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  • Posted 2020-03-30 21:51:50 UTC
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  • Happy April! This is where you can post out of character about the Six Kingdoms: Rebirth (SKR) game until the end of August, 2020. Please see the general rules, common sense guide, and BZPRPG rules of play for how to behave in this and all SKR topics. Lastly, remember, your characters are part of a collectively told narrative and no one has plot armor. There are no "plot post." Please make sure to chat with friends about what stories you want to form together, be they faction quests or personal journeys.

    Your GMs are Unreliable Narrator and Vezok's Friend

    I look forward to playing with you all!



    Conduct is defined as anything requiring GM intervention for resolution. This can be facilitating the resolution of a scene or handling reports of rule-breaking. Please note, we only handle conduct for BZPower specific issues. We do not handle conduct related to 3rd party sites like Discord or Google docs unless the conduct directly involves the GMs (i.e. harassment in private message threads). If you have an issue with a player on those platforms please contact the appropriate support team. While we hope players can be kind and collaborative, we understand sometimes not engaging is the best solution.


    Reporting Conduct:

    To report Conduct issues, please submit a single PM on BZPower to the GMs. In the subject line please include “SK CONDUCT” along with the type of isse (dispute, rules violation, etc.). We will read and reply to these PMs on a weekly basis. Thank you for your patience in advance.


    Gameplay and Lore Questions:

    Please post all questions regarding gameplay, planning, and lore in the OOC Topic for the game. For visibility, tag both GMs in your post. We’ll answer these questions as they come up, or during the weekly news roundup on Mondays.




    I couldn't NOT have a character demographics spreadsheet...



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  • Posted 2020-03-30 22:38:21 UTC
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  • Skyra is going to get more dakka, mark my words. 

  • Posted 2020-03-30 23:32:23 UTC
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  • I had a few questions regarding our newfound circumstances. 

    • For characters with teleportation powers/masks/abilities, what would have happened if they'd tried to teleport back to the rest of the GSR?
    • Would characters who've been to Zakaz in the main universe recognise this new island, or does it seem to be a different location with the same name? 
    • What's the process for creating player factions? Do we need to do a write-up about its objectives, have X number of other players agree to join before it can be created, or can we just establish it and encourage players to jump in?
    • You mentioned vehicles and mechs are allowed, I was curious if pets would be permitted as well? 

  • Posted 2020-03-30 23:42:20 UTC
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  • Hi there! Let me answer those point by point:

    1. The rest of the GSR is inaccessible for SKR at this time. There is nothing stopping a PC from attempting to find a way home though. In fact... There may be clues across the island.
    2. Characters who went to Zakaz in SKE or were from Zakaz in SKE will not understand this new landscape. This is a different island, an "island called Zakaz", much like the White Colonialists named the area that would one day become Seattle "New York" in the 1850's.
    3. Player factions are straightforward: grab some friends, make some characters, and declare your faction in the game. I recommend having a goal for your factions. Goals are often helpful.
    4. Pets are allowed. rahi that would generally be considered tame in the matoran universe, such as ussals, are perfectly acceptable without GM permission if found in-game. Other, more dangerous rahi, like a tahtorak, might require certain in-game activities or certain rites. 

  • Posted 2020-03-31 05:18:30 UTC
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  • Are we going to be using that Six Kingdoms wikia account for SKR? If so, I might bring back Tugarak for this as well.

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    • Posted 2020-03-31 16:15:50 UTC
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    • So, what is this island like? Is it well vegetated or is it mostly desert?

    • Posted 2020-03-31 16:57:47 UTC
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    • @Smudge8 according to the discord, it’s the island of Mata-Nui, after being completely ravaged by Skakdi war bands. So chunks of the island were tore asunder, the forests have been pillaged, the Matoran and Toa native there were all but wiped out, it’s basically post apocalyptic 2001. Hopefully that helps. 

    • Posted 2020-03-31 17:49:49 UTC
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    • I'll get more specific soon, working on getting characters approved (number 1 thing is always population), working on getting topics cleared up, and then I'll make sure to start engaging in posting.

    • Posted 2020-03-31 18:04:33 UTC
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    • In response to the aggressive acts of the Skakdi-Xa upon Metru-Koro, Toa Arkius is assembling a host of Toa and others interested to strike back at the Skakdi-Xa threat and ensure the safety of the Matoran populace. Any interested in taking part in this campaign may PM me, approach Arkius after I've posted on him in Metru-Koro, or talk to me on Discord. Toa participants are encouraged, though all are welcome.

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