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  • kini-nui.pngKini-Nui:Kini-Nui, the most sacred place on the island, is also definitely one of the more dangerous places as well. It is located at roughly the center of Mata Nui, in a valley to the west of the Mangai Volcano, and very difficult to reach. It is situated above a ravine, whose breadth is spanned by the bridge joining the two halves of the temple.On one side of the valley is the upper temple area, which includs a tall temple with four spires, at the center of which is the Suva Kaita. This area includs six life-size carvings of the maskless Toa Mata. On the other side of the valley is the lower temple area, which includs the Amaja-Nui and a giant statue of a Toa Head. The Amaja-Nui is essentially a raised, larger version of the Amaja Circles found across the island and is used for the same purpose, to recount legends. The valley itself is forested, and tropical plants grow on the various parts of the Kini-Nui. Many tall, pointed rock spires fill the area surrounding the temple. At the bottom of the valley, running between the two halves of the Kini-Nui, is a stream that turns into a waterfall not far from the temple.There is a long-standing rumor of "darker things" that "lurk below" under the temple foundations... and even a myth that this temple holds the fabled entrance to the Makuta's lair. Granted, the Toa Mata were last seen here, readying themselves to fight the Master of Shadows, and those that have followed since have also disappeared, leading to much wild speculation...But it is only a myth... right?

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  • IC: Ramanox Aah so this is what they call the lions den, scratch that no one calls it that. Still it is right at the mouth of Makuta's den, or at least thats what they claim. Ramanox thought to himself. He had come the Kini-Nui looking for redemption, perhaps he would find it here, slaying Makuta's Rahi. He might even make an ally or two along the way.

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  • OOC: Makuta's Lair is called Mangaia. Mangai is the name of the volcano. IC (Merror) Merror stood in the centre of the Kini-Nui, the Great Temple, looking down at the stone seal wherein the Toa Mata had disappeared so long ago. It is always so, he thought to himself sadly. How often we lose those we need most. Suddenly, the Toa of Fire heard footsteps. Instantly alert, he span around, Calix activated. Seeing that it was a Matoran, he did not draw his blades, but remained on his guard. "This is a dangerous place to be, friend," he said. "What brings you here alone?

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  • OOC: Ramanox is a Matoran, also I edited that part out since apparently we don't know of Mangaia only speculate. IC Ramanox Ramanox turned towards the Toa. "I guess, friend, you could say redemption. I failed some folks and now I wish to redeem myself. What about you?" Ramanox asked this Toa intrigued him to say the least. He was tall and had the look of a veteran. And veterans always had stories to tell. Some of which are painfull

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  • IC (Merror) A faraway look entered Merror's eyes. "Not unlike yourself," he said. Then he seemed to return to the present. "But for a Matoran to be at the Kini-Nui alone is risky indeed. Makuta's gaze often rests here."

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  • IC: Ramanox Ramanox chuckled. "What can I say danger calls me, still in all seriousness I will find no redemption in cowering from true danger. The Toa Mata weren't defeated because they were weak, they were defeated because we Matoran were weak. Makuta was our problem instead we lump it on someone else's shoulder instead of fighting with them. Anyway it looks like I'm not alone anymore." OOC: Is this gray too light

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  • OOC: Just a bit, yeah. IC (Merror) Merror raised an eyebrow. "The Matoran fought too," he said. "Who fought the Rahi for the hundreds of years before the first Toa came? Who defended the Kini-Nui when they descended? The Matoran played their part." Merror knelt and put a hand on the Matoran's shoulder. "For whatever reason, the Toa Mata did not defeat Makuta. But that is not your fault. Don't blame yourself, or your people, for what happened that day."

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  • IC: Vingza and Voidan walked into a beautiful valley with a rather impressive looking temple in it looking alternately at a map and the scenery. "What! This isn't Ta-Koro! I knew that deal for a map was too good to be true! Huh, whoever said matoran don't lie." The skakdi just shrugged and waited for his companion to do something. OOC: Hiya! Good morning. Ready for interaction.

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  • OOC: iPad post=no color. Of course I'll make it darker when I do use color. IC: Ramanox Ramanox let out a bitter chuckle. "The ones who fought the Rahi were guards of the Wahis and Koros, along with the Chronicler's Company. The rest of the Matoran cowered in their huts. Afraid to do any good. Had more Matoran defended Kini Nui, others could have helped the Toa down below. It was our fault we lost, not the Toa's."

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  • IC: Seeing what looked like a toa and a matoran the odd duo walked over to ask for directions. OOC: Good afternoon!

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  • IC (Merror) "But not everyone is a fighter," Merror replied. "Otherwise the world would be a rather dull place, don't you think? We need the craftsman, the farmer, the thinker, just as much as those we call heroes. And for one, as a Toa, would never ask a Matoran to follow me into such great danger." There was a slight rustling from some trees on the border of the clearing where the temple stood. Merror's head instantly turned. "Don't move," he said in a low voice. "We're not alone. Try not to make any loud - " Two beings wandered out of the treeline a few yards from where the sound had come, looking at a map and talking very loudly. Suddenly, with a terrifying roar, a huge Muaka burst from the trees, and made for the two Skakdi. Merror leapt up, swords drawn, Calix activated. He leapt down from the temple to the grass below, and fired a blast of flame from one sword, right in front of the Rahi. It roared in anger, and turned towards Merror instead. For a second, its Infection-tinted eyes locked with the fierce green ones of the Toa. Then it charged.

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  • IC RamanoxRamanox heard the rustling as well, Great, more trouble. Thenthe Muaka burst out of the trees, Ramanox saw Merror charge the Muaka. Ramanox quickly slipped into the shadows of the trees, he climbed the trees, and then threw his dagger at the Muaka. Before waiting to see if it hit Ramanox changed positions this time drawing his swords.

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  • IC: Vingza saw the muaka burst from the trees and charge a toa and thought Hmm, should I help him or should I not, if I help he might hire us so help it is. The vortixx raised her axe, not trusting her elemental gauntlet and shot a rhotuka at the muaka while Voidan seeing that they should help the toa fired a blast of laser vision.

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  • IC (Merror) The dagger sank into the Muaka's shoulder, to which it paid no attention whatsoever. The Rhotuka and laser vision, however, struck it in the flank. It roared with rage, and extended its neck at Voidan. Merror reacted quickly. Firing a blast of flame at the Rahi's neck to keep it from biting Voidan's head off, he leapt onto its back. In one deft movement, he span his swords in his hands and brought them down to either side of him, cleaving the two Infected masks in half. Freed from Makuta's control, the Muaka gave an anguished cry and toppled, subdued by its injuries. Merror jumped off the falling creature, letting go of his swords as he did so. He landed in front of Voidan and Vingza, and a second later his swords thudded into the ground next to him. "And that is why you don't go wandering around Kini-Nui without a Toa," he said. "My name is Merror. What in Mata-Nui's name are you doing here?"

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  • IC: Matakite The sounds of battle snapped Matakite out of his meditation. He knew it was dangerous to be at the Kini Nui, but when he had chanced upon it in his wanderings and found no sign of The Makuta's forces nearby, he had settled in the brush near the clearing and continued his meditations on peace. He rose and was preparing to retreat into the jungle, when he was surprised to see a Toa of Fire had already dislodged the Infected Kanohi from the Muaka. This was surprising to Matakite. When he had come down from Mount Ihu, it was to find an island greatly changed. New creatures, as well as scores of new Toa, had arrived on the island. The villages had fractured, and now it seemed every being on the island cared only for themselves. Nothing was being done about the growing threat of The Makuta. In addition to this, violence had increased. Matakite found it was common for anything from a heated argument to a full battle to erupt between two travelers over some trivial matter. The island was in a sorry state, and yet here was this Toa of Fire, who would free a Muaka from The Makuta's influence rather than end it's life entirely. "Toa of Fire!" Matakite called out, entering the clearing and making his way over to the group standing around the unconscious Muaka. "You are noble. May I join you in your travels?"

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  • IC (Merror) Merror inclined his head to the newly-arrived Matoran. "I only seek to do what is right," he said. "Mata Nui expects nothing less from us." He yanked his swords from the earth and sheathed them on his back. "I prefer not to travel with others," he continued. "Evil follows me, and my burden is mine to bear. But..." He thought for a moment. "I would be glad of some company."

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  • OOC: Just so you know, Matakite is actually a Matoran. IC: Matakite Matakite nodded to the Toa of Fire, then turn to the other assembled beings. "Greetings to all of you. Do you travel together, or is this a meeting of Mata Nui's design?" he asked.

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  • IC: Ramanox Ramanox chose to ignore Merror's comment about traveling without Toa and addressed the newly arrived Matoran after retreving his dagger. "I don't know if this was Mata-Nui's design or pure chance, but we just met today." Ramanox then turned towards Merror. "I too wish to join you, perhaps together the two of us can find redemption for whatever mistakes we've made." OOC: Is this gray better?

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  • IC: Vingza glared at the toa and said nothing. Deciding not to ask for directions the pair found a good tree and fortified it to spend the night. OOC: I won't be able to post for a day or two so do not try to interact.

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  • IC: Asari, hearing the noise outside, went to investigate. "Finally, something happening around here!" he said as he ran toward the temple. As he ran up the side of the temple, Asaris lack of agility kicked in as he tripped over a root and fell into the main area. Picking himself up, he saw a Toa, two Matoran, two Skakdi by a tree, and an injured Muaka. "Great, I missed the excitement again, didn't I?" Asari sighed, almost disappointed. He decided to see if there was anything happening with the group. "Hello, I'm Asari, Toa of Plasma. Could you tell me what happen here?" Asari gestured to the Muaka.

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  • IC (Merror) "You may come with me," Merror said, nodding to Ramanox. "I need to get you back to civilization. It's far too dangerous out here for two Matoran to be wandering around." He turned to see an odd-looking Toa of Plasma approach them. "What does it look like?" he replied. "You sound like you're surprised to see Rahi at the Kini-Nui."

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  • IC (Trakuda, foothills of Mt. Ihu): It had been a long, lonely walk from Ko-Wahi. But as Trakuda scrambled over some rocks, his efforts, he saw, had finally paid off. There it was, in all it's glory. He wasn't one to talk to himself, but he could help but let out a "Mata-Nui..." as he looked down on this magnificent piece of architecture. Six tall spires surrounded the shrine in the center, and from there lead off many flights of stairs and two bridges, one leading off to one of the cliffs surrounding the location, and the other leading to a circular pit of sand, with a gigantic stone carved totem overlooking it. The Amaja circle. An excellent place to begin his quest. Hopping off his rocky foothold, Trakuda noticed a statue. It was of a Matoran, but not one Trakuda recognized. His physique matched that of a Po-Matoran, but he wore an Onu-Matoran mask. The statue was carrying a pickax, so Trakuda grabbed a rock, and began to chisel away at the statue's hand. Eventually he managed to dislodge it, and, putting it in his bag, he climbed back over the rocks, and began to head down the path through to the Amaja Circle.

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  • IC RamanoxRamanox let out a bitter laugh, if all you want is to take me to civilization, then I'm afraid I won't be coming with you. I've been doing this for a long time and I can tell you I've faced horrors. Let me ask you, Toa have you ever been tortured by two Skakdi? I have and it's no fun." no fun at all

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  • IC (Merror) Merror shook his head at the Matoran, smiling sadly. "I understand what that must have been like," he said. "Physical torture can be horrific, but you have no idea what true torture is. If you could have been through what I have been through, seen the things I have seen, you most probably would no longer have your sanity. You speak of horrors, my friend. I am glad you do not know the full meaning of the word." He turned to see the Muaka slowly picking itself up, and limping back into the jungle. Just before it left, it paused, and turned its head to face them. It gave a small growl, as if to thank them, then disappeared in the direction of Ko-Wahi. "If you do not want to return to safety, then so be it," he said to Ramanox. "It is time I was moving on. Are you coming, small one?" he asked Matakite.

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  • IC: (JL) JL continued across the Bridge. He had been looking for several of the shadows Rahi to fight and bring to Ta-Koro, hoping to earn something. JL looked around. It seemed barren, but JL hoped there would at least be something to bring, or his long climb would have been a complete waste. As he crossed the bridge, JL saw a few other guys standing over there. Maybe they could point him in the right direction.

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  • IC: Matakite "Certainly," He replied to the Toa of Fire. "Before we depart, may I ask your name? I am Matakite." Before he could reply, another Toa appeared. This one, with grey and white armor, was unlike any Toa Matakite had ever seen. "Hello. What brings you to the Kini Nui this day?" he asked.

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  • IC: "Surprised to see a rahi?" Chuckled Asari, "No, I'm just surprised to see someone standing over an injured rahi, especially a Muaka, and more surprised to see him not killing it." Asari looked around and saw someone coming. He appeared to be a Toa so Asari relaxed his grip on his Plasma shooter. "Hello there, welcome to Kini-Nui!" Asari counted everyone at the temple. "Hah! This is the biggest group that's been here for months!"

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  • IC: Proditor Proditor sent a powerful blast at the seal on the Kini-Nui, smashing it, and climbed out. OOC: Proditor's been stuck under there all this time, thus his smashing the seal and climbing out. >=)

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  • OOC: EDITED to include Merror telling Matakite his name. IC (Merror) "I am Merror," he said simply, then heard Asari's words. Merror frowned sharply at the newcomer. "Rahi are just as much victims of the Makuta as we are," he said sternly. "I do not kill needlessly. If you wore an Infected mask, would you have me murder you after removing it?"

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  • OOC: Mind if I join the party? :P IC:Tuanuku wandered slowly towards consciousness. The first thing he noticed was pain, overwhelming pain, both from his previous beating and from the hard ground beneath him. He had no idea how he had survived, but knew that his luck had probably run out. Before he could reopen his eyes, he drifted back into darkness.The second time Tuanuku awoke, he was able to think more clearly, even open his eyes. He found himself lying under a bush in bright sunlight - a surprising phenomenon for a being used to the darkness of Mangaia. He didn't like it - It hurt his eyes.The second thing he noticed was that there seemed to be voices nearby. Hoping that there was someone in the area more friendly than his last acquaintances (a pair of angry mamas), he tried to call for help, but only succeeded in some feeble croaking.

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  • IC: Matakite Matakite heard a faint groan coming from the nearby jungle. He was about to say something when the Suva Kaita exploded. A black armored Toa climbed up onto the Kini Nui. His eyes glowed red, staring down at the assembled group at the base of the Kini Nui with hatred. "I believe it is time to depart," Matakite said. He ran as quickly as he could into the jungle, hoping the others would follow. Reaching the sound of the moaning, he knelt down next to the barely conscious figure. "Can you move? The Makuta stirs, his forces are upon us," he said hurriedly. Then he faltered. On the back of this wounded being was the symbol of The Makuta.

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  • IC: Tuanuku's rescuer (he hoped) seemed surprised at something, but he could tell from the urgency in the stranger's voice that an explanation would have to wait."A little." he managed to stagger to his knees, but his legs had sustained to much damage to allow further flight. Panting, he addresed his rescuer "Thankyou, gracious one. Who are you?"

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  • IC (Merror) "Toa don't run," Merror muttered to Matakite as the Matoran fled, gritting his teeth. His green eyes met the red ones of the black Toa. Merror took three steps forward, breaking into a run, then, with the agility afforded only by a Kanohi Calix, he sprang high into the air. At the apex of his jump he drew his twin swords from his back, before landing in front of Proditor. He pointed one sword at the Toa. "What is your purpose here?" he growled.

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  • IC: Matakite "I am called Matakite." he replied slowly. The other being looked intimidating, but he sensed harmlessness in his voice. "It is clear you cannot travel." He glanced back through the trees. The Toa of Fire had climbed the steps of the Kini Nui and was confronting the other Toa. They were safe, for now. "Sit and rest. It is clear you cannot move far. You must save your energy, for we must flee if matters worsen."

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  • IC: "Flee? Oh, please don't tell me those crab-things are back!"Remembering his manners, he returned his name to Matakite."I'm Tuanuku" he said, extending a crushed claw to shake.

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  • IC: Asari grinned. After having nothing to do for so long, it was nice to have some excitement. Asari aimed his blaster at the Toa, ready to fire should he prove to work for Makuta.

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  • IC: Matakite Matakite returned the handshake somewhat awkwardly, not used to such a gesture. "I fear the threat that is upon us may be greater than any crab," He replied. After he had considered what Tuanuku said a moment, he continued, "but you mean the Manas, don't you? The Makuta's ultimate guardians. I should like to learn of this encounter, once we reach safety."

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  • IC: Tuanuku did not like to argue with the being that had offered to save his life, but he felt this was not the time for swapping stories."So how do we reach saftey?" he asked "And where is safe? Also, if there is anything more dangerous than the manas, why don't we leave now?"

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  • IC: Matakite Matakite sighed. "Nowhere on this island is truly safe now. Even the villages are hard pressed by the Rahi at all times. I find it best to let fear go, and think on Peace. I trust that Mata Nui will keep us safe. Still, The Makuta's influence is strong here. We will depart rapidly within time, but now I will wait for the Toa of Fire, Merror, who is protecting us from danger. He risks his life for us, and it would be dishonorable to leave him behind."

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  • IC: LoJak kept on running. He cursed his luck, realizing he hadn't excercised quite this much in some time.He turned his head around and in the distance saw a cloud of dust. He wondered why he got pulled into bets so often. Or to be more exact, bets which he would lose.Not two hours earlier he'd been having a drink at The Tree's Sap at the edge of Le-Koro when one cocky matoran had made a wager with him for 50 widgets that he could not pry an Infected Mask of an Nui-Rama. LoJak had foolishly accepted the wager, stole the Infected Mask and unwittingly awoke an entire hive of the flying beasts. They had proceeded to chase him all the way into Kini-Nui, into LoJak's present condition.LoJak actived his Mask of Speed with his head still turned and regretted it an instant later. He ran straight into another fire toa, knocking him over and falling himself.When he got up, LoJak noticed an entire group of beings."You guys might want to stop with all the chit chat" LoJak said in a hurry. ooc: some interaction?