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  • Posted 2021-09-28 16:38:48 UTC
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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi nodded, then began to rewrite some more. “Okay then. I must admit, before we leave Le-Wahi I will need to do some preparations for the journey ahead, but I will not need to do them in Le-Koro. They just will need doing before we journey too far towards the Fau Swamp.

    If he was heading to that swamp so soon, he would to make sure his Volo Lutu Launcher was functioning in peak condition. If he fell in the swamp and it failed to drag him out, death would be painful. And he … he did not want to die.

    After he modified his grappling hook though he would be fine heading for Ga-Koro. Well, mostly fine. Admittedly it was daunting to possibly encounter Nichou and the others again, but well, destiny clearly was pushing him to the Village of Water. It was inevitable.

    Hopefully the vigilante Kanohi could handle it, while Dece could not And hopefully he … if he had to confront his past, he would not be exposed by his old colleagues. He … Mata-Nui shield my identity.

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  • 50 minutes ago, Harvali said:

    Kanohi nodded, then began to rewrite some more. “Okay then. I must admit, before we leave Le-Wahi I will need to do some preparations for the journey ahead, but I will not need to do them in Le-Koro. They just will need doing before we journey too far towards the Fau Swamp.

    IC: Lapu

    The tall Toa nodded and promptly turned and walked toward the edge of the platform they were standing on. He glanced at the other two and pointed down toward the forest floor. If they had nothing left to do in the Koro proper, then he was ready to leave.

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  • IC: Vaíl, Bright Star Inn, Le-Koro

    Vaíl’s blank look has little to do with her steadily advancing intoxication. It is more than a few moments before she realizes to whom Ferellis is referring.

    “Oh – him.” In this moment, Vaíl is far more concerned that the nickname will catch on than she is about any threat posed by its owner. Or perhaps it already has, while she was out on her own? Disturbing.

    “So, y'think the rumors are true, then?”

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  • On 9/7/2021 at 3:59 AM, Haman Karn: A Magical Girl said:


    IC: Ushadra

    The shadows clung to Eisen as he left the vault, as did the cloying sense of being watched. No, not watched, followed. No sound came from this pursuer, nor light from eyes or heart. Its oneness with the darkness could only mean it was a servant of Makuta

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  • IC: Kalih [Fau Swamp, Kavinika]

    While initially weary of experimenting further with the odd collection of levers and dials that surrounded the wheel, eventually the Ga-matoran's curosity won out over his caution. It didn't take long to figure out that the large lever was some sort of speed control, though the exact mechanics of the windless motion were still somewhat lost on him, as were the technical reason for the numbered spots along its path of travel. Absently Kalih patted Haa's armored side, the Keras having busied himself with doing some exploring for himself along the metal vessel. Probably looking for a place for a burrow.

    The smaller lever vexed Kalih for a time longer, it made no obvious changes to the ship's motion when flipped from one position to the other. It took flipping both levers for him to finally determine its function, as a satisfying clunk of mechanisms shifting sounded from beneath his feet even as the ship was provoked into motion by some unseen force. This time backwards and away from the river shoreline, freeing the vessel from its semi-beached status at last. Not wanting to get too far away, and not entirely sure he could control the ship's motion well, Kalih brought the large lever back to an upright position, and the Kavinika began to lazily drift along with the river currents.

    He felt rather proud of himself for that one. Not wanting the momentum of his good luck to die off quite so quick, Kalih flipped the smaller lever back forward, and turned the wheel hard to port. Pausing a moment to take stock of his situation, and calling to Haa to not climb over the side just yet, he moved the large lever one position forward. The ship complied, and at a sedate pace began to move under it's own power down the river.

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  • IC: Hakari - Le-Koro -

    Hakari gave Lapu a thumbs up, even a chatty girl like her knew the value of body language sometimes. She then proceed to jump off the platform, landing neatly on a branch below before jumping down to another branch and so on. It seemed the Lesterin wasn't afraid of doing some parkour. 

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    Kanohi nodded and holstered the tablet onto his back, before firing his Volo Lutu Launcher at a lower branch. He was wrenched from the platform and hurtled downward, tumbling onto a lower branch. As he rolled he hooked a lower branch and descended further down the tree.

    Before he hit the forest floor he fired his gadget, hooking another tree. His body creaked from the sudden lurching but his chassis endured it and he grappled to the next tree. He hurtled through the jungle, heading Eastward.

    It would take some time to trek the jungle, and his sense of geography was not great. Still, he was not unfamiliar with the layout of the island’s south, he knew the general direction. And while he still had time, when thet reached it he would know the signs of the dangerous Fau Swamp.

    He would need to have his Volo Lutu Launcher as best as it could be before heading through the swamp, let alone Ta-Wahi, and then to face whatever the villainous green Lesterin was planning. This stretch of the journey would be relatively fine, but the rest might be more sketchy. So if the others were alright. he would stop on the edge of the swamp, and begin cobbling together his upgrades. 

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  • 5 hours ago, Snelly said:

    IC: Hakari - Le-Koro



    5 hours ago, Harvali said:

    IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro

    IC: Lapu

    He smiled as his partners leaped into action, pleased to see both were more than capable of moving swiftly through the trees. For his part, he simply grabbed the edge of the platform and tumbled over. Activating his mask, his arm became as supple as rubber, stretching and extending to its limit, followed by his body. When he reached his limit, he reached out for a branch with a leg and simply repeated the process until he was swinging right above ground level, alongside Kanohi.

    The masked Matoran stopped, and signaled for them to do likewise at the edge of the swamp. This suited him just fine. He landed on a tree and took a moment to restore his usual armor. Shedding the simple wooden plating, he walked through a cluster of trees, calling the plantlife to himself. Bark, wood, and roots clung to his form, weaving through the gaps in his armor to form a tight and flexible seal. Now he felt fully at ease.

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  • IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp

    The Fe-Matoran vigilante slumped against a tree, taking a moment to rest. He was no Le-Matoran, traversing the trees did not come as easily to him. But that helped cloak his past a bit, and well, it was the fastest way to get to people to help them. 

    After a short rest Kanohi took the medical supplies he had purchased, and got to work. First he became to bandage up his right arm with the hard brace he had gotten. He bound it in the cast, covering everything but his hand.

    Then he took the reinforced splints, doused them in his flame resistant concoction, and got to work. He attached the splints to the brace, bolting them to the cast, before similarly attaching them to his Volo Lutu Launcher. The work was slow, he could only use his left hand to assemble this, and he had to be careful not to damage his gadget.

    Finally he nodded, the Volo Lutu Launcher was now effectively attached to his arm. Even if his hand released it, he would not drop it. Know came the part he should have done before he attached it to him. Kanohi held his right arm out, and began to tinker with the launcher’s mechanisms, mending and replacing the components. It honestly would be easier to do with two hands, but well, he supposed he would have needed to get used to using only one hand regardless. This only gave him practice earlier.  

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  • IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp

    There was a calm stillness in the air over this one spot in Le-Wahi. Sitting in the shadow of the Mangai, its smoking peak skewering the sky above the treeline, this patch of the jungle-come-swamp happened to be the place a young Ta-Matoran found himself, sitting on one of the highest tree branches and scribbling in his sketch book a rough drawing of his Kewa as it sat on a branch on the tree over tending to itself, waiting calmly for its rider's call. Carefully, Okuo drew his graphite over the page, lining out the different shapes making up the avian rahi, before gently rubbing some shadows in to give it definition.

    While in the middle of adding some finishing touches to the sketch, Okuo's attention was drawn with his Kewa's down to a trio of beings that had just shown up on the ground below, settling down apparently to take stock and tinker around. Okuo peered, taking note of the distinctive mask-like armour the matoran wore. A detail Okuo instantly recognized. Signalling for his bird mount to stay put, he closed and put away his sketchbook and graphite, standing up before he began his descent by leaping down branch after branch, all the way down the tree until he slid down the trunk to the jungle floor close to the three, an excited look on his Rau. "As I live and breathe. You're Kanohi, aren't you?"

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      IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp

      The cross-wired Fe-Matoran felt his heartlight briefly freeze. He … had this Ta-Matoran tracked him down? Was he an ally of that deluded Matoran? But why would he approach when Kanohi was traveling with such strong Protoderms? And he did call him Kanohi, not Dece…

      It took time for Kanohi to register the Matoran of Fire’s excitement, but as it dawned on him he felt his face burn as his orange Great Ruru’s sides shifted to a maroon hue. Fortunately his embarrassment was buried under his wooden masks, hopefully sparing him the others’ judgement.

      First Hakari watched him save a Taku. Now a Ta-Matoran knew him on sight. His fingers drummed his sides. He … could someone actually know about his work as Kanohi? He … was he making a difference? He … no, he … um he… 

      Finally he dipped his reddening head to the Ta-Matoran, and pulled out the tablet Lapu had given him. With his chisel he carved, “Hello. Yes I am indeed called Kanohi. What is your name? What brings you to this part of Le-Wahi?

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    • On 9/16/2021 at 9:52 AM, Emzee said:

      A display a clumsiness by Tailua would lift the lock from the cage. The door would swing open at the same time a subtle bird-whistle exited Tailua’s lips.  

      “Oh no!” exclaimed Makua. 

      On cue, the former Dark Toa would stumble out of the cage. The front row audience went go crazy, and there were gasps from the stands. 

      Makua kept his smile in check, and instead looked up at the unfocused eyes of the Dark Toa of Vidar, letting the shocked silence set the mood.  

      He waited to see what would happen next. 


      IC: Makua – Le-Wahi, Fau Swamp, Ringli-Barnuma circus tent 

      A collective sigh could be heard as Vidar stood still for a moment. The cage door sat wide open, and only after Tailua's next set of bird-whistle instructions did Vidar saunter onto the platform. 

      That was the trick. Now, Makua and Tailua had earned the audience's trust.  

      Matoran attendants wheeled out a bamboo-reinforced wooden pole, extending so high it was close to the ceiling of the circus tent. Vidar looked at the pole with cold indifference, as if waiting for another command.  

      Then, a sharp whistle shot from Tailua and the performer was off to the races.  

      It wasn’t a straight climb up the pole. Vidar extended his legs, one at a time, alternating between the two, as he clambered up the pole. It looks goofy, and the audience ate it up.  

      “Now unfortunately he can’t just levitate down,” Tailua jeered, “He’s too stupid to use the mask” 

      As Tailua said this, Vidar alternated between sliding back down the pole and clambering in the same motions he used when he went up the pole. 

      Now it was time to turn up the heat. 

      “Of course, this isn’t at all what we remembered from the infamous killer,” Makua projected to the crowd, “I wonder what those blades are for?” 

      Tailua whistled something new, and on cue, Vidar’s scissor blades extended, prompting gasps and yelps from the audience. At that same instant, two small Kewa birds flow overheard, dropping sacks of fruit and other objects into Makua’s extended arms. He caught them gracefully, and set them both down at his feet. He reached into the sack to his right and pulled out a bright red apple. Unceremoniously, he tossed the apple in Vidar’s direction, who stood upright like a statue.  

      In a flash, Vidar’s left arm extended and retracted, and the apple was split lengthwise, through the middle. The halves fell to the ground and rolled away from each other.  

      “It appears we have ourselves a fruit ninja over here,” Makua commented, sounding impressed.  

      Makua expanded on this, throwing two fruits, then three, then having Tailua toss him apples, Bula, bananas, mangos, and other fruits of shapes and sizes.  

      Vidar had flawlessly struck each and every object thrown at him. The audience applauded his dexterity 

      “It’s no wonder, you were so feared,” Tailua said, “Clearly, you are no less dangerous than the day you pierced Le-Koro's heart” 

      “But now, the killer serves new masters,” Makua followed up, “And because of that, we can have some semblance of justice” 

      Makua pulled out a Bula fruit and wound up. As he did this, Tailua whistled another bird command. This time, when Makua threw the fruit, he hit Vidar square in the mask. The Dark Toa staggered, but he did not fall over.  

      “Please forgive us for breaking the illusion for a crucial moment,” Makua said, “But are there any Le-Koronans in the house? Friends of Tamaru maybe?” 

      The audience began to boo. Not at Makua, of course, but to the killer turned prop himself. It was all part of the show. 

      “Now is the moment of judgement, if you have purchased a specialty fermented Bula berry,” Makua said, “If not, there is always the voice from your heart” 

      Matoran attendants came and wheeled away the massive pole, revealing a painted X symbol on the stage. Makua whistled a bird-command to Vidar. On cue, the Toa of Air walked to the symbol and stood still, pieces of fruit still falling from his mask. 

      Makua beamed as the jeers, insults, and fermented Bula berry flew from all around the tent. The faceless masses -- the all-so-important Paying Audience, gave their worst, and they aimed it all at one target.  

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    • IC: Lapu - Swamp's edge, Ta-Wahi border

      The wood, vines and roots that made up the silent Bo-Toa's armor shifted as it found its place, looking briefly more like a mass of tentacles until the moment it felt just right, at which it hardened and took shape, coating him in nature. He let out a long sigh of satisfaction at the familiar feeling. As he finished up, another Matoran made its appearance. He was never a "the more the merrier" type, so he held his constant silence- not that he had much choice- a few paces away, listening idly while scanning the trees and swamp for any potential signs of danger, just in case.

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    • IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp

      Okuo watched as Kanohi carved away a message into the wooden plate he had with him, reading it and nodding in understanding,  before glancing up to the Lesterin at hearing her question. "Uh, well... I'd like to be. My name is Okuo. I'm with the Ta-Koro guard, working as part of the guard exchange program between my village and Le-Koro. I was on a break up in the treetops when I saw you, I thought I'd pop down and say hello. Word of your deeds has begun to spread throughout the Wahi, and what I've heard is honestly a bit inspiring." He smiled warmly and appreciatively to Kanohi, before his eyes trailed down to the wooden board again. "You know... if you need alternative means of communication to speech, I might have something easier than carving letters into wood." Reaching into his satchel, Okuo retrieved his sketch book, tearing out a few blank pages and handing them to Kanohi. Then, unsheathing his knife and taking out his piece of graphite, he carefully carved a piece of it off before handing it to Kanohi. 

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