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  • Posted 2021-08-31 21:34:22 UTC
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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)


    Curse my hearing!

    I had heard it, of course I had. I shambled up from where I was sitting to peer through a window. Karv as well quickly awoke to the realization that it was time for action.

    I narrowed my eyes. The howl of the blizzard made it hard to make out the direction from which the shout was coming from. Peering into this white void with my bare sigh was a futile gesture. Story of my life.

    Well, then again not so much in this case. My hand shot up to the side of my face, as I just felt the need for something to hold onto as I spent a moment, and engaged the new functions of my mask's eye-scopes.

    The heat map laid across my vision instantly made the difference. In this frozen waste, any living thing's heat signature would stand out for miles, and there I could indeed see one, or two...? Hard to tell at first glance, honestly.

    Sound eas a double-edged kinda thing. At the worst of times you were crippled by your own hand, but at the best of times...

    I reached out with my powers, and spoke with a voice that cut through everything else, and laid the soundscape flat save my voice, as if I was speaking with the voice of the heavens.

    "This way, follow the light"

    "I hope I don't frighten this guy to death or something..."

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Kinda near Obsidian)

    "This way, follow the light"

    Kahlynn stood, stunned, staring at where the sound appeared to come from. Was he...? Was this... Death...? Had he just stepped outside, found Gak, then frozen to death? Was he even in Ko-Wahi? Who did the voice belong to? No, nonononono...

    "But... What about the treasure? Won't you at least let me find the treasure first? I wanna be real rich, at least for a little while! It's not that I don't want the glory, you know I do, it's just that right now I want this glory! Just give me a few more years!"

    He looked down at Gak. What would he say? Wait, no, screw Gak-

    Discarding Gak in much the same fashion as he had the stone tablet, he whirled around and sprinted away from the voice - "Just a few more yeeeeaarrsss!" - or tried to, as the snow was now nearly up to his knees, greatly impeding his progress.

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  • IC, Atamai: Rhanus’s Inn

    Atamai checked his bag. “I’m really not carrying much right now,” he said. “But I can carry more. Probably would need to buy some essentials first.”

    OOC: @BULiK @Tarn

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    "Good grief" 

    "Just come over here already you half-mad son of a Brakas. I'm not running a resort here" 

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian)

    Just as the voice spoke again, Kahlynn tripped and fell flat into the snow, his hood flopping over his head like a closing lid.

    What did he say? A resort? The kinda afterlife is this?

    After a few moments deliberation, he was dragging Gak towards the rough direction of the voice. "Where are you?!"

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost) 

    "Follow the light I said. It's just lightstones" 

    I was holding up like three at once in my hands. Hopefully whoever this guy was he could make that out in this white haze.

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  • IC: Kahlynn

    Before long, Kahlynn, with much complaining, had dragged the parka-bound lump to what appeared to be some kind of Ko outpost. Whatever. Anything to be out of this.

    "Cheers for the help," he sneered sarcastically, dragging Gak over the threshold. He threw him down in a discordant heap on the floor, sparing his unconscious companion little dignity.

    Then, he turned his burning hot eyes to the stranger. "Okay, big guy, what's the big idea? You scared the bajeebus out of me back there! You got some kind of death wish?"

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost) 


    I had come down from the tower to meet the wayward traveler. Skakdi, with an... unconscious companion? Yes, I could see heat still pulsing weakly in their torso.

    Karv just stood dutifully a little ahead of me, eyes carefully trained on the Skakdi in case he decided to try something. In an earlier life I would have moved to draw a weapon at the biting remark but against my own better judgment I decided against it. 

    "Just trying to help," I muttered, "we should get both of you into the warmth. Up the stairs, I have a fire going" 

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    "Yeah? Well... Yeah." The Skakdi was disarmed by the lack of a confrontation. He must have lived on this island for a hundred years, but there was still something supremely unsatisfying about getting angry with somebody who doesn't get angry back.

    They carried Gak up the stairs and to the lifegiving warmth of the fire. Kahlynn hadn't realised how cold he was until the fire's heat reached him; he dropped Gak's head, leaving the stranger standing there holding the feet, then immediately knee-slid across the floor to the fire, tearing his wet parka off in the process. "Fire... Fire... Warm..."

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  • 4 hours ago, The UltimoScorp said:

    IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro:

    "I am, though not all of what I've heard was good. I suppose you've also come for work, like your former coworker, then?"

    IC: Minnorak - Akiri's Office

    "More like a... working relationship with your Koro," Minnorak replied, glancing at his notes, which he'd filled with all of the terms and terminology he'd been unable to keep straight in his head, "When we first launched our organisation, we took advantage of a time of conflict to simply occupy an empty outpost for ourselves. In light of recent events, and in the absence of my organisation's previous leader, I want to do things the right way this time." 

    He unfurled a large, crumpled page of parchment, scrawled in his uneven handwriting, "I've penned a rough draft of a deal, which I'm happy to negotiate with yourself and your advisors. Currently, we are offering to continue defending and maintaining the cable car station, we'll provide shelter to travelers, we will not resume our previous policy of tolling cable car users, we will avoid taking jobs that might detriment or undermine Ko-Koro in any way, and we will also lend our services, free of charge, to aid Ko-Koro with any military matters within the borders of Ko-Wahi."

    The page shook slightly in his hands, and he found himself unable to tear his gaze away from the words to gauge the expression on the Akiri's face. He'd spent days trying to figure out the details of this deal. Was he asking for too much? Offering too much? 

    It was too late to back out now. 

    "All we ask for in exchange is official recognition as an organisation, formal ownership over the outpost, and regular deliveries of essential supplies such as food. And... perhaps, if you're willing, a pardon for past crimes to anyone who signs on with The Outsiders - judged on a case-by-case basis, of course - as an incentive to bring in new members."

    @The UltimoScorp

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  • IC: Casanuva, Kalyss, Skorm, Zueya - Ko-Koro, Kalta Arsenal

    Zueya felt odd, standing with her arms apart so Casanuva could adjust her armor. It felt like she was getting fitted for a dress; Well, except…

    She felt a poke above her shoulder blade. “Solder here.” Zueya tried not to flinch as Kalyss tapped the spot Casanuva had indicated with a glowing fingertip, and sparks dropped to the workshop ground beneath her.

    “Is it done yet?” Zueya asked, turning her head.

    Behind her Casanuva craned his neck to look at the armor on her back. He took off the protective goggles he had been wearing, revealing his eyes to be squinted in concentration. “You tell me. Hit with a bolt, then I’ll bounce it back and we’ll see.”

    Off to the side, there was a meaty chuckle. “I gotta see this." Skorm leaned forward, a smirk on his mask. “Make it a big jolt. For me.”

    Casanuva rolled his eyes. “Yes, dear.” The Fa-Toa took a few steps back, tossing his goggles onto one of the tables in the workshop. “But the big guy’s right. Don’t hit me with a little static shock, I need a big’ol bolt to see if this works or not. Some power of Mata Nui stuff.”

    Zueya smiled sweetly, clapping her hands together. She had been practicing with Vakua since the team had settled down in Ko-Koro, jumpstarting the massive turbines powering the Koro. She surged elemental power into her hands, and pulled her palms apart, electricity arcing between them.

    Across from her, Casanuva took another few steps back, his smile fading into a concerned look. “Well, okay, nothing, like, stormbolt size, I mean, when are you gonna be hit by an all-natural lightning bolt-“

    The power hit its peak, and Zueya angled it, releasing it at Casanuva. He had been preparing, even if it pushed him back on his feet. Several tools in the shop lifted off their hooks in the direction of the magnetic disturbance Casanuva had to make to not get fried by the the bolt of lightning; within the blink of an eye, the energy was being angled back at her. Her instinct was to absorb the energy head-on; she certainly could, but it would be defeating the point of the test. Instead, she caught it on her bracer, and she closed her eyes, hoping nothing exploded. Instead, she felt the electricity course through her bracers, routing to the rest of her armor in a circuit. A bolt of that voltage wouldn’t have caused as much harm to her as to another Toa of a different element, but it would have still been an effort to absorb without getting blasted off her feet; this was almost effortless. Focusing, she reabsorbed the energy, returning it where it came from. It wasn’t lossless, but that wasn’t the point.

    Casanuva loudly exhaled. “Whew! Well, there we go, it works. I knew it would. I’m… just a little winded.”

    Kalyss clapped the Fa-Toa on the shoulder. "I'm sure you are." She stood aside as Skorm lumbered past her. "Have you heard the news from Ga-Koro? That lots of Dasaka ships are showing up?"

    Zueya walked to Skorm's side. "Vakua told me; he heard it when he was studying the radio offices. The Ga-Koro operators said there were a lot of civilian boats, and something about how they would know the difference. When Aelied heard, he took off to talk to the Akiri."

    Skorm rubbed his chin. "Interesting times. Rahkshi are sightings are higher than ever on the island, and now an invasion of psions." Zueya smiled; the big guy looked cute when he was contemplating.

    Casanuva shrugged as he sorted some of his tools. "I doubt its an invasion. I didn't get that vibe from Soraph, or Dakte. And the Chisaii Ryuu is still in port, last I left. Pretty sure it would have left if this was a military force." He elbowed Kalyss in the ribs. "Maybe they heard how great the island is. One of them already hooked up with a Kalta, maybe they rushed to make it while one of us was still single."

    The Su-Toa laughed, batting away his hand. "I think I'm good. Speaking off, how's your Dasaka? Healers say anything new?"

    "Oh, same old. Low metabolic rate on her, high on the parasite. Tied too deeply into her system to remove, the works."

    Zueya noted the look on Casanuva's mask. He wasn't smiling, but he was keeping his tone light; it was likely a performance. "Cas, maybe with more of her people showing up, they might be able to help her more."

    "Maybe, maybe." The Fa-Toa shrugged, then cocked his head. "Anyway, what are you two doing here? Zueya's armor is finished, you had a date! Shoo, shoo! I will throw ya'll out of here if I have to!"

    Zueya laughed. "If you insist, Cas. Skorm?"

    The massive Bo-Toa smiled gently. "I was thinking a stroll through the de-matoran district, then dinner, then up the mountain to look at the island."

    "Launch you two like a ballista!" Casanuva continued. The two others laughed, finally leaving the workshop. Casanuva exhaled again, slowly. "You have any plans, Kalyss?"

    The Su-Toa unsheathed one of her new daggers, channeling plasma through it and setting it alight. "Training. Still getting used to these, I was gonna go through some forms with them. We get more training blocks?"

    Casanuva nodded, pointing at a storage closet opposite the dojo. "Yep, a few more were delivered early. I'm heading upstairs."

    There was a moment before Kalyss turned, like she was considering what to say. "Listen, I... I think that-"

    "Look, I know. Stay strong, she'll wake up again, all that. But the healers from the Academy say that they've never known someone with one of those... parakuka to be out this long. We have no way of knowing if she's even still there; Vakua can't get into her head." Any traces of his bravado were gone. His whole body seemed to slump.

    "No, listen, you mope. I was going to say that you've changed since we got here. For the better. And no matter what happens, here, with Soraph, or with these new Dasaka, nothing can change that unless you let it."

    The Fa-Toa's mask raised into a forlorn smile. "Thanks. Good luck with punching ice blocks." Casanuva turned and headed up the stairs to his apartment. Behind him, he heard Kalyss cursing at the weight of the large blocks of ice she used for training. He entered the infirmary (Aelied's room, he stayed at the Memorial Garden, too cold even with blankets). Vilda Soraph had been laid out on the cot on her side, allowing for the engorged parasite on her back. Casanuva laid Ferrite against a wall and sat down on a stool by the bed, taking out his issued istone.

    "Well Soraph, today I finished up Zueya's armor, the design I talked about yesterday. Worked pretty well, if I say so myself. I got some big news though; not everyone in the Koro knows, but there's about to be a whole lot more of your kin here on the island. I don't think they'll be too happy about us, but I think we'll pull through..."

    OOC: Skorm/Zueya and Kalyss up for interaction in Ko-Koro

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  • IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro

    That perked his hearing. Business partnerships were always something to consider with a focused mind, and so being, Tarkahn unceremoniously tossed his screwdriver aside, and took a proper look at the proposals laid out.

    "A working relationship is good, but I think perhaps we can make things a touch more official, and profitable, for the both of us.  In truth, I had intended to retake that outpost at the cable station, but if you've already established yourself there I'm loathe to kick you out...."

    The wiry man adjusted the lenses on his mask as he read further in.

    "Continue your tolls, divert 40 percent to Ko-Koro. Civilians only. Any military members of any Koro should be exempt from the tolls. I'd like to station some of my guard there, as well."

    He frowned. "I'm afraid I can't entertain the final proposal you've put forth. however. Not for Ko-Wahi's criminal elements, anyway. I won't discourage you from bringing in reformed people, but I can't officially pardon every former lawbreaker you might employ." 

    The Akiri gave a wry grin, "Not officially. Under your employ, they would be considered contractors, and I could have my people look the other way.  depending of course, on the severity of their former crimes. Speaking of which, are you sure you want to stick with the name? Might hurt your business to keep it, being associated with past events as it is, you know?"

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  • IC: Minnorak - Akiri's Office

    "Understandable," he said, nodding. "And there'll certainly be space to accommodate any guards you wish to station there. As for the name... well, I guess you could say I'm somewhat attached to it, and what it stands for. We'll be the same group, doing the same things, from the same location, so there's not much more I can do to distance us from our past mistakes except avoid repeating them as best I can."

    @The UltimoScorp

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  • IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office - Ko-Koro:

    "Brand recognition, I understand. well, I do have a job for your organization when you aren't off adventuring or.... what have you. My people need training, and if your people can offer anything to them, I'd be most appreciative."

    The Akiri extended a hand. "A pleasure, Minnorak."

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  • IC: Minnorak - Akiri's Office

    "That sounds like something we can facilitate, once we have things back in working order," the Vortixx's monstrous gauntlet-clad hand gently shook that of the Matoran. "I look forward to working with you." 

    @The UltimoScorp

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  • 9 hours ago, Wotz said:

    IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    They carried Gak up the stairs and to the lifegiving warmth of the fire. Kahlynn hadn't realised how cold he was until the fire's heat reached him; he dropped Gak's head, leaving the stranger standing there holding the feet, then immediately knee-slid across the floor to the fire, tearing his wet parka off in the process. "Fire... Fire... Warm..."

    IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    I couldn't say much to actually complain about his behavior. I had been outside in that chaos just a few hours before. I could see where he was coming from. If this Skakdi's elemental affinity was what I'd guessed at, even more so.

    I dragged the unconscious body next to the fire, Karv sniffing curiously as he tried to get a gauge on our sudden visitors.

    "Seems we ran afoul of the same bad weather," I remarked, speaking to the guy shivering before the fire, "what brought you out into the drifts?

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    Half-dazed, the Skakdi sat fixated on the flames and did not initially reply, the vapour from his nostrils illuminated by the fire with each heavy breath. Just as the moment for him to reply had passed, grunted and turned his head slightly like the stranger had only just spoken.

    "We came looking for..." as if only just remembering why they were here, Kahlynn shuffled over to Gak. The other Skakdi's heartlight was fading fast.

    Noticing the stranger was still awaiting a response, he looked up. "None of your business. Who are you, anyway? Ko-Koro Guard?"

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  • 5 hours ago, Wotz said:

    IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    Noticing the stranger was still awaiting a response, he looked up. "None of your business. Who are you, anyway? Ko-Koro Guard?"

    IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    He clearly wasn't all that interested in talking too much, which was perfectly fine by me. I sat down opposite him, the fire flickering between us. I looked at it rather than at my guest. Karv, on the other hand, watched him closely.

    "No, just an... independent contractor" I answered. It was evasive, but honestly best I could say for my self at the moment, "not actually on a job right now, looking for something"

    I looked over at him, this all felt rather familiar, and yet somehow not. I felt like there was something missing...

    "Name's Mar, and that over there's Karv" I said, nodding at the Kavinika.

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    Kahlynn nodded a greeting to the Kavinika, but continued to eye Mar with at least a small degree of suspicion. "'Independant contractor', huh? You a merc?"

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    "Sort of"

    It had taken a while to get that answer out, the real truth of course being I wasn't sure what to call myself at this point. I just didn't have much of an idea of what I was going to use as the avenue for my... new direction in life. And calling it that didn't make it easier to get a good idea of where to start.

    "At the moment I'm on a bit of a break, I suppose. My last job paid pretty well"

    Indeed, the short service he'd done for Dorian Shaddix while part of Rhea Heartsflame's Renegade Tactical had netted him a very neat little sum, one he was still not halfway through.

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    Mar seemed distracted, aloof even, but by now Kahlynn was confident that he might prove handy in making some cash.

    "Weeeell, if you fancy cancelling your early retirement, I've got a job for you." He rose to a kneel and gestured to the close-to-death Gak. "You can get some information out of this idiot before he finally conks out."

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  • IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    "What is it you want out of him?" I asked, almost without realizing.

    It really was just... so ingrown at this point, wasn't it? I'd have to do something about that

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  • IC: Kreigero [Ko-Koro, Rhanus's Inn]

    Kreigero finished packing her things as the other two matoran conversed. This Ta-Matoran was going to get himself killed, and she couldn't just... let that happen. The hunter sighed, finished her drink, and stood up.

    "Water. Food. Shelter. You need to have all three or a way to make them if you don't want to become a permanent part of the Wahi."

    She tightened her gear, double checking everything was ready to go, as she continued to speak. She raised her hood, and tightened her shemagh around her Kanohi. Only her Kaukau's black-tinted visor was visible. Reyal trotted to her side, sensing the intent in the air from the minute tells in her actions.

    "But before you do any of that and decide what you need to bring, you need to know where you're going."

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    "Keep this under your mask, Toa," he leaned in close, as if the Kavinika might overhear. The already-prominent odor of Kahlynn's long-unwashed mouth became all the more prominent. "We were out looking for treasure. Only problem is, he's the only one who knows where the treasure is. Wouldn't tell me anything, Mata-Nui knows why."

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  • On 8/31/2021 at 11:07 AM, BULiK said:

    "I... wish I had more to report... but in summary, I don't think this case is getting any less cold."


    Korzaa nodded grimly as she inscribed a brief shorthand version of Vrill’s briefing onto the thin slab of ice and set it aside for filing with the rest of her tablets on Ambages. It was as she had expected, although the information he did bring — the disappearance of Zurec and Ardor  — was certainly troubling. The mystery around the former Akiri and the cause of Matoro’s death would continue to gnaw on a part of her for the rest of her life, she expected.

    “Thank you for your work, investigator. I’ll need a full report in writing, but as I think you know, the case is closed. With the Akiri dead, whatever schemes he may have had are likely no longer threats to us. And more importantly, I need you elsewhere.”

    She gestured for Vrill to shut the door, waiting to continue until there was no chance of being overheard.

    When he did, she went on: “You are going to continue your investigation. There is a new Akiri now, and like his predecessor, I don’t know him as well as I need to. I need you to pay special attention to his business dealings, aiming to uncover anything that might prove a potential threat to the security of the village. You have my official authorization to take your investigations to the other Koros, if that is where they bring you. I have no leads except my suspicions. I am giving you complete discretion as to how you conduct this investigation and what you focus on, but remember that no one is to know about these orders besides the two of us.”

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  • IC: Savrehn - Rhanus's Inn

    "Just the essentials," he said. "And no whining if you forget something at home and want to go back for it."

    What Kreigero said was important. You needed a destination, you couldn't just stumble out there into nowhere and have the wilderness find you. The Ta-Matoran was already inexperienced, and Savrehn didn't want him leading them around the wastes aimlessly until they fell down a crevasse. "I have a map with me," he said, reaching into a pocket on his backpack and pulling out a rolled up piece of parchment. He walked back over to the counter and placed it in front of Atamai. When unrolled before him, the Ta-Matoran could see various areas around the Wahi that had already been circled or crossed out. Question marks had been written over unmapped areas, of which Savrehn seemed the most curious of.

    "Pick somewhere, and we'll go."

    OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~

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  • 2 hours ago, Wotz said:

    IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    "Keep this under your mask, Toa," he leaned in close, as if the Kavinika might overhear. The already-prominent odor of Kahlynn's long-unwashed mouth became all the more prominent. "We were out looking for treasure. Only problem is, he's the only one who knows where the treasure is. Wouldn't tell me anything, Mata-Nui knows why."

    IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    I remained seated, keeping my pokerface on as I looked over at the Skakdi. It wasn't so long ago that I'd have had no problem with this, but this time hearing it I... I didn't know what to say at first. Good thing I was the silent type.

    The unconscious Skakdi wasn't dead, there was still life in him, and they were out looking for treasure together? This was just the sort stuff that people killed each other over. I didn't have a problem with making money, but I felt something I hadn't in a long time when the suggestion came about interrogating this guy before leaving him for dead.

    Making a change started with the smallest one. Had I not overheard Rhea say something like that? Was I imagining that? Why did what Rhea had to say matter at all? This was why I had stepped away from people for a while...

    "We get him medical help first"

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  • IC: Kahlynn

    "We get him medical help fir--"

    Kahlynn grabbed his shoulder. "No no no, you're not getting it," his voice had lowered to a whisper, "I have him right where I want him. Sure, we will save him, I'm not exactly in the murder business myself-" he smirked cleverly. "But he doesn't need to know that."

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  • IC:

    Kopaka's influence was growing more insidious inside him by the day. That was Reordin Maru's excuse for why he had begun savoring the chance to drink alone, and he would absolutely be sticking to it.

    Since the reclamation of Ko-Koro, the Toa Maru of Ice had picked out the remnants of the Glacierpool Inn as his private drinking hole. During the courtly era of Matoro and Ambages, quarters had been afforded to him on par with the lavish apartments of the Akiri and his Hand in the Sanctum. They had never been slept in, and Reo felt bad for whatever poor corporal had been sent to keep dusting the rooms out as a pisstake from his superiors. He had quarters in the barracks as well, although by now his old bunk had been turned into a mocking shrine laden with bamboo disks, whiskey bottles and women's garments - all the things, the popular refrain went, that he had cared about more as a Matoran than his job. He even had a house he had bought to relax in during the months following Makuta's fall. It had been graffitied a bit by Makuta followers, and had no doubt been the sight of a few debauched parties, but that would have been the case if he had been given enough time in the place anyway. Regardless, it was publicly the Toa Maru's residence in the Koro. So that wouldn't do either.

    But the Glacierpool was perfect. It was a sanctuary that had been used by his father in his days working the underground fight circuit, a fact known to few anymore. It had also been thoroughly abandoned, then wrecked, by the time that Ko-Koro had been recovered. Repairs were set to be finished within a year, but the Solstice District (the run-down part of town where Reo the Matoran had spent his childhood) would likely be among the last places touched. There wasn't enough here preserving - especially under the reign of the illustrious new Akiri - to go fixing up run-down parts of the Koro already used for working class housing when Makuta's legions had made such a mess of the Sanctum on their way out. That suited him just fine. He spent enough time at the Sanctum these days, training the people who actually wanted to know how to fight. Korzaa was a welcome hand back at the wheel of the Guard, something he never would have thought he'd be grudgingly admitting, but the rest of the surviving Guard was full of hostages and cowards, those who had fled the Wahi altogether rather than organize a resistance or protect their neighbors.

    Their neighbors who were now being press-ganged into service themselves. Reo's teeth gritted behind his Kanohi Tauhaka at the thought. He rested the neck of his beer bottle against the pitted, freezer-burnt wood of the bar and added another chip to its old mahogany surface. The cap went flying through the air and bounced behind the bar with a couple metallic pinks; it joined another few dozen there, relics of every visit to his own private sanctum he'd made since Ko-Koro was reclaimed. He hopped up onto the bar and took a long, ice cold drink of beer.

    Civilians training for mandatory service. It made him sick. All it would do was get the populace of Ko-Koro butchered the next time Makuta's forces stormed through - which seemed inevitable given the rumblings of activity among the Rahi along the Wahi's outskirts. He had no idea what to make of the rumblings from Mangaia, Joske or Echelon, Dorian Shaddix, none of it. He had found Joske's body at the Temple of Peace, after a search he conducted personally and alone, and sent on the details to Ta-Koro, but that was as far as that investigation had gone. If Makuta was really making a push for dominance, behind the figureheads he had used to occupy Reordin's home, then arming the populace and putting them through Karz Week wouldn't do much to deter the darkness. It would only lead to the people being slaughtered. Reo had dared to say as much, against Korzaa's advice.

    After that, it seemed like the Toa Kalta were the official protectors of Ko-Koro, and Reordin Maru had once again been sidelined by the village he had given every day of his life to. He had nothing against the new Toa in theory, but Reo had been to Ga-Koro in the wake of the Toa Daedra's attempted coup and heard the horror stories. So he didn't trust many organized teams - apart from the Maru, although even that was grudging ever since Korero hit puberty - farther than he could freeze them.

    ##### 'em, then. Akiri in Ko-Koro changed like the seasons in Le-, and the next one might actually listen to sense. He finished the beer, wiped his lip, and tossed the empty bottle into the glass pile.

    The glass pile being, of course, the hundreds of shards of broken glass that Reo had created by executing the same toss time and again. Eventually he would turn them into stone or something. Make a little puzzle for Stannis.

    Again, the thought of leaving and seeing the other Maru danced through his head. It would probably be a necessity, if the rumblings here had any truth to them, but for now he was still needed - whether Tarkahn was willing to acknowledge that or not. And there was no Glacierpool in Po-Koro. It was the Dunepool or something stupid.

    Reo laid back on the old, frozen bar and sighed happily. Yeah, he mused. This is a temple of peace.


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  • IC, Atamai: Rhanus’s Inn

    Atamai looked at the map that Savrehn presented. His telescoping eye zoomed in and out as he scanned over it. 

    Eenie, meanie, minie, mo…

    Atamai pointed to a question mark. “How about here?”

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  • IC: Savrehn - Rhanus's Inn

    He glanced over at Kreigero. He had hoped Atamai would pick some place he--and presumably, the trapper--had already been, but an unmapped part of the Wahi was both an exciting prospect and a worrying one. Some of these places Savrehn had always wanted to visit out of curiosity, some he avoided because the bad feelings he would get near them.

    Nevertheless, he wouldn't be one to back down or tell the Ta-Matoran to pick some place else. He nodded to Atamai. "Alright, then. Find yourself some gear, then meet up with us at the front of the village." Savrehn checked his watch. "Sunrise. Bright and early."

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  • IC: Kreigero [Ko-Koro, Rhanus's Inn]

    The fact that Kreigero was looking back at Savrehn's optics trying to ask the same question was the only answer either needed. For a moment, the surprise was even visible, but all traces of it were gone before Atamai had a chance to look to his two guides for approval.

    That was... not a beginner slope by any means. In fact, Kreigero couldn't remember the last time she had been out that far into that region of the glaciers. On the one hand, this wouldn't be a cake walk for the newcomer, but on the bright side, going on that far a trek was actually something that appealed to Kreigero - this would be an actual test, not a tour. With backup instead of just her and her Hapaka, this shouldn't be a challenge by any means, and would build her confidence in the geography of that particular region. Unlike Savrehn, Kreigero wasn't one for keeping track of her pathways with maps. They were a suggest, not an answer - it was far more important to explore and keep track of the ever-shifting landmarks amongst the dunes of snow.

    Kreigero gave both Matoran a silent nod and strode confidently out into the chilly streets of Ko-Koro. Somehow they knew she would be there when the time came. It was unclear if she was walking home or somewhere else - the hunter and hapaka turned the next corner and were nowhere to be found.

    IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Sanctum, Korzaa's Office]

    Vrill nodded at the positive response, and shut the door casually at Korzaa's command. Korzaa's agreement with his assessment was expected - his next mission, however, was a surprise. He listened intently, his face kept stoic at the severity of these orders.

    Perhaps he should have expected it, and to be truthful, it was what a part of him had been hoping for something along these lines after the new Akiri's decisions regarding Ko-Koro's defense. Outsourcing to another Toa team when Reordin Maru was already their champion, pressing Ko-Matoran into service so they would have to die for the freedoms the formerly disciplined Sanctum Guard did - none of that sat right with the Cy-Toa.

    But he wasn't a patrolman anyhow - the plainclothes detective kept his mouth shut about such matters.

    "Yes ma'am," the officer responded. "Given the nature of the mission, I'll probably be going relatively dark again for a while, but I'll keep you informed about my progress when I'm able to."

    He gave a salute to his captain and saw himself out of her office. He carefully made his way to through the back halls of the sanctum, towards the less conspicuous secondary entrance that he'd slipped in from.

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  • IC: Dartakh (Ko-Koro, Sanctum)

    Dartakh's steps echoed within the halls of the Sanctum as he looked for the Guard Captain's office. Eventually, he saw a Toa of Crystal exit a room and soon disappear out of sight. He walked closer and looked at the door to his left. He saw some text emblazoned upon it:

    Unfortunately, he was illiterate.

    He decided to knock on the door and find out if it was the right place. If not, he'd just have to keep looking. Hopefully, someone would open the door, and that someone would be the person he was looking for.

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  • IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office

    As Minnorak was led out, Tarkahn turned his aattentio to the Toa.

    "Aelied, what brings you here today? "

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  • IC: Minnorak - The Sanctum

    Filled with the giddiness of a child who'd just gotten away with stealing the last cookie from the jar, Minnorak filed out of the Akiri's office with as much stoicism and poise as he could muster. He'd spent days planning it all out in his head, trying to anticipate anything the Akiri might ask, second-guessing himself over and over again... and in the end, all of the stress and effort had barely been worth it. 

    The Akiri hadn't haggled over the details, hadn't asked any of the hard questions Minnorak had been dreading. He'd taken the offer in stride with scarcely any hesitation. 

    And as much as he wanted to celebrate the successful negotiation, Minnorak knew the hard part still lay ahead. Without new recruits to help reinforce the outpost and carry out missions, he couldn't actually hold up his end of the bargain. Hopefully the Akiri wouldn't catch on until after The Outsiders had built up their numbers again...

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  • IC: Aelied - Akiri's Office

    "I'm sure you have received news from Akiri Hahli directly." The elder Bo-Toa lowered himself into one of the chairs, accompanied by what sounded like bending trees. "I have come to discuss the mass arrival of the Dasaka. I hear from my sources that many of the ships in their fleet are civilian vessels. I do not believe this to be a premeditated invasion; the Chisaii Ryuu is still docked, and to my knowledge, none of the Dasaka currently present have acted any different in the last few weeks."

    Aelied exhaled, his breath crystallizing in the cold, thin air. "Even if there is military action - which I doubt - Ko-Koro is safe for the time being. But what concerns me is another possibility; Mata Nui has gotten visitors before, new inhabitants; I myself am foreign to this island. With the numbers reported, this represents a significant population. Some may make demands of Ko-Koro; one of their own was assaulted here, Soraph Vilda. She had... gotten involved with one of the Kalta. She is comatose now, housed here in Ko-Koro. Additionally, one of their warriors, Dakte Ageru, fought alongside my team in the liberation of Ko-Koro. I cannot say we owe them nothing."

    Leaning over, Aelied bridged his fingers. "I'm sure you have heard of the capabilities of the Dasaka. But one of the abilities that many of them possess is powerful telepathy; the ability to not only read minds but control thoughts. They call it the discipline of Willhammer."

    Aelied leaned back in the chair. "Akiri, you have taken many steps to ensure this Koro is safe, never again threatened. Before the Dasaka, the only telepath I knew was one I specifically selected because I knew he could be trusted with such a dangerous ability. These Dasaka... they are an unknown."

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  • IC:

    The dreams had been her reality for weeks now. Vilda Soraph had thought she'd awakened a dozen times only to realize she was still asleep, still trapped in her nightmares. Her only companion had been Mapris, her "sister," as she called herself. She would take different forms. Sometimes Mapris appeared as Soraph's own twin, sometimes her aunt Relisai, or her mother Robalta. Last she had appeared as Casanuva. Always Mapris spoke of violence.

    Soraph had tried to ignore her at first. She tried not to listen to the promises of dark power and blood. But time had dragged on. Every time Soraph thought she'd woken up, Mapris would appear and drag her back. Everything had been distorted. Soraph still didn't believe what Mapris told her, but she no longer argued so vehemently against her. It was too exhausting. Now Soraph couldnt help but listen to Mapris drone on with her speeches, her mind almost unaware as it slowly absorbed Mapris' virulent words.

    It's almost time now. Can you feel it? We're almost ready. Everything is ready. We'll be strong together. Forever.


    "Well Soraph, today I finished up Zueya's armor, the design I talked about yesterday. Worked pretty well, if I say so myself. I got some big news though; not everyone in the Koro knows, but there's about to be a whole lot more of your kin here on the island. I don't think they'll be too happy about us, but I think we'll pull through..."

    Soraph began to stir.

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  • :i::c:

    Korzaa was still looking for the place to file Vrill’s report — even her meticulous organizational skills were being overwhelmed by the deluge of files — when another knock sounded on her door. Frustrated but not surprised, she set the tablet face down on her table, where it had been fifteen minutes ago, and opened the door.

    Standing outside was a muscular Vortixx she didn’t recognize. She sized him up, then walked back into her office and stood behind her desk. “I am Korzaa, Captain of the Sanctum guard. What’s your business?”


    @Daniel the Finlander

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  • 18 hours ago, Wotz said:

    IC: Kahlynn

    "We get him medical help fir--"

    Kahlynn grabbed his shoulder. "No no no, you're not getting it," his voice had lowered to a whisper, "I have him right where I want him. Sure, we will save him, I'm not exactly in the murder business myself-" he smirked cleverly. "But he doesn't need to know that."

    IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost)

    Karv instantly slipped into a growl when he touched me. I personally remained calm, but I also didn't need to suddenly move in a way he didn't like. With my powers I could strike from almost any direction anyway.

    I stared him right back, and in his eyes I saw... something, something I had only barely left behind, if at all. His voice cut deep, not just because of my hearing but because of its tone.

    "Let go of me!"

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  • IC: Kahlynn (Obsidian Outpost)

    Stunned, Kahlynn retracted his hand, eyebrows raised, eyes darting back and forth between Mar and his Rahi companion. "Alright, alright, jheez!" He returned to the fire, responding defensively with the tone of a knowing mother, "All I'm saying is, if you revive him first, he won't tell us where the treasure is." Finding a nearby stick on the ground, the Skakdi gave the flames a prod. "What kinda merc doesn't wanna get paid?"