike. Their more bestial appearance extends further than their posture - their heads have come to resemble those of Tahtorak moreso than Vortixx, and they have developed tails. Although, like the arms of the Chiropteran Mystix, their front legs are winged, due to their size and bulkier physique they cannot use flight as readily in combat, using it primarily to surprise enemies from above. Even when fighting other Draconic Mystix, they will quickly move to the ground for more freedom of movement. Due to their metal scales, the Draconic Mystix have far more metallic tones in their colour schemes, which otherwise remain consistent with their element. Due likely to their animalistic nature, despite having elemental powers of a similar strength to the Chiropteran Mystix and Toa, Draconic Mystix lack their precise control over those abilities, instead having to rely on larger and more unreliable outbursts of power, or applying less power in order to get smaller effects. Likewise, they do not exhibit the control of sonar and excellent hearing of the Chiropteran Mystix - however, this comes with the benefit of their eyes being far less sensitive to light than those of the Chiropteran Mysix, and both their hearing and their other senses being greatly enhanced. Their bulk also makes them significantly stronger than their Chiropteran cousins, if not to the same degree as Pakari wearers or Kaiakans. The only Draconic Mystix currently known of are those on Mata Nui, who were part of a group sent to negotiate with the Emperor of the Chiropteran Mystix, Ignotus, along with their leader Aclaraung. Most have since been living in the Mystix Nest in Ko-Wahi.

    The Aquatic Mystix vary greatly in appearance, with the most consistent element being their head shape. In place of wings, however, they have developed various different physiologies better suited to moving in water, and as a result are not capable of flight; however, unlike their avian cousins, they have developed the ability to breathe underwater. No Aquatic Mystix are currently known of - Aquatic Mystix are not yet playable.



    Although almost nothing is known of the Draconic or Aquatic Mystix, the history of the Chiropteran Mystix is comparatively well-documented. Centuries prior to the beginning of Arc 1, the clan - then led by Ignotus - was betrayed by Learu, one of their own, who refused to allow Ignotus' dreams of conquest to become a reality. As a result, they were sealed into an Onu-Wahi cave, and spent their time largely in hibernation, until they were unintentionally freed in Arc 1. Following this, Ignotus led his loyal followers in attacks on the Kumu Islets and Le-Koro, the latter of which ended in humiliating defeat, forcing them to retreat underground. Ignotus was assassinated by his own brother, Zarnarax, who claimed that Ignotus let his dreams of empire ruin their once-great race. Proposing a campaign of non-violent conquest, couched in supremacist rhetoric, Zarnarax arranged the deaths of Ignotus' trusted lieutenants and reorganised the Chiropteran Mystix into a cult-like structure, where he closely monitored their schedules and activity and would not allow anyone to enter or leave their caves without his expressed permission. This led to another bloody schism, in which Learu and Zaruthan (once commander of Ignotus' armies, stripped of rank and exiled for attempting to overthrow him and invited back into the fold by Zaruthan) attempted to carry out a coup, which instead ended in the deaths of all known Chiropteran Mystix in a brutal civil war that lasted only a single night, leaving Learu and Zaruthan themselves as the only survivors.

    What little is known of the Draconic Mystix is of Aclaraung, who arrived to the Chiropteran Mystix as an ambassador of the Draconic Mystix, and by sheer bad luck found himself sealed into the Onu-Wahi cave with them due to the timing of his arrival.



    Mata Nui

    Name: Nikarra (Past Alias: Sloth)

    Species: Toa of Lightning

    Gender: Female

    Alignment: Neutral

    Kanohi: Iden

    Appearance: Nikarra is average in height, with a slim, attractive frame. Her light armour is primarily purple, with elements of black, and her eyes are bright green.

    Powers: Lightning, that stuff that the Iden does.

    Weapons: Two knives, which she keeps in hidden compartments in the armour on her thighs. More recently, dual-wielded swords.

    Personality: Depressed, traumatised, but unfailingly empathetic and optimistic.

    Biography: Nikarra has lost a lot over the years. When she became a mark-bearer, and fell in love with Dorian Shaddix, she lost herself; won over by his charm into a toxic relationship, she became a shadow of her former self once she no longer had him to rely on, a path that eventually led her to become the Daedra, Sloth. However, she found that she still had a streak of empathy and optimism that set her apart from the other Daedra, who she struggled to find a kinship with, save Pride (Vyartha Vena), with whom she had a short-lived tryst. When the Daedra collapsed, practically before they’d even started, Nikarra left Vyartha and found herself reunited with Dorian, in a more platonic capacity, even though her feelings for him still held true.

    Weakness: Nikarra's armour is light, intended to allow for faster movement at the expense of less protection, but even though she’s been keeping better shape than the previous arc she’s still not back at her physical peak, which leaves her stamina a little low.


    Name: Aerus (Previously Xerov)

    Species: Vo-Matoran

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Himself, mostly

    Kanohi: A Rau, in the shape of a Great Komau

    Appearance: Aerus is taller and thinner than most Matoran, not looking particularly physically strong. His primary colour is navy blue, but he also has some black in his armour, and his eyes are a deep blue. Recently, his body has deteriorated unexpectedly, and as such he now uses a cane.

    Gear: A small blade, a revolver (foreign tech received in Arc 1), and a custom protosteel-topped cane.

    Personality: Aerus values his own survival above all else, repeatedly proving willing to dismiss his own morals for the sake of it. This self-centredness, combined with his manipulative nature, and balance of self-loathing and superiority complex, mark him as something close to a textbook narcissist. His high opinion of himself is centred primarily on his intelligence - he has an almost uncanny knack for reading people, combining perception with pattern recognition and a deductive mind. This does not prevent him from overestimating his abilities, or being blinded by ego.

    Biography: ‘Aerus’ came into existence along with the Legacy, the followers of Makuta who continued to work in his absence. Before the name Aerus, he was known as Xerov; a Matoran who became a reluctant servant to Echelon after stumbling into the necromancer’s path in Ko-Wahi. Despite successfully escaping him, Xerov later returned to Echelon’s side after the Makuta was banished, knowing that Echelon would intend to fill that power gap and fearing being on the side opposing the Dark Toa. Assuming the identity of Aerus, and changing his mask, he became an emissary to Echelon, managing a network of contacts the necromancer had across Mata Nui. He later became separated from him while speaking to Joske on his behalf, and travelled with the Toa Merror for some time, before abandoning him to spend the remainder of the arc hiding in Echelon’s lair, slowly realising that his mind and body were deteriorating around him.

    Weakness: Aerus is a Matoran, and far from a physically imposing one at that. In addition to this, his own hubris and desire for approval make him intellectually vulnerable.


    Name: Learu (Lay-AH-roo)

    Species: Chiropteran Mystix (Water)

    Gender: Female

    Abilities: Flight, Sonar, and Elemental Water.

    Appearance: Learu is athletic in build, clearly more muscular than other similarly slender women. Her colour scheme is an odd mix of blues, dark, bright and pastel, which blend into one another across her body, and she has bright green eyes. Like most Chiropteran Mystix, she wears armour to protect her torso, but hers is patchy and somewhat ramshackle, clearly self-made.

    Personality: Learu is hotheaded, quick to anger and slow to forgive. She is deeply untrusting, particularly of other Mystix, and avoids all vulnerability.

    Biography: Centuries ago, when Ignotus first schemed to conquer Mata Nui, it was Learu - his own niece - who betrayed him, and had all the Chiropteran Mystix sealed beneath the earth in Onu-Wahi. When he was released, she returned from her self-imposed exile to oppose him, until he was mysteriously assassinated and her father, Zarnarax, an advocate of 'non-violent conquest' came to power. Allying with Aclaraung and Xaruthan, she worked to depose her father - and betrayed all parties involved, hoping that the ensuing chaos and bloodshed might finally put an end to the Mystix altogether. She and Xaruthan, who killed Zarnarax himself, are the only known Chiropteran survivors.

    Weakness(es): Although physically capable, Learu is lacking in armour to protect her. Likewise, her emotional instability is rarely an asset to her.


    Name: Kaelynn (goes by 'Kae')

    Species: Le-Toa

    Gender: Female

    Alignment: Good

    Kanohi: Calix

    Appearance: Kae has a decidedly slight figure, standing almost a head shorter than the average Toa, but despite that potentially misleading appearance is absolutely made of muscle. Her armour is light, to better allow for speed and manoeuvrability, and is bright green and dark grey in hue.

    Powers: Elemental air, and the ability to perform at her physical peak granted by her Kanohi Calix.

    Equipment: Kae’s Toa Tools are two sharp hooks, each attached to a chain. Wielding one in each hand, she primarily uses them to get an aerial advantage over her opponents.

    Skills: Kae combines her Calix and her elemental powers into inhuman agility, which she uses to be a massive show-off. You'd be forgiven for thinking that her feet didn't touch the ground during a fight at all, between using her whip to swing off anything it can wrap around, wall running, and doing some sick flips (and other tricks).

    Personality: Kae is energetic and upbeat, and always far too ready with a snarky remark. While both a staunch optimist and an adherent to the Toa Code, she is always far too eager for a fight, whether in terms of actual sparring or just words, and is a major show off with her abilities. She can very easily come across as arrogant, which she is; however, she ultimately has a good heart and wants to protect people and set an example as a hero, even if her pride undercuts her better motivations.

    Biography: Kae only recently became a Toa, and idolises the Maru as a result.

    Weakness: Kae, as mentioned above, is an arrogant show-off when approached in a fight, prioritising flashiness over strategy. While she can get serious when a fight demands it, that arrogance and flashiness can be taken advantage of and turned against her by an opponent who isn't distracted by her grandstanding and knocks her out of her rhythm, as she is much less capable when on the defensive than on the offense.


    Name: Montague

    Species: De-Matoran

    Alignment: Neutral

    Abilities: Extremely sensitive hearing, and a keen analytical mind.

    Mask: Powerless Noble Huna

    Appearance: Montague is very much the average De-Matoran; they are primarily grey and silver, with hints of black, most prominently on their mask, which appears to be marbled black and silver (the former toward the bottom, the latter at the top). Their inquisitive eyes are a pale blue in colour.

    Personality: Montague, though quiet, communicates an odd excitement and intensity. Archaeology is not only their greatest passion, but the sole focus of their life - they view the past as a mystery, and long to solve it. Mysteries in general are of great interest to them; however, their sensitive hearing made policework a poor fit. Highly driven and insatiably curious, they have a far greater interest in mysteries than in people, and struggle socially as a result, only really able to engage with or be interested in others when viewing them as conundrums to be solved.

    Biography: Montague grew up in the then-peaceful and sheltered village of Ko-Koro, where they developed an interest in detective stories and in the history that was to be found all around them. After a very short stint in the Ta-Koro guard, they returned home, pursuing the point where their passions coalesced: archaeology. Their quiet existence, however, was disrupted by the recent chaos in their hometown; it left them anxious, and restless, no longer confident in their own safety.

    Weakness(es): Montague is a socially awkward Matoran, with a nervous disposition and overly sensitive hearing. Really, it's just surprising they've made it this far.

    Name: Ronan

    Species: Toa (Iron)

    Gender: Female

    Kanohi: Rau-shaped Tryna

    Appearance: Ronan is tall and slender, and rarely seen not wearing her dark grey overcoat. Her armour is gunmetal grey with burnt orange accents, and her eyes are an icy blue.

    Personality: Detached and aloof, but rarely standoffish, Ronan is a curious soul who chooses to bury her emotions and empathy. She is sociable, but deeply untrusting. She also struggles to read social cues or fully understand other people, a fact that she masks with stoicism.

    Abilities: Elemental Iron, the powers of her Kanohi, skiing.

    Gear: Ronan’s Toa Tools are two shortswords, which she keeps sheathed on each hip. Both are curious in shape, with odd edges that leave the impression of being made up of smaller blades - an impression that is actually correct, as Ronan is able to use her elemental powers to turn said blades into razor whips (ouch). In addition to this, she carries skis and a repeating crossbow (Highlander standard issue).

    Biography: Like many in Ihu-Koro, Ronan arrived with a mysterious past and an unwillingness to discuss it. Her combat skills suggest some mercenary experience, but beyond that, it’s hard to say.

    Weakness: Although highly physically competent, Ronan's social skills are lacking, and she has difficulty understanding others and reading the room.


    Name: Kira

    Species: Onu-Matoran

    Gender: Female

    Kanohi: Kaukau (Powerless)

    Equipment: A grey and orange backpack, containing an iStone, a collapsible telescope, and a tripod.

    Appearance: Kira, even by Matoran standards, is on the short side, and not the slimmest. Her body is black and dark grey, contrasting with her bright orange Kaukau and light green eyes.

    Personality: Kira is in turns shy and withheld, and impassioned and opinionated. She has difficulty relating to others, but when incensed or engaged in a topic that’s of interest to her - such as, for instance, the stars - she quickly loses these inhibitions.

    Biography: Onu-Koro is not a place for stargazers. Kira grew up with the earth above her head, dreaming of the night sky, and the moment she could take her leave, she did. Since then, she has been honing her craft as an astrologer, both with her own collapsible telescope and the Great Telescope on the Ta-Wahi beach. But the stars have been wrong now more than once, and Kira grows restless…

    Weakness: she’s a matoran, dude. any other species can kick her like a football


    Name: Muir (Muirtagh Fenn)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Toa (Magnetism)

    Kanohi: Rode, with custom magnifying scopes.

    Abilities: Elemental Magnetism, the powers of the Rode (With scopes that allow various levels of magnification), an experienced deductive mind.

    Appearance: Largely brown, with accents of maroon, Muir blends well into his Po-Koro environment (visually, at least). His eyes are a deep, pensive blue in colour, and lie behind a Rode so customised that it more closely resembles an Akaku. He stands a little below the average Toa in height, with lean shoulders that grant him a slender and unimposing build, which makes his choice of weapon surprising to most.

    Gear: A two-handed axe, and a multitool knife.

    Personality: Although not a Po-Toa, in personality as in appearance Muir is unmistakably a Po-Wahi native. Steadfast - stubborn, even - with a moral compass so strong that his worldview borders on black and white, Muir is completely dedicated to justice and to the truth. Described by some who know him as still a Matoran at heart, his strongest conviction is that his position as a Toa means that he must stand up for and defend the weak and the powerless, a role he now fulfills in his legal clinic.

    Biography: Muir joined the Po-Koro guard when he was still a Matoran, and his dedication to the service weathered both his transformation into a Toa and the transition to the Sentinels. In his time there, he proved adept at the more analytical aspects of the job, gaining a reputation as a talented crime-solver. However, his strong convictions also became a major facet of his reputation, to the point where some of his colleagues came to view his tendency to stand against his own as a liability. Still, his single-minded dedication to the job and his knack for investigation made him an asset, despite the pervasive opinion that he was a traitorous snitch. Leaving the force was his own choice, in the end - he grew increasingly disillusioned with the Sentinels under Hewkii, and decided to strike out and found a legal clinic, where he could actually be a force for good, in ways that the Sentinels never could.

    Weakness: Muir's stubbornness and black-and-white worldview often undercut him.


    Name: Donal

    Gender: Male

    Species: Toa (Plantlife)

    Kanohi: Mask of Obscurity (Shaped like a Mahiki) (Approved by GH, details below)


    The Mask of Obscurity: When active, the mask causes the wearer to blend into most environments and avoid notice, unless they engage in outright suspicious activity and draw attention to themselves. In addition to this, all but the most general details (height, gender presentation, etc) of the wearer's appearance become almost impossible to clearly recall when not looking directly at them. Rode-users can see through the chameleon effect, but are still subject to the memory haze. The Mask of Obscurity must be actively in use by the wearer for its powers to take effect. In addition to this, it is a rare and nearly unknown mask - only those on either side of the law, with the knowledge and experience to have come across it, are likely to be aware of its existence and powers. Identifying its usage is still not easy - by its very nature, the forgettable appearance of the user appears mundane.

    Abilities: Elemental control of Plantlife, which he specialises in using to create poisons; the powers of the Mask of Obscurity.

    Appearance: Donal is average in almost every way; his colour scheme is a drab grey and black, his mask appears to be a Mahiki, he's of average height, with a slim build. He's handsome, certainly, but not spectacularly so - handsome in that generic way in which D-list actors who all look alike are. He has no remarkable features, except perhaps for his eyes, which are stunningly green, rendered even more vibrant by his monochromatic armour.

    Gear: Twin daggers, and a small pack containing a wide variety of seeds and a (slightly) smaller variety of poisons, to use at his convenience.

    Personality: Donal is, on the surface, disaffected - even charming, in a cool, collected way. He's also a perfectionist, and a deeply cautious one at that, but on those rare occasions that things don't go his way, a deep anger has been known to bubble up from somewhere beneath his calm exterior.

    Biography: Donal was born in Le-Wahi, to rich and inattentive parents who left him a great deal of money after their suspicious deaths. He used it to study, through books and practical experimentation, the ways in which plants could affect the body and the mind - and then he put this knowledge to use as an assassin. His name is still almost unknown - assuming that it isn't an alias, and his past a fabrication - due in part to his unusual mask power, but also due to his reputation for clean, quiet kills, the kind that create little suspicion.

    Weakness(es): Donal has honed his intelligence and wits, not his body - he is not physically equipped for direct confrontation.


    Name: Koura

    Gender: Female

    Species: Matoran (Sonics)

    Kanohi: Volitak (Powerless)

    Abilities: Highly sensitive hearing.

    Appearance: Tall, slender, and jet-black in colour with accents of gold, Koura cuts an unusually intimidating figure for a Matoran. Her golden eyes are eerily cold, and marked by a dangerous intelligence.

    Personality: Withheld, even standoffish, what charisma Koura has comes directly from the odd sense of threat that she exudes. She is stoic and calculating, carefully maintaining control of every situation through manipulation and intelligence.

    Biography: Koura’s past is, essentially, entirely unknown. She appeared, apparently from nowhere, to offer her services to Donal. Since then, she has acted as a point-of-contact for him with various clients, effectively becoming the face of his operation. What little evidence there is of her existence before this places her in Onu-Koro, but why and for how long exactly is unclear.

    Weakness(es): Unusually intimidating though she may be, Koura is still a Matoran, with no elemental or Kanohi powers, and lacking the physical strength of a Toa or Lesterin. In addition to this, although her colouration is unusual, she is a De-Matoran, and has highly sensitive hearing as a result.


    Name: Pirok

    Species: Toa (Fire)

    Kanohi: Tryna (In the shape of a Calix)

    Gender: Male

    Traits: As a youth, Pirok was a typically hot-headed and overeager Ta-Toa; in adulthood, he has simmered down a bit, though the anger that fueled him still burns beneath the surface.

    Appearance: Pirok has grown into himself since the days before Makuta's defeat; just barely an adult then, with a boyish face and a lanky frame, he's now lean and athletic, his jaw rendered sharper by his greater fitness. His armour, too, has changed – though still primarily red and gold, it's lighter, allowing greater mobility, and the dark grey beneath has been replaced by black. His eyes, though, are still the same intense, piercing blue.

    Biography: Pirok's childhood was one of loneliness and loss; ever out of place in his home village of Le-Koro, he was led to believe that his only friend had been murdered when he was still just a boy. As an adolescent Toa, he set out to avenge his friend with the aid of the veteran Toa Merror; to the surprise of both, the Le-Toa who Pirok had believed to be to blame, a Makuta-follower by the name of Proditor, turned out to be his long-lost friend. Tragically, they had not long been reunited – Proditor having decided to seek redemption – when Proditor was struck down and killed by the Necromancer, Echelon. His lost friend found, then lost again, Pirok was without direction, until he found new purpose with the Toa Astha, a short-lived team led by Merror. When the Astha parted ways, most vanished from the public eye, Pirok among them, and he seems to have kept to himself since.

    Weakness: Though a little more mature, beneath the surface Pirok is still reckless and prone to blinding anger, traits that can be as advantageous to his enemies as they are alienating to his allies.




    yeah idk how to delete spoilers on mobile, leave me alone

    Name: Caana

    Species: Dasaka

    Gender: Female

    Caste & Clan: Menti; clanless.

    Discipline: Soulsword

    Kanohi: Mask of Perception (Shaped like a Hau)

    Abilities: Caana is a truly formidable combatant – at close range, she's a highly skilled melee fighter, whether hand-to-hand or using her Dragonwing Tonfas. However, she truly shines in ranged combat, conjuring a psychokinetic bow and arrow and using her Kanohi to aim with uncanny precision. Her most recent acquisition is a Rahkshi staff, which allows her more reach in melee combat.

    Appearance: Dark blue and black in colouration, with acid-green eyes, the only noteworthy element of Caana's natural appearance is the silver that fades into the crown of her Kanohi. The truly unique element of her appearance is her armour – instead of traditional crystal armour, or even the ornamental gold of the upper class, Caana wears metallic silver scale mail. Built around a leather base, the armour itself was allegedly harvested from dragons, and passed down through generations of her family. She is most often seen with her tonfas on her hips, and her Rahkshi staff on her back.

    Weapon(s): Two metal Dragonwing Tonfa, also allegedly sourced from dragons slain by Caana's ancestors, with Soulsword energy having been used to soften and slightly reshape the metal. The long end of each is sharpened to a point, to offer some utility as a stabbing weapon, but otherwise they are blunt. She also carries a Rahkshi staff, specifically that of a Rahkshi of Quick Healing. Caana can also produce a bow and arrows as her Soulsword weapon.

    Personality: Caana is quiet, driven, and surprisingly philosophical, driven by a carefully considered code and set of beliefs.

    Biography: Even to the few who know of Caana, the Soulsword nomad clad in metal scales, she is an enigma, a stranger with no clan and no past. However, those with long memories and a particular interest in dead clans of the Archipelago or the ancient legends of dragons and those who slayed them might recall the sad tale of an orphaned girl by the same name; taken in by her aunt after the sudden death of her mother, the Toroshu of Clan Ikachi. Legend would have it that the Ikachis were descended from great hunters of dragons, in the days when such creatures roamed Kentoku. A set of Dragonscale Mail and Dragonwing Tonfas were passed down through the bloodline, supposedly crafted from the very dragons they had slain. When tragedy struck again and Clan Ikachi's new Toroshu, the very aunt who had taken the young girl in, was brutally murdered, neither the girl nor the draconic heirlooms were anywhere to be found. In the decades since, the Ikachi name and their tragic tale have largely faded out of memory.

    Weakness(es): Although skilled in combat, Caana's code of ethics and average intelligence can be used against her.



    Name: Nessen

    Species: Lesterin (Sonics)

    Alignment: Brotherhood of Ahk'Rei:Ahan

    Gear: Kanohi Rode

    Abilities: Highly sensitive hearing, the powers of the Rode

    Appearance: Nessen is tall and broad-shouldered, towering over most other Lesterin, an intimidation factor he appears to greatly enjoy. His Rode, likewise, is intimidating; rather than the rounded shape and curves of the typical rode, his is gaunt and angular, with emphasised cheekbones and an almost skull-like shape. Unlike most Lesterin, rather than wearing it only when necessary, Nessen has his Rode on at almost all times, to 'encourage honesty' in those he speaks to. He is almost entirely grey and silver in colour, apart from some pale blue on his arms, legs, and face, and his eyes are an abyssal blue.

    Personality: Nessen values truth and loyalty above all else, and is as fiercely dedicated to these virtues as he is to his cause. It is unfortunate, then, that these potentially heroic traits are supplemented by cruelty, vicious sadism, and totalitarianism. On the bright side, in his middle-managerial cult position, where abuse of power is not only tolerated but encouraged, he has truly found his purpose in life. His happiness and fulfilment are likely cold comfort to those he exerts this power over.

    Biography: Nessen is a true devotee of the Brotherhood, and worked his way tirelessly up to his position as Inquisitor, largely by way of tyrannically subjugating other acolytes and either betraying dissenters to those above him in the food chain, or taking care of matters himself. His black and white worldview, combined with his sadistic tendencies, made him a clear choice for a high rank in such a structure, and he has worked his dream job ever since.

    Weakness(es): As arrogant as he is bloodthirsty, Nessen's ego, cruelty and black and white world view can be easily turned against him, despite his physically imposing stature.


    Name: Merrill

    Species: Ga-Lesterin

    Gender: Female

    Abilities: Heightened agility, holding breath for long periods of time, resistance to poisons

    Gear: Revolver (foreign tech 1, everybody's got one), Kinetic Gauntlet (foreign tech 2, approved by ty, absorbs kinetic energy and redistributes it by punching, powered by blood alcohol levels), six separate hip flasks, Great Kanohi Akmi (custom, approved by Ghosthands, details below)


    Kanohi Akmi, the Mask of Constitution: Allows its wearer to heal more quickly from injuries, and potentially to survive life-threatening ones. Its powers specifically relate to healing, not growth - if a part of the wearer's body is destroyed or detached, such as a severed limb, it will not grow back; however, the mask will still heal over the point at which the limb was separated more quickly than usual. The more serious a wound, the longer it takes to heal - likewise, a greater number of wounds will also take longer to heal, meaning that the wearer can still be killed via decapitation, the destruction of vital organs or inflicting multiple mortal wounds, thereby preventing them from healing fast enough to survive - not to mention, of course, that removing the mask would prevent further healing, which can also lead to fatal consequences.

    Appearance: Merrill has the typical colouration of her species (shades of blue with keetorange accents). She’s muscular and well-built, already predisposed to athleticism even without her natural agility, and her eyes and face are blue.

    Personality: Reckless, charming, and rarely sober, Merrill is a staple of every hole that can tap alcohol in Seprilli (and her staple diet is their clientelle). She dives headfirst into every woman near-suicidal adventure she can, purely for the thrill.

    Biography: Merrill can’t remember last week, nevermind her life story.

    Weakness(es): getting the distinct feeling you might have some clues if you’ve read this profile


    Name: Aden Adaan

    Gender: Female

    Species: Lesterin (Ice)

    Kanohi: Mask of Psychometry

    Appearance: White and teal in colouration, Aiden’s height can best be described as statuesque, with broad shoulders that are only further bulked out by her trademark black duster. Her eyes are an icy blue.

    Abilities & Traits: Aiden is very much the traditional intellectual: an unparalleled expert in her field, with absolutely no social skills. Haughty and sarcastic at best, standoffish and callous at worst, she’s hard to get along with, which might explain why she spends so much of her time dusting off relics in archaeological digs. Also in the typical scholarly mould, she’s a deadeye with a pistol, and not afraid to get her hands dirty in a brawl – after all, this is Zakaz.

    Equipment: Two revolvers (reloading is for corpses), a satchel containing various Tools Of The Trade and her Kanohi.

    Foreign Tech: Radar survey gear: a black device, roughly the size of a brick, with a variety of knobs, dials, an antenna and a tiny radar dish. In addition to this, she also sometimes connects a telescopic, crutch-like attachment, with a flat dish at the bottom, giving the whole device the appearance of a metal detector. The survey gear is blatantly cobbled together; although advanced Vortixx gear is at its heart, much of the construction is jury-rigged from salvage and covered in exposed wires in order to make it actually functional. That it stays together at all is a surprise, nevermind that it works. (Approved by Ghosthands)

    Weakness:Not really the social type, and easily distracted by the potential of Discovery.

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    The Toa Kalta are a Toa Team of seven Toa, led by Aelied. They are outwardly a force for good on Mata Nui; however, Aelied refuses to reveal his full plans for the island even to his team. They are a recent appearance on the island, appearing shortly before the fall of Ko-Koro to the Legacy, and their first unified act was the retaking of that same Koro. Upon Tarkahn’s ascension to Akiri of the restored Ko-Koro, the Kalta, under Aelied, have been endorsed as a toa team of Ko-Koro.

    Shared Traits (Listed here to avoid repetition): The Toa Kalta are were extensively trained by Aelied prior to their appearance on Mata Nui. They are all fluent in matoran sign language to accommodate Vakua, and all save Aelied have had their armor and equipment engineered by Casanuva to utilize their abilities. They have trained together in both tactics and elemental control, and by virtue of Vakua, they have some training in being able to recognize mental intrusions. Save for Aelied, the team is still relatively new and only lightly tested. Lastly, all the subordinate Kalta (save Skorm) possess a secondary personality, able to be activated by code phrase spoken aloud by Aelied. These secondary personalities are generally unstable, but utterly loyal to Aelied; while the Kalta are largely unaware of these alternate personalities, the personalities are aware of the Kalta’s normal personality. The Kalta have allied themselves with Akiri Tarkahn and Ko-Koro.


    Name: Casanuva

    Species: Toa of Magnetism

    Appearance: [1] [2] Casanuva, unusually for a toa of magnetism, is primarily blue and gunmetal; his blue armor is external and worn. Casanuva’s heavy armor consists of metal plates, many with interlocks allowing for quick removal and alteration

    Gender: Male

    Powers/Abilities: Casanuva is a powerful elementalist and talented swordsman, able to apply his magnetic powers both offensively and defensively using his own equipment, the environment, or enemy weapons, being among the most talented of the Toa Kalta. Among the standard fare of a Fa-Toa, Casanuva has developed his directional sense, to the ability to track items he has spent some time around as far as within the same Koro. He tempers raw physical talent with a keen mind and quick wit, able to quickly understand complex interactions of elemental abilities and powers, often using his insights for unexpected plans or approaches. Before his transformation and training as a Toa, Casanuva was a weaponsmith, and has since designed almost all the Toa Kalta’s toa tools and equipment. Disregarding his magnetic powers, he is still a dangerous combatant with his longsword Ferrite, able to deliver powerful blows even before Pakari augmentation.

    Weaknesses: Casanuva favors applying excess power to resolve situations, relying on his defensive swordsmanship, heavy armor, and strength to protect him while he does so; he can exhaust himself more easily than other Toa. Psychologically, Casanuva’s confidence in his abilities drives him; if shaken, his technique will suffer. Casanuva will also prioritize preventing innocent casualties and protecting his friends above objectives.

    Alignment: Toa Kalta, Vilda Soraph

    Equipment: Casanuva wears a Pakari. He has designed and engineered his own armor and equipment. He wields a longsword of his own design, Ferrite, a protosteel blade with a ferromagnetic core, as his toa tool. Casanuva can use Ferrite to focus his powers and can control Ferrite at range. Additionally, Casanuva’s heavy armor can be quickly manipulated for removal and be repurposed when Casanuva needs physical metal to manipulate. Lastly, Casanuva has built a spool of metal cable onto the back of his left shoulder, with runners on his left arm and wrist. He can use this cable, which is tipped with a retractable grappling hook, for both utility and combat. Additionally, he carries standard equipment, such as an istone, lightstone lantern, and heatstone.

    History: Before his Kalta training and transformation, Casanuva was a weapon designer of rare talent. Like the rest of the Kalta, he woke up on Mata Nui’s beaches with amnesia. He eventually reunited with the rest of the Kalta after having several adventures on the island, before meeting Vilda Soraph of the Dasaka expedition in Ga-Koro, whom he pledged his heart to after application of Willhammer to Casanuva’s core ideals. Together with the rest of the Kalta and other heroes, Casanuva participated in the liberation of Ko-Koro, and set up the Kalta Arsenal after his team decided to settle there.

    Personality and traits: Utterly confidant in his abilities, Casanuva has a strong, outgoing personality; while for the most part given to using charm, Cas will deploy both charisma and acerbic sarcasm if he feels the situation calls for it. Casanuva is the most vocal of the Kalta in adopting Mata Nui, but has proven that when the time for action comes, Casanuva will step up alongside his teammates.

    Subconscious Personality: Known as 'Merceon', this programmed personality is brutish and straightforward, sharing little of Casanuva's creativity, but embracing his sheer strength. After some mental manipulation from Vilda Soraph, Merceon inadvertently developed an obsession with her, and she is the only one capable of shaking his loyalty to Aelied.

    Theme: Get Lucky (Halestorm cover)


    Name: Kalyss

    Species: Toa of Plasma

    Appearance: Kalyss possesses white and dull orange armor paired with an orange Kakama. For a toa, she is moderately tall, and very muscular. Her legs are particularly well-muscled, suggesting the build of a professional athlete or bodybuilder more than a warrior. Her armor is shaped less for taking blows, and more for defending her against self-initiated impact, with additional bracing around her knuckles, knees, and elbows. Her armor also has holes and vents allowing her to channel plasma more efficiently.

    Gender: Female

    Powers/Abilities: Kalyss is a very physical combatant, compared to the rest of her team. Since plasma is less common in natural settings, her powers are mostly limited to generating superheated plasma herself, though she can generate ultracold plasma as well, if less skillfully. She can also make what she calls 'flares', longer-lasting bursts of plasma that can illuminate large areas. Her fighting style relies on her speed and assisting her unarmed combat with plasma bursts to both maneuver and attack. She is just as likely to tackle an opponent as she is to rocket a plasma-propelled kick into them. She can also use her powers to burrow, burning holes through the earth. If pressed, she can fire a longer-range blast of plasma, but this is draining and inaccurate.

    Weaknesses: Kalyss's fighting style relies on overpowering her opponent, or wearing them down with hit-and-run until they can be directly attacked. If faced with a similar opponent, an enemy that can physically overpower her and see through her tactics, her combat effectiveness will break down. Despite being deputy leader of the Toa Kalta, Kalyss still feels unsure of her ability to make difficult decisions.

    Alignment: Toa Kalta, Mata Nui

    Equipment: Kalyss’s primary weapons are her Kakama and armor. Her armor is advanced in function, featuring impact armor and channels for her plasma. Additionally, her armor features retractable skates in the feet, allowing her easier fast travel with her Kakama, in addition to allowing her new options in a fight. She also carries a pair of daggers sheathed on her upper arm and her lower leg. These feature similar channels to her armor, and can be used to focus a plasma blade the length of a shortsword. Additionally, she carries standard equipment, such as an istone, lightstone lantern, and heatstone.

    History: Like the rest of the Toa Kalta, Kalyss doesn't remember much from before her time on Mata Nui; she remembers brief, vague flashes of her matoran life as an athlete, and extensive training. She woke up on a Po-Wahi beach, spitting out saltwater; Kalyss knew two things. She needed to gather the rest of her team, and they were on Mata Nui for a reason. What reason was unknown to her, however. She was active in gathering her team, and led them until reuniting under Aelied. She has settled into her role as Deputy Leader of the Kalta after their appointment to Ko-Koro.

    Personality and traits: Kalyss is driven; it was the trait that Aelied singled her out for. She is unrelenting in her drive to improver herself and her team, and the world around her. She can have a short temper, but ultimately wants the best for her team and Mata Nui. When she can let down the social barrier of being Deputy of the Kalta, Kalyss can be friendly, yet competitive.

    Subconscious Personality: Known as Shialo, Kalyss's programmed personality identifies as male, and prefers to vent his rage at being in his current body by destruction, whether of his environment or target. Shialo is notably unstable, even among the other subconscious personalities.


    Name: Skorm

    Species: Toa of Gravity

    Appearance: Skorm is both tall and heavily built, being the tallest by far of the Toa Kalta. However, his armor is mostly form-fitting; the most obviously defensive pieces being metal lamellar shoulder plates. This is broken up by fist-sized protosteel spheres socketed into his shoulder plates. He wears black armor over purple and a deep purple Great Huna, as well as a white hooded cloak. The cowl is held in place by a brass ring worn at the collar. Skorm’s mask is scarred by his former Antidermis infection, leaving dark stain-like scars streaked beneath his eyes.

    Gender: Masculine

    Powers/Abilities: Skorm is possibly the best direct fighter on the Toa Kalta. His elemental control allows him to turn almost any situation to his advantage, being able to manipulate gravity to weigh down on opponents or make his own blows hit harder, or immobilize them, shift the direction of local gravity, or simply allowing vertical mobility. Wielding a simple reinforced saber with speed seemingly at odds for his size, Skorm has trained his body at increased gravity levels using his abilities, being stronger and faster than even his bulk suggests. His Huna does allow him surprising avenues and even stealth, however.

    Weaknesses: Most of Skorm's powers require more concentration to use than the average elemental-user, sacrificing spontaneity for focused power. While most of his abilities can be used on multiple opponents at the same time, he has trouble when each tries different tactics; keeping one anchored to the ground out of reach, for example, might leave him vulnerable to opponent. Skorm's fatal flaw, however, would be his singleminded pursuit of his objective, which his teammates have called his 'tunnel vision' in the past. Furthermore, even after being healed by Stannis, his hips are still sore from being crushed by the Abettor, and could be considered his physical weak spot.

    Alignment: Toa Kalta, Redemption

    Equipment: Skorm wears a Kanohi Huna, mask of Concealment. He also carries a heavy saber, strong enough for Skorm to enhance its weight for strikes, but agile enough to allow for easy recovery. Casanuva has added removable protosteel spheres weighted with liquid protodermis to Skorm’s armor, which Skorm can use both for offense and defense when put into an orbit around Skorm. Additionally, he carries standard equipment, such as an istone, lightstone lantern, and heatstone.

    History: Skorm does not remember much of his past life besides that he was a gravitic engineer, but he does remember his training. After arriving on Mata Nui, he was tracking Casanuva when he had a chance encounter with the piraka Zaktan, who splashed him with Antidermis. The substance warped his mind; fueled by hatred for his former team, he tracked them to Ga-Koro, where he engaged them in a fight. He murdered a Ga-Koro Marine when he entered the Koro, and maimed another while escaping. His path took him to Mangaia, where he joined several others in an attempt to find the Vault, and negotiate with the Piraka inside. Skorm's fate was one of failure; one of his remarks annoyed the Abettor, who crushed his pelvis. Skorm remained conscious long enough to attempt to bargain with Zaktan, but learned that negotiation with a Piraka was futile, who rejected him. A sympathetic toa rushed his unconscious body to Po-Koro. There, he was cured of both his crippling injuries and his Antidermis infection by Stannis, using the Warua. After reuniting with the Toa Kalta and explaining his actions, he was tentatively accepted back, and fights with this brothers and sister for redemption for the harm he caused as well as bringing those who caused it to justice.

    Personality and traits: Most Toa teams seem to have their anti-social loner; Skorm is this to the Toa Kalta. He is unsure of his former team, since in his infected state, he raged at them; now he seeks peace with them and wishes to atone for his time under effects of antidermis. Skorm is very goal-oriented; he takes the direct way, if possible, and will plow his way through anyone stupid enough to stand in his way, though he has been known to have a dark sense of humor when he knows he can overpower foes. After being healed of Antidermis infection, he was mortified by his previous actions, and seeks atonement and redemption. He has feeling for fellow Kalta Zueya, which she reciprocates.

    Subconscious Personality: Known as Nuhros, this personality is no longer present in Skorm. The mental programming was shattered when Skorm was cured by Stannis' Warua.


    Name: Zueya

    Species: Toa of Lightning

    Appearance: Zueya wears a Calix, and has primarily azure armor with yellow underlaying components. Her armor has several black plates of insulation, along with a prominent copper circuit running along her limbs. She is unusually small for a toa, and is very lithe, with the body of a gymnast.

    Gender: Feminine

    Powers/Abilities: Zueya is skilled with her lightning both in and out of combat, as well as using her powers to boost the other Toa Kalta: for example, combining with Casanuva to make powerful electromagnets, and with Kalyss to amp up the power of her plasma. She avoids using full-blown lightning against living opponents, however. She is adept at empowering her strikes with electricity to stun opponents. She is an outstanding acrobat, an ability which is greatly increased by her Calix.

    Weaknesses: Zueya is the most inexperienced of the Kalta, having experienced difficulty using her abilities to their fullest against living opponents and very little actual combat experience. Her mask is also prone to failure, as she has not fully mastered its use.

    Alignment: Toa Kalta, the needy

    Equipment: She wears the Kanohi Calix, mask of Fate. This allows Zueya to push herself to her absolute limit, physically… when it works. She carries a toa tool in the form of a collapsible quarterstaff of hollow protosteel, tipped with copper. Inside the staff is a coil that allows Zueya to channel her elemental power over lightning. It can collapse to a third of it's full size, and is normally stored on the back of her belt. Casanuva has modified her armor to incorporate non-conductive plates as well as a copper circuit running through the limbs of her armor; this can both brace her against errant lightning and help her absorb and channel electricity. Additionally, she carries standard equipment, such as an istone, lightstone lantern, and heatstone.

    History: Zueya is the youngest of the Toa Kalta, recruited last. Prior to her Kalta training, she was a matoran acrobat. When Skorm returned to the side of light, she was the first he told his story to, and the first to accept him back on the team. She cares deeply for the people of Mata Nui, and it was her idea initially to stay with Ko-Koro.

    Personality and traits: Gentle by nature, Zueya is the easiest of the Toa Kalta to get along with; she is considered by the others to be the emotional heart of the team. She lacks confidence in many of her abilities, but will operate on instinct to save those in danger. 

    Subconscious Personality: Known as Nyeoko, Zueya's subconscious personality is much more confident in her abilities, if arrogant and unsympathetic. Nyeoko is capable of using her mask to its full capabilities, and is much more willing to use lethal amounts of electricity.


    Name: Cyrix

    Species: Toa of Air

    Appearance: Cyrix is slightly taller than most other toa, but is lean. He has green and silver armor, in an almost even mix. His armor is overall very light, and optimized for mobility and stealth. He has a silver Volitak, and wears a set of goggles with various magnification lenses. He wears a protosteel disk strapped onto his left arm as a buckler.

    Gender: Masculine

    Powers/Abilities: For unknown reasons, Cyrix's elemental powers are weaker in some areas, stronger in others. While he is adept at manipulating air to create vacuums (more so than a standard Le-Toa), his other elemental powers are atrophied in comparison. In particular, he cannot efficiently generate air using his elemental energy, preferring to manipulate the atmosphere around him. He also possesses a Volitak kanohi, and is a master of stealth and infiltration, and has primarily trained for that task.

    Weaknesses: Cyrix is certainly not very powerful compared to most other Le-Toa. Also, since most of his training has been focused on stealth, infiltration, and observation, Cyrix isn't an expert combatant by any means. While he has a steady head, his aim is not as good. In addition, he has been known to go further than is necessary to accomplish objectives, causing more damage than is warranted.

    Alignment: Toa Kalta, Aelied

    Equipment: Cyrix  wears a kanohi Volitak, mask of stealth, and is skilled in its use. In addition to a protosteel throwing disk, Cyrix carries a repeating crossbow with pneumatic technology derived from local patero launchers. In addition to a magazine of bolts, Cyrix also carries a spool of cable connected to a grappling hook, which is capable of being fired from his crossbow. He also has goggles fitted with different lenses for observation. Lastly, Cyrix’s armor has been modified by Casanuva to incorporate streamlined elements and elements to assist in Cyrix’s air-propelled movementAdditionally, he carries standard equipment, such as an istone, lightstone lantern, and heatstone.

    History: There always seem to be six toa created together; the Kalta are no exception. Technically, the Kalta have seven members, with Aelied being the seventh member. Cyrix was partially trained with the rest of the Kalta, but was trained by Aelied separately for the most part. For reasons unknown to him, he was woken up in Le-Wahi by Aelied, and commanded to follow and track the movements of the rest of the Kalta; he has been shadowing the others since. Before the liberation of Ko-Koro, Cyrix finally met the rest of his team, who only vaguely remembered him. Despite the mistrust, Cyrix was accepted as part of the team, and participated in Ko-Koro’s liberation.

    Personality and traits: Being a former soldier, Cyrix is cool headed and professional. He puts the mission first, but is mindful enough to consider the wider consequences of his actions, unlike Skorm's single-mindedness. He will still mercilessly snark, however. He still holds a grudge against the other young members of the Kalta: he was a soldier prior to his transformation, and he seems to have been saddled with the least powerful control of his element, while the 'civvies' attained a much higher mastery much quicker.

    Subconscious Personality: Known as Galeha, Cyrix's subconscious personality is disturbingly close to how Cyrix acts normally.


    Name: Aelied

    Species: Toa of Plantlife

    Appearance: Aelied wears little armor, since he creates his own, but what he has is spiraled with intricate designs. He wears a moss green Kualsi, and has indigo underpinnings to his brown and green armor. He looks thin and weak, for a toa, and stands out when compared to the other bulky members of his team. He often wears wooden armor augmentations to his armor, and wears a cloak in cold weather.

    Gender: Masculine

    Powers/Abilities: As a toa of the Green, Aelied can create, control, and absorb plantlife. He uses this to create wooden tools, armor, weapons, and make spontaneous plant growth to hinder his enemies. In addition, he is a fantastic healer, being able to create virtually any medicinal herb with his powers. His age and apparent frailty conceal his deadliness in combat, experience born of a lifetime of service as a toa. In addition to knowledge of herbs, he keeps to himself that he has an innate knowledge of poisons and toxins. Additionally, he is very skilled in the use of his Kualsi.

    Weaknesses: Aelied knows his weaknesses well, since they are significant: he is affected by weather somewhat as plants are, slowing in cold and exhausting himself in dry conditions. He is also weak to fire, and other elements that have a habit of destroying plantlife. In addition, he is ancient, and thus is not the strongest nor fastest of toa. Socially, Aelied tends to keep people in the dark longer than is necessary, risking alienating allies.

    Alignment: The Plan (Nominally, Mata Nui/Ko-Koro)

    Equipment: Aelied wears a Kanohi Kualsi, mask of quick travel. He also carries the Greenstaff, a quarterstaff made of green, still-living wood; he can animate this into a whiplike vine at will, using it to entangle or trip opponents. When headed for battle, he will use his powers to create a set of armor and a shield out of wood.

    History: The leader of the Toa Kalta, Aelied oversaw the transformation and training of the other six: in order, Skorm, Casanuva, Kalyss, Vakua, Cyrix, and Zueya. He woke up on the coast of Le-Wahi, but unlike the others he had full (if isolated) memory of their mission; he stays tight-lipped about it, however. Aelied is ancient, and he is the veteran of uncountable battles.

    Personality and traits: Unlike the rest of the Toa Kalta, Aelied is an elder to his team by many, many years. He sees himself as a father figure to the rest of the team, hoping they can succeed using his training. He knows what to say, and more importantly, what not to say. When dealing with his team, everything seems to be a new lesson or test. However, his kindly mentoring demeanor goes away when his team is in danger. When pressed, Aelied will drop his mentor persona and expose his sheer focus on his personal mission; it forms the core of his motivations.





    Name: Askha

    Species: Dasaka

    Description: Askha is of average height and fit build; some say she resembles a Taajar. The majority of her crystal armor is uniform, but parts are made up of different sets, primarily her left pauldron, which is a set of lamellar. She wears a golden-yellow Kanohi Iden, and numerous leather straps to hold her gear, with a hooded garment resembling a robe that is gray and yellowish-green, the colors of Clan Mashtet.

    Caste and Clan: Toroshu of Clan Mashtet

    Gender: Female

    Powers/Abilities:  Askha is a very experienced practitioner of discipline of Mindarm, using it to both manipulate her environment and to augment her own athleticism and weapons prowess. Her youth belies her experience, and her years as a sellsword have tempered her natural talent and instinct in battle. She is proficient with the multiple weapons she carries, and can switch between them to mix up her tactics effortlessly. She takes a pragmatic view to life after being an outsider in Kentoku, but can prove to be unpredictable. She uses her Kanohi Iden to scout and gather information, even communicate with others over long distances

    Weakness(es):  Her discipline's weakness is that they burn out quickly, using up her energy reserves, and Askha is by no means an exception. Using her powers to their fullest degree will quickly deplete themselves. While she has assumed a leadership role among the Mashtet survivors, she is not personable, and indeed lacks a great degree of tact.

    Alignment: Clan Mashtet’s survivors

    Equipment: Considering her former choice of occupation, Askha carries a multitude of appropriate weapons. She carries a wide-bladed crystal dagger as a backup weapon worn across the lower part of her back with the handle facing left (a Mashtet tradition), a single-edged dao sword made for quick strikes (her primary weapon, a gift to her for graduating as a Menti), and a two-handed white crystal falcata which she carries for heavy chops (receive as pay from a Sado crystalsmith after it was rejected by its intended owner); it is ugly for a crystal weapon, but possesses a strong core of harder rock. Her most valued possession, however, is a palm-sized wooden token, a Mashtet Carving, a moving picture of a howling kavinika. This type of token, irreplaceable, was only carried by Mashtets. She also wears the Kanohi Iden.

    History: The word 'was' comes up quite a lot in Askha's history. Askha was one of the most promising Menti in Clan Mashtet, and heir to the Toroshu. She was going to return Clan Mashtet to its former ways, and reverse the decline that had overtaken the Clan. There was a Clan Mashtet. She was the first to discover that her clan had disappeared; she was homesick one night, and used her Iden to view her Clan's estate... only to find the place completely empty, devoid of any life. There was no blood. No signs of struggle. No answers. When the Fursics approached, and tried to offer her and the other few Menti at the Yards a place within their clan, Askha refused. She is now the sole remaining Menti that still identifies as Clan Mashtet. She made  living for herself and what family she had left as a sellsword; an unpopular option, but she got by, until an impromptu job in Sado got her arrested. She was offered a second chance by Rayuke, the Imperial Executioner. Together with her aunt Somei, she was going to build a new future in the Empire… and then everything changed when the Rahkshi attacked. Upon getting final confirmation of the death of her mother, former Mashtet Toroshu Kaetyo, she has accepted her responsibility as Toroshu of what's left of Clan Mashtet.

    Personality and traits:  Askha was always a bit of a rebel, but grew into a bitter cynic after the disappearance of Clan Mashtet. Her years of living job to job, if not on the street, have humbled her; she shows little respect for the caste system, but is pragmatic enough to show respect when etiquette calls for it… most of the time. When the Rahkshi attacked Sado, she gathered her surviving family and put her hard-won skills to the test, finding herself much more suited for this new, terrible world.

    Theme: The Stains of Time from Metal Gear Rising OST


    Name: Somei

    Species: Datsue

    Description: Somei wears simple robes light green and gray robes, as befitting her position as a Datsue. She wears a burnished gold Noble Hau, which is of course powerless.

    Caste and Clan:  Datsue of Clan Mashtet

    Gender:  Female

    Powers:  Somei was a Mashtet Carver, a specialized Ringti that used both Mindarm and Sighteye techniques to make the unique Mashtet Carvings. She declines to make more out of respect for her lost Clan, but can renew any that still exist, for a 'donation'. While she does possess both these Disciplines, they are very specialized, and using them outside of her expertise has very rudimentary techniques. In addition, she knows a respectable amount of Vulgar Taa.

    Weakness(es): Her use of Mindarm and Sighteye in combat are very basic, and she has no mask powers or physical prowess to back her up. In addition, she sees the other survivors as the last hope for the Mashtet clan, and will do anything to protect them.

    Alignment: Neutral, to Clan Mashtet (of which Askha and Maripi are the last remaining members besides herself)

    Equipment: She carries a broad crystal dagger as her only weapon (strapped to the back of her waist in typical Mashtet fashion), and a wooden staff topped with a decorative crystal. She also carries a sidebag which has her few possessions, which include a Mashtet token, a wooden disc with a Mashtet Carving of a tree growing from a sapling, dying, and being reborn

    History: Within the Mashtet clan, Somei was one of the few Ringti that could craft the treasured Mashtet Carvings. When she became a Ringti, she accepted the duty of maintaining such Mashtet carvings throughout the Archipelago. She was away renewing such a carving at the Imperial Palace when she heard the news: everyone at the Mashtet compound was missing. She gathered what few remaining Menti had been away, when they were approached by the Fursics, who held grudges from when Clan Mashtet had revealed themselves as Umbraline allies during the last Fursic rebellion. They offered to take in the orphaned Menti... and a Mashtet carver wouldn't hurt. Several of the Menti decided it was best to join them. Thankfully, two refused; most notably Askha, who was the highest-ranking one among them. Unfortunately, she went a little bit in the other direction, vocally condemning the Fursics, the caste system, and the Three Virtues. Somei uses her role as a Datsue to shield the other two, who have taken a liking to a more... rash lifestyle. Seeing the rest of her missing clan in the youngsters, she decided to accompany them and assist them as much as she is able.

    Personality and traits: Somei is very glad to be a Datsue. She doesn't get disciplined for being rude anymore, but she was never know for that in the first place. She balances her role as advisor to Askha with that of a friend, and elder. While she believes the path Askha has decided on is self-destructive, better to have a Datsue that can help her than abandon the clan. The survivors are her family, and she has accepted that.


    Name: Sydelia

    Species: Dasaka

    Description: Sydelia is primarily blue, with gold primarily on the back of her limbs. She wears little crystal armor, ususually for a Menti. In addition, she wears a red wrap-around skirt and sash, proclaiming her Clan allegiance. Build-wise she is thin, but not athletic; almost unhealthy, due to her lifestyle. She is often seen lounging

    Caste and Clan: Menti, Fursic (formerly of Clan Mashtet)

    Gender: Female

    Powers: Wears a Mask of Healing, and is proficient in the Sighteye discipline. Sydelia's Sighteye is heavily influenced by hallucinogens she experiments with, and can be both pleasant or nightmarish. She is not subtle in any sense of the word, but her illusions appear to distort reality to a maddening extent. As for how she exercises it, Sydelia is more capable of affecting multiple individuals with her illusions, but each target becomes roughly part of the same mindscape she creates. She is also skilled with using herbs to complement her healing Kanohi.

    Weakness(es): In addition to the normal Sighteye weakness of being unable to move while using her powers, Sydelia's illusions are possible to if not outright overcome through force of will, victims can at least adapt to a particular mindscape. She is also, as mentioned before, not as subtle as other Sighteyes, and is focused on her particular kind of illusion. Also, she is rather physically weak, because of her sedentary lifestyle.

    Alignment: Nominally to Clan Fursic, but Sydelia is interested only in furthering her experiments.

    Equipment: Sydelia carries little in the way of weaponry, choosing to wield only a scepter-like walking stick. It is capped with a sizable chunk of carved crystal and crafted from hardened wood. Besides this, she is often seen lounging with a hookah; when she is on the go, she carries a satchel with herbal supplies, useful for both the spontaneous trip or healing for use in conjunction with her mask.

    History: Sydelia is a bit of an unusual case in Kentoku culture, not belonging to the clan she grew up in. She was born among within the now-lost Clan Mashtet, and was initially given training to become a Mashtet Carver. However, when it became clear that she had no interest nor capability for Mindarm, her training was switched to primarily become a Sighteye. She was rebellious in her youth, having a proclivity for hallucinogens harvested from the surrounding forest of Hanaloi. She began using these hallucinogenic trips as inspiration for her Sighteye illusions, spending much time developing her powers. She was studying in Sado when Askha told her that the Mashtets had all but disappeared. However, she opted to join the Fursics when they were approached, much to Askha's rage. Since then she has proven to be a reliable, if not particularly subtle, agent of the Fursics. Upon the assault of the Rahkshi on Sado, Sydelia was abandoned by the Umbraline courtiers she had spent years mingling with, and with the breakdown in Fursic structure, she has found herself being pressed into service as a medic.

    Personality and traits: Sydelia is often seen lounging with hookah in hand; however, this does little to diminish her reputation as a mad experimenter, creating maddening mindscapes with her powers. She tends to be more approachable than your average Fursic courtier, if only because she is mellow most of the time. She tends to get excited about opportunities to exercise her discipline, however.


    Name: Ahri

    Species: Dasaka

    Description: Ahri is a taller-than-average, broad-shouldered Dasaka; while past his physical prime, he is still quite fit, however, if not trim. He wears patchwork armor with no clan identifiers after his awakening, and wears a ragged surcoat. He uses a well-worn blue Hau.

    Caste and Clan: Menti, Mashtet (unknown due to amnesia)

    Gender: Male

    Powers/Abilities: Prior to his disappearance and reawakening, Ahri was the veteran master-at-arms of Clan Mashtet as well as the husband of Toroshu Kaetyo. He had mastered both Mindarm and Soulsword, and was deadly with many common weapons, though favoring a mid-length dual-bladed jian, wielded in either hand (Ahri is ambidextrous). His soulsword takes the form of an enormous, crimson clawed gauntlet covering his entire forearm; Ahri used this to great effect during the last Fursic Rebellion as both a weapon and shield. He is also skilled with the use of his Hau. However, after his reappearance, Ahri’s amnesia prevents him from accessing his disciplines, forcing him to rely on his mask and muscle memory.

    Weakness(es):  Ahri inherits both the weaknesses of his disciplines: he has trouble regulating his energy and stamina during a fight the more he uses Mindarm, and his focus on Soulsword leaves his mind vulnerable. Further, Ahri’s amnesia has left mental scars beyond its obvious effects; any mental effect needs only touch on those to inflict undue mental anguish.

    Alignment: People of Kentoku

    Equipment: Besides his Kanohi Hau, Ahri awoke with no weapons, and has had to rely on what he could scavenge.

    History: Ahri awoke after the Rahkshi attack on Kentoku, washing up on a beach. Despite being a Dasaka, Ahri had no memory of his past… that he was born into a minor Umbraline-allied clan, and married off to Clan Mashtet. He was taken as the husband of Toroshu Kaetyo, and fathered Askha as well as many other daughters. While he was a talented Soulsword taking after his birth clan, he has adopted and mastered the Mashtet clan discipline of Mindarm, putting his skills to test in the last Fursic Rebellion. When the Mashtet took to the battlefield, he fought as hard as any other against the insurrectionists. He was responsible for training the Menti of Clan Mashtet before they were sent to Sado. However, Ahri woke up on Oki’s beach with retrograde amnesia; he understands Dasaka culture, but has no memory of his identity, his powers, or of Clan Mashtet’s disappearance.

    Personality and traits: Ahri was always a stern, yet fair, Menti. Friendly and affable to his family, fierce to his enemies. When trying to remember his Clan, his family, Ahri can remember joy, love - as well as despair and hate. This troubles him, but he tries to keep to the Three Virtues as much as possible, even in the current crisis.

    Theme: Answer to Me



    Name: Hambra

    Species: Dasaka

    Description: Hambra Kaazi is a physically imposing Taajar; while only slightly taller than average, she is wide and strong. While she wears the emblematic Taajar mail and leather armor, like most of her clan, but eschews identifying colored armor in favor of woven cloaks to blend in with the terrain of Hanaloi. She also wears a two-tone short coat under her cloak, distinctively mainland Imperial in appearance, though it is also in naturalistic colors. She has augmented her armor with several brown armor pieces from the rahkshi she has brought down; its head decorates her right shoulder, while her left has its jagged spines, and several other of its parts have made its way onto her arms and legs.

    Caste and Clan: Zrupgar, Kaazi

    Gender: Female

    Powers/Abilities: Hambra is an excellent example of the Kaazi's ability to utilize Sighteye to 'shapeshift;' she can use her power of illusion to change her appearance for means of both trickery in combat as well as stealth. She is a veteran at using Sighteye in this manner, and can use her ability at a full run at little impact on her concentration. While her and her Zrupgar cohort have learned to imitate Rahkshi, her preferred form is an ash bear. However, she can also manipulate her form to near-invisibility for short periods, appearing in multiple places, and in general projecting her form. She is also an expert combatant and skilled in the use of her Pakari. She can climb very well as a result of Mashtet training, and is well-versed in hiding and stealth.

    Weakness(es):  The focused nature of Kaazi Sighteye shapeshifting means that the more elaborate uses of Sighteye are difficult, and require stillness and intense concentration. Additionally, her age and old wounds have slowed her; while she is a practiced defensive combatant, she can still be outmaneuvered by only a moderately faster opponent. Lastly, she is very protective of her tribe and Hanaloi as a whole, leading to a conservative mindset regarding outsiders.

    Alignment: Clan Kaazi, Hanaloi

    Equipment: The Kaazi clan carries less weaponry than the average Taajar Zrupgar, but Hambra still carries the stone knife, several throwing knives, and a kris. She wears a Pakari and is skilled in its use; she wears gloves that are both padded and armored to assist with employing her mask in a safe manner and help her grip. The newest addition to Hambra's arsenal is a trident-like rahkshi staff. Additionally, she is very well protected, having augmented her Taajar armor with bits of rahkshi guarding her shins, forearms, and upper arms, including its spine on her left shoulder. She also carries a degraded Mashtet token, a gift from the Mashtet, depicting her favored combat form: a roaring ash bear.

    History: Hambra is the Jahagir of Clan Kaazi, the Taajar tribe that lives on Hanaloi. Her clan is small, even by modern Taajar standards; they mostly keep to themselves on Hanaloi. She upheld the code agreed upon by her ancestors that bound the Kaazi to Hanaloi, to become the island's wardens and guardians, in exchange for safety from Imperial purges, independence from the Astyzyar, and other, more material exchanges. She is a veteran of the most recent Fursic Rebellion, having fought alongside the Mashtet in an invasion of Hanaloi. However, when Clan Mashtet disappeared, her clan had no notice, and very little to go off of. Hambra listened to her mystics, and sealed off the Mashtet-made tunnels and made their compounds on the island forbidden places. For years, she maintained her vigil over the island, fending off treasure hunters and bandits with strength or trickery. When Kentoku was overrun with Rahkshi, her tribe fared better than many mainland tribes, but a bombing run reduced much of the Kaazi's hidden village to rubble and splinters; she has moved her clan, and took apart the rahkshi responsible, carrying its stave and bits of its body as armor.

    Personality and traits: To outsiders and mainlanders, Hambra can be cold or standoffish, and when angered, her rage is calculated and quick. However, to those who have earned her trust, she can be gregarious and caring. She thinks quick on her feet, used to the shifting nature of combat on the Archipelago.


    Name: Raiyo

    Species: Dashi

    Description: Raiyo is primarily a dark aqua color, and wears mostly fitted clothes. On Mata Nui, she has taken to wearing a headscarf. The only crystal she wears is faulds, mostly ceremonial. She wears a powerless Hau.

    Caste and Clan: Dashi, Vilda

    Gender: Female

    Powers: As a Dashi, she has no powers beyond ability to hear Ideatalk. Within the realm of the mundane, Raiyo is exceptionally organized, quick-witted, and observant.

    Weakness(es): As a Dashi, Raiyo has no powers, or even combat training. She is also known to eavesdrop more than is healthy. Finally, she has what is professionally known as 'loose lips'.

    Alignment: Clan Vilda, Dasaka Empire

    EquipmentRaiyo carries her go-bag with her; a change of clothes, an assortment of rags, along with a lightstone. A new addition is a crystal butcher's knife smuggled with her for self-defense.

    History: Raiyo was born into the Vilda clan as a Dashi; she never had much, but held her position in high esteem. She serves the family as well as she can, despite her menial position. She is a housemaid, and she does a little bit of everything, given the Vilda's small staff. On the occasion she has been asked to share her opinion, she offers exaggeration and humor. Her faith in her clan, and the Empire itself, was shaken by the arrival of Zataka's Rahkshi, and she accompanied Robalta and the majority of Clan Vilda in the Dasakan exodus to Mata Nui.

    Personality and traits: Raiyo has a quick tongue on occasion, but any biting words she says are often in jest. Having no real power of her own, she lives vivaciously through others: any gossip through the house travels through her, if it did not start with her. After the Exodus, she has extended her 'reserved servant' persona to off-duty as a coping mechanism, but she still marvels at the new sights and tales that Mata Nui brings.

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  • Name: Jolek

    Gender: Male

    Species: Toa of Magnetism

    Appearance: Masculine and youthful, Jolek is only just past the cusp of true adulthood, seemingly still growing into his lean, diligently conditioned physique. A product of constant martial training and the rigours of survival within the coastal forests of Le-Wahi, the young toa almost feels in turn to be made of steel cable beneath his gunmetal armoring, sharpened to a razor’s edge and carried with a pantherlike, limber surety of movement. The black accents and silver highlights he carried with him since (presumably) his murky childhood, only markings being the thin white line down the right cheekbone of his Pakari: a battle scar earned in the defense of Ta-Koro against waves of wild Rahkshi. His countenance is altogether somewhat handsome, an agreeable mixture of his father’s strong jaw and brow with the sharp lines from his mother— now so much more obvious with the mysteries of his heritage removed. His eyes are golden and carry a certain melancholy that rests likewise in his expression, a sobriety of the Self not being Known.

    Kanohi: Kanohi Pakari, the Great Mask of Strength

    Powers: Elemental control over Magnetism, a pointedly underdeveloped skill. Only rudimentary knowledge due to self-teaching in a largely wooden environment.

    Skills: Hand to hand combat. Even when the mind forgets all except it’s name, the body remembers countless hours of training— now hammered out to a point that could very comfortably be called “expertise” in the countless years spent in the jungle, no other knowledge of life before to speak of. A nak muay par excellence, a competent wrestler and grappler— within this single facet of combat, young Highwind has all but outright made it his life’s mission to chase Mastery. He is knowledgeable, astute, and analytic in regards to the fine details of fistfighting, enough to teach these skills with great insight if so motivated; his only friend in the world before civilization, Tarex, being one such example. This is His Craft.

    Additionally, he has by necessity with such upbringing become a skilled survivalist, keeping himself alive in the remote jungles alongside his lone peer. A skilled hunter and trapper, Jolek is familiar with many of the beasts that roam the Le-Wahi forests and coastlines. He can stalk them for hours at a time, moving swiftly and silently, a ghost through the brush. He holds a working understanding of their habits and body language, picking weak Gukko from flocks, reading scratchings of trunks to know when Muaka or Ash Bears have claimed territory— even knows which taste the best, too. On more than one occasion, the two boys needed to learn these things the hard way.

    So saying, he’s a pretty good cook and forager as well, having good instincts for smart and dumb ways of doing these things. Beyond that, in the realms of physical characteristics he’s quite strong, has excellent speed and sense of timing, and endurance built for marathons. His eyes and calm under fire only serve to heighten this fighting sense, reacting on a hair trigger after years playing a game of inches and fractions of a second. Tough as you like and fearless as the meanest Muaka in the jungle, he is very hard to put down. Tirelessly honed and constantly growing, his potential still exceeds what he’s accomplished. Only time will tell if it is ever realized.

    Equipment: Standard-issue Ta-Koro Guard equipment (sometimes), large and robust survival knife, well-worn rucksack. Not much else.

    Alignment: Strong spine

    Personality and traits: When the Self is not Known, what sort of man can one be? Jolek, while still very the same fearless, driven, and justice-minded individual he always has been, has begun to find himself turning towards reflection— looking inward for the first time. Though his posture is still confident and assured, and his words still straightforward, even blunt; he has no self-concept, no image of “Jolek Highwind” residing within. For all his skill and experience in survival, he realizes now that he is raw as a person, indefinite and yet unrealized. He is still yet to learn who he is, and with that uncertainty comes an almost tempering sobriety to his outlook, once untamed as the woods in which he was forged.

    He is competitive and faultlessly confident of his skill in the respective areas of life he calls his wheelhouse, and still seeks to use his father’s infamous sense of justice as moral guideline, as though seeking to honor where he came from just as much as genuinely aligning upon what is right and what is wrong. He tries to be a helpful force where he can, but oftentimes tries to attack the root of an issue as he understands it, whether such is folly, tactless, or otherwise ill-advised. His reckless streak tends to exacerbate these issues, and the constraints of protocol sometimes feel smothering to him.

    While these things brew beneath the surface, in his-day-to-day interactions the young man is a diligent worker with a rough-around-the-edges manner, a holdover of his time as a child of the woods; kind yet direct, and unfailingly loyal to the few friends he has managed to make. Big on integrity, the young man endeavours to continually hold himself to honesty and accountability— in the Jungle, not being reliable was a death sentence. He walks with an agreeable, at times even naive saunter, but the undercurrent of quiet intensity is only growing stronger, readily apparent in the moments where he is seeming to, for the first time, discover a philosophy all his own.

    History: His memories start with coughing up saltwater on the sands of Le-Wahi. Jolek’s story began as many of Mata-Nui’s denizens do, emergent from eternally shrouded mists of early childhood, impenetrable fog that locks away the man one was prior permanently. All he had ever kept from the life he had before that (assumed) shipwreck was a name on his tongue, a manner of fighting deep within his body, and a warhammer and knife washed up beside him. He was quickly discovered by Tarex, a vagabond Toa of Crystal roughly his age, that had been making his way towards a spot to fish nearby. A kindred spirit, and one who could luckily teach the young castaway enough of the basics of surviving in the jungle to keep him alive, a fast friendship forming between them as they shared their respective bases of knowledge. Jolek taught Tarex to fight, Tarex taught Jolek to hunt.

    It was there that they would spend the entirety of their childhoods, honing these crafts to a razor’s edge as they lived day-to-day as little more than wildmen. Once struggling to survive within the dense brush, by their early adulthood their painstakingly constructed campsite was plain proof of graduation to truly thriving, essentially integrated into the ecosystem. After a chance encounter with a Muaka on the hunt and an inadvertent rescue of an eternally lost Toa, the two boys, now young men, finally struck out from “home”, swinging north from the shores of southeastern Le-Wahi and into the Charred Forest towards the storied fortress town of Ta-Koro.

    After a lengthy hike and a short jaunt through the city, the two split, forging a Pact between blood brothers to become stronger by the time their paths crossed again. Each striking off on their lonesome, Jolek swung north, wandering up the coastline as he mindlessly sought adventure. He passed through a few villages, passed by a few other lives, but remained a noncommittal wanderer in spirit— A brief visit to a frigid Academy followed by a brief skirmish at a doomed hospital in that same city of fire, briefly reuniting with his brother by happenstance, but never taking the role of anything more than a bystander, an observer to the grander tale being spun, a faceless fighter whenever a dustup appeared in front of him. The amount of real friendships he’d fostered could be counted on a single hand.

    He meandered through his so-called journey aimlessly, culminating in the defense of Ta-Koro from waves of Rahkshi spewing from the depths of The Mangai, distinguishing himself slightly as one of the city’s many defenders. Perhaps more importantly, he reunited with the father of his previous life— Perkahn Highwind, a fell-handed and world-worn Toa of Iron who, overjoyed, welcomed him into his home.

    He spent the next year or so hunting and trapping in the Charred Forest, quietly taking in stories from his rediscovered parents of the lives he’d missed, before they slipped away for one last adventure, leaving him Rebellion in their wake. He would partake in his own breed of vigilante justice on occasion afterwards, a spree of thoughtless do-gooding that culminated in the alley front of the Lavapool Inn Offensive against the Chaotic Six. It was in the aftermath of this siege that he found himself interested in joining the Guard for the first time, perhaps struck by the clear devastation surrounding him, perhaps spurred on by the Guardsman he fought alongside, its noble Captain whom he calls a friend, or even the Akiri himself— he doesn’t remember, nor does he really see need to. More than that, he remembered the throbbing at the back of his skull he’d been gifted by the blue one, and the grudge that came with it.

    As the weeks passed into months, he found his interest began to wane. It was a stifling environment, something about the procedure simply not clicking with him even if the men and women he was surrounded by were good people… and it was stagnant. He began to remember his Pact to grow, now seeming a distant memory. And when he looked back upon the life he’d lead thus far, especially compared to someone like the father he’d found and lost again…

    He found himself wanting. Unworthy of the legacy he carried, both within Rebellion and within his Lineage. What sense was there in keeping up the charade of being like Perkahn when he still didn’t yet know what he WAS like? None. He had none of the stories to tell. None of the life to have lived. He lacked the individuation. The Highwind clan was more than he, a perennial coaster through his own life.

    As dawn breaks upon Ta-Koro today, Jolek is still toiling through the system of guardsmanship, not knowing what the day ahead will bring, but quickly tiring of muzzling his instincts for life as one who Protects and Serves. There is so much more he could become. He knows it.

    Maybe he’ll even know who he is, at the end of it all.

    Weakness(es): Growing up in a heavily wooded environment and not having much access to ferrous metals, Jolek’s elemental control of Magnetism is nascent, rudimentary, and wholly unrefined. His is the most basic of understandings, not well trained in the least. He is reckless, competitive, and a little vengeful, prone to jumping into action and relying on his skills to get him back out in one piece. Additionally, he is still something of a naive young man in spheres outside of his wheelhouse, earnest enough to have been played for a fool before.

    Name: Cipher
    Species: Toa of Plasma
    A detailed description or image: A few inches taller than average, Cipher is a your typical merc. Muscular, strong face, chiseled abdomen, jaw cut from granite, blah blah blah. You know the drill by now. Everyone in the job is in shape, it comes with the territory. Cipher, however, is someone that wears a bit more of a... weathered look than his years would suggest. To put things simply, he always looks like he's traversed vast distances on foot. Because he kind of has. In any case, a myriad of scars run across his body, as you'd expect for someone in his situation. His armor is of somewhat middling weight and offers good protection in general, albeit not the best, and as always, his signature silvery cloak and supply bag can be found on him nearly constantly. Bright orange eyes always searching his surrounding for his destination, he carries a halberd, falcata, and crossbow.
    Gender: Male
    Powers and/or weapons: Controls Plasma, and finally, controls it well. Has a Calix, which grants him a noticeable boost in all-around athleticism Verak's Kualsi lmao he can teleport along sightlines upon usage. And again, Halberd, Falcata, and Crossbow.
    Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, who approved the item): iStone (primarily using the map function)
    Weakness(es): Directionally challenged as all karz. Prone to wandering off at inopportune times, such as "in the middle of battle" if he's lost sight of you.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    History: Has roamed the island and seen some things. Done some stuff. Bailed certain people out of incredibly pitched battles. Since we last saw him, he has become a full-blown mercenary and has managed to work out many of the chinks in his armour. Still has a terrible time with directions, but the iStone really does help. Can survivalist and fight with the best of them. His pure hand to hand skills may have leveled off for the time being, but his familiarity with his weapons and element have improved dramatically.
    Personality and traits: Cipher is your typical merc. Approaching life with a somewhat upbeat attitude, he still is very serious when on the job and in a fight. Where fiery anger once raged beneath his skin, his travels have added a worldly quality to his psyche temper it. By no means a hippie, but definitely more collected and well-travelled a guy than previously. Still, though, has a biting sense of humour and is honing a sharp tongue over time. May not quite be there yet, but he's making progress on it. A generally nice guy, he treats his job as nothing more than what it is: a job. Can't get all hung up on it too much, or that combined with the wandering and isolation'll kill ya, you know?
    Name: Tarex
    Species: Toa of Crystal
    A detailed description or image: Tall, broad, and scarred, Tarex looks every bit the lonely, well-worn wanderer he is. Despite being fairly young, he appears somewhat older than he actually is, a hard, stressful life having aged him beyond his years. Enhancing this effect is the fact that he is a perpetual frowner and scowler, rarely smiling beyond a berserker's grin. His eyes, green and hard, seem to always have a hint of suspicion or distrust in them. Far removed from his formerly lean physique, he is now impressively muscled thanks to swinging increasingly massive blades around, far more often than most have any right to. Most interestingly, his worn and torn natural armor has been patched up, and in certain cases, supplemented by crystal, the most prominent being the crystalline cuirass on his torso, the slightly clawed and fully articulated gauntlet of his left arm, and his pauldrons, the left of which sports a medium-sized geode. As stated, he is scarred all over, the most prominent being a massive one across the side of his torso, dating back to a Tarakava attack when he was very young. A constant traveller, he wears a dark cloak over his shoulders and back to shield him from the elements. And finally, affixed by a pair of hooks on the back of his armor, is his massive greatsword, entirely made of crystal and nearly the size of the Toa himself. Some might not even call it a sword, though; it's too big, too long, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it could be said to be more like a large hunk of crystal. Constantly cracked and chipped and scuffed due to extensive use, he must keep it repaired and replenished with his elemental powers all the time.
    Gender: Male
    Powers and/or weapons: Proficient in his natural control over all forms of crystal, he prefers to use it to create "small" throwing-knife-esque projectiles, like needles if they were the size of railroad spikes. In addition to this, there is his aforementioned clawed gauntlet and his massive crystalline Dragonslayer of a sword. Wears a Huna, and can use it as anyone would. Stealthily.
    Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, who approved the item): None.
    Alignment: CG 
    History: Tarex must have been born underneath the stars of misfortune. His entire life, he has been plagued by a run of bad luck and harsh, raw deals. Something of a pariah in his home village, he eventually fled south, to the jungles of Le-wahi, wherein he would come to call the struggle to survive each day his childhood. Surviving all manner of trouble, including a Tarakava attack, Tarex fought on, eventually enlisting the help of a castaway washed ashore named Jolek. The two became fast friends, each teaching eachother key aspects of survival and combat. There they spent their childhoods, eventually managing to eke out something resembling a comfortable life. Roughly one and a half years before the present, they departed the jungle to sate their wanderlust, eventually splitting at Ta-koro's gates. From there, Tarex continued his travels alone, all over the island, struggling through the days in a quest to become stronger. Now, some 10 months after they were supposed to meet, he still wanders, an aimless swordsman searching for friend or foe alike, a struggler without a purpose.

    Personality and traits: Naturally introverted, Tarex is somewhat stoic, distant, and reserved, without much care for decorum or rank. He doesn't trust people easily, having had a life of being spurned at nearly every turn. He isn't too much of a talker, and while perfectly eloquent, has a brusque and coarse manner of speaking when he does open his mouth, never mincing words. He likes keeping track of things, and dislikes being touched. Holds a burning hatred for evil, particularly that borne of Makuta, and doesn't care too much for concepts like fate. And perhaps most of all, he is tenacious and iron-willed beyond reason, hardened and heartened by a life of struggle. Unbroken and unbowed, he will always press on.

    Weakness(es): Is usually something of a berserker in battle, which, combined with his natural toughness and struggler mindset, leads to him being a constant rabid war dog of a fighter, all fury and fearlessness and disregard for when he should have quit long ago. While he is perfectly capable as a tactician and strategist, the heat of battle is a different playing field. In addition, his hard life and bad history has left him not very quick to trust, and a little paranoid around crowds, where there's a lot to keep track of.


    Name: Erzu Salvajemono
    Species: Toa of Green
    A detailed description or image: Tallish, with a slimly muscular, athletic physique, he is built for speed but still posesses deceptive amounts of power. His body is marked all over the place with many battle scars, some small, some large, all hard-earned across his physique. His face is somewhere in that sweet spot between pretty and handsome, complete with lively green eyes that truly are windows to his soul, typically affable, good natured, and friendly. usually wears a plain black sleeveless shirt over his green and white armor.
    Gender: Male
    Powers and/or weapons: Has his powers over plantlife, which are rarely used beyond creating wooden swords and rarely armor, or in times of need, medicinal herbs. Typically wields a wooden sword quite like a shinai. Beyond that, he'll forgo most weapons. Dude's a swordsman by nature, the closest he'll come to something different is a pair of knives. Atop of that, he keeps his mask of sensory aptitude on at all times, if at a low level, boosting his senses (namely sight) beyond their normal, already incredibly sharp capacity. When used in tandem, his reflexes seem to spike as he takes in and processes information much more clearly and efficiently than before.
    Technological items (and, if Foreign Tech, who approved the item): None
    Weakness(es): Somewhat reliant on his senses, which would be normal. However, since they're always sharp even on a bad day thanks to his mask, targetting them will be especially effective. Tends to let his hot blood get the better of him in battle, or at the prospect of one. Despite being an attractive dude, is not good at chicks.
    Alignment: Somewhere closer to chaotic good than chaotic neutral.
    History: Born in Le-Koro, he was always something of a troublemaker in his youth, starting fights and getting involved with gang activity, your typical delinquent. Eventually his quest to find and defeat ever stronger opponents lead him north, to Ga-Koro. An underground fight club caught his attention, and he ended up having a fairly good run of things there until he ran into Saeva Sareta. The young man and woman would begin to trade wins and losses until the whole ring dissolved, leading them to now travel the island together in an ever bickering, bullying, and steadfast team.
    Personality and traits: Is typically a friendly and affable guy, decently witty with an appreciation for humour, slapstick, sarcasm, whatever. Fully capable of being serious, he still is a somewhat silly and energetic guy, with a bit of a temper and confident streak to go alongside it. Despite his casually rough way of speaking and body language from his years as a delinquent, he is also a genuinely careful man, and instictually finds himself looking after those he cares about. He is brave and loyal to those he trusts until the end, despite how bumpy the road may be.





    Skakdi of Ice