A vista of Kini-Nui from the Mata Nui Online Game
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  • "Joining Bionifight has been scientifically proven to increase one's lifespan by 60 years." - Voltex





    The lights fail completely as what remains of the facility begins to slowly tip to one side, and the fighters begin to lose their balance in the dark. The air is thick with with smoke and every breath feels like trying to suck the air out of sludge; soot and dust continue to settle on everything and everyone.


    For a time, everything is silent.


    But as the fighters slowly recover their sight, the sounds begin.


    The gagging, heaving, choking and coughing of the sick and plagued. Their groans and moans of sickly, feverish hallucinations rumbling through the air, filling it, molding it, saturating it. The splatter of insides heaved out onto the ground, blood and spittle spinning all around and the desperate gasps for breath that follow; a piercing sound.


    The snivelling, sobbing, wailing and crying of the depressed and miserable. Their sniffles and pants, rattling gasps that break between the torrent, infinite, wave of sobs. The tears that drip and drop and drip and drop and the wailing cries that never stop, a wave of misery never ending with the sobbing and wailing and gasping and crying.


    The shouting, threatening, yelling and screaming of the angry and warred. Their hollers and whispers of furious vengeance, of armor shredding and skin tearing and minds snapping. The splatter of blood on the ground, the scent of blood in the air. The screams for mercy from those who have lost, and the snarls of those who refuse them.


    The choking, gasping, screaming and sobbing of the scared and afraid. Their pants and gasps, coming quick and shallow in the always suffocating darkness. The adrenaline pumping through their veins, the pure, unadulterated fear. Paralyzed in place as they can’t run can’t run can’t run CAN’T RUN-


    And then….


    The silence of those who are dead.




    Welcome to Saarella Kirottu. You will not enjoy your stay.


    Some of you are fighters in the tournament known as “Bionifight”, who were ripped out of your lives without consent and signed up against your will. You have crash-landed upon this island, and what remains of the Bionifight Facility is in shambles. Can you buy yourselves enough time to repair the Facility and escape? Or will you give in to the Cult?


    Some of you are members of Vapautti Sielu, Cult of the Freed Soul. Perhaps you have been a member all of your life, or perhaps you are new. But you remain loyal to the five gods, and remain dedicated to the Cult’s cause. Everyone must be freed from this horrid existence, and that is only possible through death.


    Some of you are prisoners of the Cult, from all across various universes. Perhaps you used to be a Cultist yourself; perhaps you are simply one of the many victims that they have seized over the years for their own purposes. Will you give in to them and perish? Will you join your captors in their mission? Or will you try to run free, to the fighters that have crashed and might just be your only hope of escape?


    Or perhaps you have another agenda entirely….



    Unfortunately, when the facility was sabotaged and crash landed on Saarella Kirottu, the Infinite System was destroyed. As such, all participants are now restricted to a single life.



    The location of every Bionifight tournament has always been determined based on whether there are any legendary or powerful objects in the area.


    The location of this tournament was selected due to the mysterious “Infinite Gems” that were hidden within the tunnels stretching away from the facility; nobody knew exactly how or where to find them - or what obstacles one would face along the way. Rumor had it that the Organizers had several gems in their possession already; this rumor was proven true when the facility crashed landed on Saarella Kirottu, and the Host’s stash of Infinite Gems was scattered across the island.


    The Host has declared that all fighters who manage to retrieve an Infinite Gem must inform him of the action; those who do so will be allowed to keep the gems that they find.


    Note: During Landfall, quests for Infinite Gems can be player-run. Simply send a PM to all staff (if you are not premier, I can set it up for you), and we will work out the details; the location of the gem, the challenges you’ll face, and the gem itself… as well as, of course, deciding who will be joining you on the quest.




    (click map for bigger version)



    A bleak landscape, notable only for the lack of variance in terrain as it stretches on towards the horizon, only to sharply drop away as it reaches the towering, bone-white cliffs that give the region its name. The land is dotted with graves of varying size and opulence, marked by simple headstones or grand mausoleums. Even the cultists who live here refuse to walk in the open once night falls, due to the howling nighttime winds and the rumors of the dead rising under the moon’s gaze.

    A1 - House of Flying Daggers: A long, low building built directly onto the cliff’s edge, the House appears to have been built from bones and silk. However, it remains the most stable construct in the region despite its seemingly flimsy materials. Inside, one will find both Kurjuus’ faithful and new inductees to the cult both, the former preparing the latter for their new lives. At the farthest end of the building lies the solid-glass “Mourning Porch,” Masenna’s private chambers that look out across the endless sea.



    The Spine is an incredibly mountainous area; one can rarely see the sky once they enter, as the mountains appear to stretch forever. The few paths within the region are marred with the scars of battle, and a deep, rusty-brown covers most of them. It is difficult to tell if it's the natural color of the rocks...or caused by something more sinister. Most pathways lead to the same location, deep within the heart of the Spine: the Sota Coliseum. Few venture off the paths, lest they be crushed by falling rocks, dislodged by nature...or by the cultists who live there.

    B1 - The War Room: Unsurprisingly, the War Room is where Hevias resides. A squat, rusty-brown building with no front door, located close to the Muaka’s Den, upon first glance it might be hard to believe that this is where the Herald of War resides. Upon closer inspection, however, one would notice the ground seems slightly...explosive. If one manages to get through the minefield in one piece, and enter the building proper, they would quickly realize that it was far worse than they imagined. Spacious, massive, and clearly built well into the mountain it is on, it looks big enough to support an army of willing, loyal cultist soldiers. And, rumor has it, that's exactly what it does, along with numerous deadly traps, automated turrets, and other assorted weapons of war.

    B2 - Muaka’s Den: Where all of the prisoners that Vapautti Sielu have captured are held. The very center of the prison is an open gathering area surrounded by a circle of cells and then a large hallway that goes all around the prison. There are no visible entrances or exits, and attempts at escape have met with only some sort of invisible, impenetrable wall. However, whispers from the rare guards seen in the prison have mentioned the crash of the Bionifight Facility; perhaps this containment system is beginning to fail? There might also be an underground tunnel connecting the Muaka’s Den to the Sota Coliseum.

    B3 - Sota Coliseum: A circular gladiatorial coliseum with a floor of sand, and various large pieces of stone rubble that can be used for cover. There are no visible exits out, and attempts at escape have only led to prisoners meeting some sort of invisible, impenetrable wall. Prisoners are teleported into the Sota Coliseum whenever the Sota Games occur, although rumor has it that there is a single underground tunnel linking the Sota Coliseum to the Muaka’s Den.



    An expansive bog, filled with dead or decaying trees and plantlife. The ground in many areas is soft enough to suck someone inside if they remain in one place for too long; other areas have small ponds of pure poison. In the early morning or late at night, a mist also settles over the area, although there is nothing particularly unique or dangerous about it.

    C1 - Containment Center: A large hospital, in which both Cultists and Prisoners alike are experimented upon; this is where the winners of the Sota Games are taken. The doctors of Vapautti Sielu hold a dangerous arsenal of strange surgical tools and powers at their disposal.

    C2 - Laboratory S: A small lab known only to Maeus fo Kuru and Sairaus, where the two conduct experiments in secret and Maeus treats Sairaus for her illness. It is linked to Laboratory M by an underground tunnel.



    The City of Fear is a post-apocalyptic wasteland of what used to be a city; the empty, ruined streets are filled with rubble, and even the few buildings that still rise into the sky have suffered significant damage. The entire city is eerily silent, and to anyone inside, the feeling of someone watching is constant. The one undamaged building within the city is Castle fo Kuru, which towers above the rest of the city, surrounded by a thunderstorm that cannot be heard unless within the castle walls.

    D1 - Castle fo Kuru: A large castle towering over the rest of the City of Fear, in which Maeus fo Kuru resides. Maeus is evidently well-versed in typical tales of horror, for the area immediately surrounding the castle appears to either be in a constant state of night under the full moon or plagued by thunderstorms. The castle itself becomes far more terrifying once inside, however; the air within has become saturated with a fear-toxin of Maeus’ own invention, causing anyone who enters to suffer nightmarish hallucinations.

    D2 - Laboratory M: A small lab known only to Maeus fo Kuru and Sairaus, where the two conduct experiments in secret and Maeus treats Sairaus for her illness. It is linked to Laboratory S by an underground tunnel.



    The Fields of Death are covered by an impenetrable black fog. This fog cannot be dissipated or controlled in any fashion; and the longer one remains within the fog, the weaker they shall become as it saps the life out of them. Due to the fog, nothing can be determined about the physical makeup of the Fields.

    E1 - Palace of Death: This is where the Herald of Death, Tuoni, resides. Every room and hall within the temple has been marked by death, and the presence of the god Kuolema is overbearing to those who have not been “blessed”. The most notable feature of the Palace of Death is the large Trophy Hall, where Tuoni keeps a collection of relics from the many universes that Vapautti Sielu has purged (or “freed”).



    The Bionifight Facility recently crash-landed onto the island of Saarella Kirottu thanks to the efforts of both Tuoni and Maeus fo Kuru. It houses all of the surviving fighters and staff of the Bionifight tournament, although not much of it remains. Due to both the sabotage by the Cult as well as its crash landing, the facility is currently immobile and undergoing repairs.

    F1 - Engineering: Aside from the damages incurred before the crash, Engineering made it out of the crash in what could be roughly noted as a good condition. Unfortunately, with materials running low and fixing the facility becoming a priority, Engineering no longer has the capability of building or repairing Mechs. The food and drink that the staff were able to recover have also been stored within Engineering, and are handed out as emergency rations.

    F2 - Training Sector: The Training Sector contains a single large sparring room for fighters to practice combat in; this room also serves as a makeshift lounge. Most of the Training Sector is taken up by the Virtual Training Environment (VTE); rooms containing pods that fighters can insert themselves into in order to practice battling in the arena. Thanks to some modifications by the Host, the VTE can now reproduce the same environment for multiple fighters, allowing them to practice against each other. Optional Training Rounds taking place in the VTE will be taking the place of the Arena Rounds during Landfall.

    F3 - Knowledge Sector: Remarkably, the Knowledge Sector suffered the least damage in the crash landing; unfortunately, nothing contained within can tell the fighters anything about the island where they have landed or the Cult that they face. It might, however, be a good place to hold a private conversation.

    F4 - Arena Ruins: Unlike the rest of the facility, the ruins of the Arena are not sheltered, open to the elements of Saarella Kirottu. The Medical Bay, contained alongside Engineering and the Knowledge Sector, remains safe; however, the rest of the Arena Ruins have spilled out onto the Fields of Death, and it is recommended that fighters avoid the area due to the lethal shadowy fog.

    F5 - Host’s Office: Acting as both the Host’s Office and the central Control Room for the facility, this is where the Host most often resides, and where command meetings take place.




    Led by the Host (with support from Elly and Dreisen), Bionifight is a collection of fighters and facility staff gathered from a variety of universes. They have crashed onto Saarella Kirottu and become stranded. The fighters must now defend the facility against the Cult, while also searching out the Infinite Gems that have been scattered across the island; the staff, meanwhile, must repair what is left of the facility so that they can escape. Members of this faction will also have the opportunity to participate in “training battles” within the Training Sector, which shall operate as a replacement for the arena rounds that occurred before the crash.


    One of the organizers of Bionifight, the Queen, has been declared missing in action after the facility crashed.



    Led by the five Heralds (Tuoni, Maeus, Sairaus, Masenna, and Hevia), Vapautti Sielu is a Cult consisting of members from various universes that have gathered together in the name of the Pantheon - five mythical, destructive deities representing Death, Fear, Plague, Misery, and War. The Cult has been watching Bionifight for hundreds of years, and two of the Heralds recently caused the Bionifight Facility to crash-land on the island. The Cult hopes to sacrifice the fighters and staff of Bionifight in order to speed up the process of finally granting their gods life.


    The deities they worship are known as Kuolema, Pelko, Vitsaus, Kurjuus, and Sota (Death, Fear, Plague, Misery, and War respectively).



    This faction has no leader, as they are all characters that have been pulled out of their home universes and imprisoned by the Cult, Vapautti Sielu; all prisoners are contained within the Prison in The Spine . Some of these prisoners have lost all hope; others might look to join the Cult; and others still search tirelessly for an opportunity to escape. Members of this faction will also occasionally be forced into the “Sota Games”; a massive arena battle within the Sota Coliseum designed for gladiatorial combat. During the Sota Games, killing is forbidden; the five prisoners who perform best will earn the opportunity to be transferred to the Lands of Vitsaus. No prisoners have ever returned from this venture, but it remains their best opportunity to escape.



    To join the RPG, fill out a profile for your character and have one of the staff (Blade, Xaeraz, or Ehks) approve it.


    New characters can either be a member of Vapautti Sielu (the Cult) or one of their prisoners, as noted in the new “faction” field of the profile. New characters cannot immediately join the Bionifight faction, due to the facility crashing and the teleportation systems being both tampered with and destroyed.


    Note: All fighter profiles approved before the beginning of Landfall are still active, and do not need to be re-submitted for approval. All fighters are considered to be members of the Bionifight faction.


    Note: Unfortunately, due to the near-complete destruction of the Engineering Sector, no new Mech profiles will be approved during Landfall. You may continue to use all existing Mechs until they are destroyed; no repairs will be made, as all materials and time must be spent repairing the facility.


    Name: [Character’s Name]

    Species: [Character’s species or race]

    Faction: [Are they a Prisoner or a Cultist? Which sect are they imprisoned by/a member of?]

    Power/Weapon 1: [A power, elemental or otherwise - or a weapon/tool]

    Power/Weapon 2: [Another power or weapon/tool]

    Power/Weapon 3: [Another power or weapon/tool]

    Appearance: [What does your character look like?]

    Bio: [Your character’s history; who are they? What did they do before they were captured by the Cult/joined the Cult?]

    Personality/Other: [Gender? Is there any other important information?]



    Character Name: The Host

    Species: Unknown

    Faction: Bionifight

    Power/Weapon 1: Teleportation of himself and others.

    Power/Weapon 2: Telekinesis, including levitation by telekinetically lifting himself.

    Power/Weapon 3: Mimicry. The Host can copy one other power at any point; in order to copy a new power, he must lose the old one.

    Appearance: Physically imposing, standing above most fighters, the Host is clad in regal red and gold over black. He wears a dark decorative cloak, with a hood that hides his face, but does not muffle his booming voice.

    Bio: The Host is one of the final survivors of an ancient race, destroyed mysteriously eons ago. Alongside the Queen, he travelled through several universes, until at some point the pair created Bionifight. The Host decided to work as the face of the organization.

    Personality/Other: The Host is externally jovial and grandiose, with a kind and accessible personality. Sometimes he strolls through the common areas outside the arena interacting warmly with the fighters. Considering his place working as the figurehead of a fighting tournament, this happiness is clearly a facade, but not one that the Host has ever let slip in the vicinity of a fighter. The Host has a deep appreciation for his cloak, and stands taller than most fighters.


    Name: Tuoni, Herald of Death

    Species: Baterra

    Faction: Vapautti Sielu

    Power/Weapon 1/2: Enhanced Baterra Physiology. Tuoni can shapeshift, being essentially liquid metal. Unlike standard Baterra, Tuoni can flawlessly mimic living beings in appearance and voice. They can even absorb the memories of those they kill to mimic them even more perfectly. They also have extremely enhanced resistance to all elemental attacks and psionic powers, rendering the mightiest elemental or psionic assault more akin to a mosquito than a firestorm

    Power/Weapon 3: A bolt-action anti-materiel rifle with a laser sight, chambered with rounds coated in a trio of toxins, one hallucinogenic, one a muscle relaxant, and the last an anticoagulant. In essence, if you somehow survive getting shot with an anti-tank rifle retrieved from a pocket dimension, you will be hallucinating, bleeding out, and suffocating all at once.

    Appearance: Whatever they like! But their “Default” appearance is of a lithe male Glatorian, clad in white armor and wearing silver Ignikas as pauldrons. “His” helmet completely conceals “his” face, with a silver wire mesh obscuring “his” eyes and mouth. “His” eyes are a piercing blue behind the mesh, but oddly seem to lack sclera or pupils, the only holdover from Tuoni’s terrifying true form.

    Bio: Tuoni refuses to speak of their past before joining Vapautti Sielu. When they joined, they rapidly took to the teachings of Kuolema, making them the leader of Vapautti Sielu. As such, the invasion of the facility was their plan, and had been in the works for longer than most anyone would imagine. And now that they have arrived, the liberation shall begin.

    Personality/Other: Tuoni is devious, more than willing to play multiple angles of a conflict to ensure their own success. Their ability to mimic organic creatures in flawless detail enables them to do so masterfully, and tends to result in far greater death than would have occurred without their meddling. The only other concrete detail that can be traced back to the “true” Tuoni, if they even exist, is a fanatical devotion to someone known as “Kuolema,” and Tuoni’s title: The Herald of Death. However, if one were to (somehow) take note of their conversations, one would note they seem to mock everyone they speak to by assuming an imitation of how they speak.


    Name: Maeus fo Kuru, Herald of Fear

    Species: Skakdi

    Faction: Vapautti Sielu

    Power/Weapon 1: Relaxation Vision - Like most Skakdi, Maeus has a vision power (in this case, relaxation). When Maeus uses his vision power on a target, their body will immediately begin to calm down and relax; extended exposure can render targets lethargic or even put them to sleep, although this would take an extraordinarily long time (time that Maeus usually feels would be better spent doing other things). Something to make note of is that this does not affect the target’s mind; as such, their thoughts and emotions will remain unaltered. Maeus’ vision power only affects the body.

    Power/Weapon 2: The Needle-Saw - a rusty gas pump handle that has been outfitted with both a long needle and the blade of a bonesaw underneath. The Needle-Saw has become permanently stained a dark red.

    Power/Weapon 3: Teleportation - Maeus can instantly teleport himself to any location, so long as he has been there before and can picture it in his mind.


    Bio: He gives a different origin story to every person that he tells it to. As the Herald of Fear, Maeus volunteered to be the first to infiltrate Bionifight. It took him no more than a week to amuse the Host enough to get himself hired as a staff member of the tournament, specifically in the Medical Bay. Right before the current tournament began, the previous Head of Medical Staff vanished without a trace; after a short talk with the Host, Maeus took over the position. The Host was willing to overlook any… “mishaps” involving Maeus as long as the Medical Bay remained efficient during the rounds; this proved to be exactly what Maeus needed. He was able to lie in wait until Tuoni’s arrival, before causing the facility to crash.

    Personality/Other: Maeus fo Kuru is male. He takes great pleasure in the pain and fear of others, making him a natural fit for his role as the Herald of Fear. His words will often have a double-meaning, and being around Maeus always makes others feel as though there is something far more sinister going on behind the scenes, possibly due to the presence of Pelko, the God of Fear.


    Name: Sairaus, Herald of Plague

    Species: Exo-Toa?

    Faction: Vapautti Sielu

    Power/Weapon 1: Dual swords to fit the size of the Exo-Toa

    Power/Weapon 2: Enhanced Speed

    Power/Weapon 3: Enhanced Armour capabilities

    Appearance: Sairaus resembles a sealed Exo-Toa with a head with only eye slits and no mouth. The colour scheme is mostly white, with only certain parts being gold. The being is about as tall as mechs typically would be normally, though mechless fighters seem to stand a chance still, because of Sairaus’ fighting style

    Bio: Sairaus’ backstory is rather fuzzy. She apparently was not always with Vapautti Sielu, however, once she joined, she seemed to rise through the ranks rapidly.

    Personality/Other: Sairaus can be both happy-go-lucky at times, or serious at others, which tends to confuse people. She has had health issues since before she became the Herald of Plague, however, she doesn’t always show it, and it’s made even more odd because she seems to be an Exo-Toa. She holds a fanatical devotion to the mythical deity Vitsaus.


    Name: Masenna, Herald of Misery

    Species: Guardian’s species

    Power/Weapon 1: A protosteel gauntlet worn on her right hand that grants her access to Kanohi powers. Currently loaded with a Kanohi Avsa

    Power/Weapon 2: Extremely powerful telekinesis. Masenna can use it to tear fragments of buildings out or fling held objects at incredible speeds. She can also hold a surprising number of objects in orbit around her

    Power/Weapon 3: Dagger belt. Roughly twenty identical long knives on a belt around her waist, designed to work equally well in her hand and as a telekinetically thrown projectile.

    Appearance: Masenna appears similar to Guardian, but with black and gold where he’s red and silver. She stands a full head and shoulders above your average Vortixx, towering above most toa. The most striking feature of her, in comparison to the rest of her, is the silver gauntlet that encapsulates her right arm below the elbow, which glows with a faint blue light when she uses the Avsa power stored within.

    Bio: Masenna, similar to most of the other Heralds, doesn’t speak about her history before joining. And yet, rumors abound that she was once a queen, ruling over a tribe with a gentle hand. However, the story says, tragedy struck, leaving her the sole survivor, which forever hardened her heart, and made her turn to Kurjuus for guidance. She joined Vapautti Sielu and quickly became the Herald of Misery that everyone knows her as today.

    Personality/Other: Masenna is quiet and distant, speaking to those who approach her only rarely. Unlike the rest of the Heralds, she cares for those who follow her and her teachings, and will defend them from heretics and heathens at all costs. Those who threaten her flock learn quickly ever to do so again as they are either slaughtered by her potent powers or captured and turned over to Hevias for the Sota Games.


    Name: Heviasdaii Aiasieti (Commonly called Hevias), Herald of War

    Species: (Formerly) Ehlek’s species

    Faction: Vapautti Sielu

    Power/Weapon 1: A set of long, bronze-colored metal claws, capable of tearing through even the toughest of armor, and incapable of being destroyed. The claws have a toggle-able blade of energy along the bottom, allowing for extra cutting power, if so needed. They are also retractable.

    Power/Weapon 2: Enhanced cyborg physiology. Hevias is more machine than even a normal member of his species, with most of his arms, torso, and legs being completely mechanical. He has incredibly boosted strength, speed, and reaction times due to this. His strength is comparable to a Pakari user, his speed far surpassing that of a normal being, and his reflexes superior to any Calix user.

    Power/Weapon 3: Regeneration. Hevias is capable of regenerating his organic components...and even regenerating the wholly mechanical ones as well, strangely enough.

    Appearance: Hevias is a hunched, gangly figure at first glance, and appears near identical to Ehlek in stature from afar, aside from the lack of spines. Up close, however, it becomes very apparent that this is not the case. His body is more armored and mechanical, almost as if he was rebuilt partly, and the armor all over his body shines a dull, dull navy blue. Bronze pistons and gears can be seen underneath some of his armor, most notably on his shoulders, where two gears stick out, churning and turning as he moves his arms. His face, for the most part, remained untouched aside from a few small metal plates around his eyes. Both legs look nearly completely mechanical, and digitigrade in shape, pistons and gears visible at each joint, clearly showing how fast he could run. Three small, bronze cones adorn the back of each hand, where his claws emerge.

    Bio: Hevias is spooky and mysterious, refusing to divulge his history, or even explaining how he came to be how he is today. In fact, his appearance alone raises questions he will not answer. What people do know of him, however, is his incredible bloodlust, and fanatical following of the War God, Sota. He quickly began leading the Cult of Sota upon arriving on Saarrella Kirottu, and no one has questioned him, lest they be forced to fight as gladiators...

    Personality/Other: A warmongering, battle-hungry psychopath is the best way to describe Hevias. He acts much like an eager serial killer, sizing up anyone and everyone he meets to see how well they would fare in his arena. Beneath this psychotic exterior lies...more crazy. A plotting, devious kind of crazy, one willing to bide its time, to throw anyone under the bus in order to advance.



    1. BZP rules apply, of course.

    2. No god-modding (avoiding/dodging/countering all attacks, never taking damage, dealing insane hits, etc.).

    3. Do not control other player characters without their permission.

    4. Use the tag “IC” when posting in character, and “OOC” when speaking out of character.

    5. Keep things fair - it doesn’t matter what your powers are.

    5. Have fun or you shall be fed to Xaeraz. This is always the fifth rule, even if it’s not.

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  • -==IC: Anna - ???==-


    Anna groaned, as she opened her eyes, and stood up. Anna looked around her, and then frowned, utterly perplexed at her situation.

    Now what have I gotten myself into this time...? Anna thought, as she noticed many other people gathered in the middle of what looked to be an ornate arena, all similarly waking up... and then, in the very center, Anna noticed a lone figure, who exuded magnificence. Is that whoever's in charge? Anna wondered. Before she could have a chance to really think about the situation further, however, the figure began to speak...


    OOC: Allons y, everyone! ^^

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    As the various fighters began to pick themselves up off of the floor, a voice echoed through their minds.


    Welcome to Bionifight.


    How - and why - you came here are not relevant to this discussion. All that matters is what you are here to do... and the answer to that question is simple. You are here to fight; to battle and duel in a tournament of great esteem. Where you stand right now is our arena; enjoy it while you can, for it will become out of bounds to those not involved in a battle round as soon as we are finished here.


    Now... are there any questions?


    Choose them wisely. And watch your language. If you displease me, it shall not be a pretty sight.


    OOC: Alright, so this is where you can have characters ask what questions they might need answered in order to get moving; the Queen will not be remaining in the arena for long (nor will you!), so ask them quickly!

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  • IC: Xara - Arena.


    I woke up in darkness in an unfamiliar place, hearing an unfamiliar voice lecturing me in my mind. Immediately, I was reminded of Tridax, his self-confident tone, his sneer, the symbolism pouring out of his nostrils...


    I knew instantly that the mysterious voice and I weren't going to get along..


    "Where are my friends?" The last thing I remembered was falling asleep under the stars next to Glass and the others, Sand nestled in my arms. "How did I get here? What happened to them?" 

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  • IC: Omega

    Everything hurt. Omega's eyes cracked open. He groaned...and looked around. He seemed to be in an ornate arena...was he in the afterlife? The Makuta said it existed.... Omega stretched his neck and pushed himself up, only to fall down again. That battle with Exxan took it's toll on him. He looked around for help but everyone else seemed listening to their minds. He did so too, and heard a voice. He listened to it and shook his head. No use listening to a voice in his head. He continued to sit on the ground, thinking about his failure.

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  • IC Kat:


    I woke up.


    How the Karz am I even alive?


    Couldn't tell ya.


    Last thing I remember was....


    "Tridax!" I spit in my native Rahkshi language.


    I quickly stood, only to find no Tridax. No Corpus.


    ..... No Fang.



    Bitterly, I looked around for answers, found only questions in all shapes and sizes.


    And one standing above is all was a figure.


    Unfamiliar. My hands went instinctually to my weapons. Still there. Good.


    I'd lost Scourge in a fight with some Rahkshi that had been with Tridax.


    I'd replaced it with a true Rahkshi Staff.


    My blades hung comfortingly from my waist.


    At least I had those.


    The figure in the middle of is all began saying something, and I cocked my head, listening for any information that could help me....




    I raised my voice angrily, still speaking my native Rahkshi tongue. "Send me back! Send me back you s!"

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  • -==IC: Anna==-


    "Umm..." Anna blinked, taken off guard by the abruptness that her previous question had been answered from the time she had thought about it, and with an answer that equated mostly to 'we are not discussing that'. The Glatorian scratched the back of her head, as she thought of an actual question to ask.

    "Excuse me, um, if you don't mind me asking, um, who are you?" Anna asked, as she tried to think of way to phrase the question, so that the person was not offended, since she was confused to a couple things.

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  • IC: He stood, and every eye in the arena followed his rise, foreshadowing his eventual position in power above the lot of them, those unwashed brutes. zephyr drew himself to his full height, armor glimmering and shining, and paused to give his enraptured onlookers a winning smile. Then, he opened his mouth, and honey and gold flowed forth as he entreated the voice for an explanation that the rubes still lying on the ground so desperately craved, but would never be able to properly articulate with their craven tongues.


    "My good lady," he uttered, sounding for all the world the way one noble would when asking another to send over a slave with some tea, "Perhaps you could explain to your assembled gladiators where, exactly, they are? I'm sure these brutes would love to know, that they may rave about their confinement and hammer fists against the walls in greater enlightenment?"


    IC: Xaeraz creaked to his feet near the glatorian woman inquiring as to the identity of their captor. He grumbled, examining his bulk for new dents and scratches, and found nothing was as wrong as he would have expected. He silently focused upon the commanding figure in the center of the room, only dragging his focus away to gawk at the gaudy green fool nearly strutting about as if he was in charge already on the other side of the room.


    "Some people jus' don't know when they're in over their heads," the scrap yard hero drawled under his breath.

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  • IC: Lytrel

    Where am I?


    ... Who am I?


    ... Why are my hands... Made of metal?


    ... There's something on my face. Is this a mask? I should take it off - agh, why am I so dizzy, gotta out it back on - better.






    There's a... Spear... Next to me...


    Where... What... Why...


    One of the summoned fighters, a male Ba-Toa wearing a Pakari, slowly came to his senses. He looked around the room in utter confusion.


    ... Wait... What is this place...




    The Ba-Toa turned his head. He saw-


    IC: Green



    Green looked quizzically at the screaming Ba-Toa, who was desperately inching his way away from her. Had he not seen a Rahkshi before?


    ... Considering the fact that she seemed to have been transported to a completely unfamiliar place and was surrounded by beings that were unrecognizable to her, this Toa not recognizing her might be somewhat of a possibility.


    Still, she had to make sure.


    "What, you never seen a Rahkshi before - huh?"


    The language proceeding from her mouth was strange and alien, but she had spoken it with ease. It wasn't the invented language like the one used in the Corpus... Was this Matoran? Then...


    "... Am I a Shadow Kraata now?"






    Green did a fist pump, ignoring the Ba-Toa that was staring at her like she was some sort of alien freak from Planet X or something.




    "Wait. Where is this place?"


    The two of them lifted their heads as the telepathic announcement entered their minds.


    IC: Lytrel

    ... What?


    ... Is this...


    ... I remember...


    The implications of that statement slowly hit him as some of his memories returned. It was far from complete, but it was enough to make him realize what sort of pickle he was in.


    ... No.




    Lytrel screamed again before starting to cry hysterically.


    "Wh-what, no, no, no, I never asked for this, no...


    IC: Green

    Meanwhile, a simple "huh" escaped Green's lips.

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  • IC: Omega

    Omega quickly looked up when he heard Kat's voice. "K-Kat?" He called out, in the Rahkshi tongue. He wanted to run up and hug her, tell her he was sorry for failing, but he was too shameful. 

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    I am the Queen, one of those in charge here at Bionifight. My partner, the Host, is unfortunately unavailable at the moment. With the start of each new tournament comes a certain amount of... paperwork, shall we say. Another of our colleagues, our Enforcer, is also busy with other things... such as making sure that you are all following the rules even in these early moments.


    The Queen turned to Xara; her reply, just like everything else she said, echoed throughout everyone's minds. She was speaking to them telepathically.


    Your friends? I care not. Perhaps some came here with you, or perhaps they remained back wherever you call home. As for how you got here... you were selected to participate in the Bionifight tournament according to your unique skill set and personality, much like every other fighter here.


    Suddenly, the protests of Kat rang throughout the arena; the Queen's gaze turned sharply in the direction of the speaker. 


    You cannot be sent back until the tournament is over.


    As the being known as Zephyr stood above the group, addressing her directly, the Queen's lips curled in disdain. She otherwise ignored him, refusing to dignify his pompous attitude with a response. There were, undoubtedly, more relevant - and polite - questions that needed answering. 

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  • OoC: how can she understand the Rahkshi language?


    IC Kat:


    Can't leave?




    "I don't give two KARZES what you brought us here for, I have people that need me, and I'll be KATZED IF I LET SOME STUCK UP KARZER LIKE YOURSELF KEEP ME FROM THEM!"


    I stalked right up to the strange being.


    I'd faced down Tridax.


    I could face down this one, too.


    My voice went low.


    "Send. Me. Back."

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  • IC: Lytrel

    In between sobs, Lytrel managed to choke out: "This is... Gladiator games, right...? Like the... What are they called, Romen, no, Rom... Am I gonna die...?"


    The sobs slowly subsided as a blank look of despair crossed Lytrel's face.


    IC: Green

    Meanwhile, Green asked: "Okay, so like this pitiful excuse of a Toa asked, this is a fighting tournament, right? May I ask: what are the rules and the conditions of victory, and why is this being held?"


    And why you had the audacity to rip me from my home (okay, it wasn't very nice, but still) and bring me here?!


    Green didn't vocalize her last question.

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  • -==IC: Anna==-


    Anna thought that over for a moment, and then nodded.

    "Thank you for your reply." Anna said, and thought over her next question rather quickly. "So, um, what kind of rules are there? And what are these battles like?" Anna asked, as she was curious about those two things; still trying to be polite, even as she noticed Zephyr and his comment; not entirely keen on the brute comment, but still unsure of what she thought of him.

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  • IC: She Ignored him. She ignored him. Him! Of all the people, she dared ignore him? Zephyr sneered at the queen, determined to watch her beg at his feet for mercy as his precious plants loomed around the both of them, vines glistening and maws snapping as her listened to her pleas for him to take her to his side, how she had been wrong to treat him with none of the respect he deserved. And in his mind's eye, he smiled down at her, agreed to forgive her, and offered her his hand. And as she reached up to take it, he mentioned she would need to be punished, as the vines descended to grip her limbs and pull...


    IC: Xaeraz glanced around, noting that the Queen seemed busy answering other questions. He drew the tattered rag that formed his cloak as tight about him as he could, and settled in to listen to just what fresh tortures lay in store for him in this arena. He could tell several fighters knew each other, but they all seemed busy, and he didn't want to intrude on anyone...

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    A snap of the fingers. After that, anyone who attempted to use their powers, would suddenly discover that they did not work.

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    The Queen did not react as Kat stalked forward, until the Rahkshi had finished speaking. 


    There was total silence for several seconds in everyone's minds.


    And then every single fighter was assaulted by what could only be described as a shockwave of pure pain. While the other fighters were left alone to recover, the Queen responded to Kat, broadcasting the answer to everyone's minds.


    Every single tournament there are insolent fighters such as yourself. They never last very long. If you believe that you can hope to defeat me... you are sorely mistaken.


    With each word, it was as though someone was choking a difference piece of Kat's mind, crushing it - and then it stopped. The Queen turned to Green.


    Speak your mind, Rahkshi, for there are no secrets kept from me, she ordered. But to answer your question, the rules are quite simple, and they vary according to each individual match, although if you find anything, we require you to give it to us for research purposes. The conditions of victory are, usually, with regards to the number of opponents that you defeat during a round. As for why the tournament is being held... that is of no concern to you. As to your selection - well, I already answered that question before.


    Seeming entirely unaffected by the whole ordeal, the Queen turned to Zephyr as the Toa's plantlife suddenly died.


    You are lucky that the Enforcer is on watch, she said. Attempting to attack any staff members is cause to lose a life. And if you lose too many... well, death might become permanent.


    OOC: Now that it's been brought up, a fighter could question the whole "lives" system. If not, that's fine; it can be explained at the start of the first round as well.

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  • IC: Green

    Far more powerful than Tridax...


    Green slowly picked herselfnup, shaking off the mental ordeal, seeing the Ba-Toa crumpled in a heap; apparently he had fainted.


    "Um, by victory, I meant winning the tournament as a whole. Seeing as it is a tournament, will there be an ultimate winner? And what is this about 'lives'?"

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  • IC: Xara - Arena.


    "Lives, as in plural? What the karz is that supposed to mean?" I'd taken the lives of others, so I knew all too well that: "People die when they're killed." 

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  • OOC: I suppose I shoulda noted that Zeph's imagination was running wild, although that might be the case with y'alls' posts and I'm just reading things wrong? Either way, I am not at all bothered with the first death. =p


    IC: Xaeraz had to admit, his interest was roused by the "Lives" comment.


    "Uh, Ma'am," He stammered out, trying not to offend, "What are these, ah, 'lives' that you mentioned? I was under the impression that death, as hard as it is to find, was always permanent..."

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  • OOC @Xaeraz: I might've misread it a bit. He hasn't lost a life, though. She was just threatening it. :P




    The Queen turned to Xara.


    They do indeed. At Bionifight, you operate on what we call the "Infinite System" - it is, at the end of the day, a type of "points" system used to score you. Every fighter starts out with seven "lives" in the Infinite System; you can gain extra lives by winning rounds, or by finding and handing in things that might be considered valuable. Occasionally, you might be rewarded with extra lives for good behavior.


    Likewise, however, lives can be lost - if you skip a round, withhold information or valuable items, breaking the rules... attempting to escape or attack the staff. Once you drop to zero, you will die for real. This is done with a failsafe device that was implanted into each of you before you awoke - and the cause of death is unique to each fighter.

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  • IC Kat:


    The mental assault felled me to my knees.


    But no further.


    I could handle Tridax.


    I can handle this.


    Karzahni did it pack a wallop, though.


    I stayed on my knees, panting and shaking.


    I looked up at the strange being, glaring daggers.


    And then he showed up.


    Shakily, even more than would be appropriate, I gasped.



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  • IC: Omega

    "Am I...dead?" He asked Kat. He almost wished he was.

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  • -==IC: Anna==-


    Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow. Anna gripped her head as her head pounded for a few moments, before somewhat glorious relief. However, despite that, she still had a bit of a headache, and slowly and shakily stood back to her feet, as she gripped her head, still in pain. She kept quiet, however, as she was not sure what else to ask for the moment; especially since the question of what else to do hadn't been answered.

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  • IC: Glass



    What... What happened?

    there's an announcement going onnnnn?

    The Academy? But it was-

    Dude, can we get up now? The sand on your butt hurts.


    Right, okay I-


    Glass stood up and gasped at the huge arena that surrounded him. A weird woman was speaking something, and there loads of weirdos in the pit-


    Wait. They weren't weirdos. They were...




    Gods, he thought she had died!


    Glass stared at the others. Thwy were there too! Kat and Green and Omega


    Wait. Omega?

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  • IC: Ismekne got up, leaning on her hammer. Getting called out of a battle with a tribe of Frostelus and sleeping on the hard stone floor wasn't easy on the joints. Slowly her mind started operating again. Seven lives...infinite system...


    O yes, this is Bionifight. I used to watch this - but I never imagined that I would be in the Arena myself. 


    "Is there a place where I can rest?" Ismekne said. I need to think my way out of this, but best to do so with a full brain. 

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  • IC: Zephyr nearly cried out in fury as his fantasy was rudely destroyed by the conniving wench who dared call herself royalty in the face of true nobility like himself. But, as he knew, Discretion was the better part of valor. And while this  situation was trivial to a toa of his skill, power, and grace, he nonetheless decided not to press his boundless and mighty luck too far immediately. He merely sighed, removed a rag from his satchel, and began to polish his already spotless armor.


    IC: Barely ignoring the searing pain in his head, Xaeraz stumbled over to Anna, trying his best to make his eight feet and ramshackle build look as far from intimidating as possible as he extended his hand to try and help her up.


    "Are, ah, are you okay?" he asked, a look of concern trying make itself obvious on his mangled mask.

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  • -==IC: Anna==-


    Anna looked up in surprise as the pieced together Toa approached her. Anna nodded, and took the hand to help steady herself, as she rubbed her forehead a bit more.

    "I think so... Headaches just tend to be a nuisance to me more, that's all." Anna said with a slight chuckle, as she definitely kept headaches for longer than she ever wished, much to her everlasting dismay.

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    The Queen turned to Ismekne, nodding.


    There are four exits out of the arena - each leads into a waiting area with lockers, medical facilities, and temporary rest areas. On the second floor of the facility, the housing quarters for all fighters are easy to find. 


    She glanced around the group.


    Are there any further questions?

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  • IC: Xara - Arena. 


    "So this is some kind of sick game?" I spat. "Our lives mean nothing to you?" Once upon a time I probably wouldn't have cared. But I had friends now, and.... Glass. They'd want to know what had happened to me, and I wouldn't stop until I fought my way back to them. Because if there was one thing I was karzdamned good at, it was fighting.


    And more importantly: winning. 

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  • IC: Zephyr paused in his shining, examined his reflection in his armor, and nodded to himself before looking up at the Queen.


    "Just one, Your Imperial Majesty," he said, inclining his head a bit in mock humility. "When shall we begin combat with our 'fellows' first?"


    IC: Xaeraz gave a small, nervous laugh, simply glad that she hadn't freaked out about his approach.


    "Y-yeah, heads are the, uh, one thing I never figured out how to, to repair," he managed to stammer out. "Too many bits to, uh, mess up. Especially with hands like mine and..." He trailed off, gently taking his hand away from hers.


    "S-sorry. You don't need to hear me complain."

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  • IC: Glass


    He couldn't help but smile. Xara was still as abrasive as ever, even in this alien environment.

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  • IC: Green

    "I notice you didn't mention losing lives from losing battles. Does that mean that as long as we play by your rules, our survival is guaranteed, no matter our win-loss record?"


    If her suspicion was true, Green was slightly more relieved. So this wasn't a death sentence, after all.


    It still sucked.


    Well, there was always a silver lining, right?

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    Your lives are very valuable to us, the Queen said to XaraThe Host likes to believe that he selects only the best of the best. And while that is occasionally untrue, it does hold firmly for the majority of fighters. You are here because we recognize your value.


    She turned next to Zephyr


    The first round shall be announced once you have all had a sufficient amount of time to adjust to your new surroundings.


    Finally, she answered Green.


    That is correct. Play by our rules, and your lives will, at the very least, remain the same. Losing a battle will do nothing to your placement in the Infinite System.

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  • -==IC: Anna==-


    Anna nodded, as she noticed the hands, intrigued.

    "No worries, it seems like a good complaint." Anna said, as she felt the headache slowly fading away, and thought for a moment. "The name's Anna; Glatorian extraordinaire." Anna said with a slight smile, still feeling a bit tired, especially after the headache, but was interested to find out what was happening once the questions were done.

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  • IC: Lekona - Arena


    Where am I?


    Naturally, the first thoughts for anyone who is in this situation. An arena with plenty of strange individuals waking up around him is very different from wandering without meaning in the jungles, as Lekona had for...weeks, months, it might've been years now since his failure.


    Realizing that whoever had brought him here could've taken his stuff, Lekona scrambled to check. His sword was there, it's craftsmanship and shine unmistakable. The same was true for his armor. He took off his mask next. Without it, he was dizzy and weak, but he had to know so he focused through it. It was his. The one made by his best friend. He would wear it with pride. Memories put a brief smile on the Toa's face as he placed the Kualsi back on his face.


    Wherever you are, let the Great Spirit keep you safe.


    As his strength returned, Lekona noticed a voice in his mind. Saying something about the reason they'd been brought here, some sort of fighting tournament. While many would probably be enraged at being ripped away from their homes for some being's entertainment, to Lekona, it was a blessing. He had nothing to go back to in his home, and this tournament would give him what he had missed for so long - purpose.


    His happy thoughts were interrupted by a jolt of pain. As Lekona regained his composure, his gaze shifted to, and narrowed upon, the rahkshi who had been stomping forward moments before, and was now on his knees.


    It had been an eternity since Lekona had been happy, and the moment had been ruined by that rahkshi's actions. He was fine with others wanting to escape, but be smart about it, do it out of their sight...besides, this was a rahkshi. Seemingly a highly intelligent one, but a rahkshi all the same. There was one being Lekona knew he would be pleased to take down in this tournament.

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  • IC: Zephyr nodded calmly, and turned to examine the teeming mass of warriors, determined to find himself one or two loyal servants to do his bidding who he could rely upon, then cast aside. After all, one born to rule does need subjects, and none were more born to rule than he.


    IC: "X-Xaeraz, toa of...Rust," he murmured, trying to withdraw his right arm from view and hide it within the shadows of his ragged cape. He didn't want this... 'Glatorian' as she called herself, to freak out about that already.


    "It, ah, would be iron, but... I don't seem to possess those powers anymore," he said with a small, sad smile. "So, Rust. Fitting for me, really..."

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  • IC: Xara - Arena.


    "Yes, I'm feeling so flattered...." In a way, I was. Some sadistic someone out there in the universe decided that I was an impressive enough fighter to warrant ripping me away from everyone I knew and loved to watch me fight. If it weren't for the fact that I'd been ripped away from everyone I knew and loved, I probably wouldn't have been complaining. 


    "I don't suppose the idea of asking for our permission ever occurred to you, then?" 

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    The Queen faced Xara again. 


    Running this tournament is enough work as it is without adding the mundane chore of personally contacting the combatants to ask for permission. If you can manage to behave yourselves, you might find that you walk away from this tournament richly rewarded. If you have any doubts... perhaps you would like to ask the Vo-Matoran in the back.


    OOC: That's all for me for the next little while. Sleep is necessary.

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  • IC: Glass


    "How do we know you won't jut dump us once you're down with us?" Glass asked from the back of the Arena.

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