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  • The Wahi:

    Ko-Wahi is the region of Ice on the island of Mata Nui. It encompasses Mount Ihu, the largest mountain of Mata Nui, beginning in the north at the foothills of the mountain by Onu-Wahi and ending where the mountain merges into the Mangai Volcano, separated by the Tren Krom Break. The entire region is covered in ice and snow; the mountain is largely inhospitable, with only a few species of Rahi being able to successfully survive there. Among the more dominant features of Ko-Wahi are two massive glaciers, separated by a sturdy block on which resides Ko-Koro. The Drifts, massive, nearly featureless snowfields that experience almost constant storm, dominate most of the upper part of the mountain. The most hazardous section of the Drifts is known as the Wastes. Local landmarks include:


    -Mount Ihu: A snow-covered mountain in Ko-Wahi, and the largest of several peaks in the region.

    -The Drifts: Also known as the Wastes. A snowy region situated on Mount Ihu. Blinding blizzards come often, causing any who venture here to easily become lost, so Ko-Matoran use red flags to find their way.

    -The North March: A pass on the bordering the Tren Krom Break on the Ko-Wahi side. There is a cable car to travel from the slopes of Mount Ihu to Ta-Wahi.

    -The Massif: A small village at the foot of a great stone half dome with a monastery at its top, the Massif is a place of solitude that some Matoran call home.

    -The Academy and Hospital: A center for learning and aid, this pair of complexes is home to several great scholars and scientists who are happy to give their experience for others. New Toa can go there to become better heroes and the sick and wounded can be healed at the hospital. The complex is located a short walk from Ko-Koro and is also connected to the village by an underground ice passage.

    -The Dark Walk: One of six large tunnels dug by Makuta’s Rahkshi during the final days of his rule. Large enough to encompass a walking legion, it runs directly from the doorstep of the Koro down into Mangaia. Exudes a definite aura of odiousness, and is generally avoided.


    The Koro:

    Led by Akiri Matoro, Ko-Koro has become a veritable mountain fortress that sees itself as the crown jewels of Mata Nui, a far cry from the humble monastic feel it held during the days of Makuta. The entrance to the village is now guarded by a great gatehouse and easily sealed by powerful doors and the interior of the village has become greatly reinforced. Along the corners of the interior walls are several guard stations with parapets to watch over every corner of the village. The Sanctum Guard has also been expanded to rival even the Ta-Koro guard in pure might; its several barracks are deeply carved in the ice walls of the village.


    Massive bridges of ice, many of which are lined with small shops and tourist traps, span over a huge crevasse. These bridges connect the opposite walls of the village, and these walls are holed out for many more shops and apartments for the wealthier denizens. Poorer villagers are housed in a more central complex on a flat portion of the village in domed huts not unlike those seen elsewhere on the island. At the opposite end of the crevasse from the Koro’s gateway is the towering Sanctum. Though once a temple, it has since been expanded to be a majestic citadel of ice that houses not only the ancient Wall of Prophesy but also a large hall and apartments for Akiri Matoro and his advisors.


    The village is fueled by power siphoned from windmills that litter the extreme heights of the stronghold and other peaks of the mountain. These windmills power electric bulbs that light the village’s arches and buildings with white light at night. Wind electricity is also funneled towards powering an aural security system, consisting of a few large, crude microphones at the outskirts of the Koro that can be monitored from within the guard buildings. These allow the Ko-Matoran to hear approaching bodies even over the roar of icy storms.

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  • IC: ZakamaZakama was busy back in the repaired village that he and his team had repeated for the second time. He was busy resting, completely tired and out of energy, he was placed in the fight of his life and now he had done some constructon. Life would be easier or harder, so far, it had remained the same for his team.

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  • IC: RyzenRyzen stood nervously outside of his hut. Located in the outskirts of Ko-Koro, it wasn't too bad of a place. Words of a new village leader had reached the Ko-Toa's ears, and he wanted to head in the village himself. Maybe, this won't be too bad. If not bad, then worse. Hopefully it should be okay for me.Taking a few steps from the but, Ryzen stopped. He was thinking of leaving again, but he knew not where. Po-Wahi had been a nightmare for him. Boring, hot, dry, uninteresting. At least for him. Le-Wahi again? Maybe. That was fun. Maybe I'll run into that plantlife Toa again. Ryzen was not in the mood for anything, but leaving. Maybe that's what I'll do, he thought as he walked away, on a new start.

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  • OOC: Heh. This is my first time playing the BZPRPG.


    IC: Azthran and Letrakh


    Azthran stared at the Tren Krom Break. A few moments ago, he had heard a scream near the North March but there was nothing. He looked around to if there were any clues. "Are you sure you heard something here, brother?" asked Letrakh. Azthran stood there for a brief moment. Before he could answer, another scream appeared out nowhere. "You heard that right?" asked him. "Yeah". A few seconds later, a figure appeared in front of them...

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  • IC: Vex


    The wind whistled through the trees through the trees of Ko-Wahi. Vex tilted his head and closed his eyes.

    "You see the thing is.." he said, to the Skakdi who was tied up in the cage. It was snowing but only slightly. "The thing is, is I was going to let it slide.", He knelt down so he was face to face with the imprisoned Skakdi. Vex's eyes were that of a man that had no reason. "But its when you start killing my men!" he shouted "That things start to get just a little bit of an annoyance for me, okay man?"

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  • IC: Zekev


    Zekev's perpetual grin only widened as he met the gaze of the Fe-Toa that'd captured him. No matter the situation, Zekev just could not keep his mouth shut.


    "Well, I specialize in annoyances, I can do anything from minor nuisance to public enemy #1, all prizes change depening on my mood"

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  • IC: Vex


    Vex gave a chilling laugh, and whistled to Zahkton "You see this guy, Zahky? He thinks hes a joker". His smile dropped as he turned back to the Skakdi "You're pretty funny you know? I knew a funny guy. He was pretty funny, just like you. We strung him to a cross, and cut out his tongue and watched him scream all day. Now that, ladies and gentlemen... is... comedy!" He laughed and brought his knife to the Skakdi's fingers. "Im a fair man... Ill let you choose which finger I cut off first" He whistled to Zahkton again" Zahky! Get the fire ready"

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  • IC: Zekev


    "Take the middle finger then, I'd lift it myself, but I'm kinda preoccupied at the moment." Zekev replied. He was smiling, but his brain was churning away like a dynamo.

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  • IC: Vex


    "You see, amputation is like... music." He got the finger ready to cut it off. "You have to take your time with it to get the most enjoyment out of it. You see your screams are like just the right notes to my ears." Vex dug the blade into the finger slighly.

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  • IC: Zekev


    "And so is cracking skulls, if you snap 'em just right, you get this nice little symphony"


    With that, Zekev tensed his muscles, snapping the rope and withdrawing his hand before curling it into a fist that he sent flying right in Vex's jaw.

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  • IC:

    Vex flew back. He was strong, but nothing to match this Skakdi's strength. He got he knife out to get ready for the next attack.

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  • IC Zahkon


    He ran forwards out of the distance where he had waited. He trew three knifes, which flew, as itended, right next to the skadi's face. He reached his hand to the Toa, helping him to get on his feet. "Everything ok, Bossman?"

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  • IC: Vex


    Vex grabbed Zahkton by the through. "What are you trying to do? Kill him? He's better to me that you are"

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  • IC: Zekev


    Zekev's grin grew even wider when he realized that he was out of immediate danger. Apparently this crazy Fe-Toa was a moody one. Zekev's eyes flared up slightly, as they always did when he smelled an opportunity.


    Adopting the most non-wacky smile he was capable of, Zekev approached the two casuall.


    "So, who am I rooting for here, exactly?" he asked

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  • IC: Vex

    Zahkton would have known better not to pick a fight with Vex so he made no attpemt to do anything. Vex let him drop to the ground. "The thing is, Skakdi, I think you and me... we could accomplish great things"

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  • IC Zahkon


    While Vex was talking to the Skady Zahkon retrieved the knifes. He felt really bare without, even though he still had his axe. He stared at the sun while it slowely started to sink behind the horizon. "It's starting to get late, we better find some cover, the nights an get pretty cold here."

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  • IC: Vex


    "Im sorry, who is the one calling the shots here?" he whispered to Zahkton "WHO!" the shout bellowed over the mountains, echoing into infinity. "He looked at the Skakdi. "Im sorry, I appologeise. He kicked Zahk in the stomach. "How dare you be so rude when we have guests!"

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  • IC: Taka

    Why is Ko-Koro so **** cold!!?

    I was shivering, even in my 'borrowed' fur coat. Now to ask around if anyone had seen Kitane.

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  • IC Zahkon


    The puch suprised him more than it hurted him, angered he grabbed the axe from his back and pointed it at the foolish Vex' troath. As he wispered: "How dare you, foolish Toa, to hit me, how dare you foolish Toa to be so stupid and trigger something far beyond your might." He trew the guy on the ground, as he started to run away. For he had walked in these mountains before and knew what a shout could trigger. He ran, looking around searching for cover for what was coming.


    An Avalanche, was coming...

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  • IC: Zekev


    "The ambitious type, it would seem" Zekev assessed as he eyed the two up and down.


    The Fe-Toa was clearly off his rocker, so to speak, while the other Skakdi was clearly not much of a thinker. What this group needed was someone with an undeniable aura of awesomeness.


    Someone like him.


    "You suggesting we try to take over the world or something?"


    He didn't get an answer as the rumbles of an avalanche suddenly thrusted itself into prominence.

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  • IC: Ranama


    Slipping in and out of consciousness, he soon heard the sound of snow being trampled under foot. The cold seemed to eat inside him, stirring memories of a different kind of cold.


    The dark night - a crowd of people - a vision of fire - the screeching of Rahkshi.


    He swung his hatchet, and again the Rahkshi caught it, and the staff came swinging around, to knock him out, or to make a killing blow. The vision turned black.


    Ranama thrashed around, unconscious of where he was. He almost had the sensation of not being in control. He felt somebodies throat in his grip, but had no memory of telling his body to grab it, or squeeze it as tightly as he was.


    'Mine' hissed the voice in his head.

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  • IC: Vex

    "A world is relative. For someone who has... traveled a great deal, there is a large world out there. But... for these Matoran" He knelt down, and picked up a pinch full snow "This is their world" He let is sprinkle onto the floor.


    IC: Korden

    Korden put the Matoran down. "I am sorry I had to do that to you" he had tied the Matoran up while he was unconciess. "It was not my first decision how to do things"

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  • IC: Arktizai


    Arktizai sat in his hut, staring out into the white abyss. He spent much of the time doing this, just gazing out into the distance as he thought about his little piece of the world....


    Suddenly, he felt the ground shudder. It was subtle, but with all the experience he had as a hunter he knew exactly what it meant.


    An alavanche.


    The Toa of Ice slowly stood up, grabbed his bow, and stepped outside into the blizzard.


    There'll be a good hunt tonight.

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  • IC: Ranama


    He heard the voice, but didn't take it in, continuing to thrash about in the snow. Then his head connected hard with a rock just below the white layer. Something seemed to break inside Ranama's head, and he became unnaturally still. Then his eyes flickered open.


    "I told you," he said. "I said you were weak. Now Krahma."


    He jumped to his feet, a totally different person. He stared up into the eyes of the Skakdi who had knocked him out earlier.


    "And what to do with you?" he asked, with all the appearance of talking to himself still. He began to walk in a purposeful circle around the Skakdi, analysing his opponent. Ranama, or as he now called himself, Krahma's gait had changed, his body was as capable as it ever was, but there was something slightly bestial about the way he walked now, his back subtly curved.


    "Why did you bring us here?" he said, directly to the Skakdi.

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  • IC: Korden

    "I will not speak to Demons", Korden sat cross legged and breathed calmly

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  • IC ZahkonHe used his shield as sledge to quickly descend the Mountain, hoping to reach the end before the Avalanche would reach him. It was hard to balance, and still far from the end, he fell, and his shield continued to slide down the mountain, out of his reach. "Ouahg, I better find cover now if I want to survive." He got up and continued to desperately seek cover.

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  • IC: Zekev


    Zekev looked around, and finally noticed his weapons stacked neatly against a rock. As the Ko-Skakdi grabbed his weapons, he could finally see the Avalanche come roaring down the horizon, towards the rocky hill they were standing on.


    "Everyone" he yelled "follow my lead"


    And with that, Zekev dropped his shield to the ground and laid one of his feet to rest on it.


    "Find something to glide on, a trunk, a flat rock, anything"


    And with that, he skid down after Zakhon.

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  • IC: Krahma


    Krahma laughed at this. "Demons? You believe in that sort of thing. You really are quite unusual for a Skakdi. I'd call you insane, more insane than Dowun, or Ranama. Dowun was his real name by the way, before I came along. And I am Krahma. He's gone now."


    "And now I sound like the insane one!"


    He now burst into a fit of full on hysterics, stopping his pacing to laugh, clutching his sides.

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  • IC: Korden


    "I may not be like any Skakdi you have ever met, and I take good pride in that, demon." He glanced at his staff and looked at the names. Do you know... why I keep the words on these staff?"


    IC: Vex

    Vex licked his finger and placed it in the air. "Relax, Skakdi" It will stop before it reaches us"

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  • IC: Krahma


    'Names on a staff,' he thought. 'Intriguing.'


    He ran a quick calculation. The Skakdi seemed relatively off guard, clearly didn't deem Krahma a threat to him and he felt he could compete with him on a strength level. Krahma was a hands on person, and felt he would like to investigate the staff for himself.


    He jumped into the air, flipping over the Skakdi, and as he passed over him, his hands wrapped tightly around the staff, in order to yank it from the Skakdi's grip.

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  • IC: Korden


    Korden always had a tight grip on his staff, so the Matoran failed to pry it from his hands. He did, however, mangaed to make him fall onto his back.

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  • IC: Krahma


    "Such fun!" laughed Krahma, as the Skakdi fell backwards into the snow. "You're not as rubbish as I thought."


    The Le-matoran knelt down, his face directly over the Skakdi's, Krahma's eyes level with the skakdi's jaw, and vice versa.


    "Okay I give up," he said, leering. "Do tell, what's with the words on the staff?"

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  • IC: Korden

    "I will tell you, when you leave this Matorans body."

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  • IC: Transiz/TulThe Mega-Rahkshi shivered as he entered the region of ice. He was a wanderer, a nomad. This was one Koro that he hadn't visited yet. His feet crunched against the snow, freezing. He needed shoes of some sort. But-

    Makuta standing over the Parakuka, sneering in distast.

    And there was Tul, making thoughtful and completely appreciated comments on how the ice and cold were of no bother to him. Transiz lifted up one of his Rahkshi Staves and thwacked the Parakuka with it.


    'Oh, be quiet you.'

    The former Vortixx was now approaching the gates of the Metru. Whether the guards would let him in or not was ... questionable. He did look like a giant Rahkshi, after all.



    Open for interaction.

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  • IC: Krahma


    "Interesting suggestion, but one which comes with both issues for me, and potentially issues for you. Seeing as my ego is vastly superior to yours, I'll start by saying that Dowun created me through his psychotic obsession with training, and that to destroy me would destroy a little part of him, but also would destroy a whole lot of me. And then there's the fact your brought me here. I have nothing on me, except what I am. Therefore, you need a matoran. Your comments to Dowun would suggest that you are interested in his skills. Not knowing your motives, I can't comment on whether he would have been willing to help you, but be assured I am exactly equal to Dowun in skill, and depending on what you need me for, I may or may not be more compliant."


    "If you don't believe me, I'll run away right now. You'll lose me, and in the knowledge that I am as skilled as Dowun in that I can outrun a Skakdi."

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  • IC: Korden


    "We are planning a takeover. Our old organisation was lost in the rubble, but we have risen again. We need men. Men that are skilled, just like you"

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  • IC: Krahma


    "Planning a takeover? I'm your man, not Dowun, he'd probably have some moral issues or something like that. I don't have much taste for your organisations secrecy though, if you're just going to blurt out that you're planning a takeover? What if I were to just toddle up the hill to Ko-koro, tell them there are nutters in the drifts, plotting world domination? I don't know that they'd be happy."

    "Of course, I'm not going to do that. Far more fun to see what happens when they find out for themselves!"


    At this point, Krahma broke into hysterical laughter again.

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  • IC: Arktizai


    Arktizai squinted to make out his surroundings. His cloak was billowing behind him, a shifting silhouette in the endless white. He could make out the avalanche in the distance, but he did not see any telltale black splotches in its path.


    As he continued to scan the mountainside, he saw something moving out of the corner of his eye. Redirecting his gaze, he pulled out several signal flags from his cloak, placed one in the snow, and began to run toward it.




    OOC: Open for interaction.

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  • IC: Korden


    "Then I will now take you back to my leader... but do not for one minute think that I will enjoy is" Just as they started to walk he saw a familiar Vortixx surfing down the hill with his sheild"

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  • IC:


    The snowy wind lashed out violently today, as if the Great Spirit Himself spurned the idea of any sane person heading out into the Drifts. The icy storm gales cut deep into my skin, sending rapier-thrusts of pain skittering through my nerve endings. My joints had frozen to the point that each movement brought with it the creaking, groaning sounds of my bio-muscle tearing itself apart. Each breath made it feel like a great beast had its claws embedded deep in my lungs, lacerating the tissue slowly but surely.


    I must be mad -- that is the only rational explanation for why I'm putting myself through this frozen exercise in suffering. There must be something fundamentally wrong with me which pushes me into such masochistic acts as this. My brain spent the first two hours of my trek through this blizzard screaming those facts at me, begging me to renege on my vows, strike camp and head back to the warmer wastelands of Po-Koro. What a luxury it must be, to be able to listen to simple things like reason or logic. I foreswore such things the first chance I was given.


    It's the same with regret; I don't feel regret anymore. I don't have the time, the energy, the willpower to tear myself apart for my past sins. I realized it was waste to do that, so I don't give myself the chance to whisper "If only I hadn't..." or "Bless me father, for I have sinned...". Those are words, and they don't do anything to rectify the situation my actions have placed me in -- only actions can do that.


    And that's why I'm out here in the Drifts, putting myself at risk of collapsing and becoming a Rynekk-sicle.


    I plod ever onwards through the thick, icy snow, no longer even wincing as the broken edges of the surface scrape my legs until they're raw and leaving a scarlet trail behind them. Hate, one of my last emotional states, burns like a waxy candle -- slow and constant -- pushing me further and further into this white blanket of death. Hate for the Makuta, hate for the Great Spirit, hate for this island, hate for the malice between villages, hate for Stendhal, hate for my guilt, hate for myself... that is my fuel. That is my identity.


    With herculean effort, I crane my neck to check the surroundings, noticing the dark, jutting crag of rock ahead of me with stony dispassion, filing the information away with no more care than if I noticed a dead animal on the side of the road. I didn't stop moving, but the ghost of an effort, I sent a signal into the mask adorning my face. Within a moment, I was nothing more than a dark streak across the white landscape, marring the scene like a stripe of black paint on a blank canvas. Within another, I was standing before aforementioned crag of dark basalt, gazing into the shadowy, abyssal doorway carved into it.


    I don't bother with a lightstone in this cave; even in the pitch-black, there's no way I could get lost in it. I mean, how many people have gotten lost in their own home. I know every nook and cranny in this place, the placement of each table and chair and vat and instrument. Every twist and turn was as familiar to me as the lines and wrinkles on the palm of my hand. I walk briskly to the end of the complex, barely even noticing the disrepair that this place has fallen into in my absence. I don't recall the former grandeur of the foyer; nor the gleaming piles of widgets lining the walls of the treasury; not the rows of shattered weapons and broken armour littering the trophy room. The cobwebs clinging to the obsidian idol of Makuta in my shrine lay forgotten; the residual stains of half-prepared chemical concoctions do not even enter my mind.


    Only one thing matters to me in this place -- the last room. The room where the whimpers are; where the poor beasts begging for daddy to come back are. The breeding room. The room with the Parakuka.


    I don't dare step into this one, but even in the door well, I can feel their own suffering radiate up like heat. Their grief, helplessness and rage pours out of these creatures; my "babies", who I had found and nurtured during my two months of madness, now writhed on the floor, all in various states of starvation and death. I can practically hear them begging for help from me, pitiable sobs emanating from their chitinous shells. For one earth-shaking moment, I feel a sense the parallels between me and them -- both creatures of the Makuta, now free and purposeless. I briefly wonder if I could even call myself superior to the Parakuka before me.


    But that moment passes as quickly as it came.


    I raise one hand, and watch coldly as the stone ceiling above these wretched slugs collapses. There's no other movement in my body, unless you count the slightest twinge in my heart. But like all things, that passes too.


    I invert my previous path, and quicken my pace to avoid the rain of basalt which follows me. My gaze and my focus are centred solely on the exit as my dabbling in alchemy is rendered useless, my temple of shadows demolished, my prizes of victory wiped from existence and my riches returned to the earth. Without even a scratch to mar my image, I step back into the blizzard conditions of the Drifts, stoically enduring the wave of dust and grit which washes over me -- the last remnants of my old life taking refuge in my pockets and clogging my joints.


    A small smile graces my face, and my shoulders rise just a little. With the ghost of an effort, a halo of brown light surrounds my mask and within a moment, I'm gone from this world of ice again.


    OOC: Rynekk Simul to Po-Wahi.